Return Of A Hero - Dead Men DO Tell Tales


Raiga, Rain, Koudo, Ketsuki, Reza, Ryoji, Hoiishime, Mune, Tsukiko

Date: November 23, 2010


The mysterious hero that saved Kusagakure and everyone in it has been unconscious for two days. Not surprising considering the amount of Chakra he used to stop the Storm. But plenty of other surprises will make up for it, not the least of which is the variety of visitors that show up in the hero's hospital room…

"Return Of A Hero - Dead Men DO Tell Tales"

Medical Center - Kusagakure

A super cyclone nearly wiped Kusagakure off the face of the Earth. One man stopped it. In the process, he has greatly weakened himself. Now he lies in a hospital bed, guarded by the same people whose lives he saved. He is a rather large man, both in terms of height and muscles. He has short-cropped, spiky white hair, and dark-toned skin consistent with a Yotsuki Clan member. His face is weathered, and his body scarred across almost all of his impressive physique. One particular scar lies almost dead-center in his chest, over his heart.
The doctors have been trying to help him for a couple days now, but other than letting him sleep, and providing him with fluid intake and so forth, they seem unable to do much. It is mostly Chakra-exhaustion that is keeping him unconscious, not any current injuries.
Which may be a bit unbelievable, considering his arrival after the storm consisted of slamming into a street from thousands of feet up, at more than 200 mph. Who is he? That is unclear. What is clear is that he is a registered proctor for the tournament, under the name 'G. Yorai'. Most people just call him 'G', or his nickname, 'Torpedo' (a pun on the word 'Gyorai'). He is a strict, imposing, but ultimately valiant and loyal individual. He is well-liked by Kusagakure's own Jounin.
But who is he really? Where did he come from? Such questions may soon be answered. Heavily guarded, the hospital room is checked on regularly by medical staff, but so far most Medic-Nin have been too occupied with the tournament to break away and deal with an unknown patient. Even after he made sure there was still a Village for the tournament to be held in, most people have their own problems.

A buzz-worthy star falling from the sky was not something to go unnoticed by Rain, however netiher was the storm itself. He was quite curious about it indeed for many reasons. Firstly, it was nearly unnatural. Something of that magnitude coming together was once in a life time rare if that. Secondly, it was very convinient given the location and the occupants of the village. Nature sure did pick the right time to take out most known govermental power, or atleast attempt to. Thirdly for one man to stop something like that requires a vast amount of knowledge and power. Even if the knowledge is specific to simply your own limitations, very few would have that "knowledge" and move to stop such an event with by themselves. Unless there was some planning done and dismissed for rash action Rain was unaware of, that was fishy to him. Lastly, from the small amount of information he could gather, a Yotsuki seeming man dealing with a great storm was yet another convinience. There were many ways that detail could play out, but regardless, Rain was interested in meeting the man i nthe flesh, even if unconcious just out of curiosity, let alone fact finding.

A falcon had landed on the windowsill of an office, with an urgent message for Koudo who's large stack of files piled in his outbox showed that he had been hard at work. The Suna ninja had orders from his post on the council to notify headquarters of any severe storms, or unusual weather patterns that may occur. His research on the matter of unnatural storms had brought little more to speculate than that the storms to hit Sunagakure were caused by extraordinarily powerful means, rather than nature itself. The message read of the cyclone to hit at the Village Hidden in the Grass, and as he read it, dread donned over him. This power was back, and if it was truly the same power, he would have expected it. He had a clue pointing him in the right direction, but he couldn't confirm anything without experiencing it first hand.
He had to investigate, speedily making his journey back to Kusagakure. His heart was racing, though he tried to keep his cool when he got to the village, and started asking around. It wasn't difficult to learn of the man that fell from the sky, by word of mouth. He learned they were at the hospital, but having lived from such a fall was such an extraordinary occurance that he felt it was of great importance to meet them. The cause of the attacks on his village, and on this village that had welcomed everyone to participate in the world ninja competition, was pointing to him, whoever he was, whether his role was for good or worse. Koudo however, knew that the truth would be told in time, he still needed to do what he could.
Koudo, the large man in hooded robes, walks up to the hospital, and wonders what it is he would find here. Also, how he would get in to see the man. If anything he would have to use his diplomatic status as leverage. Approaching the guarded door he says "Hello, I am here to see G. Yorai-san." He pauses and it didn't seem like they really cared what he was there to do but he wasn't getting in, and he lets out a long sigh. With a swift motion of the arm the robes fly off and he stands bearing his full face and head of hair, large arms, and clan symbol. "I am Fukuzawa Koudo, from the coucil of Sunagakure jounin!" He introduces himself in a deep and honorific tone, with eyes brightly casting out pride to the guards. Placing his fists together before his chest, and bowing "Please, I must speak with Mr. G."

Ketsuki waited patiently for the first chance to lay eyes on the man who had saved them all. The storm was incredible, unlike anything he had ever seen or could concieve. Beyond all that the whispers around were that another Shinobi had caused the storm, to imagine something of that power and grand scale starting from one person's chakra. These rumors and whispers had Ketsuki starving for the truth, he was pacing back and forth impatiently when a large man in hooded robes stormed in the room. Ketsuki's head perked to him as he heard the man's name for the first time, "Mr. G." He said out loud as he moved back to his seat. Any moment now they should be allowed to speak with the man, or at least be able to hear him speak.

Reza is like most humans. When someone calls him something out of his name he prefers a reason for it, and when there is one, he prefers to know it. Being called "Outsider" once, was enough to spark his curiousity. But when that same individual rescues a village from a devastating "weather anomally" and proceeds to call him "Outsider" again, curiousity is less a word and more of a nagging purpose which drives his following actions. Reza was intent to get some answers, and for this purpose he'd arrive at the medical center with all intent to do just that if at all possible.

