Return Of A Hero - The Shinobi Sect And The Great Manipulator


Hoiishime, Raiga, Rain, Kaede (formerly Kureno)

Date: December 30, 2010


"G" chooses to reveal some of what is going on to a potentially untrustworthy individual, in the hopes of gaining an ally. Kaede accompanies his master. Hoiishime is caught in the middle because he was training in the right place at the wrong time.

"Return Of A Hero - The Shinobi Sect And The Great Manipulator"

Abandoned Temple - Land of Grass

The more one seem to enter the inner portions of the Land of Grass, the more a deficit in life seems to become quite apparent. The crispness and vitality found within Kusagakure itself, seems to dull as one moves out into the outer plains. That is not to say that the plant life here is non-existant or even dying. It all seems caught in an identifiable sense of gloom, having only the bare mininum of soil, and moisture needed to survive, and nothing more. Wild grass, and shrubbery seem to make themselves known, outlying rough dirt paths. If not for the warm sunlight that seems to promote a descent climate, this place would be more comparible to a northern tundra, rather than a plain or plateau.
Among all of this, large chunks of rock and boulder, seem motionless omens of a past long gone. Many have marks and scorches, the signs of skirmish and battle from days of long passed war. Further up the path, remnants of stairs, steep and broken, come into view. The lead up in the hundreds, to a shrine as gloomy and devoid of vigor, as the very plains for which they reside. The place seems dead. However, if one were to listen closer, breathing would be heard. Not so much in the traveling of a wind through empty corridors and a dust shrine, but rather in and out of lungs. A monk still lingered, though this shrine had seen its days come and go.
Hoii, seeked the solice, but not for a disdain of people. Rather, it had been one for training. The seeking of peace, would lead here. This place had it, though there was an obvious lack of aesthetic beauty. Holiness would withstand time, in Hoii's opinion, and the stair of the inner shrine, would be enough of a platform for his own meditation. Chakra and the sense there of, was all he'd focus upon.

Hoiishime's attempts to heighten his ability to sense Chakra are known to himself, at the least, but not to the Kusagakure Jounin called 'G'. Thus, his reasons for coming to this temple are unlikely to have anything to do with the young monk. However, his approach may be noticed even as he reaches the top of the steps. His Chakra level >at rest< — if one can consider climbing hundreds of stairs after a long hike from Kusagakure to be 'at rest' — is about 1/6th of the >maximum< Chakra level that a typical Genin is capable of achieving if allowed to gather Chakra for a long period of time. And since even a Genin has a higher Chakra level than a simple peasant worker or a stray cat… Well it is a bit like being in an enclosed room and suddenly feeling an unexpected gust of wind.
G has abandoned the face-and-body concealing clothing he has worn for the past five years, and goes about more often in baggy pants — or pants that would be baggy on a less muscular man — and bandages wrapped about his torso in various places. Boots on his feet complete his outfit. Kusagakure is a relatively warm place, even during winter, but for those not used to the frigid climate of the Land of Lightning, it is definitely too chilly to be walking around without adequate protective garments.
He looks up briefly as he walks down one of the halls of the temple. Whether Hoiishime can detect him or not, G can detect Hoiishime. "…Hmm." That is all he offers, then he turns around and prepares to wait out on the steps instead of venturing further within.
He had a friend deliver a letter to 'Lord Rain' requesting his presence at this temple around this time of day. He did not bother waiting for confirmation. He simply assumed that Rain would do as requested. G has taken the man's measure and determined he is not the sort to ignore such an invitation. Leader of a Village or not, there are some things that cannot be left to chance.
A letter from Yotsuki Raiga is one such thing.

Rain is a busy man, though he always seems to have time for certain people and certain events. It was almost as if all of the things that kept him busy were simply to occupy time and held no real important to him. It didn't matter why however, only that he was arriving. Kaede would be with him, as he had come to see him just as Rain recieved his summons. "This Yotsuki is an honorable sort, so i doubt any real fighting will take place, however, be prepared. IF he does decide to attack, he will not be easy to handle. It would probably be best to retreat, but i already have that contegency covered." Rain would say as they approached the Temple. Eyeing it for a moment, he would begin to climb the stairs, taking his time as usual.

