Return Of A Hero - Mysterious Times


Raiga (as "G"), Tsukiko, Reza, Hoiishime, Mune

Date: November 21, 2010


A freak storm comes out of nowhere, and starts bearing down on Kusagakure. Right in the middle of the tournament.

"Return Of A Hero - Mysterious Times"


A variety of weather patterns have made themselves known during the tournament so far. Two of the most common have been sunny and relatively cloudless, or else heavy rains and storms. This afternoon, the weather is leaning heavily towards the latter of the two common types. Large, rage-black storm clouds fill the sky from horizon to horizon, darkening Kusagakure in its entirety for certain, and potentially darkening much of the Land of Grass as well. Rain pours down from the sky, as though someone had told a tale so sad that everyone in Heaven above had begun to weep at once upon the Earth below. The grumbling of thunder rolls across the country-side, following after impressive electrical displays as lightning literally splits the air itself.
The gravel streets of Kusagakure absorb the deluge well, but eventually the water will rise to ankle level over the course of the next hour or two if this onslaught keeps up. At least any visitors from other countries would know why the Land of Grass is so fertile and full of plant life by now. It gets sunlight and rain in abundance. Right now, however, it is definitely rain that is being delivered.
The winds have begun to pick up as well, battering at the shutters on windows, bending mighty trees, and sending lighter objects clattering and tumbling from their perches, or simply across the ground. Few are out in such miserable weather -- even those who are used to it. But one man, in leather, furs, and grey bandage wraps, stands atop one of the tallest buildings in Kusagakure, powerful arms crossed over his broad chest, and stares into the face of the Storm.
The Storm roars out its displeasure, seemingly threatening the man with some dire fate if he does not return indoors where he belongs.
The man does not seem to be impressed by this threat, because he remains where he is on his perch atop a flag pole on top of the towering building, balanced perfectly, even in the downpour and the gale-force winds. And in the distance, the Storm makes good on its threat… As a funnel cloud begins to form…

Tsukiko stands in the cover of an awning in front of one of the shops. She gazes out at the pounding rain with a dark expression. Water has always been a dichotomy for her.. she's always loved the water.. the lake.. the rivers.. the sea side.. but the rains.. the rains always brought bad memories.. memories she tried to shur out.. memories she tried to forget. She has been learning to forget the pain, but it has not been forgotten yet. She stares darkly out at the rain battered streets

Standing outside under some random tree is the cloud ninja known as Reza. Occasionally during heavy rains Reza enjoyed a short walk, just a means to remind himself of his early training. Another side effect from his walking in storms was that they usually inspired some new technique, or some kind of combo. At this point he'd simply stand looking skyward, engulfed in his own mind for now.

Had a walk in such a fearsome rain really been worth it? Sure, as ninja, one as quite expected to endure the weather, for any and every mission, but this?? A look to the heavens, within the first seconds of the pour, had been a hint. Unasa's Herb Shop, no matter how interesting, had to be abandoned. A might to bad, for Hoiishime. That lady really had been a sage in her own right. He would leave, but only after a deep bow, and a presentation of a gift. Sutra's for prayer, and a promise to visit again.
Needless to say, Hoiishime, had not been prepared for this. Maybe he should learn how to detect water, once in a while. Anyway, a move out into the street, would be deemed wise, only because he sought sleep, and as kind as the woman of seemingly eternal youth, Hoii could not bring himself to infringe. That didn't seem right. So, he would move into the streets with bundles of wicker, and old dry reeds. worn about his shoulders and back, only to shield himself from the rain. The winds, unfortunately had not been bargained for, and about the time he would reach his fourth block, the unusal weather, had proved unsafe, even for a genin. This was alarming, in its own right.
Hoiishime would use his skills to manuever across the street in a dash, only to end up beneath the awning of a nearby shop, breathing heavily, not from exhaustion but relief. That same awning, had apparently, hosted another, and after a moment, Hoii would look to his left, blink a moment, and say lightly, "…Tsukiko-san?", recognizing the girl finally.

