Resource Reclamation - Run of the Mill


Kasuya, Hiei, Jon, Nariko, Hiroyasu

Date: October 13, 2013


Return to the Lumbermill, meet with the foreman and discuss a favorable trade agreement. It was easy enough, escort a fledgeling diplomat Genin, let her talk the talk.. But, the bandits had other plans mainly revenge for the pilfering of their hard earned plunder. Chaos, Fire, Blood, and Smoke fill the air!

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Resource Reclamation - Run of the Mill"

A Forest in the Timber producing area in the land of lightning, Previous Visited

- It was morning, the calls went out, by bird, by foot, and by mouth. Despite the odd assortment of people asked it was more due to the spread out nature that is currently happening as Kumogakure is rebuilding ties with the whole land. The mission notice was simple, you were to go to the lumber-yard out in the lowlands which had been previously the site of another mission and they were willing to negotiate a favourable contract for -all- lumber from the region which would be substantial boon in the rebuilding effort. Assemble at the gates, for debriefing. -

Having received the call, just shortly after waking up from her beariko slumber, the Yotsuki known as NAriko quickly got dressed and ran to the gates. She arrives at the gates a little out of breath, not having had a moment to actually stop moving quickly. "Oh..kay. I'" She leans over, putting her hands on her legs as she catches her breath, her bangs falling away from her face.

A job that builds good will between the people shouldn't just be undertaken by Genin and Chuunin. So Kasuya has volunteered to 'accompany' this mission, as a show of good faith from Kumo. The fact that it's not stormy and muddy also helped her to decide to take this outdoors mission. By the time the gathering time comes around, Kasuya is already on site, sitting on a nearby bench and watching her other comrades form up. Besides her usual attire and contraptions she has a flask of tea and bandages woven around her palms for this mission.

Jon comes walking out to the gates with Scruvo chunnering on his shoulder. "I tell ya, all I said wos a simple 'G'day, mate,' an' she screeched back at me like I'd insulted 'er mothah an' proposed buildin' a nest togethah in th'same breath!" "Are you sure you understood each other right, Scruvo? Don't crows and hawks have different dialects at least?" "Not by that much. I think she just felt insulted t'think a crow looked on her as a comrade. Huh, dunno why they use 'awks fer carryin' messages anyway, blinkin' 'ot-'eads." :P Jon shrugs and turns his attention to the others gathered. "Saito Jon, reporting."

- Hiroyasu, the nearly staple figure when it came to debriefing summons.. It was his personal little flair to the process and so far it has yielded mostly favourable missions. "Keeping it short, The mission that was ran awhile back to repair their saw, had a ripple effect of sorts. Kyokusei Iminari managed to save the life of a lumber guildsmans carrying the local dues for which the bandits in the area has been all too keen in getting. In effect the local lumber guild has agreed to give us more than favourable terms if we go to seal the deal. As before, the bandit presence in the area has yet to be eliminated and their operating numbers seem to be formidable.. previous reports have described them as seasoned veterans, so don't underestimate them should you encounter them.." He looks to the side as a pack of horses are brought out "We've been trying to vary our means of travelling, so you may have the option of taking a horse should you wish to spare your feet the several hour trek through heavy forest, rolling hills, dirt trail." he offers raising a finger, "I will be accompanying but only to provide an administrative oversight and take possession of the contract.. so otherwise you can just ignore me.." he says petting one of the large horses on the muzzle and it shakes its head, so he moves to another one this one being of calm persuasion when he pets it muzzle, he leaps up into the saddle.. "I've left instructions for late arrivals, and misc. support to be sent to secure the position.. So we can leave when you are ready and they will arrive later." -

Nariko smiles at Hiro when he speaks of the mission. "Alrighty. Sounds good." She moves towards a horse. "Can't let my dainty feet get ruined, nah uh." She chuckles and moves to touch the muzzle of the horse before climbing ontop of the horse and into the saddle. ~Hope it doesn't kick me off.~ She thinks as she holds onto the reigns.

Kasuya gives a lingering glance to each of her present teammates. Though Scruvo receives a slight roll of the eyes. That bird. She turns her attention to the mission at hand when Hiroyasu gives a summation of what has been happening up till now. It sounds like a basic exchange of goods for services. Handle the bandits, receive the loot. She says, "People are most vulnerable during times of travel." She's eyeing the horses with something bordering between curiosity and distaste. She does choose a horse however, and sits on it like she's ridden them more than once.

Scruvo preens a wing. "No thanks, mate, Jonny-boy an' I don't need any 'elp gettin' around. We'll tough it out like old soldiahs, probably get theah soonah than anybody else an' wi' more energy left." Jon gives a silent look to the bird riding comfortably on his shoulder. e.e "…Wot?" Jon looks back to Hiroyasu. "I'll run backup for the group, keep a low profile by going on foot a short distance behind."

