Revenge of the Nerd


Ryouji, Michiko, Hiroyasu, Tobei, Sado, Nariko

Date: June 20, 2014


Ryouji, Sado, Tobei, and Michiko take care of a bunny and a bear while Hiro and Nariko take care of a Crazy Scientist.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Revenge of the Nerd"

Cottage in the woods

After the latest animal attack, the three genin were quick to report it to the higher-ups. Now, a few days later, it was decided that a team should be sent out to investigate these rabbits and the shadowy figure that was reported by two of the three genin. Letters were sent via messenger hawks to meet up at the front gate before going off into the wilderness to see what everyone can rustle up.

Michiko stands by the front gate, all ready to get going. She's dressed in her usual clothes despite the colder winter weather, and has a letter in her hands that covers the details of everything. They put a genin in charge of this??? >.>

Ryouji walks up towards the gate. He's got some warmer clothes on and a traveling cloak which is up over his head to keep his ears warm. With his hair short, at least it fits under the hood. He lifts a hand in greeting and says, "Michiko-chan, hey." He shrugs and says, "I guess you'll wait to give the mission details when everyone shows?" He pulls out a small chunk of something wrapped in paper and breaks off a chunk to hold it out to her. "Want some cheddar? I noticed this stuff in a shop selling it. I'm hooked." Then chews on his chunk.

Sounds of bare feet pid-pat on the ground as Tobei walks up to join the group while still rubbing his tired eyes. His hair was a mess. "Sorry." He lets out a yawn. "Just woke up." Speaking of being dressed for the occasion, Tobei is dressed in his usual attire as well. Which consists of pants…and just pants. He is without shoes or a shirt. His body doesn’t even seem to react to the cold air though. "Are we going bear hunting again, Michiko-san?" He says when he notices Michiko.

The Saito turns to Ryouji and gives a tiredly wave.

- Hiroyasu is not far behind the barefoot genin, "How do you even get service? Do they even let you in stores or restaurants? Saito-Pupil?" he has one hand behind his head as he walks the other seems prefixed at his side ready to grab out at the unruly and catty pupil. "What is it with you and bears? and I guess I should ask what you did with that bear pelt.." suddenly imagining his pupil wearing it as a bearskin onesie and pretending he's a bear and a sweatdrop escapes down the side of cheek. -

Sado comes toward the gate looking at least more alert than Tobei, wearing a jacket Nariko had picked out for him. As soon as he got the information that they were hunting more rabbits, he had made sure to get to bed at a reasonable hour so he could wake up feeling refreshed. Looking around at the 'crew' for the mission, Sado smiles with approval. "So. More rabbits? Lions? Tigers?" he asks Michiko as the team assembles around her. He turns to Hiroyasu and bows low in respect, not having seen him for quite some time. "Good morning, Hiroyasu-san."

Michiko smiles upon seeing Ryouji, giving her head a small shake of disbelief since he has cheddar cheese with him. "Ah, thank you for the offer, Ryouji-kun. I suppose I'll have a little bit, but maybe later?" she replies. Tobei also joins the duo, and she gives him a small bow. "Hello, Tobei-san. I hope you're doing well?" she wonders. "And no, I don't believe there will be any bears on this mission unless we're very unlucky…" she adds. "We're just waiting on a few more people, I believe. Hiro-san and Sado-kun should be joining us, I think?" Even as the words leave her mouth, Hiro appears. And then Sado a bit later on. "Hiro-san! Sado-kun! I'm glad you two could join us!"

The genin looks down at the sheet of paper in her hands. "As for the mission… Sado-kun, Ryouji-kun, and I encountered a giant rabbit in the mountains at the edge of the forest while training. There was also sighting of a strange figure, but it's uncertain if he or she has anything to do with the mutant bunnies. We're supposed to investigate and get rid of any more mutations that may be around. We're also to attempt to catch the strange person if we spot him." She looks up. "Any questions?"

