Restoring the Natural Flow


Hiroto, Itami

Date: January 24, 2016


Hiroto has long had a condition with his body that affected his chakra and its control. Yet, the time has now come for him to rectify the condition and Itami has gathered her resources to make certain that it could be done. It is the first of a series of tasks that will see him through to the final goal of stable chakra and control.

"Restoring the Natural Flow"

Tenrai Hospital

Hiroto had stumbled across something. It was originally in his mind thought to be just in his head, but his chakra system seemed a little…odd. It seemed like he was a bit different than most. Some sort of hidden mutation in his body, but it wasn't activated so it didn't fully change him. That lefthis system though in a sort of disarray as he now couldn't use it efficently. So he came to the hospital to help figure all that out and maybe have it fixed.

"Ah, good, you're here. I was wondering when you'd show up," Itami walked over to Hiroto and gestured him further inside the hospital as she settled in beside him. "I had an appointment scheduled for you, so now that you're here, we can get you situated into a room and ready for it." She led him up to a medic who would be assisting him with his issue. "This will be the one handling your procedure." The medic smiled. "Hello, I am Inao Aya," she introduced herself. "Let's get you prepared."

Hiroto nods to Itami before walking further into the hospital with her. His mind was drifting a bit, and he himself didn't know what he should expect. He just wanted this chakra fixed however it could be. It being less efficent isn't good for someone who uses chakra each time he heads out to fight. When he was finally introduced to the medic he waved a bit before looking around the room, and back to the medic. "I suppose you know who I am. Uhhhh…. what do I need to do to prepare?" He looked at Aya for a moment with a small frown.

"You don't need to do anything except strip out of your clothes," Aya spoke to Hiroto once they were inside his room. "Once you're done with that, we'll go ahead and take you to the procedure rooms where we'll take care of you, but for now, I'll explain what your procedure will involve." She made use of a board and drew a few simple diagrams to explain what was going on with his body and tenketsu points. "What happens with erratic chakra is that your body needs a…reset of sorts," she states. "It doesn't cycle your chakra well through various points, so they each need to be restored back to a natural rhythm or flow. Else, it can't be concentrated and used properly," she explained.
Itami stood off to the side and watched Aya explain, taking in this information for herself for possible future reference. Always helps to know. "So, what we'll do is simply tap into your tenketsu and get them back in working order. Once that's done, you ought to have your erratic chakra taken care of as your body will favor the natural flow over the erratic one given time." Aya completed her explanation and set her chalk down. "Any questions?"

Hiroto frowned and grew a bit red for a moment. "I uhhh…. all of them? Or just the outer clothing?" He seemed a bit nervous to do either, but either way he would strip out of whatever layer of clothing he needed to. It should be worth it. Of course not yet…he wanted his answer and this explanation. "Okay…so…that seems simple enough really. Just needs a little refresher or something?" His gaze shifted to Itami who was still here and he returned it to Aya. He still seemed nervous, but he listened and once asked if he had questions he would shake his head. "Besides the clothes thing I am good. Oh and…strip here…or is there a place I do that?" He scratched at his cheek some.

"Just the outer clothing," Aya mentioned. "A refresher on what you'll be going through? Well, it's simple. We just have to get your tenketsu back to working order by having them respond to a natural sequence. A flow," she states. "The procedure is painless, but it may leave you a bit fatigued as your chakra readjusts in your body. That takes some effort for your body to get used to, but you'll recover and feel less fatigued as the normal flow sets in," she explained.
"That all sounds simple enough to me. But yes, you'll be stripping here and it's fine. You'll only be removing your clothing down to your personals. This is standard procedure. Then they'll get you sent into the procedure room and operated on, so to speak. At least your body won't be opened up like mine has dozens of times," she chuckled.

Hiroto nods relieved a bit. He was more fine with just outer clothing, and got out of them quickly enough when he was told to strip here. "Okay… so I just might feel tired for a bit after you mess with the chakra. Sounds easy enough." He looked around here for a moment. "I guess I am ready…" And with that he would head into the procedure room if told to do so. He was…unsure if he was comfortable or not. He just felt weird really.

Aya had a stretcher called in for Hiroto to hop into so he could be wheeled into the procedure room and operated on. Itami wouldn't be present for it, but she'd be waiting patiently until it was done. In the meantime, she entertained herself with a bit of reading that was available here. Old books, sure, but it was better than nothing.
In the procedure room, once vitals were taken for Hiroto, medics would gather around, each focused on a place in his body and give his body a surge of chakra to flush through his system until his tenketsu were overwhelmed and recalibrated once they managed to flush the excess out of his body. They would repeat this process until his chakra fell into a natural flow.

Hiroto lay there unsure the entire time, but he needed his chakra fixed. It was a real pain to have to deal with, and he hadn't even noticed it this whole time. Really he has been working with it for a while, but until recently he hadn't taken note that he has issue more so then some and his chakra usage wastes some. He waits patiently for something to feel different though really he just started getting a bit tired. All the recallibration was making his body seemingly rethink itself a bit, and it was working double time. This eventually convinced him to close his eyes though he didn't fall into a slumber right away.

After repeating the process enough times, the medics went back to check over his vitals and see if he was stabilized. When all came back green, they took these notes down and called their work complete. Now, he just needed to rest for a bit. Wouldn't be good for him to move in his condition just yet, but given time, he'd be alright if he started slow.
Itami came to visit Hiroto in his post-op room once she was given the go ahead to. Standing to one side of his bed upon arrival, she checked up on him asking, "How are you doing? You were in there for a bit. Guess your body was a bit stubborn, hm?" She smiled.

Hiroto was asleep slightly, but hearing Itami's voice pulled him from it. "Oh? Was I? Well I am doing good I think. Tired is all." He tried to move slightly, but it didn't want to budge right now. "Uhhh… I should get home or something, but I am just..tired..overl so I mean." His eyes closed once more before opening and his gaze settled on Itami. "I guess work needs to be done for making sure it worked well huh?"

"No, you'll be staying here until you're able to move. Wouldn't be right to send you home quite yet. Your fatigue should wear off in an hour or more," Itami states. "Your work can begin only after we're certain you're stable enough to move. From there, it will be work until you've grown accustomed to your chakra again." She observed Aya as she stepped into the room to see how Hiroto was recovering. "Seems like he's doing well if he's talking to you," she notes. "I'll just be in and out. A quick pulse and we'll be good to go." She placed a hand to his chest and began a reading. "To be sure, I'll send medics in here to perform a physical vital, but all signs are pointing to good health."

Hiroto simply nods before closing his eyes again and seemingly drifting a bit. Though Aya walking back in once again pulls him from sleeping. His eyes drift to watch what she does and he seemingly shivers a bit as the pulse of chakra is sent through him. Once knowing what she is doing here though he relaxes and shuts his eyes. This time he planned to just let himself drift into sleep. And unless someone spoke to him directly he would do so.

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