Revealing of a Truth Part 1 - Sekisetsu’s Tragic Loss


Sekisetsu, Meruin

Date: Unknown (log received August 3, 2010)


Sekisetsu and Meruin have had so far a long standing rivalry filled with many altercations and fights. However, in this scene, things finally come to a boiling point when a full on fight breaks out between the two, uninhibited by supervision or even circumstance. While Sekisetsu is fierce student so far, Meruin proves that she is no contest in a fight meant to give the blond a real attitude change.

"Revealing of a Truth Part 1 - Sekisetsu’s Tragic Loss"

Mist Lake [Kirigakure]

Mist Lake [Kirigakure]


A large crystal clear lake with a small yellow sanded island set in the middle. The lake is surrounded with large trees and lush green bushes. There are berry bushes, some poisonous and some not. The grass surrounding the lake displays patches of long and short grass with the odd stone set allowing for great seating. Villagers and ninja tend to wander towards this area for relaxation or training. Filled with an abundance of fish, here also tends to be a great spot for those interested in the fine sport of fishing.




Staring at the path leading to the Mist lake is a small boy. He sits upon a thick branch of a massive tree, unmoving, still as death's hand. A web spread out with he at it's center, thick and expansive. It was, perhaps, meant to be imperial, but the true effect served to show him as small — vulnerable, the display his bonds rather than his strength. It was Meruin.

And he waited.

So whats a girl to do when nothing seem to be going on? Seki's questions come often with really ridiculous answers, when it comes to questions like this. For some reason, however, the answer had seemed to be different. After a day of class at the academy, the first she had been to in weeks, the afternoon, began to turn evening, as the late day's sun would find this girl, training. A rare course indeed, but it was true this time. The jutsu? Well, for one it had been something that was fairly understood and plain to her, but for some reason, it felt incomplete and unfinished. Sekisetsu, today, had been honing a technique, that had been for the mose part, based on a really unusual quirk she had about her self. Her emittance of heat, on a natural basis, was one that seem to be controlled by her emotions. Of course, that had been figured out after a long talk with her uncle, after the same jutsu saved her from grief during her survival assessment.

The whole thing about this aura she seemed to carry, is that the angrier she got, the more hot and concentrated the heat had been. It was as if the fire inside her, had been fed by nothing but her temper. So when she practiced the technique, she found it easy to exert the heat into something large and outward. The only hard part, had been making it into a functional attack. She would smile at the though of being able to burn someone with an attack like that. Pure heat. But for some reason, concentrating it to small sections of her body, had been a funny task.


And so, Meruin watched, sitting on a throne of web and wood and spider. He seemed melded to the place, his hair lost within the webbing as though it had started to consume him but had balked at the first sign of true flesh. Those pupiless orbs of his, swirling with the mistd of his homeland, laden with blues, greens, and violets, studied the girl. She was in a large circle — the only space completely free of the fog hugging the land, steam hovering at the edges of the land. Hot to the touch and the sight both, to him, was Sekisetsu. He awaited to see what it was she was practicing.

Placing her left palm under her right, Seki would find her palm, becoming hotter and hotter, as she would concentrate. It would began to heat, in a way where light itself would refract, in the genuine way of which is heats own cause. It would be alot similiar to the way the asphalt radiates on a summer day, the heat becoming more successive over a few minutes. She would not have been at it long, before she would then bring the palm forward with authority, a small blast of heat, wide spread, and radiating hot, would burning forward, burning a deep hand print into it. She would smile, and a pant alittle, perhaps feeling a good bit of chakra withdraw from her. At least she knew she was doing it right. The practice to make such a jutsu effortless, however, was far from done.

And then Meruin was beside the hand print, a skein of silk slowly settling about him to lay like a cloak. He was crouched down onto the balls of his feet, hands resting on his knees. Even though his face was formed into its usual mask of calm and cold uncaring, it was obvious that he was studying the palm print, as there was nothing else he could have been doing, except, perhaps, staring off into the middle distance. A two second look was sent to the girl, taking in what signs he could that would determine the amount of energy it had taken to use that jutsu. Clinical observation.