The chakra that is with Rain, if it had a feeling attributed to it, it would be that of an ominous feeling that is infinitely far, but still there. Like the scent of ozone after a storm. A ripple on a calm surface of water that hints or hinted at a tsunami. Or even better, the darkness one sees when staring into a kaleidoscope of white and colors, yet, focusing on the dark spots, there would be none. Compared to Raiga's level it wasn't that special. Compared to a genin, well, that's a different story.
But the chakra, ominous and peaceful at the same time, belonged to a boy who seemed to be the happy go lucky type. Except the fact that he had his right eye covered by a headband with no insignia of a village or whatsoever. His clothes, even though it isn't the standard wear of a village nor a shinobi uniform could still deserve a call from the fashion police. Either that or it is made for fighting.
And once upon a time, there was such a boy, ominous and dark. Lost in a dark and cold place…
"Lord Rain." The boy says to the one who is leading him, "It has been a while. But Kaede doesn't think it was wise to go with just me." It was unmistakable. This boy, calling himself Kaede, had not only changed his name, but his manner of speaking. It was a rare form of speech, hardly locatable, were one always spoke in third person. "But Kaede will give his best to protect Lord Rain."
The boy said, and flashed a smile as he looked towards the temple, obviously refraining from skipping as he walked; If it was a disguise, for a untrained eye, it was perfect.
And this ominous boy, had been a ruin now, and the foundation of…
"Hi. I'm Kaede!" He tells the big guy at the stairs as he tries to look past him. He had hurried his pace the last few meters. "We are looking for a … uh…" He looks back to Rain. "Yotsuki G-man right?"

"Squirrel. …Mice.", and the other names of small creature had been being muttered since the boy sat down and focused his sealing. His approach to training, had been merely attempting to identify these by sensing the chakra for which they all carried. It was through his own concentration into these senses that such a monotonous and boring training had been even possible. However, this training, would seem to get a bit of a jolt. Out of all the chakra's he was sensing, one large one would be felt behind him, and in no way been suppressed, or hidden!! Hoiishime's eyes would widen at how close it had suddenly seemed, and this alone would force Hoii out of concentration, causing him to turn!
Of course, it would be even more a shock when Hoii would turn and see no one for a few seconds. When G. would round the bend, Hoii would come to an immediate stand, bowing slightly, and saying, "G-sama! How unexpected." Suddenly, from behind, an even larger ones, would come from behind. They had been pretty large, sure, but the shock produced by G. Yorai's would cause these two to pale by comparison. These chakra, contained each a hint of something darker. One had been submerged in a layer of calm, making it too complex to assess for Hoii. However, the other, had been one that carried a mix of emotions deeply within. A confusion of sorts, layered within the confines of two distinct sides. This would end up causing Hoii to whip around once again, only to see the approach of two.
Rain had been known. The Lord of Twilight, and the man believed to have cause quite the stir in the Land of Fire. The other… Not much could be said of. Hoii had never met him. When Kaede would seem the first to say such, Hoii would say nothing, though he would seem to still have a hand sealed at his side. His senses, had been still being tapped into. "A meetin'? Ear'? Fate indeed."

G crosses his arms over his chest as he waits for Rain and Kaede to finish ascending the many, many, many stairs. When Hoiishime calls out from behind him, since he has his back to the temple's interior, he turns his head — but not his eyes — to say, "Greetings, Hoiishime. I didn't mean to intrude." Even now, with his attempts to shed the years of experience, manners, and diplomacy he had to learn in order to interact productively with the leaders of various Clans back when the Clan Wars were still raging without any end in sight, he finds it easier to be gentle rather than rough, and to be considerate rather than thoughtless. It is a bit amazing, Raiga admits to himself, that he used to be the exact opposite in his youth. And his daughter…
His stoic expression changes to one of sadness for a moment. Yotsuki Makoto had never gotten the chance to grow out of her brash and bold stage of life as her father had. G hopes that his grand-daughter will succeed where his daughter failed. All indications, however, were that while Mune is incredibly intelligent she also has a temper and is prone to allowing her emotions to sway her in one way or another.
'But such musings are for another time!' G admonishes himself silently. Then he says, "Greetings, Kaede. You may call me Yotsuki Raiga at the moment. Tommorow my identity shall be known to all, so proceeding to have people address me by my birth name of 'G' would be pointless." Then he nods in greetings to Rain. "It is good that you have come. I have already formed a tenative alliance with the Hokage, and I believe the good-will offered by Councilman Koudo will be reciprocated by the Kazekage. The Grass Daimyou, Shuichi-san, will no doubt offer his aid as well. But this is not enough to deal with the looming threat to our world."
"We will need the aid of >all< the Hidden Villages. And even knowing that the Raikage will do all that she can is not enough… So I will first describe the nature of the threat to the best of my knowledge and understanding, and then I will ask you whether your Village and your allies will work alongside the others to forge a future of true understanding in which all the peoples can see and feel the suffering of every other person… Or whether you will risk the destruction of all that you hold dear — including the very >future<!" Raiga does not hesitate to speak just because Hoiishime is nearby and within hearing range. This is not a secret meeting… Just a private one. He will be announcing this same information to the world soon enough.