Ryouji nods in understanding, "Hello Tobei-kun. You look ready to take this mission on." He spots Hiro showing up to and bows with Sado as he does, "Hello Hiroyasu-senpai. I hope you're better than last time?" He giggles, "You were going a little…crazy." He listens to Michiko's explanation and says, "Kill all the animals, catch anyone who might be involved with it. Nope, cut and dry for me."

Tobei turns back to Hiro. "Ya know, Goat-sensei…no one has ever said anything to me about my choice of clothing." He says as he scratches the side of his head in thought. "Hmm? What's up with me and bears? I'm going to tame me one one of these Cheerio days." His eyes cut towards Michiko then back to Hiroyasu. "Either that or I’ll just add another bear skin rug to my room." He says answering Hiro's question in the process. The young saito listens to Michiko then watch as everyone else gives their respects to his sensei. Boooriing. "Sounds good! When do we head out?!" He asks a bit impatiently.

- Hiroyasu puts the other hand behind his head "Of course, your last report hinted at a possible 3rd party… Intelligence would like to know more than.. mysterious figure in the distance. It could be a rogue/unaffiliated Okumo, or testing of a weapon or the mutation is the side-effect of a delivery mechanism.. I'll be observing rather than directly interfering with your mission. You'll have a different meddler… and she is running late.." he says looking up at the sky. "I don't know what you're talking about Speedy. " he says glancing at Ryouji. "Greetings everyone, I hope you all are well." before giving a late but still semi-formal bow to each. -

"Ah, so it is what we were talking about yesterday." Sado says with a nod to Michiko, turning to address the others. "As a note, the one we faced spit some terrible smelling mucus that really takes about 3 baths to get the smell out. If you don't want that, keep on the lookout for." he says, crinkling his nose as he remembers it well. With that out of the way, Sado chimes in with a "No questions", eager to get going and see some action in the field.

Arriving fashionably late due to..oversleeping, yeah, over sleeping, was the young Yotsuki heroine known as Nariko. She had dealt with wrestling a bear in a choke hold when she was woken up by the shaking of her bed by a dear friend who came bearing news of a mission. She grumbled and rolled out of bed before reading and once realizing her student had called her forth she rushed out the doors, barely even letting go of a bye as she escaped her cage. Upon reaching the gates she spotted the group, breathing heavily as she bent over to catch her breath. "He..Hey guys." She gives a wave, even slightly bowing to everyone. "S..Sorry I'm late. I was wrestling a feisty bear and he would not let go." She has some strange dreams.

Michiko nods as everyone basically has no questions, which is good. Nariko comes late, but the genin doesn't seem to mind as she's always happy to see her sensei. "Nariko-sensei! It's good to see you. I'm glad you could come as well!" she exclaims. She glances to everyone and nods a bit. "Alright, I suppose we ought to get going. The journey is only about a half-hour to an hour, so it shouldn't take too long. Hiro-san, I think you should take the lead since your skills are likely a bit sharper than mine. And Nariko-sensei, I'll fill you in on the details while we travel!"

It doesn't take too long for the journey to end. There aren't any noticeable signs of a disturbance unless you're really looking hard. And Michiko does explain to Nariko what she explained to the others while they travel. Once they arrive at where the rabbits first appeared, Michiko hmms and lets everyone know to stop. "This is where the bunny first appeared. We should probably start our search here."

Ryouji heads out with the rest and hopes the trip is uneventful. He nods to Michiko and keeps his eyes peeled. He tries to be as perceptive as he can as he tries to notice tracks. He's no tracker but at least he gives it 100 percent effort. Still, he does spot something as he runs his fingers though a fresh muddy print. He says, "This one is fresh, it's muddy still. Didn't have a chance to dry yet. I think it went that way." He points to a south and western direction. "I know it's a new one because I've still got the foot of the last one, unless it can grow new feet."

