Resource Reclamation - Goop Mine


Hiei, Hiroyasu, Nariko, Kasuya, Hel (emitter)

Date: November 7, 2013


There's…something…in the mine…/some/…thing. Team goes to investigate a gold mine where the miners have been seeing things.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Resource Reclamation - Goop Mine"

Land of Lightning

There are a few gold mines within the Land of Lightning. Some barely push out enough gold to keep the lights on in the tunnels, but this one holds a major gold vein. The mountain holding the Lucky Lady Mine (TM) is not too far from Kumogakure's own mountain. Indeed, they are within the same mountain range even. As usual, Hiroyasu would have called all the right shinobi for the job to meet, grab their warhorse (or borrow one from the stables if one is not assigned to you), and ride out.
The travel would go quick and uneventful, which is always welcomed. The horses would find their way up a fairly sizeable pass in the mountains, then split off near the top where a sign states, 'Lucky Lady Mine…May fortune shine on you as it has on us." After a few meters on this new path, tents would begin to loom up…a tent city of sorts in fact…as well as one rock and stucco building. There is a fire coming out of the building, plus the familiar flicker of candles inside, even though it is daytime out.

Riding atop Snake Eyes, his trusty ebony colored warhorse, Hiei is among the shinobi assigned to this particular mission. Apparently there was some problems with a gold mine and Hiei had spent a couple days working in the mines to get the ore he needed for his swords, so he knew a little about the dangers of venturing underground. Once the group makes it to their destination, Hiei notices the tents and the rock and stucco building, he sees right away, being that it's the one thing that is different. The dark skinned shinobi gives it all a thoughtful look but waits for the others to form an opinon before veturing one of his own.

- A man and his horse on the road, what a pleasure when it was a scenic jaunt across the way to the mountain nearby. Hiroyasu rubs his chin as the tents begin to spring up in abundance. "Remember we have to make sure when underground not to cause any cave ins or anything." he says. -

Riding ontop of Storm Shadow, still wary of riding it, was our faithful Yotsuki heroine Nariko. She walked alongside Hiro and looked over at him once and awhile. "I don't think Storm Shadow likes me." She whispers to him, looking to the back of her horse's head. She nods when Hiro speaks about cave ins. "Will do. I'll make sure I don't think I have anything that could cause something like that, but I'll definitely keep an eye out."

Kasuya's horse seems to want to nibble on every tuft of grass, deviate from the path, and stop to admire the scenery. No amount of flank thumping and rein jerking seems to convince it to go at more than a leisurely trot. By the end of the ride, Kasuya has rennamed the horse Useless. She's actually looking forward to the mission—even the part where they have to go down into the dark, unstable tunnels. For now, Kasuya looks almost cheerful as they near their destination.

The wooden door tot he stone and stucco house swings open and out steps a short burly man. The man points to the shinobi and shouts out something nearly inaudible. "Geyon ovaheh." A head pops up from the tents, much like a prairie-dog does, and he says, "Oh, hey…Kumonin. Welcome, why don't we all go into the shift manager's hut. There's a hitching post behind the hut…though we don't normally have so many horses." This second figure is also burly, but he is taller. He probably would have mmae for a good shinobi if he was trained in his youth. For those that gather into the hut, the manager states, "Righnah, lezgahtaeet! Sommahteen ahwowk dahnder. Feekseet ahreet?" The second man, perhaps a translator, adds, "Reports from some of the miners deep in the tunnels are coming back about 'things' down there. So far, no one has been hurt, but the men are scared and refusing to go back in. We've asked for what exactly was seen, but the reports are everything from dragons to gorgeous women, so who knows…"

Hiei walks his horse around to where the hitching post is and leaves him there. "Don't cause any trouble, Snake Eyes." He pats the horse on the neck before moving to walk towards the shift manager's hut. "I got it. Do nothing to cause a cave in. Which means I shouldn't breathe on anything." He comments with a smirk, only halfway joking. As he listens to the guy talk about dragons and gorgeous women, Hiei comments, "Oooh. I hope to see the dragon." He pauses while looking around at the others. "What..did you think I was gonna say the gorgeous woman?"

- Hiroyasu uh-huhs at Hiei, before turning his attention to Nariko "Why do you think that? Has he been rolling his eyes at you or something?" before looking at the guy speaking and his translator… "Alright, well besides the reports of things, is there anything actual danger wise.. unsteady sections to avoid or things to definitely not do beyond the usual don't explode things?" he asks looking at the others before looking back at the guy. -

Nariko looks to the man, sliding off her horse, some what grateful for the break from the horse. She bows to the man and takes her horse to the hitch. She looks to Hiro and nods. "Yeah, I didn't even know they could do that!" She hmms and then looks to Hiei before looking to Hiro. "Sounds like witchy ways."

