Rescuing Children?


Taiki, Ryo, Ryuunosuke, Usagi

Date: September 17 - October 2, 2012


Team 6 is given their first C rank Mission, which Taiki uses to evaluate how his team will work together. In the end, he also finds out how they handle moral delemmas.

Poster's note: Foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Rescuing Children?"


Taiki sent out for a call for his team to meet him at their training grounds, and warned them to pack for trip that would last for about four days. He stressed this is a mission, and that they should be ready for just about anything. In truth, he could probably handle this on his own, but that wouldn't give the team any experience, nor would it allow him to see how they worked together, and it wouldn't be nearly as interesting. He wasn't really worried about them getting hurt after all, as he had that much confidence in their abilities already. Thus he waits, stoicly sitting propped up against a tree, for them to come. His own ninken are laying down beside him, relaxed.

Usagi comes next, with a backpack and her packs loaded. She's got a sleeping bag on the top of her back, as well as other essentials tucked into the pack. It's not 'large', but it's definitely packed to the gills, in an efficient manner. She shrugs slightly and said. "You said for four days. I'm also packing bandags and the like, and a tent if need be…but, we'll see what the others pack"

Taiki himself doesn't seem to have a pack or anything like it on. Instead he just eyes the backpack and says, "You need to go to Hiro's and see about getting some sealing scrolls. If you're going to be carrying that much on you, you'll be dragged down by weight alone otherwise. Now, take the backpack off, set it down, and we'll see about silencing it as much as we can. Whenever we're on the move, we want to move quietly. Otherwise we're advertising our presence." He then stands up and moves closer, waiting for her to remove the pack.

Usagi shrugs and nods. "Probably a good idea. I'll look into that next…" she sets it down, and it doesn't rustle very much. It's pretty packed to the gills. "Either csae, we can probably stop by and drop off what you consider unessential as well" She takes a slow breaht and looks aorund. "anyone else coming?"

"We're waiting on Ryo'san and Ryuunosuke'san," Taiki comments. "Though I'm not sure if Ryuunosuke'san can make it." He starts openning the pack up and making two piles, one for non-essentials and one for essentials. The med-kit stays, as does surprisingly enough the sleeping bag. The tent, however, does not. "In the forest it is best to make your lodging with natural materials, like a lean-to. Better camoflage that way. There are times you do use tents, but the mission we are undertaking doesn't require it. Besides, I have two, three room tents in my scrolls for the trip back." By the time Taiki is done, half of the equipment Usagi brought is in the unessential pile. "Not bad, my first mission I had a stack bigger than yours."

Usagi nods and watches as he makes the piles, then nods slowly. "Fair enough…and thanks?" she raises a brow and looks at the pack and what's left, nodding. "We can drop that back off at the village, then" She sighs and takes a seat.

Ryo was running a little bit late today. It had been a rough day so far. None the less, the boy arrives to meet his squad mates. "Hello." he states. He looks around at the packs each of them seems to have. "We uhh..going camping?" he asks. He did not have a pack with him. It seemed he was in such a hurry, he came ill prepared. "Oh well. Too late now. So whats the plan?" he asks.

Taiki nods once to Usagi saying, "We'll do it on the way out." After Ryo arrives he feels they can't wait any longer so he waves them onward, with a slight detour at the Nara compound. "We have a C rank mission in Kodami. I'll explain the details as we travel." Taiki for the most part seems okay, just ready to go. "It looks like Ryuunosuke won't be joining us, unfortunately. If he does, I have a side mission he will need to do to make our mission easier."

Usagi nods and re-packs the pack with what was the essentials, making sure to secure it rather tightly now that she has some more space to do so. She does so rather quickly and efficiently, as if she's done similar things before. Soon enough, she has the pack back on and nods, looking at what's left on the ground. "So who's carrying that back to the Nara village in the meantime?" She looks at the others, curious.