'Of all forms of power, information in the end is the greatest.' This was the phrase that kept reverberating through Ryoji's mind for the past couple of days, and now was the time for the Iga to see if this ancient advice had any merit.
Much like any in the know finding G-san's room based on rumors and whispered conversations was simple. There was a problem however that needed solving first before the Iga could investigate the man personally just yet. So, to solve this Ryoji for the time being set up shop in the lobby and poised himself as if asleep. In reality however a sliver, almost non-existent string of flesh was carefully being manipulated to both blend in with the corners of the walls if not the floors as it made its way slowly throughout the hospital. Every once in a while, the tip of the fleshy construct would be reshaped into an miniature eye or ear to listen out for changes or overhear conversations about the patient before moving and branching out until he found a secure means of spying in. A risk was taken in the form of enter a vacant room not too far from G-san and pushing into an exposed wall outlet and spread out the sensory array throughout the building until he found the room.
Naturally the electricity coursing along the line DID disrupt his already weak signals as it is, but he manage to tame it enough to proceed out of another wall outlet in the injured mans room. The first thing he did was spread the line towards the corners and even underneath the bed before remolding them into compound eyes, hairs, and ears to listen and watch. Just in case the jounins had a chakra sensory nin abound some parts were intentionally scattered around other parts of the hospital with chakra level as weak as most pests.
'Ketsuki, Boss-man, and Koudo's voices inside? This will be entertaining.' Ryoji thought only once he was assured that everything was going according to plan. Worst-case scenario he would just have to pin the blame on one of the receptionist or one of the others in the room with him via a false link connected to the ears or hair.

To be medical personnel, caring for any individual who is well-known, imfamous, or otherwise, is a hassle for multiple reasons. Many of the same come from the increasing notoriety that the individual gained from his or her exploits. When someone does something extraordinary, he or she garners attention like exposed meat to flies and bacteria. This man… G. Yorai, had apparently been a 'top dog' apparently in Kusagakure already. However, with the single-handed task of protecting his entire village from catastrophe by some unknown force, he would gain more recognition, and attention, not just from his comrades, but the entire ninja world. This time, he had not just protected those of his home, but all those who had gathered her for the World Tournamanent.
This would not bode well for any medical nin seeking to care for this individual, undisturbed. The people poured in from all over it seemed. The Kages', high ranking diplomats, yaddayada… All of them wanted to know /something/. Hoiishime, had bee just as curious sure, but because he, along with Kishi Mune, had been most familiar with this man's condition, and to the events leading to, the monk from Kumo, only wanted to help. Even now, his serves, were volunteered to the Medical Center anyway, as a genin who had been well of above many as far as healing skill. He would serve as an mere aid, only around to keep the room of G Yosai tidy, as well as keep an eye on him while he rested. The room had been quiet for some time… but it seemed such would not remain that way.
"SHHHHHHHH!!!", would be said to Koudo, who could come bursting into the room, screaming his introduction as if the man who saved Kusagakure, hadn't went through enough. "He be restin' himself..", would be said in a quiet tone, before Hoiishime would then bow to the man whom had introduced himself as council.. "Hanma Hoiishime.. genin mednin of Kumogakure. G-san still be quite indeed restin'.."

Hoiishime was not the only Medic-Nin in the room, though Mune had only just arrived a moment ago. She had to inform certain people about what was going on. And she also recommended that an alternative means of extracting agents of the Tao Shih when Chakra is not usable for some reason be thought up and implemented. Now she is looking around the room and frowning behind the high collar of her white, leather longcoat. "Why is there so little equipment in here? IV… Artificial respirator… Is this really it?" She shakes her head and moves towards this 'G'. He seems to be breathing normally… But someone can breathe normally while bleeding internally. Or any number of other issues. This seems really slip-shod.
"Do you know the Diagnostic Technique, kid?" she asks of Hoiishime as she turns towards him, arms crossed underneath her partially-bare chest. Koudo arriving a moment later would make her turn her attention on him the same as Hoiishime did. Though she is a bit less polite about it. "You know this is a hospital and not a cattleyard, right? Less shouting would be preferable." She heaves a sigh and then returns her cyan gaze to Hoiishime briefly before looking to the patient.
"If you do know that technique, I hope I don't need to suggest it be used, and that you already used it."

The room is guarded, but entering the hospital itself would be no difficult feat. Even bypassing the reception desk would be given little attention, other than by the receptionists. It is when it comes time to actually enter the last room at the end of a hall on the second floor that one would find that entire end of the hall packed with various ninja, including some of Kusagakure's Jounin. Koudo's request to see G is met with careful looks between the ninja, before one starts to step forward to ask what business Koudo has. But before he can do so, Koudo has announced his identity, loudly and flamboyantly.
The man pauses, and then says, "Well, alright. But you'll need to be accompanied. For the safety of all of us. We want the first face that Torpedo sees when he wakes up to be a familiar one. He's not a morning person, nor does he like strangers." Then the Jounin gestures and most of the ninja in the hall step backwards and… Merge with the walls! Some even leap up onto the ceiling and sink into after forming hand seals. Suddenly the only ones in the hall are the first Kusa Jounin to speak, and Koudo. Rain and Reza are still downstairs, presumably, or on their way up, but they'll be permitted in the same. They just need an escort to enter the room.
Ryoji's spying eyes and ears go unnoticed for now, unless some skilled ninja takes note. The Jounin nods his head slightly to Hoiishime and Mune once he enters, and says, "My apologies, Hanma-san. A Councilman from Sunagakure has arrived and… He may not be aware of our… Ways." He glances over his shoulder briefly at Koudo, before shrugging and moving aside. He keeps an eye on G either way.
Ketsuki in the lobby would not be sent up to see G immediately, but he did put forth the request, presumably. If he did, then one of the receptionists calls his name and lets him know he can go up. She even gives him a guest pass thing on a string to wear around his neck.

Rain would make his way in with short greetings and of course a bit of an identity check where required, but ventually he'd arrive near the location of the patient. It was… a lot less guarded than he imagined at first glance. Glancing around for a moment, Ryoji who was "asleep" and Koudo who was just stepping out of the room with a guard of some sort would be noticed as well of course as the glimpse of Mune's truely recognizable form. "I do hope this is not a "one at a time" affair…" Rain would state aloud before looking towards Ryoji for a moment and passing him, leaving him undisturbed. "I don't plan to be here long, but i do intend to see the patient." he would announce withi nthe room. This was a shinobi village after all, even if it was a minor one, someone was bound to be listening some how.

