Resource Reclamation - Almost a Buzzkill!


Hanako, Nariko, Iminari, Hiei, Hiroyasu

Date: September 30, 2013


The team sets out for to help repair a lumbermill in distress; However along the way the area's many problems rear their head, with the appearance of organized bandits, unruly lumber guildsman who harbor distrust and malice after their jobs were saved by the very people they chide.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Resource Reclamation - Almost a Buzzkill!"

A Forest in the Timber producing area in the land of lightning

It was another one of those days, you know the kind, work-days… Hiroyasu is sitting at his desk in the administration building signing off on mission requests. "Send out the Missives, to whoever is not on assignment or leave.. Have them gather at the front gate for a debriefing.. tell them standard outfitting" he says to the person standing in the door, before stamping onto the paper "Assigned!" and sliding it into the box on his desk. Then he picks up his folder and makes his way to the door, "I'll be doing the debrief as usual." it was something that he had took up under the banner of a more upfront administration.
It was a typical summer day, the clouds above and below the peaks gently move past bringing with them the stifling hot air only broken with the occasional gust of cool air. Leaning against the gate is Hiro with his arms crossed, he was awaiting the arrival of those assigned…

Hiei was working in the backyard of his new house when a hawk comes and lands on the stack of lumber he's using to build a fence. Nearby, Goatchiha Sasuke grazes quietly and only looks over for a moment when the hawk arrives. Hiei stops nailing boards together and takes his tools down to the armory room in his house. A quick shower and he's back in the armory/gym to gear up for whatever mission he's been tapped for. After strapping on Fukushu and Saiai it's not long before he heads towards the gate while calling out into the house. "I've got a mission, Miso. I'll be back when I can." Leaving his house and the Yotsuki Village behind, Hiei arrives at the front gate and looks around to see who else is here. While he waits for others, he takes a strap of leather and ties his shoulder length hair back so that it's out of his face. "How's it going?" He asks in general to everyone gathered.

Iminari happens to be on another mission, so quickly! Not complaining, she was glad to have some missions coming from someone other than the Medical teams. "Hello again." Iminari says as she approaches Kumogakure's personal debriefer. Imi looks over to Hiei, bowing her head lightly, "Just fine. I believe" From the look on her face she seemed a bit tired, though she would stand ready as to avoid worrying them.

Hanako was boooored. Such a long, boring day! Bored, bored, bored. The Chuunin had been pacing around her hotel room, peering out the window every 30 seconds in hopes that something exciting would happen. Even something vaguely interesting would do! And then a carrier pigeon arrives with a mission briefing, and the girl's face lights up in excitement. "Yes! Mission time!" she exclaims, pumping a fist into the air as she retrieves the scroll. Immediately she runs off towards the meeting place by the Village's front gates, arriving not long after and greeting Hiroyasu with a bright grin. "Hi, Hiro-san!" she says as she approaches, giving him a slight bow.

Running up to the village entrance is the young yotsuki known as nariko. She came running as soon as she got the memo and ran up and waved to everyone who was there. She bowed her head and then smiled at everyone before waiting to hear what their mission would be. "Hi everyone."

Hiroyasu nods to Hiei "I told you didn't I?" he says before waving to Iminari, then Hanako and finally Nariko "Good afternoon, Everyone." he looks around before pulling out the folder from under his arm, "Apparently, everything that can go wrong has gone wrong in the largest lumber production area in the land of lightning.." , he pauses "So here is what the mission is in a nutshell; A saw in a lumbermill is malfunctioning and starts vibrating like crazy. This leads to the machine hurting workers, threatening to take down the building. If this happens, the amount of lumber produced will be greatly reduced meaning we would have to lean on Konohagakure, and frankly their prices and terms are absurd." he frowns, "Oh this would be easier said than done, except that the area has experienced a heavy bandit presence during the lack of oversight from the previous administration.. Also the lumber guild in general is on tenuous terms with Kumogakure in the first place because of said inaction, and well a litany of other boring socioeconomic issues.." he looks at them all "I expect you can manage this task? Questions?" he asks sliding the folder under his arm and putting a hand on his hip.

Hiei smirks at Hiroyasu and leans against the gate itself. He flashes a smile at Hanako, Iminari, and especially Nariko. It would be the first time he was partnered up with his cousin before. He smirks. "All women again. I like it when Hiro assigns missions." He reaches over and places his arm around Nariko's shoulders. " this is a negotiation mission, then. I'll leave that to Hanako. She talks so pretty, there aren't a lot of people who can say no to her. I'll make sure we don't get jumped by the bandits." Hiei seems relaxed, happy even. "But no questions. We'll take care of it."

