Revealing of a Truth Part 2 - Undeterred and Ready to Regroup


Sekisetsu, Takeshi

Date: Unknown (log received August 3, 2010)


The day after a fight with Meruin put her in treatment, Sekisetsu, is escorted home by an unlikely face. Takeshi’s guilt at not being around to stop the onslaught, puts him to action in aiding Sekisetsu’s recovery. Will she take the help? Or is the blond student now damaged goods?

"Revealing of a Truth Part 2 - Undeterred and Ready to Regroup"

Kirigakure Medical Center [Kirigakure]

Kirigakure Medical Center [Kirigakure]


The Medical center in this shinobi village is smaller than most, and seems to subscribe to the 'Come here, get your stuff, and get the eff out' method of thinking. It is made up of a few store-rooms full of bandages and the like, numbing salves and antiseptics and the like, about a half-dozen treatment rooms, the waiting area, and a manned pharmacy… And that's it. The pharmacy section is, arguably, the largest of all of the rooms; The medicines are mixed in-building, primarily drawing from the convenient placement of the gardens just up the road.


Discharge day for Sekisetsu, had been so far the roughest ordeal that any regular person would be able to stand. Well, lets be thankful that Seki was not an ordinary person. She was a Kiri student, and for one, one of the craziest one. She gave more trouble to the med nin than they ever want on the way out. Treatment was swift for them on the girl's small frail body, the acid burns and stabbings from Meruin only needing to be cleaned, sutured, and then bandaged. However, it was the neurotoxins and poisons they would have a problem with, the girl having need to be set up in one of the treatment rooms, while the staff took time to synthesize reactants to get rid of the Okumo's enzymes.

Despite this, and other factors, Sekisetsu would come out a champ, making daily insults, and tantalizing every single person she ran across while she waited to be got rid of, and now, wheelchair bound, she would sit and wait for her escort home. Her uncle had been notified of the girls presence here, and according to what known by the small student, she would be sent a helper, to get her back the Niyami's mansion. The girls rowdy demeanor, had been rather constant as she would heckle the old and frail, and for the most part, Seki seemed back to her old self. But something would probably be noticed when anyone who knew her would finally arrive. All of the natural bravado, and hatred the girl had been exuding today, would seem forced, like a total act. Whatever happened to her, had changed her.


Yes, her uncle. Unfortunately, the duty to take care of Sekisetsu had fallen to Takeshi being her teacher and primary chuunin care taker. Her uncle had chewed him up and spit him out in a bad way, so much so that he was noticeably crestfallen on his trip to the hospital. The people that passed the normally happy Teshi moved away from him due to the stare. They knew that he was better left alone for now.

When he reached the road he had traveled down many times in his youth, his feet stopped at the bridge that lead over that familiar rice paddy irrigation ditch. Almost seeming to force himself he steps over it and stops again at the doors to the medical center. A deep breath is taken and he simply goes inside to meet his charge.

The door creaks, giving away his apparent nervousness - as Seki would know he never made noise, even when Old Man Teshi was going full blown. Yet, here was her escort, standing in the doorway and staring at her with blank eyes. The wounds and obvious scars each poking underneath his skin and bones with ease. Reluctantly, his feet carried him over to her and he looked down at her. "H..Hey…I'm sorry."

Tesh would find the main lobby to the medical center empty, the girls chair facing away from the door. Meanwhile, behind the registration counter, the mednin around would be shivering, and hiding, seeming to be rather scared of the blond that now sat alone. At the creek of the door Seki's head would turn with an eerie quickness, her eyes seeming to stare holes into the young form of man sent to pick her up. Teshi, in that instant, would probably notice an eerie, and deadly anger, before her mood, would suddenly change in that same eerie sort of instant. "Huh? Dreamy-sensei? What the hell are you doing here?" She would look at the nin, smiling ear to hear, and peering at him with those swoony sort of eyes, wheel chairing herself over, just to cling to his leg like she always had. "I didn't expect to see you here! Though I have to say, you are a bit too late if you are visiting. I am waiting on my escort home."


Teshi nods, "Right. I am your escort…Though your uncle would probably much rather I never came back." He huffs and puts on a smile as best he can, but she could probably see it was forced. "So, meruin then? I can smell the same poison he used on me." His nose crinkles as he sniffs and then he sighs as he wheels the chair out of the medical center and out onto the road. For now, they're leisurely strolling along and Seki may notice he is not heading towards her house just yet.

"Hey. I'm responsible, so…I'm being serious here. Answer me seriously. Do you want to learn how to fight? And when I say fight, I mean the kind that put you in there, not what we do in the academy."

Looking to Teshi, and his rather young form, Seki would blink and say, "Really?!! He sent you? Woww… uncle must really love!~", the girl squealing in delight as she would then grab a hold of the man's leg even more, clinging for dear life. But something would click as she would hear his words again in her head, and she would let go to say, "What do you mean, 'never come back'? What could cutie pie like you do? I mean you just started teach me!", the girl looking at him rather shocked and inquisitively. But then he would mention Meruin, and soon her memories of that night would flood back in her head. Teshi would then see the girl in her most pissed state ever.. "UGH!!! I HATE HIM!! That damn Okumo brat is going to die, and when he does die, it won't be over.. Not by a long shot. I am going to reanimate his corpse and do it all over again, step by every single step, grilling his body, and placing his head on a pike!!" The girl would snarl, and then scream out, as she would huff, and puff, fire and flame seeming to shot out nose with ever breath.