Koudo seemed to have missed the sight of a sleeping Iga due to his intent rushing. Talking to the Kusagakure jounin, Koudo notes their skill with earth jutsu as impressive, and listening to them he says "I understand, thank you." With a respectful bow. He his met with a loud hiss from a young ninja, turning to him with a burdened expression he notices the interesting accent and dreadlocks. He could tell this ninja was being polite and sincere, which he respected, and though Koudo was of a higher rank, he addressed the Kumo genin with proper greetings. Lowering his voice to abide by the rules "Forgive me, Hanma-san." He says shutting his eyes and bowing his head. Then out of the corner of his eyes he saw Mune, whom he vaguely reckognized, but he had done wrong in this hospital room as his cheery voice disturbed their work, he saw this in her.
He noticed another as well, a young Konoha shinobi, but didn't know who he was. There were more people too, he saw Rain-sama, which brings a smile to his face, and in almost a whisper he says "Hello, Rain-san." Tilting his head "It has been a while, I guess you have been very busy." He chuckles with a nod, and behind him, notices Reza. He had met this Kumo-nin briefly once in Suna, of all places, and a nod is offered. Scanning once again over the group gathered around G-san, he had the sense of mind and will to want to bring the situation to a warm welcome "I hope we are all here to learn of what has happened. I have no doubt that we can support each other and our villages if we wish to get to the bottom of this. I have just learned that G-san saved all of our people from destruction. He deserves our thanks."

After a brief ID check, Reza also made his way into the hall joining Rain and Koudo. Giving only a brief nod to both he'd stroke his chin as to whether he should complete his goal while others are around. As Koudo spoke he'd nod. "Indeed, but there's still a bit of mystery to the entire situation. When he awakens, it should be interesting."

Intelligence, Guile, and Adaptability are the three things that seperate a good Iga from a bad one. Ryoji had all three of theses and more to spare. Thankfully for now, he wouldnt have to worry to much about them--and there goes one of his eye cams. Curious and if he had to be honest, deeply concerned, the Iga began to shift around in his seat as if suffering from a bad dream had suddenly disturbed him. Thus allowing him to shift his hands together for a loosely in a hand sign created by his clan.
Within moments hes back online yet at a price of the scene suddenly shifting again. 'So, she's here too… that figures, but now they're just…' He trails off in thought as he felt Rain's glances towards him, and began to sweat a little until the Uchiha finally turned his attention back to the task at hand. A quiet sigh of relief followed by leaning back in his seat with his hands propped up behind the hood of long coat. '…Surprised noone pressed for an infusion of liquidized soldier pills by now… bleeding hearts….' He thought both half-amused and a little bitter.
In the back of his head he began to wonder if maybe taking physical notes might be a good idea, but such a thing was too much of risk. Instead he turned to gathering a few of the outlying false trail organs and moved them outside discretely to monitor the immediate surroundings incase whatever trouble that was the source of the storm happened to come back for a little revenge. An even lesser amount branch off into the village, but with all these sensors mucking about Ryoji was taxing himself a little too much… perhaps.

Looking to Mune as she analyzed what's in the room, Hoiishime would sigh, and say, "Ya know, Kusa don't be seemin' to spare much ere' since most of da injuries be on site at da Arena.." Hoiishime would look to what was around and say, "…However, dat don' be much needed so far…" Hoiishime would look to the woman and her seemingly snobby behavior nonchalantly. It didn't matter to him, and it wouldn't effect him much.. The questions would be answered in order, though the pause for her own comments to Koudo, would be there as well.
"Indeed… I be well versed in such, as well as in procedure.. use of such only be needed every 15 minutes… 10 if trauma was involved at the time of injury.. I be usin' it well since the man be grabbin me leg. No trauma was afflicted beyond da fall, and even den', did one's body type.. be well versed in takin hard impact. He be built like da Yotsuki back home!" Hoiishime would chuckle, before he would then say, "Da only ting.. Da nutrient levels of dese' fluids, be two plain for da big guy… Dat be da ting about having chakra reserves so huge… To refill um', takes just as much effort as to spend it all."
Of course, the situation in the hall, would not go unnoticed. To be honest, ninja jumping from every crevice of an open hall that once was empty, was pretty shocking. Hoiishime, hadn't be able to detect none of those guys early. He'd smile to the words of the guard Jounin, and bow, "I just be glad I be cleared to be here, now dat I'm seein you guys.." Seeing as the Jounin had been remaining around, Hoii would have no more words for Koudo, though the ask for forgiveness would nodded to deeply. After all, this man, though he had been rather loud and unseemly, was still a high ranking officer of another village. This deserved respect.
Then came the arrival of another. One of those Kage types, or leaders. The words of the man would be heard, even as Hoiishime was seeking to other things through out the room. "Such be welcomed currently, Lord Uchiha.. However, da only ting me askin', be keep mindful of we care over G.-san.. Otherwise, we welcome you in him stead." Reza's words, would seem to queue in his entrance, and though Reza was right in his words, everyone of thise high ranking and very smart visitors had yet to seem to realize.
The man currently unconscious.
People were to eager to simply sit down and wait until the man had been awaken. The privilege had been give, to pay respects, deliver thanks in some form, and leave…. Thats all. Ninja, however, were nosy, suspicious of everything, and caring of very little.
The more voices that entered, the room, the more Hoiishime, as he worked, was being disturbed. He didn't want to be rude, however, in any situation where a soldier's treatment, was being neglected or interfered with, medical personal, had the right to take authority, and precedence. As of a Despite this all, work seemed to still need be done. Hoiishime would seem to have his hands ready for a seal before he would say to Mune. "Currently, I be prepare a pure water-chakra infusion… I be needing a bag please, 0.02% potassium nitrate, with an natural salt base." Once the bag had been found, or given, Hoiishime would seem to handseal, over the bag, infusing the contents with a unique form of water chakra, cultivated from his own reserves.. The bag would glow blue momentarily, before being prepared for intravenous introduction.

Mune is not accustomed to taking orders on medical matters, but she is also not accustomed to refusing simply to be contrary. So she hmphs at the confirmation that the Diagnostic Technique is being used regularly, and then provides the requested bag with the appropriate contents. Something seems off, however. Glancing towards Reza and Rain when they enter shortly after Koudo, Mune nods once towards the two. She knows Rain, of course, but Reza is only known by virtue of having seen him on the street when this 'G' showed up.
Looking towards the man in the bed, she frowns. Something feels out of place here. "…Surprisingly little medical equipment. Almost like they don't care if he lives or dies." She turns her attention on the Jounin that lead Koudo in and says, "Why is there no monitor for heart rate at least? Blood pressure? Pulse? Anything at all beyond these TWO things?" She points accusingly towards the respirator and IV. Sure, there's spare medical supplies in here for things like what Hoiishime is doing… But… That's not really enough.
Mune also gets the feeling she's being watched, but that's put in the back of her mind, since it is not all that important. What is more important is this situation… It just feels wrong. She moves forward, and if Hoiishime is not done with the new bag for G, she nudges him aside none-too-gently. She slaps one hand on G's chest over that huge scar, and focuses her Chakra to scan his body. Hoiishime may not have found anything odd, but she is not convinced. Not even after she finds nothing odd either. Delving deeper, she starts to tap into her command of Chi to augment her Diagnostic Technique. And that's when she makes a startling discovery.
"…This man's chest is hollow." No duh? She shakes her head and says, "Blood is still pumping into and out of his heart… But the space where his heart should be is EMPTY. There's nothing actually THERE." She turns her eyes on the rest of the room, angry though she doesn't know why she's angered. Maybe because she feels someone should have realized earlier that the sounds of the heart and the flow of blood were taken as indicators that all was well, rathre than an actual examination via x-ray or similar. "This 'G' should not even be alive right now."

