The Recluse War - Revenge of the Recluse


Loki (as Hiroto), Rockpath (as Recluse minions), Hiei, Michiko, Naruko, Hisomu, Jon, Rise, Raion, Takeo, Hanami, Asato, Ryouji

Date: June 27, 2015


During the merchants’ festival, the Recluse decide to make their move against Kumogakure. The attack is devastating, but the Hidden Cloud Nin are able to pull out a victory.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Recluse War - Revenge of the Recluse"

Kumogakure - Village Center

It's rather early in the day as the streets open up for business in Kumogakure. Today marks the second day of a merchant fair for Kumo, which is why there are booths set up a couple of blocks in from the main gate to the village. Merchants from all over are here displaying their wares on this rather georgeous morning. It may be a bit chilly, but even shinobi will brave the elements for a good deal, and there are some pretty interesting deals to be had.
Oni Hiroto is one of the merchants. She seems to attract a fair crowd of shinobi to her stall, as she is selling exotic metals for shinobi tools. She is even rumored to have a few bars of chakra metal for the discerning client. Crates full of ore seem to surround her, tended to by several assistants that seem to be rather strong, at least physically. Every once in a while she seems to pause to look around for something, but what is anyone's guess.

Kayama Hideki is one of Hiroto's also sells tools, though they aren't as wonderful as Hiroto's rumored ones. The two have even gotten into a few arguments over whose tools were better, though it was obvious which was the winner. Eventually he gave in and started working for the woman, so now he is helping heft boxes, along with several other strong folk, stacking them into neat piles and keeping an eye out for any thieves.

With the merchant's fair in full swing, Hiei has ventured out of the office in order to look around. He's dressed in his usual attire, both swords strapped on his back along with various tools and weapons on his person. He is flanked by two Senshi guards, though he personally doesn't like having security, with so many people in the village right now, he was forced to concede the point to his adviser and actually take guards as he moves about. He wanders over to Hiroto's booth and begins checking out the rare ores that she's selling. He doesn't really need it, having special ore himself that he mined out of the mountains…and fought giant ants. He clasps his hands behind his back as he simply browses for now.

Michiko, unlike many who are here, is actually working! (big surprise, no?) The girl is yakking to the gate guards, checking on who has entered and trying to pick up on any new folk that may have made their way inside. The records of who's-who is always getting updated as people come and leave the Hidden Cloud village. Once she's done talking to the guards, she heads over to where she noticed a certain Raikage.

For Naruko it is a pretty normal day. Normally this would be a day that she would setup her own little spot to sell some goods…but today she simply wanted to relax and not have to worry about anything. " Hmmm such a big crowd today, maybe I should have done something after all…" Naruko mutters to herself as she briefly looks down at the crowd below. Rather than being down on the ground level she was sitting on top of a building, legs dangling off from the roof the chill of the day caused her to shiver just slightly. "Big crowds can be…a little unerving…" Naruko whispers to herself, watching events unfold from below.

On a building opposite from Naruko, Hisomu is sitting up there with a pad of paper in hand. She has a pencil in the other hand and is idly sketching what is happenign below. She watches people move about. Everytime she watches someone walk by she consideres them as if ti wonder if they should be in her drawing or not. She is going on and on about her drawing so much that she fails to notice that right across from her is Naruko. She considers the Raikage a moment and then considers the pad before shaking her head and moving on to his guards.

Seems like we're establishing reasons for being here. Let's say Jon's is just that he's got a little time to kill for once and is browsing the stalls for anything of interest. A trinket for his wife, maybe, although she's not that much into shiny things for their own sake herself. Scruvo, on the other hand… "Corks, look at this'n! It's got shinies on shinies wot spin around an' make the other shinies shine!" 8> Jon clamps a finger and thumb over Scruvo's eagerly hovering beak. "Don't touch, Scruvo, I don't want to have to buy something just because you knocked it off its stand." "…Y'mean that's all I 'ave t'do t'get you t'buy it?" 83

Try as she might, Rise cannot help but rub her arm idly as she meandered through the merchant's fair. The act is about the only source of comfort the petite, young woman had to rely on at the moment. She loathed crowded places almost as she loathed her father, the village, and, well, just about everyone and thing today. If not for a promise, Rise would /not/ even be out today, but instead gnawing on whatever tough material she could get her hands on to keep the storm she called her feelings about Shuuren's most recent repairs from surfacing.
In no way, shape, or form was there also the matter of giving a certain ursine time to calm down after waking up to something chewing on his arm. Nope. No way at all! "Those voices…" Murmured words are swiftly followed by Rise looking up from beneath her hood and spotting the dynamic duo: Scurvo and Jon. After a moment's hesitation Rise stopped walking about all hunched over, made her way over to Jon, and tugged on his sleeve. "

This would be the first merchant fair Nozomi ever attended outside of her village. The crowds are thick, but Nozomi doesn't let her slight clumsiness keep her from parusing around the area. However, unlike most of the other shinobi here, she's not really interested in the metal vendor booth. She doesn't use a lot of ninja tools, so standard stock is fine for her. Instead, she's more interested in a vendor selling scrolls. In particular, she's looking at some music scrolls a few booths down from the Oni's booth as she tries to pick some music she could use in her ninjutsu.

Raion had just finished his over-night training routine, and was going home to nap before getting distracted! So many people and merchants? Raion thought he might as well have a look, he walks casually over, the large black Atoneko following behind, looking QUITE tired, it's clear he would much rather be asleep right now.
Pansa paws the back of Raion's leg to get his attention, which causes him to look back at his companion with a light 'hmm?'. "Raion. You said I could sleep now. Are you really going to turn that assurance into a lie… Again? Many people have said that Ninja, and their companions should be well rested to properly fight… Either you're actively trying to prove them wrong or you're ignoring what they said just to torture me."
Raion shakes his head with a light chuckle, "Well. You may be nocturnal, but I'm not. And besides, even if that whole sleep thing is true, I chose to look at it as a type of stamina training! Besides, being sleepy has never made you fight any worse before, why would it start now?" Pansa sighs and doesn't reply, which Raion responds to with a nod, and goes back to looking around, casually browsing just about everything there is. Clearly not intending to buy anything unless it catches his eye. He also clearly doesn't mind the crowd one bit.

