Resource Reclamation - Drug Mining


Hiei, Nariko, Ryouji, Hel (emitter)

Date: November 21, 2013


A drug lab run by miners is taken down by the Kamen Rai Da with assistance by several Kumonin.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Resource Reclamation - Drug Mining"

Land of Lightning

The cave with the insectoid creatures that the Kumonin investigated…only to find that the instectoids have a hallucinagenic compound in their spit. Well, the deep parts of the cave have been declared off-limits for the time being, until a suitable antigen can be developed.
That doesn't mean the miners have listened though. On the contrary, some of them have gone down to the deep parts of the mines on purpose. They are collecting the hallucinagenic substances and have started making a new drug with it. Reports are coming in about this new drug and the Kamen Rai Da are leading a small team in to take out a possible drug processing den within the mountains.
A KRD agent in a Badger mask is standing deep in the mountains, with the team, looking out at a fairly large hut dug into the side of a cliff.

When Hiei got this assignment, he decided that one of his most promising students needed a taste of what life as a real live shinobi was like. So, after signing paperwork and whatnot, he had gotten permission to take Ryouji on this mission as long as he kept him out of the way when the fighting started. If there was fighting afterall. And to make sure there wasn't too much of it, Hiei had gotten his favorite cousin/diplomat to come along with him. The trip out to the mine wasn't difficult, Hiei rode his warhorse Snake Eyes, and made Ryouji ride with him. Should something happen, the horse would keep the boy safe. Now as he stands looking at the hut into the side of the cliff, he looks to Badger. "Any idea how many of them are in there?"

Cautiously riding Storm Shadow, was our young Yotsuki heroine known as Nariko. She had gotten word from Hiei and decided that she needed to get out of the village for a bit and what better way than to accompany a student and Hiei. When they arrive at the destination she would slide off her horse and pat it's muzzle. "Steady ride. Thanks Storm Shadow." It would then neigh a her and make her jump. "I hate it when he does that." She grumbles, following Hiei. "And don't forget, the slime or whatever is very dangerous, pretty hallucinogenic. Messes with your brain." She makes spinning motions next to her forehead with her fingers. Other than that she was prepared and ready to go.

Ryouji is on the sidelines of this mission, if only to see how it's done before he's graduated. Job shadowing if you will. He looks excited riding the horse but keeps his mouth shut and eyes open. He's planning on learning something here. But just in case he needs to do something, he's dressed as he would as a genin. A blue t-shirt with straps criss crossing his chest. A set of pouches are strapped to his upper arms and his bokken is attached to his belt. It's warm enough that he's skipped the pants and just went for the summer shorts.

Badger shakes his head, "The intelligence states that we have four, possibly five people in the operation. We don't think any of them are of shinobi leanings, but without a sensor here, be on your guard. Keep communications open." Badger's mask turns to Nariko and gives her a nod. Then Ryouji is regarded and Badger looks back to Hiei, "Keep him under lock and key. No going off on his own." With that, the ascent begins. The cliff-face isn't really that steep. It is fairly easy to walk up it, even without a tree-walking skill. The hut has one door and one window. A guard appears to be sitting in front of the door though. How to proceed?

Ryouji shakes his head when he's mentioned. "I won't run off." he says, looking at Badger. The Reizei follows after dismounting the horse, more sliding off than actually dismounting, but the idea is the same. He adjusts his wooden sword and waits for the company to ascend in front of him.

Hiei nods to Badger. "We'll keep in touch." He begins to pick his way down the cliff, going slowly so that Ryouji doesn't have trouble following him. He looks back at the student. "I'm not expecting this to be terribly difficult. But if fighting starts…I want you to find a shady spot and stay there until it's over. Got it?" When they encounter the guard, he looks at Nariko. "You're up witchy woman."

Nariko goes off to deal with the guard and apparently has him seduced or something (and by or something…we mean he's probably getting tied up and gagged). So that leaves the door or the window to be breached. A quick glance inside would show three men gathered just behind the door looking down at a table full of lab equipment. If there is a fourth man, it is hard to see from the window as there are large cabinets blocking the rest of the room. Do you draw the men out, go in guns-blazing, or something else?