Ryo glances at the giant pack, packed by Usagi. He really did not feel like being a pack mule, but she was a girl. He shrugged his shoulders and raised a hand. "I guess I can handle the pack." He then nodded towards Taiki. He was glad to see the boy seemed to be doing better. Once he grabbed the pack and they started to move the boy decided to ask, "So, details?"

Taiki gives a what nowadays is a rare grin as they prepare to set off. "You are, at least as far as your house." He does take pity when Ryo joins in and grabs a few thins himself. In short order the troup of five are headed out of the gates, and on to Kadomai. "A few days ago a man anwsering to the name Sochi Kazui kidnapped a baby and escaped the village with her. He has been tracked down to Kadomai, and we have been the mission of retrieving the child. Absolutely no harm is to come to the child, and we are to aprehend Kazui alive so he can stand trial." Taiki's voice is hard, diamond hard on this point. "There is a complication, however. Kazui is the child's father. Megumi has filed a Divorce and was awarded sole custody until the hearings are resolved. This makes the mission a domestic issue, so care and caution are going to be paramount. Any questions?"

Usagi shrugs and grabs a few things, heading to the village to drop a few things off with the entry folks. After such, she sighs softly. "So basically this is a mission to capture the man and bring him back…because he didn't want to give up his daughter" She makes a face and shakes her head. "I have a feeling there's a lot more to it than is seen right now" She re-shifts her pack and and takes a deep breath.

A mission of questionable ethics. Well Ryo loved the ones that fell into that category. Technically if they were paid to kidnap someone they would do it. It was a matter of price. Not all missions were ethical. This was a simple lesson he had already learned. "Missions are paid for. The more money, the more things we do. If someone wants to have his neighbor killed and they have enough money, they pay for a mission. Not many questions asked. It is one of the biggest downsides to the job." Ryo then turns his attention back towards Taiki. "This does not sound like a hard mission. I am guessing this is to get the Nara some practice under her?" he asks. He was unsure how much of the mission Taiki wanted to leave to the Nara. Either of them should be able to handle it.

Taiki nods once grimly as they move along the trees at high speeds. They had been going along for a while before Taiki told them the scope of the misson. "No one is ever really clean when a relationship fails, Nara'san," Taiki responds, his voice a little hollow sounding. "No one is perfect, even as much as we may want them to be. Believe me, I know this from personal experience." The sound of finality in that voice can only mean said experience is very much recent. "Domestic disputes are some of the most dangerous disputes there are, because emotions are always running high, and one wrong move can mean doom to all involved. And it is very hard to tell who is the right party, if there even is one."

Taiki pauses as Ryo speaks, then hmms quietly. "Both the girl and the man. This means we'll have both a guest and a prisoner on our way back, which will be at a slower pace than our way out. But there is one further complication that you two need to be aware of. Kazui is a former Land of Fire soldier. Not quite a samurai, but close. This means he is likely to not come quietly, and we will have to watch for escape attempts on the way back." He then looks back at Usagi and says, "On the way back we will be keeping father and daughter in seperate tents. You'll room with the daughter, the father's guard will shift on rotation."

Usagi nods slowly, sighing. "We may have to guard the daughter as well. Anyone ever considered that she went with him willingly?" She shrugs slightly. "But, that's just me thinking about it too much" Sure enough, through the trees they go. She's keeping up just fine, her face going mostly blank as she ponders upon this.

Ryo ponders over the situation. It seemed Taiki was still a little bitter over the thing with Naru. Though the boy was not sure what happened there he knows it was not favorable to Taiki. On the subject of the mission, Ryo states nothing. He does not seemed concerned the man was a former soldier. More or less to him this guy was still an easy target unless he had friends. Then things could get kind of hairy. Though up to this point there has been no mention of friends, so it seems okay not to bring it up.

"The child in question is just over a year old, an infant," Taiki responds as they continue their journey. "She likely has minimal awareness of what is happening around her, though we should be on guard for her to want to go to daddy. Once we have them both, that cannot be allowed." The conversation drifts off until they reach their stopping point for the day's travel. After they set up camp and Taiki made sure everything was good, he sat back down with both of them while the dogs patroled the area.