Rain is escorted in by another ninja who comes in from downstairs. He seems to already know that Rain is here and who he is here to see, because he just guides him into the room without a word. Reza is allowed in at the same time, as the Chuunin holds open the door. The responses from the Jounin friend of G's is appropriate to one who is nearly being accused of wanting his friend to die. His expression darkens as he says, "Normal medical equipment doesn't work around him. He has an extremely high electrical output in his body. We don't know why. It interferes with most of our modern devices. I agree that we need a better solution, but for the moment--What are you doing?" He breaks off as Mune moves forcefully to check out Yorai. He doesn't interfere though, thinking perhaps there is something wrong and she can fix it. What is actually said, however… Is more than a little bit startling.
"What? That's impossible! You must be mistaken, Kishi-san!" But Mune is not mistaken. The blood is still circulating through his body, but right at the spot where his heart should be… There's nothing. It's like the heart has turned invisible somehow, as well as its contents. Or like the heart is… Somewhere else?
That's when G suddenly opens his eyes. The first face he sees is Mune's. He pauses for a long, tense moment, not moving or acting in any way. G's friend waits stock-still, not wanting to call attention to himself if G responds poorly to a stranger's face upon waking up in a strange place.
But G just blinks once. Then a second time. He looks a bit perplexed, rather than angry. He tries to sit up, but finds it more difficult than it should be. "What… Makoto… What are you doing here? I… They said you'd been killed--Wait. …You're >not< Makoto." He seems to come to a realization after looking Mune over more carefully. Then he sweeps his gaze over the rest of the room, taking in all he sees. Some faces he knows, others he does not. His gaze lingers in one corner of the room, where there is seemingly nothing at all, but then he relaxes back into the bed, whether someone is insisting on such or not.
"I will have to remember," he begins. "The next time that I wish to stop a cyclone of that magnitude, that I am not as young as I used to be."

"You may also want to remember to come back in one piece." Rain would state with a raised brow after overhearing the… issue. "It appears you are… not whole. Atleast visibly so. I would suggest that you take it easy, incase this has some sort of delayed effect. Still, welcome back to the land of the living, even if we are uncertain as to whether you are or not." Rain would state as he'd settle in. "I suppose my first question has to be… why you thought that handling that storm alone was even possible, let alone a good idea? You are too old for simple recklessness and too powerful assumedly to simply take risks without a plan."

Koudo nods to Reza and says "Yes, there are many unanswered questions." He watches Hoiishime work his medical ninjutsu and then, as Mune takes over, he senses an air with a tense shadow of the unknown. Once Mune speaks, he looks at the body, and his eyebrow raises in confusion. His thoughts taking over of how that was possible, and if he was dead or alive, perhaps neither. His eyes widen at the thought, and then he says "Well can't you still get him to talk, is he responsive?" He snarls a bit with frustration at the whole situation "This threat is still out there, and he knows what happned. If G-san does not awaken, then we will all be doomed!" He says, then cupping his brow in his hand "..The Sand…We have already lost many."
Then silence washes over him as he notices G-san open his eyes. He is in awe of the man in the hospital bed, and he looks towards the spot in the room that G-san was gazing at, but sees nothing. Observing the conversation and giving him some time to gather himself, before doing anything. It was a short time, but nonetheless this was urgent. Koudo takes a step forward and puts his fists together, bowing his head as he speaks "I am Fukuzawa Koudo, Suna council. I offer thanks and gratitude from the Sand, we are indebted to your acts of bravery against the storm." He says in an official tone yet with genuity. "How…did you…?" He seems rather hesitant or else he's still simply in awe. He also nods to Rain-san's words, who always seemed to have a vast comprehension and smart way of thinking.

Reza crosses his arms after a brief nod greeting to Hoiishime. "No heart…yet he lives…we're in a different realm altogether now." He'd say not giving away the his true shock towards such a revelation. As this G fellow awakens and Rain immediately jumps into questions Reza would simply lean against some random wall, hopefully no grass ninja were in it. "Not even 5 minutes into consciousness and he get's the question game." Shrugging Reza would get comfy against the wall knowing that certain questions he might have had, may be redundant if asked by this Rain fellow.

All the jargon over medical stuff went completely over the relaxed wanderer's head. Even so, he dutiful recording every detail. That is until
'Heh, he has no heart.' After a few seconds of thinking about it Ryoji springs forward in his seat with a WTH look about him and his breathing a bit labored. The source of his sudden fatigue becomes apparent in his straining to maintain the link to his organs along with keeping them hidden. Sadly the outer most organs, a pair of eyes staring up at a customer of a ramen stand scares off everyone (chef included) before it dissolves into tears of acid incase the authorities are called in to check things out.
Meanwhile, back to somewhere more important! It was slow going, but in time he regained clarity and set things to right. Any acts of assistance or words of concern are waved off politely as settled himself back in to re-think things. Despite the renewed calm, his heart skips a beat when G-sans gaze lingers way to long on the corner where an eye cam was set up. Was he discovered so soon? Or was the demi-god peering into a world beyond even his perceptive abilities? Such quandaries are dismissed with a snort of bemusement at first; but then Reza speaks of being in another realm. This gets Ryoji thinking about the possibilities of maybe some time-space jutsu being at work or some incredible Kekkei Genkai or super special seal mastery at work. IF that is to be the case, shouldn't that have been included in the initial exams of the patient when he brought it in?
Obviously someone is not doing there job… Or is this all intentional? Narrowing his eyes, Ryoji thinks, 'A set-up…' Another disturbing thought that causes Ryoji to turn his head worriedly in the room's direction.