Iminari nods her head a few times, "Mmmm." that's all she musters up towards the newer arrivals. "Bandits…" Imi's arms cross as she looks a little uneasy. "I believe so, assuming they don't all want us dead." She looks back at the group, knowing if push came to shove she could just back off and support this group who seemed to be rather strong. Her hand raises to her mouth as a long yawn rolls out and the whole kunoichi team thing comes up, "Are you doing this on purpose Hiroyasu?" Imi eyes Hiroyasu, this apparently was her only question.

Hanako nods as she listens to the briefing, and at the end she raises a hand with a cheeky grin. "Hiro-san, who's the leader for this mission?" she asks, knowing that standard protocol would be to designate someone to be responsible for the mission and its outcomes. She glances around the group then, wondering if anyone else had any questions they wanted to ask.

Nariko listens as Hiro explains the mission, then moves out of the way so Hiei cannot place her arm around her shoulders. "No questions here." She looks at Iminari and then to Hanako. Both having all the questions she was interested in. She shrugs. "Though I guess I do have one, when do we go?"

Hiroyasu clears this throat and looks from at them from left to right, "Mission Leaders are no longer assigned by the administration office unless there is a specific need or request. Otherwise we trust you to decide who is the most qualified based on the situation in the field. All too often mismatched leaders has been assigned and missions have been completed with sub-par results." before he winks at Hiei, which causes a question from Iminari "If I was, it might explain why my mission assignments have been exemplary.. but it's just coincidence.." he says before nodding to Nariko "Right now.."
It was a short trip to the part of the land in question, the trip was beautiful with scenic roads through the thick forests, but unfortunately the sun is quickly setting and soon night would be upon them, and if bandits were rumored to be active throughout the whole area, so the tension in the air was as thick as the gentle bubble of tree sap rolling down the pines. Along the road comes a sound, faint at first, then getting louder..

Hiei idly rubs his chin when Hanako asks about the mission leader, but doesn't say anything right then. When told they are scheduled to leave right then, he turns and waits for the group to be ready before heading off with them. As they move towards their destination, Hiei looks over at Hanako. "I was thinking. Nariko's father is a diplomat. Why don't you give her a first shot at the negotiations?" He looks up at the darkening sky and then frowns slightly. "Something's coming, but I can't make it out." He slows himself down to a walk, but doesn't stop moving altogether.

Iminari blinks, "Makes sense, though to have to come to that… I would've figured team leaders to be a bit more rounded. Oh well!" The past is not her problem! So on she goes, carefree at first until they delved a bit deeper into the bandit territory. Her pace stays the same and then the sound comes along. "There are multiple chakra signatures. Though whatever is making that sound, isn't alive. It might by some sort of attack." Iminari pauses for now, ready to move out of the way, trying to keep all things under check.

As the group walks along the path towards the mill, a distant sound tickles Hanako's ears. The Yamayuki frowns for a moment, channelling a light trickle of chakra into her ear canals to amplify the sound and her perceptive capabilities. Focusing, Hanako manages to percieve a little more of the sound, and holds up a hand to the group. "Animals incoming. Could be cavalry," she says, then peers around the area, "Shall we meet the head on, or take the stealthy approach and wait to see who's approaching?"

Nariko nods and then follows the group. "No, I'm okay with Hanako taking care of that." She says with a shrug, she wasn't exactly sure of herself as it was. She tries to keep her eyes open and then moves off to the side of the trail their following. "You might want to move, there are some things coming down the way." She stops a moment, to make sure she doesn't get run over by what she sees.

Hiei comments to Iminari. "If team leaders did all the work, what would the rest of the team do?" He flashes her a smile and then when Hanako and Nariko make statements about animals or whatever coming their way, Hiei steps off the path, attempting to meld with the growing shadows in the trees. "Just as a precaution, I'll stay here out of the way." Usually, he'd rather meet whoever was going to cause issue head on, but he's been trying different tactics lately. Sides, it could be nothing.

Iminari glances at Hiei and sticks her tongue out, "This does help Genin like me prepare faster for the future though…" When asked on how they should go about it, Iminari thinks for a moment, "Best to get a heads up on what we're up against." Iminari gets off of the road after saying this though makes no real attempt to hide. "One or two of us should stay out though, see how they react. If they're a part of the bandit force and react violently then at least we know what to expect and also have an ambush on them set up." Her hands come together in a seal and she channels chakra to her hands, preparing a healing technique if need be. A nod is given to the group, now to see what exactly was coming their way…

Hanako nods to Iminari. "Good thought. I'll stay here on the road and greet them face-to-face," she says, looking back as Hiei and Nariko slip into the bushes, adding, "Good, okay it looks like we're all set to meet our guests. Let's hope it doesn't get violent." And she turns back to face down the path, clasping her hands in front of her waist as she waits for the… whatever they are… to come into sight. In the meantime she gathers a little chakra, preparing herself in case this turns into a fight.