"Now you know the particulars of the mission, there is just one more thing to note, and that is that Kazui could have friends ready to help him. Anyone else other than Kazui and the girl are open targets, eliminate them if they prove too much a danger. Now, do either one of you have any questions for me?"

Usagi shrugs. "Didn't know that…." She sighs softly. "Well, I can do that" she shrugs slightly. "Should have snagged diapers, then….ah well, let's get this over with…" She grunts softly, moving on.

Ryo grumbles as the friends are mentioned. He knew it was too good to be true. He then listens to the rest of the details before speaking. "They really do not want to play with my firestyle. It has become quite formidable." Really what the boy wanted to say is that he would burn them all while the other two worked at getting the kid, but he was not in charge. "If we get both of them, why not split the team up? One group goes with the child. The other with the prisoner. Then if one does manage to escape us, they would be no where near each other. We could even take different routes."

Taiki listens to Ryo's suggestions and questions, and considers what Usagi has to say. "First thing in the morning we head out. It will only be a few hours before we reach the house. Once we're within sight of it, I want you both on high alert for any traps, artificial or the human kind." He looks at Ryo for a moment and says, "Anyone other than those two that come to the aid of the father you can handle with extreme prejudice. But I want you two to work as a team, and I'll be backing both of you up. I'll step in if things get a little hairy." He then falls quiet as he considers the Ryo's proposal about different moving them completely separately. "The only true escape risk is the father, and I want us all to be watching him in case he's smarter than any of us would expect. So no, staying together would be optimal. Are there any other questions? If not, I suggest we get to bed, because tomorrow we will need to be well rested."

"I could take the child and return shortly after…I can travel with her quickly, while you both secure the guard" Usagi shrugs again, looking at Taiki to see if that would be an acceptable offer. "Once the child is returned, I could come back to assist with the securing of the prisoner" However, as Taiki speaks, she simply nods and says "Undersood" She takes out her sleeping bag, laying it out and staying near a tree. "Are we taking watches?"

Ryo looked at Usagi with a grin. "We have the Inuzuka noses and Sharingan if they think there is an issue. No need for watches." he answers Usagi. He then turns to Taiki and nods. "Understood. Sleep sounds like a good idea." Ryo states as he looked around. It was starting to look like he might be sleeping on the ground.

There was a watch, but it consisted of the dogs and Taiki. He wanted both genin fully alert for the days ahead, since there would need to be a watch on the way back. Taiki himself gets up an hour before dawn, prepares a cold breakfast for them, and then wakes the Genin up. After the breakfast is consumed, they head off. Sure enough a couple of hours later they are at a small cottage on the edge of town with lots of wide open space all the way around it. The yard is kept cler of clutter, and only the very faint sound of a baby crying indicates there's even someone there. They are as close as they can get while not being discovered, and Taiki sets up a point on top of a hill. "There they are. Kid's got a powerful set of lungs," Taiki whispers as his ears can hear the child better than the others can.

Usagi furrows her brow softly as Taiki locates the child, taking a slow breath as he points her out….granted, she couldn't see much, save the cottage. She keeps her voice very low, looking at the two briefly. "We have any sort of plan? A distraction and then a quick attack from an undefended side? Or the loud noisy way?" She glances back, looking at placements of trees, the cottage itself, particularly the roof.

Ryo remains next to the others. "Alright. So how exactly are we doing this? You want me to knock on the front door and you two go through the back?" It was an obvious joke to lighten the mood. "We could all use henges…" Ryo glances between Usagi and Taiki to see what they were thinking. "Also, someone better come up with a way to appease that kid. If he cries like that, aint no one sleeping on the entire way back."

Taiki looks at Ryo and Usagi and nods. "I do have a plan, but I would like to hear serious plans from the two of you first. Bear in mind this guy is a professional soldier. We don't know what kind of shape he's in, or the number of people in the cottage. We also don't know what traps he's laid, though Ryo'san could probably help us in that regard. I should tell you that Ryuu caught up with us after we went to bed. I sent him out earlier this morning to give a head's up to the local authorities, and he should be on his way here any moment now. The authorities will keep any interested bystanders back, or they should."

