Rescue the Hunter!


Amiko, Suzume, Hotaru

Date: January 14, 2013


A short mission in which a team from Konoha rescues a young man who is hunting a monster

Poster's note: the spoofing of the Hokage in this log was deemed harmless in this case, but we wish to stress that the Kage are important FCs with personal players, and should NOT spoofed by others.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Rescue the Hunter!"

Land of Fire

Newly instated as an Honorary Konoha ninja, Amiko finds herself in the

position of being able to take on a lot more missions. The girl smiles as she

walks into the Hokage's Office, ready to head out with a pair of young Genin on

a brand new mission. The messages have been sent out to the two Genin that will

be accompanying her, but Amiko is yet to find out exactly who they are. She

closes the door to the Hokage's office and bows respectfully to the

authoritative woman. "Hokage-sama," she greets her, "Would you like to wait

until the whole team has arrived before briefing us?"

And then a kikaichu will fly in front of Amiko. The door to the office

will open and in will hop Hotaru pointing accusingly at the Kikaichu, "Hey! I

didn't tell you to come in here without me!" She declares and nods her head,

"Get back here!" She points to her head and the bug will fly right back into

her hair. Sh e then nods to Amiko and bows at the waist all the way down to the

hokage before popping back up and grinning, "Aburame Hotaru reporting for

duty!" And unlike any other day, today she is actually wearing a jacket.

Suzume was heavily cloaked as she made her way to the Headquaters, she

really didn't have a single clue as to what she was suppose to be doing or why

she was even assigned a missions… Things like that simply just didn't happen

for her. " Why…why do I need to go out and do mission things?" She asks

herself quietly as she finally had entered the room, crimson locks of hair

fluttering infront of her piercing sapphire gaze, she wasn't at all enthusastic

about the mission. " I hope this mission involves lots of money and not a lot

of work…" The girl uttered under her breath offering them each a wave of her

hand. "Uzumaki….Suzume…"

Hearing the name, Amiko turns around and looks at Suzume. "Well, its

good to meet another Uzumaki in the Land of Fire," she says with a grin, "I'm

Uzumaki Amiko." She gives a nod to Hotaru at the same time, and is interrupted

by the Hokage clearing her throat. "Alright, the client is this young lady

here," Hashiramako says, gesturing towards the girl and then allows her to

"I'm Haiku Chiyo," she introduces, looking serious, "My brother Keshi

went into the forest hunting a monster that's been killing the local livestock,

and he won't come out. But I'm afraid that the monster is going to kill him as

well! Please rescue my brother!" Amiko folds her arms over her chest and asks,

"How long ago did he go into the forest? Have you actually seen this

"He went after it about 3 hours ago. We've only seen it in the dark, so

all we know is that its a big, creepy thing. Probably with lots of claws."

Listening intently, she only gives a glance to Suzume. She peers at the

girl, pondering her for a long moment before nodding her head, "Alright." She

states as she looks at the girl and then looks at Amiko, "Sounds like we gotta

go give a good kick and a bite to a monster." She nods sagely and then holds

out a hand as a kikaichu lands in it. She peers at the kikaichu, "Alert the

troops! We got monsters afoot!" She nods again and the bug flies back into her

hair. She then grins at Suzume, "You ready?"

"Hmm, so you are an uzumaki too hmmm?" she questioned with a

questionable eyebrow, it was odd that she had golden hair but it was slightly

tinted with the red of Uzumaki, she smiled her lightly though frowned as the

mission was briefed… It was a little irriating, causing a trickle of sweat to

drop down her brow, fighting a beastly master wasn't at all on her agenda, but

at the very least she knew there were some fighters on her side. " Sounds like

a lot of trouble, but I guess I can look over things while you two do all the

fighting," Suzume insisted with a grin, it definitely made her part easier.
You paged Yukio with 'Good, running a mission which should be fun.'

The Hokage glances to Suzume and says, "I've asked you to accompany

this mission as the young man in question is already in danger, and may be

injured by the time you locate him." With that she gives the group a summary

nod, and waves her hand to dismiss them.
"Ok then, let's get going," Amiko states loudly, and quickly makes her

way out of the Academy Building. Overhead the sky is cloudless, its light blue

mirroring the slight chill on the air. The older Uzumaki starts running as soon

as she's outside, heading for the designated forest. It takes the group a good

hour of running to reach the target area. From the forest several farmyards and

paddocks are visible, and a pair of slain cows lie in one of them, nearly torn

to shreds. Amiko shudders and walks further into the forest, keeping her eyes

open for any signs of either the beast or the brother.