Kasuya hitches up Useless, and listens carefully to the report. Dragons and beautiful women. Both things seem like the kind of report this group would follow. When Nariko mentions 'witchy ways' Kasuya gives a slight nod. "If there's fantastical images or scenery it may involve genjutsu," she says. She turns to the two in charge and asks, "Do you have any culprits more likely than others who'd do this?" she asks. "Clearly, the culprits are organized enough to drive your workers away."

The manager nods to Hiei, "Ya kahv inna mahmein anna kheel ya." Who the heck is Anna? The interpreter doesn't say anything there, but does turn to address Hiroyasu, "Glad you mentioned that. We normally give new miners a day long course, but I can sum it up for you quickly. One, follow the marked paths. Don't go down unmarked side-tunnels. Two, always take the easiest route…if you get hurt down there, it is much harder to get them out to help. If they do get hurt, don't leave them alone. Three, don't run out of light. Bring plenty of torches and rags for fuel. Also bring plenty of food and water in case of an emergency. Four, it will be cold, wet, slippery, and sharp down there. Also, watch out for falling rocks. Everyone got that? Good. Now, feel free to head down the mine whenever you are ready."
To Kasuya, the interpreter shakes his head, "We are a profitable mine. It could be anyone or anything. We brought you in for your knowledge." The manager nods, "Ahneewah oh ahneeteen. Nahgah." The manager starts pushing everyone out of the hut…first by shooing, then by positioning his body to get you out. The interpreter leads the way to the entrance of the mine. "Everyone is out for this shift to let you guys do what you need to do. We're losing ryo to do this…so…get it right the first time please." With that, he leaves you all too it. The entrance is just a hole leading down into the dark, although it looks like a light might be flickering some 100 feet down below. A rope, pulley, and crank lay on stone blocks above the hole…with the rope leading into the darkness. There might be a hand-cranked elevator, but you're all shinobi.
Once you get down below, the tunnels lead down further. It is indeed cold, wet, and the walls are sharp. The marked tunnels are lined with a rope on the floor, and eventually they all get to the end of the main tunnel. There are other tunnels that split from here, but they are unmarked. Now what? Do they wait to see what happens, do they venture forth into the darkness of the unknown, or do they do something else?

Hiei listens to the man talk for a moment and then walks back to go towards his horse. Rummaging around in the saddlebags, he produces a shaft of wood wrapped in oil soaked rags. He also removes a coil of rope and drapes it over his body. He takes his canteen and drapes it over his body as well before returning to the group. He wordlessly passes out the torches, giving one to everyone. "If you've never been in a mine before, be prepared for there to be areas where you can't stand up. Also, it'll be quite cramped, so I hope no one is afraid of tight places."

- Hiroyasu nods, listening to the explanation with hardly a word in edgewise before being ushered out of the tent, finally free of the odd ranting. He can reply to the two Kunoichi "You know it is possible it could be a genjutsu illusion to keep the miners off a good vein… I wouldn't put past people to try it.." he says before looking at Hiei who seems oddly prepared. "Its the not the earth or stone that bothers me, down there.. Imagine if it is both.. like half dragon, half ladies for real.. that is more terrifying if true.. right?" he asks before using his own means to make it to the bottom of the shaft and along with the rest of them make it to the end of the marked tunnels.. "So.. uh.. " pauses reaching out in the darkness with his minds-eye.. "yeah I had to check twice.. there isn't any shinobi or shinobi like people around.. but there is something.. well somethings" he says. -

Nariko looks behind her to make sure nothing is sticking out. "I think I'll be fine in tight spaces." She looks to Hiro and reaches the floor. "Umm, just you guys know, there's some slime on the walls which is pretty disgusting." She scrunches her nose and then ohs. "Oh yeah, and there's something moving. Wish I could tell you exactly what it was, but you know, fragile eyes and everything." She almost seems to add onto Hiro's thing, making it sound more legit.

They're losing ryo? Kasuya has to bite back a sharp remark. They're probably taking it out of the miner's wages. The miners who risk their life and probably get a fraction of what the management is making in their little hut. Kasuya says, "So long as there's no gas down the marked tunnels." Dodging rocks and countering genjutsu is something a shinobi can do, but not breathing is a little harder. When Hiroyasu hands out the torches she gives him a nod. "Good foresight," she says. She grabs a small pack and checks in it. It's stuffed full of snacks, which she slings on her back. When they get to the tunnels, Kasuya quietly looks around and falls back so she's near the front, but not taking the lead.