Usagi continues looking at the house. She seems to be pondering something in particular. "I'm considering a surprise assault on the house….if we can get a near precise location of the child using your senses, we could enter the house in several locations…through the roof, through the door or walls, while your ninken could circle and either pick off stragglers, or warn of reinforcements to those inside. My main concern is if we can locate our target. Do we have any ideas as to who's in there, and where?" She looks to Taiki….he's the guy that had their best senses for the moment. "And if you don't mind, Ryo, you would likely be our front defense…your sharingan would be particularly useful in countering their movements" She still hasn't looked from the house, save for glances to the surrounding area to see if she could spot anyone waiting in the trees.

Ryo's Sharingan activates and he scans over the house. "It looks like there is some recently disturbed earth around the house. 20 meters away from the house and around it. The chimney looks trapped." Other than that Ryo kind of shrugs his shoulders. "We could probably break through the roof if we had to. It seems plausible."

Ryuu would be on his way back from the special assignment Taiki gave him. It went without a hitch thanks to the professionally prepared paperwork. Ryuu had the authorities' confirmation that they'd set up a perimeter and detour to keep civilians and bystanders from intruding or trekking upon the location zone. Ryuu makes it back in time to hear everyone coming up with ideas for infiltrating the house. He walks up silently behind them and folds his arms as he attempts to formulate a thought or two to contribute to the matter. "Why not make them come out into the open with us? It could save us the trouble of any traps…." Ryuu looks to Taiki "That's my suggestion. Perhaps Ryo could start a small fire, giving them some time to notice it and get out before the whole house lights up in a blaze. We don't have to worry about the target either, I'm sure he'd ensure the safety of his kid." Ryuu stands with them now. "Oh it went without a hitch Taiki-san."

Usagi shakes her head slowly. "No. Setting the house on fire can lead to unpredictable results. We have no idea what the house would do, and even a trained soldier can die, or the person he's searching for could die due to unforseen circumstances. We're not looking to kill the targets…just capture and return. Fire has a good chance of making that very complicated. The house doesn't appear like it could take too much before it came down altogether. The less they know of us being here, the better. But, not my call" She looks to Taiki after a few moments.

Taiki tilts his head upwards and starts sniffing, then saying, "It should be said that the advanced senses of an Inuzuka are not like the byakugan. I can hear things better, and smell things a lot better, but seeing through walls just isn't something I an do," he mentions quietly. "What I can tell is that the targets are probably on the far side of the house from our current position. There's more than one presence from the sounds coming from the inside, and the father has the kid, or at least someone has the baby and is trying to quiet it down. I also smell flamible liquid, like an accelerant, relatively close to us. I would bet that ring is inundated by it, given the strength of the smell." He falls silent for a moment and then says, so fire is out, not only for the reasons Usagi-san mentioned, but because we don't know for certain the father will not use the baby in some way. If he's desperate enough, he's likely to threaten to kill her. We can't take that chance. My plan was very close to Usagi's and Ryo's, though we'd have to be very careful in the approach. Can you see any triggers Ryo-san?" The baby's crying seams to settle down a little now, likely whatever it needed has been taken care of. A youngish woman appears at the window closest to them, worriedly looking about. Fortunately she appears to not have seen anything.

Ryo shakes his head. "I am not sure where the trigger is. We will just have to proceed with caution. So… whats the official plan?" he asks. He wanted to be sure before he did anything possibly irrational. "It also seems like there are more than just two of them in there.." Ryo says in reference to the woman who appeared in the window.

Ryuu shrugs "Oh well was worth a shot." he looks to Taiki has he rationalizes the situation. "So then we have no choice to quickly and stealthily carry this out…fantastic." He rubs his head "So what is your plan Taiki-san?" Ryuu asks before noticing the woman that appears in the window. He blinks curious as to her identity. She seems disgruntled about something. Ryuu returns his attention to the task at hand though.