Staring at the cows, she frowns and shakes her head, "That's…not

good." She nods her head and then looks forward, walking behind Amiko,

shivering a little. She blinks some as she looks in the direction of the right,

peering at something before saying, "We need to go this way." She points to the

right, "I think the person we are looking for is in this direction." She nods

her head before glancing toward the other two. Hotaru lets out a soft sigh as

she looks back toward the cow and then continues on.

Suzume for the most part pushed along and mined her own business, a

light yawn escaping her lips while keeping her fingers in her pockets. She

truly didn't think she would have much use with her technique as far as

tracking people down, so casually she just looked around as if acting like she

was doing something. Something did attract her attention, the soaring birds up

above them, something that everyone probably could have seen. " Stupid

birds…they better not poop on us…" Suzume spoke quietly amongst the team,

while keeping forward allowing the others to take the lead.

Amiko nods to Hotaru and leads the way down the path in the direction

that the Aburame had indicated. After a couple of minutes she holds up a hand,

instructing the team to stop. She examines some nearby brush with a frown.

"Something big passed through here recently," she explains to the others, "Be

on your guard. Whatever this monster is, it isn't far away." And with that she

starts moving on down the track, her head swivelling this way and that as she

hopes to catch sight of the creature before it catches sight of them. She steps

on a twig along the path, which snaps loudly under her weight, and Amiko

grimaces and hopes fervently that the monster doesn't have excellent hearing.

Looking over at Suzume, she looks up a moment and shrugs. She doesn't

seem to care much about those birds. Instead Hotaru moves along, peering this

way and that as she goes, seeming perhaps to shake a little. Is it from

excitement or fear? It's kinda hard to tell. Either way, keen eyes might spot

one or two of her bugs roaming off every once in a while, flicking this way and

that before she winces and looks at Amiko's foot. She looks up at Amiko and

then shakes her head as they move.

"Something big…?" She blinked her eyes, curious as to what this big

thing might be… Nevertheless she follows ebehind each of them, attempting to

hold the rear though she would be completely harmless if she was to deal with a

fight, fighting was definitely Suzume's weak point, but such was the nature of

her work and personality. " Hopefully we catch it sleeping or something…"

Amiko looks back over her shoulder to Suzume. "You're right, I hope its

still asleep too. Our mission was to rescue the boy, not kill the beast. If we

can get in, get the boy, and get out without seeing the monster, I'll be

happy," she says, still trudging down the path. After a couple more minutes she

comes out of the dense forest into a clearing. The ground is covered in grass

about three inches thick, and the trees around the edges of the clearing are so

thick that there's barely six feet of visibility. Not far away, a boy fitting

Keshi's description is sitting on a large rock, trying to bandage his own

chest. The large red spot on the bandages shows that he isn't having much luck,

and from his appearance he could soon pass out. "Suzume, help him please,"

Amiko instructs quickly while checking the immediate area for threats, "Hotaru,

can you use your Kikaichu to check for the monster nearby? Any information they

can provide would be very helpful."

Looking to the boy, she stares for a moment before shaking her head,

"Ow." Hotaru frowns before looking around again. She peers this way and that

before looking again to Amiko, "Nothing." She says softly as she climbs up on a

smaller rock near to the large rock to try to get a better look around. She

frowns as she still sees nothing and then looks at the boy, "Can you tell us

where you saw it last?" She frowns.

Suzume wasn't quite able to see anything else though it wasn't really

necessary for her to do so either. She took a quick step forward as she watched

over the boy who definitely didn't seem to be in good shape. Her fingers began

to emit with chakra as she attempt to awash it over the boys form, soaking

through the red spots of the bandages. " Hang in there okay? Just stay awake

and I'm going to help your vitals got it?" She more or less demanded. For now

she kept her attention on the boy giving Amiko a thumbs up. " I have this


Amiko turns her attention to the boy and asks, "Keshi, how long ago did

you see this thing? Any idea what it is?" Unfortunately, with his injuries now

being healed, the boy seems to pass out. Amiko grimaces in annoyance, but not

for long. She's suddenly hit from behind by an enormous black figure, which

pins her to the ground with its weight. A huge 11 foot tall is pinning her to

the ground, and it swings one of its deadly paws straight for her head. Amiko

manages to get an arm up in front of her face, and its claws slash long, bloody

streaks along the length of her arm. "Help please?" she calls to the two Genin

nearby, hoping they'll be able to get the bear off her quickly.