Kishi Mune is not the type to go walking around during a storm. She is a Medic-Nin. She knows what is and is not healthy, and being drenched and then staying in one's wet clothes is not healthy. Even so, the dark-skinned woman is out in the rain. Why? Because she has been out training for her next match, preparing to face her most formidable opponent to date, and she was not anywhere nearby when the storm started. Even moving with ninja speeds, she did not get back to the Village in time. So now, here she is, completely soaked, and in danger of harming her health if she does not get back to her hotel room and change her clothing.
Not to mention she is wearing all white. White sleeveless shirt, white pants, potentially white whatever-she-may-or-may-not-be-wearing-underneath-that-is-no-one's-business… Not that she cares who sees, but it's annoying. Unslinging her longcoat from over her shoulder, Mune slips back into it, hoping it will at least keep SOME of the rain off of her.
The half-Yotsuki woman walks down the street hurriedly, but does not run. Slipping on the wet grass or the wet pavement and injuring herself would be far worse than getting the sniffles. The blasting of the wind and the growling of the thunder strike her as rather extreme for an autumn storm… But she is just a Medic-Nin, and an Alchemist. She can start a storm with her Alchemy, but to also stop a storm of this magnitude on a whim… Well, that would make her a fine Alchemist indeed. Unfortunately, she has no such capability.
The man on the tall building goes unnoticed for now, as Mune walks by that building -- though at street level.

Reza's tree is large and sturdy. It still has plentiful leafy boughs, even this late into the fall season, though it has definitely lost a lot of leaves. The wind howling through the streets does not aid in the retention of foliage, however, and more than a little water slips through the tree's canopy to land upon the Kumogakure ninja.
Tsukiko and Hoiishime are left to their own devices for now, as is Mune. But even if they become involved in conversation, or even if the Medic-Nin is lost in thought, a sudden increase the intensity of the storm would likely become evident to all. To Reza, who is already looking towards the sky, the funnel cloud that had appeared in the distance has progressed further. Now it is a menacing, black vortex. Its tail-end touches down on the ground. A tornado has just formed.
The man atop the flagpole seems not to notice -- or at least not to be concerned. He can see the tornado clearly, and yet he takes no action. Not to save himself, and not to save anyone else by warning others of the incoming twister. Two more funnel clouds form. Still no reaction from the large man on the tower. The new funnel clouds touch down as well. Three tornados have come into existence. Winds are screaming on various levels, so that there is >no< form of animal life that doubts what is coming. Especially not humans.
The man tilts his head forwards a bit. His bandage-wrapped head has only a small opening over his eyes, between two bandages. A steely grey eye glints in a sudden flash of lightning.

Mysterious Life

The man leaps off the flagpole. He does not fall. He continues to rise and rise through the air, apparently having put an enormous amount of Chakra and/or physical force into his leap. But he is not even necessarily moving that quickly. He is more… Flying.

Where we're moving around
Dancing the rhythm of life

He closes in on the tornados as they continue to encroach on the Village. The three cyclones fuse into a single >super cyclone<. The air screams, tiles fly from rooftops, plants are torn up from their beds, windows shatter from the pressure difference outside and inside, and the tornado is not even HERE yet.

Mysterious time
Where we're counting the hours and days
to the end of our time…

The Storm roars out its fury. The man all wrapped in leather, fur, and bandages does not halt his approach. Infact… He speeds up.

Tsukiko looks to Hoiishime, broken free from being lost in thought, "oh.. Uhmm.. Hoi.. Hi.. uhm How are you?" She looks out as the storm increases so suddenly.. so unnaturally. She looks very focused suddenly. "No.. No…." she almost whispers. "No… I am not that person.."

Reza frowns as a tornado touches down, but they're ninja, tornados aren't THAT bad…..3 tornados okay that's pretty bad, but they're still ninjas. Reza would now begin to ensure that particular area was evacuated..that is before the super cyclone showed up….okay…ninjas aren't inherently capable of handling that…..that's bad. Quickly Reza would begin putting his speed and voice to the test, luckily due to the already heavily raining state, few were outside, but regardless he'd move and sound the alarm so to say, performing a sweep of the immediate area to ensure people were already on the move. His first stop was a nearby shop. "Its time to go, you do not want to be outside against that thing!"