Hiei was working in the backyard of his and Misaki's house when the hawk came to visit. Taking the time to get a quick meal for fuel and a shower is the reason why he's one of the last ones to arrive. He jogs into the area just as Hiro outlines the mission parameters. Flashing everyone around a smile he offers Jon a fist-bump and then nods politely to Kasuya, having not worked with her before. He winks at Nariko before he says, "Hi, Saito-sama. Scurvo. Nariko-san." He greets. "I would be more comfortable running under my own power. Be a lot faster too, but something tells me I should probably rest up a bit before this one. I was part of the original group on the first part of this mission. Those lumberjack-bandits are no joke. And they're probably all kinds of sawdusted at us shinobi right now." He picks out a horse for himself and climbs into the saddle. After riding on an owl, horses were easy. "Oh. Yotsuki Hiei, reporting for duty." He smiles, giving Hiro a faint salute.

- Hiroyasu says "We have been utilizing many forms of transportation, for speed, efficiency and presence. Its also to serve as a learning as many shinobi have not had to learn how to ride horses, or properly drive carts which is a problem when we are tasked with missions requesting it.. So we are expanding the pool of available operatives.." he shrugs at Jon "As always, field command is given to the one who is best qualified. We in the office no longer decide from up on high what is down on the field. Except in rare instances, Such as negotiations are to be done by the diplomats daughter" he says pointing to Yotsuki Nariko "her aptitude is being scrutinized for categorization." he waggles his eyebrows at Nariko, before glancing back to Jon "So you may decide amongst yourselves what is best.." he says turning the horse with a little trepidation, it was like his 2nd time ever riding on horseback. "Questions or comments? If not Lets Go!" he says with a light jostle of the reins and the horse bolts out of the gate.
Several hours, of horse back leisure or for some, a serious march across miles of road, grass, and now they are entering into the boundary of the forest. "It's only about an hour to the lumber-mill by road" he says pointing on as they begin into the forest. -

Nariko holds on tight to the horse as it gallops. When Hiro mentions her skills as a diplomat will be scrutinized during this mission her eyes go wide. the waggling of his eyebrows not calming her down one bit. "Oh shoot, what..what? I can't…Woah, hey…umm." She takes a deep breath and lets it out. "Alright, I can do this." She was mostly talking to herself and then looks to Hiei, her lips forming the words "Help" to him. She was excited to try it out, but at the same time very nervous.

Kasuya rides her horse easily, getting down occasionally to walk it across something with uncertain footing. She's never been on a mission with horses, but she's a known wanderer and before she settled in Kumo she probably had cause to ride on horseback. For the most part she stays somewhere near the middle, behind the leader but not near the back with Jon. Kasuya goes over to Nariko at one point and says, "That horse isn't a stallion about to buck you. Try to ride with it, not against it, it knows what to do." Besides that, she keeps to herself.

Jon remains behind the group on foot, keeping an eye on things. He could've saved some energy and footsoreness by traveling on horse, to be sure, but having a backup is valuable, especially when going into known enemy territory. Jon can take the extra burden better than most, and he doesn't have much trouble keeping up with the group. Also, nobody else has to listen to Scruvo's chatter this way. X)

Hiei hasn't had much cause to travel on horseback, but he did used to ride back when he was a kid. Like Kasuya, over rougher terrain, he slides off the horse's back to lead it across. Afterall, it just wouldn't do for it to throw a shoe or lame itself. Once the terrain evens out again, Hiei mounts back up. He remembers the mission area well, the last time it was Iminari, Amani, and himself. There was someone else there too, but he had a hard time remembering her name. Until now, he'd been saddled with being the only male on all kunoichi teams. He was kind of happy to have Jon and Hiro along on this one. "I can take point. That is, if the Jounin don't mind taking orders from a Chuunin." He shrugs, indicating it didn't matter to him either way. He glances over at Nariko and shakes his head. "You'll do fine." He rides next to her, just in case she has any issues with the horse itself, and to make sure she doesn't fall victim into that self-esteem issue he's seen her have sometimes.

- It was about the hour ride that Hiroyasu said it would be, uneventful this time compared to the last time as some point Hiroyasu had slowed his horse to take up residence at the back of the group, he was afterall just an observer and courier. The sound of the functioning lumbermill is heard like 10 minutes before it can be seen, the echo of the saw tearing through wood greets the ears.
As they approach the lumbermill in the shade of mid-day sun, a few men standing outside rush back into the lumbermill and then several men in a large group now wielding axes, large sticks, and even a bow or two.. "If your here to cause trouble, then you picked the wrong mill!" the loudest voice says to a chorus of "Yeah.. that's right.. best be going back the way you came!" nodding in agreement as the large group of horses approaching. -

When Kasuya comes up to Nariko she would bow her head. "Thank you." She looks to Hiei and smiles. "Thanks." She gives a faint smile, trying to show him that she will be okay. Of course when they arrive to the lumbermill she would stop her horse and slip off, holding the reigns in her hands. "We are not here to cause trouble. We are here to negotiate a contract. We are the representatives from Kumogakure. You won't have any trouble from us." She smiles warmly towards the lumberjacks.

Kasuya blinks as the bandits start rushing at them so openly. Dumb bandits…wait, not bandits. Aren't those the clients that hired them? As they near she un-knots her shinobi headband from around her arm, and ties it very visibly around her head. Though she doesn't match Nariko's warm smile when they come nearer. Instead, she rides off a little to the left as if expanding the target for those bows. And she looks back to the leader of this team to see what they might do.

