Struggle With No Reward - Retaliation!


Satomi, Daisuke, Kaito, Hisoka

Date: April 30, 2013


Satomi organizes an assault against the merc. group Odaisa.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Struggle With No Reward - Retaliation!"

Land of fire

Satomi was gathering the group at the gates. "Full team… good." She says when everone arrives. "Okay, so… hi.." She quickly walks up to Daisuke and gives him a kiss in front of everyone. Not that she minds, and it's a brief peck. "Sorry, now … to business." She hands everyone a simple folder. It looks like she pieced them together herself, with drawings clearly by Naota to boot.

"Page one, merc organisation Odaisa. Their clothes are drawn on page two. This organisation is renowned for swift invasions by sea. But never got close to Shinobi lands since we're usually at least on par to their military force. Now, as well know we have a bit of a turmoil going on in the land of fire. That made us look weak. And some foreign lord with a lot of money is planning an invasion. The landing was initially planned last week, I only found out by chance. And stopped it with Ogosokamaru. We destroyed three of fifteen boats. Estimations shows we're dealing with about six thousand mercs. Each of them trained. Though no match for a Shinobi. We're looking at high genin level at best.

She continues. "When you look weak appear strong. So … I took the fight to them. The sudden destruction meant they set up camp.." She pauses, turning the page. "Page three, in this island formation. With the boats… behind it. My team gathered intell on that." She looks around the group. "Our job, is to head there, and wreak enough havoc to make them run back to where they came from… wipe them out if need be. Whatever we do, those boats need to go, leave at least two standing so they have means to escape. Always leave an escape route open. And wipe out as many of them as we can. Enough to stop a potential invasion. We can handle them easily here, but an invasion is the last thing we need now with current turmoil. And if they reach mainland, civilian casualties are inevitable. I intend to avoid that.."

"You're handpicked, Kaito, you're rumored to know a thing or two about water combat. Plus our affinity will come in handy with taking out the ships. Daisuke, you're good at killing things on dry land. So you'll be the main force there. Hisoka, you're going to use your nose to pin-point their camps and to sniff out potential traps and ambushes…. I'll be coordinating and supporting wherever. A command unit so to speak." She pauses. "The plan is laid out over page four and five, everyone has their own job… Questions?" She asks while heading for the docks, assuming everyone follows. Answering questions along the way.

Once they arrive at the dock their receive a sloop… It's not much, but it's decent transportation for the short trip to the island formation about fifteen miles down the sea. "Alright, when we approach, Kaito will take the boat and sail around. When you see smoke Kaito, you begin wrecking their ships. Once you're done there you move inland towards the smoke. We'll rendevous….." She points to page six in her little plan. "Here.." She points at a specific spot on the island. Easy to find, hard to ambush. The sails are set, and the wind is blowing, they're on the way to the island formation.

"Hisoka, you stay with Daisuke. But you're beat up pretty bad, so … please be careful." She grabs some bandages and begins fixing up Hisoka, even if he complains. "Come on.. shirt off… you don't want anything bleeding while you're there…" She begins working proffesionally. Applying basic field bandages with basic first aid knowledge from the academy. It hurts and isn't perfect. But on the long run, it should hold…

Hisoka let Satomi leave without him after they finished their talk at the Rocky Area. He had only five minutes to think and for anyone that knows Hisoka, that wasn't a lot of time. Hisoka looks to Kurokane who seems to just be waiting for him to acknowledge what Satomi's said. They sit there silent before Hisoka finally sets his hand on Kurokane's head. "Hey Kurokane." Hisoka starts scratching Kurokane behind the ears. "You think Hanone would feel better if I had a few friends….before I became the strongest?" Kurokane barks once with his tail wagging excessively.
Hisoka shows up a bit late but he figured Satomi would forgive him. The young man's wounds are still fresh but the bleeding has stopped. He looks between those gathered and finally Satomi. Kurokane is at his side and they're both silent until Satomi is finished with the briefing. When Satomi offers to help patch him up Hisoka is surprisingly cooperative. After her rough first aid is administered Hisoka does something that he's never done before "Thanks, Satomi." he figured it would be a good way to butter it up for his next question. "So…go over what you just said but…summarize it a little?"

