Return Of A Hero - Revealing The Truth


Hashiramako, Raiga (as "G")

Date: December 22, 2010


G seeks the aid of Konohagakure in forming an allied force to confront the Storms of the future, and those responsible for the existence of the >first< Storm. He also reveals his true identity to the Hokage. There is no going back now.

"Return Of A Hero - Revealing The Truth"

Near The Kusagakure Academy - Kusagakure

Hashiramako was sitting at a small picnic table, within sight of the training grounds utilized by the Kusagakure Shinobi Academy for the training of students. A warm wind blew slightly through the flowers that lined the streets, filling the air with its sweet scent and gently ringing chimes that hung throughout the village. The place was almost ideal for a bit of quiet and relaxation as the training ground only consisted of a handful of students practicing some methods of focusing chakra and with the exception of the occasional low level burst of elemental chakra, they did not disturb the setting.
Spread out before the Hokage on the top of the picnic table, was a copy of a current newspaper that had been delivered by hawk from Konohagakure, even being out of the village, the Kage had need to stay abreast of what was going on there. She sipped on a tall glass of lemonade, purchased from a vendor across the street and studied the paper. "Ah, looks like the Akimichi have engineered a more draught resistant watermelon. That will be interesting to see." She said idly as she poured over one of the articles.

For a man as large as G, it is really amazing how swiftly and silently he can move. Standing at more than seven feet tall, and tremendously muscular, the dark-skinned man looks vaguely like a cross between a professional wrestler, a body-builder, and someone who might be inclined to punch out a bull elephant simply because it was standing there.
However, just because he is >able< to move silently doesn't mean he >has< to. Case in point, his arrival in the area is punctuated by a wall exploding outwards when G smashes through it. The noise is rather loud and disruptive, but though people duck out of the way of flying masonry, no one except the visitors and non-natives of Kusagakure seems to take exception to it. Most people just get out of the way and stay out of the way until it's over, and then proceed about their business. Those who are >not< residents of Kusagakure are probably expecting some sort of attack or scrambling for cover, but G does not attack anyone. He just strides right up to Hashiramako, dressed in his outfit composed of leather and fur, with a white linen wrap about his head and face, and says, "Hokage-sama! I have need to speak to you!"

The Hokage glanced up at the sound of the destruction, her eyes narrowing firmly into sharp slits. While she was not aggressive, she was not pleased with the needless destruction caused by G's entrance. "Apparently, however, if you feel the need to tear down walls to get to me, then perhaps you need a lesson in basic protocol. Such as, you don't need to knock when outside and if you do feel the need, knocking does not mean creating an extra gate where there was not one." She said, unamused as she stood. "Now, I will listen to what it is you need to say, if you will begin repairing the damage that you have caused. Our purpose in this village is a peaceful one, lets allow shows of strength to be limited to the Arena."
With that spoken, the Kage walked towards the rubble, beginning to ponder the beams that had been destroyed and calculating what would be the most effective and strongest fix to the structure. Her plan beginning to come together, she focused her chakra and began forming the lumber framework for the structure, fully expecting G to be working on cleaning out the debris.

G pauses at the admonishment from Hashiramako. Then he says, "Hokage-sama, I intend no disrespect, but I am presently a Jounin of Kusagakure, and I have lived here for nearly five years now. I will admit to perhaps seeming 'eccentric' to others, but the locals are very much used to my method of announcing myself. Before you condemn me, you should know that there is little need for construction in a country that shuns urban development and industrialization. Kusagakure, and the majority of the people of the Land of Grass, far prefer a predominantly natural environment. This leaves our craftsmen at a loss in terms of business. The Grass Daimyou and myself long-ago came to an agreement concerning these random walls that are littered about the place…" He turns to look at the wall after he and Hashiramako have both relocated to stand in front of its remains.
"…Any wall that is 'forcibly dismantled' will be repaired by Kusagakure's craftsmen, and I will pay for their services out of my own coin purse from my service and missions to Kusagakure." he finishes explaining. Then the tall man whips out an arm to the side and says loudly, ">That aside<, even if I did not have this purpose in mind, the destruction of walls is my method of expressing myself and my nin-do! 'I will allow no barrier to overcome me!' That is my ninja way, and even if you disagree with it, you are a visitor in this Village! You have no right to ridicule or lecture me! That is for your >own< people to suffer."
Taking a moment to regain his composure, G allows time for Hashiramako to respond.

"I can understand wanting to keep one with nature, but walls were constructed for the purpose of security. Excuse me if it is your way of expressing your nindo to go around creating chaos and destruction. It is my nindo to find balance and to strive to bring peace to this chaotic world." Hashiramako said calmly. "If you want to express yourself, and your strength, perhaps you should research some of the iron body training that monks endure. I have seen feats where pressing their weight on a spear to bend it barely leaves them scratched, yet that same spear can pierce through a melon with ease. I have also seen demonstrations of power, where people have been able to break through stone and wood, constructing for themselves bigger barriers and obstacles to overcome. You may pay for your destruction with money and service, but if you do not value money and you love your service, have you truly paid a price? But enough of that, those are my thoughts spoken freely without intended malice, but hopefully an opportunity to ponder a different view than your own. If this is the way it is in Kusagakure, so be it. However, if you destroy anything in my village, you will be the one who repairs it."
Hashi sighed, placing the timbers to the side, knowing that nothing was damaged from the natural environment in their manufacture, perhaps the fact would be appreciated by the locals of this village. "You had something to speak with me on, then let your peace be said." She said calmly as she walked back over to the table, her eyes periodically moving back to the destruction. It was clear the type of behavior that was apparently tolerated or at least endured by Kusagakure on this man's part bothered her. However, she knew it was not really her time or place to pursue much about it.

