Pylon of Efficacy - Resolution


Itami, Satsukiyami, Yuuka, Maikeru, Mika, Noab, Naru, Seiji, Hitoshi, Reza, Sakura, Takeshi, Kibushi, Tsun

Date: November 5, 2011


The weapon of Konoha's bane, the Chakra Cannon, finally meets its end as the village and its forces as well as allies set sail for Kirigakure. They are met with heavy resistance on the beach where Kiri's forces have gathered for one more fight against their enemy and they're ready to defend to the death their cause. A great battle ensues and losses are high, but the losses against Kiri are higher when betrayal decides to pay a visit to the battlefront.

WARNING: Contains strong violence and gore.

"Pylon of Efficacy - Resolution"

Rock-Strewn Beach--Kirigakure

From across the sea, the Land of Fire was recuperating and building up their forces once more. They weren't certain if they caught enough of the spies to successfully keep the weapon from being deployed on them, but they had a strong hope and will to face whatever danger may come their way should it be the case. It was a bold move to gather ships to set sail toward the Land of Water and some manner of confidence built up among the fleets when the weapon failed to fire, contrary to what they had believed prior. Maybe they have a chance, just maybe, was thought. There were a select few that were still wary, but the resolve of others was enough to keep them at bay from cutting loose from their own sanity.
Back in the Land of water, preparations were being made to meet the threat of forces that were coming in from the Land of Fire. They were determined to stave off anyone that was bold enough to enter into their waters and to land on their beaches. For so long, they'd had a stronghold in many areas, but with their influence fading due to the recent news of spies being captured, it was only natural that they would prepare for the worst. Barricades of all sorts are set up on the beach where they'll be fighting, weapons readied to attack with shinobi and soldiers alike ready to fight to the death. There is no doubt that this battle will be bloody at some point.
Hidden among the rocky shores of the Land of Water, the operators of the weapon were scrambling to get the weapon set up for use. They seemed to be desperate and unstable, ready to fire it on a whim if it meant taking out anything that was perceived as a threat. With no information coming in from the spies, they were blind on where to aim for attack. When the fight reaches their shores, they couldn't possibly turn it against their own land. Or could they?

In the early morning of this unusually clear day, the ships from the Land of Fire are finally arriving on the heavily guarded beach. Now is the time to fight.

The alarm had sounded, and those who were assigned to guard were quick to respond. The Kyoumen had made sure he camped close to the water, and already was running across the surface of the ocean. He had retreated to Kirigakure weeks ago, his reason was his own. Guard duty was always easier than Intelligence.
Satsukiyami skids to a stop on the waves right before they break, keeping balanced. His black eyes stare outward not seeing any ships yet. He maintains his position just behind one of the first barricades, balanced on the surface. He only looks back over his shoulder once, looking for any who was assigned with him to respond.

The robed figure is careful to keep out of sight as it skirts along the beachfront, the alarms already going off as the faintest shadows of ships dot the ocean's horizon. Lifting her eyes, a Kaguya woman in her mid-forties sharply narrows her gaze from beneath her hood, her expression hardened beneath wrinkles and no stranger to war and bloodshed. If her timing is right, Yuuka may be able to slip inside the compound among the chaos without being seen.

Stepping onto the beach, Maikeru walks at a casual pace among Kirigakure's forces. A dark look shows in his eyes, yet a faint smirk adorns his face. His trenchcoat sways with his steps as he walks toward where the battle is likely to begin soon. Despite the impending bloodshed, he seems completely relaxed, almost like he has an ace up his sleeve.
As the alarm sounds, the Jounin chuckles a bit. "When the war of the beasts brings about the world's end, the goddess descends from the sky," he quotes to himself. "Wings of light and dark spread afar, she guides us to bliss, her gift everlasting."

Mika is in her typical long robes and sandels. The hood is pulled over her face. The woman stands near a group of Suna shinobi, letting out a small sigh. Its a group that she was placed with with an assignment. She reaches under the hood, and pinches her nose. "This is going to be a long day. I hope to have a rose petal bath upon my return.", she muses. One of the shinobi blinks at Mika a bit, and then goes back to whatever they were doing. The woman looks around, looking for the one who is currently paying her rent back in Suna.

Ships. Noab never really liked 'em. -.U He prefers standing on very solid things, and the rolling hurts his old leg wound. He sees they're necessary for some things and is willing to put up with them for those purposes, but he'd rather avoid them when possible. Not possible now, of course. But at least they're almost off these ones! Noab thuds the bottom of his axe-cum-cane against the deck. "All troops, prepare for invasion!"

Naru was waiting patiently as the boat seemed to move on slowly nearing the beaches of Kiri, she didn't do anything but merely sat her in spot, she knew what here orders were, which more or less was going to be scouting as a genin, but Naru was determined to make her mark on this battle field, the Uchiha kept herself focused, placing her hands together chakra began to emit off her form as she prepared for the worse…. This wasn't going to be a repeat of the first attack…

Itami never thought this day would come, but now that it has, she feels eager and restless. She doesn't know what to expect once she arrives on the beach to fight off Kirigakure's forces. She does expect that beam to fire, but the confidence of the others around her on Konoha's vessels helps to steady her mind.
Once they arrive in the Land of Water, concern began to erupt within her. She knew the beam was here, but didn't know where. Yet, she didn't have time to focus on that, she had to prepare herself to fight. Only a small distance from Mika, she called out to her asking, "You ready?" with a smile on her face. Not that this situation was much to smile about, but it managed to calm her nerves some.

Another from Suna was here, one who really didn't belong in any of the countries here but none the less, he was asked to accompany Itami and Mika. Golden eyes scan the area, he's never been this far out ever, and to be here under this type of situation was very…..not becoming. His hands at his side as the boat slows then stops, he follows behind Itami as she prepared herself mentally. The dark skinned genin, with golden eyes look about, spotting Mika. A smile does touch his lips when he sees her, he allows his body to relax, not tense, his mind to focus not ramble. When in a fight he knew how to conduct himself and right now he was going to do just that. Gathering chakra through him, he waits for orders.

'He's being too overdramatic, again.'
Even at the distance he was, the Rain Shinobi's eyes roll. He would be looking back out at the horizon when he sees the oncoming ships. Contact. A low growl would escape his throat and he would immediately dip down to his knees. He lets his feet sink into the water, he stands using his hands for only a brief moment.

Kyoumen Satsukiyami had made sure he had a reputation of being quick to run during the war for a reason. He's never had cause to stay still and fight. By the time his feet have blended with the water, his arms and torso begin to sink into it as well before he lets out one last breath.
The ocean itself bends up, swallowing his arms up to the shoulders and pulling him down under as his visible form dissolves all at once like a water clone being dispelled…
Anyone capable of seeing chakra would simply see a swell of it in the ocean, gradually spreading out infront of the barricades and beachhead in a formless mass…He was prepared, and reinforcing the defenses by blending with the ocean water itself at the barricades.

A roar sounds off on the beach, the Kiri forces, now that they see the vessels coming in and docking, respond with shouts to strike fear into their enemies and to show that many will die this day. The ships creak as they tread into shallow waters, finally grinding into the rock strewn shore, releasing the hatches to allow the fighters to spill out onto the beach and charge it to take it over.

Those that were assigned to Satsukiyami knew what to do, the shout filling them with the urge to attack now that the ships have come into view, some of which are landing on the beach. Some soldiers from different units were running back and forth across the beach, exchanging supplies and or making last minute adjustments to face their threat, leaving the robed individual to go unnoticed and time to be able to slip into the compound. Of course, the compound is no easy feat as its well protected by all manner of jagged rocks and high cliffs that need some scaling. The route to it is known only to those that are part of the project, but some manner of force can be used on weak points along the rock walls to create a path to the weapon.
Some of the ships that have hit land ran into barricades, but at the heavy cost of being attacked with water tendrils that penetrate their hulls. Water begins to fill the lower decks of the ships and the enemy forces scramble to escape before they suffer going down the with ships they're in. Though, this isn't enough to keep the forces from attempting to storm the beach.