NAriko seems to try and blend in with the vegetation on the side. She shrugs. "I don't think you should, but okay." She whispers as she tries to be quiet. She watches the road, waiting to see what happens on the road.

It was indeed all of those things mentioned before, well except the not living part. As it comes into view, its a simple wooden cart bouncing around wildly as the driver and horse are keeping up a breakneck pace, the sound of shouts coming from behind them, as the sound of weapons clashing against the wooden body as the visage of heavily armed men chasing the cart. It was getting extremely close now, then in a bit of poor luck the cart hits a rough patch and shakes violently swerving left, then right as the driver and horse try to regain control… but it was to no avail, the heavy box in the back become unsecured and shifts suddenly in the calamity sending the wooden cart end over end in a violent shaking hurling boxes, chunks of wagon, spraying it across the road and area.. for those who didn't take cover are looking down the barrel of a wooden projectile the size of a cart.

Hiei's eyes widen as the cart comes barreling down the path with heavily armed men chasing it. The men are ignored for the moment as Hiei attempts to shove Iminari out of the way. As he dives forwards with his hands out, he falls a little short of even touching the other shinobi. Luckily for him, the cart rolls and bounces just as his face hit the dirt and misses him completely. He slides to a stop as he turns over onto his back. "Darnit!" Now he had to find the armed men, and see if whoever was driving is alright.

"This is no good." Iminari braces herself as she watches the action unfold, no idea on how to really help the man out. Things go from bad to worse in a faster pace than she could really comprehend. Instinct causes her to switch seals to the only real defense she tended to depend on and with a wave of her hand the a heavy gust forms around her, causing the incoming chunks to be redirected, Iminari narrowly avoiding getting hit head on, it actually manages to graze a strand of hair. For a moment she froze, a little shaken. With a moment to recover she'd shift into cover, trying to snoop out the driver in all this.

Hanako, seeing the cart racing down the path toward her, instantly grabs at Iminari's arm in an attempt to pull her out of the cart's path. She's too slow, however, and Iminari throws up a wind technique to block the incoming vehicle. Hanako shakes her head, disappointed that she's going to have to damage the cart. She sings a loud note, forming the sound waves into a wall in front of the cart, trying her best to make it soft so as to cause no damage (of course, she might not be successful). Then she turns her song on the men attacking the driver, releasing a Genjutsu that might give the man a few seconds of reprieve, and time for her teammates to disable them.

Nariko looks on as the cart comes barreling down the road and Hiei going in to try and prevent either Hanako or Iminari from getting hurt by it. She gives a shrug. ~I warned them.~ She then steps out from her bush and breathes in, closing her eyes before letting loose a bright shiny light from her body. "Stop in the name of lightning!"

The men chasing after the cart slide to a halt as the cart and its contents are flung in every direction, "Quickly, find the strong box!" they shout before two of them find themselves doze for a moment and fall off their horses… the other three raise their hands as they seem to think that Nariko has become a shining beacon of light… "Witches!!" they shout before falling off their horses and stumbling around.
Iminari could easily see when the cart was overturn where the driver was hurled when the cart when belly up, their barriers shred what was the cart into a shower of splinters as it breaks into 3 parts and slide to a halt.

Hiei kicks his feet up, hopping from his back into his feet. His hands move behind his back underneath his duster as he begins to withdraw kunai. Moving close to where Nariko is, he flings them, one for each of the three bandits in his line of sight. For the moment, he doesn't speak, instead he concentrates on his wetwork. That was the problem with genjutsu. Eventually, they get back up. He would make sure they didn't.

Iminari's eyes scan behind and rushes over to the flung man. "I apologize." She'd make a quick scan of the man, "So much…" Her voice wavered a bit as she places her hands on him, "This is only going to ease the pain. I'm going to ask you some questions, if it's too hard to talk don't bother" Her hands glow with green with chakra, "What are they after? If something specific what does it look like, we are with Kumogakure we're here to help you." Iminari, missing them calling out to get the strong box in the heat of the moment would instantly jump to questions before trying to help the man up and get him a bit further away from what may soon become a battlefield

Hanako crosses her arms and looks around to the team members in the nearby bushes. "Ok, quickly secure the aggressors and let's try to keep the situation under control," she says, naturally assuming command because no one else has. She walks towards the bandits, giving them a dire look as she says, "Now, you five better explain why you're attacking this cart, or you'll find yourselves in far more dire circumstances. Now talk!"

