Rinoko's Medic Training: Inuzuka Assistance


Rinoko, Taiki

Date: August 23, 2016


Taiki assists Rinoko in her medic training.

"Rinoko's Medic Training: Inuzuka Assistance"

Doctor's Offices - Konohagakure

After doing her duties for the day, Rinoko immediately headed into the Doctor's Offices in the hospital in Konoha for study and training. There are some tables laid out with fish tanks nearby and a rather large pile of books that she's been flipping through and studying hard. She has been here for a bit and has asked for help from Kenta before but would have put up a note inviting anyone that would assist her to come help her.
Currently sitting at one of the tables with books piled up, she reads through a book various types of healing jutsu. Her posture is pretty relaxed, but she seems to be pretty focused as she flips through the pages, her eyes scanning each page carefully as all the information could be quite vital.

Kenta had talked to Taiki about his newest student, thus Taiki was somewhat aware of her. But at the last minute, Kenta had something come up, and Taiki was asked to take his place for this lesson. Therefore, he failed to notice the note on the board since he was already headed that way.
As he nears the young woman that Kenta described, he took a moment to assess her visually and via olfactory senses. After a moment he nods to himself and steps forward, clearing his throat. "Rankoro Rinoko-san? I believe you were supposed to meet Kenta-san, but he had a patient of his take a turn for the worse. So he asked me to step in. I'm Inuzuka Taiki, and this is one of my ninken partners, Nozomi." Nozomi, of course, is a /huge/ red dog wearing a vest.

Hearing the door open, Rinoko looks up to see a man and a giant dog entering. This is almost startling, but then again this is Konoha, so an Inuzuka Medic isn't so strange. The sheer size of Nozomi might be just a little startling, though. At the mention of Kenta not being able to come, she almost frowns a little, but that turns into a smile as Taiki informs her that he himself will be taking Kenta's place in training her for the evening.
Rising from her seat, the Rankoro woman bows at her waist respectfully. "It is a pleasure, Taiki-sama, Nozomi-san. Thank you so much for stepping in to assist me in Kenta-sama's place."

Taiki nods as he looks at the setup, which reminds him of when he first started what to him seems like ages ago. "It is no big deal, he covers for me enough, it is time to return the favor, as it were." Of course, that's kind of an inaccuracy, given that if anything, Taiki is a bigger workaholic than Kenta ever even thought to be. "Before we begin, he didn't have much time to tell me much about you, or your progress. Can you give me more information on both subjects?" Nozomi walks over to sit down at the table and just watches for a moment. If a dog could be stoically interested, that would be the general feeling coming from her.

Rinoko nods to his words about covering for Kenta, understanding friends covering for each other. When the request comes to tell more about herself and her progress, she blinks then nods. "Hai, hai. I'm a Rankoro that was brought to the village originally because I was injured and medical ninja from that time wanted to try to heal me. Once the rehabilitation worked, I became a shinobi for Konohagakure. More recently I became co-captain of Team 13 with Uchiha Tsugumi, leading Team 13B. After having some issues with injured civilians on a mission, I decided I needed to up my leadership ability by being able to handle all situations, so here I am." After a brief pause, she says, "I've mostly done study and been shown some demonstrations of a few medical jutsu, but I haven't managed to successfully use any of them myself."

Taiki nods slowly as he listens to the young woman's story. He vaguely recalled reports of that situation, but as he was not involved, the reports were noted and processed when he came across them. "Okay then. We'll start with a training jutsu that just about every student medic-nin learns." With this, he walks over to the fish tank, watches it for a moment before his hand darts into the water and pulls out a fish. He then puts it on the table and slides it over to the dog, who puts a paw on it to prevent its escape, while he repeats the process for a second fish, but does not slide this one.
Instead, he walks over and sets the fish down in an empty space near Rinoko and proceeds to watch the fish until both stop moving. "This exercise is meant to acquaint you with both healing chakra, and pushing it into another being. As you noticed, we have waited until both fish are "dead." Normally it would take a very powerful ninjutsu to bring the dead back to life, but these fish are a little different in that regard. They are in a death-like state, and can be revived by using healing chakra to heal what damage a lack of water has caused. So what you do is place your hand over the fish, and bring your chakra into it. You push it into the fish while visualizing the damaged cells repairing themselves. There are three simple handseals," he says, showing her the handseals slowly, "That, with proper concentration and focus, mould your chakra into healing chakra. Then, you push it into the fish, and…" He performs the handseals quickly and with ease, then presses on the fish. A moment later, the fish is hopping around again, and Taiki puts it back into the tank. "The fish will revive. Any questions?"

