Second Promotion Exams - Reunion: Hiroshi vs. Ogosomakaru


Ogosokamaru, Hiroshi

Date: November 28, 2012


A shadow from Hiroshi's past meets up with him in the present, can this bond form into a deadly alliance?

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Second Promotion Exams - Reunion: Hiroshi vs. Ogosomakaru"

Unknown location

Ogo had been searching high and low for someone. In his search, he had come across something that gave him a great idea. It was a dark colored mask. Deep purple in color, almost glossy black. And a cloak to match, but the cloak was a lighter color purple. To hide his identity from others, he had thrown on the items, and would keep his identity secret from those he sought to track down, hoping they wouldn't flee from him and wouldn't until it was only too late. A great plan, but not knowing where the cloak and mask originally came from might be a problem, because it might mean something to Kirigakure nin, or someone else with which he didn't need any trouble or time-consuming arguments or anything like that. So for now, he just went with it and took the chance wearing the purple cloak and dark colored mask with small slits for the eyes and no other decoration save it had a very subtle ridge or edge straight down the middle of the mask, giving the reflections a moment of dissappearance before showing up again against the glossy material. For now, he was at the ruins, searching and checking the cracks and crevices in a casual manner, attempting to keep his movement unlike himself and maybe be a bit more fluid in his movements, almost giving himself the essence of a purple ghost with golden trim on the shoulder-cape and bottom hem of the purple cloak, which went all the way to the ground, and crinkled on the ground beneath him when he crouched at all. There also was hardly an opening on the front since the material nicely overlapped enough that it hid his entire body easily from all angles, but wasn't too hard to get both arms out and comfortably fight if need be.

Hiroshi would be at the old ruins resting it seems with not so much as a care in the world, his back was against a large stone buolder, hos white eyes facing out forward and his facial features serious as ever. He has been in here some time hearing only screams but tracking down a true opponent was rather annoying to say the least. A small black cloak would be clasped upon his shoulders connected to a carapace chest guard. The brown exo-skeloton like armor was fitted tightly to his body much like the armguards and greaves which resemble the same material.

He had been in this area for quite some time praying to those who had fallen in this lost civilization. His deep white eyes open yet he was upon his knee's in prayer for several moments before standing to his feet. "Blessed be the spirits." Hiroshi would say as he releases a slight yawn. Strangely enough nor many people seemed to care for this area which pretty much was a downer for Hiroshi considering he found it relaxing.

Ogo stopped moving when he saw the figure standing somewhere among the rocks and blocks and boulders. He was currently atop a small archway and had no intention of moving away. The heavy silken material made a fluttering noise as it flapped against his legs in a futile attempt to catch up to him while he was moving a moment ago. He seemed a little ominous with that hooded cloak and the shading beneath the hood showing really nothing from this distance, like shadows were keeping his face from being hidden and not an outright mask. But, the figure was staring straight at Hiroshi, or at least facing right at him, which might denote looking at from under that dark hood. His unwavering movement was a touch on the creepy side, too. Maybe a Suna nin who's trying to intimidate people? But really.. purple?

Hiroshi would simply peer at the being before him, seriously purple one cant do much sneaking up on someone in that one. A small smirk would slowly fall upon the hyuugas face as the idea of some purple ghoul pouncing on contestants causes him to laugh for a brief moment. "If you came to pray to the spirits I believe they are all tapped out today." He would say setting upon the boulder now he would peer out at the person, a curious look in his eyes as he simply stares back. "Did you need something or well, just come around to………to. I am sorry but, different question where in this earth did you find that loud purple outfit?" he would ask though there was no humor behind his voice it was a rather serious question as if he could not truly understand what in the jenova this person was thinking.

The figure would move quickly, and that same cloth ruffling noise would come from beside Hiroshi now as the figure moved very quickly, or teleported (highly unlikely, that's impossible!) from one spot to another. He didn't say anything yet, because he recognized the young Hyuuga. Two times they had crossed paths. Once while Odo was gathering things to get to his sister for her medical condition, and the second came when Hiroshi was attempting to leave and become a part of a wandering group a while ago. Neither time was very long, but Odo remembered him vaguely. That same small smirk was behind the mask, but quite well hidden. Ogo makes no gestures to show where he found that hideous costume, but it might work to distract someone long enough to get in a good shot or two. Well, maybe.

