Revenge of the Ox King - Fall of the King


Hiei, Hiroyasu, Nariko, Michiko, Rise

Date: March 13, 2014


Kumo nin respond to a distress message and find out that the Ox King has taken over a small village. They manage to catch him this time, and they find out that his daughter is actually the sister of Yotsuki Hiei

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Revenge of the Ox King - Fall of the King"

Village in the Land of Lightning

There was an emergency situation in the lowlands. The message had been given to the shinobi of Kumogakure that a mid sized village was being terrorized by none other than the Ox King himself. Reports indicate that not only is the King himself there, but so is his daughter and a handful of his other agents. It seems that time is of the essence, so a mixture of shinobi were dispatched under the command of one Yotsuki Nariko. The trip itself isn't dangerous, however one they make it to the village, they notice that there are no people out on the streets, every house is closed and boarded up, and the only thing they see are two men. One is tall with blonde hair and bandages along his right arm. And the other one is a short red headed male leaning on what looks like a metal bow staff.

White tendrils of air flow in the breeze as the young Yotsuki known as Nariko leads the group of Kumogakure to the village. As they rode into the village she looked behind her. "Alright, we will not attack unless provoked. Any questions?" Once the two men are spotted, she slows Stormshadow to a stop and slides off him. "Go with caution." She smiles at the two men, noting the empty village. "Do you happen to know where we could get a cool drink around here? We've been traveling for miles."

- On the soft methodical gate of his own horse Jinx, Hiroyasu lazily nods "As you wish, Nariko-Shusho" he says before looking at those who could attend; yeah it was going to be one of those kind of missions. "Such a long ride" he whines rubbing the back of his head trying to be non-threatening.. then again he doesn't strike men blind with a glance. -

Rise can barely keep herself steady long enough to re-read the missive over before startling the messanger with her burst back in and out of her home with keys to it being left to the messenger and something along the lines of "Lock up for me," being yelled at some point. Since that moment the Shirokiri has hardly stopped moving. Horses and wagons were far too slow for her excited blood, so she may very well be one if not the only person who spent most — if not the whole trip — making her way by foot. Even after they arrive the girl hardly looks tired at all. She frowns in response to Nariko's approach, but held back her tongue and simply followed along in their shadows with her head bowed.
Michiko dashes off as soon as she gets the message, most of her ninja gear already with her as she had been training. She's on foot while traveling (more training!), but doesn't seem to mind. The genin nods to Nariko's orders, slowing when the two men appear. "Hope they're friendly…" she mutters under her breath, following Rise and Nariko.

The man with the bow staff steps forwards, he spins the staff around his body for a moment. "Cut the vertigo, Kumo-Nin. We know who you are. I am instructed to tell you to make your way through the village to the cave network in the mountains behind me." He hooks a thumb towards the mountain, the entrance can easily be seen at the other end of the village. "The King has been expecting you. And don't worry about the villagers, they're in a safe place." He looks at Nariko directly. "Princess Kazu is looking forward to see you again especially, Tempest Witch." He steps to the side to allow the group to walk past, his partner does the same on the other side.

Nariko looks to the two men and are all blunt about everything. "Well, guess a hello isn't welcomed here." She pouts and hops back up on her horse. And with that she encourages Stormshadow on and when a bit away from the men she sighs. "Guess the village is home to rude people with no manners." She was wary of the village, never knew what could be lurking around.

- Hiroyasu shrugs giving the two men a dirty stare, "How kind of him.." before nodding to Nariko "As you command." he says before looking at Michiko and Rise to see what they do with that little bit of knowledge.. "You could have easily make them tell us what is going on why did you not? Nariko-Shusho?" he asks being perhaps on the few who could get away with it once they were out of earshot of the two men. -

Rise bowed her head just a little more to hide the smirk elicited by the staff wielder. At least someone wasn't above being straight-forward about things. Granted, they are shinobi after all. Naturally this meant a little bit of misdirection was to be expected. "Don't take it personal, Michiko-san. Their just mad they got stuck with guide duty," Rise whispers to youngest of the team on the sly before focusing on the path ahead. Despite her carefree apperance Rise was anything but unwary at the moment.