Jon catches up with the others once they near their destination. He nods to Hiroyasu. "You're the one familiar with this situation. We'll follow your lead." As the possibility of a confrontation becomes apparent, Scruvo takes off to observe things from a high tree branch. He knows he's a liability if he's present in the thick of combat. :P Jon doesn't make any threatening moves, just stands and watches.

Hiei remembered these guys from last time. He had recieved a grave injury while running into a building with an out of control buzzsaw. If it's the same guys. At any rate, he simply sits quietly in the saddle, allowing Nariko the chance to talk to them. He inclines his head towards Jon and then closes his eyes as he draws in a breath and then lets it out slowly. To those with the ability, he begins to focus his chakra, bringing it up from being at rest in case things got a little more animated than they should be. "We put out your fire and fixed your saw." He puts simply, trying to jog their memories. They did throw them out afterwards. Maybe they still held a grudge.

- The lumberjacks pause for a moment looking at the Yotsuki who stands above some of them as a tower of Kunoichi. "Oh, you were the one from last time.. I see you brought your eunuch too.." says the foreman, welcoming them inside "Come on in, We didn't expect you for a few more weeks.. I guess what you said about be more prompt and attentive to the people was the truth.. huh.. who knew" he says with a shake of his head in disbelief. The men watch as Kasuya moved to draw attention, before looking to Jon and Hiei and Hiroyasu, before going disbanding and going back to work, the only kind thing you may notice in the roar of work is that they are sparing the use of the saw. "GET BACK TO WORK! or no Lunch!" the foreman shouts at them wagging a finger into the sky.. "So you must have made some serious friends for them to suggest we make such a bare-knuckle deal!" he chides as he moves into the lumbermill going to what is probably the only clean spot in the whole thing, a lounge with a few tables and a solid wooden door which does an excellent job of drowning out the sound in the mill. -

Nariko's head does a quick turn to Hiei, giving him the evil eye, telling him "Now was not the time". She looked back to the lumberjacks and smiled. "Well, we hope to encourage those outlying the village to communicate openly with us. We are trying our best to fulfil all the needs and requests that pass through." She follows the foreman and shrugs. "I believe we saw this lumbermill as an important asset to the village and are willing to try anything in our power to help."

Kasuya relaxes and rejoins the group when the misunderstanding is quickly cleared up. Having to defend against a volley of weapons wouldn't be the best way to open good relations. But instead of holding it against them, she actually sounds approving as she addresses the foreman. "Your men were prepared and bold to assemble so quickly at a possible threat. It's that kind of stalwartness that has brought us to you in the first place." As the others start to talk and open negotiations, Kasuya is always keeping an eye out around her as if expecting something to happen at any time. Not afraid, just alert.

Well now, looks like no trouble for the time being. Scruvo flits back over to Jon as they enter the lumbermill. "Crikey, this is a right busy place an' no mistake," Scruvo remarks over the din.

Hiei flashes a dazzling smile at Nariko just before he dismounts from his horse and ties it off to the branch of a tree. It's low enough to allow the animal to graze to it's heart's content. He rolls his massive shoulders, missing the added weight of his second sword. He still hadn't gotten around to replacing it from that last mission. However, he was still armed with Fukushu, his katana. Following along behind Nariko, the well over six foot Yotsuki glances around while the foreman and Nariko begin to get down to business.

- The foreman raises his eyebrow at Kasuya words, "okay…" he seems offput by it before slumping back into his usual gruff personality "Look, We all got families to feed, but when a guildsmen shows up and says offer this deal to the village, and we will cover the difference.. you can understand our surprise.." he says to nariko as he looks around, "I got the contracts in the office, give me a second to get it.. all it needs is some signatures" he says bowing his head to Nariko for a moment before going into the door which leads to a small office and you can hear him grumbling as he digs through the papers scattered out.. "Stupid sons…o.." he muffles his tone before shouting out he door "WHO WAS EAITING IN THE OFFICE AND WHY DID YOU LEAVE IT HALF-EATEN ON GUILD CONTRACTS!" before the grumbling continues..
Meanwhile outside, there distant roar of thunder which echoes off the trees, but its plainly overpowered by the growl of steel, the roar of the furnace, and the sound of axes. There is the sound of woodpeckers knocking against the trees, before a rustle of the leaves caused by a windless sky.. raining from the sky fall the wooden bolts like rain, the sound of them hitting the roof and shaking the building, the second volley again the sound like woodpeckers, the windless rustle of leaves, this time the wooden rain from the sky spills lantern oil and flame everywhere setting the ground, parts of the forest ablaze… the sound of thunder growing closer is the sound hooves hitting hard earth and the shout of a many bandit calls.. ~knock,knock,knock…~ ~whooooosh, rustle rustle~ and the third volley of thick wooden plugs rain down hitting everything in a radius around lumbermill. The men inside rush about looking for buckets to quench the flames and axes to protect their lively hood.. -

Nariko looks to the foreman and nods. "I can. We are trying to make amends with everyone we can." Then the sound of woodpeckers starts and she head snaps towards the entrance. "What is going on? Hiei, we can't have an incident." She grits her teeth as she almost yells at Hiei. She looks back to the foreman, putting on her best smile. "Don't worry, we will take care of this. We want to make sure we can create a contract with you."