"Infinite in mystery is the gift of the goddess. We seek it thus and take to the sky," Maikeru continues to quote as he walks along the beach, watching the incoming ships. He watches them for a few moments before turning his eyes toward their target, that tower, eyes narrowing.
Feeling the swelling of chakra in the water, the former Onryou commander looks over to where Satsukiyami sinks into the water. "Ripples form on the water's surface. The wandering soul knows no rest," he continues to quote, reminding himself why he's doing what he is.

Yuuka releases a light breath when the first boats beach themselves on the rochy shoreline, making sure to keep herself hidden away from prying eyes, though more than likely their attention will be on the Kyoumen that are camped out on the beach. Or the shinobi that are boldly running straight across the water's surface for the boats. No doubt they will be more demanding of their attention than herself. Turning her covered head to refocus her gaze on the wall of jagged rocks and cliffs, ascessing it silently for only a short moment before blurring with sudden movement. While the two forces clash with one another, the robed figure makes her way closer to the wall. Focusing chakra to her hands and the bottom of her feet, the shinobi makes a quick glance around herself before sticking herself to the first jagged boulder in her ascent.

Mika offers Itami a small smile, acknowledging that she's prepared. She nods her head, "It begins." The woman stretches out, and then kicks off the sandels and throws the robe off. Mika runs to the edge of the ship, and leaps off it. Its always surprising just how…natural it is to see the woman take to the air. Given her fighting style, its natual, but the grace and elegance of it is always surprising. She looks back. "Seiji, you better be on your guard today! Itami, good hunting!", Mika shouts back as she twists her body, and flips it over to land in the very shallow part of the water. She's moving quickly onto the beach as the first people start to make it on to the beach…

It seemed like there boat was a line back, and the first few that finally crashed into the shore was quickly destroyed by the mass of tendidrills which came up from the water, it caused Naru to tense for just a moment as they seemed ot be swallowed up so easily… they had to get out of the water or else they would be ate up very quickly… Naru kept her eyes on the shore, finally kicking off the edge of boat and landing on the dusty stands… It was as if her mind had blanked out, a few attacks flashed in her directs, kunai…shuriken, random assortments, it was just a wild tandrum of attacks, Naru herself would toss a few shurikens at random nin, attempting to find out just where exactly this beam weapon was located…

Itami watched Mika jump off the ship and just in the nick of time, too. The ship they were on was one of the few that ran into the baracades and as a result was being thrashed with water whips. Jumping off and into the water, she tried to seek out the source of the attacks, but to no avail. She began to make a swim for the shore, but needed to find the source of the attacks. Pausing in her swimming, she placed her hands into a seal for a short time to send out her chakra to see if she could detect who was at the source of the tendrils.

Seiji is also on one of the boats being attacked by the water tendrils, shaking his head at Mika as she tells him to be ready the Yotsuki genin also takes off the cloak he was using which was also concealing the white handled katana he was carrying with him. Where Mika has grace, so does Seiji timing his leap with Itamis the genin dives towards the water then flips over to slide along the surface of the water. With the water tendrils snapping at the boats and people, Seiji quickly begins focusing chakra, getting as much as he can so that he can keep ahead of the whipping about water tendrils.

The fight was beginning. The water was splashing up and over the sides of the boat… Hitoshi was already soaked, cold. The plan was to make landfall. Kill as many of these guys as possible. And take out their Weapon. That's the big plan. Of course, there was more to it than that… his combat group was tasked with circling around and taking out specific defensive points on the beach-head. It would be a difficult task, but if they could break through, it'd make other landing craft's lives easier.

But even the best laid plans of mice and men have their way of being completely screwed up. In this case, it's in the form of tentacles - huge tentacles - crashing through the middle of the bow not far from the beach. People screamed. Went flying. People were dead. Hitoshi had been at the front. He got lucky… splashing down into the water after being sent flying, screaming. Surfacing after a few seconds, he gasps for air. Why is the water -so cold?-

"Gotta make it… to the shore!" It's too cold to stay in the water. Thankfully… it wasn't -too- far. So, he begins to kick, swimming, moving forward in the water after floating and recovering from his flight for a moment….

Reza rides. A sign of support from Kumogakure the jounin watches, as the tendrils tilt and push the boats, as the battle begins. Their ship is one of those taken out. Staying calm, the war experienced ninja recovers taking to the surface as those around him fall..casualties, but the objective remains clear. As another surfaces near him and calls out, Reza rushes along the surface for the assist. Grabbing the konoha kid by the back of his uniform.

"Not the time for a swim, we've got work to do!" Focusing his chakra he'd continue the charge. Around him are more ninja who have picked themselves up, a kid who can't water walk in a sea assault. The idea is humorous but for now Reza drags em along as he goes full sprint for the shore. "WE RIDE!"

Sakura stands as still as a statue on the shores of the beach. Only her eyes move, as she gazes at what will soon become a battlefield. Her red hair is pulled back into a long tail, to keep out of her face. She can't help but give a short laugh as she waits. "They shouldn't whine about us attacking them next time. At least we don't gang up on them. May they be plagued with seasickness on their ride home. Those who are left." She draws a line in the sand. Perhaps idly sketching, or maybe daring anyone to cross it.

The kaguya would not be underrepresented in this field of battle, even the elder has showed up to provide a varying degree of battlefield analysis. Whether or not he'd be fighting is at best anyone's guess, but he is here in the background, standing silently and watching the ships come in. Everyone else was in front of him at this point, but there was no question that the elder considered this a grave situation, his hands crossed over the top of his cane idly.

Focusing the chakra along her palms, along the bottom of her feet, the elder Kaguya woman exhales a quickened breath from concentration. The exercise of climbing the ragged wall originally was thought to be quick work, though now Yuuka is thinking that it might take a bit more work than anticipated. Not that it matters. Her hands tighten their grip on the rock and turns her covered head slightly to give the beach a quick glance. Already shinobi from the boats were jumping into battle, met by the fierce force of the Land of Water both in the ocean and on shore. Yuuka breathes out quickly and turns her eyes upwards, pushing more effort into her climb.

As enemy shinobi continue to come toward shore, Maikeru simply watches. He doesn't really even seem bothered by this, his calm composure unwavering. Of course, with Satsukyami's barricading the beach, it'll be a bit before any of them make it to the shore. "There is no hate, only joy, for you are beloved by the goddess."
However, out of this calm man, a sinister aura begins to spill forth, an aura of blood red chakra beginning to surround his body as he gathers chakra to prepare for the fight. The ground almost seems to shake around him as his power breaks forth. "Hero of the dawn, healer of worlds, dreams of the morrow hath the shattered soul. Pride is lost, wings stripped away… The end is nigh."

The clashing of metal sounds off across the beach while the waters slosh with each new approaching soldier coming in from the boats. Wails of various kinds lift into the air as some people are sucked beneath the waves, grabbed by tendrils and dragged below the surface to be choked and drowned in the waters or crushed and left to sink to the seabed. This leaves shoreline littered with bodies to cross over, some faces locked in permanent agony that could send a chill down anyone's spine. Some of the bodies are scaveneged for tools to use in the battle and medical ninja are scattered about, aiding the wounded to get them back into battle or to the safety of other ships that are not within range of attack.
Further on the beach, the battle is chaos. Jutsus are flying left and right as soldiers and shinobi alike are burned, buried, and pierced among other things. Some unlucky few have already lost limbs, but they continue to fight anyhow. Naru's shuriken found targets easily in the massive fray on the beach, sticking in the neck of one Kiri soldier and sending him to his death while another lodged itself into the back of a fellow fighter. Such is the way of battle here.
The cloaked individual's ascent up the wall is largely unhindered, enabling ease in finding the way to the compound. Naturally, there are forces inside that are ready to fend off any attackers that may seek out the destruction of their weapon.
Within the weapon center itself, the battle has not gone ignored and as a result, the operators are wondering what they wish to do. Both Kiri forces and Konoha's forces are on the beach, including some of other lands. The decision that may ultimately place themselves in danger is weighed against turning it out on everyone on the beach. If they can sacrifice the few for the benefit of the whole, the whole being the weapon in this case, then they can live to amass forces for another day, perhaps. There are still shinobi in Kiri who are protecting the village, not to mention those that had their villages taken over and forced into aid for Kirigakure's benefit. With this in mind, preparations are made to load the weapon for use. They can't risk this thing being destroyed, even at the cost of losing those defending it.