Since his immigration to Kumogakure, Takeo has been spending a great deal of time up on the nearby mountain peak, working on one of his usual interesting 'something or others' to add to his repertoire. One wonders how he can buck the trend of being called sorcerer, yet continue to pursue such creations! However, activity down at the village did manage to catch the Sage's eye on this day. So many little dots scrambling about, like an angry ant colony. Might be worth a look for any interesting lore, say, or food. He thought he loved roasted meat, but even that gets tiresome after a week or more of living on it.
Takeo doesn't take overly long to get to the village from the mountain peak. He makes it most of the way simply by standing upon the surface of a descending river and allowing its current to do the work for him. When he arrives at the end and must traverse that last stretch of land, a simple flick of a claw pulls all of the remaining water from his body and casts it off into the grass.
"Michiko-san," he says, spying her as he walks up to the gates. "You're looking beautiful as ever, if I may say, warrior woman or no. Festivals bring lovely people such as yourself to full bloom." They're both headed for the same Raikage, and so Takeo remains with Michiko, those huge canines of his bared in a grin to accompany his greeting. Today must be a good day, good enough for a bit of dangerous humor and a smile. A bit of his old self that's been a long time coming, considering life's many traumas.

Hiroto looks up as she is joined by the leader of this hidden village. She smiles graciously as she glances around, also noting the approach of Michiko and Takeo. In fact, she subtly notes the position of everyone around, then diverts her attention back to Hiei and bows deeply. "Ah, Raikage-sama, I'm honored you would deign to visit my booth," she says warmly. After setting a smaller box down near her on a table, she bows deeply and then straitens before offering a shallow nod to the other approaching shinobi. "Is there something in specific you're looking for? If not, I have a few pieces that might interest you." She then opens the very box she had been holding to reveal a very interesting ball and sickle chain. Its all black, so much so that it almost glimmers. "A Kusarigama made of chakra metal," she says with a smile. Truly an innovative piece of work.

"Made by the best hands!" calls Hideki with a small grin. "Mine," he clarifies, even if it isn't true. He seems to be in good cheer, looking around casually as he noted those around them. All the shinobi… All the villagers… Everyone. "Well, Sensei, actually… I can't handle her precious chakra metal," he then comments with a grumble before he glances to one of the men. "Hey! No! That goes over there!" The man points off to the side, trying to make sure none of the men do anything mouse-brained.

Hiei looks up when Hiroto speaks to him personally. He flashes the woman a smile and then looks down at the kusarigama. "It's nice. Very elegantly made, too. But I craft my own tools and weapons. That way if they fail me, then it's my fault alone." The two swords on his back are made of chakra metal from Sunagakure. Given to him by Itami herself. "But I am interested in some of your rare ore. I'm looking to create a new alloy to increase the hardness of my blades. It's something of a hobby." Most people don't realize that the Raikage has artistic talent. Both on canvas and in the smithy.
Hiei turns when senses the approach of Michiko. He looks at her with a small frown, just knowing that she was going to assign him more paperwork. He's on the move again, lifting a hand to Raion and Rise as he passes by. He pats Jon on the shoulder as he walks by him. "Detective." He greets with a smile. He's walking towards Michiko and Takeo, "Michiko. Takeo. How are you two? Takeo, are you done with your training out on the mountain already?" He even flashes a smile towards Nozomi, Hisomu and Naruko as he spots them in the crowd. Outwardly, Hiei seems very relaxed. Just another stroll through the village. He glances over at one of his guards. "I wonder if I can find some barding for Snake Eyes here? I'd rather him be better protected since he's carrying me into a fight most of the time."

"Takeo-san," Michiko says, a mental facefault at the compliment. "I'm not here for the festival," she says curtly, making her way to Hiei and … Apparently forced to chase after him. "Hiei-san," she greets upon finally catching up, not that she quickened her pace or anything. Hiei just happened to slow down and change directions. "Did you finish looking over the Graduates listings yet? Also, we had a few extra Hitai-ate from last graduation because one or two failed." Uhh… Yep, Hiei was right about that paperwork business!

A soft sigh escapes Naruko's lips as she took in the enviorment and the surprisingly pleasant weather… Or perhaps she was just getting used to it. "Or maybe there are just so many people down there things are getting hot…What do you think Mata-sama?" Naruko could be heard (possibly) muttering to herself as she stretches her arms off to the side and continues to spot people from below. All familar faces, all enjoying the same stuff. "Just like little ants…" Naruko goes on to say before peering off to look at Hisomu. There are no words, just a simple smile and the light flush of her cheeks.

Hearing the words from across from her, Hisomu blinks and looks across. She peers at Naruko and smiles a little herself before she puts away her pad and pencil. She stands up and then backs up before getting a running start and jumping to the other rooftop. She lands beside Naruko and plops down next to her to dangle her own legs down. She peers down at the area below and then smiles over at Naruko, "Hi." She nods to her before leaning a shoulder against her, "Lots of people." She nods softly and stares down.

Jon turns swiftly when his sleeve is tugged, a hand ready to apprehend a potential pickpocket or the like — but it looks like that's not what's going on. "Oh. Hey. What's up?" Aaaand then there's a tap on his shoulder, although this one is more easily identified. "Raikage-sama."

Now that she had their attention, Rise…. didn't quite know where to go from there. She glances back and forth between them and the ground, clenching her arm ever tighter as time stretched on. Rise took no notice of Jon's preemptive attempt at apprehending her. And if not for someone shoving into her in passing, the infamous berserker might not have spoken up until the world came to an end.
She turns not with a scowl, but a look of confusion. With a start, Rise snaps back to Jon; only for said man to be looking… elsewhere. Great. "Hmph… Eyes down here, Jon." She states forcefully.

Nozomi is among those ants, and even though she spots Michiko, she realizes she's following after the Raikage and it wouldn't be a good idea to interrupt them. Instead, she turns back to her scrolls and starts to ask a few questions about beat and tempo. After a few momnents she finds herself pleased with the work and starts to reach into one of her pouches to pull out some money.

"Well, then the festival must be here for you," Takeo answers Michiko, grin persisting. "You're glowing!" He keeps the pleasant demeanor but tones down the flirtation upon coming within earshort of Hiei. It wouldn't do for him to be heard charming the other shinobi when he's only just moved in, after all. "Hie- er, Raikage! You're looking well today. It always does me good to see you, my old friend."
The question posed to him is met with a shake of his head as he turns, walking along with the Raikage. "No, I'm not quite finished with what I'm working on. We'll know when my hands take the proper shape," Takeo says, rather cryptically. "Still, I've been making very periodic trips back down to the village to keep an eye on things. I've actually been able to find some peace here and relax, to recouperate from recent events. It doesn't hurt that my favorite ryokan in all the villages is now a few steps away from home, either. Reminds me, we need to get on that planned time to catch up!"
Takeo politely gesutres toward Michiko. "I was just telling Michiko-san what an efficient and magnificent worker she is. A credit to your eye for talent. We had quite the spar up on said mountain the other day. She pursued me until I finally gave in, but honestly, you know I've always been more a diplomat than a fighter." He lifts his hands helplessly, palms to the sky. "Well, with some exceptions. There /was/ that time you and I brought down that fortress together, but an open battlefield's where I'm at my best." Once more, a large grin, this time for Hiei.

