Rise of the Red Mist - The Red Mist Spreads


Kaidan, Arika, Jiro, Hanami, Hanpa

Date: May 9, 2015


Shinobi have heard of the dreaded Red Mists that were within the Land of Wind. But now, the deadly fog has spread… It is not just the Hidden Sand, but other lands who are willing to protect, or simply investigate, the strange Mists.

"Rise of the Red Mist - The Red Mist Spreads"

Land of Rivers

It had thought to be contained within the Land of Wind inside the Ruins in the Northern Portion of the said same. This odd red mist that had such a horrific affect on its victims. Shinobi seemed able to withstand it longer than most due to its nature, but it was discovered in a horrible way that even shinobi can sucumb. Even now a couple of Sunagakure shinobi are wandering the ruins just like the creatures that have been seen. For now, anyone or anything coming out of the ruins that weren't part of an investigative team sent by Sunagakure were summarily destroyed. All those trying to go in were warned away where possible. The threat seemed to be contained until a more permanent solution can be chosen. That is until…word came from the Land of Rivers.
Word had spread that something had wandered out of a forest near one of the main ports of the Land of Rivers and very nearly spread some horrible red gas into several people nearby. Luckily shinobi there were able to kill the thing before it could do more damage. The medical team on hand stated that strange transformations were happening to the victims but were able to reverse the side effects and save the people. The thing that was killed kept giving off said gas as it seemed to decay away quickly. Fire was used to devestate this thing and leave it as ash. Since then, strange noises and lights can be heard from the forest. A small village is inside that forest…and many are assumed dead.
Word has spread of this horror and, of course, Kaidan was quick to join in on this mission to the Land of Rivers. He'd be damned if he would let what he saw that night and what he has seen on patrols get out into the world. Despite his insistance against it, however, he was told to take a team and Arika/Jiro were all too eager to join. Even now, others have perhaps headed this way to find out what might threaten one of the Land of Rivers most important ports. As Kaidan arrives at the same port, he looks to the forest nearby even as the sun sets in the sky. He glances back to Arika and Jiro, "This is going to be very dangerous. You two better do as I say and if that means retreating, we retreat." He glances to the forest, "These things are very active at night…" And even as he states that, off in the distance a screeching howl of a scream echos from the forest. A noise not unlike that of a sorrowful wail of someone who has lost something horrible…mixed with the sound of some animal yowling out for food. The resonate sound that those in the port have learned to fear even as posted shinobi stare into the forest they have been tasked to watch.

Arika is perched on Kaidan, if possible, and walking if not. The girl quite enjoys to cling to people… Like a monkey. Or an octopus? She says, with a small nod, "You can count on us, Kai-kun! We'll be super careful and all that." It was hard to tell if it was her own or Jiro's idea to join this mission, but both were concerned about the Red Mist that traveled through the Land of Wind, and if it was spreading, it was all the more worrisome. The screeching sound makes her wince a bit, and she cringes again as it sounds off another time. She rubs at her ear, a voice grumbling, ~That's the most annoying sound I've heard in ages.~

Jiro is always keen to accompany Kaidan and especially Arika wherever they might end up going and, considering his first run in with this mist and the effects it had had on him, he was equally as ready to try and save other people from it. So when he heard the news the boy was well on his way to joining Kaidan, much to the older shinobi's likely dismay. When they arrive at the location the young boy looks around, face scrunching up a bit at the sound as he considers what lies beyond. "I wanna make sure it goes 'way." He mutters to Kaidan.

Many refugees from the Red Mist Incident would have come pouring in to the still unfinished Suisei City trying to find aid, shelter, and direct assistance from those that inhabited it. This of course means that Hanpa was well aware of the situation before the streets were filled with people looking for help. He would have sent out other members of the group to see if there were maultiple locations that this "plague" hit, in order to attemtp to contain it. Hanpa himself… would investigate directly. The forests that were being watched were near some.. assets that Hanpa was certainly not happy about. He would thus have met up with the team of foreign shinobi that came to look in to this incident, which was easy enough for him to discover through the refugees. His approach was casual despite the many things going on in his mind. "Welcome to the Land of Rivers. What can you tell me about this incident?" Hanpa was extremely direct… yet seemed to attempt to be cordial. It did make sense however… as he was protecting his home from some strange new terror.