Kaito is in his usual form, leaned up against a wall with one eye open and looking like he might prefer to be asleep at this point. he smirks slightly at Satomi walks up and kisses Daisuke in front of the group, commenting off-handedly in his serious-sounding but joking tone, "Looks like we're going to die off a distraction already."

Taking the folder, he begins flipping through, still with one eye closed but obviously taking in everything and pondering over it as he does so, as well as listening to Satomi. He remains silent for the duration of the explanation, a faint grin touching his lips as he realizes he's basically been brought along to wreck stuff without prejudice. "Kill them all then? There's no one aboard we need to save or anything like that as far as the current intel says, I see."

As they arrive, he looks to Satomi and gives a nod to her instructions before turning to make his way to the ship, apparently not having any questions. "A plan worthy of the girl who actually woke me up in a round of Shogi. Let's see if the pieces line up as you think they will." Apparently he doesn't plan on intruding his own design on this plan, perhaps satisfied enough with it, though he's likely got some contingency ideas forming in his mind anyway while he boards the ship to make his battle preparations.

Daisuke had been called out on the mission and seemed fairly pleased with the assembled group at the gates. A glance is given to Kaito and a firm nod of the head in silent greeting. When he turns his head back Satomi is there in front of him and gives him a quick peck. He blinks in surprise but doesn't seem to mind one bit, a pleasant smile on his lips afterwards. It had been almost two weeks since he had seen her, after all.
"Jeez, I know who to hire to do my mission reports from now on." Daisuke says as he waves the folder in the air in front of him, impressed with the presentation. He flips through it briefly as Satomi explains, noting appearance which is all he needed. "Who's this Ogosokawhatzit guy? If I wasn't away I would've helped you take em all out and we could be off to dinner and a show."
For the most part Daisuke is quiet along the walk, sticking by Satomi though occasionally he drifts back to Kaito to speak. Hisoka would also get an introduction and some chitchat about his clan, as Daisuke was good friends with Atsuro and acquainted with Sumire and Taiki. Once they hit the docks Daisuke looks over their boat, a bit disappointed with what Konoha could provide for such an important mission, especially considering who was on it.
Daisuke raises an eyebrow at Hisoka's condition as Satomi wraps him up in bandages, wondering what could've caused that and why he had come in such a condition. "Summary is, Keep up with me, kiddo, I know very little about first aid." he says to make sure he stays alert on this mission and doesn't become a liability. Daisuke points to Kaito as well finally after the plan is set. "Stick to that water of yours and we will all have something to brag about when we get home, huh?"

"Yea, about that…" Satomi adds to Daisuke. "I was told, and I troll you not… 'he can handle it' so you better impress" She smiles at Kaito, followed by a wink. "Though it's not an everyday Nara that can beat me two out of three at Shogi. So I have faith in you.." She then twacks Hisoka on the nose. "Your job is to use that nose of yours. These guys are good at chameleon-jutsu's.. they're bound to use the canopy on the islands." She points as they approach the islands. "They'll have spotted us… But I took the liberty to paint … This.."

She pulls something up on the mast, a small black flag with red accents goes up. It's the mark of the merc group. "So… it should hold up until we get to do some damage." She looks at the sun, calculates speed and then the islands. "We start at the eastern island and work our way west. We're at the north side, so the boats are anchored south. That's where Kaito's headed… Use that straight.." She points at some water between the islands. "The boat is small enough to pass through unharmed. And you'll be within eyeshot of the boats." She hops off the boat and focusses her chakra. "Land unit, first intell shows there's five camps. Sixthousand is just a rough estimate. It could be more, could be less. Divide and conqure. Try not to let them retreat and bunch up. Fighting them all at once isn't preferable. Two hours before we rendevous!" She points at a thin smoke column going up at the eastern-most island. "That's camp alpha as pointed out on the plan… So we start there.." She rushes along the waterline, assuming everyone has got their act together and Daisuke and Hisoka get to following her.