There's a pause for a moment. "Actually…fire may not be out completely. You said that the ring is accelerant. We set it ablaze, they leave the house, we get a decent head count as we move in and take people out. Between all of us, we should be able to neutralize the other people, and then take the father and child into custody. We'd have to move quickly once the ring was set ablaze, but it could likely trap all inside, aside from us, in there" She notices the woman in the window, ducking down a bit before looking back at the house.

Taiki is listening to the others speak and is about to say something when he has to duck down to avoid being spotted by the woman. He waits quietly, perfectly still, until she moves away. "Oh daiper. I don't know what I did to rattle the gods of fortune of, but I wish they'd stop raining misfortune down on me and those around me." He then looks over each of them and sighs. "I hate to do this, but with people on watch and alert in there, and with us having no idea who or what is in there, swift intrusion isn't going to be fun. So we'll go with a modified plan. I want you three to move around the house, with Ryo at the front door and you two on either side. I'll be in the back with my ninken. When you hear Nozomi howl Ryo-san, you are to set fire to that ring. At the same time Ryuunosuke-san and Usagi-san are to break any windows on the side, while we three go through the back. That should startle them enough to force them out the front, where Usagi-san and Ryuunosuke-san are to head. Your jobs will be to apprehend the target," he says, pulling out a picture to show each of them. "Get the kid to safety, and kill whoever is left. Go for the kill. If we wind up capturing more, we can turn them over to the local authorities, but I'm not looking to do that. Once you have the picture memorized, head out."

"The only problem with that plan is if he tries to kill the child and commit suicide. Some people just do not lose well." Ryo states before getting up and henging into a normal villager. He moves to the open and approaches the house. He is walking with a cane like an old man. Hopefully if they saw him they would not fear an old man.

Ryuu blinks at Ryo does something a bit different from what Taiki suggested. He looks to Taiki then to Usagi and groans. "Uh…looks like improve eh?" Ryuu chuckles "We probably should cover him. Usagi and I can still carry out the plan…sort of. Might have to adjust a bit. But Ryo-san's already made his move I say we should too." Ryuu would look to Taiki "That sound ok to you?"

Usagi shakes her head. "He's moving into position without them realizing it. We're waiting for the howl, remember?" She smiles at Ryuu, then crouches low and starts moving through the brush to get into position. She's staying to the shadows, and while they do offer cover, it's not like they're doing anything aside from that…seems she has a lot to learn from her bloodline.

Taiki nods at Ryo's remark. He didn't like the new plan either, but the situation is just too dicey. So he motions for the other two to move out, and as soon as they do so he and his ninken do. They creep down the hill, staying low to the ground an practically on all fours, even Taiki. He pauses at the ring, inspecting it closely, then moves back and does a long jump over it, clearing it by about 4 meters easy. The dogs do the same, and they soon are close to the house. Finally everyone is in position.

A man answering the desription of their target peeks out the front window at Ryo, then starts to open the door to tell the seemingly old man to beat it. He does not have a baby in his hands. But then, before Ryo can answer, there's an ear-piercing dog howl. The man pulls a sword from beside the door, then starts to back in to close it.

As the man moves to close the door due to the howl of the wolf, Ryo drops the cane and does some hand signs. Soon a greatfireball sets the roof on of the small hut on fire. The boy, still henged as an elderly man, then moves forward and kicks the door in. Now that he had their attention, it was time for the others to do their job.

Usagi's motions are quick, coming out of the bushes at a respectable speed and launching a kunai at the window, angled up to stick up high in the wall to ensure that it doesn't strike the child. However, instead of stopping to wait right now, she gets a look of shock on her face and continues in. One of the ninken may have heard a curse from her, and IN the window she goes!

The loud howl is then followed almost immediately by a loud crash that sounds like not a window, but a wall being demolished. The entire cabin shakes, causing many deteriating decorations to fall. The fragile ones break, loudly, and a muffled scream of a female can be heard in the back room, accompanied by the sounds of a room being torn apart.