Nariko looks as Hiei starts attacking them. She then follows what Hiei is doing, letting some lightning surges around her arms. "My Yotsuki senses are telling me that they want the strongbox." She then raises her arms and sends bolts of lightning out towards the aggressors.

The swing of the swords from the Yotsuki rend flesh as the men stumble around grasping their eyes in agony. Then the questions from the Hanako "…" yeah silence is all they have before the forest echoes with their screams as Nariko lights them up with bolts of lightning, the traces of which bounce from the men.. Finally able to see they, come into focus with the hiei and hanako in their ~killzone~ The three swordsmen attacked by Hiei draw their long curved blades and attempt to make Sashimi out of him. While Hanako and Nariko find a rain of arrows let loose from the bows of the two archers.
Meanwhile somewhere nearby the man who was on the door of death is given salvation by Iminari "Uh.. oh.. ergh." he moans as she moves him but he finds the wherewithal "The strongbox! it has the lumber guild dues.." he gurgles as he spats a wad of blood onto her.

Hiei watches as the bandits come for him. He goes into what looks like a dance as he shifts and moves his body to avoid their sword strikes. Reaching back, he draws Saiai from it's sheath, and that's when one of the swordsmen manage to scratch him along the bottom of his forearm. Hiei uses one hand as he makes an attack on each bandit. After that, he backpedals in an attempt to create separation. "Guys. You're not going to get the strongbox. So far, we haven't gotten serious. Continue this attack and I guarantee that you will not live through this. You have my word on that. Leave now…while you still have the chance."

Iminari winces as blood is spat up on her. "Thank you, now just relax." She had dealt with her fair share of blood splatter though this still was a little gross. When she felt relatively safe she'd place him down, forming a few mroe seals and taking in a deep breath. She'd then open his mouth, moving in very close before blowing in a wave of refreshing chakra to get right inside and hopefully stop the bleeding from within. "Stay awake, I'm going to find the strong box and I'll be right back." She places a hand on his shoulder and then glances over at the fight, where she'd probably have to get back into it. First thing's first, secure this item of importance. Shame, Imi had on thoughts on the horses at all this entire time! Poor horsies.
Anyway! Iminari is staying low and moving as fast as she could scanning the rubble eventually finding what she could only imagine was the lock box and she takes it with her. For now she returns to the cart driver, if what Hiei said was true, then maybe things will turn out fine!

When it becomes clear that the bandits are going to fight back, Hanako forms several handseals and surrounds herself with a host of clones. Most of them only last a couple of seconds as a volley of arrows cut through them one-by-one, but Hanako continues her slow advance towards the men. An arrow scores her in the shoulder, drawing a grunt of pain from the Chuunin, but she simply pulls it out and gives the archer a -very- nasty look. "We are Shinobi of Kumogakure. Lay down your weapons while you have the chance. This is the final warning you're going to receive."

Nariko is able to move like a ghost out of the way of the first arrow, but isn't quick enough to do it a second time, getting hit in the shoulder. She makes an ugh sound as she feels it pierce. "Oh no you don't!" She says, lightning charging around her free arm as she sends bolts of lightning out towards the men once more. "I'm all sparkly tonight."

The 3 swordsmen are clever and are using each other as an echo chamber for their parries meaning that as the sword strikes come down it may or may not be the target you intended, this tactic worked well until the skill of the yotsuki's blade sends a razor thin rip through the padded armor sending out a trickle of blood, The zig-zagging beams of lightning escape from the Nariko, who honestly they were afraid to look at as they thought she might be a forest witch or spirit from her blinding mantle, the electricity sending them all into a fit of shakes, one of them starts foaming at the mouth and bleeding from the eyes as he falls over dead, the others sigh and gasp as they writhe in agony before trying to steel their nerves.. "Filthy Shinobi! Stay out of our woods!" one shouts before running at the Yotsuki in an attack but at the last second attempt to impale himself on the blade, he holds up his hand and the pins on his finger tell the story that he had pulled several pins on his grenades, as his partner waits for the explosion and tries to cut down the yotsuki. The hail of arrows continue on the singer and nariko, nariko having ducked behind a tree can hear and feel the arrows impacting the tree with heavy thuds.
The driver has been brought from the grips of death into the warm arms of a kunoichi, the gods were merciful.. "That's.. it.. don't let.. them.. get.. it.." he says pointing at the box.. One of the archers says "She's found the box!" and attempts to send an arrow her way shooting from the hip.