Mika is right in the thick of things. Itami is paying her to…basically smash things, especially Kiri people. Thats exactly what the girl is doing at the moment as she sucks in her breath. There's no focusing her chakra, or gathering her Ki as her hands turn into claws, slashing at ninja around her. Thats not to say that Mika isn't getting scratched up herself. There's a couple of slashes on her, but nothing major. Many of the ninja around her stare as Mika seems to be getting wilder and more animal-like then normal, but it just draws more people to try to fight her, and less on others as the girl is, for the moment, holding her own…

Noab holds up a steadying hand to the passengers on his ship. Water defenses are to be expected, they're up against the Village Hidden in the Mist and they're attempting to storm a beach. So long as they win the day here, ships being sunk in the shallows won't be an insurmountable problem; they have enough of their own water-manipulators to get the ships onto the ground and repair them after the battle. For the time being, it's better to move forward and let the ships take the attacks rather than try to get past them on foot the whole way. Noab's ship actually makes it most of the way to the beach before it gets any attention from the enemy. At the sounds of splintering boards down below, Noab drops his hand. "Attack!"
Rushing ashore with the rest of his crew, Noab assesses the situation. Chaos, basically. :P Chaos which favors the invaders, fortunately. Still, no point in getting sloppier than they have to! "Form ranks! Advance!" Noab leads the way into the enemy forces, lighting up the night with sweeping fire attacks.

Naru's heart almost stopped as she weaved theough the attacks, while most of the Konoha nin was advancing naru herself made very lack luster in progress, her attention was mostly one dodging the series of kunai that ran in her direction while at the same time tossing out her own, though quickly she began to run out of her own supply, which was interesting enough… Rather than wishing to keep with this senseless battle, she began to move quietly, stealthly, using her small form to hide amongst the sea of combatants to go higher up towards the cliff side. Hopefully no one would pay attention to her going up the sandy beach.

Itami was swimming to shore, avoiding bodies around that were in the shallows, slowly bloating from water seeping inside. The water was orange, slowly turning darker with the amount of blood that was making its way into the sea. When she reached the shore, she neglected ringing her clothes out, thinking that she'd be moving around enough for them to ring themselves out.
She identified numerous sources of chakra, but some were stronger than others in the water. Someone was /in/ the water doing something, but she couldn't see who. It wouldn't matter now that she was on the shore. She needed to focus so that she could be prepared for the greater fights further in.

Seiji has never seen any a battle or war before. The many dead bodies disturb him, but then again he was asked here to do a job and one he was going to help with to the best of his abilities. Running along the water, twisting and dodging around the dead bodies as well as the water tendrils that were attacking people. It does take him some time but he manages to to close half the distance to the beach, and soon follows in behind Itami. Scanning the area, and looking at the beach he notices the red blotches on the ground as bodies bleeds into the sand. He hates the fact that this will soon have way more blood then the sand will be able to soak.
Looking to his left he notices Naru taking in what she sees, he moves to her side quickly and pauses just briefly. "Keep your head up." he tells the Leaf Ninja. Looking back to the fighting he sees the wild melee of Mika, shaking his head his katana quickly whips from it's scabbard as he moves in to cover the kitten. Attacking those who come close to her, his blade lancing out at lightning speed, cutting into those who pose a threat but he actively looks about to those in need of help as well.


And suddenly, Hitoshi is grabbed by… a ninja from Kumogakure? And he was dragging him along. Hadn't he been on the boat with him? Maybe he was part of the command group for their unit. In any case, as the running and dragging is continued, they finally hit the beach-head with their feet. What Hitoshi sees, though, when he finally -does- hit the beach head… well, it wasn't what he expected. The smell was even worse. Burnt flesh, blood. It didn't really mix well with the smell of sand and salt water spray. Nngh.

Despite being soaked, cold… Hitoshi and this man still had a job to do, though. "Lead the way, cap!"

Kunai in hand, he would begin to advance - despite the fact there were so many people on the ground. He would jump, move around them - to keep up with the Jounin that'd pulled him out of the water. Enemies were all around. Explosions, clashes of metal… It was like the inner circle of a person's personal Hell…

All dangers included. Including those that would threaten himself and Reza. Hitoshi has kunai and shuriken flying every so often… once… toward a man approaching him, forming handseals…

--and then out of the corner of his eye as he turns his head to check up behind them. One was closing on Reza.

"Cap! Look out!"

A flurry of shuriken are flung at the enemy shinobi, who was closing in with a short-sword to gut the man he was running with. All aimed for the trunk of the man, and the neck. Death was the objective. Not just maiming… killing. He did owe the man, after all. He did kind of keep him from dying in a watery grave.

Reza thumbs up the kid for the save as he plants his feet in the sand. Kunai drawn he'd work to deflect the ranged assault while advancing. As more come in from the shore Reza sees the need to support their advancement. Allowing the konoha kid to proceed, he'd form a single handseal before his hands glowed. In the chaos this technique would be effective against both structure and personelle. "Laser Beam!" With that he'd launch the technique which would extend a beam of light into the crowd of Kiri ninja. Each burst would set off a small explosion. His aim wasn't entirely on people, but also battlements.

Some are honorably fighting face to face with their foes--and dying. Sakura's strategy is much different. She's stalking around, half on the edges of the beach, targeting and killing only medics. To someone it may be an abhorrent strategy. But fewer medics mean fewer enemies getting back up to attack, right? It's in truth the most practical type of shinobi to target. It's easy for her to see a medic even if they aren't healing. They're always standing in the back, closely watching the condition of their comrades, never taking the forefront. Sakura seems to materialize behind a medic and stab one with ease, before wrenching her sword out. She actually laughs, as the bodies pile higher, never mind that many of them belong to her comrades. Then, she's stalking silently along the beach again.

Takeshi had taken stock of the forces as the lines were drawn and the Kirigakure forces settled in. Now all that was left was to pick some targets. Preferably some easy ones. After all, this was an old man. He didn't want to fight, he wanted to be home, drinking his sake and watching his soap operas. Alas, he is needed here and when GIANT LASER BEAMS OF DOOM begin raining from HANDS OF GODLY POWER, well, color this old guy interested.
The smoke provides a perfect cover as the sand courses into the air and then back down and the smoke whips around with the explosive force. From within the sandy cloud comes two kunai, flaming with all kinds of GTFO MY BEACH hidden within the message. When the cloud finally clears, Reza and Hitoshi would find they are not alone and nor would they be making their way leisurely up towards the installation. Not that Takeshi cared about kei's establishment, that was a stupid device, no, he was here to…PROTECT HIS SOLDIERS.

Narrowing his gaze from atop a near bare tree as his attention was set on the weapon that has been used to dictate the pace of this war, Kibushi knew that from this point on, his actions would hold consequences for his future. However, though he was quite sharp, he also was something else entirely. He believed in fang and claw, wits and guile, bone and steel… but not mechanisms of desctrution. Not means of death that were so disgustingly impersonal that they robbed the sickly sweet scent of impending doom and the rapid rush of life to be extinguished without the slightest chance of the struggle to survive. This, to Kibushi, was blashpemy. Due to how new he was to the era of conglomerate villages, he was not even aware of this weapon until recently. At that point, he would make the decision to combat this change no matter whose side the weapon was wielded by. He would live and die a Kaguya Warrior as he was born and bred to be.