Ryouji nods, more than happy to find a spot to keep his head down. Though he wouldn't mind to be in a little of the fighting, he knows better. Uncle Ogo and dad would each have kittens. He moves off to the side and still keeps a hand on his bokken, just in case.

Hiei peeks inside the window..takes note of the placement of the men and then looks at the door. Normally, he'd just charge in and kill everything in sight, but he's trying to be better. He looks at Ryouji and then back at the door. He kneels down in front of the kid. "Ryouji. I want you to knock on the door and see if you can't draw the men outside. Use your appearance, just like how you learned. All I need is for you to get them to walk out, then Nariko and I will take care of the rest. What do you say, kiddo? Think you can handle it?" Ogo would kill him dead if this went badly, but Hiei would be /right/ there. He'd make sure nothing bad happened.

Ryouji grins wide. At last, something for him to do! He nods quickly and trots up to the door with a fearless attitude. He looks back, then to the door again before knocking. Almost right away, he starts sniffling and whimpering. He's hamming it up, but this could be fun.

Ryouji knocks and nothing happens. He'd have to knock again for an loud sigh to be heard from within, which is followed by a "Yeah, yeah, I'm coming." The door swings open to find no one there. The man stares out and is about to close the door when he looks down and notes Ryouji's presence…a /crying/ Ryouji's presence at taht. "What the? What are you doing here kid? Shoo…get…go on home." The man looks around the door and then back to Ryouji. "Where the vein did the guard go?" He turns to get the attention of the other two men and states, "Is the guard sampling the product again? Did he go wandering off after a hallucination /again/? I'm going to kill him this time!" One of the other men notes Ryouji then and raises an eyebrow. He saunters on over and asks, "You okay kid?"

Ryouji sniffles and keeps up the appearance. He's pulling all of his training for this, but it's paying off. "I'm sorry Mister…please…*sniff*…my siser. W..we were exploring the mine and some rocks fell and she…" and he starts crying into his sleave and mumbles out. "…you gotta help her. She's…she's in there and hurt. *snort*"

Hiei presses himself into the side of the hut, staying silent and trying to stay out of sight as Ryouji does his thing. He nods faintly, the kid was good. He'd have to make mention of it to the superiors..if he doesn't leave this little part out of his report.

Nariko had finished distracting the guards with her feminine wilds, well, mostly tying him and stuff, maybe even giving him a pretty unicorn fantasy. She looks to Hiei and gives him a two finger salute. And without saying a word to him she hides in the shadows of the cave, so as to not be seen by the miners.

The first guy who opens the door grunts a little at Ryouji. "That's what you get for playing in mines kid." The second guy punches him in the arm though and looks to the third guy by the table. "Come on you two, let's go see what we can do to find this kid's sister." The first guy starts to protest but stops after the second guy raises his fist again. The third guy calls over to someone unseen and states, "Keep working. We'll be right back." There is a grunt from inside the hut and that is it.
The three men stream out of the hut and look to follow Ryouji.

Hiei waits until the third person walks out and attacks the one in the very back. He aims a punch for the base of his neck and then he spins in place, kicking out at him. There were two reasons why he didn't just draw his blade and execute these guys. One, he really was trying to be better about just slaughtering people. And two, he didn't really want Ryouji to see how carried away he can get during a battle. No scaring the student.

Ryouji moves a dozen strides from the hut, enough to get them out in the open. "T..thank you!" he says, turning around and bowing quickly. Then he runs, since he doesn't want to get in the way of the others about to open a can of whoop ass on them. He grins, glad that he's been useful.

Nariko looks to Hiei as he comes out and starts throwing punches. Thats when she moves slightly out and looks at the men attempting to blind them in the eyes. She would then runs up to one of the other men and starts throwing punches herself, attempting to put some oompf in them as she does.

The Drug runner spots movement from behind him and has just enough time to bring a hand up to block Hiei's punch to the base of his neck…but not enough time to catch the kick. So he goes sprawling to the ground. As Ryouji tries to run, the runner himself tries to grab for the kid.
Nariko on the other hand manages to blind the other two sufficiently but that just causes them to fall to the ground and start rolling around with their hands over their eyes. The punches miss as the men fall to the ground, but they are too worried about their eyes at the moment to attack back. As the men shout though, the Cook comes outside from within the hut. He looks thin and lanky, so rather than take on the shinobi in a physical fight he throws a chemical grenade at them…laced with the drugs he's been cooking up.

