Rin vs Nori by the Lake


Nori, Rin, Yuuka

Date: July 30, 2011


Yuuka and Nori are at the lake in Kirigakure, and Rin shows up grumpy about the heat. Rin and Nori exchange insults, and then they begin to fight. The scene ends with them parting ways.

"Rin vs Nori by the Lake"

Mist Lake in Land of Water

The sun is high, and the day is warm and muggy. Its not comfortable around the island, and though the farmers still tend their crops and plow their fields, they do it with a grumble and a spit. Everyone who can is staying indoors, or attempting to beat the heat. And it is the latter that brings some shinobi to the beach today.

Nori plants the homemade palm-frond umbrella into the sand, and then plops down on his back. "Oh, its hot!" He leaps back up to his feet, brushing the sand from his back. "Oi," he says, his back turning red.

Know what sucked? The fact he could never take off the cloak and the mask. So, when he absolutely /had/ to leave the… wherever he was staying… he was in a really, really, bad mood. And well, somehow, his path had taken him to the beach where he would eventually notice Nori, and hear his 'it's hot' complaint.

"No kidding." Rin says to him from a distance.

Yuuka exhales a long breath from beneath the shade of the umbrella as she flips her snowy head back, her hands pulling the length of her long, pale locks away from her face to lithely twist and pin loosely into place with a pair of ivory chopsticks. Opening her dark aquamarine eyes beneath dark lashes, the kunoichi quirks a brow as she glances over her slender shoulder at Nori, the corner of her lips tugging with a slight smirk without replying. Instead, she merely sighs as she looks back where Rin is lingering at the farthest reaches of the beach. "Konnichiwa, Rin-san." Yuuka murmurs with a light wave of a relaxed hand. Returning her attention back to Nori, she asks, "Should we set up for grilling later or just wait until later? The water is already calling my name."

Nori gives Rin a puzzled look, an unasked question flickering in his eyes as he regards the boy. However, he turns his attention back to Yuuka. "You can go get in the water, if you want. I'll get the grill put together." He grins at her, and goes to the daypack. Unzipping it he pulls a few items out, and then a jug of melon wine, which he uncorks and takes a swig of it.

Rin emits a annoyed puff of air through his nostrils and watches as Nori offers Yuuka to go swim. And he couldn't. Not unless he wanted to reveal his features, and well, frankly, he didn't want to do that. Maybe he has some strange deformities underneath all those clothes. Or, maybe he has some scars? Maybe he's an alien?

"Hah, and I thought you were a man." Rin shouts to Nori, "All tough at the Docks and now jumping when a girl tells you to jump. Sooooo cuuuuute." Rin remembered from his childhood that he couldn't stand being called 'cute'. So it was a good idea to use that as ammo. After all, if he wasn't enjoying himself, like hell was he gonna let some Kirigakure dude enjoy himself.

Spreading her towel out underneath the shade of the umbrella, Yuuka turns her head just enough to glance at Nori when he replies. The smirk tugs lightly at her lips still as she shakes her pale head, straightening the curve of her back as her agile fingers dip beneath the collar of her short yukata. Pulling the light fabric loose, she slips it from her slender shoulders to slide off of her arms, exposing the thin string bikini the kunoichi was wearing beneath. "Like men do not have a motivation for it." Yuuka murmurs lightly to herself, folding the yukata in her hands to set it to the side on her towel. Rising to her feet, she exhales a light breath as she walks idly towards the edge of the lake, the water washing over her small feet as she begins to wade further out.

Nori's eyebrows knit as Rin insults him. He takes another swig on the melon wine, and then recorks it, his eyes shifting to Yuuka as she shimmies out of the Yukata. His eyes linger on her a moment, and then he pulls out a bunch of finger thick metal bars that are grooved like linkin logs. "You know, Rin, I'm afraid I don't swing that way. I'm glad you think I'm cute, but I can't say I think the same about you," he chuckles lightly, and begins snapping the metal bars together. "Though, the way you and Maikeru get along, I'm certain he might share your feelings. Hell, the guy even writes poetry." Nori pauses and looks thoughtful. "That would explain a lot about him, and why you two share a family name." Nori chuckles lightly, finishing the grill aparatus. He kicks the ground beneath him, and a few feet between him and Rin the sand errupts, making a perfect sized firepit and showering the area (and Rin) with dirt. "So, are you the catcher? Because you totally strike me as being a *." Nori tosses the grill over the firepit, and crosses his arms as he regards Rin, a smirk on his lips.

The white spirit mask hardly conveys Rin's feelings when Nori counter retorts on Rin's supposedly orientation. Not the lateral kind of orientation. On top of that, he has sand showered on him.