Kibushi would begin to move then, launching himself from tree to tree, to boulders, to bush, what ever sparse terrain advantage he could use to close the distance with as little detection as possible. He had no disguise, in fact just the opposite. He had his war paint on and held it with pride. Should this war cause him to be known as a battle lusting rabid dog, so be it. Try to put him down at your own risk. Try to tame him at your own ignorance. If he still held the advantage of surprise as he drew close, his first objective would be to attempt to acertain what he was up against. Fighting a battle with no information was sure to cause unnecessary risk if not loss. The explosions and sounds of agony, struggle, an war was a nice back drop as his fingers dug in to the terrain for both traction and in anticipation. He would preserve the intoxicating agony of true battle or die trying.

The battle is almost instantaneous, bodies already littering the beach and blood seeping into the sand. Yuuka grits her teeth as she growls darkly under her breath, feeling the strain in her shoulders, in her arms and legs, though the chakra through her palms and the bottom of her feet refuse to release their grip on the rough surface. She breathes through her teeth and hoists herself the last few feet to the very top of the rocky wall, pausing herself there to narrow her gaze over and quickly access her surroundings. From the looks of things, shinobi were scrambling to fire the weapon, maybe even on the beach itself on both Kiri and Konoha shinobi alike. It would be a massacre if that happened. Yuuka narrows her gaze beneath her wrinkled brow as she silently focuses the energies inside of her, focusing her chakra while she stares down the monstrosity that has taken away so many lives so far.

As the battle crashes right onto the shore, Maikeru chuckles a bit. The enemy seems to be gaining a bit of an upper hand of Kirigakure for the moment. However, the threat of the beam being fired is still here…
"I suppose it's time I began then," the Jounin says rather non-chalantly. His eyes scan the battle-field, hunting for someone… "Ah," he says with a slight grin as he spots Itami coming up out of the water. He brings his hands up and begins moving through seals, suddenly vanishing into thin air. When he reappears, he is standing directly in front of her, the fingertips of his gloves glowing with blood red chakra as he holds his hand in preparation to strike. "Fuuinjutsu: Shinigami's Bane!" he calls out as he moves his hand to strike her stomach with blinding speed.

The battle wages on, Konoha, Kiri, Kumo, Suna…a large clash of the great villages on the beach. The numbers are dwindling and as a result, it's taking its toll on some of the fighters. On the ground, various combatants are attempting to aid those which gave already passed, some suffering from shock having not experienced such fighting before, picking up limbs and trying to put them back on the bodies, others watching as their allies fall on every side. The sight of the ground is nothing but a sea of bodies and continues to pile up.
Under Sakura's blade, medical ninja are falling, some fighting to defend themselves as best as they can with the help of their comrades, but suffer still. Those aiming to watch their backs meet death from the front and vice versa.
Inside, the beam is still charging and since it hasn't been in use for a small time, the buildup necessary creates a problem as the battle advances towards the compound itself. With constant observation on the battle and information relayed, guards have been deployed out into the open to keep any enemies from trickling in and storming the place. From the position of the cloaked infiltrator, she can see that there's a small courtyard that leads up to the building where the operation of the chakra cannon takes place. However, below, there is a metal tube that acts as a ventilation system for the cannon with openings within to release heat. There's no telling how hot it is from here, but since the cannon is still charging, it's a safe bet that the tubes are cool for now. They would lead to the core should the cloaked person utilize them.
The ships continue to sustain damage from the tendrils, but the attacks begin to settle as Satsukiyami's chakra begins to gather back into one form. The majority of the ships have been taken out, but some still remain to be used as vessels back. With the loss of life that has occured on this beach, they may be enough to make the ride home.
Over all, the battle seems to be evenly matched, though Konoha's forces along with others seem to be making a push towards the weapon and taking this area for their own. They'll need to hurry. The beam is still charging and will not spare anyone once it's primed for firing.

Somehow, Naru managed to sleep through most of the fighting, though she was detected by a certain jounin, perhaps people didn't think she was a reasonable threat enough to entirely focused on, keeping the stealthy girl to quietly begin moving along the the rocky side of the beach where there wasn't much sand, Naru kept herself amongst the masses, while remaining hidding, attempting to get closer towards this weapon so she could at least see a proper entrance the the hiding spot to proceed attacking it with her own Jutsu…

Itami was in the middle of raising her feet to stomp the ground and send up pillars of earth into a couple of Kiri shinobi when she was interrupted by Maikeru attempting to strike her. In response, she placed herself in an awkward position to block, but was unsuccessful and took a blow to the stomach. She expected it to bring harm to her, but nothing happened.
"What did you just do to me?!" She shouted as she turned her aggression on him in the heat of the moment. She wasn't exactly seeing him as a friend right now. So, she lowered her leg to strike the ground and send the interrupted attack his way.

With Mika and now another group of shinobi moving to cover her, Seiji cuts down a Kiri-nin who was moving to attack Mika from her right flank. Turning about and seeing a medical ninja go down, by a blade protruding from his chest. He winces slightly, he wasn't ready for any high ranking shinobi, but that thought went out the window when he sees Sakura smile at the death of the allied forces medical ninja. Shaking his head and allowing himself to flicker towards her, he doesn't even speak as he sends two rapid strikes in towards teh female swordsman.

"Cap, on our left!"

The advance Hitoshi and Reza were heading for was apparently going to be held up by… an older man… Someone that obviously knows what they're doing. Without a pause, Hitoshi begins to throw his handseals: Ram, snake, tiger. He had gotten to the habit where he had stopped announcing his attacks… but the result is obvious. Three Hitoshi suddenly springing up, seemingly out of nothing. The real one? Well, you've gotta make an educated guesstimation on it.

The flaming kunai attack that comes toward him is taken by one of the clones, which promptly disappears in a POP and puff of smoke. The remaining clone and Hitoshi come to a skidding halt on their feet, staring on.

Deciding that there's going to be no other real way to handle this, except head-on, he goes for it: the handseals are repeated as he rushes forward… his clones are replaced, again, and he alternates between them, mixing himself up with them… the clones all casting kunai and shuriken as they can. Of course, one is real. The other two are just puffs of smoke that'll prove useless. Maybe his feint will work?

As a flamming kunai comes, announced only a millisecond by the konoha ninja, Reza vomits a decent amount of water which extinguishes the flame of the kunai while carrying enough force to stop the kunai. Quickly he'd leap and respond with a quick seal and a powerful launch of water from his mouth in the same direction. Dropping back into a stance, kunai prepped in hand. He'd take note of the man who stood there as the smoke cleared.. "Hmm…so…any chance I can talk you into going home and taking a nap gramps?" He'd size up his opponent. "Yo kid, careful. He may be old..but that just means he's survived that much longer and has had the chance to kill just that many more people." He'd take a deep breath. "You're an older Kaguya are you not? Or does your attire decieve?" He'd ask cautiously trying to consider his next move. Focusing even more of his chakra, prepared for a fast break.

Before she can properly move on, Sakura finds Seiji attacking her without warning. That's exactly what she's been doing! How dare he try to ambush her. But what makes Sakura's eyes widen slightly isn't Seiji's assault. It's the technique he uses. It's a little too slow, but there's no mistaking it. "Flash Strike, ehh?" she says. "You're a thousand years too early to be using that move, kid." But she looks amused. Seiji probably knows what's coming next. She raises her sword in his technique--or hers, more precisely--and would kick him in the knee, hard. Then she'd whip her arm around in a blur of steel, the same attack but one of greater efficiency. "Maybe you'll be stronger when you grow a few years, brat," she says. "But for now you should use that speed to run away."

Takeshi turns towards Hitoshi, the youth makes handseals and then three of them rush at Takeshi. The old man doesn't even bat an eyelash as the real one tries to drag a kunai across his neck, but it has no effect. The kid is allowed his chance to jump back without much ado as the older man begins to make handseals. Water bullets rain from the sky into the elder, all seemingly having no effect and as the sand settles from being disturbed again, the old man is still simply standing there, hands on his cane. For a long time there's simply nothing and then a slight yawn.
The cane is released and it falls to the ground with a thud as the old man pulls his hands up into his robes. The chakra signature was rising on him as they talk to each other. "Wise words," and he futher pulls the arms into the sleeves until they fall limp, "that ultimately mean nothing." The first words as the old man reaches up and lets the top part of the robes fall away. What lies beneath is not a frail, old kaguya elder, it's a scarred, muscle bound guy with white hair and a beard down to his knees. The elder takes his time stretching, bones cracking as they reset themselves, each one almost the sound of another nail in the coffin.
"Welcome to bloody mist, home of the kaguya. Born for war," craaaaack, "bred for war," streeeeetch, "and live for war," crack. "Which one of you wants to take the first hit?"