Being pushed out of the way wasn't nice, but apparently it was nescessary. Medical personnel work like that. "Hollow… what do you mea--…HUH???" Yep… There is Hoiishime's reaction to this entirely large problem. "But that's impossible! I mean, how do I be knowin' to check him heart, when he be havin a pulse? Arterial pressure… Blood Perfusion… Ya don' be havin none without a heart, mon. Period!" Hoiishime would look to Rain's comment, and then to the scar. Finally recognizing it, he would remember it well from when G. was first discovered.. "It couldn't be happenin durin' the storm though… da scar be too old." Koudo's comments, would only seek to make him look more and more selfish, and particular uncaring. Stirring someone from unconsciousness wasn't something they could do, and even if they could, there was no guarantee that the human brain would not have suffered some damage.
Still when the mystery awakens all of a sudden, it was then that the bombardment of questions from everyone begins. He would look to the man, who had been now seeming to just recognize his surroundings, and then Hoiishime proceeds to observe anything else that may be odd. Meanwhile, Hoiishime would keep his bed side manner, seeking to gather pillows and what have you… The man missing a heart was no reason for being uncomfortable.

Mune freezes where she is when she sees those grey eyes open. Her own eyes are not wide or shocked, just… The same as this man's really. At least in terms of expression. The coloration is different. When he tries to sit up and calls her by that name again, she starts to protest, but instead just acknowledges his statement with a nod when he realizes she is not Makoto. She moves back and allows Hoiishime to take care of G, staying quiet for now as everyone asks all the questions and give thanks and so forth.
The question most pressing in her mind, of course, is 'How did you know my mother?' But it's almost like once he realized she wasn't Makoto, G has been avoiding looking at her. Then again, there are lots of others in the room. Maybe he is just distracted and reacclimating to being awake.

G does not seem to fully grasp the implications of Rain's cryptic words. That or he does but is not demonstrating such other than by frowning at him. "I >knew< it was possible because I could sense what was driving the Storm forward. And I know how to deal with such motivating forces. And I know it was a good idea because the lives here in Kusagakure -- every last one of them -- would have been lost if the Storm was not stopped. That would include your own. The Storm was not one that would occur normally, and thus was not one that would end normally. It would have continued until stopped by force."
Then he focuses on Koudo and nods to him. "How did I what? Stop the Storm? Well… There was an energy within the cyclone. Something making it stronger and giving it guidance -- though not intelligent guidance. It was much more an instinctive direction. I will not bore you with the details. I disrupted that energy, and then used my other techniques to reverse the Storm, rather than permit it to terminate violently. That would have stripped the roofs off every building in Kusagakure, and flattened the taller ones. Almost as destructive as the Storm itself, that would have been…" He hmmms and starts to let his eyes drift towards the corner again, but halts when Reza speaks. "Your concern is appreciated, Outsider. But I am functional enough to answer simple questions such as these." He allows himself to be moved around a bit -- or rather, moves himself -- so that Hoiishime can do what he is doing with the pillows.
But otherwise, he does not address the Medic-Nin. Instead he looks towards Mune. "…You know, don't you?" he asks suddenly, and mysteriously. He then turns his attention on everyone. Including his friend, the Kusagakure Jounin. "Rendou… I would have told you, but I did not think it was important." The Jounin, 'Rendou', stubbornly responds, "Tell me what? We don't know anything. Just that Medic saying something ludicrous about your heart being missing." "Rendou… I am not the man you know. I am not Jii Yorai. I am a Yotsuki. I am the one who trained the current Raikage, Takahashi Raiko. I was the Yotsuki Clan Leader, and the one who brought together all the various peoples of the Land of Lightning. I am the first to master the now-legendary Lightning Release Armor. My name is Raiga. YOtsuki RAIga. That is where I got the name Yo-rai."

Side-glancing Reza, Rain would quip, "I welcome you to the world of shinobi, where your breath is as fleeting as exposed vermin and information is more valuable than water in the most barren of deserts. Feel free to pick up a brochure on your way out if you wish to continue the profession with that mind set." Leaning slightly in his direction, Rain would be more direct, "The last thing a loyal shinobi should do in his life, is provide something to ensure the survival of his people or cause." Since he was done scolding him likely, he'd smile just barely. "Still, that is not to say he doesn't deserve rest, but this isn't the time, Reza. I assume you agree, erm… Mr. G.?", Rain would say the same in a far friendlier tone.
Then the answers came alot mroe swiftly than Rain had imagined they would. The storm, the fact that it was driven, created to an extent. However, the way he appraoched taking it down was an entirely different matter. He spoke with experience that couldn't truly easily be put in to words. Sort of like what it is to truly love someone, all the songs and poems in the world never does that subject any justice no matter how hard they try. A storm such as that, the pwoer behind it, was second nature to this individual. Shortly after, he explained who he was. Rain nodded slightly, not seeming at all surprised. "So why the ruse? It seems that you have assumed this identity for quite some time." Rain asked calmly as he moved a step closer but no more. "And most importantly… how are the rest of us to prepare for happenings in the future? We can't just call you when ever it begins to rain a bit mroe heavily than usual after all."

Koudo considers the words of G-san, trying to understand what has actually happened. He must have been sucked up into the cyclone and found the source of the power, and then…disabled it with his jutsu? If so, then it was surely a special jutsu. He peers at the man, and then around the room for a moment, before, stepping back and standing atease. There was an interesting development "Kusagakure is the second village to be hit by a powerful storm, as you must know, Suna was the first. We have certain information about the source of the attacks. If you join us in the search for the one responsible, we can defeat them and our villages will be safe from the threat. If there is anything else you know that may help, please do not hide such information, Raiga." He says in a serious tone and takes a long breath in.

How long had the little genin from Konoha been lurking and listening? It's hard to say. She watched with something better than stealth, something better than invisibility… she had unimportance. Juunin from Kusagakure, and a legendary figure from the Land of Lightening, the infamous Uchiha.. These drew all the attention. Tsukiko was hardly as important as all this. She watches silently, sullenly. She wanted answers. This storm.. this unnatural storm.. so like the one that ruined her life even before it began.. the one that killed her father.. that detroyed her village on the night of her birth. Did the 'energy' that caused this storm create that one? She can't hold back anymore. "Who did it?" She asks. "Who gave it the energy? Who gave it the guidance?" She clenches her hands tightly before saying again, "Who Did It?"

"Oh yes this whole shinobi thing is new to me, I surely haven't spent the entirety of my conscious life and much of my unconscious life within it." Reza would respond with his own sarcasm to Rain's. As the man begins speaking Reza would narrow his eyes at being called an Outsider a third time.. Right before Reza responded the name was dropped along with the credentials. Reza kicked off from the wall but kept his arms crossed. Staring down the man in the hospital bed Reza would study him.
"You say you're Yotsuki Raiga, but how can we be certain? With such a claim, I have no choice but to express my disbelief." He'd step closer to the bed as Tsukiko revealed herself, but didn't turn his stare from the one formerly known as Jii.

