Riding Like the Wind


Michiko, Tatsuo, Arashi, Jiya, Tsuna

Date: December 17, 2015


A combination of Kumo and Konoha shinobi escort a merchant to and from the Land of Grass.

"Riding Like the Wind"

Land of Fire

The Hebisuuhai. They are a clan from the Land of Lightning, which is why Michiko is mildly familiar with Jiya. And likely why Michiko took on this mission. She stands at the gates, likely the Hebisuuhai that ordered the mission. "So, we're heading to the Land of Grass for liquor?" she asks for clarification, looking over a map. Looks like the trip would take two days, maybe three, if they didn't move… At least they wouldn't be slowed by a cart on the way?

Jiya didn't much like leaving her wagon in Konohagakure. Yet she could find no flaw in the logic in not bringing it. This time of year with a surprise snow storm right around the corner at many minute, would and could trap the wagon for weeks. "Yes the Land of Grass for the ingredience to make Liquors. Its the end of the harvest season and there is a very good deal on rasberries." Glancing at the map and route she would travel to the village of Kusagakure. "I submit to what ever route you want to travel to get there. Just keep in ming I can't go dancing through the tree tops like most ninjas. And Grumpy snake is the biggest fan of water". Jiya motions toword her snake companion curled up next to the gates, as it realeases a slow silent hiss.

Arashi moved closer now as he was watching from nearby for a moment. He hadn't expected the merchant to be Jiya, but whatever. Worked better for him knowing her already. He hopped on down and greeted those here. "Hey. So we have a route chosen yet?" He stretched some, but fought the urge to yawn because of Michiko. Surely she would say something to him about it.

Tatsuo wasn't entirely sure why he was here since this wasn't a Konoha based mission, yet he'd received the summons anyways and so had gone to find out what exactly was going on. The teen was prepared at least with his pack full of items for a few days of travel but when he arrived at the gate he was just more confused. "Um, I was requested?" he asks uncertainly as he nears the group, looking between them all uncertainly.

Tsuna was once again selected for another mission with the Kumo shinobi. He was excited as always, not to mention he felt better about being around them after talking with Hige. With a large backpack on, he and the little black german shepard pup arrives on time and he lifts a clawed hand up in greeting. "Hi, again, Kumo shinobi. Hi snake lady. Wow, hey Tatsuo!" Obviously glad to see the other shinobi there. "I'm Inuzuka Tsuna and that's Onyx." He points at the pup who has already gone over to investiate the snake. He sniffs it tentatively and then looks at it while wagging his tail. He barks, attempting to speak to it in his own language. ~Hi. Can you understand me, Mr. Snake?~

"Good! The team's here. Well, I leave you all in Tatsuo-kun's capable hands, by the way. I was just here to make sure everything was organized correctly. It should take you about a day to reach Kusagakure, to the northwest. And then another day to return." Yeah, just kidding! Michiko ain't on this mission >.>;; Pfft… "Ganbatte." And then she wanders off!

Jiya offered the map to Tatsuo. What looks like a capable looking Chuunin. Even thou Jiya didn't know what clan he belonged to, or one at all. Giving Tatsuo a small look of pity and surprise your in command have fun. Turning to take a look and evalluate who else was assigned to the mission. Jiya would take a moment to reacquaint with Arashi. Trading pleasantries with him, joking we will be camping on the road at least a day so should be able to cook for him at least once. Stopping to chuckle and smile at Tsuna and the little Onyx, she would roll her eyes at her ponderous snake. The snake turning its head, rising upward to tower over the little Onyx. Sniffing gently. ~"Dinner? Your not dinner. Way to small to be dinner." Giving off a tremendous snake yawn, stretching a giant mouth with fangs over the dog. The snake would slither away over to Jiya. Sniffing at the map, tongue flickering. Apoligizing for her snakes antics to Tsuna, "Sorry grumpy has a mean sense of humor. When it comes to little dogs." Excusing herself to come back to Tatsuo. "Snake is just curious what route we will take. If you are comfortable with the chosen route Tatsuo we can start when ever you want to."

Arashi looks to Jiya and smiles a bit. "Yeah having some good food cooked should be good. Your last meal that you let me have some of afterwards came in handy. I shared it with a friend of mine." He looks at the others who are here and first waves to Tsuna. "Hey kid. You make sure that Chiasa was feeling better after that last mission of ours?" Then his eyes glanced over to Tatsuo. "Hey. I suppose you leading this mission is a good thing. You already proved you were pretty strong in our spar. Time to see how you lead as well I suppose. I hope you don't mind if I kind of picked up that mist skill of yours." He grinned some and stretched some.