Many guards are prepared and ready, but they are dispersed as they don't know exactly where to defend from. They are amatuers of war and veterans of guarding assets. They are unprepared for what is about to come. Kibushi would slip past them, using their patrol gaps against them with mere common sense as he too would locate and drop down near the ventilation shaft after plucking several dry and brittle leaves on his way down. He would then approach the vent, using the leaves as a test of the heat that would be inside of it. It was likely they would burn or the rest of the moisture would be evaporated if it was hot enough. If it was not, it would be tolerable even if it was uncomfortably hot in the end. Thus, he would begin to try to open the vent up, drawing his blade and using it to try to jimmy it open, completely unaware of others that were coming for various reasons.

'Teehehehehehee. It looks like you're going to lose your precious weapon, such a shameful technique! Almost more shameful than you Tsuny-Tsun-Tsuns.'

Tsun would ignore the demon, for the time being, it seem she may have a challenge that she was whining about for so long yet, now that it was right in her face she was reluctant. The stupid naming and the little insult didn't bother her, she was more surprised that he wasn't making fun of her for being afraid. "This feels… different." From her position high in the sky, she would peer down at the multiple village symbols down in the mix. At least one thing was simple enough, Kirigakure meant ally everything else was the enemy, right?

'o/‘ Tsuny-Tsuny-Tsun-Tsuns-Tsu-Tsu-Tsu-Tsun-Tsuuuuuns o/`’

Where /has/ Tsun been all this time anyway? That will NEVER EVER BE ANSWERED AND DONT YOU DARE ASK… because it's so secret she doesn't even know, she may of very well been in another dimension. All that was important was that she was here right now and the glacier before her suddenly fails, shattering to pieces and leaving her to free fall. Looking as if she were going to slam face first into the ground!
Poof, Tsun vanished in her trademark bloodmist, reappearing atop the cannon, sizzling and steaming in the simple second she's on there. In a swirl of mist she was gone again, a decent distance away from the cannon in order to avoid being effected by shockwaves or any other crazy malarkey that being too close may cause.

PS: Tsun sort of assigned herself to staying close and guarding this thing. Mostly because she had this delicious chocolate, that could not wait to be eaten. Now she's on with the real task of defending Kirigakure as she makes her approach to the full out hectic battlefield with a casual gait.

Yuuka narrows her eyes from beneath her hood as quickly looks around the compound before instantly focusing her attention on the building. It was safe to assume that the weapon was inside. She presses her lips together firmly and scales along the wall, moving closer to the building without alerting the guards while they become more and more on edge as the battle comes to them. Within the shadows, Yuuka lifts herself to crouch and blur with sudden speed, slipping into the open ventilation shaft without being noticed. Once inside, Yuuka doesn't allow herself a moment's rest, her senses stretching out in front of her as she begins to crawl quickly inside the shaft, using the chakra concentrated on her palms and feet to push her even faster towards her destination.

"I sealed your soul inside you," Maikeru says with a chuckle, vanishing into thin air and reappearing again behind Itami, avoiding her strike. "This way, you will experience every moment of your body's death. That seal eats all the way through you and will only go away until the very last piece of muscle deteriorates. In other words, you will be trapped in your own personal Hell until you are naught but bones before you are allowed to go into the afterlife."
That said, the Jounin reaches his right hand forward, sending an enormous form of it flying at Itami. If it grabs her, it will slam her onto the sand before throwing her across the battlefield toward the rocky climb to the beam.
Oddly, Maikeru's body then glows red and fades away… Only a clone. It would appear the real Maikeru is not in sight at the moment.
'Ignore what my clone is saying. This is only a Communication Seal I designed. I'm going to get you closer to the tower so you can get closer to helping bring it down. I'm actually much closer to it myself preparing to eliminate it. Keep this to yourself. I don't want Kirigakure figuring out I've turned on them just yet.'

The compound is building up with guards and with Tsun there to make sure the weapon remains intact, this battle may make a turn for the worst. Though, there may be a chance at hope. The cloaked person has slipped into the vent with time to make it through without being burned by released heat, followed closely by Kibushi. However, the heat is building. The beam is halfway to charge and being ready to turn the beach into a wasteland of glass and bodies.
Forces on both sides of the conflict are beginning to tire as the only thing that seems to have changed is the position of the sun in the sky. With Naru's observation of the wall, she's able to see there's a thin crack that, with enough force, will succumb and give way for her and other forces to move in. A flash of red radiates in the air momentarily before waning on the other side of the rocky wall, condensed and taking shape around Maikeru as he prepares his attack on the cannon. This flash of chakra is enough to add additional stress on the wall Naru is near and make it easier for her to open up a path to the compound.
The forces continue to press against Kiri's forces, still falling in battle, but for every loss, there also seems to be a small gain. Backs will soon be pressed against the wall and drive everyone into fight or flight. At this point, there's not much left to do but fight.

Naru managed to slip through the defenses for the most part, though she wasn't completely close to the cannon she was infront of the giant wall which would lead straigh to that point, peering around carefully at first she examins the wall, perfectly weak enough to take down the wall with her own jutsu, she grinned for the moment and finally motioned through a few hand seals. "Finally.. my time to shine… Katon! Bakuhatsu no Jutsu!" Bringing her fingers to her mouth she expelled a a double dose of condensed balls of fire which would blaze, slam, and explode into the weakened rock, collapsing the spot and most of the wall around it, nature taking care of the rest of the destruction as she would make leeway for the rest of Konoha, Naru would attempt to stealthfully get out of sigh however, as the wall would come crashing down she had to observe how she would get in..

Itami wasn't sure of how to respond to what was done to her. She was angry, to say the least and as Maikeru disappeared, this only pricked her more. She turned to face him, but is met with a giant hand slamming her into the sand. Air struck from her lungs, she raised herself up from the ground weakly only to be picked up and grabbed from the ground and thrown towards the rocky wall where she'd cling to it in reflex. She'd make the rest of the climb over and stumble over over into the complex where a sparse amount of guards were gathering. The rest had been overwhelmed by the red flash of chakra that went through the area. Coughing, she recomposed herself and began to take form against the guards coming against her.

Seiji didn't understand, but the fact that this woman knew his technique surprised him slightly. "Well your going to find out that I'm full of surprises." he says as he quickly tries to body flicker away from from her kick which grazes the side of his ribs. Feeling his self buckle from the force, Seiji quickly and easily parries away Sakuras sword strike. Creating a opening for himself, he tries to quickly send in a flurry of strikes, all aimed towards vital areas of Sakuras body mostly her shoulders, elbow, hands. Trying to do what he could to take her out the fight quickly.


It was only a matter of seconds after the attack seemed to fizzle into nothing. Hitoshi's clones faded and they too disappeared in a puff of smoke. Coming to a stop beside the Jounin he had been following this whole time - Reza - he takes up a defensive posture, glancing sidelong toward the Jounin as he remarks on his previous words… and nods, slowly.

"Looks like I underestimated him," he remarks slowly, taking a big breath. "Big time."

He keeps himself at the ready, though, focusing himself and taking several deep breaths. He's readying himself for the fight…

"Hope you've got it in you to potentially pull my bacon out of the fryer again," he comments softly toward Reza. "I've got your back, though."

Reza, foot planted, would nod. "Good…means if I die there's no shame…" He'd begin sparking the kunai with lightning chakra. "And if I win…Oh how the ladies will moisten at the tale. Win Win right?" Reza would form a seal before releasing his chakra. Several tattoos along his arms would glow. Releasing chakra back into his form. He'd take a deep breath.

"Watch yourself and follow my lead. If you live, valuable life experience." He'd tighten his gauntlet's bindings before drawing a second kunai and watching for the next move.

