Rinoko's Medic Training: Saori's Help


Rinoko, Saori

Date: August 12, 2016


Rinoko invites Saori over to help her with her medic training.

"Rinoko's Medic Training: Saori's Help"

Rinoko's Apartment in Konoha

A bit before evening time in Konohagakure, a couple weeks before the trip to Uzushiogakure, Hatake Saori received a request to meet Rinoko at her apartment. It may be an odd place for a team leader to request for one of her team members to come, but the letter would detail that she needs some assistance from Saori.
In hopes that the girl would accept, Rinoko prepared a meal with rice and a few types of meat and vegetables as well as some tea. The smell of the prepared food would even waft outside the door as she starts to move the food into serving trays in anticipation of the younger girl arriving on time… Hopefully.

Saori is very punctual. She is so punctual that if she was wearing pants, they would be colored punctual. Instead, she is here in her normal attire, prepared for everything from a secret mission to needing furniture moved. She isn't sure of the nature of the help required, but she assumes that she wouldn't been asked if it wasn't important.
The fact personal quarters are being used for the meeting means little except that either the thing that help is needed with is located there, or that Rankoro Rinoko desires privacy. Or possibly both. There are likely other reasons as well that she runs through readily, fluidly, without particular effort even as she shows up at the door at the specified time, checks her timepiece, and then knocks at precisely the moment she is supposed to be here. Even if that means waiting outside the door for several minutes.
The rules are important, okay?

Hearing the knock at the door, Rinoko looks toward it and grabs a towel off the counter to wipe her hands with before walking over. She reaches to turn the knob and pulls the door open. A smile is given to Saori as she sees her at the door, having not known she was there beforehand since she is not a Sensor in the traditional manner.
"Hi, Saori-san," she says, offering her a bow at the waist. "Thank you for coming." She steps to the side then and opens the door to let the younger kunoichi inside. "Come on in. I've made us some food. Would you like to eat before we move on to conversation about why I requested for you to come?"

And here come the social rules that Saori is much less informed on. As she is invited in, and offered food, she has to consider whether it would be impolite to decline or not. Eventually, so that she doesn't just stand there awkwardly silent as she tries to puzzle it out, she just asks directly of her team leader, "What is the answer you would prefer I give?"

Rinoko waits patiently for an answer as she closes the door behind Saori once she comes in. How long it takes for the answer to come seems a little odd until Saori presents her own question, which causes the Rankoro woman to chuckle a bit. "I would prefer you give the answer that is actually your own preference on the matter I asked you about. If you're hungry now, we can eat, or, if you'd rather get down to business, we can do that too. You're my guest, so I'm giving you the option to choose."

Saori hears the explanation and then nods as she says, "I am not hungry then. I am prepared for the task you have requested my help with, or as well as I can be without knowing its nature." She folds her hands together and stands at attention, prepared for whatever deep and serious mission this is. She will keep the food thing in mind in the future too, incase she winds up as someone's guest once more.

"I see. Well, let me go turn the oven off. Have a seat on the couch please," Rinoko says, nodding to Saori before she turns to walk back into the kitchen. A few moments later she would return with a kettle of tea and two glasses on a tray, which she sets on the coffee table before pouring each glass full.
After filling the glasses, she offers one to Saori with a gentle smile. "You can relax. I didn't ask you here for any sort of dangerous mission. What I called you here for was this… After a mission where we found some injured civilians, I realized having only one medical ninja on our large team might not be sufficient. It's also putting too much pressure on you when you're still a fairly new Genin. So… basically my request is for you to help me with learning how to perform medical jutsu."

The genin does as suggested and takes a seat. She waits patiently with her hands in her lap. Once the water arrives, she accepts it and holds that in her lap too. She listens to the explanation, and then nods afterwards. "That seems logical. Before I can begin to explain, however, it would be beneficial to know how much preparations you have done. Have you been researching biology, chemistry, and medicine? Do you have experience mixing medicines? Can you perform emergency first aid? Do you know what to do if someone isn't breathing? Have you had prior training with Medical Ninjutsu? How good is your Chakra control, and how many hours per day to you devote to training your Chakra? Could you extract a splinter with your Chakra alone if you had to?"
Wh-whoah. When did this become the Spanish Inquisition!? Because Rinoko might not have been expecting this!
Saori's hands on either side of the glass of water begin to be shrouded in green Chakra, visible even to the naked eye. The water inside ripples starting from opposite sides of the glass, before the rings bounce off of each other, and then begin forming other waves and rings that bounce off of other waves and rings until it becomes a surface of ripples, but not a sloshing or uneven mess. There are many ripples, but they remain fairly level. Saori's red eyes are gazing down into the glass as she asks one more question.
"Could you do this with the water that comprises 60 percent of an adult human body inside of that body?"