Hiei watches as the swordsmen ignore his warning, and then one of them impales himself onto Saiai. Hiei's eyes widen as the man shows him all of the grenade pins that dangle onto his fingertips. Hiei drops the sword and then falls onto his back. He rolls backwards rapidly, then goes into a series of almost impossible horizontal corkscrew flips, allowing the concussive force of the explosion from the grenades to further carry him away from ground zero. Somehow, he manages to land on his feet as his hand reaches behind him to draw Fukushu. When the other two men come to attack, he doesn't even bother to defend. Instead, he would show them why they should not have picked a fight with him. His body blurs from sight as he strikes out at both men at high speed before they ever even completed their own attacks. Hiei skids to a stop several feet behind them, already sheathing his weapon by the time they are even aware that they are cut. "I just lost a good sword. It was a present from my girlfriend. I'm taking it out of someone's hide."

Iminari could probably escape at this point, she even has a jutsu designed to run away. Of course that would leave the driver very vulnerable. "Erg…" They haven't even gotten a chance to figure out what was wrong with the lumbermill. "Don't worry, I've got it." She pats the box and then kneels down, back to him as she prepares to protect him, "I've got you too." She could question him on the lumbermill's issues but, it was obvious that one was making Iminari a target now.
A arrow is shot her way and Imi breathes in deep, exhaling wind once more, though it was potent instead of healing this time around. The harsh gust sends the arrow flying away. A sigh of relief is given as the tides turn with Hiei getting serious after that close encounter. Though it was all a bit painful to watch.
No amount of studies and training could prepare her from her witnessing such violence.

As she speaks, Hanako takes another arrow, this time hitting her hip. She shrieks in pain, not bothering to pull the projectile out this time as she sings ever louder. Taking a great deal of chakra, she hones her song into a myriad of shimmering, nearly invisible blades in the air around her, then with a wave of her hands they fly at the enemy bandits like glass shattering. Snarling, Hanako finally stops to pull the arrow out, and grunts in pain again. "Sawed merciful personality," she curses at herself in anger.

Once 3, now only 1 swordsmen remains as the other tries to give the shinobi a final farewell, he exploded in a rain of ash and parts.. Except despite the amazing acrobatics the broken sword comes flying embedding itself It didn't matter anyways he looked like he was on his last leg. The remaining swordmen finds himself on the end of two counter attacks which almost rend himself asunder, however he manages to hold himself up on the tip of his sword in the ground before the a river of blood escape from his nose and mouth as the sonic blades come tearing him and his friends apart, one of the archers who was attempting to fill iminari with his wooden shafts finds himself blind-sided by the blades of sound which lop his head clear from his shoulder and he slumps over..
The remaining archer looking around finding himself alone now, fumbles around in his belt and throws down crude black ball which starts belching out grey smoke.. He attempts to mount his horse to escape from them.

Hiei turns his gaze towards the archer but loses sight of him when he throws the smoke grenade. "Hanako, I can't see him. You'll have to get him. Don't go soft on me and let him run! If you don't kill him, I will." He almost snarls out of anger before turning to walk towards Iminari. "How is the driver?" His voice softens, but not by much.

Well, she would lose him. Iminari that is. Her focus just wasn't there at the moment, her mind disturbed by those who had gone down so brutally, especially the one that up and blew himself to bits. All she knew was that they were retreating. It'd take her a moment to respond to Hiei, "Y- wha.. um, he'll be fine. Well, that's not true, he'll live. I also have what they were after." Iminari gestures to the strong box before looking beyond Hiei, "Do you… think there are any I can sort of bring back into stability? We could use them for more information…."

Hanako watches her sound blades slice apart the swordsmen, then turns her attention to the final remaining bandit. As the archer tries to flee she channels chakra into her ears again, picking up on every minute sound that the man makes. She blinks a couple of times, annoyed that the man chose to run instead of either surrendering or fighting to the death. "Don't… RUN!" she yells, turning each word into a violent spear of sound that surges outwards toward the man.

He almost got away with it, it wasn't for that pesky Hanako and her pesky friend, While riding away the horse attempts to get out of the way but the driver is hit in the back with the sharp spear of sound almost running him through, then the extremely high pitch sound causes to slink over the neck of the horse who continues to run but without the driver it slows and lists to the side into the forest slowly moving out of the way of the trees.