Michiko blinks at the 'welcome party'. It was a bit unexpected, yes. She tsks lightly to herself, following after the Chuunin and giving Rise a confused glance at the comment. However, most of her attention is focused on the surroundings as she walks forward, habitually tightening the knot that keeps her forehead protector around her neck.

As the Kumo nin approach the mouth of the cave, all is quiet. The entrance is unguarded and there doesn't seem to be a soul around. The two men that greeted them are gone now, where they went to, nobody really knows. However as they did pass by one of them stated to Nariko's comment. "This is the Ox King's village now." But there is no sign of the King or any of his minions as they approach. There is no light coming from inside the cave, either. Where the mouth begins, there is only inky blackness beyond.

Nariko looks to Hiro and shrugs. "If we had tried to force the information there is the possibility of us not getting to where we need to. It would be another obstacle. And now that I know who is expecting us, it's definitely not the way to get our information." As they reach the cave she slides off the horse and peers inside, noticing a ripple. "Interesting.." She looks behind her. "Keep your eyes open. We don't know what to expect."

- Hiro places a seal across his eyes jokingly "Seal of Omens, give me sight beyond sight!" he says before reaching out with his refined senses.. "4 Signatures.. 2 Jounin equivalent, 2 Genin equivalent.. but they are not in the cave.. and but there is a trap giving off some serious chakra.. in there" he says pulling the piece of paper off his eyes looking at them seriously. "Agreed, we don't know at all what is around us.." he looks at Nariko "I can trip it if you want.." he adds awaiting orders. -

Rise didn't need to be told twice. The girl is primed and ready for anything! What she picks up however promotes a frown and an exasperated sigh. A facepalm soon follows all of that due to Hiro's joking about. "It's just a classic pit fall with—" Rise sniffs the air a few times. "Wooden stakes from the smell of it." Rise adds on before stepping a little closer and taking a kneel to search the ground. No foot traffic. Which possibly meant no villagers too. "Hmm…"
All Michiko sees is a slight shimmery ripple at the edge of the cave. It at least matches what Nariko senses! She gives Hiro a slight glance at the joking around, but ignores it when he gives the report. "Well, this ought to be fun, then… I think we /shouldn't/ fall into the pit, by the way…"

"Father, it looks like they're not falling for it." Kazu whispers to the King. Ox shrugs slightly. "It's that tripped sensor nin's fault. So I was wrong, apparently they brought someone with brains this time around." He stands up and bellows. "Attack!" He leaps out of cover, along with a white haired kunoichi that looks a lot like Hiei if he had been born female. A well dressed man with long hair and a rapier like sword also leaps out of cover, and then there is a young kunoichi, around thirteen or so who meanders out behind him. She's got a lollipop in her mouth and is looking around like she may not exactly know where she is. She looks up at the man with the sword. "So it's time to fight them now, kay?" She asks with a light airy voice.
The Ox King withdraws his two axes from his belt with a grin. "No more preambles. One of us will not leave here alive, Kumo ninja. I will have my revenge upon Kumogakure…especially Yotsuki Kenshin." He growls. "Take them down!" He rushes forwards, barreling towards Rise. "I'm going to smash you into bits, little girl."
Kazu springs forwards, locking eyes with Nariko. "The Tempest Witch." He forms handseals and then Nariko might begin to feel her hands and feet being bound together.
The swordsman leaps towards Hiroyasu the light blade flicking back and forth rapidly. "You're mine, Monk!"
The young Kunoichi offers Michiko a bright smile. "Don't take this personal, kay?" She removes the lollipop from her mouth and points it towards Michiko's feet. Wherever she points at, explodes.

Nariko looks to Rise and nods to Michiko. "Definitely would be a good idea." Then people jump out from the bushes and raises her defenses. Thats when she spots Kazu and shakes her head. "The name is Nariko. Say it with me: Nari-ko." She smirks and averts her eyes a moment, and makes a tsk noise. "I won't fall for it a second time." She tries to lock eyes with her to make her feel like a large metal chain was encircling her body and trapping her. She then charges her arm up with lightning, the sizzle of it sounding as she releases a bolt towards the girl before running at her and punching her in the chest. "You're brother says hi."