Once they arrive near the camp resistance is obvious. Satomi tries to be stealthy on approach, and then lets Daisuke take over, while trusting Hisoka to spot their potential reinforcements. The camp isn't that big. Perhaps a hundred square meters at most. Tents with manually cleared patches of forest. It's - crawling - with soldiers. Must be about nine hundred here. And that shows. Though they're not expecting an attack, and most of them are slacking off. Right now, the nin have the element of suprise.

As soon as Daisuke starts thick smoke starts to rise.

Hisoka could possibly smell a big group of about a hundred soldiers approaching, they're about five minutes out. Additionally, there's sentries in the trees, the group can hear them, but not see them… will they get to jump the shinobi?

Meanwhile Kaito has an easy time.. or so it seems. The ships are armed to the teeth. Some even house canons. Others are filled to the brim with archers. Things don't look like they'll be easy. Additionally these ships are MASSIVE! Truely warships. Fit for carrying an army. However, Kaito has more immidiate things to worry about.

"Eh? We didn't order you to go here!" Says a foreign voice after he clears the secret strait between the islands in the boats become visible… another sloop approaches. "Eh? WHO THE TOTES ARE YOU!? - Men, open fire!" Bows are spun, and arrows begin flying Kaito's way. Seems these guys aren't the trusting sorts… shoot first, ask questions later.

"Got it," Kaito calls back with a thumbs up at Daisuke just before boarding the ship. He listens to Satomi's spill silently, looking ahead at the targets ahead with his one open eye as she explains. Meanwhile, he actually SITS on the deck while she talks, almost meditative in his laziness as he ponders over what jutsu to use for this. Once she hops off, he actually closes his open eye and almost seems to fall asleep as he waits for the action to start. Anyone who can sense chakra would actually feel that he's focussing chakra in preparation.

Once the ship actually approaches the destination for where the fun will start, Kaito finally opens that eye again. He yawns and bit as the guy starts yelling from the boats then quickly moves through a set of hand seals to brings up a wall of water in front of the boat to deflect the arrows. "What, your momma didn't tell you that daddy's coming home?" he calls back sarcastically as dozens of senbon begin firing out of that wall of water at the men aboard the boats, striking without mercy in attempts to take as many of them out as possible. Surprisingly enough-well, maybe not so much- he still has yet to stand up or open his other eye. "I hope your superiors are more of a challenge than this."

Daisuke chuckles, he guesses he would have to go all out this time to clean up 6000 mercs. "I'm usually the distraction on the front line anyway, so do what you have to do on the islands while I pull attention, just try not to stand anywhere near where I'm facing please." he says as he hops down onto the land from the ship. He follows Satomi in a group with Hisoka until they reach the camp. As the other two take up their positions and get to work on the sentries and such, Daisuke moves into the camp from the treeline, approaching one of the backs of the tents before the soldiers resting around fires and telling stories. 'Not just one person watching us today, Son. Time to test our might against six thousand genin.' The feeling of amusement accompanied by the thrill and thirst to unleash washes over him as he gets pumped up, who needs a song to pump you up when your adrenaline was as motivational as his.
Slamming his fists together, Daisuke lets out a wild shout as his chakra explodes, the area around him punished by the force of the unleash of so much chakra. The tent beside him is literally thrown to the wind and the earth beneath his feet cracks under the sudden added pressure of a reddish orange cloak of chakra that surrounds Daisuke, shaped around his body. Daisuke himself has grown muscle mass all over his body, from his neck to feet, and his shirt has completely torn off from the expansion of size. His long wavy crimson hair falls down his back and over his shoulders, onto his chest. Daisuke's eyes glow as gold as a wolf, piercing through all those they look upon as if staring right through them. The most obvious change in Daisuke's appearance aside from the cloak is the bright red fur covering the shoulders, arms, and sides of his torso, leaving his hands and chest bare to the world. Where the red fur stops is anyone's guess. Behind his sways three massive red, furry tails that looks to have come from the back of his pants, all towering at least a foot taller then the already six and a half foot Jounin. The demonic chakra itself gives off a sickly feeling that would affect almost anyone's stomach, and those keenly linked to chakra senses would feel downright awful.
"The devil has come for you all!" Daisuke shouts in an odd, deep, double-voice, as his and Son's connection is almost perfect. Daisuke holds his hands out to the sides, clapping them together powerfully before his cloak sprouts appendages from everywhere and begins to attack, grabbing soldiers and tossing them, snapping necks, stabbing, impaling, uprooting supplies and tossing, bashing, and bludgeoning. It was like watching some kind of tentacled devil as he walks through the camp, his cloak attacking and defending as he goes, the soldiers around most likely completely confused as to what was going on, and his appearance wouldn't make them any more at ease.