"Hehe.. How ya b-…", would be a greeting cut off only be the drastic increase in wind, and change in pressure, enough which to frighten anyone around. Unfortunately, ninja were the suspicious type. Even Hoiishime, for some reason, was now, very, very, troubled. He would follow Tsukiko's eyes to what she had been now seeing, her words making him more and more suspicious. Something indeed, was not right. "Dis storm.. it be carryin' some reel bad joo-joo, mon..", would be said, moments before Hoii would come to a seat, lotus positioned, and humming a mantra.
He seemed to not care of the cold puddle that his rear end would plop into. More pressing matters were at stake, and he needed some hints.. He would tap into his senses, trying to get a clue of what exactly, had been going on around him. He felt his hair stand on end, and even the fabric he now wore, while wet, it seemed to give him intermittent shocks, much like rubbing feet across a rug, and then touching a door knob. He hadn't felt anything like this, other than fighting Kira, who used Lightning Release Taijutsu, but so far, even this was a guess.
"Whatever be goin' on, Tsuki-san… Me guessin dat we gon' be in for da shock of our lives…" The sinking feeling in Hoiishime stomach, seemed for good reason. Water and Lightning, against each other, just didn't mix. However, when they did….
And speaking of Water and Lightning… A familiar voice would come pass him, saying probably the most obvious of things. Apparently, going had /not/ run across Hoiishime's mind. A shame really. "Reza-sensei!! You be knowin whats goin' on den?", would be shouted to the Kumo Jounin, as Hoiishime would move to follow. His run, however, would start, but then stop. "Tsukiko-san?", would be said, with a gesture of his hand.

Mune has experienced a lot of odd, violent, and frightening things. Not as many as some others, but she is no stranger to threats from unexpected sources. Even so, this sudden, drastic increase in the level of the storm's intensity makes her vividly cyan eyes widen, even as she raises an arm to shield them against the rain. She looks in the direction of the tornado. One is too many. When there are three, she is beginning to wonder if she can make it to the secret entrance before they arrive. When they fuse together, she wonders if there will be anything left of Kusagakure when she emerges from the underground facility.
She wastes no more time wondering, and instead touches two fingers to a scrawling series of black lines tattooed on the left side of her face, focusing her mind and turning her thoughts into Chakra. 'Amuro-sama, I need evacuation RIGHT NOW,' she sends to her master urgently. 'Some sort of super cyclone is headed THIS WAY. I NEED TO BE BROUGHT BACK TO BASE.'
She then remains right where she is, even if it becomes dangerous. She cannot be recalled if she is in motion. She needs to remain stationary. No matter what. "Hurry, hurry, hurry…" she begins to chant like a mantra under her breath. Not that anyone can hear it over the shrieking winds.

And we're feeling the change and we don't know why

The man speeds up until the vortex sucks him in. He does not resist.

Choose one direction just one more time

The bandage-wrapped man is spun around at velocities that are simply lethal for most human beings, even ninja, when the velocities in question are being experienced without any form of shielding or protection. 300 mph amongst various pieces of debris and shrapnel that can penetrate soft flesh easier than the sharpest blade.

Don't say I'm thinking too much if you see what's behind…

The man's flying ability, whatever it was, seems to have been cancelled out. But he sees what lies at the Eye of the Storm. Something that should simply not be there. It is not Chakra. It is not anything remotely detectable by most human beings -- even a Sensor-Nin would find nothing with his or her eyes and mind… What is at the core of the storm?

And these are Mysterious Times.

Natural Energy. Lots of it.

Mysterious Times

The lightning flashes repeatedly on the horizon, seeming to strike five times in rapid succession, each one being closer than the last. Five BOOOMS of thunder, each louder than the one prior, accompany the lightning bolts… Less than three seconds between lightning flash and thunder roll on the last one.