Hanami makes her way into the village from outside. She was returning from a mission, just a simple courier job really. But admittedly had enjoyed the fresh air and used the quiet to work on some training of hers. So she was back later than necessary for the mission, but she didn't have anything else going on today that she was aware of so it shouldn't be a problem. As she comes in though she notices the crowd of people and blinks, thinking the area was jumping today. She'd wave to those she knew if they weren't otherwise occupied, other than that just slowing down and making her way through the area.

Raion continues to scan the various wares. Nothing yet catching his eye. The chatter among the crowd was ignored by his sensitive Maneshi ears. He hums lightly, while the Atoneko Pansa continues to battle to keep his eyes open, grumbling slightly.

Hiroto watches Hiei try to flee the obviously officious woman, only to get caught before he got very far. Perfect… all eyes are off her, but the most powerful players are in perfect range. Time to implement The Plan. She quickly turns and nods to her helpers, including Hideki, silently giving the signal even as she focuses chakra. Immediately following that, she runs through a few hand signs, aiming to envelop the area in a genjutsu. That would be the signal for her people to attack.
The underlings waste no time as one jumps toward the area where Hisomu and Naruko are stationed. He quickly forms a few handseals before throwing a ball of tags at both of them.

Hum hum hum… Oh! The signal! Without further ado, Hideki makes a handseal, drawing chakra before letting it all out. Suddenly there are multiple Hideki's, each five of them charging at one target each. All the ones effected by Genjutsu. "Heheheh… This is going to be fun…" he says with a small grin. "Senpai, I'll be sure to back you up," he comments with a wink in Hiroto's direction. Sure, she was ahead of him. But she was the star he was always trying to reach during his time as a Recluse member.

As Hiei opens is mouth to speak to Takeo and Michiko, a tingle in the back of his head alerts him to the chakra build up coming from the merchant that he just spoke to. And then he feels the genjutsu attack him. He swiftly removes a senbon and pierces his stomach, hard enough to cause pain, but not hard enough to impair him. The only thing that comes from his throat is a low growl. The fire clone seems to impact him almost immediately, but inside the flames his body simply fades away as he moves so fast just before impact that he leaves an afterimage in his wake. Now standing closer to the vendor, he silently wonders who would dare attack him with genjutsu within the walls of his own village. He turns slowly, staring towards Hiroto. "Kumo shinobi, protect the villagers and kill every one of these arthropods to the last man." With the order given, Hiei pushes off with his foot, his body spinning in mid-air as he withdraws his katana from his back. He strikes out with the blunt part of the blade first, and then goes into a frenzy of attacks, striking out at the abdomen, the upper thigh, and then towards the torso. "You should never have come here. Your people are dead, you just don't realize it yet."

Michiko feels a Genjutsu pressing into the back of her mind, and a jolt of pain spreads through her body, though it isn't enough to counteract the Genjutsu and keep it at bay. She falls victim to it, though enough of her concentration lends itself to her preventing a dose of pain in the form of fire. The clone smashes against a half-dome of earth, even as Michiko grits her teeth to try and force her body to move. Dang it… She can't…

Boom! The explosion hit her square off the side of the roof, sending her tumbling down into the ground below… She picks herself up, wafing the smoke from her body before she could get a clear picture going on… They were under attack… "What in the world just happened…" Naruko voices as she clenches her fists and motions to counter attack one of the recluse members, more specifically the one using the tags against her. She attacks with a quick 2 4 spinning kick to send them away. "Leaf Whirlwind!" Her eyes then looks back to the roof to see if Hisomu made it out safely… Soon enough a plan would be needed…

The same explosion that sent Naruko to the ground has Hisomu sailing to the ground, too. She lands right next to Naruko and hurrms as she stands up brushing herself off. She watches Naruko rush in before turning to two more members of the recluse and grumbling, "I was talking to my friend!" She creates two seals in quick succession that send the Earth up on either side of the men to try to crush them between the pillars before she rushes in and unleashes a spray of pure poison on to both and shakes her head, "Rude." She nods her head and then grumbles as she turns to go toward Naruko to make sure they don't say far apart.

Scruvo tilts his head. "Oi, ain't th'phrase usually 'Eyes UP 'eah'? Not that I evah understood wot it — CRIKEY!!!" O.O; Jon feels the influence of foreign chakra in his body and quickly expunges it, then draws his rod as everything falls into chaos. Seeing clones incoming, he releases the rod to full length and grips it tightly. The metal staff swishes, twirls, and pokes, turning the incoming attackers into puffs of flame. Once he has a moment of apparent breathing room, Jon weaves through the crowd, gathering his chakra and kicking his brain into turbo. "Scruvo!?" "Already on it!" Scruvo calls out from above. "Looks like that'n th'Raikage chappie's fightin' is th'head rottah!"

Takeo is caught up in the genjutsu, but this should come as little surprise. He may have lost much of his Inuzuka self when he became a Jinchuuriki, but their terrible handling of the illusory arts endured. Still, the young man's been trapped in these things enough times to know when something isn't right. It requires but one hand seal from him to create multiple clones of himself, all coalescing from water present in the air. They leap in different directions, some to action, others to intercept the fire barrage - quite successfully, actually.
"Hiei, keep your heart in check!" The Sage follows after the Raikage as best he can while his clones screen his movements, for the genjutsu has drained him of all reserves he could've used to be useful in this fight. Powerful genjutsu? Check. Disproportionately powerful opponents? Check. Must be the Recluse. This admittedly raises Takeo's ire nearly so much as Hiei's, but now, he can't even call upon the abilities he'd learned to fight this specific foe.

Now that she had Jon's attention /again/, Rise opened her mouth to get some questions finally off her chest. There wasn't so much a tingling sensation to warn the woman, but an oddity about the world around her captured just within the peripheral. Instinct demanded pain. They go ignored as the ebony-haired woman forced her fingers to form a single seal, narrowed her eyes, and murmured the words "Kai" as the flow of chakra jerks from a stop, then picks up again.
System purged, Rise instinctively looked about sharply for the prankster responsible, only to be forced to side-step a fist. Ignoring the burning sensation in her grazed cheek, Rise latched on to a singular sight and thought: Michiko. Moments later, the Iwata would either find the world moving again or — Or nothing.