Satomi gasps while she receives a kick in the back. Though she recuperates and slips out a kunai, stabbing the man in the neck before working through the small crowd that comes down at her. "Nice going Hisoka, come on get your act together!" She nods as Hisoka informs her about incoming soldiers. "I got them…" She mentions, getting into the canopy and making a set of seals, the shadows twitching and gather, before WHAT THE GUSTA IS DAISUKE DOING?! She looks over her shoulder briefly at the destruction before just ignoring it.. okay, don't get in the way… easy enough.

"THe Hisoka-Tomi formation?" She asks, while her shadow rolls out as a carpent over the approaching soldiers, all of them stuck in a shadow bind while Hisoka suddenly shows up with Kurokane as metal sword, rushing past the group. Limbs fly around everywhere while they're lined up like lambs for a slaughter.

Daisuke succesfully clears camp alpha and on the way to camp beta one would quickly notice it's actually a collecting of three big camps in the middle island. There's a good two thousand soldiers here, and lots of things to wreck.

Satomi is handling people running off to warn others, while also looking at the sea to check if things are going boom there… they should be. "Lets go!" She yells at Hisoka, before rushing off towards the beach to check on things there.

Meanwhile Kaito has attracted attention. A few arrows from one boat is one thing. The next mo- 'BOOM BOOM BOOM' Ojelly, sounds like canons to me! Three canon balls fly Kaito's way from the first ship at fast speeds, trying to get him sinking. And then… the sky darkens as a good two hundred arrows, a full on cloud is send his way. It's huge…!

Daisuke does't get it easy either. These guys are trained to have no fear. So Guilliver style they stab at him with spears and try to tie him up with ropes. One guy at one point really goes balls out, seems like camp commander, who literally runs up to Daisuke with a hammer twice his size, made of metal, aiming to crush Daisuke's skull with one overhead smash.

As the arrows blot out the sun in black, Kaito chooses to fight… or rather remain relaxed in the shadow of his water wall. The canon balls are halted by the wall, and the Chuunin just yawns again. "You guys rickroll at this," he comments as he tilts his head side to side to make it crack a bit. Unfortunately, a few arrows do get past the wall, stabbing into the deck of the ship and a couple into arm. "Son of a…"

And now things starts to get a little more serious from him, as he moves his hands through hand seals and creates his own cloud, this one literal, and it begins to rain over the sea where he is waging war on the ships. One might wonder the purpose of this until, in the middle of those ships, water begins to spiral around on the surface of the sea as well as in the air, the rain itself twisting to become apart of this as a typhoon of water shoots up amongst the ships, swirling violently as it attempts to suck up and shred the ships and their crewmen to pieces.