No trick of the mind

The lightning seems to form a face momentarily… At least to Tsukiko's vision. Simultaneously the level of static electricity in the air begins to raise exponentially, causing a tangible crackling sensation along any exposed flesh, and light-weight metallic objects all around Kusagakure start to tremble and move. Hoiishime's preparations and opening of his senses would key him into no strange Chakra quite yet… But he is on the right track for finding a key to the solution.

For this moment I feel like we live in Mysterious Times.

Reza joins Hoiishime and Tsukiko under the awning in front of the shop, warning them and starting to get them to flee. Several tiles fly from a roof top across the street and fly towards the Jounin from behind, as swift and sure as 2x2 ft. shuriken being hurled by a tornado.

If you see what's behind, these are Mysterious Times.

Mune receives no answer to her pleas. Either Amuro did not receive them… Or he has simply chosen not to respond. Perhaps he is too busy rushing to extract the Medic-Nin and has no time for chatting? Either way, the mental 'silence' may be more than a little bit nerve-wracking.
The man in the Storm starts to fight against the cyclone. He fights to halt being carried along by the winds, even though doing so would likely result in being shredded by tiny pieces of metal, wood, etc. that have become like bullets of wind-powered death. The man knows this, and he does it anyway. And somehow… In the grey vortex… He succeeds in stopping in mid-air. It is not he that bends and dies. The wind seemingly curves to >avoid him<.

Tsukiko had already began gathering her chakra as she faced into this unatural superstorm. She grimaces, "I Will Not Let This Happen." She says firmly into the wind, "The storm is not my fault.. and I won't let this Happen!" She spots the incoming shrapnel and large chunks of debris and draws a mirror from her pack. Forming a seal into the back of the mirror, she blocks the large tiles with the simple glass, the large debris falling, robbed of all momentum as their force is recorded into the glass that is, somehow, harder than a steel sheet.

The only good thing about having large objects launched at you at incredible speeds….you can hear them. Even through the sounds of the fierce storm Reza was able to note the sound of projectiles, a sound he was very familiar with. However action would not be required as the leaf genin takes on the defense for the group. "Thanks." As Hoiishime asked if he knew what the deal was he'd turn towards the sky once more, taking note of the faint sight of the man within the cyclone for the first time. However he knew how the cloud genin…and apparently genin from most villages were, overly eager for some action and glory, he'd hold onto the that said piece of intel, his primary objective was the well being of the young ninjas. "No, no clue what's going on…but that doesn't matter I want both of you to get out of here, and make sure you get everyone you encounter out of here as well. Turning to the stranger, he'd nod. "You're not bound to my command, but i strongly suggest you carry that order out regardless. But Hoiishime you certainly are, besides depending on how this thing turns out, you may be able to lend the grass village officials a helping hand with your medical talents." Reza would turn back to the cyclone trying to collect as much intel as his 5 senses would allow from his current position.

Odd looks from Hoiishime, went to Tsukiko, when he heard her words. What in tarnations was up with that girl? Many ninja are rumored to have really rough stories, childhoods, and issues they just haven't settled. Hoii would just amount it to that much, and move on. The current situation didn't allow much time to dwell, nor did the flying debris! Hoiishime would turn, simply preparing to use his own mastery to deflect and/or dodge it, but apparently, Tsukiko had that covered.
Weird mirror cancels out large debris, for 100 points!! Yay!!!
Hoii would look on, and smile. "Peculiar jutsu, indeed.", would be said with a smile, and thumbs up, before eyes would return to Reza. Were they really going to try and outrun this thing? So far, this super-cyclones habit of pulling and pushing high velocity wind, wasn't making that seem all to possible. Trying to get away from it, also, would not lead to any answers as to why it was happening. Hoiishime had kept his hands in seal the entire time, his mind split between keeping himself aware of both his own movement, and that of any changes about him.
Unfortunately, Reza had other ideas.
Hoiishime would look toward him, and seem displeased. It was true. He was bound by orders, by higher ranking officer of his village. Rank being held over his head, meant he had to follow. Unfortunately, Hoiishime, had been gathering information the whole time. He had to much to simply just run out and not notify /anyone/. "Reza-sensei. You lie well..", would be said with a large goofy smile.
"I be seein ya concern, and ya reasonin', however, I tink you should know a few tings I be noticin right off, that I know you be…" Hoiishime would say, "One… dis don' be natural. Duh, right? Well, if it don' be natural, den' it be ninjutsu? Dat be da where the strangeness come in. I don' be sensin' not an ounce of chakra. I know I don' be a sensor, fully, but even wit me own skills, someting' /dis/ large, can't be naturally made.. right?" Hoiishime would look to Reza, his eyes pleading. "Someone be havin to look into dis!!! I be med-personal, indeed.. But I be only goin' to me duties, if I know dis be takin' care of."