Nozomi had just finished her transaction when the area erupted. Whatever was happening had Hiei-sama very angry, and apparently ensnared Michiko-taicho. Not good… She turns toward the merchant and orders, "Run. Forget this stuff, and Run." At the same time she's pulling out her flute to help cover the merchant's escape. She starts to focus chakra into her body, knowing full well that while she may not be able to do much, she can at least keep one of the henchman from attacking a civilian. She starts to play her flute quickly, and her first jutsu increases the sound of her playing dramatically as she directs it toward the nearest person. The second effect focuses notes into a blade that shoots out at her opponent. Again, not much, but it counts for something, right?

Hanami was definitely not expect this at all. Making her way through the crowd, keeping light on her feet slipping and twisting past people and obstructions then things suddenly went to mayhem! She spins, looking around and seeing her fellow shinobi under attack along with the villagers. They were the priority though, as much as she wants to rush in and help her friends but they at least have the ability to help themselves, and will have to for the moment. Thankfully the villagers, though clearly panicked, are doing the right thing and high-tailing it out of there. So she gets the stragglers, helping them along the way as the clones and enemies roam the area. A couple quick wind laced kunai will go toward any that come near or accost the people as they escape.

Raion was minding his own business, looking for something that would catch his eye, but something caught his ear instead, bad things! Raion looks at sees the foreign henchmen, and wastes no time, "Pansa. Tired or not we gotta do something. Let's do it!" With that Raion focuses his stamina to chakra, and then focuses said chakra into his legs, and claws, before launching forward at the nearest henchmen at high speed. Pansa following behind and doing the same. The Maneshi pair's movements may look strange as they keep switching the course of their attacks at the last second in small feints to try and catch the opponent off guard.

Asato could hardly believe what was happening. What had begun as a leisurely afternoon out on the market had turned into a freaking nightmare. How could Kumogakure be under attack?! He wasn't sure /anybody/ had expected this. When the invasion took root, Asato sprung into action, weaving a couple of hand seals and directing sharp needles of lightning towards the goons who were swarming the area. That would work for the goons who were far away, but he wasn't finished - he rushed around towards the civilians, having a special treat in store for one of the blikers who got within striking range. A lightning infused soulstrike, and he had plenty more where that came from. 'Keep 'em comin',' Asato thinks with a rage in his belly. This wouldn't end well for the Recluse. Not with him on the move.

Hiroto smiles as Hiei comes in and casts a genjutsu as the Raikage comes to strike. To Hiei, it would look like he hit the woman twice, when in fact he only grazed her once. This causes her to grin wickedly as she looks at Hiei. "They're prepared to sacrifice themselves for the safety of our world. You should never have joined with the Inuzuka to fight us, for we are everywhere." Well, that pretty much settles the reasoning behind this attack. "Now you pay the price for reaching for power no one should have!" "Now that I have your attention, time for nightnight!" She throws a tag up in the area over where she centered the original attack, which conveniently puts it over Takeo. It explodes into a swirling vortex of chakra that sucks more chakra in. Even as that also affects the Raikage in front of her, she quickly adds another attempt at a genjutsu to force the man to expend more energy. Then, she That said, she runs through several hand seals as her body starts to grow, Eyes pop out on the sides and back of her head, and her clothes start to tear apart on her stomach and arms.
Some of the henchman find themselves under attack from quick-thinking shinobi, and in each case at least one or more are injured, but they only are falling back for a moment while they set up something worse.

Hideki happens to be one of the victims of some of those attacks. Namely, Naruko's. The man blinks a bit, trying to dodge out of the way to no avail. He oofs, landing on his back before getting up and shaking the pain away. "Ow…" he mutters, dusting himself off for a moment before making handseals. "You're going down!" he says. "I'm not losing to some… Girl!" He was sick of losing to them! Stars of lightning form, and they aim themselves at Naruko! Hopefully one of the six (two for each roll) hit!

Hiei makes his body roll to the side so that the chakra tag only /just/ misses him. His movements are designed for efficiency. Nothing is wasted. When the genjutsu attacks his mind once again, he pushes a finger into the wound he caused earlier, causing further pain. And that pain continued to fuel his rage. He asides to Takeo. "My heart is filled with hatred." He states to Hiroto. "I don't care. I don't care about your cause. I don't care about your beef with the Inuzuka. Your biggest screw up, was attacking this village. They're prepared to sacrifice themselves, but are you? Keep continuing to cast your genjutsu, because you lack the skill to actually fight me. By the way, did I tell you that one of my mentors as a child was a genjutsu master? I don't use it, but I can defend against it." He slides his foot forwards, sending a crackling elbow towards her face. Continuing his movement, he attempts to execute one of his favorite combos as he lifts a lightning infused knee towards the small of the woman's back. "Now you pay the price for spinning off the Raikage."

Michiko feels the hand on her shoulder, and it breaks her from the illusion. She glances over and nods to Rise, but she can't seem to get her limbs working properly before, getting hit by something… She wasn't sure what it was, but it hurt, and her chakra was gone… The absence, of chakra made her angry… It was there, but faint. The girl glares at those…. The Recluse? Well, they weren't going to come from this unharmed. A handseal is what it takes for her to focus her energy, then she flares with energy, chakra aura surrounding her figure before disappearing abruptly. "You'll pay for this," she says simply, making a handseal. The earth bursts up, a large hand made of the stones and ground looking to grab ahold of Hideki while a second hand appears to grab at Hiroto. She's not going to cut back on these guys, especially when the Leaf Allies were already devastated (at least, a few members and the village entrance) by an earlier attack.

None of them managed to hit, Naruko wisked and moved about with swift speed until suddenly she forms quite a few shadow clones to help do her dirty work. "Hahaha! Losing to some girl? Do you know where you are?!" Naruko exclaims as she launches herself up into the air, along with a few of her clones, they rained down upon him, spinning at first and then dropping down their heels upon him, aimed at the head, and each side of his shoulders, hoping to drive him down into the dirt as Michiko moved everything beneath them.

Approaching Naruko, she notes the lightning stars coming at her. Hisomu looks as they sail by and has to move a little to not get hit. She was merely behind Naruko. When Naruko sends in her attacks, Hisomu moves forward a little and decides to follow up. She gestures with a few hand seals and looks to the dirt beside the man and then aims a glance at his side. She then races in and unleashes a deluge of poisonous spit upon the man and then states, "She is right you know. Kumogakure is known for many powerful Kunoichi."