Tatsuo can only blink in surprise at Michiko as he gets put on as lead of this mission…but it wasn't even a Konoha mission! He was sooooo confused. But in the end he was assigned the mission by the administrative staff so…he'd take whatever position he was given. "Goodbye Michiko-sama. Um, hi Tsuna-kun, Onyx-kun, Arashi-san." His dark eyes turn to look at Jiya then, uncertainly, before he gives a small bow in greeting. "Hello. I'm Nara Tatsuo, it's very nice to meet you." His eyes shift to Arashi and he smiles faintly before he shakes his head, "No Arashi-san, it's quite alright. I hope you can make good use of it." He takes the offerend map and looks it over a bit before he rolls it back up and nods. "I think the marked route should do well enough. Shall we get going?" He turns to start to leave before he pauses and looks back towards Jiya. "Um…forgive me…what would be an appropriate speed? Would you rather we just walked?"

COMBAT: Tatsuo focuses 5702 stamina to turn it into 8000 usable chakra!

Tsuna is watching Jiya more than he's looking at the map. He's never seen her before and he was comitting her facial features to memory. Or just plain out staring. However when he hears Onyx speak to the snake, he watches as the pup's tail stops wagging as he's referred to as food. The little guy scampers away from the snake to stand between Tsuna's feet, peeking out behind his legs. A soft whine comes from him and Tsuna smiles. "Don't worry, Onyx. I think the snake was joking with you." For it's sake, he hoped it was. Tsuna doesn't mess around when it comes to Onyx. "So Tatsuo is our leader? That's cool." He says while beaming at the other Konoha nin. He then nods twice at Arashi. "Me and Onyx sat in the hospital with her until she woke. She's doing fine, but she has to rest in bed for a day or two."

COMBAT: Tsuna focuses 971 stamina to turn it into 1000 usable chakra!

Jiya had to blink for a few moments in wonderment. "Appropriate speed?", almost laughing at the question. "Well I could jog if you wanted. Or maybe manage a fast run if something dangerous happened. Probally should stick to walking. Take a few steps down the road, Jiya would whistle calling her snake along. Slithering across the way toward Jiya. The snake would continue along besides giving her look. Reaching over to pat the snake, Jiya would take a step and step on the snakes back. Slithering down the road Jiya's legs and hips bending and swaying gentle as the snake slithered down the road. Stopping to make idle conversation as she went. The snake surprisingly turning on a dime to move over to people as they walked. "Arashi-san. who is and what happened to Chiasa. Haven't been on many journies where I have a escort. Just want to know what kind of dangers might pop up on missoins?" The snake taking a moment and a pause to swivel the back end of its tail close to Onyx and Tsuna. Letting out a hiss and a playful ~Think quick nibble.~, before the snake flicks its tail around a few times letting Onyx jump over it.

Arashi walked along with everyone else and mostly paid no attention. He decided to focus on keeping an eye out more then anything, but when Jiya came to speak he forgot about that and decided to answer her. "Oh well. It deends on the rank of missions. This one would probably be a C-Rank. Our path could easily have a bandit or two and if they recognize you as a merchant they may think you are rich and want to steal from you. We are here to prevent that. What happened to Chiasa happened on a C-Rank and she just got unlucky with a big hit across her head. She is fine though and I doubt it would happen here. The chances of anything Shinobi like are low, and the most we should see if anything is bandits. Higher missions….can be much more dangerous, but for plenty of other reasons."

COMBAT: Arashi focuses 5506 stamina to turn it into 7000 usable chakra!

Tatsuo blinks at Jiya when the woman says that they would be walking. Okay, he could do that. It was just not exactly what he was used to when traveling long distances. Still, if this was the client…He starts walking thing, motioning for the others to come along as well. "I'll take the lead, Arashi-san please take rear guard. Tsuna-kun and Onyx-kun please stay in the middle with the client and make sure to protect her." With that done he'd start off, hefting his pack on his back as he went on wandering down the road…

Tsuna replies to Tatsuo. "Hai." And then quickly runs up to walk beside her and the large snake. Onyx yips a little and then jumps over the snake's tail. Maybe this guy wasn't as bad as the pup thought? Since Onyx trusts Tsuna when he was told that the snake was probably joking, the little kind of plays with the snake's tail as it slithers about, leaping over it, and offering little playful nips as they move along. Tsuna looks up at Jiya. "I've never seen a snake that big, Jiya-san. Does everyone in your clan get one of that size?"