- Hiroyasu holds out a hand which a small slip of paper extends forth an invisible barrier when struck ripples in a wash of blue chakra.. "I feel so privileges lets have an excellent bout.." he says with a bow of his head deceptively as the prayer steeple hides the fact that a seal on the ground was attempting to lockdown the swordmen before between his fingers escapes a single tag which starts glowing blue as chakra swirls around in a circle with increasing speed leading up to a spectacular explosion of chakra and flames.. -

Rise attention snaps towards the source of the outcry, and upon seeing the Ox King leading the charge a grim smile blooms. The only thing that makes her more happy — that truly excites her blood further — is the fact that he chose >her< as his target. The others are only given a brief once over before she settles upon the king. "Bring it! Ojiji-san!" Rise charges forward to meet the duel axe wielder. Instinct and long sought after desire war within at every step of the way. Ultimately, Rise gave into the latter by under the king, then lash out with a rising kick to his gut to knock the wind out and cracking the ground beneath her in the process. Gritting her teeth against the pain, Rise leaps high, intent on crushing the man's face in!

Michiko curses under her breath when enemies appear, her reaction relatively uncertain when approached by the little girl. Then there's the explosion at her feet, which knocks her back quite a bit. Her arms are raised in defense, though the genin definitely felt that attack. From the smoke of the attack come three Kunai aimed at the lollipop-holding girl.
All channels have been gagged.

The Ox King is struck by Rise's attack, one that he is familiar with. Her second one impacts him as well, but it doesn't seem to do damage. He smirks. "Are you a spy for the leaf? Your technique stinks of Leaf Village, Kumo shinobi. Are you sure you're fighting for the right village?" He swings both axes at her and then hops back just before another man, the one they saw earlier with the bow staff as he attacks Rise as well.
Kazu blinks as she dispels Nariko's genjutsu, but when Nariko mixes it up, she manages to dodge her lightning attack only to be struck in the torso by her soulstrike. "Ugh. I have no brother." She blinks. "I don't care what your name is Witch!" She forms a handseal. "Lightning Release: Lightning Strike!" A bolt of lightning flies on course for Nariko. Her expression falters as she says the name again. "Nariko. Why do I know that name?"
The Swordsman leaps high into the air at the last minute, dodging Hiroyasu's tags. When his feet hit the ground, lightning flows down his sword as he stabs forwards towards the Chuunin Monk.
The young kunoichi's eyes widen as all of Michiko's kunai hit home..and then there is a puff of smoke and a piece of wood with kunai sticking out of it appears. The girl appears behind Michiko this time. "That was a nice attack, kay? But you'll have to do better than that, kay?" There is another explosion aimed at Michiko's left foot.

Nariko curses as she doesn't get any hits on the girl. "Huh, your brother thinks otherwise." She shakes her head. ~And it's a good thing he doesn't want you killed.~ She takes a knee, pulling her Sasuke Goatchiha out of her pocket and opening it, a bleat sound vocalizing from it, as she pops a pill. She eyes the girl once more, attempting to make her see ghosts and witches and all that fancy spooky jazz. She then runs up to her and gives her a forceful punch in her gut.

- It was a battle of wits, steel, and chakra as the Young Monk Hiroyasu and the lightning infused swordsmen square off.. A duck under a slice, a dodge of a stab.. before it seems his flank is wide open for attack when the lightning infused blade bounces off an invisible wall before a undulgating ripples of blue chakra shatter and, a sneer escapes as he monk leans backwards with his view upside down "Almost.. excellent strike.." he says before he flips backwards the tip of his foot coming down in a furious strike.. before his feet hit the ground he is spinning around in a sweep before feinting that strike with a double palm strike instead. -

Michiko is caught up in the explosion once again, her entire body disappearing thanks to it. When the smoke clears, there's nothing to be seen of the genin, even! Then fireballs (3, to be exact) rain down on Michiko's opponent. The genin looks perfectly fine, having leaped into the air just as fire from the explosion replaced her body.