The attacks almost seem to miss Sakura, as if Seiji had been aiming wrong all along. Although Sakura looks down in surprise when she sees the thin cut on her sleeve, turning her sleeve a different shade of red. She has to admit this is what she gets for going so casually. It takes an instant to take all this in before she takes a smooth step forward to aim two, rapid slashes that would carve up both of Seiji's arms. Fast and surgically precise to run from his elbows to his hands. But after that she says, "I'm getting complacent in my old age. It was nice of you to remind me…" She leaves her last word a question as to his identity. Not that she offers her name. She's eyeing his face and then to search for the emblem he might be wearing that indicates his village. Of course this pleasant conversation is taking place while she's attacking him, so her civil tone seems bizarre on the carnage-filled battlefield.

Takeshi watches the other ninja jump back away from him, but the old man doesn't flinch and still doesn't betray his thoughts or feelings on this entire ordeal. Though, from all intents and purposes, this was going to end in some bloodshed for the side that actually thought it a good idea to invade Kirigakure. "Do you know why no one invades us?" He steps forward calmly, "Because they know we always make those that do disappear." Another crack as he jerks his neck to the side.
All it would take is a blink to miss this next movement as the elder appears before Reza, a fist coming to slam down from above against his person, trying to push all the way through before simply snapping into a punch to send him sprawling towards the ground.
The elder blinks out of existance once more before he reappears again before Hitoshi, slamming a cane into his stomach, the cane that had been on the ground now seemingly gone. This was one fast old dude.
"Welcome, once again, to bloody mist."

Kibushi's entrance happened to be a back up heat exhaust that was there just incase something happened with the other, to avoid a rather serious design flaw that some notably large weapons of mass destruction have been known to have. So while he and Yuuka used the same method, they largely were in different locations. He would crawl and sldie his way through the narrow vent, his muscles coiling and releasing with a strangely primal fluidity considering the cramped space, before he'd peer down towards an internal patrol. Two guards leaving what looked to be a lab of some sort but he truly couldn't see. This was good enough for him, it was time to begin his mission. Slowly and carefully drawing his blade in the small space, he would slide his blade at an angle at first through the slats of the vent in order to shorten the length remaining in the heat duct. Once he could do so, he waited for them to get right under him before shifting the hilt up vertically and then slamming the pommel down to allow the blade to pierce one of their heads. Just after, he would slam half of his weight down on the vent to fall atop both of them with the metal beneath him. Swirling around as he withdrew his sword, he would crouch down beside the one he hadn't delivered a fatal blow to, his blade neatly cutting down on the man's neck as Kibusih was on all fours for a moment. The noise of his entry altered a few people and he would find himself already starting to be surrounded as he looked up towards the ones in front of him with a cool gaze as they yelled, "What are you doing!? You will put this war at risk! Capture him!!" Luckily, he was not the only one attempting this as he would likely fight this entire instillation before getting anywhere near the focal point of the weapon.

"Indeed, your time to shine. My jutsu can sometimes be a beautiful thing, it allows people to go down all glittery like. You know… makes me feel a little less like a jerk." The voice rolls through the dust of the crumbling wall, sounding like a simple everyday girl.

"Aw…" Through the smoke, two gold, star shaped irises glow from within. "This one isn't strong is it." Tsun doesn't waste much more time with her current situation, her intent was more or less simple for someone she didn't feel was adequate, a clawed hand cuts through the debris at the girl before withdrawing and forming seals.
"Futon." A few quick seals are made as Tsun inhales deep, the smoke not seeming to effect her all too much. Her intent was to send Naru flying back as she suddenly exhales a blast of wind that quickly clears the area.
All the while chakra began to gather within, the girl's own bubbling with Shukaku's. The transformation was a slow process, so maybe it was a good thing she didn't get a Konoha superhero off the start.

Beneath the waves of the bloodbath, two eyes open. A low rumble of suf may be heard, the blood red waters suddenly churn. A deep, dark swirl can be seen as something beneath the surface swells. It doesn't take long, but finally the hidden Kyoumen appears!
As a torso finally lurches free of the constant wave of death, Satsukiyami's bare form is seen only for a moment. It was just for show as the wild form is immediately immersed in it's true shape again, the very blood red ocean itself lurches forward in a brilliant display of power. A hidden assault, ever since the boats themselves were crushed, Satsukiyami has gathered himself and bound himself again to the surf…and now the very tendrils crash down on shore like a wave, ensnaring any enemy in attempt to hurl them into the very ocean itself again! It was less of a coordinated attack, and more of a last result assault. The fact is, Sasukiyami had been subdued for a reason, he now was simply trying to give his side a small chance for a proper counter-attack…and also save his student.
The sudden wave that appears is dispersed…and immediately it bends and lurches around any Kirigakure nin…only to suddenly sharpen into tendrils and grab any single enemy nearby and literally hurl them backwards into the ocean!
Satsukiyami himself, bound to the surf, would grin. It was his way of attempting to secure the situation.

The ventilation eventually leads into a small corridor, the sounds of energy surging becoming louder nearby. And it seems as if whatever guards there would be are presently engaged with someone else. Yuuka doesn't bother to find out just who exactly, right now there are more important matters at hand. She quickens her step to discover the weapon at the end of the hallway, inside a rather large domed room. Yuuka blinks at the canon for a short moment, but snaps to attention as she moves to the weapon's base. Her expression hardens as she lifts her palms towards the bolted down paneling, bubbles growing before bone finally splits the flesh of her hands. The ivory serpentines in the air towards the paneling to pry it open with much more force than an average human's strength, the Kaguya bone impervious.
Metal creaked under the pressure and gives in a moment later, ripped away like parchment and thrown to the side. Yuuka narrows her hardened gaze on the bright blue glow of the crystal with chakra pulsing through it. She stares at it only for a split moment longer, never hesitating to bend her fingers straight towards the core that powers the weapon. With a curl of her upper lip, a low growl rumbles from her throat, activating Shikotsumyaku to feel her bloodline surge powerfully within her. The moment was only but an instant. The intense focus at her fingertips fire the finger bones at a concentrated speed, unseen to the naked eye as she fires at the crystal.

The blast did just that… As soon as the deer girl had revealed herself Naru couldn't tell what was going on, first the massive gust of wind quickly began to over come her form as she felt her body lift off the round quickly sending her spiraling down into the beach line, it was enough to completely knock the breath out of here before she could finally see that chakra lifting off the girls form.. " What am I suppose to do…" Naru cringed as she attempted to get back on her feet, the way was open but for now she had to wait, keeping an eye on Tsun for now…Maybe she could be a distraction…Maybe not…"

Thanks to Naru, the battle was slowly trickling into the compound. Those of Konoha's forces who were free to move made a run for the opening to scatter into the weapon complex and overwhelm the guards that were settled there in defense. Alarms were blaring all over the place, not just for a breach in the weapon, but also a breach in the complex. Besides, the end was near. With Maikeru's cataclysm built up, with lack of opposition, it was ready to be fired. A large, blood red orb sat above his head and with a thrust of his arms, was cast forward to drill into the weapon complex and expand before blowing a large hole into it, sending debris everywhere, including bodies. The weapon remained intact, though it was suffering damage. The weapon began to sound off and the complex shook momentarily as the deafening foghorn sounded off. Anyone who heard that sound prior knew what was coming next….The barrel of the beam was redirected at the beach.
Yuuka, now firing into the source of the weapon caused the crystal to crack and give way. This began to leak chakra into the surrounding core. It was heated and could potentially singe her skin and perhaps burn her to the bone if it ever came out in steamed jets. For now, she's safe. So long as it continues leaking. As a result of her attacks, the weapon was weakening, but who knows how weak the beam will be once it fires.

Itami, now ready for attack focuses on Tsun who she begins to make a run for, though she's thrown off balance by the shaking of the complex for a short time. With her tail to regain that balance, she launches herself at her, maw gaping and ready to lash out at her, bringing her down into a roll of death.