Jon disappears from where he was standing just before Hiroto's tag is activated. He reappears perched against a nearby wall and studies the situation. Hmm, could get in the Raikage's way if he tries to attack directly, so…Jon performs a few handseals and projects his chakra at Hitoro. An illusion of a dark room with a single glaring light shining down on her encroaches on her consciousness. "You're probably going to get torn to shreds pretty quick if you're stuck here in your mind while Raikage-sama beats on you," Jon's voice remarks. "So if you have anything to say that might convince me to release you, better say it fast." B)

Rise held on a little longer than she needed, grip tightening as her thoughts expanded beyond a single minded goal. Michiko was partially responsible for her 'ressurection'. One of the ones responsible of her trust being abused. The inner debate is a costly one, for it left her blind to the rain of tags until pain left her curling up on the spot, releasing her hold to clutch at her midsection. As bad as it was, it provided a focus back on the present. Heterochromatic eyes flit from one body to the next, and upon spotting Takeo's familiar and frozen form, Rise scrambles over to his side to deliver the same treatment as she did Michiko.

Nozomi is pretty sure she would not be able to affect either one of the people in charge, so she attempts to disrupt whatever the henchman are doing, for it can't be good for anyone. She only wishes she counted toward that "strong kunoichi" monicker…

"You think my heart doesn't burn with hatred? They took from me what I valued most." Takeo's answer to Hiei comes as he takes pause, waiting for the tag drifting overhead. He comments, "It /used/ to burn with hatred. Now, just the want for justice. If your illusions stop me today, nature will wait for the next opportunity. This time, you can't rip my power from me." The tag drains his chakra just as he is released from the genjutsu by Rise, who he'd thank under different circumstances, at which point he immediately sets into action. Chakra is gathered at the core of his being and he resumes moving, pursuing Hiroto at speed along with Hiei. The trap originally designed to incapacitate Takeo appears to have faltered.
As Takeo accompanies his friend on the chase, something stirs in the hood laid against his back. A … giant turtle? Only, this one appears to have been henged to a reasonable size. The Sage begins to transform, a shade of blue sinking into his eyelids as symmetrical turtleshell spreads across portions of his flesh. In a moment, Senjutsu will be at his disposal, and his eyes - gradually turning black - are fixed upon the same foe as the Raikage. "You have nothing, Recluse witch, save for cheap tactics and trickery. Every time, they fail you. Even when you had Isobu within your grasp, you lost him. I have recouperated and prepared myself, solely to face your kind." With every word, Takeo's voice deepens and grows more gravelly, no doubt part of the transformation.

Hanami tried not to let the missed shots get to her, it wasn't too hard really with all the chaos going on. But finally it seemed that the civilians were getting out of the area. Which was good, cause things looked kind of dicey back there. Chakram in her left, kunai drawn and ready in her right she spins around and heads straight back into the fray. Not really sure what she's getting herself into, but doesn't matter all that much. It was her village and friends and fellow shinobi in danger. With that she beelines for Nozomi, figuring it might be good for the two of them to stick together at the moment. And since she was trying to wipe out the henchmen Hanami quickly followed suit. Inhaling, she exhales wind chakra into a moderate vortex before them, aiming for any henchmen close together to hopefully nail them with the attack. Dust and debris is drawn up and spun around with the vortex but she's already turned to unleash a kunai at another target. "Nozomi, lets do this okay?" She tries to sound positive at least.

Raion once again does the whole speedy attack thing towards the henchmen, but without the feint, he instead charges the metal claws enhancements he wears as delivery method for the large amount of lightning chakra being focused into them, trying not only to slash at them, but course electricity through them as well. Pansa, who has his claws seemingly made of metal, does exactly the same.

So much was still going on. Many of Kumo's strongest shinobi were engaged in vicious combat already, but as much as Asato wished to join them, it was obvious that the Genin needed help, too. So he focused his chakra to his feet and started skating around rapidly on blades of lightning, throwing his electric-charged soulstrikes at ever goon he passed on the way. He had to take them out as quickly as possible, to protect the civilians and the younger ninja while the others dealt with the big guys.

Hiroto continues to smirk as a blue field snaps into life around him, which easily deflects Hiei's attacks.. "Such anger, such fury, but tell me Raikage-sama," she says, putting a heavy sneer on Hiei's address, However, as the earth shakes, she realizes the same could not be said for the earth jutsu underneath. She focuses on her genjutsu here, calling forth a defense that ultimately fails to connect, causing her to be trapped. The pain interferes with her ability to deflect Jon's attacks, and as his words echo in her mind, she thinks back to her goals, and road of darness that she willingly ventured down to meet them. "Yeah, you will all die here today!"
A surge of chakra bursts out of her, destroying both the genjutsu and the earthen prison around her. That same chakra enfuses her being, causing seals to erupt all over her body as she grows… thinner, more compact. Her facial features become rather birdlike though as the hair falls from her head. Being in her presence alone is enough to send shivers down the spines of any mere mortals within her vacinity. Her voice, when it sounds, sounds like nails on a chalboard as she says, "Do you control it, or does it control you?" She runs through some hand seals and casts another jutsu, this powered by the dark chakra flowing through her body, showing her true face as a monster.
In the meantime, a group of henchman got together and launched a metal ball into the air. This ball reaches an apex, hovers, and starts to spin rapidly, falling apart as it does so. Large metal fragments rain down on everyone around while destroying large swaths of buildings as they do.

The grave grabs ahold of the man, making him struggle helplessly in its grasp. "Wha-? Since when?" he yells, frowning and still struggling. But then Naruko breaks a number of his bones. *CRUNCH* goes his rib cage before it gets shattered a bit more thanks to Hisomu. With the teamwork of the Kumo-kunoichi, he ends up going done, laying on the ground and bleeding rather badly. Looks like he was out for this fight. Especially with all that damage done! It's only luck that he was able to avoid the poisonous spit, lightning crackling around his form to send him flying away from the poison.