Kasuya raises her eyes when she hears that first volley drumming on the rooftops. She's already peering around outside by the time the second volley comes, looking around for the threat. She's not exactly in her element to extinguish fires anyway. She looks back and says, "It doesn't look like they're armed with explosives. But there's so much wood strewn around a fire can get worse if it's not handled." Before heading off to try and dispatch a few attackers though she'd wait to see if the foreman or her party have a more coordinated plan.

Jon narrows his eyes as the assault on the building begins. "Shoot, should've stayed apart from the group," he mutters. Jon looks at the arrows sticking through the roof and determines that they seemed to be angled from the front of the building. He darts for the back, attempting to slip out the window and hide amongst the shrubbery. Hopefully the enemy doesn't have the place surrounded already. e.e But whatever the case, they need Intel on what they're facing.

Hiei glances up and then raises a hand to Nariko. "We won't let anything get in the way of this contract." He rises from his seat and steps towards the door to survey the damage. There were more this time than last time and they were throwing around fire. Hiei takes charge. "Alright people, this is the real deal. Jon and Kasuya-san, the archers are the immediate threat. Do with them as you will. Nariko, you're with me. Hiroyasu will erect a barrier around the camp and assist the injured with medical jutsu. Put your game faces on. This won't be easy." Hiei makes several hand seals before a light blue aura that is infused with lightning surrounds his body. "Release: Lightning Aura!" As he calls on the power of the Yotsuki, his muscles expand even larger than they already are. They quiver as if they are under constant electric shock. "They'll be expecting us to use the door. I suggest an alternate exit." He turns to Nariko, sweeping her up off her feet as he leaps upwards, planting his feet on the side of the wall and running up the wall towards the already burning roof. "Nariko, these guys are killers. Don't take any unnecessary risks."

- Hiroyasu who had been quiet speaks up, "I'll provide a barrier defense around the lumbermill, and medical services.. but you all will have to handle this.." he pulls from his robe several seals and starts littering seals around and holding up his hands as he begins channel chakra.. "I can probably maintain it against the flames just not under sustained fire from the uh.. archers?" he says moving to the center of the building.. he takes a deep sigh and turns the chain of seals into a barrier bastion.
Meanwhile outside a trio of bandits on horse back riding into view, then a hail of arrows rain around in 2 volleys of indiscriminate fire landing just outside of the lethal range of the riders who dismount in epic manner sliding to a stop pulling out their swords and charge towards the building. In the distance the archers on foot come into view all 7 of them pulling back another volley, they are a good 30m away in the thick brush. -

Nariko prepares herself before she wraps her arms around Hiei's neck as he grabs her. "Sir, get as many of your men inside, please." She then looks at the roof. "You sure we really want to be up here? It's sort of on fire. And don't tell mom and dad about this if we fail." The last part more of a whisper to him than anything. When he tells her they're killers and smirks. "You know I won't. I want this contract to go through."

Kasuya looks temptingly at the door. She does kind of want to step out and see what the situation is like from a frontal view. But she opts for a quick peek out of the window to see that quite a few people are charging towards the building with swords. So she draws her sword from her back as well. It's a machete, a little short to be the normal katana and shaped more like a razor. She doesn't hesitate but lunges forward to bridge the few meters between her and the enemy, in the hopes of a pre-emptive strike at the nearest attack in a series of precise, swift slashes.

Jon peers around the forest behind the lumber mill. Well, no immediately apparent signs of enemies out on this side…either they're pretty good at concealing themselves, or they didn't bring enough forces to surround the place. The latter's actually not that improbable, since they likely weren't expecting to meet more than the lumberjacks themselves in resistance. Jon forms some handseals, creating a pair of lightning clones. They dash around the building, while the real Jon runs up toward the roof to get a vantage point on this skirmish. The clones run wide a short ways into the forest, then try to come at the archers from either side.

Hiei explodes through the roof of the building and then begins to run down the side of it with Nariko in his arms. He dodges left, right, and then left again as the arrows miss him. Leaping the last few feet his boots hit the ground and he releases Nariko, putting her feet on the ground gently. Reaching behind him, he draws Fukushu, his katana. With a glance over at Kasuya, he runs towards the second swordsman. He flips his blade so that he attacks with the serrated side, aiming for the base of the swordsman's neck. He passes his offhand over the blade itself and it glows a neon blue color before he spins, using a two handed grip on the sword as he slashes towards his abdomen. Hiei might be a Yotsuki, but he was trained by a Reizei. Using a balance of both speed and power, he makes his attacks before hopping backwards, taking on a high guard stance and moving so that he covers Kasuya's back. He's used to functioning as part of a team.

- Hiroyasu manages to erect the barrier which glows in the abnormal blue in a giant dome around the lumbermill suppressing the fire on the roof as soon Hiei and Nariko leave it.. "Being the wounded here! I'll tend to who I can, with what I can.. get them in from outside.. and put out any fires.. like the kind lady asked" he says watching the seals with a keen eye.
Kasuya and her opponent are engaged in the dangerous dance of blades and blood as her swift strikes sail through his defense sending the bounce of blade off his padded armor sending him into a fury of screams as he and the other bandit focus on her, sending a flurry of swords in her direction with a berserkers like fury.
The lightning clones zip through the forest approaching the archers in a classic pincher manuever landing in solid blows, the archers turn that volley onto the clones thinking they have two shinobi under their aim.
The final raider which finds himself in engaged with the yotsuki's is hit with the blunt end of the blade causing him to lose focus before finding the blue rip of the blade lodging itself into him… like the other the sight of blood causes him to go into a flurry of blows trying to crush the Yotsuki under the animal like strikes. -

After being set down on the ground, Nariko watches Hiei run towards the second swordsman. She tries to make eye contact with him as she begins to run towards him. When she does he would imagine a bright, stinging light in his eyes. Then as she nears him she would pull her arm back and then slam it into his chest with some force. After she would backflip once or twice to put some distance between him and her.

