Eremi, Daisuke, Atsuro

Date: December 6, 2014


Eremi returns to Konoha, but will he stay?


Hokage's lookout, Konoha

After approaching the gates in a casual manner, even with a non-threatening demeanor it took but a coupld second glances and mutterings between the stationed guards before the Konoha shinobi were quick to close in on Eremi's position. The missing-nin kept his hands down at his sides, one dangled loosely, while the other clasped tightly to one of the many gourds affixed to his waist. Some words would be exchanged before senior Jounin arrived that would escort Eremi to the Hokage's location to deal with this issue.
A knock would be given to the Hokage's door and after waiting for the signal to enter, Eremi would stroll into the room with two Jounin following behind. "Hokage-Sama." One of the Jounin would call out to Daisuke. "We've brought you the Missing-nin, Eremi." Quite the title, Eremi thought as he offered a gentle nod of his head and a smile upon his lips. Nothing would be said, not yet anyways. Using the brief time to glance around the room. Was that Atsuro and Taizen? Smile growing wider.

"So I figure this will be a little awkward, but I don't see it going too poorly." Daisuke says to Atsuro as he waits in his office for the jounin and Eremi to arrive. None of these talks ever go completely well, though they are a rarity among missing-nin. Daisuke still wasn't convinced the title fit here, though. Eventually the knock on the door would come and Eremi would be escorted in.
"Welcome, please have a seat and feel free to say anything you came to say before we get into any kind of long or deep discussion topics. My tea person isn't here today, and Atsuro sucks at making tea, so forgive me if I don't offer you tea. That being said, I'm sure we can scrounge up some water or something if need be." he says in a friendly tone, folding his hands atop his desk.

There's a lot riding on how well this meeting goes, so Atsuro has to do his best to hide his nervousness. Hopefully this will go well. And if it doesn't go well, hopefully it doesn't end in a fight. He's been all over Daisuke's office in the last few minutes, looking out the window, then inspecting the wall, leaning on the desk looking at the door, sitting in one of the guest chairs, then finally leaning against the wall and watching the door. Taizen, meanwhile, has sat on his haunches, waiting patiently in one spot the whole time. "Just in case it does go poorly," Atsuro answers Daisuke, "I said that I would try to ensure Eremi won't get arrested, no matter how things go. I understand it's out of my hands now, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't make a liar out of me."
Eremi is finally escorted in, and Atsuro walks over to stand by Taizen, giving Eremi a hesitant smile in return. "I guess we can get down to business then," he says, "And then after that, we'll ask why you need a dedicated tea person…" He takes one of the seats across from Daisuke.

With the seat offered, Eremi would look between his two escorts wanting to make sure they understood things were calm and should stay that way, then move away to sit. "Thank you, Daisuke or do you prefer Hokage now?" Leaning back in the chair as he'd wave a hand at the open offer. "I'm good." The other hand patting one of the three gourds to let Daisuke know Eremi had drinks covered. For himself at least. Though maybe a toast might be in order afterwards.
That of course depended on how this conversation went. One of two ways. Good or bad. Hopefully with no one hurt. Especially Eremi. "Well…" Taking in a deep breath to think of what to say. He hadn't rehearsed this as that would look too obvious. "I'd like to be a part of Konohagakure once again." There, he said it. "When I left, I was young and foolish. Confused about many things and because of that, it led me astray. Luckily, thanks to Atsuro and Taizen. They were able to show me some clarity and let me know where my home was."
A smile given to Atsuro and Taizen, "Not that I ever forgot this was my home. I may have left the village, but it was always a part of who and what I was. Traveling in the world on my own had shown me several things, but mostly that I wasn't where I should be."

Daisuke watches Atsuro with amusement, this being probably the first time he seems super nervous. As Eremi enters, he watches Atsuro take up a position next to Taizen, who has remained calm the whole time. He then turns his attention to Eremi, who takes a seat and motions to the gourds, the Hokage chuckling a bit.
"Daisuke is fine within here, us four (including Taizen of course) aren't strangers." he says in response to Eremi's inquiry before he listens to Eremi's story. Afterwards he sits back in his chair and thinks a moment. "Atsuro obviously feels the same way, at least similar, in order to go this far and vouch. And my trust in his intuition is pretty strong. There is just one thing that I wanted to ask if I ever saw you again. Most true missing-nin leave here cursing the village, its ideals, how happy it is, etcetera. When I was looking into your story, I couldn't exactly find any one reason for your departure, and I have to ask, why was it that you left, but never truly left?" he asks, looking between Atsuro and Eremi as if the answer had been discussed between them already, or not.

As the dicussion starts in earnest, Atsuro shifts to sit on one of his hands and crosses his fingers. He watches Eremi out of the corner of his eye. So far, so good — he hasn't said anything that seems likely to bring trouble. Daisuke seems to be drawing him into the conversation, so once the Hokage is finished speaking, he adds in a few comments of his own. "Yeah, I do," he says, "Eremi might have left the village, but I could find no evidence that he ever attacked our ninja or otherwise did anything to harm us. To my knowledge…" he glances at Eremi, hoping for some confirmation, "the last time he was in the Land of Fire, it was to attack groups working for the Silence."