Hiei once again feels the genjutsu take hold of his mind, but before it does, he draws a shallow cut across his arm with his sword. The Raikage is then lost within the explosions and the fireballs from the two leaders and from the henchmen. Before the smoke clears on him, there is an explosion of chakra as a lightning infused aura surrounds his body. His muscles increase in size underneath his skin, and a crater appears around his feet from the force of expelling that level of chakra. The Raikage takes a step forwards out of the smoke and debris. He is unharmed by the explosions, having dodged them so quickly that it looks like he didn't even move much. "This is the point…where I would normally ask that you surrender. But I don't want you to surrender. I want to see your lifeless corpse lying at my feet. These shinobi that I command won't stop. There is no quit in them. Because they know what the stakes are. They are my brothers and sisters in arms. And together we will reign down a hell upon you the likes this world has never seen. Now show me your fear, merchant. I want to taste it before you die."
Hiei draws his second blade before he takes a single step forwards before his body vanishes from sight. Those with the skill to see him move, would notice that he begins to move around Hiroto rapidly. So fast that it seems like that he is everywhere, yet nowhere all at once. The multiple illusions of Hiei continue to circle Hiroto, vanishing and reappearing rapidly until his true attack comes in the form of dual swords towards Hiroto's torso.

Michiko blinks a bit, feeling the genjutsu tug at her mind, and immediately she attempts to surge her chakra in the opposite direction of its traditional flow. She finds the pain works to block the tingle of the illusion just in time for her to avoid shrapnel and flame with fire of her own disguising her disappearance. "I … wonder…" she murmurs, a spike forming in her hands and elongating as she seeks out her enemy. There… There… Suddenly, the spike shoots out, seeking the enemy to pierce them once Michiko put a little vial of … some liquid on it? Huh… The body of those who are hit would be pierced by a small spike that beings to spread and grow thorns, injuring further with poisonous needles while Michiko keeps her grip on the base, draining chakra from the Recluses people.

Naruko's clones hit their marks, and she defended with even more clones keeping her safe and out of harms way. Fire attacks, explosions… Nothing could touch her at the moment and she was inclind to keep it that way. Noticing Hiei cut loose in the distance, and Michiko applying the same amount of pressure, Naruko went ahead and borrowed more of Matatabi's chakra. two long flaming tails peaked out from her tail bone, it was a partial transformation, her features became far more feline… flames rushing all about her body though she appeared to remain humaniod. Her hands had turned into paws, and within her hand forming a massive sphere of energy with the help of a shadow clone which looked just like her. They split the sphere in half carrying it into two different directions, one to drive home into the Recluse and the other into the Head honcho the others had occupied…

The attacks by the member of the Recluse drive Hisomu back to a degree. She growls a little to herself and winces but then Naruko starts really cutting loose. She peers at Naruko before she blinks at what she is doing. As she herself gains an aura of chakra about her body she jumps back and lands on a nearby wall as she attacks. She herself starts to heal up the wounds she has taken while awaiting the results of her attacks. She then peers at the others here, picking her next targets.

Jon starts to feel like his ears are bleeding from that voice. >.<; He'd have felt its effects in more than his ears if it were real, though, so he attempts a break, and sure enough, the sensation disappears. After that, Jon hears the ball being launched, and realizes that things in the air are about to get rather dangerous. "Scruvo! Take cover!" Jon barks, then blitzes from where he is himself. He leaves it just a tiny bit too late, though, and gets grazed by one of the falling fragments. Ow…feels like there was something nasty on it, too. XP Well, no time to worry about it now. Jon pulls a ball of his own from his gear pouch and lobs it at the horror leading the attack after Hiei executes his own assault. The ball explodes with a mild bang into a fluttering cloud of tags, which then blast the surroundings.

Takeo's words fell on death ears when it came to the little woman behind him. The only thing that little miss cared for at the moment — the only thing she /could/ devote her senses and will to without shaking to pieces — was the preservations of others. The noble thought in mind isn't enough alone, as her shaking hand proved upon pulling it away from Takeo. She barely gets a grip on it with her free hand before the chaos grows in the form of raining fire, shouts, smoke, and sharpnel.
Ironically, it is the illusion of being wracked with pain that causes her legs to buckle, and subsequently avoid the deluge of metal. Recovering from the illusion is… surprisingly easy. Perhaps Tsiro did her a favor by literally ripping her limb from limb, tossing her bodily into a whole new level of suffering? Regardless of what the case may be, Rise manages to get back on her feet in time to feel the air shift from the masses of chakra skyrocketing. Without looking back or at the illusionary bits of metal buried in her limbs, Rise moved to search what little remains of the stalls for any signs of the living innocents, chakra building along the way in preperation for the worse.
If any recluse member somehow managed to slip past the main assault team and got in her way….
'Where the hell are those Anbu…?'

Raion and Pansa both see the shrapnel, and move in graceful and precise ways to avoid the shrapnel raining down, managing to avoid all of it through this strange dance, they then charge in towards the henchmen, their claws once again flaring with electricity as they try to cut down one of the henchmen!

Nozomi is trying, with all her might, to live up to the examples of Kunoichi that represent Kumogakure's forces. She's never told Michiko this, but she deeply respects the woman, and has more than a little hero-worship there. Her example propels her to continue on, despite feeling out-gunned, out-classed, and simply in over her head. Even the shrapnel that threatens to tear a good portion of her abdomen away fails to weaken her resolve, even though the pain is incredible, and she can feel the poison burning in her veins. Instead, she shakily lifts her flute to her mouth again, and continues to use sound to try to bring down the henchmen, or at least distract them.

Takeo simply allows the genjutsu and any other harm to fall upon him at this point, for to defend against them is pointless for him. The young man lands alongside Hiei as the Raikage finishes the attack, now fully altered and in a much larger, more imposing form; had he a shell, he might look much like the great turtles who had trained him. This is apparently what it is to be the Turtle Sage, once one actually manages to make it through the transformation.
The Sage, formerly the Jinchuuriki, still retains his command of water. It always finds a way; he need fear no barrier in his path. As Takeo's lips part on Hiei's step back, massive canines bared, water gathers and compresses into a single point before his now powerful jaws. A roar rages forth as he unleashes from that point a single spear of water. This attack could level his surroundings if his head were to so much as flinch, but the extra muscle provided by his Senjutsu-empowered state holds it perfectly steady. No, the attack is intended strictly to pierce Hiroto through in the same moment as the Raikage's assault.
Thereafter, he shifts to take his back to Hiei's, seeing no reason for them to not make a defense of each others' nearby presence. "We can still take this one," Takeo rumbles. "If part of the village must be lost, then it must. They'll raze it anyway if we don't use everything we have."

