Revenge of the Forsaken - Return of the Fallen


Arika (emitter), Borin

Date: June 2, 2015


On a patrol, and Borin finds himself attacked by strange men who are far stronger than the average bandit…

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Revenge of the Forsaken - Return of the Fallen"

Land of Earth

The Land of Earth has emerged from its internal war stronger, United, and under new leadership. Not all are content with this, however. They've been watching from the shadows and seeking out their opportunity to strike, anticipating when they could make their move….
Borin would find himself on a mission with two others today, both genin. They were tasked with a simple patrol, investigating the border to the west.

Borin with his small squad patrolled the boarders ordered. As they moved he instructed them to keep their eyes and ears for anything out of the ordinary. The end to a war would leave some with a bitter taste in their mouth, needless to say though he had a bad feeling about today. Borin bounced up into the tree as he attempted to gain a superior viewpoint of the landscape before him. So far the patrol was good and he saw nothing worth noting, needless to say it was too early to drops one guard and relax though.

Borin would notice… There was something not quite right. His ears would pick up the sound of a pebble moving along the path, tumbling from some unknown source… Nothing was spoken, and no one breathed. A hidden trio, and one had betrayed them.

Borin ear twitched as the sounds of pebbles rung on them, narrowing his gaze his feeling was right. " We're not alone, when I give the signal hide and once it's clear report back to the village I'll cover your escape. I know of one for sure but there maybe more be on guard." Borin spoke low enough so only the three of them could hear and once he felt like the moment was right he flash banged the spot before vanishing from view." He felt himself hidden however he cut himself on a broken branches spilling fresh droplets of blood. Any ninjas could pick up the scent of freshly spilled blood.

The trio are already aware, though… It's too late to turn back. The knives come flying, seeking Genin and Chuunin alike. Neither of the Genin come away unscathed. One's arm is sliced, and the other gets a cut on his side. They nod, though, and skitter away to avoid the incoming hits and hide. Bolin would simply have to wait and watch, as the enemies were sort of still hiding. But they gave away their positions with the throwing knives….

Borin winced as he trusted Genin where struck he however used their being targeted to spot where the enemies where hiding. Bolting from his hiding spot he launched towards the for sure know target was and attacked with a paralyzing pressure point assault and finished with a powerful palm thrust aimed at the dead center of the chest. "If your still capable to escape then do so, I show this fool's how gentle their hell they came from really is. If you can't escape hide the best way you can till this is over."

The Genin nod, scrambling a bit to try and run, but to no avail. The ones present are a bit too strong for them, and the enemy stops them in their tracks with a genjutsu that shows them to their doom. Both Genin would see themselves being held with a knife to their neck, then the pressure of the sharp edge. And finally, the warm blood that spilled down their throats as they bled out. It was, in many ways, a bit traumatizing, especially when the two Genin couldn't even register what was going on.
Borin would experience the same thing: a knife to his throat… Yet it was very real this time. "Move, and we'll kill you, and your companions," hisses a voice. They don't think this guy is worth anything, admittedly. He's just a messenger boy to them.

The closeness is exactly what Borin needed, instead of given in he swiftly and fluidly flowed with the man's movements and from there he launched a counter measure at the man, hitting the joint in the shoulder than the joint in the hip locking him off balance. He pulled back and with a mighty strike tried his best to knock his block off. A punch to he face if successful would rattle ones brain a little bit. He shifted and picked up his stance and with a calm voice spoke "do as you please with them, although I don't won't them killed however if they die they died as Iwa ninjas. We're not Konoha won't sacrifice the many for the few." He waved them on as he dug his foot into the ground. "I'll beat you to death." Clutched fist Borin peers at them with an strengthen and renewed guard.

"Haha! This guy… Gotta love him!" the man sneers, his buddies moving to either side of the paralyzed Genin. They each grab one, dragging the two charges to opposite sides of Borin and giving the Chuunin a choice. "You can either save them, or give up. Either way, you lose," the 'leader' says with a grin, giving the teen a shove backwards. Or trying. It would delay him only slightly, which is all that it takes in combat. The two sidekicks of the big bad guy use knives to slash at each genin's throat, their foreseen death turning into reality.

Borin is both fast and strong he use all of his speed to palm thus the Genin from the grip of the aggressors however suffered to cuts in the process, little blood drips onto the ground as he taps the faces of each Genin breaking them of the genjutsu. "Hmph, now that you awake get out of here, I get that it might've scared ya toughen up and remember what we are. No do as I asked as I silence these forgetten relics. Borin cracked his neck as he dashed forward, instead of break off and attacking the four of them one by one he instead singled out one to neutralize him to further cut their numbers he did this by shocking him with multiple pressure points shots to the shoulder joint as well for the hip and back before superman punching him in the face. His attention where still in he remaining few.

The man Borin faces off against dodges the first blow, then ducks and weaves a bit so that instead of getting hit, his fist aims to shatter Borin's. "Run back home. So the little piggies don't get killed. And tell your leader… The Misuteru are coming…" Then he attacks three more times, each blow making Borin feel weakened from the strike. It seemed to sap his energy, aging a part of his body in the process, though it would fade soon enough. With a signal, the three disappear, speed bringing them away.

Borin is rocked in the face and it sent his whole being back, from the tip of his forehead gushed blood, shaking it off he dodged the first draining attack however the second catches him in the sides, using his powerful stance he fluidly dodged the last. He quickly notice once he raised his shirt where he was touched was aging a alarming rate, he was stunned before the effects subsided. As they made their escape he choses against pursuiting on his battered and bruised state thus allowed them to get further and further away. The man's message would echo in his head over and over again before striking the side of a tree. "Drop it all." Borin fell down and took a knee as he tried to regain his composure. For now the worst is over, however he knew it was the calm before the storm.

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