When Saori goes into her long spiel, Rinoko blinks a few times and lifts an eyebrow. She waits for her to finish that long spiel and watches her do the trick with the water for a few moments. "… Umm, Saori, I don't mean any offense, but I didn't call you here to critique my every waking hour. I study almost constantly in some form or another when I'm not training or on a mission, which you could probably guess." She motions at her walls then, indicating that they're filled almost entirely with bookshelves, even in the kitchen where there's a place for a bare wall. Some of the rooms even have stacks of books beside the bookshelves because there's not enough room on the shelves for them.
"So, yes, I'm quite studied up," she says as she picks her own glass up and takes a sip. "What I need help with is molding my chakra for medical jutsu. I thought perhaps you could simply demonstrate a jutsu or two for me and give me pointers on what I need to do to correct whatever I'm missing on doing it correctly."

Saori furrows her brow at Rinoko's response. "I apologize, but I do not understand. I am describing the processes I went through to learn Medical Ninjutsu in order to determine how much you know, so that I can more easily help you. Further, I am demonstrating a jutsu right now." She looks down at the glass of water between her thighs, and ceases the generation of the glowing green Medical Chakra that was sending ripples through the water. "This is the Diagnostic Jutsu. You send waves of your own Chakra through another individual in order to gain an understanding of their physical health. By using the water I described composing a significant portion of a human body as a medium for your Chakra, you can gain a lot of information by properly interpreting the signals that return to you. To do that requires not just very fine Chakra control but also knowledge of the topics I described, so that you understand what you are 'seeing'."
Saori looks up at Rinoko and says, "If this is not the instruction or advice you desired, please describe to me what you do wish, Rinoko-sensei."

Rinoko seems a little puzzled at this girl. She thought HER social skills were off, but this one seems even more bookish than she is and a lot more literal. "I understand that, but I'm not needing to go through the entire process tonight, just a couple parts." She looks to the glass again, nodding. "I've heard of that jutsu. It's similar to how a Sensor's abilities work, but a lot more localized."
After a brief pause in thought, she looks back up and says, "I'd like you to actually perform a jutsu that heals so I can observe it closely and begin trying to perform such jutsu myself." She stands then and walks back into the kitchen, grabbing a knife and then walking back into the living room. Once there she holds her hand up and makes a small slice across the palm. "Could you heal that please?"

Saori blinks her big red eyes twice, innocently, as she listens to Rinoko's explanation. "I see. You only desire a demonstration then. No explanation?" She lifts up her glass and sets it aside wherever she can, before hopping up on her stubby legs and moving over to her injured team leader. Then she holds her hands on either side of Rinoko's injured hand. She makes no hand seals, and just generates that visible-to-the-eye glowing green Medical Chakra again, focusing it on Rinoko's injury. She speeds up cell reproduction, closes the wound, and even dissolves what blood she can to avoid it spilling on the floor.
Then she withdraws her hands and holds them at her sides, waiting for further instruction.

"Well, you've done a good bit of explaining, and I've it in books," Rinoko would explain, nodding to Saori. She then watches the other girl's chakra go to work healing her wound. The librarian-esque kunoichi takes in each detail of the jutsu she can, staring even after Saori has dropped her hands. "Once more and then I'll go back to reading up on it. This is giving me a good idea of what I'm reading about. I have a good imagination, but some things needs experience to figure out." With that she would use the knife to open the wound in her hand again for Saori to heal and watches again.

Saori repeats the process, but this time can't resist saying at least SOMETHING, because it's not anything found in books. It's her own special method. "They key thing to remember, is that Medical Ninjutsu is about finesse, not power. You WILL want to push Chakra into your jutsu, because that is how you have been doing it for everything else the entire time. Do not push. Let it flow out of you instead. The way I do it is I envision water pouring out of my palms, and my finger tips. Like each one is a faucet… Or the mouth of a very small stream. I regulate the flow of Chakra to be the exact amount I need, directed to the exact locations I need it to go to."
Saori finishes healing Rinoko's hand again. "I practiced with water originally, until I got the feel right. I put my hands in a basin of water and generated by Medical Chakra there. It sped up the process when I started practicing without water, because I was already accustomed to moving my Chakra through water. I just used the water inside the body instead of outside."
She lowers her hands back to her sides.

Rinoko watches the process intently, a light smirk touching her lips again as Saori begins to explain again throughout the demonstration. Once her hand is healed, she looks back up at Saori and drops her hand to her lap. "Thank you for the demonstration and the explanation. I really appreciate it," she says, bowing her head lightly to the other girl.
She then stands and looks toward the kitchen before looking back to Saori. "So, are you hungry now? I cooked plenty, and I even have some disposable dishes so you can take some home with you too."

Saori bows respectfully to Rinoko. "If you require further assistance, please let me know. I hope you succeed in your training." Then she straightens up and hears the offer of food again. A white-haired head tilts to the side and she says, "I am not hungry. I may be hungry later, so I will gratefully accept your offer of taking some with me when I go." She pauses. "If I do not eat now, is it your desire that I leave?" Yes, very socially inept. At least she's good at jutsu??
"I will. Thank you," Rinoko says, smiling at Saori. She then blinks and says, "No, no. You're welcome to stay as long as you want. Spend the night if you like." Turning toward the kitchen then, she would head toward the kitchen, saying, "But I should get the food in some containers and put it up so it doesn't spoil."

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