As Hoiishime would discover, Rain's chakra was strangely subdued most times. If it was to be related to a creature, something like a snake, or perhaps a bird would be what it felt like. Cold, calculating, but intent and ever present. It didn't display itself, so much as creep up the spine like eyes watching from the shadows might cause. Kaede's change was… not ignored so much as easily accepted and allowed without speaking against it. As Raiga would be so… enthusiastically greeted, Rain would smirk slightly and nod quietly beside Kaede. His eyes shifted to look past raiga however to see Hoiishime approach. "Interesting." is all that he would state about that.
Raiga had gotten right to the point, in a sense, and Rain would raise his brow slightly. "A true understanding of each others suffering." Rain would state with a slight and short chuckle. "Or the destruction of the future itself. I am not sure how I could refuse with such… stakes on the line. Still, you must understand that stating such before informing me of the situation is a bit premature for a decision. Though i suppose it does curb the decision before hand." Rain's brow would lower back in to place as he eyed Raiga. "I do wonder why Hoiishime is here however… just out of curiosity, but on to business i suppose. This sounds like something i will have to sacrifice for, thus i eagerly await your explaination."

Kaede listened to Raiga and glanced ocassionaly towards Rain to gauge his reaction, guess in some part, he still had the habits of the one who he was before… so to speak. Especially one nasty one. Speaking out of line.
When Raiga mentioned Sunagakure, Kaede didn't seem phased at all. But when he spoke the same words Rain repeated, a true understand of each other's suffering. That is when Kaede changed internally, with the chaotic emotions stopping dead in their tracks.
"To understand suffering…" Kaede mutters, as he looks at Hoiishime, and past him towards Rain, and than back to Raiga. "There's a cold place, like I told one lady earlier, where one goes when he hates. And the only source of heat is hate. But even the smallest flicker burns the skin. I like to think of it as the Nightmare. But people call it 'strife'." Strangely, the place he described, if Hoiishime was still 'feeling' he might notice, is the same as how one could describe his chakra now, minus the flame of heat. But ash? That certainly was there, that is what the 'dark' feeling was. But everything else was calm and very cold. "No disrespect, Yotsuki Raiga-san, and I liked G-man better, but I do not think you know that place, and I don't think you've been there. So how can you understand suffering? I don't think there isn't a single person who wasn't born with strife in their hearts, that knows the meaning of equality or peace or unity."
Kaede than shrugs his shoulders, maybe realizing he shouldn't have spoken as he heads past Raiga with that same smile on his face before and a gloomy look in his left eye that is visible, "Ah look at the sad shape of this temple. We should do something!" Same old Kaede like when he was still approaching.

It was all coming together for Hoii. He'd watch as the speech began to turn to the official. Diplomacy, the showing of good will, and the pleading of help toward a common goal. G. Yor-No! Yotsuki Raiga, was now in action, doing what had been the thing he did better than fighting. Uniting. Hoiishime would seem to loosen himself from the slight constrains of nervous intensity, and relax himself, though for a moment, he had been still keeping wary of the people around him. After all, Rain had taken the precaution of having someone along with him. Perhaps Yotsuki Raiga, should have the same, even /if/ he had been as strong as he had.
Hearing his name spoken by Rain, Hoii's eyes would widen even more so! Just how in the world did this man know his name? Had it been from the incident with the storm? And why had his presence been asked of anyway? Suspicion? Hoii would make it a point personally to dissolve any ill will he may have had, and form a gentle smile upon his face. Hoii would bow, deeply to the two and say, "Pardon me reluctance in greetin' earlier. I be merely ere' before as part of me own trainin' when all of ya seem to make approach. I be guessin' da fates had more in store." Hoii, hadn't been wearing any signs of a headband, or anything. To the eye, he'd appear as what he was. A lowly kid monk, whom had chosen the meekest of garb, as well as a lack of footwear, to roam to where he had saw necessary.
Just as he'd seem to be set on his own good will, a break in trust would cause it all to come tumbling down like a wall. Kaede, had spoken out of turn, and what it looked like, was that he was questioning from experience he just had not held. Hoiishime, would began to since heat indeed. Hatred, had been a key emotion reflected in this one's chakra, but in the end, it was only a superficial one. Something lay deeper. Hoii would concentrate deeper, attempting to try and unravel what had been hiding behind all of this. He'd pick up something dead.. Something dark, and sad. Regret. Remorse. Loneliness. He'd sigh, and say,
"Aaahh, but those who be believin' in dat darker place, often always forget another. One full of join, and unending bliss. One where the soul goes for rest, after deeds have been done upon dis' mortal plane. While many may know 'strife', and hardship, dere' be those, yet still tryin' to ease dat' through efforts of unity, and understandin'. Da pain be harsh, sure. But it be me own optimism in believin' that strength in numbers, be well in conquerin' da sufferin' for which we all may someday endure, if we hath' not already. After all.." Eyes would look to Kaede, and smile, saying, "No mon, be an' island unto himself. Though we may all sit in an endless sea of a mortal realms' affliction, dere' be still a connection much deeper that we can all tap in."