Mune feels the static build-up, feels her blonde hair standing on end, spikey and crackling. Her skin tingles. She tries to once more contact Amuro via the Open Mind Communication Seal--And her a SNAP of electricity between finger and tattoo makes her jerk her hand away and tilts her head as though to escape her own body's electrical discharge. She stares at her left hand as though seeing it for the first time.
"…Chakra is useless right now." she announces to no one in particular. "I can't be summoned…" Frowning, she turns her attention on her environment. The screaming wind continues to tear at her, causing her coat's high collar to whip her in the face painfully, and to just generally make it difficult just to stand still, let alone walk in a straight line. But she can't stay here. A vase crashing through an exploding window above her, and smashing into the street not two feet away indicates that much, at least.
So she fights to run against the wind, heading towards the secret entrance into the underground laboratory where she knows she'll be safe. But then her senses pick up something odd. Something almost like… Chi? She pauses to turn her attention on the super cyclone. She can't sense Natural Energy, but she can sense its distant relative, Chi. They are similar in form and function, but different in terms of composition. They are both a sort of ambient universal force that can be sensed and used by few human beings.
And right now, that tornado is more than just wind to her. It's also a vortex of Chi in conflict with itself. Positive and Negative both are acting and reacting inside of that thing. 'What… What could possibly generate such a vast amount of Chi of two different polarities, in such an unstable manner!? If this keeps up…' She would rather not think about that.
Seeing three people up ahead when she turns to flee again, she considers whether to call out to them or pass them by. Not much sound can be heard at this point, beyond the storm's. But she is a Medic-Nin. And every life is precious. Even ones she doesn't care about. So she heads for them, slipping once on the ankle-deep waters that fill the gravel streets and nearly falling from the winds as she loses balance, but she manages to stabilize enough to proceed forward, waving her arms and shouting.

The electrical build-up is now clearly no longer just from the storm. A massive amount of Chakra is suddenly building up high above -- right where Reza spotted that man that is currently disrupting the cyclone with nothing more than his body. While those without the ability to sense Chakra are left in the dark, Hoiishime at least would know that something major is going in out there. Doubly-so when there are two bright yellow arcs of electricity right at that disturbance in the wind wall. Then a bright flash of golden lightning crackle into existence and shapes itself into a humanoid form.

I feel my soul

Inside the cyclone, the man's clothing is becoming ragged, tearing off in shreds, and even the wrappings about his head are being torn away by the winds. His body crackles and flashes with golden lightning. Then he calls out, "Lightning Release--" And the rest of his voice is drowned out even to his own ears. But the lightning says all that needs to be said. He ignores the rush of the cyclone now. No longer does he resist it. He just… Ignores it. He starts to float forwards towards the center of the Storm.

For this moment nobody can stop me from flying so high!

The lightning of the storm has ceased now -- or rather, it has increased, but it no longer touches the ground. Instead it streaks down… >Turns in mid-air<… And then curves upwards to join with the electricity already engulfing the mysterious man.

Nothing is real

A pulse of Chakra akin to a Tailed Beast radiates outwards from the cyclone, potentially being felt by more than just Hoiishime now. Chi? Yes, there is Chi. Plenty of it. Chi is in everything, after all. But the lightning that is charging the warrior is now visibly turning into a sort of face, not just to Tsukiko, but to others. It is not a very distinct or detailed face. But it has two eyes in its otherwise vague features…

In a world of illusion you only see what you feel.

