Revenge of the Forsaken - Invisible Forces


Rockpath (emitter), Juudai, Borin, Shu

Date: June 21, 2015


Rumors of two attackers have sprung up, and one of the descriptions sounds like an enemy from before.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Revenge of the Forsaken - Invisible Forces"

Land of Earth

Rumors sometimes give birth to truth. And vice versa. It is those rumors that begin to circle Iwagakure. Tales of two people taking down towns and villages; spreading lies about the Tsuchikage and Iwagakure. Gathering followers where they can and promising power. It all sounds well and good, of course, but it's only natural that these rumors would eventually reach the ears of the Tsuchikage. Murmurs and whispers of a village being harassed…

At the village gates, Juudai is dressed to move. She looks around, awaiting the two shinobi that have been assigned to her for this mission. They are going to go and see to this village that is being harassed and kill these two upstarts. She is sitting on her horse, looking at it a moment to brush it to keep it calm before looking at the other two horses being held by another shinobi, the two mounts awaiting their riders.

"I don't like horses." Shu hisses. The youth apprehensively approaches his mount while Kimi, his feline companion, just marvels at Shu's antics. Scoping the horse out from nearly every angle yet keeping his distance Shu does take notice of the Tsuchikage finally. He comes to attention. "Oh…uh ma'am." he bows respectfully. Rising Shu points to his mount. "First of all, thanks. Secondly, No thanks." The maneshi glares daggers at the horse. "Don't trust horses. They're tricky." Behind him Kimi yawns and gets comfortable. The feline is rather unenthused.

Borin slowly raised a brow at Shu comments and sighed "try to retard your ignorance would ya." Then it happened the stunning and beautiful Tsuchikage appeared in front of them blushing he smiled and then swiftly bowed "Lady Tsuchikage pleasure seeing you again so soon." Borin lifted his head and peered around "We know the scope of the mission I personally briefed everyone here in our rolls and violence of action on the objective." Rising his head he tucked his hands into his pocket "I'll run along side the convoy gives me a chance to lumber up for the main event."

"So, neither of you will ride then? Suit yourself." The woman nods her head and then she glances at Borin before shaking her head slightly and pushing her horse a little with her legs. The squeeze has it turning and moving toward their destination, "Then you had better keep up." She then gives it a quick spur and the horse is off at a good pace. She rides it easily as she moves along, not seeming to have any trouble at all with riding.

Shu looks over towards Borin silent and blinks twice behind the shroud of his hood. He decides to ignore the guy for now. Borin was taking this more seriously because he's had a run-in with this threat already. Shu sighs and motions Kimi to follow up. Relieved he didn't have to ride Shu took off on all fours after the Tsuchikage. Shu glances to Borin then to Kimi. The feline and Shu share a gaze before Shu breaks it. "He's not important. Nothing to worry about."

Borin had eyes and ears on sentinel mood scanning surroundings for anything out of the ordinary. He said nothing else at this time just kept pace. "No need to worry we got this," Borin cracked his knuckles as his bloodlust intensified. Borin has bulked up a little since their previous encounter with the forsaken to make sure it won't end the same.

As the team move towards the village in trouble, they encounter… a big fat nothing. However! Juudai would be able to feel something dark in the area. Continuing forth would lead to the village being in sight, beyond boulders and rocks and the like. And perhaps the criminals who've been tearing apart the Land of Earth.

"Keep your eyes open." She states as they ride along. Juudai's eyes moving, "I don't see anything, but I do know something isn't right out here." She nods her head, "I don't know what is going on here, but there's more going on here than meets the eye." She nods again before continuing on to the village. Juudai frowns as she looks in the direction of the village.

Continuing on and heeding the Tsuchikage's warning Shu looks to Kimi. They nod to one another and continue to use their enhanced senses to scan the area ahead. Catching the Tsuchikage's glance Shu looks back to the village as well just for a moment. "Hey Borin. You've had run-ins with these guys before right?" The maneshi recalls Borin's condition that day he returned to the village. "What was their goal again? Did they say?"