Usagi finds herself in a small bedroom, no child in sight. What she does find is a young adult, probably in his early 20's, who had just come in looking for something. He blinks a minute in surprise, then tries to draw his sword, though he's slow. Maybe Usagi can do something before he can get it out?

Ryo, on the other hand, finds a different situation. Inside the room is a man matching the description of the father, holding a baby awkwardly in his arms. He looks up at the breaking of the door, turning around as he was obviously heading toward the back of the house. The man appears slightly overweight, and unarmed, but he responds by holding the baby away from his body slightly. "One move and I drop her. Don't think I won't!" There's some slight movement in the sleeves, but it's not apparent as to what it is.

Ryo stops in his tracks as the man now holds the baby. "You would really kill your own son than lose him huh?" He is still henged as an old man, though his Sharingan is evident. "Here I had thought maybe you were a victim here. Guess you really are a horrible father. Any person who truly loved their kid would want them to survive. Even if it meant being without them." Though Ryo was trying to appeal to his sense of honor, he was also trying to keep him occupied until Usagi was able to hit him with a shadow jutsu.

Ryo stops in his tracks as the man now holds the baby. "You would really kill your own daughter than lose her huh?" He is still henged as an old man, though his Sharingan is evident. "Here I had thought maybe you were a victim here. Guess you really are a horrible father. Any person who truly loved their kid would want them to survive. Even if it meant being without them." Though Ryo was trying to appeal to his sense of honor, he was also trying to keep him occupied until Usagi was able to hit him with a shadow jutsu.

Usagi pauses only long enough to hear what the man had to say before her hands move in quick succussion in the calling of a jutsu. Her hands end up in the rat symbol, and her shadow spikes out in not one, but two directions. One towards the young man in front of her, and two going down the hall to try and snag the man from there. A shot in the dark, but better than nothing. "Really want to fight a shinobi in a burning house?"

The sounds of destruction get worse in the back of the cottage, and dust and debris rush down the hallway. There's a barely-heard dog yelp, followed by another scream from the woman. Then things /really/ loud as screach fills the air, followed by the faint smell of ozone. Then… nothing. All sounds stop in the back of the house, save for the sound of flame and the occasional breaking glass. Ryo might notice three shadows heading toward them…

The young man swears as he sees Usagi's hand signs and pulls out a piece of paper, just in time as her shadows extend out. A light blue barrier forms in front of him, shattering into a thousand pieces as the shadow strikes, but it temporarily disipates the shadow at the same time. "I may be new at this game, but doesn't Konoha Shinobi have some kind of code? Or did they not tell you what was going on here? Surely a girl like you wouldn't be helping a monster like /her/." At the same time the young man draws out an old, worn-down kunai. This kid may barely be a genin, but he's not backing down.

The father, on the other hand, looks desperate. The kind of desperation that would lead a man to do anything, like a mother bear backed into a corner. "Better dead than with that bottle. What she has planned for Megumi is worse than death! So back off. I'd rather the both of us die than let you take her back!" The rustling stops as a new kunai comes out, pointed directly under the baby's chin, just milimeters from touching.

There is not a lot Ryo can do. If he moves the child dies. If he does not move the child dies. Where was Usagi? He had hoped to do this without having to spill much blood. Now his mind was pondering if he could cut off the guy's arm before he could stab the child. Then again if the child died, everyone would lose. "You have two choices. You can tell me what she has planned quickly, or you can kill the child. While as a shinobi, the child's life only costs a couple of coins, I would not like to be you if you take the life of the child. Thats the way of a coward." Damnit Usagi, come on… Ryo though to himself.

"The roof's on fire, and it sounds like it's going nuts in there. I do not have time for this" Usagi darts forward quickly, her first shot going to simply chop the kunai out of his hand. The second goes for his solar plexus. The third's a shot at the chin, going for the knockout one way or another. One way or anther, she was going to see whether or not she was up to the task, hoping to shoot past the either unconscious or startled 'genin', to try once more ot get in range this time.