"Hai." Rinoko nods to Taiki's words and watches while he grabs the the two fish. She remains silent as she observes his actions, rather curious and perhaps wondering a moment if Nozomi is able to perform healing jutsu or if she is just going to eat the fish. When he puts the fish near her, she lifts an eyebrow slightly but listens carefully to his words while watching intently as he begins to demonstrate the jutsu. "That makes sense with what I've been reading, but it helps a great deal to see it in action." She brings her hands up finally and begins practicing the handseals, going through them in constant repetition before she places her hands over the fish and begins attempting to perform the jutsu.

Taiki watches Rinoko work, and while he notes that her chakra control is top-notch and her seal formation is equally impressive, he expects failure. After all, even Usagi couldn't get it done on the first try. Therefore he is surprised when the fish starts flopping around as it is resuscitated. He actually stands there and blinks for a few seconds before scooping the fish up and putting it back in the tank. He grabs another fish out of the tank, and pins it down with a Kunai. A moment later it too 'dies.' "Okayyy… I am impressed. So now we go to the next step. This one is similar to what you just did. Only this time, you need to repair the stab wound before reviving the fish, or it will die for real rather quickly." Good thing those fish are very plentiful and have a short breeding/maturation cycle…

Rinoko tries not to look too surprised herself when she gets that one on the first try. It's true she studies obsessively and possibly could've pulled this off before because her chakra control is excellent. Truth be told, she has been studying rather relentlessly for weeks. She watches as Taiki returns that fish to the tank and suddenly the practice is a lot harder as the fish is stabbed rather than just suffocated. "Hai!" She moves through handseals again then places her hands over the fish. In yet another surprise, she pulls this off on the first try as well, mending the fish's wounds and reviving it as well.

Well, Taiki is just about floored when this happens again. He /so/ wants to call beginner's luck for this, but decides not to. Instead he scoops up the fish and puts it back into the tank. He looks at the fish in the tank, then shakes his head. "Well, we make it a policy for no more than three fish at a time for one student, both to avoid chakra exhaustion and to avoid excessive animal cruelty." Instead he reaches into a pouch and pulls out a scroll, activating it. This scroll is probably slightly more advanced than ones Rinoko had been reviewing. "I'll loan you this scroll as a reward for a job well done, and to outline the next task." With that he pulls out another two fish. He performs a rather complex jutsu on the fish which cause them both to spasm weakly while forming a bubble of water over their gills. "This exercise, as you will read here, details fixing nerve damage, which is much harder than simply healing wounds. Watch." He slowly forms a series of six handseals before placing his hand on the fish, causing it to resume full motion. After putting the fish back into the tank, he says, "Take a quick look over the first exercise on that scroll, then do what I just did."

Maybe beginner's luck or maybe Rinoko's managed to find her destiny as a shinobi… or something like that. She has a wild imagination anyway, but she doesn't actually believe in the fictions she reads. Watching and listening intently, she would almost seem to not even blink. She nods to his words and looks the scroll over quickly after he's done the jutsu, a pretty quick read for years and years of practice, way more reading than most people ever do. After doing so, she moves through the handseals and begins to try this jutsu… and winds up failing for once, which gets a slight frown, but she didn't figure she'd accomplish all the jutsu she tries on the first go.

Taiki may not be a sensor, but these tables actually had seals on them that allows someone with the appropriate skills to monitor chakra use on them. So he was 'watching' the chakra work throughout the procedure and says, "Very good for a first attempt. This is really a lot harder than the two previous tasks, so don't be upset that you failed them. After all, most medic students don't even see that scroll until about mid-way through their training. This tells me exactly where you are in skill. If you want to try again, feel free though."

Rinoko nods to Taiki, taking a few moments to read over the scroll again before she starts practicing the jutsu once more. This might take a while…

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