"Pure destruction," cold and stren as he moved slightly ahead of the horse and Shu "please allow me to take the lead," is said without looking at the Tsuchikage at all his voice and pressure emitted was serious he had a score to settle and he was fixing to do just that. "He displayed the ability to rapidly age his chakra he leaves on a surface making him very dangerous if struck multiple times so be on guard." Borin made sure to increase his efforts in searching for the enemy or enemies.

Without warning, something attacks Juudai. She would feel a person slam into her side, even though she's on the horse. Yet there was nothing where she was slammed… No person, dummy, or thing in general. The weight would be off her as soon as she was on the ground. If she managed to deflect the attacker, though, then they would probably bounce off of whatever shield the Tsuchikage put up. If the woman dodged, there would be a puff of dust to mark where the mystery person laced.

A look at Borin and Juudai squints. She watches him as he seems to claim the lead no matter what. Only she kind of simply nods her head to that, "I see." She then gestures, "WEll, then go ahead and…" She makes a quick gesture and something simply bounces off of her arm. She ends up getitng shoved off the horse none the less. She sends her horse onward with a pat on its rump, "Well, seems it has begun."

"Oh that's nice." Shu nods to Borin. Having no problem with Borin taking the lead Shu joins the Tsuchikage. Seeing her get knocked from her horse so suddenly startled the Maneshi. Kimi quickly joins her partner and they both come to a halt. "A guest?" Shu remarks. "Where did they come from?" He wonders. For now Shu remains at the ready to aid the Tsuchikage. While he was sure the woman could handle herself they still had no idea who or what they were dealing with exactly. Kimi starts to growl "Yeah yeah I don't like this feeling either."

Borin kept pace as he shouted back to Shu "Lady Tsuchikage can handle herself give me back up in taking down the remaining forces in the village!?" Borin unfazed by the sudden attack nor displayed any concern His focus was on them as a whole one man wasn't going to delay his reunion cause he's been waiting and trainig for this moment.

The invisible figure that had attacked is fairly relentless. First it aims to tackle Borin as he continues forth, then it aims to kick Juudai while she's down before attacking Shu. Blocking or the success of a hit would allow the defender to feel that it was generally punches thrown.

Looking at the, well, at nothing, Juudai frowns and then shakes her head, "OK." She states and then watches the direction the attacks are coming from for a moment, waiting for it to connect the second time before she simply tosses something down at her feet and creates an explosion right at her feet for the attacker to deal with. She isn't even playing at all with this one as she doesn't even seem to mind catching herself in the blast, "Move and use your other senses for this. Eyes are unreliable."

"Negative Borin." Shu crouches down to all fours. "She was targeted first. Can't rule out the possibility that maybe…just maybe the enemy wants her alone. We don't know what we're dealing with here exactly." Shu countered. Shu is about to propose an alternative plan of action until he was assaulted by the unknown guest. Kimi hisses and the hairs on the back of Shu's neck stand up. 'Danger!' he thought and instinctively moved his body. "Kimi." Shu and Kimi prepare for offensive maneuvers. Shu was struck yet not knocked down. An invisible attacker is annoying but he'd get bored if things were too easy. "They plan to take on all of us? Perhaps they're staling?" Either way they couldn't afford to be held up here by one person…and it seems the Tsuchikage is aware of this. That explosion kept Shu from going on the offensive just yet. He however does concentrate using his chakra to fuel his senses so he could get a reading on the target's location.

Borin style relays solely on feeling rather than seeing and reacting. Thus the heat and the sound of it breaking through the air allows for him to evade the strike. He shifted and strike quickly almost like a mist engulfing the surroundings, he followed up with a powerful strike to send whatever it was flying back from which it came.

The Invisible Man didn't really expect such a suicidal move, and he ends up knocked back, flickering a bit until the body is completely visible, allowing for Borin to strike him and keep him paralyzed, though the powerful strike is timed poorly enough that it misses. While the now-visible man is down for the time being, a new enemy has arrived, striking at Shu and Borin. With every hit, they would feel some of their strength sapped away as time wore on their bodies.