And then because we don't feel like going through this whole mission one step at a time, Tatsuo, Jiya, Tsuna, and Arashi would suddenly find themselves in the village and retrieving all that they were sent to get. Yay~~~ The return trip, at least, is going to be a bit shorter because they have a cart! No more walking~. Sadly, only a mile into the return trip, they would find themselves assaulted by these random bandits who think the group has something valuable. Chaaaaarrrgggeee!!! Beware the sticks and stones.

[NPC System]: Bandits roll(s) Sticks and Stones from 15 to 40 and get(s) a 16. - Rolled by: Michiko
[NPC System]: Bandits roll(s) Sticks and Stones from 15 to 40 and get(s) a 24. - Rolled by: Michiko
RPCOMBAT: Jiya defends against with a DODGE…15
RPCOMBAT: Jiya defends against with a DODGE…12

The trip went along pretty much uneventful. Jiya did comment and praise Tatsuo for thinking of her safety. Taking the lead and covering the rear with Arashi. All around sound ninja judgement. The group finally arriving to Kusagakure in near record time, mostly attributed by the mild weather for the season. Jiya quickly went off to the town admistration building. Paying the tax on the bought shipment and shaken allot of admistration. She would even greese the wheels a little paying small bribe to some local street urchins to make sure the wagon load of crates would have a uneventful night. The night at the village of Kusagakure was very eventful. New place for people to explore. Every one in the village being on the best behavior with the foreign ninja. Wanting to promote trade and good will with Konohagakure. Allowing all involved to having a good time hosted by the Land of grass.

The trip outside of the town was just as good. The good weather seem to be holding. And the wagon was well packed. Many small crates of different vegtables and plants. At least until the yelling and screaming of the unrushed bandits attack. About one mile outside of town. They struck. throwing sticks and stones. The first barrage of stones hitting the front of the wagon. Trying to swivel out of the drivers seat to avoid the blows wasn't in Jiya's future getting badly bruised as has to grab onto the side of the wagon, to stop herself from falling. The horses almost ready to spook and run. The snake hissing loudly and definitely. Rearing up in the back of the wagon before dashing off into the woods. Giving the bandits a moment to pause suddenly seeing a twenty foot snake rear its head.

[NPC System]: Bandits roll(s) Sticks and Stones from 15 to 40 and get(s) a 27. - Rolled by: Michiko
[NPC System]: Bandits roll(s) Sticks and Stones from 15 to 40 and get(s) a 33. - Rolled by: Michiko
RPCOMBAT: Arashi defends against with a WATER-RIBBONS…27
RPCOMBAT: Arashi defends against with a WATER-RIBBONS…26

Arashi was not in the mood for more bandits acting like they can take on multile shinobi easily. When the attacks came at him he had less come his way because he was in the back allowing his ribbons to block the attacks against him. Then he moves himself onto the top of the wagon and sits out a big group of water which allows four clones of water come from it. Two go one way and two go the other double teaming a man each. He stands there now observing the battlefield and making sure he doesn't have to increase the damage being done to these idiot bandits. If they didn't go down or flee now those bandits would surely end up trapped in the water.

COMBAT: Arashi attacks target 1 with WATER-CLONE with a roll of: 41
COMBAT: Arashi attacks target 1 with WATER-CLONE with a roll of: 38
[NPC System]: Bandits roll(s) Sticks and Stones from 15 to 40 and get(s) a 26. - Rolled by: Michiko
[NPC System]: Bandits roll(s) Sticks and Stones from 15 to 40 and get(s) a 35. - Rolled by: Michiko
RPCOMBAT: Tatsuo defends against with a WATER-RIBBONS…47

RPCOMBAT: Tatsuo defends against with a WATER-RIBBONS…47

Tatsuo was a bit surprised by the arrival of the bandits, especially after the majoriy of their trip had gone so well! They'd gotten the goods and everything! Tatsuo winces when he sees the client get hit. Ah well. He motions for Arashi to watch over Jiya before making a hand seal to quickly send out a twisting group of water to chase after some of the bandits.

COMBAT: Tatsuo attacks target 1 with WATER-CHAINS with a roll of: 37
COMBAT: Tatsuo attacks target 1 with WATER-CHAINS with a roll of: 49
[NPC System]: Bandits roll(s) Sticks and Stones from 15 to 40 and get(s) a 26. - Rolled by: Michiko
[NPC System]: Bandits roll(s) Sticks and Stones from 15 to 40 and get(s) a 32. - Rolled by: Michiko
RPCOMBAT: Tsuna defends against with a EVASION…32
RPCOMBAT: Tsuna defends against with a EVASION…21
RP: Tsuna transforms into ONYX.