Hiei shakes his head at Iminari. "We don't need information from them. They were bandits preying on the weak and defenseless. They were lucky I gave them a chance to run at all. They should have taken it." He exhales slowly, trying to allow some of his anger to abate, but losing that sword hurt him on the inside. He strides over to where the horse is. He places his hand on the archer's head and leans it back, exposing his throat. He withdraws a kunai from the pouch on his leg. He murmurs, "You don't know what your friend cost me." He yanks him from the back of the horse and in one smooth motion, slits his throat. There is no look of remorse on Hiei's face. After wiping the kunai on the guy's clothing, he gets the horse by the reigns and leads it back towards the driver. "I'm not sure if the wagon can be salvaged, Iminari, but tell the driver this horse is his now. It will at least get him home."

"You're right, Hiei I just wanted to make sure there weren't anymore bandits about. My… head should be clear now hopefully I can keep us out of harms way. I really need to work on the range of my sensing…" Iminari then looks to the driver, "I can't in good conscience let him go off on his own. My healing ability isn't strong enough to help him recover in one go, though I'd rather not sit around trying to put him in a safe place, we might get ambushed again." Imi looks back to Hiei, "Let's see." She brings her hands together in a seal, she places her hands on him and gives him one more healing wave. She'd then look down to him, he should be able to move enough on his own but, she helps him up. "If you need me to come with you, let me know. Though if you can make it on your own, it'd be best if our full team went together. In case there's more danger ahead." She'd then hand him the strong box and await his answer.

Hanako stops and checks the area, making sure that there aren't any more bandits skulking around, and the smiles to the rest of the team. "Well, let's get a move on. I'm sure the guild will be happy that we saved their driver and lockbox," she says, turning back to the road and starting on her way since the driver is safe and they've already ascertained that the cart is too damaged to be repaired… at least not on the spot. "Let's go earn some pay!" she says, thrusting a hand into the air.

The driver nods his head for moment "Thank you, What is your name my avenging angel" he says to iminari as he takes the strongbox and covets it under his arm. "Thank you.. Did I hear you are from Kumogakure?" he asks in a tone dull, you can maybe forgive the man who just survived a near death crash because of the kiss of life, for his missing the headband. "I will make sure the guild knows of your actions here!" he says with a bow of his head in the long deep respectful bow before coughing several times and spitting a little blood out. "No don't trouble yourself, I'll be fine.." he says to Iminari before hopping up on the horse and riding off.
It wasn't but another hours walk deeper into the forest until they came to the lumbermill in the dark of the night. The sounds from within sound very, very, very, wrong.. and a shout goes out "The Furnance is overheating! It's going to burn it down, get the buckets men!" and the shouts and grunts in the dark as you see the lanterns like fireflys dart between the river and the building all they were doing is keeping the walls wet. Inside the decently lit lumbermill, the buzzsaw has broken loose of one of it's brackets and is wildly flailing about, while molten hot chunks of coal escape from the front of the furnace threatening to send the building and its lumber up in flames.

Before completely leaving the area, Hiei uses his Yotsuki strength to move the large parts of the broken cart out of the road so that the area is passable again by anyone else coming this way. Once he finishes, he pauses for a moment to catch his breath and then moves on, nodding to the man from the guild and wishing him well before leaving. Once making it to their destination, Hiei moves to take a look inside and watches the buzzsaw for a few moments before turning to Hanako, Iminari, and Nariko. "The saw is going to have to be stopped. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to destroy it. You guys see what you can do to stop the place from catching on fire." He turns back to the saw. "This will be over in the blink of an eye." He performs a series of handseals before a light blue aura surrounded by lightning explodes around his body. As Hiei calls upon the power of the Yotsuki, he says, "Release: Lightning Movement!"

"Avenging angel, eheh. Maybe just a bit dramatic for me though, Kyokusei Iminari. I'll come looking for you when we're done and yes, Kumogakure." When he gets on the horse and rides off she shakes her head. "A little scrambled, must've hit his head or, was really that close." Imi's index finger and thumb comes together really close like.
"That looks a bit dangerous to get close to…" Iminari glances down to her handy dandy satchel. She motions she'll be right back and disappears, returning with a damp towel, dipped in the river. "This should help a bit, so long as we keep dumping water on it…" While it won't stop the furnace, she seemed to hold it close as if it'd serve some purpose. She then rushes in with the towel held in front of her as a shield against coals before flinging it in.
She'd then make he way aside for the bucketeers.

Hanako grimaces as she realises that the mill is in serious trouble. Running over to the workers she says, "Get me a bucket, I'll help to keep the place from going up in flames while my colleagues get that saw under control." Taking a bucket she immediately begins grabbing loads of water and ferrying them to the mill, throwing each on the walls in an effort to slow down the fire. "Move quickly guys, we can't keep the fire under control like this for long. Stop the saw, and help with the fire if you can," she instructs them, throwing another bucket of water into the building.

