Research Jutsu, Academy Students Get The First Edition Of A Famous Notebook, Now Turned Textbook


Kaido, Shinobu, Isamu

Date: June 13, 2015


Kaido has decided to release and copy the infomation he's collected over the years into textbook form for Academy students to benefit from.

"Research Jutsu, Academy Students Get The First Edition Of A Famous Notebook, Now Turned Textbook"

Ninja Academy - Room 154 [Konohagakure]

Kaido once again is standing in front of the lecture hall and the instructor's desk, on it is 3 huge stacks of what look to be new textbooks. Kaido watches as the class fills in and waits for the bell to ring in 30 seconds signaling class to start before starting. Bandit, Bolt and Doborou are there as well, also waiting. The 3 are decent instructors, Bandit out of the trio is the best, which only makes sense since he has the most experience and trained as Kaido's partner for years. Doborou is the worst, but that's only because he's lazy and foul-mouthed, but he does try hard in his own way.

Shinobu walks into the classroom, Kame in her arms, and she peeks at the three stacks of 'text books' curiously before taking a seat. Kame yips a cheerful greeting to Bolt as they pass before settling down in Shinobu's lap when they get to her desk. The girl idly rests her chin atop Kame's head, and the chattering classmates wind down to take their seats now that the bell has rung.

Isamu hurried into class, this time making it to the door just as the bell was ringing - it was better than two minutes late. Closing the door behind him, he gives a quiet and uncertain nod to Kaido before hurrying to take his seat, folding his hands on the desk and trying to look.. Well, innocent. He hoped that he wouldn't be considered late just because the bell rang before he actually got in the classroom. Glancing to the front desk, he noted the stacks of textbooks curiously. Would they be having a test?

Kaido nods to his cousin and then raises an eyebrow at Isamu, but since he DID make it just in time, he's safe… probably. He claps his hands and waits for the din of the students to quiet before he speaks, "Today…" He smiles a bit, "Is a very special day for all of you." He nods to the textbooks on his desk, "Since you are my first class of students that I will teach and hopefully bring you all through your years in the academy to graduation, I have decided that I will do something I swore never to do."
He walks to his desk and grabs a textbook and holds it up, and reaches into his vest and pulls out a beaten, used notebook. He says, "I have copied most of the things I have learned over the decade and a bit as a shinobi. For those of you who do not know, my way of being a shinobi is unique. I do not spar at all, all my jutsus were copied using my knowledge of basic skills, observation, and deduction. I have travelled most of the Shinobi world and I have fought in almost all the wars. And now…" He waves the textbook, "I am granting YOU, that knowledge. Will each of you line up front to receive your textbook please."

Shinobu blinks. She didn't expect Kaido to to that. He had kept it so secret when she was at his house, after all. She makes her way to the line that's forming, a few of the students groaning at the size of the text book while the bookworms all chatter excitedly about getting something that sounded pretty valuable and info-filled. The textbook is kinda huge… And heavy… Like most textbooks! She takes it back to her desk and starts flipping through it curiously, wondering what it looked like in this form.

Isamu perked up slightly when Kaido started describing what was in the books. His own personal experience…? Standing up and shuffling into line, the young boy's mind filled with imaginings of what the book might contain. Secrets? Powerful techniques? He couldn't help but be excited to find out. Taking his copy, he made his way quickly back to his desk with it and opened it up carefully, like one who discovers a buried treasure This Kaido-sensei was proving to be quite an interesting teacher.

As the student murmur and quickly skim through the books, which has been broken down into many sections. It's exactly like any really good textbook you'd see in high school for the sciences like biology, chemistry, physics, etc. with diagrams, charts, drawings, clear and concise explainations and instructions. There are sections on chakra, basic skills, common and useful jutsu and skills that aren't basic and weren't taugh in the academy (until now) for graduates/exceptional students. a section on med-nin and a brief overview of basic med-nin techniques like first aid, stamina and chakra healing and some of the things he's developed to deal with wounds and injuries like cuts, burns and others. There is a section that deals with Konoha and the shinobi council from the Hokage, the Jounin Commander, the Head Instructor of the Academy, the Clan Heads down to the regular Jounin, Chuunin and Genin and their duties and responsibilities. There is also a section on the clans and what they are and what their bloodline limits are (although there isn't a lot of detail and it's nothing that would get anyone in trouble with the Clans over). There is a section on nin-ken (not just nin-dogs). There is also a massive amount of appendixices of herbs, flowers, poisons, weapons, jutsu, skills, styles and transformations. All in all, the book is nearly 3 inches thick and around 1000 pages.

Shinobu notices some of the things that this textbook /doesn't/ have, though it /is/ easier to read. A lot of the more complicated characters that she had to make Mana read to her were written out in kana (most of them were names, anyway). And the text itself was bigger. She'd probably end up using both her copies.

Isamu leafed through the pages excitedly, hardly believing what he was seeing. This was everything he could possibly need! Even detailed descriptions on how to use jutsu! Convinced that Kaido had probably given him the best bit of information he could have ever hoped for, he sits up a little straighter in his chair and waits for further instructions. Even though Isamu was more of a hands-on learner than a book learner, he knew that this book would be useful.