The eyes have rings radiating outwards from the centers of each.

And we're feeling the change and we don't know why
Choose one direction just one more time
Don't say I'm thinking too much if you see what's behind.

A column of raw Lightning Chakra pierces the cyclone -- the very Wind Element that Lightning is weak against -- and for several seconds it links the Earth with the Heavens. Then the column >expands<.

And these are Mysterious Times
Mysterious Times
No trick of the mind

The super cyclone bulges and distorts trying to contain the blinding golden power within it, but in the end… It collapses inwards, reverses direction, and dissipates into the sky, sending the clouds swirling outwards and away.

For this moment I feel like we live in Mysterious Times.
If you see what's behind, these are Mysterious Times.

The sky settles down, along with the weather. The rain is now a light drizzle, the winds are merely chilly gusts, and the thunder rumbles far in the distance, as though threatening to return some day when it has gotten over being beaten up by a mortal.

If you see what's behind, these are Mysterious Times.

Then, right in front of Reza, Tsukiko, Hoiishime, and Mune, a human shape in tattered rags falls from the sky at two-hundred and some odd miles per hour, hits the street, and creates a crater almost as wide as the entire road. Water is sent outwards in a wave, along with stones and dirt.

Tsukiko slips the mirror away and draws a new one forth. She looks to Hoiishime, coiming back to her senses some, "I.. don't like storms.." She gazes up to the sky again, using the new mirror as a shield from the wind and debris. She looks to Reza, "I don't think the building will help much from that storm.. if those funnel clouds hit town, it'll level everything." She readies her shield a little more, looking to the sky as the lightening reveals a face. "what the…." And then the person lands like a meteorite in front of them. She holds her mirror shield up to deflect away the debris.

"… I didn't tink ya did, Tsuki-san…", would be said with a sweatdrop. Apparently, the Mirror-jutsuist, had made that quite obvious with her behavior. Despite that particular thing being made clear, many issue's had still yet remained. Reza's reply, the workings of which this storm, and even now, the approach of another, a woman, toward the group. Had she been another, caught out this mess? This whole situation was becoming very, very tiresome. "Pardon me, O-nee-san.. But do ya have any idea of wha-!!!!!", would of course be another statement interrupted.
Hoiishime's entire body, would seemingly turn, almost minutes early, already in scared shock, almost in anticipation of something big. His eyes, though not seeing of any of the chakra involved, seemed locked onto one particular area in the sky above them. That one spot, was where the monk/mednin now felt a high fluxing of chakra, large and dominant, spiking into the high heavens. His eyes, would see the lightning flash, blinking only when such became to bright to behold, but never staying closed. Hoii's curiousity couldn't let these events out of sight. But then something else would seem to catch his eye… something of a pull, like magnetism, attracting small pieces of metal about him, but even that would pale in comparison to the real fireworks.. It was fast, but did that lightning, just curve? In mid air, the flash would seem to move just into the center mass of what already was a large aura of lightning.
"Just who, in Kami's wrath, is up there?"
Who ever it was, they made Hoii's knee's buckle. "Lord Buddha… Such…. chakra…", would be said, with fear and trembling, the pulse seeming to hit him, before the boy would simple just drop, his nose bleeding right after recieving the shock. This level of jutsu use, was overriding his already pushed senses. Just when the face of lightning would be seen by the now humbled, and sensitized monk, the wild fluctuations of chakra that accompanied the cyclone's bulding and distorting, would cause him to instinctively raise hands to his eyes, to block what was to come. An explosion of power, and light, that would potentially fill the sky!!
Fortunately, none would happen.
A more peaceful end. Hoii, relieved, would seem to wake up from his feelings of shock, only from the drops of cool rain that followed. But as the skies seemed to calm, revealing what had only been the natural beginings of a light autumn shower, the sky seemed to reject the notion of people flying. With a loud, boom, a chasm would be made infront of the four now gathered that would spread mud and water a final time. However, that Tsukiko would be yet protecting of the group.
Just what could have been heavy enough to make such a thing? The big reveal, to say the least, was a bit mystifying. "..A man?", would be said by Hoii, with a blink. He would look on for a few, fearing what he had been seeing, but only for a short time. At least short enough to realize what he saw was a hurt and injured man. He'd be the first to meet him, rather blindly, not realizing just how /big/ a man he had been looking to try and help. Had he been the one up in the cyclone? Signs point to yes.