Kazu shakes off another genjutsu attack from Nariko, but her words give her pause. "Brother? But I don't remember…" And the dragon palm attack comes and Kazu doesn't have enough time to get out of the way of it. She is struck in the chest and goes rolling backwards, along the ground until she comes to a stop. She coughs a little as blood spews out of her mouth. "Gah..what..what are you!?" She asks as she moves up to her knees and forms another set of seals. "Ninja Art: Lightning Needles!" Slivers of lightning form around her body before moving in mass towards Nariko.
The Swordsman against Hiroyasu was confused. He knew he would get a strike in when the monk's back was turned by his blade impacts some sort of chakra shield. Then his eyes widen as he staggers back from Hiro's kick to his head and then his body almost folds in upon itself as he is catapulted backwards several feet from the palm strikes to his chest. His body slides in the dirt and comes to rest next to a boulder. His head lays to the side and he doesn't get up.
Against the onslaught of the Ox King and the staff wielder, Rise takes a huge hit and is knocked unconcious. Her body rolls off to the side and the King turns to watch the other battles going on as he leans on his Axe. He sees that his 'daughter' is in a bit of trouble from Nariko, but he doesn't move to help her.
The young Kunoichi looks up in wonder as the fire rains down upon her. There are a couple of poofs as she is struck and clones vanish, but there is a small scream as the last fireball finds it's mark. She pats her dress to put herself out and then looks at Michiko and actually pouts. "That hurt, kay? I don't really want to do this but King says that I have to, kay?" She withdraws a kunai from within her dress and flings a kunai at her.

Nariko watches the girl, moving out of the way of the needles. When asked what is she, she looks at the girl, directly in the eye. "Your worst nightmare." If the girl does make eye contact with her, she makes the girl imagine that one fateful night. While the girl imagines, if she does, Nariko flings some fire at the girl and then runs up to her, punching her in the chest. "You're lucky I'm on orders not to kill you."

- Hiroyasu makes several handseals and his eyes transform from their lower glow to full on glow as his eyes lock sight with the Ox King, the feeling that time is suddenly more like quicksand while a quick trail of dust charges up from his feet as he charges at the Ox king his body spinning on light feet as he goes for an elbow followed by a spinning side-kick using his momentum to his advantage, -

Michiko starts making the hand seals for a clone, but is a bit on the slow side as the Kunai injures her shoulder. She tsks, slightly disappointed in herself, and sends a shuriken or two in the enemy's direction, following up with a punch aimed at the girl's head.

Kazu suddenly finds herself in a bedroom where a large shinobi comes in through her window and takes her out of bed. She's six years old and as she screams for help, her brother, older only by five minutes, comes into her room and hurls himself at the shinobi. He is swatted down like nothing and as Kazu is taken outside, she looks up at the face of her kidnapper…and as a cloud moves out of the way of the moon, she sees the face of the Ox King. A burning sensation brings her back to her senses. "He's..not my fa.." BAM. She is on the recieving end of Nariko's dragon palm and she crumples to the ground, unconcious.
The Ox King blinks as he sees Hiroyasu coming for him but it seems to be in slow motion. From his perspective, his movements are so time consuming. Hiro's elbow and spinning side kick hit home, knocking the King off his feet for a moment. But the Ox King is a professional…he rolls and slashes out at Hiro's legs with his axe.
The little Kunoichi smiles at Michiko as all of Michiko's attacks slam home…and then there is a poof sound as the clone dissapates and the little kunoichi is running towards Kazu as fast as her legs can carry her. "Kazu, I'm coming, kay? I'll save you from the Witch, kay?" She's a long ways away, but she's trying to get there.

Nariko looks at the girl as she crumples to the ground and is unconscious. "Darn you Hiei." She grumbles. Then she hears a voice saying how she would save her from the witch. "Seriously? I don't want to deal with you." She sighs and attempts to lock eyes with the girl, if she does she would imagine being wrapped up in many chains, unable to move whatsoever. "Michiko! Get her!" She yells at her student.

- Taking an awkward kung-fu like stance as his attacks send the Ox-King reeling.. As the axes come swinging his way.. The quick on his feet monk Hiroyasu spins around as several times the axe come within mere hairs length from cleaving into his flesh.. several dodges, leaps and spins as he and the bandit king swirl in mighty combat.. not as flashly as a kenjutsuist but elegant at times with barriers of invisible blue springing into existence deflecting, bouncing and reflecting the strikes before the young monk holds out both hands and his hands glow momentarily white before the will of the wisps launch from his palms slamming into random nearby objects which suddenly open vortexes which attempt to drag the Ox king against their ghastly grip. -

Another low curse as the attacks hit a simple clone. Michiko looks over in the direction of where the one Kunoichi is. At Nariko's words, she nods and performs the hand seals for a Firebolt, three flames leaping out towards the hopefully trapped in a Genjutsu enemy.