Nariko peeks out from behind her tree and begins to follow everyone to the lumbermill. "Sorry about that, I got scared." She giggles and then catches up to them. "Oh my, umm, yeah." She doesn't really have any words to say when it comes to the saw buzzing, it was worrisome. She points a finger into the sky and makes her way for the lumbermill to protect those who were working in some fashion.

Gone wrong was probably an understatement at this point, as the buzzsaw swings widly lashing out at hiei with a menacing grinding sound. As the hot coals shoot out at Nariko and Iminari as the furnance spits them wildly as the pressure inside is building due to a stuck vent.

Hiei takes a few deep breaths before running into the room as fast as his body will allow him. He had spent a moment trying to determine the saw's pattern, but unfortunately for him, it's movements were completely random. A scream can be heard from inside as the saw cuts flesh and bone, and if he wasn't proficient in flowing around attacks in general, it would have done permanent damage instead of just serious damage. A gash is cut into the side of his chest and blood spurts from the wound itself. Hiei knew that he had only seconds before either the saw would come for him again, or he would bleed out and die. Hiei gathers his chakra and calls upon the gruelling training that Ogo put him through. He forces his body to move beyond human levels of speed, and for three brief seconds, he achieves Reizei like speed as he dodges the saw once more and in the same two second span, pops the blade back into it's bracket to stabilize it. Now, he had to weld it into place so it wouldn't happen again. If only his vision would stop blurring up on him.

After the towel is dropped, a few coals manage to slip by and come flying at Iminari. With a bit of a lack of grace due to panic she manages to glide by the oncoming coals. Imi looks to Nariko with a frown, "You wouldn't happen to have earth ninjutsu would you?" That would've been pretty convenient for both issues, just pile the teeth on. Well so she thought. "Oh…" The furnace wasn't getting any better, she wasn't sure if what she had in mind would be best, she'd wait and see the end results of her teammates actions as her hands come together in a seal. "Is that worth the risk?" She thinks out loud. The chakra gathers, though she's heavily considering it better she do nothing at all to help at the momnet. Just weighing her idea for now and it's then that she hears to sound of the saw cutting into human flesh.
Her attention shifts, nope, let's not blow up the furnace. Let's keep the useful people healthy, more chakra is gathered as she prepares to start sending healing winds about.

Hanako continues throwing water on the raging fire, moving as quickly as she can back and forth between the water source and the mill. "Come on guys," she whispers to herself, praying that the rest of the team can stop that dangerous buzzsaw before someone gets seriously hurt or the fire burns the whole place down.

Nariko charges lightning through her arms and moves them above her head to catch the coals before throwing them into a bucket. "Stupid coals. I'm not your enemy." She pouts and looks for a shovel. It wasn't long until she found one, wrapping her hand around the handle. She raises it above her head and slams it down on the furnace. "Now you've got me all fired up!" She brings it down upon the furnace once more and grumbles. "Why. Won't. You. Work?!" Her attention goes to Hiei as she gets blood spackled onto her outfit, witnessing the saw cutting Hiei. "Cousin!" She yells towards him. She stared almost in disbelief at Hiei before she catches Iminari speaking to her. She shakes her head. "Unfortunately not. I only have the ability to control lightning."

A spray of red turns quickly to mist as saw bites into the careless shinobi, as the coals are flung into a bucket of the water by the charging Yotsuki girl, there is a sizzle as they are extinguished by the cool water inside. There is a resounding ~thwoooong~ as the shovel makes contact, then another ~thwoooong~ as her second strike hits it just right sending a loud hiss and whoosh as the jammed vent is loosened and the heat and pressure escapes through the stack in a white hiss of steam, smoke, and embers which light up the dark sky for a moment before dying down.. the furnace now gently purrs like a content kitten. Outside with the threat of the furnace no longer spraying the lumber with hot coals the fire is brought under control.. However the saw is threatening to break loose at any moment if its not properly and permanently put in its proper place.

Hiei blinks his eyes rapidly as he mutters a mantra under his breath. ~The mission must succeed.~ Fighting through the pain, he points two fingers at the brackets as lightning forms at his fingertips. The lightning lances out, repairing the damage, but Hiei's eyes droop as he almost looses consciousness and the lightning threatens to stop before he's finished. Luckily, Iminari's healing wind revitalizes him a bit and with renewed energy, he pours what he has left into the arc welding project. As he finishes, he turns to Nariko, his left hand pressed against his bloody chest as blood spurts out through his fingertips. "It's okay, Nari.ugh.." He smirks and offers her a thumbs up just before his eyelids close and he falls forwards with a soft sigh.