Brushing off a bit of her own explosion, Juudai appears to be only partially hurt by the damage she caused herself. Judging by the scars on the woman's body, it is clear she has no problem with pain. Even as the attacks rain in she is before the attacker who is coming at Shu first and then Borin. She isn't in time to stop the first hit coming at Borin but she does simply put herself in the path of the second attack on Borin. She glares at the man and…literaly glares hell into the man as he will feel a thousand deaths in that glare. The very idea of the possible ways that Juudai could kill him baring down in that stare, "I do not and will not abide this game any longer." She states as she glares, her eyes baring into the man, "To your knees dog, and tell me what it is you are doing here."

"Nothing again." Shu sighs and once again he's attacked by an unseen enemy. Shu was ready to react but the Tsuchikage took matters into her own hands. The Maneshi youth turns his attention to the visible man who Borin managed to tag with that jutsu of his that freezes a target up. Neutralizing him should be easy now. Leaping into action the Maneshi duo cross paths as they exchange swiping blows with the target shredding his flesh with their claws.

Borin failed to dodged the first however the Tsuchikage deflected the second he swiftly moved in to strike with a powerful elbow to the collar bone and then a Palm thrust to the lower rib cage. "Speak or die!? Borin glared as he dug his feet into the ground he off set the Kage to place him into triangle with himself shu and Lady Kage. He slide his foot across the ground and flicked at his nose and smirked.

The man before the Tsuchikage, the one who can control time with chakra… He drops to his knees, gritting his teeth as he fruitlessly cuts his leg with a kunai. Borin knocks him off his feet, forcing him lower to the ground. "… Destroying you!" he snarls through clenched jaws, the man unable to move.
The one that turns invisible suffers from the multitude of scratches from Shu and Kimi, but he's also able to turn invisible once again. With his abilities, he attempts to sneak off. He must warn the others. He has to tell them… One was captured. The Tsuchikage was sure to know about them now.

Looking at the man, she smirks and then chuckles, "Really? How droll. Very boring. You have but one goal and it is a pointless goal. Iwagakure doesn't need me to move forward. If I fall there will be another." She then looks at the man as he attempts to escape and she seems to follow his movements as she throws out two Kunai, one behind and one before his path. The twin explosions will go off soon after. She then turns her attention back to the man before her and she points at him, "Borin and Shu, I want him alive but he doesn't need to be whole." She then moves back over to her horse to try to get a hold of it and sooth it.

Shu loses sight of the man after he goes subterranean. "Gah. Again? This one's slippery." The Tsuchikage is quite amazing though. She not only found him but had attacked him before he could get too far. "Roger that." Shu takes off after the fleeing target. He and Kimi don't attack until they see how he fairs against the Tsuchikage's jutsu. More likely than not he'll be unable to evade both explosions.

Borin took the hit clean on the jaw this attack like the time before splits his head clean open as well as knocked him off his feet. Trying to stand afterwards proved difficult as the blood gushed. "Clear it I was careless and now I'be lost him." Taking a knee he would try and regain his bearings just in case a counter attack followed.

The blasts… One is avoided, the other is not. The Invisible man ends up going flying, but he tries again, keeping his transparency as high as possible so that he might escape. The other, no longer affected by the Tsuchikage's Genjutsu, also takes his chances in trying to escape. Both of them make a handseal, and both of them attempt to escape, disappearing into the ground or keeping invisible. Whichever works best for them.

Losing both in sight, she growls and points toward the man who is escaping now, the one she had genjutsu'd, "You two! I meant for you to get him!" She points toward where the man was and then growls before sighing and shaking her head, "I was killing the other one." She then stands up straight and shakes her head, "They are both away now." She then grinds her teeth, "For now we regroup. There were more and they will be ready for us." She nods her head, "No need to fight them on their terms."

Shu and Kimi lose sight of the two. "Oh we goofed." Shu remarks regrouping with the Tsuchikage. "Quite the blunder we had there." She rubs his head a bit ashamed. "Can't believe I lost track of them so easily." Shu grumbles. So far they've gained nothing but a few injuries from this exchange. Shu looks to Kimi who is rather aloof about all of this. He goes silent for the most part now just waiting to be chastised.

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