With the question from Daisuke posed, Eremi bit his lip as he had hoped that was something that would just be left in the past. Even just thinking about it and especially after the talk with Atsuro not too long ago, saying it in his head sounded ridiculous. He was worried about saying it allowed. The looks he would be sure to get…
"As I said before, I was young and foolish, and I believed that I didn't belong in the village. That I was unwanted and no one cared about me. So I left." Shifting in his seat, elbow propped on the arm rest, head would fall into his hand. "I thought by leaving I'd find what I wanted, but of course, I didn't."
That was awkward, but thankfully Atsuro was quick to change the subject slightly. "I never attacked other Konoha shinobi once leaving, I was however, attacked by some that wanted to try and bring me in. No harm though. As for the Silence. They're too large and powerful of a threat for me to take on by myself."

Daisuke looks over to Atsuro as he brings up some more information, nodding his head in approval. He turns his attention back to Eremi for now, curious as to the answer to his question. "Hm." he says lightly upon hearing Eremi's answer. Sure, kids want to go out and explore the world, that was fairly natural. This answer was a little less so. "I feel like everyone has to go out and explore the world, especially when they are younger, though I'm not sure I would recommend your way of doing so. But, as Atsuro stated and you reiterated, your bridges were mostly left unburned, at least within Konohagakure." he says before folding his hands atop his desk again and asking. "I'm curious about your time spent in other locations, though. Perhaps a bit worried, finding harborage in certain other villages and Lands that do not look too kindly upon ours and our own village. Feeling unwanted and resentment towards someone or something can be a powerful motivation for things one normally wouldn't do. Can you tell me about your adventures in such places?"

That's one hurdle cleared. Atsuro's posture relaxes slightly. Unfortunately, he doesn't know what exactly Eremi has done as far as villages other than Konoha go. He looks over at Taizen for a moment, and the two exchange glances, then looks back to Daisuke and Eremi. He rests his free hand lightly on his thigh and drums a finger softly against the fabric of his pants. Hopefully Eremi has a good answer for this one.

Eremi laughs slightly, "Yeah, I wouldn't recommend that either." With what he felt was the awkward portion come and gone, he'd straighten up in his seat, "For a time after leaving, I took on a guise of a vagabond and drunkard, even changing my name to not raise suspicions while I visited the other villages. It didn't take long before I realized I didn't care what the other villages thought and by changing my name and hiding who I was, in a way, was forgetting where I came from. So when asked, I told the truth. Suna, Kumo and even Kiri. I'd come across the villages superiors and they'd be shocked, but never bothered me.
A shrug would be given, but he'd continue, "While in Suna, I met the people and did some bodyguard work to make my money. Eventually one of the council members, Itami, became a bit of an annoyance so I left." Shaking his head at the thought of the woman. "While in Kumo I didn't do much, but I was there on the day the Silence attacked. A spectator at the time and nothing more, I defended my own until leaving once again. There was nothing for me in Kumo. Then there's Kiri."
Sighing slightly as things could get difficult again. "I met a girl, an orphan with a talent that doesn't belong to the village and yet, the Mizukage claims it to belong to him. I formed a bond with the girl, she was like a sister to me and I swore I would protect her. The Mizukage, Meruin, was not happy with this and required I prove myself or he would turn the village on me and send me back to Konoha in a body bag. So I fought him, I had to. For the girls sake. In the end, I earned the right to be her protector, but when I left Kiri…She followed…."

Daisuke listens to Eremi's tale, first Suna, then Kumo during the Chuunin Exams and attack by the Silence, but what he was most interested in was his time in Kirigakure, the village that refused to get along. He hears about a girl, time spent with her, but what he truly listens to was his interactions with the Mizukage. "Forgive me if I seem a bit concerned with the whole 'proving yourself' to the Mizukage, but all he wanted was a fight to prove you can protect her? Nothing else, no information, anything?" he asks, letting Eremi answer before addressing the fugitive in the room. "It seems we have some kind of mass migration to Konohagakure these days from Kirigakure. Perhaps the Silence did more damage to the country than we thought." he says as he looks to Atsuro. "This girl that followed you, forgive my concern but what happens if she is forced to go 'home', or leaves the village and land. What I am asking is, if you become one of us again, do you wave her farewell, do you accept that she may have to go back to Kiri, or do you follow?"

Nothing too bad. And Eremi did mention this to Atsuro — it's the point he was most worried about prior to this, really. He smiles slightly when Daisuke replies — it sounds as if he's at least giving some consideration to this whole thing, even knowing about the girl. "Moving back a moment, maybe Eremi could tell us some things about the state of Kiri when he visited? If it was recently, maybe we can hear something about what the Silence /has/ done to Kiri." He smirks slightly and adds, "And the Mizukage too. Incidentally, what's this about a mass migration?"