Once Tobei reaches their destination, he begins investigating the area in search of anything that seems odd to him. Once Ryouji calls out that he had found some tracks, the Saito takes a look over at what he found. "Are these rabbits really that bad? Just how big do these suckers get?"

- Hiroyasu looks at them with a momentary moment of disbelief.. before placing two fingers between his lips and sending a shrill whistle.. in the distance rolling thunder approaches as a chestnut colored warhorse slides to stop right next to him. "Sure thing.." he says getting in the saddle, a little part of a hour of leisurely stroll through the countryside. "There is some smoke coming over the horizon, in the direction that those weird animal tracks are going.." he says pointing down at the ground. -

Sado follows the group on the familiar path towards their prior training session's location, not finding anything too interesting along the way. As he arrives at the location, he quickly gets his bearings before Ryouji finds something. Sado looks off in the direction Ryouji points, ready to head off on word from their team leader. As he waits he lets Tobei in on how big they really wear. "I'd say at least double the size of a bear, with super sharp buckteeth and that nasty spit. Took quite a few hits to take down one." As Hiroyasu readies the group to head out, Sado falls in, following the man on the large horse seemed like a good plan.

Nariko called for her horse when they got ready to head out and listened intently to her student as she described the mission. "Ah, well then." She looked around a moment. "Well, now I feel better. It isn't anything messing with our minds." She slides off her horse, leading it so as to look at the tracks Ryouji spotted before noticing more. "These aren't just normal bunny tracks. They're more bear-like." She turns her head to Tobei, cutting them at him, already saying "No."

Michiko looks around a bit, but doesn't see anything that everyone else hasn't already spotted. She nods a bit at Ryouji's information, then HIro's as well. "I suppose we should start heading that way, then? Though judging from the tracks… I don't know if I want to," she says, the last sentence a bit jokingly. Hiro's horse comes along, and she gives it a small nod even as she glances over to the Beariko. She tilts her head slightly in response to her comments. "Bear tracks too? Well… This'll be fun…" She also turns to Tobei, saying, "Don't even think about it, Tobei-san…" Once the team is gathered, she sets off and follows the tracks. Eventually they come to a small cottage, which is where the smoke is coming from. It's a fairly nice cottage, by the looks of it. A large stack of firewood at the side of the house. A nice fire in the front yard with a chair in front of it. A few nasty animal noises coming from the back… wait, what >.>

Ryouji is glad the horse and Hiro is are with the group for some real firepower this time around. He smirks at Michiko, "Way to go, fearless leader." he says in a joking tone. He shakes his head, "I hope there's not too many of them though, Sado is right, one was hard enough to take down." He follows along with the group, senses out and…sensing. "Though what I want to know is, what could have changed the rabbits? No jutsu I know of, that's for sure."

Tobei listens Sado's insight on the animals that they are tracking. "Wow. Really? They are that big?"

Nariko's words catches Tobei attention. He gazes over at her just as she says, "No." He nods his head "Yes" and says, "Oh, it’s happening." Then he turns to Michiko when she warns him against it. "Yep. Today is going to be the day." He says smacking his fist into an open palm. The chains wrapped around his forearms rattle.

Tobei follows behind the group as they all come up to a cottage. "This place seems warm and inviting." He mutters sarcastically after hearing the strange animal noises. "Hey Michiko-san. Why dont you go up and knock on the door. See if they'll invite us in for tea." He winks.

