Rinoko's Medic Training: A Real Test


Hinotori, Rinoko

Date: August 24, 2016


Hinotori is brought into the hospital wounded, and Rinoko is allowed to test her abilities by trying to heal his lesser wounds after the major ones are healed.

"Rinoko's Medic Training: A Real Test"

Medical Facility - Recovery Bay 1

It's early evening and the day has been pretty quiet except for patrols coming in and out of the village and around the village. The clouds have begun turning a light gray as the skies, the hint of rain is smelled easily in the air about this time. The hospital is not as busy as it could be, but a flicker of movement and a figure appears in the lobby sitting down. Clothes bloodied and slightly burned, medical ninjas are called. The figure is moved to one of the medical rooms and what little first aid has been done has been worked on him. A call is sent out for someone to come check on the male Uchiha. Laying in the medical bed, with a medical gown on is Hinotori. Looks like he took a bit of a beating but will live but the wounds are still pretty bad. It looks like it was a spar that went a bit too far.

More experienced medic nin would be allowed to take care of the Uchiha's most gruesome wounds. It can't be risked to let a newbie fail and have his injuries be a lot more serious, after all. Rinoko would stand back and observe quietly as the more experienced medics do their work. Once the main work has been completed and only minor injuries are left, one of the chief medics would motion for Rinoko to come over. She listens to the instructions on what to do and nods, taking in each bit of information intently while sort of wincing as she looks over Hinotori's injuries.
Bringing her hands into a seal, Rinoko begins to focus chakra through her hands to try and heal his injuries. She then places her hands over him, trying to push healing chakra into him. Healing a fish is a lot different than healing a person, though, and she seems nervous. There's a very light amount of healing, but so far she doesn't manage to put any sort of dent in the Uchiha's remaining injuries.

HInotori is unconscious for the moment, his chest rising and falling. Another shinobi was brought into the hospital, this one was more worse for ware, and it looks as if Hinotori put more of a beaten on him versus what he went through. Still though this does happen when they push themselves, but Hinotori as he lays there start to stir. His eyes flutter a few times but don't open. His breathing slow as if he was sleeping, a jutsu may have bene placed on him to keep him in sleep induced coma, but one of the doctors did notice his eyes were red when he came in, so the Sharingan may be trying to fight off the effect even while he's supposed to be sleeping.

Rinoko seems completely focused on Hinotori's healing, beads of sweat rolling down her forehead as she keeps trying to heal his wounds. She does just a little better this time, but there's still not enough progress. Her eyes cut to the side as her supervisor for this steps over and whispers in her ear, possibly instructions along with some encouragement to not get too stressed out and simply do her best and she'll eventually get it. That seems to calm her enough, and she pulls her hands back to take a deep breath and calm herself before she will try again.
HInotori's eyes flutter again, this time they open as he lay there, the honey colored orbs are unfocused as he winces slightly. Still he doesn't move, feeling hands on him, he moves his bloody hand to her own before he closes his eyes again. He is sweating, but luckily it's nothing to do with his injuries. The UChiha has been through far worse than this, "R…in…oko.." he manages to say and a smile shows on his face a little.

When Hinotori touches her hand, Rinoko almost jumps out of her skin as she takes a few steps back. She'd expected him to remain unconscious for this. "… H… Hinotori, you should remain still. There is still much work to do for your injuries to be healed," she utters, taking a deep breath before she steps back over and moves through a few handseals before placing her hands over him again to try and heal his wounds. This time she accomplishes what she is going after, and his wounds begin to heal at a decent rate for a healing jutsu at last.

Hinotori does stop moving, possibly he heard her, maybe he didn't still though the Uchiha stops moving and he lays there still. His chest rising and falling as Rinoko gets herself together. Soon the wounds begin to heal and sticth themselves together, some not leaving scars. His breathing begins to smooth out some now as he rests on the bed. The internal bleeding also stops as well.

Rinoko continues her work at healing Hinotori's wounds, still seeming a bit nervous but quite determined that she will be successful. After she manages to heal him a bit more, her supervisor would nod and step in to finish the work. Hinotori's wounds would be healed completely and he would be put back to sleep for a bit for his comfort. The supervisor would give Rinoko some instructions and then nod to her. By the time Hinotori wakes up, he'd have been transported to a private room where he can simply rest up from the ordeal by the learning medic nin.

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