Sakura's first strike was caught along his side, he quickly backpedals. "Old age, you look good and your deffeinently aren't old." he says. Well maybe because she does look good and to fight as good as she is, Seiji only grins as he flickers out of sight from her second sword slash. "Guess you like that attack as well." he chuckles as he suddenly feels the chakra rippling back behind him, without looking he quickly flickers from the water tendril coming up behind him. Closing the gap on Sakura with a focused strike, aiming his swing along her left side. He then spins his blade in a figure eight and lets loose three rapid strikes twoards her waist and sword arm.

"Oh, sh-"

Hitoshi doesn't get the chance to finish his thought before the seemingly old man is making his move. He didn't even -blink.- When the Hell did he move?!

In either case, the blow is a powerful one- enough to cause an audible crunch. Bones were broken and the wind knocked right on out of the kid. He's toppled as a result.

And he just kind of lays there for a second, wincing, seemingly down for the count.

As the punch came…wait…punch?! When the hell…screw it. Reza is from Kumogakure, where the old guys like Raiga and Masahiro are retardedly physically imposing. However that doesn't mean he could actually keep up with these folk. Spit would quickly burst from his mouth as attempted to wall himself from the attack, but the best he could do was take off some of the heat from it. From behind as he flew..he'd notice rather large wave coming right for em. "Bah…wanted to save this for later but!" With that he'd flicker from sight but not before releasing a quick kunai..with a nice tag that said 'boom' attached.

Reza would land and quickly assess his situation. With the distance the kid gained from the hit he figured it'd be best to hold the old guy's attention. The ground still moist with the tsunami…he'd make a call to make use of it. He'd dash away. Tossing kunai along the way none of which seemed particularly accurate, bait. He'd want to draw the Kaguya's attention, especially away from the kid. Whether the speedy old man bit the bait or not, Reza's hands would form a seal. "Lightning Trap Field!" With that each kunai which missed and landed in the ground would spark up and send bolt of lightning towards the Kaguya.

"What?" Sakura says in surprise, when water comes splashing at her. From one of her comrades, that Satsukiyami. He'll be in for it later, the great fool. She'll see to that…personally. Already, Sakura is having thoughts of vengeance against her stupid comrade later in the village, rather than the battle at hand. She springs desperately away to avoid…wet clothing! It clings, it looks bad, it's just plain annoying, if it gets on you! Satsukiyami deserves death for this indignity. She's so absorbed in her murderous thoughts about her comrade that she barely dodges Seiji when he flickers close to her. Now he has her full attention as she hops back from his strike. "You're a nice boy," Sakura says. "But remember…" She draws a senbon and throws it right at his face "…why you're here." The senbon glistens darkly, with some kind of substance smeared on it. As for Sakura she seems to stand still at a distance. But a moment after the kunai has ran its course, she seems to materialize inches from Seiji. Behind Sakura her solid afterimage disappears without a noise. By this time, she'd already be stabbing with her sword to plunge it into his side.

Takeshi watches the youth fall backwards and stay down. Well, the elder wasn't about to attack someone when they're down, not even this kaguya believes in that. His attention however wouldn't need to stay divided as the other one manages to pick himself up from the last strike. The kunai are thrown towards the older man and rather than get caught up in the illusion, he was simply gone. Anything that came close just flashed through his body as if he wasn't even standing there to begin with. The lightning did much the same, colliding in the air and distorting the image in the center before it all ended. Except he had actually moved, he was just that fast.
"Impressive," And as Reza turns, he slams a palm into the other shinobi's stomach, "Take this home and warn your brothers and sisters," and then another palm hits, followed by another. What appears to be a never ending series of palm strikes begins if Reza doesn't pull something out of his butt and move away and if he doesn't, Takeshi only seems to split into three people as the strikes become more numerous, almost reminding one of the famous palm techniques of the hyuuga, EXCEPT THEY AREN'T. At the end of the show, a single large fist is brought forward to slam into his stomach, and if that was all it would almost be bearable, except that following that was a fricking tank shot of chakra that basically blasted Reza off his fist.
Takeshi turns to face the rest of the invasion force, "GET OFF MAH LAWN!"

Twirling elegantly and literally dancing through the enemies, Kibushi would have slain five of thme before they truyl had time to react and regroup. His blade would nearly sing to the steps of his light footed dance and he manuvered through them seamlessly one by one. However, one of the women would not stand for this and let form a lightning jutsu that covered the walls, ceiling, and floor of the cooridoor, giving him little escape and even frying a couple of her compatriots. Kibushi was struck down by the bolt, crumbling in to a nearly curled position, forhead against the floor as his body was jolted through. "Heh! Nothing but a brat in the end." She would say victoriously as he walked over towards him with her heeled combat sandals clacking against the floor and her remaining allies staying away from her due to her ruthless nature. She would stand above him, placing her hands on her hips before raising her foot to stomp on his lowered head. "TRASH!" she would scream at him, apparently being rather sadistic in her victory.

Her mistake. You should never kick a Kaguya while he is down unless he is in pieces. His hand would raise in a flash, grasping behind her knee and yanking forward at her vulnerable tendon, tearing it and nearly ripping it free from her notably bare leg as she was pulled forward harshly atop him, screaming out in surprise and pain. A feral growl would be heard rumbling in his chest as her leg was now nearly dangling, hoisted on his rising shoulder, his eyes staring up at her like the beast he truly was; no longer cool as only savagery remained. He would reveal effective fangs as he raised his head before biting her then, hard, high against her thigh and rip free the muscle and major artery there without an ounce of hesitation. She would scream blood curtlingly loud as the others stared in utter disbelief as Kibushi pounced her to the ground and pounded her forehead with his own, knocking her out to bleed to death on the floor. Rising slowly, the others would try to regain their resolve, readying themselves before their hearts would sink as he turned his head almost completely around, side glancing them with unmistakable viciousness as his mouth was covered in this woman's blood.

A blurring shift of his body weight later, and a man would suddenly feel his throat clenched by merciless fingers. He choked at first, gurgled a bit until a sickeningly wet crunch and burst of blood would spatter from him as the alarms blared and the weapon would be under seige. What the hell had they gotten themselves in to? What sort of boy fights like this? It didn't matter, they would never find their answers as Kibushi flung their comrade at them as he continued to convulse and choke on his own vitae. Their shock, their looks of fear, doubt, apprehension; this battle was already won. Jamming his finger in to the eye of one of the two remaining, he would literally yank the man's body to him by his gored eye socket as he quite literally squealed in pain and snap his neck around to face his last ally with his cries of agony suddenly cut deafeningly short. The last opponent literally collasped against the wall, having never seen such brutality even in his battles previously. Prey knows when it is being stalked by a predator, and there are only two true reactions. To flee, or to be too terrified to flee. All that remained of him in the end, was his pathetic dying shriek echoing through the compound.

Tsun takes a few steps forward, ice forming in front of her in the form of a bit of a step. The girl resting her foot on it as she begins to scan the area for something else to do. "Hmm?" Her eyes halt on Naru, who was already back on her feet apparently ready to fight.

"Eh? Don't stare at me like that weirdo. Run the other way and die to someone useless, make them feel better I guess." As her words run on, her voice starts to grow deeper, fangs beginning to form. 'Relying on this power again? What if I break the seal a second time, hmmmm Tsun-chan?' The Kaguya just grins, thinking out loud, "I'm confident you won't we both know why." Tsun's body slouches just as Itami comes zooming in.
Kaguya girl may of just decided to drop dead mid-battle, too excited? Tsun is latched onto and starts to flop around, thrashed, wouild be the word for what was happening to her. Until a chunk of her comes off in Itami's mouth. Tsun slams face first into the ground. Face still in the dirt, a mixture of Tsun's and Shukaku's on shrill singing voice comes out… muffled by the floor, it is hard to tell what is being sung. After a while it is obvious who was doing the talking at the moment by what happens next.