Raiga nods as Hoiishime explains before he can. "I did not expect to find him here. Hoiishime was simply here for his own reasons… Training apparently. I find it very ironic that he should come here to train, when this was used as a training ground by the followers of Ninshuu — the Shinobi Sect. It was where they practiced the ways of peace espoused by the founder of Ninshuu, even as they strengthened themselves in the ways of combat. There are many temples like this one that have been lost to time or destroyed by battle. I thought it a fitting place for a discussion with one of the Sage of the Six Path's descendants, along with the only living practitioner of the Sage's very own unique brand of jutsu…"
Taking a deep breath, Raiga's broad chest expands and then he lets the breath out. "I know of hatred and of suffering. I also know of sorrow," he responds to Kaede. "I have undergone a process that allowed me to seek out and confront my inner self… 'Dark Raiga', the embodiment of all my hatred. I had to defeat him to be eligible to receive training in the ways of the Sage. My teacher would accept nothing less." He then turn to look at the youth as he has moved past Raiga to look at the temple. "I succeeded. I understand myself now, and with my other experiences and my other training I can understand others. It works best with someone whom I have spent a lot of time around, but even now…"
He reaches out a hand and directs his palm at Kaede. After a few moment he says, "You are broken. You were already broken, but now your cracks have expanded and deepened. If you are not mended then you will eventually shatter. The fires of hate will only hasten this process, and the burden of love will make the eventual shattering more severe. What you should seek will come from within, not from without. Take my advice or discard it, but the truth is what I offer you now." With these cryptic and perhaps not-entirely-helpful words, Raiga focuses back on Rain.
"To put it plainly, the Sage of the Six Paths left behind some of his vast power in the world, to be claimed when the descendants of his sons had made peace with each other. The vessels chosen have no fixed form, but because of the name commonly attributed to them, they are often >perceived< as 'stones'. Thus, they are mostly known as the 'Sage Stones'. There are six of them — one for each of the Sage's Paths. They were to be kept in Pillars that were in turn aligned with the Dragon Lines of the world. The Dragon Lines can be considered like the 'Chakra Network' of a human body, but they criss-cross the entire planet instead. The problem is that someone found out that these Stones existed before such knowledge was intended to be released… And now the Stones are being claimed or simply moved by those who have not the will to command them. This entire continent is reliant upon the balance of power that the Stones provide. The Storm that assaulted Kusagakure is but the first of those that will be spawned by the misuse of the Sage Stones… There will be >others<. And they may not be as >tame< as this most recent one."

Rain could not help himself. Due to Hoiishime's words, he would laugh for a few moments, nearly helpless and holding his ribs. Inhaling deeply and sighing his exhale, Rain would wave his hand slightly. "Don't mind me, please continue to… halucinate. I am not sure what you have been training, but it seems that through it you are only precieving things in a particular way. Still, I will not telly ou to think differently, regardless of how limited your scope currently is. Maybe that will change one day." His eyes focused on Hoiishime for a quiet moment before moving back towards Raiga, though he'd speak to Kaede briefly. "Idealism, I truly hope, is not why this meeting is taking place. There is a time and place for such pointless debates, but i assume this meeting is intended to be actually productive." Who was Rain to state whether such a debate was pointless or not? No one really. Simply someone who claims to have the answer that very few discontinue their bias long enough to hear out.
As Raiga began to explain the situation, Rain would recall many different instances of such stones being mentioned and discovered. He had also had some… interesting words with an ancestor that Raiga may not even be familiar with. The one that tainted the sixth stone and caused all sorts of trouble with his ideals and his form of hatred. The forgotten son. The Dragon Lines made a lot more sense than the stone explaintion ever did, and Rain would smirk about it. Far more fitting. Far more logical. "It is ironic then that Konoha is one of the primary sources of this disruption in the balance of things. Harnessing power without taking the time to understand it… tsk tsk." Rain would comment before tilting his head. "I have been asked to pursue these "stones" before, and i have hesitated for quite some time. Primarily because I move when I feel it is appropriate. Unfortuately, I have both taken and returned Konoha not far in the past, and doing so again would be quite difficult. I however assume force is not the solution you have come to me for. What exactly are you asking from me, Raiga?"