Hanami watched a couple henchmen fall, glad to make some kind of difference at least. As she stands there with Nozomi, taking aim at her next targets suddenly the sky is filled with explosions, metal, and fire. Admittedly her mind blanks for a moment, to her things going still as buildings are pulverized, fires starting. Burning… But while her mind is momentarily stunned her body is trained enough, instinct or maybe just a part of her mind not starting to get flashbacks as the wind speeds her steps and a couple quick movements have her avoiding shrapnel coming her way. At last, in what was but moments, she snaps out of it. Upset and angry she looks for targets. Trying to focus, to make sure she lays these guys down. Kunai fly from her hand, which she'll aim at one target until he falls then another and another, though most likely all three kunai would be headed for one person with the way these guys are going. As she does she stays close to Nozomi, believing that they'll take care of these henchmen while the others lay the leaders down.

Asato managed to avoid the raining shrapnel with his swift movements atop his lightning skates. He dispelled them, however, when he reached a clear spot away from the goons, and focused on one baddie in particular - the woman that was currently engaged with the Raikage and Michiko. They were both very powerful, but Asato wouldn't leave anything up to chance.. Summoning his chakra, he shot of three rounds of electric needles, all honing in on Hiroto. If any one of them hit her, they would all be drawn towards the same target, making them rather difficult to avoid. He was keeping hsi distance from this one.

A lone white and gray giant hawk appears on the horizon. Ryouji holds onto the back of it as it speeds along towards the village. The hawk speaks to Ryouji, "Ryouji-kun, your village is indeed under attack. The Senshi's message was correct. As Kenmeina Sora decreed, your trial and punishment will be suspended while this attack is going on. So we will let you go, for now. But rest assured, once this attack is over, we shall take you back to Kumonoue for your trial." Ryouji looks shocked as he sees his village burning under him. He shakes his head to get his head in the game. He's here to help, not worry about what he can or cannot do. He says, "Kobirama-sama, please take me down. I need to help them. I promise I'll call for your when the battle is over." The female giant hawk and nods, swooping down towards the battle. Ryouji looks down over the wing as Kobirama says, "Give me a moment to find a good place to set you down, on one of those roofs perhaps." Ryouji says, "Nope, this is good. Give my best to Roc-sama, Kobirama-sama!" The hawk gives a startled flap of wings as Ryouji leaps off the back and drops. He focuses his chakra and makes a hand sign. "Wind release: Great Breakthrough!" he calls out, blasting out a huge gust of wind down towards several of the recluse troops. Then comes crashing down using a bit of chakra to cushion his landing. He starts waving his arms around to the funky beat he's putting out. "Yo say ho! Wind blast, isn't just a clash, turning these guys into corn beef hash! Great Breakthrough, push these guys aside, see what's next to turn the tide! Ooooh yeah!"

They say poor enough firepower on someone, and even a Bijuu will go down. Well, Kumogakure proved this today. Different attacks from several people break through Hiroto's defenses, despite the fact that she resorted to her most powerful techniques. They also all but drained her of her chakra, leaving just enough for one final payoff. She grins evilly as she's sneered at by Hiei. At this point, she even laughs. "You may beat me. You may even kill me. But I've already won, /Raikage-sama/," she replies with a bloody sneer, augmented by that fingernails on chalk-board effect. "Power corrupts. It's a tennent we Recluse know all too well. And absolute power corrupts absolutely. Yes, you're powerful, and yes, you are big, bad, and terrifying. But how many innocents did you eliminate on your way to where you are now? How much innocent blood is on your hands? How many families did you destroy to get where you are? You are even more of a monster than I. At least I'm still in control of my faculties. Are you?" She smiles and laughs again. "At least I don't delude myself into thinking I have humanity left, unlike you. Tell me, you like being out of control, don't you? This power you show, it's what you live for, isn't it? And now… everyone can see it in full bloom as you fight someone superior to you." As she says those last words, she sends the last of her chakra into a seal on her chest, which converts her entire body into acid and detonates it, sending acid everywhere.

And just like that, all the Recluse are down and out. Even Hideki, who didn't even have to use his suicide seal. Michiko's metal and Naruko's ball of fire took him out once and for all. And the combined attacks of everyone was able to get rid of all the other Recluse who were running around. Looks like it's time to rebuild… again… And what's worse, is that it's the village center. Regardless, Kumogakure is going to not look so very nice with that acid running through and everything.

For all practical purposes, it seems like Hiei was caught up in the explosion. In reality, he moved so fast that he was clear over to the other side of the village once it all went down, free of the acid. Thus proving why he has the nickname of the White Lightning Bolt. Warping back into the area, he replies. "I've killed no innocents. I did my duty, and the lives I've taken to become what I am were because they posed a threat to this village, just like you did. I AM a monster. I freely admit this. But I am a monster that protects, not destroys." He actually chuckles as he sheathes his swords in one smooth motion. "Baby, the day you're superior to me is the day I hang up my headband. Only cowards kill themselves instead of dying with honor on the blade of their opponent." Well, she might not be around to hear his speech, but he responded to her anyway."To any medics within the sound of my voice, get over here and see to these shinobi and to the villagers." Being well versed in first aid himself, he pulls out medical supplies and begins to help bind some wounds. "Takeo, I promote you to the battlefield rank of Jounin. This is your village now. Go to the hospital and get as many medics as you can. We're going to need a lot of help out here!"

Michiko peers a bit when she realizes that the woman is planning on suicide. Whatever is coming up, the girl doesn't look like she wants to deal with it at all. Her chakra flares up to its maximum, creating a fiery aura around the Iwata. With a number of handseals, she places her hands on the ground, calling up the earth as a shield. Walls raise up and around Hiroto, blocking acid completely for her and lessening the amount of acid others have been exposed to. "Is everyone okay?" she calls out behind her, healing herself from the damage she suffered. "If you need healing, please see me," she calls out, already moving to check and find those who are the worst off

The man was squished under the weight of their attacks, but the burning acid was unexpected…. Naruko swiftly leaped into the air, the fizzle of her tail was used as a booster of a short, allowing her to jump higher without worrying about breaking her legs on her desecent. As she achieved higher ground she looked around, the area pretty much devastated… no thanks to her attacks but it looked inevitable. She cringed and sighed heavily, the aura leaving her body and back to normal. Once Naruko gains her bearings she leaps back down, careful to avoid any acid. "How is everyone?" Naruko exclaims, she looks between Asato, Hanami…Everyone really, though she ends her focus on Hisomu who…sprouted a few more wings than the last time she saw her. " Hisomu-chan… It's over now. You can calm down…" She holds a hand out to Hisomu, her expression remaind meaningful and calm. "Come here."