As the grenade is thrown towards the group, Hiei moves into action. His body simply vanishes from sight, displaying a level of speed similar to that of a Reizei. Before the grenade even touches the ground, Hiei grabs it out of midair and then tosses it back into the house, so that when it goes off, it won't affect the people outside. "Alright. I tried to do this the humane way." He growls. "Give up now and I won't kill you all. Attack one more time and all bets are off."

Ryouji tries to bring up his leg being grabbed to avoid it, but instead he gets grabbed in the leg. He screeches and twists his foot, but to no avail. "Let go!" as he pulls out his bokken and swings it down hard at the creep's head. Almost on instinct he's moving, he's hardly thinking about it as he attacks.

Nariko looks towards Ryouji and the bomb as it comes flying towards them and is then thrown back she blinks. First thing on her mind, help the student. She looks at the person who grabs his leg and attempts to make him think that think metal chains are wrapping around him, binding his limbs to his side.

The Cook spots the grenade getting hurled back at him and he makes a dive to get out of the hut…and succeeds. He lands right in front of Hiei. Tough luck. Ryouji's man isn't expecting him to fight back, so when the boken swings down hard, he can't block it in time and he gets bopped on the head. He states, "OW!" loudly and is about to retaliate when the binding illusion hits him. He goes rigid and is caught there. The Cook meanwhile gets up, smiles, and tries to run for it.

When the Cook falls at his feet and then gets up to run away, Hiei doesn't bother to give chase. He lifts his arm as lightning travels down it to charge up at his first two fingers on his hand. "Release: Lightning Arc!" A bolt of zig-zagging lightning expels from his fingertips on course for the cook. He glances over to see Nariko and Ryouji taking care of things on their end. He smirks.

Ryouji growls and slashes at the man. He has no idea that the man is bound in a genjutsu. Instead, Ryouji slashes in rapid succession, hoping to get him to let go. "Let go, let go, let go!" he screams out, with each hit. Tears begin to well up in his eyes, as fear grips at him, but he uses it to attack.

Nariko looks at Ryouji as he starts to freak out. "Ryouji, calm down." She rushes over to him and would try to get him to look at her in the face. "Ryouji. Look at me. You need to breath. It will be okay." Her motherly instincts take over. "You've hit him enough. He may deserve it, but not right now."

The Cook is scorched by the lightning arc in an expert fashion. He falls down as his clothes start to catch on fire. Whoops. The other two men who were blinded, the dealers, slowly start to have their eye-sight come back to them, but it would feel like glass in their eyes…so they really aren't in a rush to go anywhere. Ryouji's smacked the man who had grabbed him enough times to make him let go, even if he was bound. All in all, the job here is done. That is when Badger swoops in and starts placing them all in shinobi-proof cuffs (the ones with tags on them…even if these guys don't require it). He nods to the others and states, "If you can help me get these guys back to Kumogakure and get the processed into their prison cells…that would be helpful." Of course, you might have to put the Cook out first. Then there's always the lab/hut to investigate.

Hiei puts out the Cook and then helps Badger bind everyone up. He takes two guys and tosses one over each shoulder. That Yotsuki strength. Afterwards, he looks at Nariko and asks. "Is he going to be okay? It's his first time, I expected him to freak out a little."

Ryouji snaps out of it. He slips the bokken back into its saya, tears being blinked away as his hand shivers just a little. "I…I'm ok." he says softly, looking at the brused and beaten man. "It…it was scarry." he says giving his leg a little shake.

Nariko looks to Hiei and smirks. "He'll be alright." She looks to Ryouji. "When we get back I'll get you something to eat. Nice job for your first time." She offers Ryouji a hand to get up and would lead the group out of the cave. "Come on, let's get out of here before we get touched with any of that slime." She shudders a moment. "But nice job there Reizei." Giving him a thumbs up.

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