Research for further damage


Ishino, Mayu

Date: January 10, 2013


Ishino and Mayu meet in the Kirigakure library - personal growth

"Research for further damage"

Kirigakure Library

Ishino was in that library doing research. His first field test had resulted in Fuuta almost having to go to the hospital. It was fortunate they had the stop cure for the poison able to be applied so quickly, that however, did make it lethal for a foe who would not have such access. Ishino was studying further chemical make ups, working on expanding that knowledge so that he could make it even more painful. Of course mixed into the books he had out were theorems on time manipulation, a few sketchy examples. It was good ground work for his illusionary work. In the end, this had Time Keeper moving through the library, scanning books, while Ishino sat with about 4 different books open before him, reading from a 5th and writing notes on a pad.

Mayu had research of her own to persue and so entered the library with a few note books in hand when she spied Ishino working. They had shared some notes before and she knew he had been working on the High Poison idea. And so… with a bit of a grin she pushes the glasses up on her nose and walks over towards him, "Hey…" She offers quietly, not wanting to attempt to sneak up or surprise the other nin, as that tends to be a bad idea in the shinobi world. "What are you working on now?" She asks as she glances at the books then back to Ishino.

Ishino would blink, glancing up from the book. The first thing that Mayu might notice is.. Ishino had reading glasses? He'd reach up and pull them off with a soft chuckle. "Actually expanding on our first hypothosis. I was able to field test my chemical formula that I gave you with great success. Fuuta-san was willing to spar me so I could experiment and the immediate stop cure I had for potential self injection worked as well as the damaging effect on the body." He'd motion to the books. "I'm seeking a way to make it stronger, as well as potential side effects I could induce with my genjutsu to enhance the effects."

Mayu ahs softly then tilts her head, "Combining genjutsu with poisons? Now there is an interesting field of study. I imagine you might be able to make someone more susptible to genjutsu if you could lower their mental defenses, or get them to attempt to defend against a genjutsu when it really was a halluciantory drug of some kind?" She suggests, "Getting them to waste chakra and defend against the wrong thing has potential." She agrees, or suggests if Ishino hadn't thought of it already. She sets down her note books on the table near where Ishino had set up his books. "If you want any help working on some forumula or anything like that, I'd be happy to help. Although I would very much rather not be a test subject from the sounds of it." She says with a shy grin.

Ishino would give a firm nod in response. "There's a lot of potentials on the chemical side to help affluenciate the illusionary side. I would not mind a study partner in the slightest." He'd once again put on those reading glasses, picking up where he was at in one of the books, it'd be offered to Mayu. "Chemical interactions within the brain for processing the awareness of time. As my genjutsu style is based on the warping of the awareness of time, a chemical introduced to the body that inhibits this particular interaction would further enhance it's capability. Don't you agree?"

Mayu takes the book and ponders, "I wonder if you could use the reverse effect to increase your reaction time? Perhaps an injection that speed your perceptions up so that you would have more time mentally to react to your surroundings?" She ponders as she scans over the book, "You could stun a foe with that effect if you slowed their time enough." She notes, "Hmm…. combining effects would be tricky. The same things that make a poison so effective is likely to make it difficult to attach additional effects on to it, I fear. Hmmm…." She sits with the book and considers, as she flips a few pages, and is instantly lost in consideration of possible formula.

Chuckling lightly Ishino nods in response. "The exact reason why I'm trying to track this down. All chemicals that interact with this location have been shown to have high negative side effects." He'd motion to one of the other books he had open. "It'd take a modification, which is elluding me at the moment." Ishino pauses as Time Keeper comes over to the table, ticking quietly. A few closed books are handed off to the puppet in return for a few it had, before he'd return his attention to the reading. "The main thing is different forms of interaction. A chemical base leads to a chakra base well."

Mayu considers, this and nods, "Well, we'd have to start off small… perhaps simply deconstructing the base effects. It is similar to how I create my poisons and charge them with chakra. Perhaps if I took the same approach to one of the time altering effects I could reduce it to it's base parts, isolate the effect then slowly work on building a more efficient use of it. It'd be weak at first but… I think it has potential. It might have some side effects of course. But as a mednin I tend to look for things that help and heal as well as my poison side looking for things to harm. I guess…. I look at them as flip sides of the same ryo, you know?" She offers with a small smile. She flips open a notebook and starts to scribble some notes and thoughts down as she ponders, considering how to construct the base for what she is proposing.

shino would lean back in his chair a little, pondering that before a final nod is given. "Very good points. Valid too. Alright. Well then, how about you focus on that aspect of the research? With my field test done, I can work on further refining the high poison. My delivery system worked fairly well too. So between the two of them it is a very strong combo. Now just getting more definition to the poison will make it even more powerful." Pondering, Ishino would jot down something on his own pad, flipping a page in one of the books. "Mayu-san, as your delivery system is different, would it be possible to get a further definition of how you do it? I wonder if I could create something within Time Keeper for such a delivery as well."

Mayu gives a kind of hesitant head bob side to side then shrugs, "I guess, I mean, it's tricky and took me a long time to figure out. I'm not sure it is something you could really apply to your puppet because it requires the poison be specially prepared with basically what amounts to an attunment to my chakra and that lets me manipulate it at a distance. I supposed in a way it's how you control your puppets, only temporary and limited to just the poisons I prepare in advance. It lets me control where it goes, and how and in some forms can let me increase the way it is absorbed by the target. Effectively I can force the poison into them, but that's not really a good way of explaining it, even if it is the most simple. It has to do with complex chakra equations and… well, to be honest I'm not sure I fully understand all the theory behind it myself. It's something I discovered in my research a while ago and mastered but…. it is complicated as I said, and I don't think you could use that from a puppet really?"

"That.. on a basic level, is what I do with the puppet." Chuckling lightly, Ishino would shrug with a smile. "It was at the very least, worth a request. I will continue to work on my path of being able to evolve Time Keeper." Ishino would ponder that for a moment, closing one book to open another, engineering theorems this time. "That's actually a good thing to track.. I need to further refine my chakra capabilities with the puppet.. A good tool is one that fits in many situations."

Mayu nods and continues to scribble, "Well, I'm sorry it's not more useful. I guess if I took some time I could show you the basics but I really don't think it would apply well to puppets is all. As the chakra has to come from you, and so you'd be doing it second hand through the puppet?" She notes, "A bit tricky that…. I guess." She shrugs, and looks at another book, "Right now I'm hoping to find something that will increase reaction times so the reverse of slowing time I guess. Don't suppose you have something like that in your bag of tricks already?"

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