Rioting and Thieving


Rise, Kasuya, Takeda, Amani

Date: November 21, 2011


As the men and women who make their livings on the sea gather in Kumogakure for an over exuberant celebration of FINALLY being able to get back to work in peace. A small ragtag team is sent in to try and keep the visitors celebrations from turning into a riot. Things unforutunately inevitably go wrong…

"Rioting and Thieving"

Land of Lightning - Village Center

The village center of Kumogakure is the heart of the city. This is where the people come to talk, to trade, to set
up their own small shops, and to catch up on the gossip of the village. The area is built in a circle, with the focal point
being a large spire rising 4 stories into the air. That spire is the administration hall of the Raikage.
There is actually a aesthetic moat around the Raikage Hall, a fountain that recirculates the water over and over
again. The building itself is a massive contruction of stone, rising straight up into the air, and painted a pleasing beige
The village center is connected to every other corner of the village, with an exit south leading to the intersection
of the Village entrance. There is an exit to the west, leading to the Kuraido-Tenrai intersection, and the apartment
complexes. To the north lays the Raiko-Kuraido intersection, and the monastery. Finally, to the east lays the Arashi-Raiko
intersection, with the ninja academy.

The sun has barely been in sight for those living in the Land of Lighting for over an hour, and yet already a whole lot of hub bub seems to be going down around town. One glaring example? Those that had for most of their lifetimes made their living off of the sea were STILL causing quite a ruckus around town along with the citizens of Kumogakure in celebration offinally being able to return to work! Because, well, Kirigakure's super weapon was destroyed and all that Jazz.
So, it should come as no suprise that something needed to be done about the ranmbunctious fishermen and co. But what exactly? Terminate them with super awesome lightning jutsu!? ( + +) Nope, too violent and bad P.R. How about asking them politely to stop? …. Naaaaaw, their too riled up to really listen to reason. Send a ragtag group of genin and maybe higher up currently without team on a mission to come up with a plan to do something about it?!? Sounded like a good idea from one of the main complainers, a local merchant of various trades (bad planning and wishy watchy nature being the reason why? z.z;)
requesting such aid.
Sadly, by the time the whole team manages to gather to the worst part of the city with such a rowdy crowd, noone isthere to actually there to direct them further. ._.;
"…. Man, what the heck is taking them so long!? I mean just look at them! They look like they could riot at any moment!", Rise exclaims with a sweep of her hand; but as to wether it is just her speaking to herself or if someone ELSE happened to be with her may be hard to tell for now.

Seems while he was hiding in the many shadows, an elder shinobi touched his shoulder.. and informed him to meet another shinobi for a mission. Some time later Takeda appears on the scene, and walks over towards where Rise is at looking around, not remaining in the shadows, like he is accustomed too.. and speaks.."greetings, whats going on?"

Ah yes, the celebrations! And what better way to celebrate than to be in the crowd along with the problems. Amani's family were hunters by trade, this also include being able to fish. As such, they were included in the crowd and that meant Amani was in it by default. Today, she had her spear. That's not a good sign for anybody. With everyone being riled up, she's likely to use the spear in reaction to all that's happening. So far, she's been cheering and other such things, though there is something that knocks her out of her reverie. Someone bumped into her.
She shook her head and rubbed it before she pushed the one who did it. He looked back at her with a twisted expression and she offered one back in return. Seemed like something was about to get started.

Rise literally jumps and yelps in a high-pitched tone in response to Takeda's sudden greeting. Then with a fist already cocked back ready to punch somebody, she spins around on her heel looking flustered. Or absolutely furious? It is hard to tell from the beet red tone of her face alone thanks to the muffler hidding part of her expression. The only thing besides a brief fear of reprisal weakening her resolve, is an instant recognition of Takeda's face. Well, most of what he dares to show anyways.
"Takeda-san! Do not, EVER, do that again or so help me I'll….. *huff*… just don't." Rise demands, an edge in her tone dissolving into calm one as she speaks. Somewhat calm anyways. "…. MmMmm, bah! You tell me?!", She emits in exasperation before focusing her full attention on scanning the crowd, whom thankfully for the time being seem the thickest nearest the stalls closest to the food stands along the main pathways in and out of the village center. But who knows how long that'll last. e.e
"….! Oh you've got to be kidding me!!", Rise exclaims upon spotting a familiar spot of lavender in an otherwise sea of browns, black, grey, and white hair in the crowd. She quickly without a second thought immedialty stomps over to Amani, ready and more then willing to start pushing and shoving people aside should they block there way…. and most likely make the whole situation worser, especially for Takeda if he tries to follow directly in her wake.