Hiroshi would blink for a moment as he watches the being teleport from his location to the next a small exited grin slowly growing upon his face as he speaks. "You are fast, I have not crossed paths with many as fast." He would say as if he were unphased by the teleporting purple clothed being. "Man seeing you makes me hungry and reminds me of being back home. The food, the ramen, and the drink." He would say as he sighs lightly peering up at the being from the corner of his eye. "Let me guess you are here to take my scroll, or pry it from me rather?" he would ask, as if he simply did not care for the tournament or winning. " If that's the case I do not plan on expending my load on a single person like the people in the first days of this exam, that was foolish of them. But to say you have yet to strike me means you have an alternative motive." He would say, brushing away a few strands of ebony black hair as he peers at the cloaked being. "Strong silent buffalo type?"

Ogo doesn't move. The smirk turning to a grin behind that mask and he has to bite his tongue just a little bit to not snicker at Hiroshi. His hand with his straight-bladed katana emerges blade first out from the fold, not revealing anything but his hand and the weapon, which raises up to a forty-five degree angle from about his waist height. He's completely messing with him, but using that speed was as well. So now more mind games?

Hiroshi would peer at the being, seriously if it wasn't for the fact he was wearing purple he might be intimidated slightly. But Hiro does not keep his eyes off the fast one, he is one who learned never to underestimate an assailant regardless of how they looked even those overly flamboyant. The Hyuuga would be still as the veins on the side of his head slowly start to bulge, chakra being slowly pumped into his eyes as the bulging veins increase greatly awakening his byakugan. "A weapon, curious I am now, why is it that people use them." He would say turning to face the area ahead of him, his byakugan allowing him to watch his opponent carefully. "Curious question before this turns possibly for the worse, why is it you use a sword, what is a weapon in combat to you?"

As Ogo twitches his wrist a little bit, he launches from the large chunk of building or wall that he was on, and it basically explodes underneath where he was into rubble and dust as he goes to leap right to beside the Hyuuga, his blade to the side aimed right for the black-haired chuunin's neck. He wouldn't hit, of course, unless the other male felt the need to lean forward. In which case, Ogo was aiming for about an inch or less away from his throat with the edge of the blade. Just to mess with him more!

But now, Ogo talks from behind the mask, which distorts his voice just a bit, which might make it a touch difficult to figure out who he is, but the byakugan that the Hyuuga has would see his chakra structure and color. Which, may or may not be identifiable as well. But, he says, "What is it to -you-?" In a calm and low voice from beside Hiroshi. That is, -if- he were able to get that close to the other chuunin.

Hiroshi would be curiously watching the enemy with his bykaugan, arching a pale bro he could only come to the conclusion his opponents speed was greater than his own. Man he is fast he would say as his veins pulsate even more to react to the incoming target. Hiroshi could only spin around a small distance before the blade is armed towards his neck, a killing intent? No His opponent was hesitating it seems but this would not stop Hiroshi from trying to dodge the assault but alas his speed was not as great as the one before him. The blade would stop a meer inch or so from his neck, which widens the smile upon his face. "You know I have met a lot of sword users in life, but very few that speed can react faster than my own byakugan. And that's a big very few." He would say as he locks his eyes upon the sword user, Hiroshi would stand to his feet with the blade still in range. "So will you dodge my question again, or simply answer it? What does that sword mean to you?"

Ogo stands up straight, returning the sword to under his cloak, and a bulge and the sound of metal on metal to announce that the weapon was in it's sheath, back home. "It means…"

He reaches his hand out of the cloak, reaching up to grab at the front of the mask, palming it, and pulls it down from his face, to show Ogosokamaru, looking straight forward into the distance. ".. justice, to me." He turns his head with a blink, reopening his eyes to look at Hiroshi. "And what do your eyes mean to you, Hyuuga?" He can't help but smile just a bit at seeing a familiar face from so long ago. But, Ogo might look a little more like a normal human being. There was emotion in his eyes now. No longer the hardened soldier type, or at least that part of him was receding more and more to a normal teenager. But only time will tell.