Kaede's own reaction to the words of Raiga were none that were visible or tangible. The regret and loneliness Hoiishime may sense from Kaede is wrong. Kaede has none of that. And whatever Raiga did to try to enlighten Kaede or whatever it was too just got a smirk from him as he abandoned his idea of reconstructing the temple a bit and he simply walked back by Rain's side and turned to face Raiga.
He turned around and looked at the long flight of stairs, following each one to the top, where Raiga stood. He made that move obvious and hinting, so that he draws attention.
He exhales than, 'heh'. Was it just air or a chuckle?
"My apologies, my lord." He tells Rain, "But I absolutely must say something." He says still looking at Raiga. "You're wrong." He tells him than. And he tried his best to make his words as heavy and meaningful as possible. "I am not cracked. I am not nicked. I am mended. But I am not here to defend my state of being." He pauses, "I don't know what you've been smoking to face yourself but look at where you are standing, Raiga-san. On top of a flight of stairs, that belong to a temple of practicioners of peace. What such practicioner would in a sane mind, make their temple above all the people?" He pauses again, "If you value my opinion, Lord Rain, I think this guy may genuinely believe what he is saying, but I don't think he understands the extent of his insinuations. The man that stands before me, I see as someone who has found some way to the top of the stairs, and constantly looks down on people, always disappointed or thinking he can push the tide back when he feels like it." He pauses, "I don't like him. But I will follow you to the end of the earth, my lord, if you choose to go there."

This was quite the experience indeed. Hoiishime was finding out all sorts of things that would probably change his own thinking far more than any he would ever think. For instance, even now, he had not known that he had sought refuge for training, in one of the very places where Ninjutsu had originated! His eyes would widen as he would look around the shrine, and even seek closer looks at the remnants of seals and decor. This place was indeed old, ancient even, and the monk of the Jinrai, found himself wondering, why indeed had he been attracted to this place. It wasn't like this had been his first day here. It was more like his third.
His own wondering, would be interrupted by the telling of Raiga's past. The trials to become a Sage had seemed quite vague. Had this confrontation been internal? Or had Raiga literrally confronted an living source of all his negativity? Hoii chuckled to himself as the thought of Raiga physically punching himself, would flash in his head. The chuckling would seem to be interrupted even further by Raiga's synopsis and warning to Kaeda. Hoii would go silent, his face seeming to display a confused sort of shock, before then looking to Kaeda with eye that spoke of sympathy. Just what had been going on within this nin?
Then Rain's laughter would seem to fill the temple with echos that would fill the ruined temple with both a cynism and cruelty that Hoii could help but seem to take the wrong way. This man Rain. He had been a negative man, whose own wants, even from the words he spoke, held precedence over all else. He was told he was hallucinating. Really? Hoii's eyes would seem to move to slits as he'd look to Rain's passive-agressive way of saying he was naive. Hoii would chuckle. He'd not say much. After all, Rain wasn't different from any other man that thought that the glass was half empty, only until the water in it was his. The monk wouldn't even bother in letting it effect him.
Besides, what Raiga had described afterwards, was even more fearsome than any situations he could even grasp. "Someting' dis big? Going on under everyone's noses? Imagine if de' public were to ever truly know! Da storm den already promoted attention to a ting much deeper, but I be never knowin' of all dis!!" Then Kaede would speak. Again, he would go on to everthing but insult Raiga, a man whose greatness he could never amount to. There was a slight annoyance that would boil deep within Hoii, that he would not show. He'd instead seem to smile warmly, not bothering in the fact that Raiga was digging in the wrong bush, if he seeked help this man.