Mune may not be able to sense Chakra like Hoiishime can, but Chi aside, even she can feel that imposing wave of raw POWER that emanates from the man in the sky. She does not force herself to stare, unlike Hoiishime. Her attention is not THAT rivetted. Instead, she works her way closer to the group, sloshing the now knee-deep waters, just as all the cacophony of the storm abruptly stops. After all the near-constant noise that has been going on for what seems like hours but was actually about ten or fifteen minutes, the silence is almost more painful than the noise itself. Then the soft pattering of rain eats up the quiet and the winds resume, though gentler now. She turns her head to look in the direction of the tornado, expecting to see… Well, she doesn't really know what to expect.
The dark-skinned woman finds exactly that. The unexpected. An empty space where something that might be considered the Finger of Jouten -- God -- in terms of pure power has just been negated and sent back to wherever the hell it came from. In the distance she thinks she can make out various things picked up by the tornado previously hitting the ground while others are flung long distances, crashing into walls, buildings, and streets all over Kusagakure.
"We need to find cover--" she starts, a bit shocked to find how hard it is to hear her own voice. There's a definite ringing in her ears. But she cannot finish because that's when there's a sharp whistling noise that grows deeper and deeper, until some object strikes the road nearby like a bomb.
And from the resulting crash and damage to the street she almost believes it IS a bomb at first. But when the sloshing water is settled and Tsukiko has successfully halted the shrapnel from striking any of them (which is quite excellent, really. Being killed by rocks after surviving a tornado would be a bit lame), the crater begins to fill back in with all the rain water. And at the bottom of the crater… A human shape? His clothing is tattered--nix that. It is ripped to shreds. She thinks she recognizes certain details about him, but for the moment, she keeps that to herself.
Instead Kishi Mune is the second person into the crater, right after Hoiishime. She may be a Medic, but she also knows that causing someone who can destroy a super tornado with a Chakra Nature that is WEAK AGAINST TORNADOS is not someone she wants to make reflexively lash out due to a perceived threat. Still, if Hoiishime is not obliterated in the first few seconds, she'll definitely help out with treating him. Otherwise, she'll back right the **** up and stay still.

The water does indeed begin to fill in the crater, pouring down to where the man in rags lies face down. His form is large, muscular, and… Dark-skinned? The same tone as Mune's, infact. Scars cover his flesh liberally. The ground around him is steaming a little bit, but the water cools things off quickly enough. When Hoiishime approaches, he does, infact, survive the first few seconds. And then a few seconds beyond that. Eventually it becomes clear that this man is unconscious, dead, or otherwise unable to react, if he even cared to.
When Hoiishime is close, one of his brawny arms lifts up suddenly and attempts to seize Hoiishime's ankle! Fortunately, if he succeeds, though the grip would be firm it would not be painful. And it would be fairly easy to avoid too. He is not at the top of his game right now. Apparently stopping super cyclones taxes even this warrior. Using his other hand to raise himself up in a one-handed pushup, the man grits his teeth. His unruly but short white hair has spilled forth from the bandage wrappings that previously concealed it.
His features are weathered. He is not young, nor is he necessarily 'old'. He is just… A veteran. A veteran of what exactly is unclear. When he turns his steely grey eyes on the closest person, he grunts. "I must be… Out of practice…" he tries to growl out casually, as even his incredible muscular strength wavers. His eyes turn to more distant individuals next, seeing Tsukiko but passing her over, due to a lack of recognition or perhaps lack of interest. When he sees Reza, the man says, "This was… Not how I had… Intended to reveal myself… Outsider." Outsider? This is the same towering man that was the proctor for Reza's match!
Finally, his arm gives out and he manages to fall onto his back, so that he is propped up in a sitting position in the rapidly-filling crater. Someone is going to need to move him or he'll drown in his condition. Then he sees Mune. His eyes go wide. The cool, calm, casual super ninja looks stunned. "…M--" he starts. Then he says hoarsely, "M-Makoto! They told me you were d-dead! Uhnnngghh…" His eyes roll up into his head and then close as his head drops down.
Makoto? Who the heck is that? Is that Mune's real name or something?