As ogo reached for his mask Hiroshi's face would harden as if expecting to see a complete disaster of a person from behind the mask, but instead, oh no still a disaster. "Well I will be." Is all he could say as his firm feature fades, a small building upon his face as he would once again take a seat on the ground, the veins of his byakugan slowly fading away. "My eyes to me , are an extension of myself and that's putting it lightly." He would say as he could only smirk yeh this is ogo alright but he is actually, smiling at something? Hiroshi would have a skeptical look upon his face as he peers at Ogo for several moments as if trying to read this persons intent. "Long time no see, Oggy."He would say giving him quite the nickname to be honest. Hiroshi was truly lost for words, he became who he was now because of Ogo, but he would not admit that to him, "Tell me you are not drunk are you, a smile on your face when it's not happy hour is not something I am use to seeing." He would joke, but its true, Ogo smiling is simply something Hiro is shocked to see.

Ogo as well sat down, his own transformation fading into the background of his chakra signature. "Of course they aren't, your eyes are completely attached.. aren't they?" He even made a joke!? "And no, I'm not drunk, and it -has- been a long time. A lot of things have happened since you said you wanted to come with me."

At that time, he lifted one of his hands out of the cloak, and there, on the back of his fingerless black leather glove, was a metal plate about a third the size of those on forehead protectors, with the symbol of Kumogakure etched into it. Both hands out now, and both gloves bearing the same small plate. "I went to Kumo, had a realization that the villages do what no clan could do by itself." And he puts his hands down on his legs as he sits cross-legged, now looking out again towards that one spot, like he was still looking for someone out there, or waiting for someone to pop out.

"Kumo, that's a place I could choose to visit for abit, you know stretch my legs. I have friend sback there and its been awhile since I seen them, one of them being little rise, I havnt seen her in some time now." He would say with a small smile upon his face his attention pulled towards the area in front of him. "its been awhile you know Ogo, you don't write you don't send cookies. Well I suppose that is for the best, I left the leaf for awhile. I really didn't abandon the village, but I just needed a months to get away from it all. Losing my dad, losing my mom, it took about a year or so but I found myself." He would say smirking lightly as he brushes a few strands of hair from his face. "I found a new level to my eyes, a new personality for myself, and a new training attitude. To be honest I'm sure my father could truly say he was proud" he would smirk giving a small chuckle as he turns to face ogo, "Amazing how the death of your parents can change you for the better and the worse right?"

Ogo listens to Hiroshi, and chuckles a bit when cookies are mentioned, and nods understandably about finding ones self. When the death of parents are mentioned, Ogo looks down at the rock they are sitting on at a point in front of him. "My dad was killed by my own brother. It made me leave when Kumogakure was forming. Strange that, when the Saito and Reizei clans finally got over themselves and we started working as a team, no longer trying to outdo one another, or at least not violently.. everyone woke up and finally admitted to themselves that it was the truth. Everyone knew, they just didn't want to say anything until someone was there who could take him on if he got violent. And that was me.." He breathes. "Funny I could have stopped it so many years ago, before it even happened. We aren't products of the world around us; Just living reactions of how we view our mistakes, successes, happiness and woe."

"Amazing how life is sometimes eh brother? Glad your people found a common ground, mine are still having a three way war amongst themselves, taking each and every advantage to remind the other how low they are." Hiroshi would say as he takes a scroll from his inner suit, the jounin exam scroll all wrapped in its glory. "They rather make each other slaves than to work together, and the other group rather shun the entire clan for being so called, puppets of the village. Things have simply got out of hand in these lands." He would say twirling the scroll around for several moments as he peers at it. "Then you have these exams, if you ask me people forgot the mandate.