"I'll go. Watch for yourself," Takeo says to Hiei, seemingly letting the whole promotion matter flow over his head for the moment. A shoulder is grasped for a moment. "As swiftly as I can. The village will rebuild." Given that he's still in Sage Mode, with the stamina of the great turtles at his command, he could run for miles at great speed without tiring. The young man comes about and does just that, bound for the village as numerous clones of himself leap into the air, taking the spray of acid in his stead. He was apparently rather confident that the single gesture he made would handle Hiroto's final measure.
Eventually, Takeo disappears from sight, but not without fulfilling his purpose. The med-nin come flooding out of Kumogakure not long thereafter, fully prepared and warned concerning the manner of carnage they'll have to deal with. As to the Sage himself, he must be seeing to something within the village proper.

Boy, these cult types really like their who-is-the-real-monster speeches. :P Jon peers as Hiroto goes into the you-may-kill-me part of the diatribe. Uh-oh, usually that means they're getting ready to do some sort of — yup! Jon runs through some handseals, putting up an electric barrier against the flying acid. It…helps some, deflecting a good portion of the nasty substance, but Jon still gets pretty well splattered. "Gahhhhh! This stuff burns!" XP Jon shakes as much excess off himself as he can, then heads toward the sound of Michiko's voice, reluctant to open his eyes. "I could use some medical attention, but I think the first part of the treatment should just be a good hose-down." X/

Hisomu's eyes go wide with the powerful wall of acid coming her way. Even with Michiko putting up walls that helps to stop the incoming attack, she still is scared. The girl's eyes go wide as the chakra of the seven tails rushes in, her body sprouting more wings as she grows into a deeper amount of chakra. Almost immediately she drops down and the earth wraps up over her form. Even as the acid passes by, the girl comes out of the unbroken dome and chitters a little to herself. Then she is looking to Naruko and growls softly to herself, staring at her and then her wings flutter a little behind her as she walks toward Naruko, cloak still up but relatively calm.

Noone? Not a soul? Not even the injuried? Rise shook her head fiercely in refusal of the truth. It did not matter to her how much wreckage she had to turn over, or the number the corpses needed double checking. She would find someone to make having turned her back on the enemy worthwhile. Regardless of where fault lay when it came to not taking steps to avoid the rain of acid, the end results remained the same. Feeling the earth shake and catching a glance of rising earth walls had been enough for Rise to continue disregarding the threat… and pay dearly for it.
By the time things have quieted down, whatever medics were summoned would find a trail of melted flesh and blood leading to the petite woman curled over in an alleyway. Everything but the symbol across her back was a mess, to say the least.

Hanami watches in surprise as the enemy exploded in a wave of acid. Michiko's quick thinking helped some though acid was still clearly splashing past the wall and so she wasn't going to just stand still. Wind spurring her she dart and weaves around the acid managing to avoid being hit though part of her wonders how, so much acid. But then she turns and see Nozomi and pales. Michiko is there at her side when she arrives, healing her. Hanami crouch and looks to Michiko, "How…how is she? And everyone else for that matter?" She glances around as the other med-nin start arriving and clean up begins. So much destruction. She quickly turns away, avoiding the burning and destroyed buildings as much as possible.

Michiko first makes her way over to Nozomi, who seems the most injured. Sure, Jon was hit as well, but Nozomi was in worse condition that the Jounin. Michiko immediately starts working on the Yamayuki, using her strongest healing technique on the girl. A soft sigh of relief is breathed when Nozomi's pulse is still felt through her jutsu. Without removing her hands, she nods to Hanami. "She'll be fine. She needs a lot of rest… And recovery. We're going to need to wash this acid off her, as well… Get all civilians to the hospital and send some medics here. And to Rise-san…. I think I felt her fall down earlier…" A worried frown crosses the Iwata's face as she worries, and a glance is given to the destroyed flute. Mental note: buy a new one for the girl later.

The rain of acid appears like a tidal wave and Nozomi's eyes go wide. She puts as much chakra and volume into her sound wave jutsu as possible, only to get thoroughly splashed with the acid as a result. Her bone flute hits the ground and breaks apart in several melting, wet pieces. She screams in agony as she curls on the ground, but nothing can escape the feeling of her flesh slowly melting.
Giving up, Nozomi closes her eyes, as she thinks this may be the end for her, but suddenly there's a warm, healing feeling spreading across her as the melting stops. She cracks an eye open to see Michiko healing her, which causes a soft smile to form over the Yamayuki's face before she passes out, blissfully unaware of the world around her. Her last thoughts were of eternal gratitude for Michiko that would later develop into full blown hero worship.

Hanami gives a quick nod to Michiko, glancing at Nozomi, "Right. Let me know what else I can do…"she gets up and hurries to the nearest medic to get them to Nozomi. Also spreading the word about Rise, whom she glances around for but can seem to find. Then again she's still doing her best to kind of ignore the damage around at the moment and might even be doing a decent job and keeping that unnoticed. With that done she works to get any and all civilians to the hospital or into the care of med-nin.

Ryouji sees the ones he hit with his initial attack down and out. But then suicide seal goes off. Ryouji sees the blast wave coming towards him and powers up, shifting through all his blur forms in a matter of nano-seconds until his eyes light up with flames. He disappears instantly, avoiding the onslaught of the acid by just out running the wave. He reaches the edge of the blast zone and turns around to zip back to the spot he was at. "Oh yeah, swift as the wind, respond in kind. That acid wave must have been blind! Coudln't reach me even if it tried. Sign the contract man, write the name in the underline! It's over, I'm through here, got no time to talk. Heading back to Kumonoue, home of the hawks. Meeting the big roc, got not time to walk!" He reaches into his pouch and pulls out a whistle and blows it. It doesn't work though, as it makes no sound save for those ears that can pick up high frequencies. Soon enough, the hawk that brought him him comes back and snatches him to start flying off with him. He did give his word.

If Hisomu allows it she motions closer, mostly to pull her in a very light hug…even though the cloak would probably burn her pretty badly at this rate. " Come on… We are finished here Hisomu-chan. Just calm down and control yourself. No one else needs to get hurt…we did plenty of that already," Naruko speaks up trying to quell Hisomu with open arms. Naruko is exhausted though, beads of sweat trickle down her brow to the side of her cheek, she's panting, not heavily, but steadily to keep herself from falling on her butt. Too much energy was spent on this battle.

After a few moments, Hisomu will slowly stop being in her cloak, her body returning to normal as she collapses against Naruko. She is a little tired, too. To her credit she leans into Naruko rather than passing out this time. She then looks at Naruko and wraps her arms around the girl in a hug. She then sighs as she leans on her, just resting there for the moment.

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