G listens to Hashiramako. He may be a man of action by nature, but he has toned down much of his youthful mannerisms over the past half-decade. That means learning to be a good listener. He sighs and follows Hashiramako over to the table. "You are correct, Hokage-sama. I too seek stability in this ninja world we live in… Change comes from without, but must be allowed within to make a difference. Peace comes from within, and must be shared to make a difference. But to >change< from violence to >peace< requires >understanding<, and to give peace to others requires an understanding of one's self. I understand not only myself but the world around me. The peace I have experienced for the past five years has been abruptly ended, however, by the same matter I came to you to discuss. I thought perhaps rekindling the fires of my youth would make this easier. But it appears it is only making it more… Complicated."
G looks down at his huge, dark-skinned hands and says, "There was a massive cyclone that nearly wiped out Kusagakure towards the end of last month. It would have done so if it had not been stopped. I am the one who stopped it. Following a stay in the medical center, I was convinced by a number of people, including someone from your own Village, to reveal to the world the cause of that 'super cyclone', and the rest of what I know. You see… The Storm was not natural. Nor will the other 'natural' disasters we face in the future be. But they will all be capable of killing tens of thousands of people at a time. The Hidden Villages will need to work together if we are going to prevent these deaths."

Hashiramako chuckled "Eh, you must forgive me. I'm becoming a bit of an old lady who from time to time is annoyed by the antics of youth. With age comes a lot more than just understanding, with it also comes aching backs after a long hard day's work. Perhaps, that is why destruction bothers me, cause I know I'll just have to go and pick up the pieces again." She smiled softly and allowed G to continue to speak; nodding as she remembered the harrowing events of that day. She had spent a good portion of it behind the scenes working on reinforcing some of the buildings in the village to be able to be used as an emergency shelter in case it was needed. Luckily, the storm had diverted and while she had pressed some for more information regarding the situation, she ultimately chalked it up as one of those freak storms that frankly, just appear. "So, I haven't really gotten the full reports of that event, are you saying someone or something caused the storms to erupt? I admit they were powerful, but I know if the frontal systems collide just right, freak storms like that can happen." She asked, lifting an eyebrow, waiting for him to explain his thoughts. "I am sure, that we can get Kumogakure's assistance in this. We have aided them countless times in the past. Our relationship with Sunagakure isn't as strong as it is with Kumogakure, however I think Sousa would also respond if requested. I'm not sure about Kirigakure or Iwagakure. In fact, I'd almost guarantee Kirigakure would stay out of it and let us all rot in the grave."

G nods. "Indeed. The Storm was artificial — in a manner of speaking. It was not being directed by an intelligent force, but it was generated as a direct response to actions taken by at least one person. I can guarantee that Kumogakure will assist us. A member of Sunagakure's Council was there when I awakened in the Medical Center, and had some very interesting information on a similar storm that had nearly struck the Sand Village. I believe they will likewise be willing to work together with us. But I do not know you or the Kazekage well enough to make assumptions, so… I had to ask." He nods silently to himself for a moment.
Then he says, "I have heard a new Mizukage was appointed. He may be more open to the possibility of an alliance than his predecessor. And as for Iwagakure… I honestly have no idea either. But considering that the Mist Village is just as much in danger as the rest of us, I believe they would have an interest in at least hearing what I have to say."
G, previously registered as 'G. Yorai', considers his next words for a moment. Then he says suddenly, "It is time to tell you who I really am. 'Jii' may be my birth name, but it is a name I had abandoned until five years ago. Until that point, I was known by a different name." Then he reaches up with both hands and pulls apart his bandage head wrap and face wrap, exposing his short-cropped and unruly white hair, his steel-grey eyes, and his weathered features. "I was and am Yotsuki Raiga. I trained the Raikage herself personally, and unified the peoples and Clans of the Land of Lightning. I have been in hiding for the past five years, ever since my reported death at the hands of three powerful villains… But now I am ready to face the dangers that threaten us all, and to give all of my strength to the cause of ending the loss of life before it begins."
He crosses his large arms over his broad chest and says simply, "I can guarantee the Raikage will have Kumogakure ally with us… Because I know that my student would never deny her own sensei."

Hashiramako smirked and shook her head at Jii's reveal, "You never know just who or what is going to just pop up out of the woodwork around here. It is good to see you safe and sound. I am sure, my record goes out before me, I am a protector of the innocent as the Raikage well knows. We assisted in providing security for the civilian populations during the war between Kumogakure and Kirigakure." She explained. "As far as the new Mizukage, I have not seen him yet, however I look forward to getting a feel for who he is. Allow me to read the reports that Kusagakure has concerning the cyclone incident, to see if we have any idea of who unleashed it. Then we can begin a search for them and eliminate or imprison them as necessary. Once I have more information, I shall disseminate it to my Jounin in the village, and perhaps we can begin patrols and a search for clues about their whereabouts at that time." She said, standing and folding up the paper she had been reading earlier. "It was a pleasure to see you again, it had been eons one could say. Perhaps we will meet again soon." She offered him a nod of her head and then began heading towards the gate out of the area, making her way to her quarters to do some research.

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