Hanami was taking a break of sort, visiting a relative far from home. It wasn't something she normally would've done, but getting away was good. Clear her head, feel the breeze as she made her way across the land. It was a good thing. She had left a few days ago, staying the night in the port town and had overheard word of the strange and dangerous encounter. She knew that shinobi would be sent to investigate no doubt, but she couldn't help her curiosity as well as figuring it never hurt to offer another pair of hands to help after listening to the worried words passed around. Her memory of the 'Red Mist' was slim to none, which she was kicking herself about. But no time for that now. A little asking around pointed her in the direction of a group of foreign shinobi. She hesitated about approaching, given she wasn't here officially or anything. She bites her lip, then squares her shoulders and walks over, "Excuse me, sorry. My name is Shinatobe Hanami, from Kumogakure. I uh…well I'm not here officially or anything, I was returning from a trip and heard a bit about what happened. I'd like to…well off my help. People seemed worried, so it clearly is a serious issue. I figure, extra pair of hands can't hurt right?" She bows of course when approaching, and is nervous looking upon the group. Feeling pretty foolish, but what's done is done, and said is said.

A look over at the pair of kids and Kaidan nods to each, "Good." He states, "We cannot afford to have any mistakes or we'll end up like…" He takes a breath and then looks in the direction of the Land of Wind. "Those shinobi aren't human anymore." He shakes his head as he looks in that direction before he hears the sound of two more incoming. He looks in the direction of Hanpa and Hanami, nodding to each. Even as he is about to speak, another screech is unleashed from the direction of the forest. The shriek isn't alone either this time. Kaidan's eyes go to the forest as a hint of some kind of red fog seems to flow out of the forest, though not thick yet.
A swallow and Kaidan states, "These things. Whereever they come from, they are able to move at high speed and are severely strong. Worst of all they give off some kind of strange red mist from their mouth that drains you. Pass out and you might wish you had died." He nods his head, "I don't know if the things are still people in there but so far, we have found no way to return someone to normal." He glances at Hanpa, "Don't breath in the mist." He then swallows and looks toward the forest, "How they got here though, makes no sense."
Standing up slowly, Kaidan stretches and then nods, "We should investigate. Hopefully they aren't as widespread as they were in the Land of Wind." He nods his head, "Be careful, they seem to be more active at night and it is getting late."

Arika takes a moment to calm her nerves, the screeching putting her on edge. "Hai…" she says, making a handseal so that a second Arika appears. The girl glances over at Hanpa, then at Hanami. "Nn… What Kai-kun said. We gotta be super careful." She glances to Jiro, then, wondering where he wanted to try and search first. "Should we even… try and go near that stuff?" she wonders, pulling a cloth out of her pouch so that she breathes in less of the red mist.

Jiro watches the newcomers with a wary gaze, his eyes showing an immediate mistrust for the strangers that comes from a hard life despite his young years. He says nothing to the new folks though he does keep an eye on them even as he looks back to the forest at the cries again. They cause him to cringe a bit and he looks to Kaidan. "You wan' me an' Arika ta try'n go 'round?" He asks finally, not quite sure what the older shinobi's plan for them truly was at this point. One thing seems to be immediately certain however: he's not leaving Arika's side with this danger here. Have to keep her safe after all.

Hanpa was not exactly afraid of inhaling anything given his full, entirely solid face mask. The night time did make for some interesting issues he'd have to deal with… and there were other concerns and limitations due ot all of the work he had to do to ensure the safety of his newly "Freed" people. This was a mess he wanted nipped in the bud. One issue with being a major trade hub geographically…. everything tends to float down the River at some point. "Are they entirely rabid… or do they seek something in particular? Food, chakra, movement?" Hanpa would ask if there was any more details they could use to lure the tainted ones out.

Hanami nods to Kaidan, intent on the information. The screams though make her flinch, looking at the forest at the dangerous red mist. She carefully wraps her scarf around her mouth, not taking her eyes off the distant view. Hanpa asks the questions she was about to, "Yeah, what uh, he asked. You said this red mist drains you, does it absorb energy then? Would that be what it wants, to feed on?"

A look to the kids and then he shakes his head, "The only thing we have learned is that the floating mists don't seem to have any immediate effect." He nods his head, "It is just a remenant. Just don't breath the pure stuff." He then looks to the forest, "We need to go now." Armor seems to pull up from various spots, covering him completely except for his eyes and hair. He looks to the others, "Follow me in. Our only way to knwo why it is here is to find its source and hope that the people of the village in the forest are still untainted completely." He then stops as he hears Hanami, "The only thing they seek is more victims. Like some kind of living plague, it only seeks to add to its numbers and nothing more." He then looks forward, "It doesn't appear to feed on energy so much as it is the way it turns people by draining them and then…"
Kaidan shudders as he looks up, "Replacing that with simply the mist." Kaidan then is off and they can follow or not, "We have to find out why it is here."
As they go into the forest, they don't have to go far. Almost immediately a screeching is heard as Kaidan's foot lands on a branch. Two people seem to just leap up from the forest floor to dive at him. One's head is fully on backwards, limbs all reversed in what should be a horrific painful thing, and yet it seems to move as if that were normal. The other is missing its right arm altogether and nothing but red mist leaks from that hole as it grabs at Kaidan. Kaidan hits the floor hard even as they can then start to notice…pairs of lights. Little lanterns of light in the darkness. Each pair a pair of eyes glowing white as now it seems half a dozen more of these creatures are eyeing the group. Screams erupt from the area and then in the distance, more screams as if they were communicating. Meanwhile, Kaidan spin kicks the two away, both of which landing like some kind of odd spider or bug on nearby trees, screaming out at Kaidan, "I got these two! Take down the rest! We need to get to the village!"