The movement is in short quick bursts, almost as if whatever is there in the dark stops when it thinks it is being looked at. Kasuya would hear the scuffling of moving limbs against rock. Still, nothing happens just yet. Whatever it is that is down there in the tunnels does not appear to be attacking the shinobi outright. A slight gust of wind moves through the cavern and water…or is that slime…starts to drop from the tunnel ceiling.

Hiei drops down into the hole and then uses his jutsu to light the torches with a little lightning before he moves to walk next to Kasuya. Hiei feels something move next to him and he hops over a little but doesn't see anything when he turns in that direction. "What the.." He looks back towards Nariko and Hiroyasu. "Something definitely isn't right in here." Small spaces don't freak him out. Creepy caves don't creep him out. Getting attacked by something that he can't see does freak him out just a little bit. Hiei makes sure to control his breathing while in the meantime preparing himself for battle. Even if it never comes.

- Hiroyasu is more interested in the other-realm of moving little spirits and eddies of chakra in the ether, and does not get out of the way and is slimed by whatever it was that does such things, like walls… half-dragon half-hotties… or tentancle jawed mountain goat which is standing in front of him with its tendrils just idly flapping in the darkness.. "You guys see.. that.. That goat has some wicked looking tentacles for lips.. and glowing hooves.. with golden horns.. I want one..!" he says wandering towards nothing in the darkness and getting dangerous close to the peril of a sudden fall down shaft.. "Come on little guy.. I want you for a pet.." he says trying to coax it to him.. ( and FYI.. the cake.. and by proxy the cthullu-goat is a lie) -

Nariko looks to Hiei and and shrugs, looking down the tunnel. Then something comes at them and she moves towards a wall. "No slime, no slime." She mutters under her breath. For a girl shinobi, she's rather girly and not a big fan of slime. She eyes Hiro a moment when he starts talking about a goat. She raises her arms up like she would be accused in a moment. "I did not do that. I swear. Usually it is me, but not this time. Hiro..wait up. There is no goat." She tries to catch up to him.

Something wet plops on Kasuya's cheek. Then, she's moving before slime is raining down where she stood. "Yuck," she says. But after it's stopped dropping she runs a finger through the stuff and sniffs it. "Doesn't seem poisonous," she says suspiciously. This mine certainly keeps a person on their toes. She takes out a flask and lets some of the slime ooze into it, before corking it. Can never have too many samples. Kasuya straightens up and listens for her teammates confirming they're okay. And seeing goats apparently. Kasuya moves forward to lay a hand on Hiroyasu and send a wave of chakra through him to dispel the illusion he's under. If he is under one.

When Hiroyasu starts to hallucinate, something else comes out of the darkness. It doesn't look like a dragon, nor like a goat, nor like a beautiful femme-fatale. Nope, it looks like a termite. The only differences are that this thing doesn't have wings, it is human-sized, and it is capable of spitting slime out of its mandibles. The one that comes out of the darkness does indeed spit slime at Hiei. Another large underground ant, termite thing, crawls out of a tight whole near Nariko and tries to spit at her and Kasuya too.

Hiei looks over towards Hiroyasu. "There's no goat. What is he talking about?" He immediately looks back towards Nariko, but then she adamantly states that it wasn't her. Which could only mean one thing..there was another genjutsuist around here somewhere. He turns towards Kasuya to ask her opinon only to see that she was gone to help Hiro. Hiei opens his mouth to comment on what Hiro is talking about seeing before he sees something himself that defies logic. When the termite thing spits slime at him, Hiei goes into a horizontal corkscrew flip to avoid getting hit with the stuff. He crouches low while reaching back to draw his sword. "Heads up. There's a termite thing here. Unless what's affecting Hiro is affecting me too. Anyone else see this thing?"

- Hiroyasu is told by Nariko that there is no goat, then is shocked by Kasuya.. well in a chakra sense.. "Huh.. yes there is nariko! It has tentacles for lips, golden horns and glowing hooves.. and it shoots rainbows from its eyes." then he looks back over and can see only a pit of almost failure.. "And apparently it either can hover or it just leapt to its doom.." he clears his throat "So before you all get all weirded out.. I can detect genjutsu's effects and this isn't it.. so don't touch the slime.. its mildly fun.. but not right now.." he says looking to the termites and makes several seals as many angry fists of stone launch out of the stone walls attempts to pummel the insects.. yay close quarters earth combat. -

Nariko looks at Hiro as he seems to return from the land of crazy eyes. "Well, try to not get hit again please." She then sees the worms and as it spits out something and thats when she almost disappears like fog when the sun comes up and reappears next to Hiro. "Oh no you did not try to hit me with some green stuff!" She eyes a worm and surges some lightning around her arms as she gets close to one, swinging her arms at the worm feeling only one punch connect.