As blood trickles down his arms, Kaito starts to look a little umad, and he finally opens both eyes. Somebody's gonna get hurt… "Game over," he says, eyebrows furrowing as he moves through a seat of handseals. "Suiton: Seisui no Yari!" With that, he spews forth a violent jet of water, powerful enough to rip through ships and bodies like butter if they don't get out of the way. He turns his head back and forth as he does so, aiming the spear at anything moving within the enemies' ships, not intending on letting any of them have so much as a chance to swim back to shore.

Daisuke walks towards the next camp, noticing how close the camp was to the other two. He smiles inwardly, knowing his specialty was area of destruction, this should suit it just fine. As the soldier run up, their lack of fear or emotion impresses Daisuke, and a few of them are even able to overwhelm his cloak for a moment and strike at his arm to draw blood. The sizzle of the wound beginning to close is completely drowned out by the sound of battle all around, Daisuke going to work and extending his tendrils of chakra even further distance this time to combat the improved numbers. One larger man whom Daisuke assumes is the commander runs at him with ah oversized hammer. He brings it down upon the cloaked Senju, who looks like he gets smushed, though his cloaked form literally has shed from his cloak, leaving only a dense bit of cloak remaining to get smooshed, though he doesn't get away unscathed with that kind of move.
With the sheer numbers Daisuke's tendrils were going too slow for his taste and he figures that he would eventually be overwhelmed if he doesnt step it up. Focusing from within his cloak, he causes the long tendrils to suddenly branch out with more, chasing down and rounding up everyone in sight and fighting others back, leading everyone directly in front of his line of sight. And now for the reason he tells his team mates never stand in front of him. From within the cloak, instead of dripping down to hit the ground, the blood from Daisuke's wounds is floating around. These globules of blood begin to mix with his chakra and infuse into dark chakra balls. Daisuke pushes his own chakra out from within as well and brilliant blue balls of chakra begin to float around the darker ones. Daisuke brings these chakra balls together in front of him, mixing in with one another and creating a giant black ball the size of his torso. Suddenly, without a move made by Daisuke, the ball shrinks to the size of a golf ball and the earth holding Daisuke buckles underneath the pressure of such a dense amount of chakra. Daisuke literally opens his mouth and swallows this ball of chakra, his body immediately reacting as it expands to comical proportions, briefly looking like a small Akimichi. Opening his mouth, Daisuke literally throws up the chakra he consumed, except for the fact that within his body this chakra has been re-distributed so that what Daisuke releases is a massive blast of chakra energy so bright that the area around the island is momentarily lit up in white light. The blast streaks not just towards the camps themselves and all the mercs caught in the line by his chakra arms, but carries onward towards the end of the island and the water beyond, creating a small, deepwater crevice a few miles out into the water. As the whatever was in the line of sight, it would be replaced by Daisuke looks annoyed after, "Not there yet…"

While utter destruction has not been achieved. Victory has. The mercs are running for their lives. Those who can jump ship and OH GOD THE SHIPS … some of them are even swimming back. Not a lot of resistance left in these. Their moral was utterly crushed. What the frick were we doing in Shinobi lands anyways. That idea was crazy! Satomi nods and watches the moral being borken. "Let them retreat, and tell stories of the land of fire… the land you don't…. *Beeep* with! She reaches into her belt and slides out a signal fire, pressing a button so the flare flies up into the air. It's a faint yellow smoke-ish thing. But it's clear enough if you're looking out for it. Retreat and regroup at the rendevouz point.

Once they reach the rendevouz point Satomi allows Daisuke and Hisoka to go clear up whatever stragglers are left on the island, while having Kaito prepare their arrow littered sloop. "Good job.." She says to everyone, noticing everyone got a little beaten up at some point. She also grabs Daisuke apart. "And you sir, owe me a date … Don't disappear on me like that!" She gives him a firm look before a long drawn kiss, after which she sends him off into the island with a kick up his but. "Go kill things.." She says with a quiet chuckles.

A few hours later they find themselves back in the docks. A big thick and dark smoke column rising from the islands while the heroes get off their little vessle and return to mainland. "Hashi will be pleased.." Satomi says, before starting the victory stroll back to the village.

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