Kasuya tsks when her sword fails to penetrate the first bandit. She had wished for a quick death, and now she has three of opponents to contend with. She's considering a tactical retreat when Hiei comes in swinging—very effectively, actually. She spares him a glance for perhaps too long, as a sword slash nicks her shoulder. It draws real blood but as they continue attacking their blades will soon be passing through clouds of static and electric bursts, instead of flesh and bone. Her lightning clone dissolves. And Kasuya attacks the same one from the left, aiming one flat slash at his blade arm. Yet her sword starts to crackle with her next attack, and this one would have enough force not only to cleave straight through his blade but electrocute the bandit's blade if it meets hers.

Jon gets up onto the roof and picks his way around the arrows lodged up there, then peers over the edge. He's just in time to see his lightning clones take a few arrows and dissipate in a pop of electricity. Well, could've gone better, but only if he was really lucky — on the whole, they served their purpose by getting in a hit and distracting the foe. Jon reaches into his pouch and pulls out what looks like a ball of tags all wrapped together. He hurls the ball just over the group of archers, then forms a handseal. The ball comes apart with a small bang, causing little tags to flutter down around the archers. Another handseal and the tags suddenly combust, sucking the chakra from the immediate area.

The swordsman that Hiei has been fighting attacks swiftly…faster than Hiei can anticipate and he receives a shallow cut along his shoulder. Another one to go with the scars that are already there. Hiei takes a step forwards and leans backwards, the sword strike passing over his upper body harmlessly as the Yotsuki swordsman displays just how flexible he is for a man his size. Hiei flicks his wrist sending lightning coursing through the blade of his sword, however this isn't his lightning flow technique, this is a step above that as a high pitched whine comes from the sword itself with every movement that Hiei makes. He pivots outwards as he brings his blade up in a two handed grip. He brings it down with all his strength in an overhand strike, attempting to cleave his opponent in half. He shifts his gaze over to one of the swordsmen that Kasuya is engaged with. He recognized her using one of the techniques that Ogo-sensei taught him and the corner of his lips curl up into a smile. "Nice moves, Kasuya-sama."

- For those who thought the forest witch was coming out, every person on the field who was a bandit suddenly find himself blinded by a sudden flash of light emanating from the Yotsuki Kunoichi. Her palm strike to the chest sending him reeling right into the blade of the yotsuki which is accented by the humming blade finds true the flesh rending the man completely twain from skull to pelvis, two halves falling in separate directions.
The raider stumbling around in the white blinding light which has faded his sight, finds the two strikes from Kasuya moving him from the world of the living to the world of the here after with rather ease as her slice sails right through his sword like it was soft bread, the tip of the sword swirls end over end slamming into a nearby as the as the body hits the ground.. the final raider still stumbles around in a daze unable to find his orientation.
The archers also hit by the blinding light find themselves painfully ripped from their precious life-energies in the most painful way possible, even nearby trees struck by the chakra suction wave wilt and turn brown.. they fumble about looking for their enemy. -

Nariko smiles as the one in front of her is killed and then sees the last raider standing. She makes a run for him and pulls her arm back as she nears him, the first punch slamming into his chest and the two more following from behind. At least she hopes this is the case as she back-flips out of the way of the raider.

Kasuya is certainly practiced, but she's no master at combat. But she has to smirk at Hiei and say, "A move is only as good as the blade behind it." As their numbers dwindle she's starting to get in a rhythm with her comrade's fighting styles. Sword and lightning. It seems she has some diverse companions. However her next attack would probably be familiar to Hiei as she channels lightning chakra along her blade and raises it on high to slash down in a vicious, cleaving blow to shear her opponent straight in half with a current of intense lightning and steel.

This seems to be going well. Y'know, about as well as a defense against a not-particularly-expected assault can be expected to go. e.e No significant casualties on the Kumo nins' side, and it looks like the enemy is just about defeated, with the possibility of taking some prisoners rather than doing wholesale slaughter. And speaking of which…Jon leaps down toward the archers while forming some more handseals. An illusion invades their minds of strong young saplings sprouting up all around them and forming a cage. Hopefully that'll keep them contained until proper restraints can be put on them. :P

Hiei hops backwards and then crouches. He smirks at Kasuya's comment. "And a blade is only as good as it's wielder." Hiei flicks his wrist again, causing his blade to infuse itself with that humming lightning again. Moving at high speed, he coordinates his attack with that of Kasuya's. While she slashes downwards, Hiei slashes horizontally, aiming his attack towards the abdomen of the last raider. He slides to a stop after his attack, his feet causing dust to fly up as he puts on the brakes.