Tsun begins to simply rise off the ground without the aid of her hands, levitating up to her feet as she sings.

o/` -ings that bother you, never bother me. I feel happy and fine! AHA! o/`
Her head snaps into the direction of Itami with the Aha. Some may call this an attempt in mind games, in all honesty this is Shukaku being his typical ridiculous self and so he continues with his little tune. Clapping to the rhythm of the music in their head.

o/` Living in the sunlight, loving in the moonlight! Having a wonderful- o/` "BLARGH"

Tsukaku's vomits, right in Itami's direction. A murderous misty red vomit, this is what happens when you bite chunks out of people Itami. Why in the heck! Tsun was bleeding… a bit but, she doesn't seem to mind missing a chunk. Actually… ice crystals begin to form about her side as it begins to sizzle, steam rising from the wound. What cans it beeees?!

The chakra leaking from the crystal burns, becoming distracting. Though as fast as the heat spills from it, she heals just as quickly, leaving only her concentration in danger of faltering as Yuuka hardens her gaze on the crystal. She tries to keep her breathing regular, wrinkles deepening with focus. The crystal was weakening, but her attack wasn't enough. She needed more. Yuuka scowls and pushes herself further, pouring chakra into her bones, into her fingertips as they continue to blaze through the air. Any moment now she would be discovered, if the guards were smart and decided to lock themselves inside the building in order to protect the weapon from outside forces.

The Shukaku was being born.. it was something that even Naru was never truly aware of… so this was the power of a Jinnchuriki? The power itself caused Naru's demeanor to falter slightly however, a grin slowly began to form along her face… Itami had jumped in to tackle her foe, the both of them starting to fight amongst eachother leaving the genin to her own devices yet again, and she was almost exactly sure that the guards would have backed off with the further releasing of this demon girls chakra.. " Time to move.." Naru whispers quietly and finally her sharingan activates, witnessing chakra flow as she quickly moved through the destroyed wall, Yuuka's attack wouldn't be witnessed by the guards, instead a curious Naru quietly slipped into the room noting that the Kaguya for some reason was sending her bullet volley straight into the crystal… She had no idea what exactly was going on but she had no choice but to let out her sea of attacks right now…

" This thing is going to be blown up today!" Naru shouted out at the water nin near the crystal, while the genin motioned through a pair of hand seals, first she volleyed her own torrent of bullets in the form of fire directly at the Kaguya, hoping she would dodge it to hit the crystal while she sent two full blasts of fire to buckle up and perhaps dislodge the crystal, or the fire element would distablize it somehow.
RP: Naru transforms into SHARINGAN-I.

After sending Tsun for a tumble and thrashing her around to satisfaction to rip off a chunk from her, Itami maintained the piece in her mouth while awaiting what her opponent had to offer next. What she got was…disturbing. The singing and the sudden jerk of the head made her bite down on the chunk she had in response before spitting it out to fall to the ground. She sat and listened to the rest of the remainder of the song, but it was cut off by the regurgitation of some gaseous cloud of vomit. Her expression visibly changed from disturbed to a mix of disgust and partial fear. What the hell was she dealing with here?
Bracing herself, she allowed her skin to take the brunt of that attack. Needless to say, it was extremely unpleasant. Nothing hurt more than having this gas burn into her with such intensity. She didn't even bother to open her mouth to yell, lest it find its way in there and cause more damage.

Well having thought he had her off guard, the blackend senbon manages to hit it's mark despite the fact that Seiji tried to use his body flicker technique to dodge out of the way, and with that his next dodge fails utterly as he is stabbed in teh side. Coughing and spitting up blood, he turns his head so not to get any of it on Sakura, even though she skewered him, he does cough in her face. Sagging to his knees slightly, only being held up by Sakura and her blade Seiji pushes himself off it and turns around to face her but his blade is in a defensive posture. He doesn't back away from her, the fight still in his eyes, and knowing that he is pretty far away from any healers. "Well guess we will see if we meet again." he says as he tries to gather up chakra to keep himself going.

Sakura looks a little disappointed when Seiji fails to dodge. He has a ways to go. She pulls back and gives her sword a single, sharp slash to get the blood off. It quickly soaks into the sand. She glances around at her surroundings. "I'm bored. Your reason for attacking me is pathetic. And this seems finished." She points her katana right at his face. "Don't mindlessly improve your speed. Precision is what matters most. Grind efficiency into all your moves, don't waste an inch, and you'll become better than them all. When you're strong enough come back. I have a feeling a death match with you can be interesting, one day." She's speaking as if she's lecturing a student, not sparing an enemy and therefore committing treason. She'd flick her sword at him like a petulant finger. "Scram." Then she'd step back and seem to melt into the shadows. And go back to targeting healers and weaker shinobi.

As the punches start slow, Reza spits at each fist, not in disgust…but in self defense. At this level of combat, no matter the technique..something surprising is bound to occur…and that surprise came. Fist, fist, fist, fist steadily became, FISFISFISFISFIS, and THAT became, FIFIFIFIFIFIFIFFFFFFFFFFF. However..while Reza's body was no match for this old dude…his mouth was the fastest on the continent. With each fist, no matter the speed, no matter how much the Kaguya advanced into it, Reza would equally backstep. With each fist a new blur, with each burst of water a larger wall would form. Several moments later..which for Reza was an eternity the big fist came…and it impenetrable wall of water…which soon burst immediately after taking the hit, showering the two in a brief rain. On the other side Reza stood…"EAT IT OLD MAN!"..exhausted..but with a sudden realization that celebration would not be recommended he'd quickly make full flickering sprint for the kid, to hoist em up and leave. "WE ARE GONE!"

The wound starts to simply… patch itself up, Tsukaku swaying and clapping to some ochestrated madness being developed in their combined mind. At Itami was spared part of the cacophony that Shukaku claimed was music. Tsun? Not so much, "Please… shut up." The "woman" mumbles all the while swaying and clapping. That does nothing to stop the singing…

o/‘ Just take it from me I’m just as free as any daughter! I do what I like, just what I like and how I love it! Bum badum badum badum badum! o/`

The song brings into humming, gargles, gallons on gallons of water pouring out of Tsun's mouth, rapidly forming into a massive puddle… if you still wanted to call it that.
Naru? Ignored. The cannon? Much more ignored. So Naru talking about destroying the cannon? Totally ignored. Because Itami was /still alive/, this was a good thing. Maybe a good fight was soon to come! Maybe-

"Why are you doing nothing?! Fight me! FIGHT ME FIGHT ME FIGHT ME! KRRRRAHAHAHAHA ANOTHER WE- relax… I doubt you'd do well if that hit you." Despite Tsun's calm and logical thought process, Shukaku's shrill voice mixing with her own made everything she said sound as if she was very excited.
Her head tilts to the side and she waits for the steam cloud to fully disperse.

"…let's find another." Tsukaku turns and scans the battlefield for something to do before Shukaku bursts out with excitement, "YATTAA!" The destruction of the cannon being of no real interest to her, it was expected. The objective may be lost but, at least she can take the time people stay off their damn lawn for good. Invading is for Kiri!

Fists raged and water walls were raised! The battle on the beach has shifted into the compound and chaos has been split like a criminal pulled apart by horses. It was a horrible scattered mess. Bodies strewn across the beach and more dragged into the sea via tsunami on Satsukiyami's part, the whole area red with blood and seeping out into the waters to be dispersed and carried to other lands, the tides of this war.
The beam, primed for firing began to light up in the barrel and attempt to fire off a beam, but it flickered out or more like retreated back into the barrel to light up the core where the focusing crystal was being attacked. The room lit up in a blinding light and the crystal continued to give under Yuuka's attacks until finally it shattered, releasing the white light over the whole area and blinding the whole of the compound and the beach. Yet, just as quickly as it was released, it would disappear with the final straw would come in the form of flames entering the chamber and breaking the already weakened crystal into smaller pieces. The chakra cannon was no more.
Those that were on the beach prepared for the worst as they witnessed the beam light up at the tip of the barrel before flickering out and enduring a bright flash instead. They thought they'd died, but the sound of the sea washing against the shore confirmed that they were still living and the stench of iron from blood across the sands emphasized it. With the beam destroyed, this war was finally over.

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