Ryoji was uncertain what to make of the surge of information that was being sent through. While the knowledge that the mystery man in question was a Yotsuki was no big surprise from all the information he gather before from those dare devils sticking around the watch the display of power. The fact that he was basically the clans progenitor however wasunexpected. Definitely noteworthy for the future though of that much could be assured. Yet--and there it was again!! The flicker of attention was way to worrisome at this point, and forced the Iga to pull the line to a different corner of the room. One part test and another part assurance of his personal skill level albeit against a veteran whose probably had more contact with his clans techniques than Ryoji has with them at all.
However, compared to the extraordinary man himself the information he gives regarding storm itself does something to the wanderer that nothing truly has for the past month or so. It sparked his imagination. Not a hard feat initially perhaps, but no easy one to lure a portion of his mind down a spiral of ideas thatll most likely take more than his life time to complete! Peeeerfect. Yet again, even this information paled in comparison on the type of "dirt" he know had on Mune. Or so it seems based on their interactions. Time however was not at the moment meant to for its use until further research into this Motoko person was done at a later date.
An eye twitch followed by the red haired hooded teenager bowing his head forward for his hands to pinch the bridge of his nose easier. "Thats the last time I let one of them roll across an intersection." The appearance of another person shatters his thoughts, and causes a cold sweat to break out as he "peered" up beyond his hands. 'H-how did I miss? I must be getting old.'

As Jii Yorai…. now known to Hoiishime as Yotsuki Raiga spoke of everything, it wasn't as if he was saying anything currently, that Hoiishime didn't see. He was saying most of all the things that Hoiishime had surmised after long periods of thinking about that days' events. But the question for Hoiishime, had been simple.. What was the driving force behind the storm? What had been it's cause.. Its point of origin? Had it had a creator that he could identify? Everyone's reaction to this, seemed to match something related to puzzlement, or disbelief.

Mune has questions. About the 'energy' that was motivating the storm… She could sense the Chi, both Positive and Negative, working against each other, and causing imbalance in the environment. But she was not sure if that was what was causing the Storm, or just a side-effect of it. All of her questions, however, fall by the way-side, when G or 'Jii' admits to his true identity. That is when Mune locks up and watches him very, very carefully.
"…You are Raiga, you say? Just like that guy over there, I must say I am a bit skeptical of that claim. Raiga was killed by the Dead Brothers, who were in turn slain by the woman who later went on to become Raikage. Takahashi Raiko, as you say, was taught by Raiga. However, I always found it odd that someone with that much power could be slain by three nobodies like the Dead Brothers. No one had even heard of them before they killed Raiga. And then they were dispatched easily enough by Raiga's student that no one had ever heard of. Lots of ignorance all around."
She crosses her arms under her chest again, pausing in her dialogue or monologue or whatever this would be considered when Tsukiko steps out of hiding and demands to know who started the storm. "…You'd think the guards out in the hall would have stopped her." She sighs and rolls her eyes. "So, let's say, just for the sake of argument, that you ARE Raiga. You seem to know the name of Yotsuki Makoto… But can you explain why you kept calling me by her name? Why you thought I was her? If so, I will at least entertain the notion you really are him. Otherwise, we are going to want to know some other things… Like who you REALLY are, and how you can still be alive with your heart missing."

Raiga or G or Jii or whomever he is, does not answer all of the questions this time. He looks down at the bed sheets and says in answer to Rain, and Koudo, and even Tsukiko, all in four words. "Everyone and no one." Probably already knowing that does not explain much, he clarifies, "Many people could be said to have contributed to the Storm, but no specific person was solely responsible for this particular Storm. Its energy is of a type that is… Secret. It is not known to most. And I am reluctant to divulge even its >name< in such… Mixed company." He glances up at where another of Ryoji's eye-spies is located.
"Essentially, the Storm was artificial, but it was not intentionally created. Instead… I believe it was >drawn< here. Unintentionally, but even so… There is am imbalance in the world itself. And until that imbalance is corrected… I believe we will continue to see Storms of this nature in the future. And I will not be able to stop them all." He then endures Mune's speech about how he can't possibly be who he is. He endures it in silence. "The Dead Brothers…" he hisses out between his teeth. It sounds angry, or maybe hateful, or maybe something else… Maybe even just thoughtful.
But in the end he looks towards Mune and says, "I called you Makoto because of your great resemblance to my daughter. But… She never kept her hair that short, or that unruly. Hers was always at >least< shoulder-length. It has been a decade since the last time I saw her. So you cannot be her. She would be older by now." He shakes his head. "Raiko was trained in secret >because< of the Dead Brothers. I used up a lot of my power at an earlier date, on a powerful Sealing Technique: the Iron Armor Seal. About… 17 years ago. I knew I could not defeat those three after such an expenditure and at such an age. They had been stalking me for years. So I took on an apprentice and taught her all that I could."
He closes his grey eyes and faces the bed sheets again. "You see… I was not slain in the battle against the Dead Brothers. I almost was, but that was never their intention. Instead they… Altered me. They wanted control over the Land of Lightning by controlling >me<. But the process was interrupted by Raiko's timely arrival. She defeated them, but they are not dead. They live still. That is why I hid myself. Because I am a coward. A coward for not returning to face them and my failure." He tilts his head further forward, veins pulsing in his forehead, teeth clenched.

"Hmm." Rain would state as more information came. "I've seen enough living and unliving people to not dismiss this simply because it sounds completely ridiculous. However…" Rain would pay careful attention to the man being distracted. Rain himself was already fully aware of Ryoji and his abilities and was not decieved outright by his "sleeping" in the first place. Considering the situation for a moment after his started sentence, Rain would finally state, "… you need to gather yourself and figure out how to provide the information that will allow the rest of us to defend ourselves. The cryptic nature of the information or lack their of will not help us remedy that. It seems that you easily recognize that you cannot do it all on your own, so steps need to be taken sooner than later. These Dead Brothers, whom ever they are, if they need to be killed, just point me in the right direction and they will be dealt with if that is what is required for you to begin the necessary debriefing." Yes, Rain could easily be seen as cocky or over confident, but still, he never spoke as if he was trying to inflat himself. He stated it as fact. "It doesn't sound like they have everything to do with this however, so i'd prefer not to waste my time on a battle that you yourself should finish."
Stopping his request and rubbing his chin with a slightly furrowed brow, Rain considered alternatives already. This man was seemingly loyal to this village and may well be to Kumogakure as well. There was no political leverage here that Rain could use. While he was weakened, force would not be a wise course of action based on many factors. Bribery was more than likely out of the question. Unfortunately, Rain would have to simply wait and see what the man decided for himself. Shrugging slightly after a moment to himself, he would tilt his head. "If there was any place for you to share this information, an international convention for peace between shinobi villages is as good as it is likely to get." Even without leverage, he could still display a path he'd perfer for the man to take after all.