- Hiroyasu urghs "That sound terrible.. Yotsuki-san.." when he describes what they look like before looking at Nariko then to Michiko "Its your mission, my objective is to determine their source, and if possibly dissect one of them to determine the nature of their mutation.." he says before taking off with the a thunderous shake of hooves. As they get closer to the cottage, he slides off to the saddle and the horse curls off to run and graze under the tree in the shade there is something to say about a properly trained horse. He eyes are looking down at the track on the ground but in the background of his mind he souls amongst the midnight veil are being sampled and categorized "Keep an eye out for trouble.." he was tempting to box his students ears for being a little smart mouthed but refrains for now. -

Sado follows the group down the path the tracks lead, coming upon a small cottage. "Kind of reminds me of home." he remarks, giving Ryouji the first look into the life his rival leads. He notices the firewood stacked by the side of the home, a sure sign someone was living here. The fire in the front was also a clear indication that whomever was living here is probably here at the moment if not just recently left. "What is that sound?" he says to Ryouji. The noises were drawing Sado's curiosity as the young Genin slowly takes a wide circle around the side of the home, step by step…

Nariko lets her horse to go graze with Hiro's as she looks to Tobei. "Well, let’s see if it really will." She smiles at Michiko when she says something similar. Then the sounds, she looks towards the cottage. "Alright, let’s get down to business." She looks to Sado shaking her head. "Well, that is definitely the sound a bear makes as well as…" She listens a bit harder. "A bunny. Yep. That would be a bunny." As for the mutation? "Let’s get something for Hiro to dissect. Be careful about it."

Michiko gives Ryouji her best innocent look. "I never said anything about being fearless, Ryouji-san. What are you talking about?" she wonders, glancing over to Tobei. "Ah…" Aside to Nariko, "We have to make sure to take down the bear as soon as possible, Nariko-sensei. Tobei-san might be going crazy." She nods to Hiro a bit. "Well, since we have the place… And the animals… We should go and take out the animals as soon as possible. Hiro-san, keep an eye out for whoever may be in charge of this place. We don't know anything about the person, though, so be careful. Nariko-sensei, since there's more than one animal, we should split up a bit." She suggests, already focusing her chakra.

Michiko heads off to the back of the house where there are two very, very large animals. Specifically, a bunny and a bear (just like Nariko said!) They're in a large cage that prevents them from actually going anywhere, but they still look absolutely ferocious. The only exit from it that is in view is the door that's on the side of the house.

Ryouji chuckles at Michiko and motions to Tobei, "My first mission as a student was very similar to that." He keeps his eyes open as they reach the cabin and rests his hands on the hilts of his swords. He's fast, but it's always good to be close to his weapons at this point. He looks over at Sado, "Really? Quaint." He's not in the mood to be insulting too badly today. He nods to Sado but still keeps his eyes and ears open, "Yeah, I hear that. Just don't let it distract you. It's always the thing you don't notice that'll kill you." He follows Sado around the cabin and readies himself.

Tobei begins following Michiko but then turns back to Hiro. "I'll be back Goat-sensei. I'm going to go see about a bear." His gaze cuts over to Nariko. "Um Nariko-sensei, I think someone is calling you…back in Kumo." He says obviously trying to keep her from interfering in his attempt to making a bear his own pet/mount. However, once he turns the corner he sees just how massive the bear in the cage is. "Cap'n Crunch!" He calls out in surprise. He looks down at the chains wrapped around his fists and frowns. "I'm going to need a bigger chain." The cage was almost as big as the cabin with the bear just a size or two smaller. "At least there isnt a cliff nearby to fall off of, eh?" He says nudging Michiko's side with an elbow as he walks past her in order to get a better look at the bear. For now the rabbit next door goes completely unnoticed.

- Hiroyasu nods at Michiko "Be careful, if you have to choose between safety and giving me something to dissect.. choose safety." before looking at Tobei with a squint "You’re on a mission, act like it.." he says chiding the genin as he walks around the back of the cabin with him. Looking at the animals locked into the cage "seems like someone was doing something fun.." he says aloud which sounds like be actually believed it was fun.. Glancing around "probably trapped" he says with a warning to the wise. "And we may not be alone.. there is someone on the roof beariko.. could you do something about that.." he says off the cuff before reaching into his cloak preparing his arsenal. -

"Good thing you have my back, then." Sado says as he and Ryouji move around the house, finding the animals in cages. Sado's tension lets up a bit as the cages come into view, "Good, they are caged up." he says to Ryouji as he turns to the others. Tobei's exclamation probably is enough to startle the animals, so for now Sado turns himself back around to keep an eye on the animals, not wanting a sudden jail break to target him first. The rabbit gets Sado's attention, thinking to himself there's no way any species of adorable little rabbit should look like that.