- The lone Bandit Raider has cleared to his vision from the blinding light from the witch in their midst only to seeing Nariko attempting to break him with her flurry of fists from behind which makes it harder for him to dodge the mirror like precision as blades swap through his vision first vertically, then horizontally sending a shower of blood from beneath the padded armor as there is nothing left of him than several warm chunks of meat growing colder in the grip of death.
In the rear, the Archers having just managed to break out of the blinding light, find themselves suddenly trapped by the sudden growing of the saplings. "Witches! Forest Witches!" one of them shouts as he struggles against an unseen force as they all stand around like knots on a log. -

Nariko would clap if she weren't worried for her life, but instead she looks towards the archers. She moves her arms up, as if she were going to pretend to be a zombie. "Hope this is shocking enough." She smiles as her arms surge with electricity. She points her fingers towards them and sends bolts of lightning out towards the trapped archers.

With the melee fighters dispatched, Kasuya looks further up the field where her team has been doing a fairly good job of driving back the archers. No wonder she wasn't having to weave amidst arrows while she fought! From the looks of their bizarre struggling, they seem to be caught in a rather effective genjutsu. So she takes the time to perform a few hand seals and let a current of electricity grow between her palms. It grows denser and round till she has spheres of lightning which she's chucking like balls at the archers. They'd bursts apart in painful electricity on contact, as well as upset muscle coordination and drain their energy.

Jon glances between the archers. Good, looks like they're all pretty well caught in the illusion…now he just has to cuff them all and — whoa! o.O; Lightning storm! "Hey! I got this! No need to fry their brains!" >.<; Jon intervenes and starts putting some real bindings on the bandits, who will probably be happy enough to be led away from those zap-happy kunoichi once they're snapped back to reality. Scruvo comes out of the lumber mill once the coast seems clear enough. "You 'orrible rottahs, shootin' at a bunch o' honest workin' chaps. We'll 'ave you sittin' be'ind bars for a good long time." :P

Hiei looks at the state of the archers and says, "They're all yours, Detective. Round them up at your leisure. I'd like to know who they're working for and why they keep targeting these people." He adds. "For the mission report." He turns to Nariko. "Go check on Hiro and the lumberjacks. Get that contract signed at all costs. Kasuya-sama and I will keep watch out here to make sure we're not ambushed again." He holds his sword in his right hand and scans the area as he walks up next to Kasuya. "Nice work. I would have loved to have studied under you at some point. We seem to have some of the same techniques." Hiei still hasn't released his nintaijutsu technique just yet. Lightning still crackles and flows around his body for the time being.

- ~Boooooooom Booooom~ the sound of an explosion rocks the gaggle of archers sending bodies flying in several directions, The sound of the hooves echoing off the woods as a horse which seems like monster, solid black leaping over down trees like they were nothing more than a crack in the pavement. The large man riding on the back of the horse hurls an black-iron ball like a grenade as the fuse can be seen as it tumbles end over end burning brightly. "Cowards! Die!" he shouts standing up from the saddle leaping with a backflip landing on the ground as the horse turns away from the shinobi hooking around in the sign of a well-trained warhorse.. The grenade hits the ground and begins to send out a cloud of gray smoke as the sound of the steel clanging steel and the sudden light of a spark as he chides them.. "You already signed your deaths when you stole from us! We've been waiting for you Shinobi!" he says from within the cloud, when suddenly from the gray smoke two black-iron colored balls with fuses heading towards the general direction of Kasuya and Hiei. -

Nariko looks to Hiei and nods, bringing a hand up to her forehead to give a mock salute to him. "Sure thing!" She turns quickly towards the lumbermill, running quickly. She seems to run quick enough her body seems to dissipates into smoke. She would reappear behind Hiro's earth barrier and runs into the lumbermill. "Let's just get this signed and we'll take it personally back to Kumo." She smiles to the foreman. "Pen please." She asks for a pen and once she is given one she signs her name on the dotted line. "Alright, thank you. Keep your men inside until the all clear is given. We'll be back with reinforcements." She smiles and bows her head. "Thank you for your patience." She would then run out and grab her horse, hopping on it to ride back to Kumo.

Kasuya frowns when Jon admonishes her for electrocuting them. "You know, they don't become any more innocent when they /can't/ attack," she says. "That's the best time to take them." But very, very quietly. He's right, this is the time for hammering out terms for this alliance, not frying genjutsu bound bandits. She gives a nod when Nariko is sent to fill out the paperwork. And she settles down outside, slinging her sword over her back. She does give Hiei a slight smile. "You flatter me, but it will be you who surpasses me one day in taijutsu, if you haven't already," she says. "As a male you have more natural speed and strength, which will always give an edge. But most of all, you love the way of the sword the—" Kasuya blinks when explosives are suddenly thundering, finishing off the prisoners. And more are coming their way! Kasuya would burst apart in a spray of electricity. A Lightning Clone! Before the smoke even settles, Kasuya would be dashing towards the newcomer, leaping at him recklessly only to explode. Another Lightning Clone it would seem. The real one is standing near Hiei still, glancing at him to see if he was caught.