Tsuna was thinking that since they had gotten this far with no trouble, that they would maybe get all the way home without incident. But his nose catches the smell of unwashed humans before the stick comes flying at him. He hops to the side ducks, but the rock smacks him in the back, causing him to cry out and stumble forwards slightly. He growls as his feral eyes look to find one of the bandits that attacked. "Onyx, Delta Manuver!" The pup barks loudly as Tsuna drops to all fours, the claws on his hands dig into the ground as his body tenses. Onyx crouches carefully next to him as Tsuna murmurs, "Go!"
The duo race off in opposite directions, moving quickly in a pincher manuver towards their target. Onyx launches himself towards the man first, tucking himself into a ball and spinning in midair. If he's manages to smack his opponent, Tsuna would follow in seconds later, spinning like a top and trying to take a large chunk out of this man's hide.

COMBAT: Tsuna attacks target 1 with DOG-TACKLE with a roll of: 17
COMBAT: Tsuna attacks target 1 with TSUGA with a roll of: 27

Well, with all the attacks incoming and a huge snake, all the bandits find themselves wetting their pants (either because of MYSTERIOUS SUBSTANCE or Tatsuo and Arashi…) and they end up fleeing. Well, that was easy… Except now the horses are scared to death, and they manage to bolt! … Cart and all >.>;;

Hissing in pain, Jiya would slowly right herself up in the driver's seat of the wagon. The reprisal unslaught of the ninja catching quite a few of the bandits completely by surprise. Water jutsu going off far and wise as it would slam into Bandit. Like most bandits when the group of body guards actually turn out to be real ninja's they do what bandits do, run. Regretfully the horses follow suit. Running forward in a blind panic, the wagon bouncing madly. Jiya doing all she could just to hold on and pull on the reigns, trying to calm down the horses. The bouncing wagon givinh Arashi a good wild ride.

Arashi watched as everyone ran and was annoyed at another dumb group of bandits. He almost felt like using clones to hold them down while he drilled them all with lasers. Though the horses…oh the horses decided today was going to be a rodeo. He used his chakra to stick him to the top and luckily he was skilled at chakra or he would of been sent flying. He forms some more clones out of water and have them charge ahead of the horses. Then if they just ran them over the clones would turn into just globs of water to hopefully slow and then stop the horses from moving any further. He really didn't want to have to tase the horses.

COMBAT: Arashi attacks target 1 with WATER-CLONE with a roll of: 42
COMBAT: Arashi attacks target 1 with WATER-CLAMP with a roll of: 33
[NPC System]: Charging Horses roll(s) Chaaaaaarge! vs. Arashi from 25 to 50 and get(s) a 42. - Rolled by: Michiko
[NPC System]: Charging Horses roll(s) Chaaaaaarge! vs. Arashi from 25 to 50 and get(s) a 38. - Rolled by: Michiko

Tsuna unfortnately couldn't do much in the way of stopping stampeding horses. So all he does is try to stay out of the way as the cart rolls by him at speed. Hopefully Arashi's attempt to stop it would work. The pup whines a little at his side. "Don't worry. It'll be fine." He says to his partner.

Well, the horses can't really be stopped, apparently… Arashi's water clones and attempt to get them to stop do nothing… Of course, after a bit of galloping, they just slow down, tired now. Fortunately, the horses were on the right trail, so the shinobi behind them just needed to catch up (which they could do with ease), and then… well, return to Konoha. They're making great time! :D

The jarring ride made everything on Jiya hurt. With what seemed like a eternity of bouncing up and round the horses started to huff and puff and slow down. With a little coaxing the tired horses pulled over to the side of the road. Glad for the respite. Firmly applying the break, Jiya would carefully almost fall off the wagon. A few places where a few rocks hit hurt badly. And she knew in a few hours when the bruises set in they would be agony. Breathing uneasy Jiya would take care of the horses. Calming them down. Rubbing them down and then slowly giving them some water, Jiya would wait for the ninja to catch up. Getting the horses ready for a hopefully much easier ride back to kono.

Arashi being there already meant he was able to help Jiya and the first thing he did was make sure she was alright. "I am so sorry I let you get injured in any way. This is going to get me yelled at surely. Ummm. Michiko if we see her at the end of this could probably take care of those smaller injuries pretty easily if you want her to." He made sure to help with anything she needed to get the horses feeling better. "Ummm… I do feel bad for letting this happen. You were never meant to get hurt considering you were who we were supposed to protect." He chuckled a moment. "Well… Lets just make sure to get back first and then we can take care of any issues."

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