Nariko looks to Tobei and eyes him. "I'm staying here. You're not getting a bear." She shakes her head and then nods to Michiko. "Sounds good. Looks like Sado and Ryouji are going that way." And then Hiro points out the guy on the roof. She smirks. "I got this, not a problem." And with a moment she ran and jumped on the roof, catching the guy's eyes, if possible. If she does a flurry of terrifying images surround him as she charges lightning around her arm, point a finger in an "L-shape" at the guy. A bolt of lightning spits forth and shoots out towards the guy.

Michiko looks at Ryouji confusedly, tilting her head and wondering if he /doesn't/ see the giant animals, to which she reacted with widened eyes and a low whistle. "Looks like it's time to beat up some giant animals…" she mutters to herself. She eyes the chain Tobei has and raises an eyebrow. "Tobei-san, you really aren't thinking of… really?" She shakes her head and looks at the cage. "Alright, we'll split into even teams to get the animals. Tobei-san, we get the bear. Ryouji-kun and Sado-kun, get the rabbit." She gets ready and fires a few firebolts at the bear trapped in the cage.

On the roof is… Well, it's not even visible to anyone but Hiro, apparently. Nariko hits him with her genjutsu, and he starts screaming. "THE SPIRITS HAVE COME TO TAKE ME!!! I SHALL NOT LET THEM!!" He flails around, trying to attack the invisible spirits and ends up falling off the roof, hitting his head. He stays dazed for a bit, ending up being hit by lightning. "Owowowowow! The heck are you doing, woman?!" He shouts out. He's cloaked in all black, which provided his camouflage and makes his way slowly to the house, hitting a button. "Attack, my children!"

The cage itself lowers and releases the two beasts. The bunny seems pretty happy with this turn of events and lets out a happy, if not debilitating, scream.

Ryouji spots the animals right after Sado since he was behind him. He doesn't look too concerned since they're caged…then they're not. "Awww, what a cute bunny. Well, they're caged…oh Trix." He frowns at the crazy guy and focuses his chakra while running towards the rabbit. "I can scream too! Ahhhhhh!" Though not as potent as the rabbit. He pushes his body into blur and flickers in and out, ending up on the roof edge. Yes, he outran the scream for a second. He draws his swords and says, "Common Rabbit, let's go!" It took him a bit too long to do all that and still be able to spit out an attack this turn, but next turn, that rabbit is stew.

Tobei glances over at Hiro and frowns, but then looks back as the bear as Michiko is setting it ablaze. "Well since you are going to set it on fire, I dont think i'll try and tame this one." Pulling out two kunai he sends each one sailing towards the beast with deadly accuracy.

- Hiroyasu nods at Nariko as she shocks and awes their voyeur, when he hits the button he charges at the Scientist trying to hit him with a little of that genjutsu razzamataz, before attempting to bury his palm in the sternum of the Scientist, he was mirroring Nariko's fighting style using Genjutsu to augment his martial arts prowess.. or lack thereof. -

"We meet again, giant ugly rabbits." Sado says to the rabbit, charging forward towards the beast to attempt to knock the rabbit back. "No more goo today." he says as he uses the momentum of the shoulder check to attempt a powerful lariat to budge the beast, unsuccessful in the attempt. "Chex, going to have to step this up a bit." he says to himself as he gets into a decently safe position.

Nariko followed Hiro from behind to go after the man. She was especially upset over the fact that the man had released his animals on the genin. She didn't take too kindly to that. She takes her other arm as she sends a forceful blow to the man's gut, following it up with her other, lightning charged arm to the man's gut.