What — just — DOES EVERYONE HAVE TO TRAMPLE ON JON'S EFFORTS TO PRESERVE HUMAN LIFE?!?! >.<; Even the bad guys are blowing up their own now! I mean, yeah, sure it makes more sense for bad guys to engage in that sort of behavior just to protect their secrets, but the timing is just — GAH! Well there's essentially nobody left to take prisoner, except this newcomer, and even Jon's not feeling particularly charitable toward him. >P So Jon decides to prioritize the primary mission objective — getting that contract safely back, and the diplomat along with it. A bit skewed in terms of decent-human-being priorities, but it'll all work out, Kasuya and Hiei can handle the new threat, and Nariko is gonna need some sharp-eyed protection on the way back to watch out for further ambushes. "This fight is yours," Jon calls out as he takes off after Nariko.

Hiei chuckles. "I only wish my second sword hadn't been blown up by bandits. So I'm not able to use my Twin Sword Style of com—" And that's when the grenade came, Hiei dives off to the side, but gets caught in the blast radius. His body is slammed into the ground hard, doing internal damage. He coughs up blood as he rises to his feet a little slowly. The concussive force plays a number on his inner ear, and he's a little wobbly on his feet for a minute and can't mount a counter-attack. He moves his sword into a low guard position. "We take this guy together. Give Jon and Nariko time to get away from here. Hopefully, we can hold this guy off until reinforcements come. But I doubt it. It'll take too long." He glances over at the female Jounin as blood trickles out of the corner of his mouth. "It's been a pleasure to share the field of battle with you."

- Hiroyasu watches as Nariko comes rushing by "What is going on, can I drop the barrier.. its getting really uh heavy" he says as she rushes by and hearing what she has to say and the fact that the arrows have fallen silent, now there is just explosions which are off in the distance.. He sighs releasing the barrier with his shoulder slumping and the sweat beading down his face.. "I need… a.. nap.." he mutters sliding to take a seat on a pile of wood..
In the smoke, the clone charges with reckless abandon and exploding right in the face of the captain sending the swirl of smoke scattered to the wind, laying in the light smoky fog on the ground is the large frame of the bandit captain who stands up rubbing his jaw.. "You's fight dirty.." he sneers "I like it.. you want good work?" then he spots of the headbands on both, right forgot.. He pulls from belt a large mace and from his back a shortsword, dual wielding charging at the two Shinobi still standing. -No such person in the order.

Kasuya raises an eyebrow when the smoke clears and this bandit is still standing. She does smile and say, "Fighting only seems dirty to people who can't see through tricks." She looks to Hiei approvingly when he seems to be able to stay on his feet. However, she frowns at the way he's talking. "Don't talk like we're about to die," she snarls, with real anger in her voice. "Or else I'll kill you myself." Then she'd take her machete from her back and hand ie to Hiei. "We'll take this guy down together," she says. And then she's gathering chakra around her in large amounts, so much it blows the loose debris and dust away from her. "Just stay alive."

Hiei catches the blade thrown to him by Kasuya. "Didn't mean it that way, Sempai. But your comment is noted for future reference. Don't you die on me, either. It would make me irritable." It wasn't Saiai, but the machete would do in a pinch. Hiei rushes in at high speed, swinging both blades at once as he passes by the bandit boss. "You made a mistake in coming here. You won't be leaving in one piece." He spins around, attempting to move into a flanking position to give Kasuya a leg up on her next attack.

- The bandit captain makes an attempt to move out of the way of the blades from the young Yotsuki but only finds them rending his flesh from his body in a trickle of blood… "Shuddap!" he snarls making two swings at the Chuunin with the heavy mace followed up by the sword, before swirling around sending the mace at the Jounin.. It was clear he has fought multiple opponents before and his weapon choice was by design. -

"If it'd be a bother I'd best not die either," Kasuya says, with complete seriousness. Her voice is so flat it's hard to tell if that was a joke or a literal statement. Instead of rushing at her foe, Kasuya stays back and Hiei might witness the fact that he doesn't aim at Kasuya. Not missing by inches, but a good two feet as if he's visualizing her elsewhere. Kasuya executes a quick series of hand seals. And then an illusion would attempt to snare the bandit, that would make him feel as if the air were thick as jelly, something he could barely move an inch through in a minute. At the same time to his appearance the fire on the ground would spread towards him, engulfing him helplessly in flames. If it succeeded.

Hiei snarls. "You're nothing but a punk and a bully, man. And you're going down for it." He blocks the first strike head on, a loud ringing as metal clashes against metal and he shows that raw physical strength that the Yotsuki are known for. When the sword comes for him, Hiei seems to flow around the attack, positioning himself behind the bandit once again in preparation for his counter-attack. Hiei has no idea that Kasuya was a genjutsuist. Personally, he hated the technique. There was no skill in it. Attacking the mind was unbecoming of a warrior. But he had long since learned that everyone had their own way, and he was still trying to be more understanding. Both blades would be infused with lightning and as Hiei twirls around, attacking as he moved, they would hum and sing and together it would seem like Hiei is performing some sort of bloody dance. Once he finishes with his attack, he takes a couple of steps back, waiting for the next round of attacks.