Kasuya recoils when she sees a giant insect popping out of the darkness. Gross! She makes a quick seal and a quick wind kicks up to repel the slime launched at her. "Careful about the structural integrity," Kasuya says warningly when Hiroyasu starts manipulating the tunnels around them. She glances above to see if everything is holding up. She sighs. This isn't a good place for doing earth-shaking attacks. Instead she'd send out a wave of illusionary chakra that'd make the giant bug feel as if it were being pressed down by a crushing, immobilizing force. "It's immobilized," she says. And alive, since a mental attack can target it.

Hiro's columns cause the termite thing inside the tight hole* to get squished. It lets out a chittering death rattle as its life slips away from it. This causes the other large insectoid to start running away. Two of Nariko's blasts fly wide and strike the tunnel walls around the insect, while the third strikes true. One of the legs of the critter fall off were Nariko hit it. The leg oozes as it twitches there.
The only problem with Kasuya's attack is that the insect had reached the darkness beyond the light cast by the torches. It certainly is immobilized, but who wants to move forward into the darkness. There may be more of those things there. Also, there is a crack that has started to form in the tunnel wall moving from where Hiroyasu used his ninjutsu to where Nariko hit by accident with hers.

Hiei sheathes his sword. It was too cramped to try to use it in here. Instead he holds his hand palm side up and calls forth a ball of lightning. Through concentration, he causes the ball of lightning to compress into a disc and the disc begins to spin like a top over his outstretched palm. targeting the same insectoid that spit green gunk at him, he flips forwards and slings his arm around, letting the attack fly.

- Hiroyasu retorts, "Using earth is probably the safest thing.. unlike sudden gusts of wind or torrents of water.. or explosions of electricity or fire in an oxygen poor environment with bad ventilation.. unlike those I can repair what I do" he spins around and a will of the wisp escapes his hand darting past the disc and slamming into a pillar ( figuratively) and erects a wall of chakra which blocks the attack from causing any more collateral damage.. "Now you all get out of here… I can last longer in the bowels of mountain than you.." he says holding out his hand and stones nearby liquidfy and fly into the crack on the wall, using the simple trick of stone twist to seal the crack giving them more a chance to escape should he fail… luckily for him the fates were kind and the crack seems to take well to the new melded rock. -

Nariko looks to Hiro and nods, when he says move, she moves. "Do as he says. We should do as he says." She looks to the other two and makes her way back to where they came down. She didn't mean to hurt the wall so hard. Afterall, it was only rock.

Kasuya smirks when Hiro talks about the elemental jutsus, "Now now. It's a fair warning, not a comparison of techniques. Don't think this mine is safe even without using our jutsus." She glances up meaningfully, or maybe just keeping an eye out for more slime. When Hiro tells them all to clear out, she considers his words for a few moments. Then, without a word she'd follow his lead.

Additional skittering can be heard coming from the darkness as Nariko and Kasuya move. If Hiei and Hiro go to find the immobilized insectoid, all they would find is a leg. Even the squished one would really be hard to get to without disturbing that crack-patch. The only thing left to do at this moment is get a sample of that slime for processing and return knowing what you'll be facing exactly.

Hiei watches as his attack is deflected by Hiro's barrier. He looks over at him. "What the slop? It's cramped..I can't use a sword. What do you want me to do, look sternly at it and hope that it goes away out of the kindness of it's heart?" He growls. "Whatever you say, Earth Master." The reply to leaving the job unfinished. He double times it back to the hole that leads up and simply walks up the side of the wall until he's out.

- Hiroyasu snorts and raises his voice "What part of earlier was not clear.. Let me just hurl a powerful buzzsaw around an unstable tunnel.. at a nimble opponent is likely to just get out of the way down some crevasse.. You need more time with Nariko.. to stop, look, think.. then act.." he snarls before flatly turning to leave, "shut up hiei.. once everything settles we can come back.. we also need to analyze the slime if they spit it all the time.. we will need a anti-toxin before trying again.. Lets hope the hospital or the medical R&D can get us an answer" he says moving to leave with the others "Thank you for passing on the word Nariko.." he says not letting it go unsaid that she ~did~ follow her instincts and orders. -

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