A long moment of silence comes from Rin before he chuckles. "Oh well, I guess Maikeru won't mind if I kill and bury you somewhere they won't find you." He finally says he beats the dirt off his clothes and looks to Nori. "Ok, just to humiliate you, I'll stick to D ranks." And then his hands press together and he focuses a considerable ammount of chakra.

When the water finally rises around her waist, Yuuka slows to a stop as she takes in a quick breath, bending her knees to give into her weight and disappearing into lake completely. A quick moment passes before she breaks through the surface, water drops splashing around her as she inhales a fuller breath. "Hey Nori, the water feels perfect." she calls over her shoulder, "Nori?" The kunoichi slicks her fingers over her head, wiping water from her face as she glances back to the shoreline. Yuuka blinks her bright eyes with some surprise to see the growing confrontation, frowning openly before groaning, shaking her pale head, "Eugh, how is it that this always happens?"

Nori grins at Rin, his eyes lighting up with something dangerous. "Oh?" He chuckles and steps around his fire pit and away from all the gear. Yuuka's words echo over the water, and he waves a hand at her, that she might know he heard her, but his attention stays on the young man before him. He sets a slight stance, obviously not taking the other shinobi completely serious. "Well, lets see what you got then." He gestures for Rin to come at him.

Not noticing any chakra focusing from Nori, Rin already knows that D ranks would possibly be the only thing he does need. Well, considering the advantage the others give.

"Hmm, let's see." He claps his hands together and starts making seals slooooowly. "Hold up, I haven't used this techniques in ages." He is pressing his fingers together in seals when suddenly an Earth Spire shoots out of the ground towards Nori. "Oh. That's the right combo. Alright."

TSUP TSUP BOOM, and two more Earth spires erupt from the ground.

Nori watches the earth rise up, and it smashes into him. Shocks of sand explode out behind him. As the dust settles, he wipes the dirt off of himself, and then shakes his hair, the sand falling out. "So… I don't know much about earth manipulation, but that was pretty cool. What else you got?" He claps his hands together, and his blue eye seems to flicker and glow. Electricity streams outwards, and down his face. It circles his arms and his legs, coursing acrossed his skin, and jumping to the ground like tesla coils. He grins, settling down slightly as he assumes a real fighting stance. "Lets see it."

Rin ponders after his skill fails to inflict harm, he did chuckle and shake his head at that though. "Earth Manipulation is really not my forte." Was all he said as he considered. "I remember I had one too, uhh, let's see… Ahh.." He starts making seals again, he goes through a short set and then stomps his feet on the ground.

Nothing happens.

"Or maybe it was boar..?" Seal, seal, seal, seal, boar. He slams his foot into the ground and surprisingly it works. Even Rin looked a bit shocked as the ground rose up like a reverse tidal wave heading for Nori. "Uh oh."

Nori rolls his elbows and begins moves forward a couple of steps as Rin performs the seals. When the attack goes off, Nori walks into it. The ground seems to throw him up into the air, but it was a faint, Nori's foot comes up and he drives forward, plunging a kick into Rin's chest. "Oi, oi," he says as he settles back on his feet. "Okay, that was a little more interesting." He claps a few seals together, and electricity leaps from his hands towards Rin.

Rin gets a gentle tap on his chest. Well, no, not gentle. But he felt it. Even though he has been savaged much worse before, this wasn't a bad start. Maybe Nori was a tough guy after all?

Noticing the seal characteristic for a Lightning jutsu, Rin drops his earth jutsu that he was gonna use, and goes for a good ol' clone technique that allows Rin to avoid the Lightning Needles.

"Heh, kinda funny. You fight like a student." He shrugs. "But whatever, boss' orders. No techniques over D."

He then focuses his gaze on Nori and goes with the Earth Spires again. Who knows, he might get lucky.

"A student, eh? I never was one, so I wouldn't know." Nori grins, backing up a few steps. "I'm getting bored so…" He stops as a spear of earth plunges into his side, and he blinks at it. "Hmm," he sounds, and catches the second one with a plume of sand rising behind him. "Well, now we're even, one for one. If thats all you're going to do, let me know when Maikeru retracts his orders." He chuckles, and waves Rin off. "So, I have some squid and eel I'm going to grill up, you want to join us for a barbeque?" He turns away from Rin, obviously not interested in fighting anymore. Maybe this was a sign of trust from the Kaguya; maybe it wasn't.

Rin didn't look all too satisfied when he hit Nori. He just shrugged his shoulders and said. "Yeah, guess you're right. It's too hot to spar." He said as he turned around. "I gotta take care of something." And then started heading off.

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