On the first day the slaughtering began yet no one bothered to understand just what the exams were about. Survival and keeping two scrolls. I have seen people expand their load on the first day, only to be left broken and battered the next unable to defend the scroll they won the day before. Quite amusing if you ask me." He would say tucking his own single scroll away as he yawns. "By the way, I aint taking no for an answer but you are coming to my wedding." He would say as he holds his head down, both eyes closed with a grin upon his face as if he were lighten the mood.

Ogo would stand as Hiroshi goes on his rhetoric of his understanding of his own village in comparison to what Ogo just said about his. To lighten the mood even more, "Only if you promise me you won't hold it against me if I don't want to catch the garter." Sounds like Hiroshi just unintentionally cracked into something that had helped a little with these changes in himself as of late. "And, that's if I can get the vacation days allotted to come down to Konoha for that." He laughs a little bit at the joke he just made a little bit, even if it wasn't that funny.

"Ohhh no buddy I am going to make sure its thrown directly at you, so the nearest maiden will jump your rocks." He would laugh digging once more into his pocket as he pulls out a small folded picture of a hyuuga female. Hiroshi would simply grin as he revealed the picture to Ogo, an even deeper grin going, "Before you question how in the sephiroth I landed such a lovely young lady lets just say you helped a little." He would joke, but it was true, Ogo did help Hiro to realize a lot of things when he was younger each of those things helped him along the way. "Also, I have a request to ask you. I am looking for a special weapon. One you cannot find anywhere else, shinra possibly one that does not exist yet. I want said weapon to be an extension of myself only to where I wield it. Know a good armor smith I can hunt down, I have some curious questions for them."

Ogo sighs when Hiroshi tells him the drastic news that he may be some blushing maiden's suitor some day, and it makes him just smirk and shake his head. "My eyes are only for one at the moment, and she wants very little to do with me right now. But! First off, about the weapon, what do you want it to -do-. That's the question I'm wondering most. Becuase without knowing what it's supposed to do, then how can you form it's shape, without it's purpose? A sword is to cut, a hammer to smash, a latter to climb. If you need something made, then find out what it's for."

"Well this weapon will be special, I want this weapon to shred and restrict."Hiroshi would have a devilish grin upon his face as a loud scream echos through out the area. Hiroshi would only grin more as he heard the scream reminding him they were in the middle of an exam and unlike hiroshi most were not conserving their energy it seems. "Well how about we discuss that better half after the exam. I still have one more scroll to pick up along the way, and no doubt it will be from one of the kiri nin or those in my own village." He would say standing to his feet as he dust some dirt from his clothing. "How are you looking on scrolls, all is well that ends well, or are you still hunting down the pathways for one?"

Ogo breathes deep, and grins as well at the scream. Then listens to what Hiroshi says before responding, "Well, I'm more hunting some people at the moment, and I'm sure scrolls will be byproducts. I'll come with you. If you see a blonde and a kaguya with a girl who is tanned like me, so of course from Kumogakure, just kill them. That's what I plan to do. They nearly killed an Uchiha girl I knew a long time ago and watched grow up into.. well, she's a fighter. Was hanging on for dear life back there, but a medic nin was on the scene. That's when he told me about the two that did that to her, then took the kumo girl with them. She was unconcious, too, he said." Ogo motions for him to lead the way, as if it was a stroll in the park, while his other hand replaced the mask on his face and lifted the hood back over his head. Quiet time once again.

Hiroshi would simply grin as he took lead tightening his armguards to him he would only shake his head, "Oh I see now, well that makes things interesting to say the least. Beware of blonde locks and the kaguya girl and when I see them kill them. Well alright we will find this person who harmed the Uchiha but I want first crack at them." He would say as if now he thought this was more of a game than anything, "The mission is to secure another scroll and keep mine, but face hits are worth 50 points, chest hits are 25 legs and thighs are 10, and damage down to their back is worth 100 points only if you land a hit in the center." He would say grinning towards Ogo, the excitement of being together again pulsates through the hyuugas veins, "But ok, lets complete this mission and seek your retribution, but about that purple cloak, seriously what in the advent were you thinking?" he would ask as they moved towards the scream walking into the distance.

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