No movements or anything on Takeda's part, however the unusually quiet young man replies.."I will try, however it might be good to work on being to percieve things" as always he smiles a bit, and follows her in her short path of people movement.. though he touches no one, and has his hands clasped behind his back

Amani doesn't pay any attention to anyone around her. She instead focuses on the guy that bumped into her and is now about to get a taste of her spear. She began to raise it up in attack and charge forward, deciding to use the blunt end to bash him with. Spinning it around in her hand, she grasps it tightly to lock it into blunt position as up and smacks the guy with the staff. She continued this assault on the guy as the crowd worked themselves up into cheers and jeers.

"Amani-san!" Takeda calls out, though he wonders why she has chosen to putting on a physical display, such a headstrong girl, one always anxious to prove herself, still he continues to follow Rise in her general direction, hoping that caught the girls attention

Kasuya was told to keep an eye on the rising situation from afar. Once she saw the commotion, she decided to take a closer look, and she's soon among Takeda and co. Her hands are in her pockets, and she seems unfazed by the tension. She even looks at Amani's assault with mild curiousity. But her tone is serious as she asks, "What are you doing?" she asks quietly,
but somehow she can be heard over the din. "Are you guys having a good time?" She doesn't seem to be taking charge, just waiting to hear their battle plan. People are cheering and shouting around her, but it's probably the sword on her back that keeps most from jostling Kasuya.

The plan worked!!… wait, Is there a plan? Because if it entailed riling everyone up even further and drawing just about EVERYONE into a circle to try and find out who is fighting and why then… it can't be a very smart one.
"*Ohmph*.. Oi! Can't you see I'm trying to—" Another shove from the side cuts her off mid-rant, and is quickly followed up by another. And another. AND… another. Until finally when all is said and done, Rise and most likely Takeda
unless he comes up with something quick on his feet, will -both- be pushed to the farthest fringes of the circle if not right out of it completely.
Words in the face of fury building up the surface failed to leave her mouth and dissuade the tide that threaten to overtake her. So, she gave in, lept, and started running/stomping ontop of everyone's heads as she tried to get closer.
Naturally, with every step/stomp closer necks are nearly snapped and further infuriate those behind to the point that eventually those left behind started clawing, crawling, and in some case even pushing their way after her. And by the time she actually reaches within a good viewing distance of actually seeing Amani fight, mini brawling circles were starting to form. One of which isolates Kusuya from Takeda with the later being left exposed to being hit by a Lariat from a Yotsuki teenager, drunk on rage and youthful passion!?! x_X

Never one to like being git or pushed by a crowd, not deciding to follow exactly in Rise's footsteps, the youth begins to move extremely fast, bluring through the crowd until he is in the circle, almost as if he teleported, those damn Yamayuki's are always doing strange shit.
"Amani-San what is going on here?!" Now two yamayuki's are in the circle, and so with a small use of chakra, his voice carries easily over the crowd.."WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!!!?" as he now looks around, and his hands are now at his side, wrapped up like normal, and waits to see if anyone will decide to continue at this point..

Amani froze up after she struck the guy with her staff only to be kicked and knocked back on the ground. She grumbled and began to rise up from the ground, a bit angered at Takeda interrupting her fight. She retaliated against the guy with a blast of sound as a revenge strike against him for taking her down. She wasn't going to let him get away with that.
"He bumped into me." She finally answered. "And didn't apologize, so I pushed him back." She shrugged. When her parents finally found her, her dad snatched her spear away and told her she couldn't use it for the next month. Her mother naturally agreed. The girl grumped.
Kasuya would sigh at the chaos all around her. "Don't lose your head," she says to Itami. She'd put a hand on a teenager's shoulder, and say something in his ear. At first he looks indignant, but then he looks fearful, and turns to the crowd. "Hey hey! We should do what they say, don't fight anymore!" he yells. After he said those words he seems almost lethargic from the illusion he'd just fallen victim to (Submission Aura.) Kasuya nods in agreement and puts her fingers in her mouth, giving a blasting whistle to try and cut through the sound. "All of you disperse! They'll soon be conducting an official check soon of anyone causing trouble here!" There wasn't really any 'official check' she'd heard of though.