A blink as she spots the thing coming in and stares, "That's no

monster!" She declares, "It's a big bear!" She grins and shakes her head, "This

isn't as scary…" She then sees Amiko get pinned and watches her get scratched

before blinking and wincing, "OK, maybe a little scary." She then points at the

bear and growls, "Get off of her!" She nods and the pointing seems to have more

point as a pile of kikaichu swarm over the bear quickly, going all around the

bear, trying to get on it, into it's fur and chewing into it.

Suzume didn't know what to do, though spotting the bear in the distance

had a sweat drop down her cheek. For now she focused her chakra into the boys

wounds, attempting to keep stablized for now so his wounds completley healed up

before doing anything herself. "Becareful! He definitely seems rabid or

something!" Suzume shouts, watching Hotaru go into action, the swarm of bugs

would have been more than enough…Anything else and she would be gettingin the


The swarming kikaichu crawl all over the bear, biting and scratching,

but most of their attacks fail to penetrate through the beast's thick fur and

they only distract the bear for a moment. It swipes at the insects once or

twice, sending sprays of the bugs flying through the air, and then returns its

attention to Amiko. It raises a paw in another huge overhand swings down at

Amiko. The girl quickly draws a kunai from her leather bracer and attempts to

block the attack, but the bear's force is simply overwhelming, and Amiko takes

the hit square in the head. But if one thing can be said about Uzumaki, they're

tough, and Amiko recovers within an instant. She attempts to kick upwards at

the bear, but its weight is too much for her. Then she punches it in its big,

beary face, and swings a second time with the kunai, leaving a long gash on one

of the bear's forepaws.

A frown and she stares at the bear, shaking her head, "Get off of her!"

She states and then flicks out her own kunai. She sends one flying at the bear,

running toward the bear and jumping up to try and kick it right in the head.

Meanwhile, her insects continue to bite at the bear even as she does her best

to get it away from Amiko, "Get away!" Her eyes stay on the bear as she moves,

trying to be prepared to get away if it should change targets.

With the bear more or less stuck at bay, it made it easier for Suzume

to focus on healing the boy until the wound was more or less sealed. All that

needed now was so new bandages and to make sure there was nothing else wrong

with him, but for now they didn't have to worry about further bloodlost. "Hey

back off you idiot!" Suzume exclaims, chucking a single rock in the bears

direction, maybe giving it one last chance to get away from Amiko… She didn't

took some powerful hits.

Hotaru's kunai stabs painfully into the bear's back, right near the

spine, and the bear yelps. An instant later her kick hits it in the face, and

the bear rears up and releases an incredibly powerful roar at the girl. It

gives Amiko the chance she needs to escape though, and she rolls out from under

the beast, leaving a pair of paper bombs on the ground under it as she escapes.

They explode powerfully, knocking the bear back, which quickly turns its

attention to Suzume when her rock hits it in the face. It pounces at her in

another attempt to pin.

The roar is released by Hotaru isn't there when it does roar. She is

off to the side, shaking her head and as it starts toward Suzume now, surviving

the explosions, which frankly scatter her kikaichu, she shakes her head,

"Careful!" She points at Amiko, "You'll hurt my friends!" And she then gathers

htem back up for another swarm that aims for the legs and lower half of the

bear, attempting to focus on causing pain to that area.

Suzume wasn't at all quick on her feet, nor was she really able to take

on a bear. After she had tossed her rock at the bear it unknowing began to run

in her direction, even after a large amount of bombs were planted upon it.

"Run! Exploding bear!" Suzume called out, the bear came in her direction

pouncing right on top of her, she just sat there and curled her arms ontop of

her covering her face, though in reality charging chakra throughout her body.


The bear's leaping attack knocks Suzume to the ground, but fails to pin

her. The continuous bites from the insects are obviously starting to really

annoy the bear, which backs off from Suzume in order to try and flick them off.

Amiko looks over to Hotaru and apologises, "Sorry, I was kind of distracted.

Y'know, by the bear on top of me." And with that she starts rapidly forming

handseals. "Now I'll show you why you never, ever mess with an Uzumaki," she

says, as if the bear can understand her. She takes one step forward and

vanishes, her incredible speed closing the distance to the bear in an instant.

She slams her hands onto the ground, forming a large ring of seals around it.

The bear stop, and momentarily glows as its strength is drained. But when the

glow ceases, it shakes itself, bristling its fur, and roars again. Even on its

last legs, the bear is very fast, and it dashes toward Hotaru, swiping at her

head in an angry attempt to fend off its attackers.