The bear ends up getting damaged by both fire and kunai, though one of the sharp knives is simply batted away by its large paw. It seems annoyed by the fire and charges over towards Tobei, intending to just flatten the genin. Michiko ends up getting a large jaw in her face and her head might be bitten off if she's not quick! As for the bunny, it is able to dodge Sado's attacks with its superior jumping ability, completely ignoring Ryouji now. In fact, it now tries to land on the 9 year old, hoping to make a human pancake of sorts, apparently.

Michiko seems intent on destroying this bear as best she can without killing it, though if it comes down to it… It's going down, certainly. The crazy man draws her attention and she blinks a few times at him before her attention goes back to the giant bear that is actually now towering over her and trying to bite her head off. ACK. She quickly throws up an earth barrier so it eats dirt (literally) and jumps back, sending more firebolts at it. "Why does it have to be /animals/? Didn't we hire that Zookeeper yet?"

The crazy scientist guy seems oblivious to whatever it is Hiro is trying to do, and ends up getting hit by the time-warping genjutsu. He flails around wildly, screaming in pain when he ends up getting a palm to the stomach. "BLARGH Razzle frazzle freaking shinobi…" The main flails backward, screaming his butt off and trying to escape the pain. Then he stops and turns, staring intensely at the two older ninja. "Take THIS!! Stupid ninja…" And he charges at Hiro, maybe a bit unwise, while throwing various logs at Nariko.

Ryouji snorts from ontop the roof, "Stupid rabbit. Tricks are for kids!" He's not quite sure why he suddenly said that, but it fits. With a burst of speed, he launches himself at the rabbit and at his top speed he slashes once in a flash strike, reverses himself throwing up a large clod of dirt to do a second flash strike on the other side of the rabbit. He flickers out for a moment before ending up on the wall of the cabin. He launches himself one last time and does a third flash strike at the rabbit. He calls out to Sado, "Don't become a rabbit pancake yet!"

Tobei's eyes widen as the massive beast charges at him. However, they don’t widen out of fear they widen out of excitement. He glances at Michi and gives her a big smile then looks back at the beast just in time to leap up onto the bear with after images being left behind. Once he is on the beast's back he attempts to "mount" it. Whether or not he gains control of the bear, he attempts to dig a kunai into its back while on top.

- Hiroyasu waits for the guy charging at him, at the last moment he leans to the side, trying to catch the glance of the man to hit him with another round of razzledazzle genjutsu before attempting to bury his fingers into the pressure points of the scientist.. he was attempting to treat this man like a hostile witness not an enemy to be eliminated.. never know if he couldn't be used for something later once properly re-educated. "Nariko! Blind him and bind him!" he says as he spins to the side moving out of her way to work her witchy ways. -

Nariko makes a sound close to that of a "meep" when she sees the logs coming at her. A cloud of smoke gets hit twice with the logs as she appears not too far away from her old position. Then she hears the order from Hiro. "Got it!" She gives a slight salute before running at the guy, trying to make eye contact with him. If he does, he'd get blinded by light before getting wrapped up by invisible shackles from his feet to neck.

Sado looks up as the rabbit jumps, Ryouji's insane babblings about tricks being for kids and becoming a rabbit pancake distracting Sado enough to not leave enough time to move out of the way. Pushing chakra into his legs, he manages to at least not become a rabbit pancake, the rabbit's sharp nails drawing blood as he takes minor wounds. With the draw of blood and the sound of battle in the air, Sado's Yotsuki Battle Lust kicks in and Sado disappears, leaving afterimages behind as he moves to and from the rabbit, striking with lightning quick precision and softly landing behind the rabbit, all within a few moments time. "Let's see your speed do that, Ryouji!" he calls out to spur his team mate to step up his speed to not be outdone by the Yotsuki.