Eremi nodded slowly as he threw a hand up, "I was a bit surprised myself with the 'need to prove' myself with a test. I was sure he'd ask for information of some kind, any kind, but no. All he wanted was to fight. I think he actually enjoys it. Violence, bloodshed. None of mine spilled that day, but I was sure to let the Mizukage know I was more than just a drunk."
His head would turn to Atsuro as the other spoke up once again, "They're dealing with the threat of the Silence just like any other village, but I think due to the issue with Daimyo being kidnapped and released, a lot of the plans the Mizukage had gone south. Leaving the man confused about what steps to take next. A mass migration, I know nothing about."
"As for the girl, "Looking back to Daisuke, "She's already told me she doesn't want to be a part of Kirigakure anymore. I warned her about the consequences that would follow, but she didn't seem to care. Currently she's staying in Kadomai and she may stay there or move own. I'd like if she'd become a part of Konohagakure, where I could better protect her, but I can't force her hand, and I won't."

Daisuke looks to Atsuro and chuckles, "For another conversation." he simply says, not wanting to get into new topics during this conversation. He turns back to Eremi and listens before nodding his head and clearing his throat. "Taking in refuges and missing-nin from enemy countries is a little more difficult than our situation here, though I can easily look the other way if, say, she stayed in Kadomai and 'helped' you out with missions and such if all goes well. I wanted to mention that before we continue, in case you were hoping for the two for one combo." Daisuke says as he looks to Eremi to gauge any reactions. "Though you still never mentioned what you would do if she, say, moved on to Sungakure or up north to the other two Countries. As a Konoha shinobi, your duty would be first to the village and people, and we've been burned before with a certain Uchiha returning and leaving months later."

This is going better than Atsuro had feared, but the girl still seems to be something of a sticking point. He glances at Eremi to a moment to gauge his reaction to the girl acting as a Leaf nin under the table. "Say that she does agree to stay in Kadomai and swing by occasionally to help out," he says, "Would it be possible to use that as a sort of path to coming into Konoha? If she proves her loyalty, dedication, politeness, etcetera?" He tries to keep his face neutral when the Uchiha is mentioned. Of course that would come up.

Daisuke looks over to Atsuro a moment before he speaks, "Perhaps, though time and Kirigakure's reaction depend on that. For now lets focus on one at a time, shall we?" He turns back to Eremi, listening for the answer to the question that he had asked a second time of the wanderer. As soon as he heard the answer he wants to hear, he smiles. "I will hold you to that then." he says with a nod. "For now, I'm going to assign you to mostly Land of Fire missions, and perhaps, if needed, ones with Atsuro and Taizen here. But if you are ok with this small bit of probation, I'd see about finding some new living quarters within the village."

Atsuro shrugs. "I was just suggesting things. It took some convincing to get him in here. Luckily, it turns out that everyone is being totally reasonable. Yaaay!" He shifts again in his seat, this time to take his hand out from under him. It's fallen completely asleep with out his notice, so he starts to lightly flick it with his other hand. "So," he says, "It sounds like everything's worked out." He looks between Eremi and Daisuke. Now, please nobody say anything to ruin this.

Probabation…It put a sour taste in his mouth as he muttered the word under his breath, but there was probably little Eremi could do about it. "Seems fair." Glancing toward Atsuro, "I guess you're in charge of me? Need to make sure I don't get into trouble and all that." Smirking slightly before a thought occured to him, "What of my position? Rejoining the village, what does that make me exactly? Student, Genin…There will be questions from others I'm sure, and I'd just like to know how to respond properly."

"It won't be long, I'm sure. I will leave that up to Atsuro and your own effort. As for your rank, why don't we reconvene with Atsuro after a few missions and whatnot, so he can make an official recommendation of rank. After all, I'm sure you are much further up the ladder than student or genin. If someone asks during that time, lets stick with chuunin." Daisuke says, turning to Atsuro to see what he thought and that he was ok with making the recommendation after what he thought was enough time. "Sound reasonable?"

"Is that so terrible?" Atsuro asks Eremi with a smirk. Somehow, it all seems to have worked out. Mostly, he's just relieved that all his effort wasn't for nothing. "Anyway, this all sounds good to me. I'll keep an eye on him and see how he does. And I won't accept any bribes, unless they're really big." He turns his head to Eremi and gives him a very unsubtle wink. "I'll keep an eye out for suitable missions and that sort of thing. That should do it then?"

Eremi nodded, "Considering the position I'm in, I don't believe I have the right to make any demands or requests. Being allowed to come back at all is more than fair." Looking between the two, he was sure there was nothing left to be said and the two or at least Daisuke had other matters to attend to. Standing up. "I appreciate your time and what you've given to me, Daisuke." Eyes settling on Atsuro, "I'm ready for missions when you are." He was ready to walk out, following Atsuro or heading out on his own. "Congratulations by the way, Daisuke."

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