Tsukiko eyes the man in the crater, "did you cause this storm?", she asks accusingly. She slides her feet a step closer, holding the flimsy mirror as a shield, stronger and sturdier than a pane of steel and as light as a sheet of paper to her due to the chakra in it. She places her other hand behind her, clutching a kunai. Not to be threatening, but wanting to be prepared. "Answer us.. what is making this storm? How do we disperse it?" She pauses as she notices the winds dispersing. She grits her teeth, "It was you wasn't it!?"

Looking to Tsukiko, Hoiishime again, would sweatdrop. Was she nuts? A little on guard, but maybe not so much crazy. "Tsuki-san.. calm down… He don' be seemin muc-Eeee!!! Shootshootshoot!!!" Yep.. That was where the whole really-large-hand-suddenly-grabbing-ankle thing happened. Poor Hoii.. Trying to see about the man, whom for some reason, he thought he had nothing to fear at first. Signs pointed to the large man not surviving. Strange thing right? Not fearing a guy with a chakra level like a Demon, who was just able to defeat a three in one cyclone with a naturally weaker chakra nature, until he grabs you by the ankle. Yep.. Hoii /was/ definitely the weird one at the academy.
But, maybe Hoii should not have been scared. The grab, was by reflex, but it wasn't harmful. Hoii would say, "Wait!", just incase someone was to actually go about 'shooting' the man. The large lightning welder, had been grunting, only to try and sit himself up. He had a sense of humor even after such an ordeal. This made Hoiishime smile some, the monk only seeking to help him sit up. This guy, was really heavy though. He had arms like tree trunks, and apparently, he was a dark skinned fella' as well! A Yotsuki? With the lightning, Hoiishime' would not have been all that surprised. As he spoke, addressing everyone, Hoii would only seek to check the guy for any horrible wounds, inside or out, a handseal being made. Hoiishime, with a touch, would emit a small wave of chakra, non-threatening, and not harmful, into the guys body. He had to know a few things.. Meanwhile the man's words gave away alot. Apparently, Reza knew him, and, this Makoto person as well, the woman whom they only just met minutes ago.
"You be havin to pace ya self, mon.. We be thankful of ya efforts, but you be-Ugh!!! Help me! He be heavy!!" Of course, the situation played out as the following. Hoii was helping the man hold his ownself up. However, when the man passes out, Hoii's not as strong as to keep him held. Panicing, being nearly crushed.. yaddayadda…

Mune thought this man was a Yotsuki. He looks like it. But what she had no concept of was why he would call her by THAT name. Her own eyes widen. "…What did you say?" But the man has already passed out, so she moves quickly to help lift the large warrior alongside Hoiishime. Physical strength may not be her specialty, but the two of them working together ought to be enough. Once both Medic-Nin -- and possibly Tsukiko and Reza if they decide to join in -- have dragged him away from the crater and the possibility of drowning, Mune helps prop him up, huffing a bit from the exertion. Still, she is in pretty good shape, so she'll be fine.
"Why did he call me Makoto? I can't look THAT much like her…" she mutters. If there are any questions or even questioning looks, she explains succinctly. "Yotsuki Makoto was my mother. She died at least three years ago. I have no idea who this guy is or how he would know my mother… But we better get him -- and the rest of us -- somewhere dry, so we can ALL get out of these clothes and into some that aren't going to make us sick. And of course…" She narrows her cyan eyes. "…He's going to need a lot of medical treatment, most likely. After an effort like that, I don't think he's going to be in any condition to answer questions right away."
Then she silently thinks, 'And he is going to have a LOT of questions to answer when he wakes up…'

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