The rabbit leaps up, dodging Ryouji's first attack successfully. Sadly, gravity works itself too soon and the poor(?) rabbit ends up falling into Ryouji's attacks. It screams and rolls over, dodging Sado's one attack just barely while the other hits it smack-on. The rabbit only seems irritated, biting unhappily at both genin.

The bear doesn't seem fazed by any of the attack from Tobei and Michiko for some reason, only being angered further as it gets a mouthful of dirt. It claws at both Genin in one fell swoop of its large paw. Meanwhile, the crazy scientist seems intent on attacking Hiro and Nariko, attempting to trap them in a tunnel of wind after a few hand signs, able to avoid Nariko's genjutsu attacks thanks to sheer luck and a bit of talent.

Michiko pouts as none of their attacks are affecting the bear. She sighs and makes a few handseals, launching even more firebolts at the bear in hopes of some success this time around. "Stupid bear…" She has no idea what Ryouji's going on about, though… The heck? Is he insane?

Ryouji smiles at Sado and shrugs, "Well, it hardly calls for that. But I guess I can't disappoint. I'll go as far as I can." He pushes his body into blur II as more of his body blurs. He brings up his swords, blocking the rabbit's sharp teeth. He slides backward before he pushes back more and disappears for a second. He comes in and attacks harder, slashing and cutting at the rabbit. "Whoever takes down the rabbit first gets the feet!" he calls out to Sado.

Tobei lands hard on the ground after unsuccessfully mounting the bear. He gets to his feet only to be met with a large paw swipe. It sends him tumbling along the ground to where he comes to a sudden stop after hitting a tree stump that had been recently chopped down. However, the way the Saito hit his head against the stump had knocked him out cold for the time being.

- As the tunnel of wind comes hurling at him, his eyes following the swirl of dust as it swirls up the dirt on the ground he leaps hitting the ground in a combat roll before his shoulder meets contact with a tree trunk.. Hiroyasu reaches into his cloak before hurling out a seal which lands and begins to form the giant seal on the ground and the crimson rays out light with the golden rings attempts to capture the bad guy while sucking away his remaining vitality.. granting that is best case scenario but it remains to be seen if it will capture the wirey scientist. -

Sado sees Ryouji step up his game and has to do so himself, getting nicked by the rabbit before he disappears from sight, the crackle of electricity able to be heard. He reappears behind the rabbit, having laid in two powerful and precise blows within a span of mere moments, certainly hurting the rabbit enough to turn the tide of the battle against the giant beast.

A cloud of smoke gets swept into the wind tunnel that appears before Nariko as she moves out of the way. Once she gets out of the way, she moves just off to the side, attempting to lock eyes with him. If she does, she attempts to make him think of a small animal that might calm him down.

With all the attacks on the bunny, it goes down, down, down and ends up dead as a door knob. It sadly ends up falling right on top of Ryouji and Sado, if they don't move out of the way quick enough. The bear seems to think its paw swipes are super effective since Tobei went down, though Michiko successfully defended it with another earth barrier, and takes another swipe. The crazy scientist man sees the seals being formed and gets teh heck out of there! Only to be trapped by Nariko's genjutsu. Ooh, look at the pretty distortions~.

Michiko tsks when Tobei goes down, not liking the fact that he's out cold from a bear swipe. She calls over to Ryouji and Sado, "One of you mind helping me with this beast while the rabbit is away?" and sends even more fire at the giant grizzly.

Ryouji tries to move fast enough, but the rabbit dies quicker than than Ryouji can blur out of the way. He gets slammed into the ground hard by the rabbit and gets pinned under a ton of fur and fluffy bunny. Ryouji feels his body get compressed and while it's a bit of damage, he can still do something. He calls out, "Michiko, ranged coming in!" He holds out his hands and begins gathering chakra. It swirls around his palms for a moment before twin beams of blue energy shoot out at the bear. His hair, in a good effort, manages to shoot out a few bundles of spear like hairs. But most of his do is pinned under other hair. If only he could control other hair! He calls out to Sado, "A little help?! I'm stuck!"