Everyone within the crowd instantly freeze up, cringe, or, for those unfortunate enough to be along the centermost portion of the ring, fall back. Luckily yet unluckily, Rise is kinda one of those that fall. Although she manages to fall forward and roll all the way until she bumps into Amani's parents. Possibly even knocking them over. @.@
As soon as she recovers Rise is instantly at the younger Yamayuki's side, arms clapsed together as she picks up Amani up in a hug. A, very painful and suprisingly affectionate one considering her known predisposition for less 'friendly' forms of intimate. And tha tis, if hse succeeds in hugging her in the first place. In which case barely a minute into the bear hug, Rise emits "Wait, hold on here" then let the girl drop before turning away arms crossed over her chest, cheeks a
deep red, and one eye closed. The other is busy looking at just about anything else that could distract her, before falling onto a strange figure meters behind the crowd. "…. Eh Takeda-san…?" She points over towards teh figure. "Doesn't that guy right there look kinda like the one who hired us earlier?", She asks bluntly without looking away.
Those who are the first to recover from the demands of a toubetsu and a yamayuki genin first find themselves drawn to where Rise points. Others soon begin to look as well until finally over half the crowd (the rest either still having their little mini-arguments or throwing a few last minute sucker punches) is looking in the direction Rise pointed. And, as Rise had pointed out the figure in question WAS indeed their client though dressed completely in black, stereotypical theif's mask in place, and a bag three practically three times his size slung over his back. The only thing sillier than the get-up is the fact that he not only tried to tip toe his way out, BUT looked like a deer caught in someone headlights when he finally noticed things suddenly get quieter.
"Ehehehe.. ehehe… This, isn't what it looks like?"

Moving in a blur once more(Body Flicker Technique) Takeda winds up behind the man, having attempted to trip him along the way, while slitting the bottom of the bag open, so the contents drop out..Speaking calmly as he does so.."Nonetheless thief, you will answer for your actions this day and be taken into custody or be killed by this crowd, you choose"

Amani grumbled and was about to take off to go work on something, but ran straight into a bearhug instead. She closed her eyes and took the pain of the hug up until she was dropped to the ground. She raised up and dusted herself off only to look at her clothes and think she needed something better to work with. These were old and had stood the test of time. An odd thought to be thinking about at this time.
"I didn't lose my head. That guy just lost his when he bumped me." She stated in the figurative sense. In a way, she was saying, 'he should have known better'. She looked to the figure that Rise pointed out and winced. He was doing a big no, no. He must be handled. "It's definitely what it looks like.' She wanted her spear back to stab the guy, but since her parents were against it, she instead decided to blast his eardrums to hell and deafen him. As she focused her chakra to her throat to do so, her mother covered her mouth, thinking that the elder Yamayuki could handle it. She frowned, feeling defeated.

Kasuya grimaces as she sees people bearing down on the man. A thief he was, but not a murderer by the look of him. He didn't deserve to die. He deserved to have everthing he was carrying stripped right off him, and be whipped naked over the mountain. Kasuya briefly considers this idea, but scraps it quickly, for obvious reasons. There's nothing left. They can't have vigilante justice, if anything is done, it needs to be by them, the law enforcement. Lynching by an angry mob would only spread chaos.
So anyone (besides her shinobi allies) who went near the thief might cry out in pain. The air is filled with electricity around the thief. Not enough to injure, or even harm, just terrible static electricity that'd sting them annoyingly. Kasuya is sending out a light Zap to anyone, using her hand to direct a field. The attackers might not be taken as seriously when they're seen with their hair on end, flinching at the sizzling sounds. Now she thinks of it…Kasuya sends
tiny lightning bolts at the thief's himself to make him hop from foot to foot. But only for a few moments. Professionalism.

If not for the hasty response from both Takeda AND Kasuya two pronged assualt, things could've gotten a whole lot worse. That is, for everyone except Rise who was just itching for an excuse to do more than 'accidently' stomp on a few heads
or 'incidently' start headbutting people. <.< >.>
She might've even gotten her chance with the crowd of sea bearers and their ilk starting to look mutinous, especially after some discover that a few of their pockets were looted! Those however who in reckless (and to some extent in a few, drunken) defiance tried to get closer towards the man would bear the misfortune of being shocked repeatedly with every attempt until the shocks from the lightning field barrier teaches them the error of their ways.

Slowly but surely with every failure on the dumbassess (plus the toubektsu obvious willingness to embarass them like the dancing thief) part to try and lay hands on the theif, everyone starts to grow 'calmer' and 'quieter' as well as focus all of their attention between the two shinobi closes to the thief.

An awkward moment of silence begins to set in…. BUT THANKFULLy, an abrupt and intentionally loud comment from some random fisherman near the front of the crowd says something along the lines of, "…Tch, I rather get back to fishing than getting shocked and stolen from just because I wanna celebrate." before he brakes away from the crowd to start walking out of the village center. The rest begin to mutter and argue amongst themselves for awhile after the man's decleration; but eventually decide at their own pace to disperse to parts unknown. Er, technically unknown since they kinda just head off into seemingly random directions. e.ea

Mission Accomplished?!

"….! What, wa-wait a minute! That's it! I barely even had more than a few li — ", Rise exclaims, BUT —

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