Iminari cringes at the sudden release of steam but, was glad to see that it was doing some good… a lot of good, like many times before it looks like assaulting a broken item fixed it. "Huh that worked! Nice job!" Iminari's technique was now prepared and she starts blowing more breezes around. This time it spirals towards Hiei. Sadly she couldn't risk getting in close to do a proper heal so instead aids his electrical endeavor. "Stay focused Hiei-kun!" She shouts this out and rushes over to him when he slumps, hovering her hand over his wound, all this running around and healing was obviously getting to her as there was now a light huffing as she forced the chakra out rapidly to keep him going.

Nariko rushes to Hiei's side when she sees his eyes close. "Oh no you don't. I am not explaining how you got cut by a saw to..dang it." She says as she starts talking to an unconscious Hiei. She pokes at his cheek as she helps Iminari hold him up. "Hiei! Wake up!" She sighs and shakes her head. "He owes me a new outfit." She wasn't going to let Iminari hold her heavy cousin by herself, that wasn't fair.

There is blindingly bright burst of light escapes as the young shinobi uses lightning as a skillful welder, but it actually looks like it would hold decently well at least until it can be repaired by a professional. Several of the men come back in from outside and looking around, the buzzsaw is secure and even in workable shape.. and the furnace minus two large dents with the culprit stilling holding the weapon which did the deed. The foreman comes out of the shadow of the night and says "Uhh.. thank you all.. now get out. We asked for help days ago before it broke completely loose, but noo you had to take your sweet time.. not to mention you haven't done anything about the bandits stealing our wagons, horses, and money!" about then everyone shuffling in agree in typical rabble-rousing fashion "Yeah! .. Typical Kumogakure, unable to do anything on time!" the tensions run deep it seems and it would be best if they left sooner rather than later.

With Iminari's help and Nariko's screaming and poking, Hiei wakes up slightly. Actually just in time to hear the foreman tell them to get out, and the reasons why. Hiei attempts to struggle to his feet, but as weak as he is, he probably can't manage it without help. "We apologize for how long it took us to get here, sir. We have no excuses to offer you other than our superiors were negligent in overlooking your problems. But my name is Yotsuki Hiei. And I give you my word that the days of the people being ignored by those in Kumogakure are over. Under the new administration, all requests will be dealt with swiftly and efficiently. We only hope that you can find it in your hearts to forgive our past transgressions."

"Ugh…" Iminari was very relieved when Nariko came to help. "Thank… you.." Now that she wasn't busy trying to keep herself from being crushed, she was able to focus on repairing him a bit. "Man up it was only a huge saw." Imi winks at him and then looks to Nariko, "I'll get to you afterwards." She then looks over to the when the workers come in, smiling for a moment only to be told to get out. "Uhp…" She lets that sink in and slowly turns to Nariko, eyeing her wound, "We're gonna have to get that out of you… but, let's get out of here first." Iminari then quietly exits, bowing apologies as she departs from the mill.
She'd wait outside for when Nariko was ready to take care of the wound, giving the same treatment to her.

Hanako turns to the foreman and smiles sweetly. "We're sorry, we've been dealing with a lot in the Land of Lightning lately. However I suspect we might have cleared out some of those bandits on the way," she replies, trying to look her most positive, "Oh, and we recovered the guild's lockbox as well. The horses weren't in good shape, but we acquired a few of the bandits' horses during the fight. They're about an hour's walk towards the Hidden Village." She grins, knowing she's probably just stolen some of the foreman's thunder.

Nariko makes her way out of the mill, helping carry Hiei out. "Stop being lazy. I'll tell Kenshin you were really lazy on this mission and he'll go berserk." She chuckles and then looks to Iminari once they're out. "Thanks." She smiles and bows her head as she is healed by Iminari. "We should definitely try to help them out more. Imagine what every other place we go to will be like." She sighs, hoping that not everyone is mad at the people of Kumogakure.

It was already late, and they could go anywhere they wanted but they couldn't stay at the mill. The group decides that it would not be wise to travel in the dark with injured Hiei, they couldn't move very quickly so they would try it in the morning. It wasn't hard for them to find a comfortable place that was easily defended and made a small fire and between them they managed to keep a watch out for bandits while Hiei got his required rest.
In the morning, they were able to flag down a cart heading out of the forest, the guildsman had heard of the avenging angel and recognized her offering to them all a ride almost the base of the mountain meaning their trip was filled with a lazy hay ride through the hills and vales of the beautiful they fought so hard to protect.


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