Koudo listens to Raiga intently when he speaks of those responsible for the storm, having crossed his arms, he taps his finger against a forearm. "Yes, it is starting to make sense to me. I was not able to see this before you stated it so…" He seems to get lost in deep thought for a moment, focusing his eyes on nothing. Noticing Raiga's look towards nothing once again, or was it something. A thought clicks into his mind, an intuition if you will. He wished to ignore this surfaced knowledge, subconiously, yet his concious mind could not let it go. Could someone be watching? If so…then, it must be…He casts his gaze towards the same spot Raiga did, and tensed his brow in concentraion. Now he knew what Raiga was looking at, hidden was an eye of the Iga ninja he knew, the eyeball ninja Ryoji. He looks up and around and then states "We do not want spies watching, Ryoji-kun!" He lets out a sigh at the fact, trying to identify with Raiga, but doesn't know how he would react. It was strange that, Mune and the former Raikage's daughter looked alike he thought, could they be related? In any case his priority was that of the storms, as he was an elemental specialist. "Raiga-sama, you can still redeem yourself, if you have not done so already by stopping the storm, then you can aid the cause of ceasing the storms from arising any more with your skills. One man alone will not be able to stop the destruction, but as a group we can accomplish what inevitably, must be done."

Reza would uncross his arms but stare at the "Raiga" for a little longer. "I'm still not entirely sold, however what you say about that storm is true. This isn't something we're equipped to handle, not yet. And for that reason alone I'll suspend my disbelief, only briefly, in order to know more about what we're up against." As Koudo called out some strange one for spying Reza would cross his arms again. "If the safety of the shinobi villages are at stake here, then it is critical that we handle such matters first and foremost. But trust will remain an issue until otherwise stated, at least with me…..and on side note…what's the deal with calling me Outsider?" That is what he was originally curious about this guy for afterall.

Tsukiko shakes her head. The current affairs mean little to her.. not compared to the answers she's seeking. "Did.. did another storm like that happen… 12 years ago?… did.. did whatever make this storm make that one too?" The answers she seeks mean nothing to anyone but her. The village she came from was so small. "Is.. Is that what happened?…" The presence of the legendary shinobi means nothing to her compared to possible answers for the tragedy that haunted her youth. "is that what happened to the village of Socatsaburu?…"

Ryoji was… Unamused by hero-san's announcement, yet thankfully one part of his two part plan succeeded. Within moments after he spoke the eye would bubble, and grow into a more noticeable size before melting away into tears of acid that dribble down the wall. The same happens to the others along with the line connecting them leaving a sizeable trail of damaged paint and wood all the way back to the outlet. One organ, a single ear remained just as it was in the begin in the shadows underneath the bed, but now disconnected from the rest of the line. Not that the line itself was needed for it to work. Just to move further away or closer when necessary.
A heavy, disappointed sounding sigh escapes the lips of wanderer as he picks up his head as if to peer around. 'Tch… figures he would…. no matter. Audio will still do, but a change of scenery…' Without further thought Ryoji rises carefully from his seat and stretch extensively before yawning as he made his way to find a ramen bar nearby. Confident that what organs he left behind were less likely to go discovered now that the first was found, but even if they were. Unless they left the hospital complete, used some type of wierd sealing jutsu to shut down the use of chakra within the hospital, or destroyed all of them somehow Ryoji would be safe to continue his observations for a little longer. 'Note to self: Get Revenge on Koudo, avoid Sunagakure, and revisit Kumogakure…Soon.'

All of this revealing, and this putting for of information. Hoiishime, never would have thought that being out in the rain, would put him in a place like this. He was now, having beside manor, to essential, the man responsible for his very existance as a ninja. Hoiishime had one large realization just from what he told. This man.. in a sense, could have been a Kage.. The Raikage, seemingly, if these things had not befallen him.
Hoiishime didn't know how to react to this man. Hoiishime would look to Tsukiko, after a good while, and then listen to the rest of this 'hero's', tale, of his past, after his… death? But still.. what was this jutsu that had kept him yet living… without a heart? Hoiishime even now, was mentally jotting down the facts he knew, and what he saw.
Still, with even more on the plate that was being questioned, the fact still stood. They didn have any idea still of who had been to blame for conjuring such whether, and so far, Raiga, refused to give up such a name. Why?

Mune steps back a little bit. Not so much because she's scared as she just wants some room to maneuver. Just incase. Also, when Ryoji's name is called out, she realizes that kid from the Takokujin… The blind one? Well, he has apparently been spying all along. She'll just have to hope that those freaky eyeball things never make it into the shower with her. Otherwise she might have to do some 'convinving' regarding when Ryoji should perform such jutsu… Using Chakra Scalpels for the convincing part.
"I agree. This is not the time or the place, Ryoji-san. I'm sure that Rain-sama will inform you of what you need to know when this is over." Yes, the eyeball seems to have been destroyed, but who knows if there are more? All the more reason to increase her sensitivity to Chakra, she supposes. Meanwhile, she focuses on Raiga and says, "If what you say is true… And I suppose it all fits, in a convenient sort of way… I guess that makes you my grandfather. Because Yotsuki Makoto was my mother. I thought all the members of my family on my mother's side were dead. I was told such at least. She tried to take over Kumogakure and the Land of Lightning by force, raising an army of other Yotsuki to aid her. It didn't go very well. She was killed, along with everyone who helped her."
She shrugs. "So, what will you do now, Raiga-sama? Will you help as people have asked? Will you stay here and help the people of Kusagakure, even while others still need your help elsewhere? Or will you take the third option… And align yourself with those who can stop these 'Storms' without allowing the rest of the world to be privy to the details?" She gestures towards the others in the room. "The choice is yours. But simply coming out and saying to the entire world that there are mysterious Storms that will begin to tear apart the continent unless we work together is not necessarily going to do much good until it is too late. People are stupid. They will believe something because they want to believe it, or because they are afraid it is true. And in this case, they want to believe that it is all a trick, or a lie, or a conspiracy. They won't WANT to indulge the idea of unity. They would rather retain their suspicions and their hatreds, and then only when hurricanes and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and MORE are going off in their collective faces, then and ONLY then will they come pounding on your door asking for the mighty Yotsuki Raiga to save them."
She shakes her head and says, "People are stupid. I wouldn't trust the general public. I wouldn't even trust most of the people in this room. Not with spies in our midst, at least. You'll need to go straight to those who will listen to you and act upon your knowledge. We don't want these Storms to continue any more than anyone else does." She looks towards Tsukiko and says, "Perhaps even as little as some in this room."