And you would think that anger would subside as they would began to roll down the street. She was so pissed, that an aura of heat, would seem to come off her form almost naturally. People would back away and clear the path, the heat being really intense, as if Seki herself, had been a stove oven. She would stay quiet, snarling and peering at anyone that got close with an angry stare, before then Teshi would ask her a question. The question would distract her from her anger temporarily resulting in, "Huh?", being her reply. "What do you mean? Fight like him??? Why would I want to emulate /that/ brat?! No… he is going to cook… I won't lay a hand on that damn brat.. He doesn't deserve any punch or kick I can give him."


Teshi shakes his head, "Not like him. He's just a spider and runs around trying to snap at anything like a spider does. I mean like me. Pointedly and tactically being able to kill someone with a single hit. I mean /real/ fighting. Fighting that will keep you alive. Fighting that will show you just how harsh our world really is." He doesn't seem bothered by the head, but even if he was he wasn’t about to let go of her wheelchair. After all, he was partially responsible for this situation.

"That stuff I teach you in the academy, it's all parlor tricks. None of that has any real use on the battlefield. They don't tell you that because Kiri expects you to either learn it yourself or die trying to hold onto the parlor tricks. It's one of their secret tests. We have many such tests but I'm willing to give you a cheat card…If…you're willing to work harder than you've ever worked before. I'll show you how to utterly destroy even someone like me with your ninjutsu."

This was truly one of those moments where Sekisetsu had to think on what she was hearing. She would look to the person who had been wheeling her home, and smile. Teshi had been meaning well. She saw it in his eyes. She knew that the young man, felt guilty, for some reason, not being their to stop the fight from progressing into what it had. She heard all he said, and even knew well that this young man, the one who had been so handsome, and so nice, had been skilled in something else that would be a whole lot different than what she had been being force fed at the academy. She would sigh, before she would bow her slightly, smiling abit.

"As nice, and sweet as that sounds.. I don't think I would like to learn it, Dreamy-no-sensei. Either way, its still me trying to learn something that damn evil little imp uses. He uses taijutsu, even if its in his little own way. And though you use something different, and more powerful, at this point, its just not me. I want to kill that bastard my own way and I want to do it well." Teshi's offer, had been making her feel better, and it was something that made a smile come across her face too. But then something else would happen. She would feel still slightly bad that she had refuse something that the hunk had been offering. It felt foolish to her. If her uncle knew, he probably wouldn't like it. And because of that, a thought would pop into her head that maybe would help them both still. She would smile mischievously up at the man, and say, "But… I think there is another way that I may need your help, that may help me do allot better than I have been, Dreamy-sensei."


Teshi nods as they round the corner. "I don't want you to learn Taijutsu. I want you to learn Ninjutsu in a way that makes Taijutsuists like me scared." He snickers at her, "I'm not an entirely one trick horse you know. Even though it looks like it." His feet continue to push them both along as he listens, most people just ignoring them at this point. Though a few still stare at the wheelchair.

"Ask and you shall receive. Oh, before I forget."

He reaches into his pocket and drops two pieces of metal jewelry into her lap. A bangle with a teardrop gem hanging from the bottom and a choker with a skull, eyes inlaid with a purple gem. He nods, "Gifts."

Hearing the Teshi speak of ninjutsu that would make even a Taijutsusist wet his pants, Seki's ears would perk. Ninjutsu was her forte after all at this point. She would look to him, and smile saying, "Hmmmm.. sounds interesting. Of course, I hadn't pegged you for one trick pony at all. After all, you can steal heart or two pretty easy. You stole mine the first day with me, Dreamy Sensei!", an impish giggle being made from the girl as she would be rolled around. She would then say, "I would love to hear all about it, /and/ I am also wondering if I could undergo a little physical training." She would sigh as she would think about the reason she had been asking for such a thing, and say, "After two major attacks from Meruin, I was down. I don't think at this point, I can take a lick or ever last energy wise in a fight right now. I felt so weak until I passed out." Now this was a change! Had Sekisetsu learned to keep her head about her enough to actually pay attention to the fight? It was weird but yeah!

"I want to not be so easily taken down again. I am not going to let anyone punish me that way again." She would then look to the gifts they would be dropped into her lap, the hospital gown she had been wearing at the hospital, still being worn on the way. A wide grin, and a loud, and excited, "Eeeeeeee!!!!", would be screamed as she would seem to hop out the chair and tackle cling the younger man, and shout, "Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!", at high speeds. "These are so awesome.. I am so going to have to where this all the time!", the girl already trying on the jewelry.


Teshi nods, "I'll help you with that. Leave it to me." He rolls her up to his house and stops her right outside. Her uncle instinctively comes running and he snickers, "I'm on his shit list right now. He sent someone to get you but I beat them there on purpose. I'll be leaving now, remember, I was never here!"

He turns and begins to walk away, "Enjoy the gifts. Training starts soon."

Her family had reached her at this point.

Niyami had indeed, had been flaring at the eyes, as black smoke seemed to come from them upon Teshi walking up. His arms would fold as he would see the nin walking off, and then the Kuroenko clan head would seem to cool down, his eyes not flaring at that point. He would shake his head and sigh, thinking in his head, 'That damn Takeshi. Seems he'll never change. Though I have to admit, seeing him in that form all the time now. He must really have something he is up too. At least he looks out for Sekisetsu.' He would walk to the girl chair, and with a warm smile say to Seki, "I bet you are hungry, Seki-chan." snatching the girl up and carrying her on his shoulders. "Am I!! Hey! Why in the hell didn't you come to pick me up!!", Sekisetsu saying this as she would thwap the man in the forehead.

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