The tallest shadow stops just on the other side of Usagi's door from Ryo, while the ohter two disappear. The tall one seems to be waiting for something, totally unconcerned about anything that may or may not come up behind it.

Usagi is indeed up for the task as the genin is hit twice. That she missed the kunai doesn't matter as it falls to the floor with a clanking sound once the shot to the chin does its job, sending him through the doorway. The body doesn't hit the wall opposite however, as it disappears into the smoke and debris in the hallway. Usagi /might/ have seen a hand grab the young man by the back of his neck, but it was moving very fast. Now Usagi can move into the hallway, or can she?

"Her so-called "mother" is part of some organization that specializes in seals. She had little Megumi for the sole purpose for her own sick and twisted experiments! She told me that if she got good enough at combinining seal techniques with medical ninjutsu, she might attract the kind of international attention to /really/ get somewhere. But she had to be ruthless, so she figured who better to practice extreme techniques than her own flesh and blood? And you're taking us back to that monster?! Not while I draw a breath in my body!"

Ryo nodded his head as he listened. "Why not tell this at the trial? If you told that, I am sure they would not allow the child to be given back to her. Running makes you look like the guilty party. If you submit and turn yourself in, it'll be seen as a good sign. If we have to take the child from you and you end up dead, your daughter ends up returning to her mother. It is in your best interest to return and tell your side."

Usagi lets the boy go, not bothering with him anymore, though she did note the hand and the lack of sound, but right now, it's not really worth her attention. Instead, she goes through her handsigns again, her shadow once more going for the man. She does 'not' say a word, though.

As if waiting for the cue, the two smaller shadows launch out of the hallway when Usagi's shadow imitation is a success. The medium shadow proves to be Shinobu, who grabs the arm under the baby and pulls, holding baby and arm in place. At the same time Nozomi darts under the man, reaches up, and pulls the baby down and out, both avoiding getting the baby hurt and removing her from the equation. Then, out of the shadows appears Taiki, standing right beside her and holding a barely awake young man. The father can't seem to move, which causes Taiki to nod. "Good job. Senju-san should be just about done with his task. Though he's held the fire at bay for a while, I don't think he can hold it off for much longer. I suggest we all get out of here." Taiki then reaches forward and places a hand on the father's shoulder. "I heard everything you said, and it will all be on my report, along with the recommendation that the baby go to a neutral third party until the truth can be discovered. You have my word as an Inuzuka. In the meantime, your friend is already out of the building, I suggest we leave as well." He then looks to Usagi, as if asking if she will walk him out.

Finally! Ryo was unsure how much longer things would be able to last as they were. He nods his head and moves out the door he had kicked in. "Good job Usagi. For a moment you had me doubting you'd pull through." he states to the Nara. He then waits for further instruction.

Usagi nods to Itaki, standing up to match the stance and posture of the man. Once she does, she stands normally, then starts to walk him out the door. "Probably the best idea if I do. Let's be out of here first, though" She takes a slow breath and looks at the barely conscious man, though making sure not to run the man into the door, gets him outside. "So….where to now?"

Taiki moves around to the front of the man and puts some restraints on him. Once they are far enough from the cottage Nozomi approaches Usagi with the baby, her eyes asking for help, along with a pitiful whine. "Either fashion a pack that will support the baby on Nozomi's back, or take her yourself." He then looks up and smiles a bit as Ryuunosuke approaches with a badly wounded woman. "Either way, stabilize her."

As Usagi goes to do that he then secures Usagi's first opponent and says, Ryo-san, you have this kid's older sister. Senju-san, you have this young man, and I'll take the father. That leaves Usagi and Nozomi with the child. Once the prisoners are secure, we start back for Konoha. If either the young woman or the young man try to get away, kill them." He is looking directly into the father's eyes as he says this, indicating that he would not hesitate to do what he thought was necessary, nor would the genin.

None of the prisoners look like they're going to try to escape, however. Instead the man nods and says, "Just make sure the judge and the people taking care of Mejumi'chan are truly neutral, and I'll do whatever you want." The others agree.

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