With his daughter down, the Ox King would normally be trying to get the plunge out of dodge, however being engaged with Hiroyasu hinders that plan. All of the other times that he's faced the bald Monk, he had never seen him this capable. Perhaps the monk had been hiding the bulk of his strength before. He thought he had him dead to rights when he swung at his shoulder with his axe, but a barrier of chakra bounces his axe away from the monk. Then when the seals come after him, he attempts his iron body technique but it would prove to be his undoing as the tags sap his chakra. He shudders on his feet before he falls face first onto the ground. The mighty Ox King has fallen.
The little Kunoichi makes eye contact with Nariko just before her hands and legs are bound with nothing as she falls over…just in time for Michiko's fireballs to envelop her. Once the smoke clears the girl lies unconcious..a victim of the combined efforts of sensei and student.
The staff wielder looks at his comrades. They were all down and unconcious. He swallows hard and looks between Nariko and Hiroyasu. "I..don't suppose we could talk about this? I just did as I was told is all…" He takes several steps back as if he was going to flee any moment.

Nariko smiles proudly when Michiko takes down the girl. "Nice job." Then she hears the voice of the staff weilder and turns her head. The look on her face is one of annoyance. As if he could talk her out of it. "See, thing is, my cousin didn't tell me I couldn't kill the ones protecting her. So guess what? Buh bye." She was dropped, she had to endure all this and not get she wanted, all the way. She ran at the man, lightning encircling her forearm. Those around could tell she was serious about this. As she neared the man, she sent a forceful punch to his chest and then one to his head.

- Hiroyasu shakes his head, looking the otherway as Nariko executes the bandit swordsman with great prejudice.. ~I suppose she deserved some closure~ he says but then winces as he watches the attacks hit. He gives a thumbs up to Michiko "Good job, Michiko.. using teamwork is a force multiplier which can make two shinobi greater than 10.. and when did you learn to substitute your form with fire?" he asks trying to ignore the gore going on behind him. -

Michiko seems to be oblivious to the bloodshed going on between Nariko and the enemy. At the very least, there's no reaction of disapproval/disgust from her. "Ah, thank you, Hiro-san. And I've been training quite a bit on that technique and have only recently managed to get it down."

The staff wielder's eyes widen and a tear slides down his face as he watches the enraged Yotsuki female bear down upon him. When she attacks with her lightning infused soulstrike, her first attack shatters his heart while the second attack blows out the back of his head. There is a spray of blood, some of it getting on the Chuunin kunoichi before the husk of a man falls dead at her feet.

Nariko doesn't even flinch when the blood is splattered on her. "There. He didn't tell me I couldn't kill the others." She turns around and seems a bit more calmer. She walks over to Michiko and Hiro, looking a bit more relieved. "Alright. Lets get these two bound and on the horses. Hiei will be glad she didn't die." She looks one way or another. "You two are witnesses. She's just sleeping." She lets out a soft breath and goes to Kazu first to take care of the binding of her. After she takes care of the girl she walks over to Michiko and takes care of her wounds, wrapping them up. Nurse Nariko to the rescue.

- Hiroyasu takes a moment while Nariko is bandaging up Michiko to apply a little medijutsu to seal the Kunoichi Chuunin wounds which are at first hard to find between the blood and gore that wasn't hers.. "Yes, I saw. You did well not taking her down permanently.." he moves to tie up the Ox-King "Normally, I might have just executed him as well. His list of crimes certainly warrant it but that is for someone to render. Our job was capture, contain, and conquer.. of which I think we did adequately.." in the back of his head he will make sure to put a little dog-ear on Nariko's shinobi dossier… not a negative one.. just a minor note of interest. "Lets lash them to the back of the horses and get out of here.. We can have the village send a support squad to get the village back up on its feet.. and aren't you glad we don't have to carry these two by hand back the miles… walking is for fools when your experienced and only useful for training when your young." he adds making sure Michiko was not wrongly accused. -

Michiko thanks Nariko for the healing, giving her a small smile in thanks and definitely ignoring any of the gore on her sensei. "Ah, of course, Nariko-sensei. She is definitely sleeping," says Michiko with a quick glance at Kazu.

Mission Complete

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