Seeing the smaller boy show up, Sekisetsu would blinkblink, and then peer at hims menacingly. "Meruin… looks like rodents can't stay in the walls too long, right?" She would turn up her nose at the woman, and say, "A tree ain't really like a human ya know. I suppose though, if you want to give me some real skin and flesh to try it out on, then I couldn't resist.", her neck being cracked as she would look to Meruin with enough hatred to fill a paper bag. "But since I know that being a target is not your purpose this time, what in the hell do you want, and why are stalking me, again?"

Meruin's eyes swiveled from the burned hand to the girl who'd caused it, staying there for a heavy moment before the rest of his head turned to match. He continued staring at her for a small time before the corners of his lips twitched upwards. He spoke then, the steel in his voice cold enough to take the bag, hate and all. "Actually, I have come to give you a chance."

"Oh really?!" a wide, psychotic smile coming to her face as her chakra would well up inside her. She would smile, as she would look to the nin who had been now there, as her target, and say, "You got some gall coming around her. I will /gladly/ grill you if you want, Meru-kun!", the small girl seeming to gather chakra without delay at the mere thought of facing the boy that she had grew to despise, for relatively no reason. It was funny to see that she was this fired up, to fight.

Meruin's brow arched as he murmured, "Enthusiastic." He rose to his feet in a single supple motion, the silk that cloaked him pressing closer, forming itself to the shape of his body. His lips parted in a vaguely polite and thoroughly uncaring smile, a hint of ivory fangs seen hanging. He felt the chakra begin to build. "You have a singular manner of persuasion, Miss Kurenko." He inclined his head, "At your leisure, then."

Not even wasting time, Meruin would have had his statement cut off by a shower of fire and heat, compacted fireballs raining on his location, without compassion, nor even care. Sekisetsu was out to get him. But the first attack, would not be waste effort either way. The cloud of fireballs, wide spread and large, would cloud her movements, just intime for Meruin, to feel a heat, coming from behind a nearby tree. The tree would glow, in the same spit the handprint had been made, and then soon, a hole would be made by a larger fireball, basketball sized, and aimed right from the closes place to the spider nin.

Meruin's body moves immediately, almost as though it and his mind were working seperately, each doing their own job seperately. His movements were deceptively languid, sleepily acrobatics as me moved around and in between each of the smaller embers sprayed his in direction, almost running his hands along some of them, carressing the warm air they produced. It was with a moving, twirl of a pivot that the seven year old danced around the bigger fireball and the tree it had burned through in the first place. He let out a laugh as if this were all simply a fun game.

And this, was to be expected from Meruin, as he would be watched by Sekisetsu, her eyes, this time, having no difficulty following the quick movements of the Okumo she now faced. She would look whom as he dance about, and frown, and cackle, as she would say, "You move more girlishly then I do! Is that a pirouette?" And with that, a lone hand would be flicked as she would arm herself, with glowing tags, ready, and hardened to throw at where the boy would be. And even if they had missed, a seal with a decagram patterned, would have a nice surprise distraction, just so that Seki's efforts would not be invain.

Meruin simply ducks under the first thrown seal, jumping into a spinning sideflip as he heard it slicing through branches behind him. The second moved close by — cut him on the way by, actually, but it wasn't something he was going to show. The silk reformed over the spot even as it was cut, so that there was no evidence of his being hit. And then he hopped, moving high up into the tree with a few acrobatic leaps, watching the flashing lights and sound of Sekisetsu's flashbang tag. "You are predictable, Sekisetsu."

Watching the boy move down the branching, and being nothing more than a moving target, Sekisetsu would do nothing as she would basically watch and wait for him to move in place. What has she planned. Not sure but for Meruin's sake, you would hope it was not something dangerous. She would be called predictable by the boy. Generally an insult from Meruin, meant that she had gotten him once. Sekisetsu would have her own rebuttle. "Predicatably huh? Even /you/ can tell that was the worst lie you ever spoken. She had thrown 6 seals.. Let see, 3 in the three.. But where the others go? "Kai!!!", would be shouted by the girl, with a handseal to release, and then, Meruin would feel explosions coming from behind him, in stereo, courtesy of explosive tags.

Meruin rotates around the limb he's on so that he's crouching on the bottom of it before he pushes off, throwing himself down. He could feel the heat of the first explosion corching his skin, burning slightly, but he came out of it mostly unharmed and slipping between the branches in a freefall.