- The bandit Captain despite having seen the battlefield more than once, had only experienced genjutsu once or twice in his career was wholly unprepared for what was going to befall him next, his body felt heavy, his mind felt dull, it was like that feeling where everything slows down right before your weapon makes contact or you dodge out of the way of an arrow.. but it doesn't end, ~why won't it end?!~ then the flames leap from the ground setting him a blaze the only reprieve from the slow agonizing pain was the sudden and painful pinch as the twin blades of the Yotsuki sing to him a song of pain sending him to the ground in a sudden collapse of muscle, armor, and weapons.. He is trying to raise to his feet but his movements are still slowed.. -

When he's bound Kasuya says, "Your men weren't cowards. They were bound by an illusion and unable to move, as you are. Besides, a good leader can find uses even for cowardly followers." Is she giving advice to the enemy? Kasuya then aims a careful blow at the bandit's spine, one to immobilize him temporarily. Then she'd take out some wire and efficiently bind him up for transport. Seems she's not going to kill him, as she works in silence and then steps back, wiping her hands. She looks to Hiei and says, "We might want to sedate him during transportation. You did well."

Hiei keeps his sword at the ready until Kasuya binds him up. Then, closing his eyes, he releases his nintaijutsu technique and immediately falls to one knee. He sheaths his sword onto his back and then offers Kas her machete back. "Thank you. You did well, too, sempai. I sincerely hope we get to work together again sometime." With a grunt and on wobbly legs, Hiei stands up again. He calls out. "Hiroyasu! We got him. We could really use an Insta-nap right now!" He was running on fumes. He offers Kasuya a tired smile. "Hiro can sedate him long enough to get him back to Kumogakure. Once we're there, we can turn him over to the Kamen Rai Da. He's too dangerous to go to normal prison."

- The bald head of Hiroyasu peeks out of the doorway of the lumbermill "I wasn't sleeping.. I swear" he mumbles waving a hand out of the door before coming out, looking at the bandit, then the two Shinobi "Made you work for it, didn't he?" he says reaching behind his back pulling out from his medkit a needle to give the bandit captain a nice little nap.. before looking at Hiei and Kasuya.. "Healing first, insta-nap second" he says going for the Jounin first rubbing his hands together as they glow green moving over the wounds sealing the minor cuts, and bruises, and closing the more major wounds so that bandages can handle them. Then moving to the Chuunin doing the same. -

Kasuya gives a tired sigh, and accepts her blade back. She looks at both edges and then sheaths it carefully. "You wield a blade you've held for the first time very skilfully," she notes. When Hiroyasu comes out Kasuya waits silently as he first puts the bandit to sleep and heals them. She nods. "Medics are useful," is all she says. Then she'd say to Hiei though not trying to keep it quiet from Hiro, "I strived to learn kenjutsu when I joined this village. To fit in. But I'm a genjutsuist, and as the Raikage knows a wild card when my speciality is needed. If either of you ever want to learn how to defeat a genjutsuist from a genjutsuist, come to me. It's never too late for a lesson."

Hiei has been through this many times before. He simply stands still and allows Hiroyasu to work his craft. "Kenjutsu is something that I started doing after I saw Ogo-sensei defeat an earth user almost effortlessly. I wasn't long out of the academy back then…and when he first became our teacher, he put us through the most rigorous training. But I am going to take you up on your offer. Genjutsu is my bane, and I want to learn how to overcome it. The only solution I've found so far is to cause myself pain to snap out of it." He looks over at Hiro. "You have no idea. I've sent Nariko and Jon ahead. Let's secure this guy in the cart and head back to the village. The hot springs are calling my name."

- Hiroyasu finishes with the healing, and bandages for Hiei who seemed to be the worse for wear, before touching them both on the shoulder and there is sudden green aura about them which is absorbed in relaxing some of their soreness and fatigue albeit just a modicum improvement. "I know, I saw them both leave.. they are just now at the edge of forest actually" he says before leaning over throwing the large bandit across his shoulder in a medics carry. "We should have reinforcements here even if Nariko and Jon get back before they leave, it was always the plan to protect this location.. we just didn't expect an attack to unfold like this.. is all" he sighs moving the guy over to the horses and flipping him over the back of his horse. "I'll need to talk to the Intel division about getting some eyes in the woods, so we aren't caught like this.." he says hopping on the saddle and looking at them both "Ready for Leisurely ride back" and people scoffed at having personal modes of transportation. -

"Kumo's style of kenjutsu can take on a single opponent or many," Kasuya says. "It's the most versatile, true form of weapon fighting I've seen. And a pain in the butt to fight against." She has to grin at Hiei's advice to secure him in a cart. He comes in riding on explosions and a grand horse. And goes out like a sack of potatoes in the back of a cart. She listens to what the plan will be—this was never her show. In fact, she's /still/ looking out as if expecting an attack. She'd go to her horse, which was remarkably unscathed by the lightning and steel storm that went on earlier, and would follow in the middle of the procession back.

Hiei stands up a little straighter after Hiro's Insta-nap. He flexes a little and walks over towards his horse, surprised the animal didn't bolt during all of the ruckus. He mounts up, swinging a leg over the saddle. "Sounds good, Hiro. I'll have the mission report on your desk soon. I plan to sleep for at least half a day when I get back." He nods to Kasuya. "I agree. Kumo ninja work harder, we focus on what needs to be done, and we perform our duty to the letter. Not like some of the more lazy shinobi from other villages. Kasuya-sama, perhaps we can train together in the future. Despite what you say, I still believe I can learn a lot from you." He smirks. "But for now..we ride!" He spurs his horse forwards on the trail back home.

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