Raiga stays silent through more or less all the other questions. When Tsukiko speaks up, he raises his head and opens his eyes. "12 years ago, no. Not to my knowledge. This is more recent. Within the past year, things have been altered. I do not believe that anyone had the means to create these Storms a dozen years ago. I understand your desire for answers… But I do not have them. I am sorry."
Then he looks towards Rain, Reza, and Koudo, and says, "Certain pillars of balance in the world have been disrupted. Seals have been broken. What were keeping the fourth pillar in check have been removed. Wind, Water, and Lightning. That is what we will endure now. If the pillars are buried and the Seals remade, we could stop the Storms immediately. But that would last only until whomever or whatever raised them initially does so again. A more permanent solution will have to be found. And I…" He looks down at his broad hands, palms up in his lap. "…I…" He thinks about how he has spent the past -- 4 years? 5? -- hiding in obscurity, trusting in his student to handle things. "…I, Yotsuki Raiga…"
He lashes out with his right arm, slamming his hand into the wall behind his bed, and causing it to crack and splinter in all directions… "…Will stop it, however I can! No more villages, large or small, shall fall to the unknown simply due to those who could stop it remaining ignorant!" He looks towards Mune and says, "You -- 'granddaughter' -- want me to conceal the truth? To help people from the shadows as I have been doing ever since my reported 'death'? I know not who you are recommending I trust, but they will have to prove themselves trustworthy. The same goes for you all…" He looks towards those in the room, and a fire is in his gaze that was not there before. His steel-grey eyes look more like molten metal now instead of already-forged alloy. "…Yotsuki Raiga will be a name known to the ninja world once more! And I will make it a name to be respected as a hero of the people! If anyone chooses to disbelieve the truth, that will be his or her own choice. But labelling all the people as unwilling to help because of the actions of a few is not my way!" He then turns and slips out of bed. Only two days have passed since he fought off a super cyclone alone. He is already strong enough to stand once more.

Tsukiko looks disheartened… all her short life she wanted these answers… wanted to find some kind of proof that the tragedy that befell her village so long ago was not her fault. She had finally begun to believe it herself… to believe she was innocent… but to face the chance of proof… and to lose it again. She snaps herself out of it. She might not be able to prove her innocence, but she may be able to help in the effort to stop this destruction from taking someone elses life like that storm took hers even before she was born. "how… How can we help?… How can I help? This.,. this can't be allowed to happen again… this can't be allowed to happen to… to another village…" She falls silent and shakes her head, now realizing what powerful company she is in the midst of. She takes a step back, just listening once more.

Koudo watches as the walls drip with oozing acid, and he sighs. Seeming to have angered the young Iga, well he should have expected such. He looks around again but can't find anything, even so he says outloud "Ryoji, if you're still here, you must show yourself. We will welcome you with open arms, this is the truth if you have not figured it out by now. You do not need to hide from everyone you seek to gain knowledge from. You must not hide from the people in your home of the desert, we are your friends." This Iga always did seem to slip through his fingers, by way of dripping skin and ooze apparently, but he always wanted him to do what was right, that is to help his own people. Koudo, least he wanted to did not tread lightly without a bit of help from the wind element.
He sighs and brings his attention back to those who were actually among them in the room and says "I am sorry, for ranting…" He makes a hand gesture as if to ask them to please proceed. "The pillars must be made right, and to put a stop to the mis-use of them we must find the one that was manipulating such power on our own doorstep in the sand, one known as Fuu Ka. We suspect he uses a power of old, the same as the one known as the Sage of the Six Paths. But perhaps first we must try to find your heart? Could it be some form of genjutsu that it is hiding from the vision of Mune-san?" He listens to Mune, her words striking him in an odd place… He says "Jade is a prized stone, beautiful to look at, though it should not take hold of our minds, they will be jaded. What I mean is that your theories may be true to an extent but you do not put enough trust in those that can rise above the low values or twisted thoughts of many." He is surprised to see Raiga punch a hole, but his words and his look provoke an understanding smirk from the council member. "Raiga-sama is right." He bows "If you truly were the last Raikage, then I am honored to be able to work beside you, I promise that I will do anything to help."

Reza strokes his chin as more details are revealed about the entire situation. As the wall is punched and the speech his delivered, Reza is slightly more inclined to belive this man, though his father taught him well the consequences of being easily suaded to another side. "If all this is true, then things should be rectified. The Raikage should be informed of these details immediately, and action should be taken. As much as I like a good rain, I don't think apocalyptic weather conditions are a prefered way to go out as far as most people are concerned….myself included." He'd ponder things briefly. "You know… I do hope you're truly Yotsuki Raiga-sama, I actually feel up for an adventure of such a grand scale."

It was either a blessing or a curse that Ryoji was spotted ahead of time, and thus wouldnt have to endure the smoldering gaze of the Yotsuki. Yet even without that advantage from what he hears it was enough for him to pull his hand out of his pocket and snap his fingers. Instantly although physically needlessly deactivating all his sensory organs much in the same way as the first few before he turned to the steaming bowl of fresh shark fin soup that was presented to him. Special of the Day. <3 He did not on the one hand act fast enough, and would catch all of Koudos speech with some degree of amusement and annoyance.
"Itadakimasu..", he snaps his chop sticks apart half-heartedly. Mostly out of strange mixture of negative and positive emotions attempting to overwhelm him now that he has a quiet moment to himself to begin analyze it all. The mention of pillars for a second brings him back to the two towers incident a few months back, but because his involvement was minimal at best there wasnt much for him to go off on in regard to those. "Dislike subterfuge I do, but necessary to obtain data that a master may -overlook- to pass on to his not so humble servant.", He disagrees openly as if speaking to Mune face to face. "But now I really begin to wanderhow will things proceed from here, and ifif I will be allowed to experience the many spectrums of love and hate for what is to come now.", Ryoji finishes in a more subdued tone. Ignorant by all accounts of the odd stare some of the other patrons were given him.

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