Kaido leans again the desk after everyone has leafed through it and says, "Now mind you, learning from a book isn't the same as doing it yourself, if it were that simple, everyone would be a shinobi. But, it's a very handy tool for you and I suggest you take it with you when you graduate and go on missions. Understand this… no matter what jutsu/skill/transform someone uses on you. From an S-Rank down to an E-Rank can all be broken down into 3 things. Chakra control, sensing, and manipulation and whether or not it's ninjutsu based, taijutsu based or genjutsu based. Any skill can be broken down into those parts and if you can learn to recognize it, you can defeat any jutsu."
He walks close to the front row and then looks at everyone, "There's other uses for this textbook, and I want to see if you can think of them." He glances around, "Now who can tell me some of the uses you can make with it beyond the obvious."

Shinobu actually isn't sure what she could use the Codex for. She's been looking over its contents almost everyday since Kaido had given it to her, enjoying the new information and soaking it up like a sponge. Kame has been reading it too, though is generally less fascinated by the plants and poisons that Shinobu inevitably turns to at the end of the night.

Isamu frowns a little, picking up the book and looking it over, weighing it in his hands before putting it back down and thinking. "… If we always have it with us… We can use it for a replacement jutsu, even if there is nothing else around?" He was throwing a shot in the dark, but it seemed logical to him. If you always had an object like this with you, then you would always have something to perform a substitution with. 'Although, it's kind of /valuable/ to be put under attack,' he mused, shrugging quietly. He tried.

Kaido manages not to chuckle at Isamu when he says that and says, "Interesting, that's a 'novel' way of using it, but yes, in a pinch you could use it for Replacement Jutsu, but it is giving some valuable intel to other shinobi if they get it. Not that there's anything in there that's really secret, or couldn't be found out with basic detective skills, but still." He nods, "I like that Isamu-san, keep trying to think out of the box, the more you do, the harder it'll be for someone to anticipate you."

Shinobu still has no idea. The only thing she can think of is hitting an enemy over the head with the book to knock them out. Or using it as bait for a trap, since it could be considered valuable. "Umm… Bargaining chip..?" she offers quietly, voice small and hesitant in front of the class. In fact, it could be overruled by other kids' voices.

Isamu /does/ hear Shinobu's small voice, and looks at her with curious admiration. Why hadn't he thought of that? Nodding, he flips through the book a little more, thinking hard on it. "… Umm… You could also write seals in the pages? Like summons, or containment jutsu.. That way you could conceal tons of things inside of it that you might need on a mission…" He had seen shinobi use seals before, and he found it positively brilliant. So why wouldn't they use a thousand-page book for it?

Isamu /does/ hear Shinobu's small voice, and looks at her with curious admiration. Why hadn't he thought of that? Nodding, he flips through the book a little more, thinking hard on it. "… Umm… You could also write seals in the pages? Like summons, or containment jutsu.. That way you could conceal tons of things inside of it that you might need on a mission…" He had seen shinobi use seals before, and he found it positively brilliant. So why wouldn't they use a thousand-page book for it?

Kaido nods to Shinobu and smiles at her, "Yes, that's an idea, it's never a bad idea to try and buy time for yourself to come up with a better solution." He then turns to Isamu and nods, "That's actually one of the things I was looking for. Scrolls are visible and are what a shinobi will try and look for, having this book and the ability to use it for seals is a great disguise."
He glances at the whole class again, "I'm going to try and impress upon you all… your brain is your best weapon, all the flashy jutsu you will learn and do means NOTHING if you can't use your brain to use them effectively."
He squats down to look the first row in the eyes and says, "Do you know that in real fights, I rely mostly on basic skills, traps, and strategy to win as much as I can? Do you know why it's so very effective?" He points to Shinobu to answer.

Shinobu doesn't really know seals. so she wouldn't have thought of that. It was useful, though, now that she thinks about it… A small nod at Isamu's idea, then suddenly she's pointed at. Blink. "Umm… Wear down the enemy… With no effort…?" she offers, saying the first thing that came to mind. Kame yips a suggestion as well. ~If you wanna test their abilities, then using basic stuff is good for that!~

Isamu beamed when he gave the right answer. It felt good to do something right, and secretly he wished to impress Kaido. When he asked the class why using basic skills was effective, he gets to thinking some more. Shinobu's answer seemed pretty good… "Maybe.. You could confound your enemies by using basic skills when they expect something more flashy and advanced? That way you are more unpredictable.. They search so hard for the answer that they miss the obvious.."

Kaido smiles at Shinobu, Kame and Isamu and says, "Yes, all very good answers, but the real reason is, the reason they're so effective is because they ARE basic, so a lot of the older stronger shinobu have never learned them either do to having had to train during the Clan Wars when the Academy and Villages weren't created then or else never practiced them beyond being able to demonstrate them to be able to graduate and so aren't prepared for them to be used against them."
He taps the side of his head, "The more opportunity you give yourself to THINK and plan, and the LESS time you give your opponent, the more successful you'll be." He stands up then and looks solemn, "Sometimes, the best strategy is to recognize that you can't win and to retreat and fight another day. Don't EVER think you are a coward if you're outmatched and retreat. When you have all graduated and are being sent on missions, we will never try to send you on any that would be considered suicidal or uncompleteable…" He pauses, "The only caveat to that is, if the village were in danger of being destroyed and there are no other options left."
He doesn't let the class dwell on that, "Alright, we are going to…" *RIIIIIIIIIIIIING!* The lunch bell rings and Kaido chuckles wryly, "Go to lunch apparently, alright, class dismissed!" He claps his hands, letting everyone go to the cafeteria to get food and rest for an hour.

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