He leaned forward into a flip, landing with coiled muscle and tensed legs, low to the ground. "Sloppy as well. I'm giving you too much leeway." And with that, he jumped onto the tree nearby, kicking off of it to launch himself at Sekisetsu. His claws lashed out some twelve strikes in the instant that he flew by her before he landed into a roll, bringing himself to a stand afterwards and turning back towards her.

She would see the explosions go off. She would see Meruin engulfed in fire. But then she would feel it all a dream, as she would watch the small nin, escape it all. "Why in the hell can't you just die!! Huh??", would be said as she would then see blurs of the fast moving little runt, coming at her at breakneck speed. A desperation tactic? As he would press in, the girl would fling a lone tag at him, to deter his aim, but Seki, she expected the next attack to be a strong one. For her, it would seem to only defense she had to counter something of this strength, had been lying in an even larger protection. Handseals would be made before she would push all her palm into the ground, and shout, "Summoning!", causing her small wooden souvenir, to come up and defend the attack.

Though the sharp claws of a certain Okumo wouldn't get through, the force in which would hit the wooden sculpture, would be enough to push into Seki, and bruise her good. What power!The figurine would disappear in a poof, as Seki would slide back, hearing the words of the boy as she would tumble, winding up on her feet once again, as she would handseal, inhale, and blow out a wide mouth stream of fire at the nin saying, "Bite me!!!", intending on burning him to a crisp.

"Why not die?" asked Meruin, not even looking take more effort to avoid her stream of fire than it took to breathe. "Because you are not worthy, Sekisetsu. You're weak., and I simply came to make sure you knew. I don't even need to think to kill you. I do not need my mind to tear your limbs from your torso, only my body. It's… sickening. A little tiresome."

He was suddenly running towards Sekisetsu, low to the ground, as if he had fallen forward and ran only to stop himself from meeting the ground. "You have no shame." He allowed his momentum to push him forward and down again, jumping so that he did and handspring. It launched him into the air, upside down over the student. "You have no dignity."

A lashing of his arms at her sent thick ropes of writhing spider silk at her, seeping from his pores They sought to grasp and hold her, to cover the whole of her body but her head.

It was weird having someone like Meruin, being on the gloating end of the spectrum. If she had been anything more than he had at this point, Sekisetsu would be the one talking down to the pint-sized assassin, and have a fun time doing it. But it was no fun, at this point, for the simple fact that even though she had gotten a piece of him, even thought she had been trying her all, Meruin, had simply been better. It was something that she hated, and at that moment, where all of her attacks would be dodged, followed in stride with the demeaning truths that Meruin shared, she would be caught, in the nin's web, both figuratively, and literally, like a fly.

She had no dignity. She had no shame. Had this all been true? As she would writh and struggle in the web of the boy, Seki would snarl, and growl out, "Thats not true!! You lie!! I hate you!!!", still pushing in vain to get out the wrapping of the thick ropes of webbing she had been in. This small boy, had been truing to call her card, and in the dimness that was her mind, she could not accept it, but yet for some reason, it was begining to dig itself deep within her, and Meruin, could probably sense that.

Meruin stared at Sekisetsu with the stillness of death, shaking his head after a moment. "Even in defeat, you cannot gather your dignity. Even at the end… do you think so little of yourself?" He shrugged, and the webbing that had ensared the girl dampening with poison, slowly becoming drenched with it. She would start to feel a burning sensation, one that would grow worse with every second that moved on. "But, this is not the end. I cannot say that you deserve it."

A firm twitch of his wrist, and the caustic webbing tightened and wipped away away, biting deep enough to draw blood frmo numerous small cuts all across her body.

As much as we like to believe that in her tough behavior, and her fiery demeanor, that out beloved Sekisetsu is an iron wall, many of those around her, often forget that when it all comes down to it, Sekisetsu, is pretty fragile. The damaged inflicted to her, was so large, that the growls and snarls she once had, would turn into yelps and convulsions, as blood would leave her body rather quickly. Sure she wouldn't scream, or fuss, but it was painful, and though she would want to curse, and bite the kids head off, that initial shock was enough to cause her consciousness to fade. Boy… would Seki be made in the morning. She would not say much but in the end Meruin, had done his job. The only thing to do now, was wait, until morning. A defeat? I think its safe to say that this one, had indeed been a solid win indeed.

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