- Hiroyasu's head jerks to the side as he sees tobei being flung to the side, he takes just a moment to press the bridge of his nose before pushing the glasses up his nose. "We need to try to take him down for interrogating!" he says charging the at the guy attempting to bury his unarmed hands into the guys pressure points before attempting to slam a quick seal on him which attempts to wrap him up a quick pyramid of chakra giving Nariko the opportunity the hit him with if possible.. they seemed be in a good rhythm as a team. -

Sado was able to move away from the rabbit in time for it to come tumbling down on just Ryouji. He snickers at Ryouji after making sure he was ok. "No way I have to help Michiko too, you know. Get out from there and get back in the battle! I'll come save you after if you really can't get out, but just know I will be teasing you if you can't." he says to his team mate as he powers up, lightning coursing over his body. He springs forward with a devastating lightning elbow, the momentum of the push off making it much more devastating than usual. After he hits with his elbow he disappears, having struck again with his super-fast quick-fist ability.

Nariko nods to Hiro as he tells her to bring him down, well, not down down, but down. She runs at the guy, her arm charging with lightning as she runs at him. When she gets closer she sends a forceful punch surged with lightning infused into it towards his gut. Then she would try to make eye contact, looking into his soul, grabbing it and encouraging metal bands to slither and wrap themselves around him to tie him up.

The bear is dead after a combo strike from the three genin. Well, actually, it was dead once Ryouji hit it. Sado was just beating a dead bear up. Michiko gives a little cheer as both animals get taken down. "Good job, Ryouji-kun. Sado-kun. Now there's just… That guy…" She glances over to the strange scientist dude that Nariko and Hiro are taking care of. Thankfully he already seems to be trapped, which is great. That means the mission is over and super successfully too. "Are you two alright? Not too many injuries, I hope?" she asks the pair.

The scientist is able to avoid that soft-touch, but not those seals. He ends up trapped, unable to escape that really awful hit from Nariko. He ends up going down, too exhausted to continue despite his actual strength. Perhaps all his craziness got the better of him? With him down, the mission is definitely a success. Now all that's left is to clean up a bit and get the dead mutants and their creator back to Kumo.

Ryouji glares at Sado as he runs off. Still, he's stuck and he has to get himself out. Not a problem, it'll just take a bit. The soil is lose and can easily be dug through as he pulls himself out from under the rabbit, covered in dirt and blood. He spits some dirt out of his mouth and shakes the rest out of his hair. The fight is more or less over and he shuts down his blur form. Solid lines once again form on his body and he relaxes. In a few moments he's found his swords and slides them back home at his belt once again.

- Hiroyasu nods to Nariko as she executes the double-team tactic to perfection, he offer out his hand for a hoof-bump. "Hoof-bump!" he says before taking a length of cordage from his belt and trying the guy up securely.. he lets loose a shrill whistle in the distance a whinny in response before the sound of thunder as the horse comes around the corner. He nods his head to Nariko "Could you load him up on your horse.. I need to take Tobei on mine" he says before going to get the genin who is out cold and take him back to the village.. at times like this he was glad that he chose the conveyance he did.. He lashes the genin to the back of the horse. "Good job.. bring back one of the corpses for study.." he says stepping up into the saddle. -

Nariko smirks and puts her hands on her hips, proud of herself. She looks to Hiro and nods. "Sure thing." She picks up the crazy scientist dude and jumps off the building. She grunts as she lands and whistles for her horse, the horse running in like the brave horse he is. She throws the guy over her horse and looks to Michiko and Ryouji, giving them a thumbs up. "Nice job guys." She smiles and jumps onto her horse, ready to lead the way back home to Kumo. "Onward home! For food."

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