When the swipe comes in, a horde of kikaichu pile around Hotaru,

catching the swipe and directing it away from her. She then leans back and

kicks upward into the jaw of the bear, attempting to flip away from the bear

and sends the horde of kikaichu that just defended her right into the bear,

trying to cover the creature completely and bring it down once and for all. Her

insects biting but worse, draining at the creature's very essence.

Suzume wasn't going to be able to do much against the bear. With th

ebeast literally thrown from ontop of her she decided to stick to the

defensive, finding it very difficult to follow through with an attack anyways

due to the sheer amount of insects that remained frolicing baout the bear and

the crazy seal that Amiko had sprang forth. "The… misison is just to bring

the kid back right… we don't need to fight this thing now do we?" Suzume

asked, this conflict was starting to wear her out.

None of the attacks seem to be penetrating the bear's tough fur, and

Amiko has to think quickly to work out how to take it down without hurting the

kikaichu. She draws a kunai from her pouch, a small seal on its blade, and

flings it into the ground near the bear. In an instant the bear is engulfed in

a globe of shimmering chakra, and it collapses. "Hurry, finish it off. That

seal won't last long. Oh and don't enter its area of effect, or you'll be

caught too!" She calls out to the two Genin, placing herself in between the

bear and the collapsed boy.

A blink as she watches the attack by Amiko and she frowns as she

watches her bugs fall down. She grrs and then looks to Amiko, "My bugs better

not be hurt!" She then turns back to the target and pulls out two kunai,

frowning as she hears the order to finish it off. She stares at the creature

and frowns before spinning once to gain momentum and throws two kunai right for

the thing's neck, shaking her head, "I don't like killing poor animals."

Suzume wasn't up for finishing off the bear, if anything she found the

situation to be a little more less convincing, after all they had no idea if

the boy maybe stumbled upon the child of the bear, or if it actually was rabid

or not. She rushed forward, feet slaming into the ground as she took a leap

forward right into the kunai throw at the bear. She spreads her arms far apart

puting herself within the path way. " Hey! Don't kill it just leave it be! We

don't know the circumstances about this!" Suzume shouted as the kunai impaled

into her flesh, though after awhile they more or less fell back down. "Let's

just get the boy and get out of here…"

"That's disobeying a direct order Suzume-san," Amiko says to her,

folding her arms in front of her chest, "But its not for me to punish you,

we'll see what the Hokage thinks of the situation." She seems to have forgotten

completely about the bear, which is bad, because an instant later the chakra

cloud fades away, and almost instantly the bear is back on its feet and

attempts to bite Suzume from behind. "Trapit!" Amiko yells as she draws another

couple of kunai and throws them, aiming for the bear's neck in the same way

Hotaru head a moment earlier.

A blink as her kunai are deflected away by Suzume. She frowns and looks

down. Her eyes going over her feet, she looks up just in time to blink. Her

eyes going wide, "Look out!" She rushes in and pushes Suzume away, her arms

going up but the Kikaichu aren't fast enough, instead the bear's teeth sink

into Hotaru's shoulder. She stares wide eyed at the bear for a brief moment and

without even much command from her, the kikaichu swarm over t he bear like a

hive of angry bees, biting and draining as they go, defending her in the only

way they know how.

It was a little too late for Suzume to do anything else to the poor

bear. After being pushed away by Hotaru she was literally flown to the ground,

smacking down on her rear with a light grunt, she shook her head and can only

watch as the bear was enveloped by a mass of attacks… Why exactly was they

killing the bear? She narrowed her eye's down upon Amiko, obviously irritated.

"What do you mean PUNISH me?" She squealed with a glare, taking a few steps

back she noticed Hotaru take the the bite of her attack, causing her to grunt

and sigh. " Are you okay?! I will heal that for you!"

The kunai sink into the bear's neck, which releases Hotaru's arm in a

pained roar before falling over. The kikaichu continue to scurry over its

corpse for several long seconds . Amiko approaches the beast and taps it

lightly with her foot, making sure that it isn't about to get back up again.

"Alright, Suzume-san, please finish up the field surgery on Keshi-san, then

we'll had back to Konohagakure. Mission successful," she states, sitting down

and examining the cuts on her arms and face until its time to leave. "Suzume-

san, in the field you should always obey the orders of the ranking officer. I

have no idea if Hokage-sama would want to punish you for this little incident,

but I'll recommend that you be let off. Just, in future, its ok to voice a

concern, but don't jump in the way of an attack," she adds with a sigh. When it

is time to leave, she rigs up Keshi in a stretcher, and together the team

carries him back towards Konoha for proper medical treatment.

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