Raiga crosses his arms again. "We will see," is all he says to Kaede. "I am not here to judge you. That is not my place. I can tell you only what I can ascertain with my own senses. I can not force you to see the truth, but I can place it in front of you. As for the stairs, the path to enlightenment is not reached either by ascendance or descendance. It is reached by doing both. The followers of Ninshuu would rise to a place where, in darkness, the light shines brightest from the night sky, allowing them to continue their studies. This was to strengthen their minds and spirits. To strengthen their bodies they would descend the steps and work alongside everyone else in the daylight, where there could be no concealing that they wore the humble clothes of carpenters, farmers, craftsmen, and healers. They embraced life. Peace was the end towards which they worked, not their means. But this methodology was not accepted by all."
Raiga shakes his head. "As all the many students of the Sage applied their own personal views to his teachings, they divided into Ninja Clans and then Ninja Villages. Even the Yotsuki Clan was formed from these disciples of the Sage, and my Clan has been active in war, hatred, and hardship, the same as anyone else. I do not claim to be better than anyone else, but I will state that I >know myself< better than anyone else does. I once thought I was good enough to teach others according to my personal views… That my way was the right way, and that the ways of others is but the natural variance between one human and another."
"I thought I could teach my three pupils as well as the one who taught me," he says, and then looks away with his steel-grey eyes. Quietly, he says, "I was wrong." Then he looks down towards Rain and Kaede. He leaps from his place at the top of the stairs and lands on the ground heavily somewhere behind them. "We all share the same planet, and we all serve a purpose in our placement upon it. I apologize for offering unwanted advice, Kaede-san. I simply wish not to see you crumble when you are so close to becoming whole."
Turning to face Rain, Raiga says one last thing. "I want to know if I can count upon you to form an alliance with all others who wish to allow the world to proceed along its path — wherever that may lead — rather than those who would try to turn reality into an illusion that only they may control. Will you be a man with a man's facets and flaws — a man with the ability to become a >better< man through his own choices? Or will you be a faceless, featureless puppet — perfect in every way… In the eye of the one who sculpts and controls you, along with millions of others exactly the same?"
"I believe that that is our choice. To free ourselves from the shackles placed upon us by 'destiny', or to plod along into a dismal future where there is no want or suffering… But also no care or joy, because everyone is a mindless shell that obeys a great manipulator."

"I do not mind if you speak, Kaede. I only state that nothing will be solved here through it. Your honesty is appreciated however. Yotsuki Raiga is doing what he needs to do at this time from the perspective that he has been given through his experiences. It is a perspective most can concieve and attempt to grow to understand and thus follow. His leadership has meaning, even though I believe in the end it will not achieve his goals." Smirking slightly, Rain would continue. "But only because he is likely to avoid causing other people to go through what he has himself been through. Or am I wrong, and you are willing to cause the same hatred, suffering and sorrow as well as self discovery and mastery in all others?" His smirk would leave him however as he'd say, "But I digress, i still do not believe this to be the proper time to discuss the future with you." It was then that Raiga would explain his point and give his request. Once again, Rain would laugh, though much shorter this time. Rain would begin to descend the stairs slowly, not answering at first, but as he passed Raiga, should he be allowed to, "We should have that conversation some time. About the future. That is… as soon as it is no longer threatened by the visions of a few." He would continue down, assuming Kaede would be coming with him before saying one more thing. "It is good to have more company down this path, Yotsuki Raiga."

Hearing Raiga's speech, and than Rain descending the stairs, it left Kaede on top of the stairway. And he looked up. Being at the top, it meant something different for this boy. Maybe Raiga was right. The steely sky lying overhead felt so much closer and it is truth that it felt like the only peaceful place there was left on earth. But merely turning around to look down at the people felt wrong. But than again, people in the gaza plains? Difficult. Maybe the monks of this temple knew a thing or two about peace after all. But did Raiga?
Kaede had hurried his pace a bit to walk shoulder to shoulder with Raiga as he spoke, "I find your concern… inspiring, though it is ill placed, Raiga-san. Kaede is a… was not a honest man and has caused harm to many good people. You are best off not associating with him." Falling silent for a moment he glances at Raiga, "However, if you believe in the words you say, I don't think you will care about my past. But there is something else I wanted to tell you." Kaede than stops. "No man can push the tide back when it decides to rise. No man can fight back destiny. Raiga, you will die if your destiny is not to do what you are saying you want to do." He continues walking afterwards, silent himself for a minute.
"Your path however, leads to balance. Maybe not peace." He pauses to glance to Rain, "Who wants RAMEN!?"

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