Arika watches Kaidan and she moves forward, but her instincts are telling her something is wrong… She closes her eyes as the scream comes at her, the girl breaking away from its effects simply by her own will, if there were any. She and clone look around, both moving at the same time, jumping and spinning to do a front flip. As she comes down, the girl sticks her leg out as if to kick something… Yet there is nothing to kick. The action is simply one that would allow for the wind to come crashing down on the zombies that are coming at the group.

Jiro follows in after Kaidan, hand coming down to the cloth sash around his waist and giving it a tug that pulls it free of it's special breakaway knot. He keeps the cloth in hand as the whole scream thing comes towards them. He winces a bit before realizing it's genjutsu and quickly pulls the corner of the cloth down to his leg. It hardens and stabs in though not too deep, just enough to cause pain to focus on. With his mind free he moves in quickly following up on Arika's attack with three quick flicks of his cloth, hardening it at the last moment into steel like sharpness as he aims for throats. Hopefully.

Though his sight was hampered, his hearing was not, and Hanpa was utilizing that in order to keep track of what was the come. A singular weakness that unfortunately left him vulnerable to this first volley of mind altering screams. It would over take him as he slumped forward slightly. He was lost, utterly… and yet had purpose. That purpose blaring loudly within his being even as the scream faded. Perpetuate. Exist. Spread. The most basic of biological desires… as we all as spiritual to a degree. There was no Hanpa.. no individual… that no longer mattered. All that would matter… is to continue, to become more, to become all. This impulse would begin to almost pulsate through him, though his body remained still, barely held up by his own remaining strength.
Then, suddenly, his body would jerk back up. He's stretch his limbs and clench his fists a bit. "Interesting." is the only work that comes to mind as he attempts to figure out what is going on around him again… more carefully this time. The moment he gets a feel for whom is around him again, friend and foe, he would begin to attempt to tame them. "Now…kneel." he would command calmly, attempting to utilzie genjutsu against them.. wondering how mindless these aboritions truly were.

Hanami follows along, keeping one of her chakrams in hand, keeping one free. When the two…beings appear in front of Kaidan she tenses for a fight but the screams from the surrounding creatures penetrate her brain, her self. In a sudden wash she's gone, nothing there but spreading, creating more. In passes in a rush, a moment that has her stunned then quivering with the effects. She steadies herself, grimacing as she reaches down. Kunai drawn she wraps wind chakra around then and attacks without a word, one after another aimed straight for a glowing eyed creature. She did not take kindly to that invasion.

THe group unleashes a powerful group of attacks upon the half dozen enemies. Even as two of the group get a horrific taste of what it is like to be a Red Mist creature, they are all crushed under the weight of Arika's wind or under the weight of Hanpa's will. Despite their singular purpose they are crushed down. What follows is a trio of blades and a trio of slashes from Hanami's wind powered blades and Jiro's steel like cloth. The half-dozen are taken down.
Meanwhile, the sound of a tree breaking apart can be heard even as Kaidan seems to bounce back and forth from one tree to the other, smashing into the creatures with a series of fast paced attacks before he finally spins to a stop near the group and looks around, "Good job, keep moving. We aren't alone." And he starts up a tree himself and starts moving, not even giving them a time to catch a breath. The reason though, becomes clear quickly. More screams that aren't as devestating as they aren't as close. They are closing though and in the distance, moving between trees the group can see more glowing eyes in the distance coming from many directions. The screams…they are coming.

The screams come closer, and Arika can't help but lash out. The clone she has dashes ahead to 'scout' the area, the clone looking around before making the wind whip up with a cutting edge to it. Anything it touches, be it trees or zombies, will likely end up with a few cuts unless something is just strong enough to withstand or not even in range. The clone poofs away with the last of its chakra used up, and Arika just watches warily, keeping near Jiro and Kaidan.

After his slashes Jiro hops back away from the dead creatures, not wanting to get caught up by the mist that flows directly off their body. Not again. The cloth goes around behind his neck and over his shoulders with the creatures dead. When Kaidan starts to move he flicks one end around again to hold it in place there at his neck before he jumps up into the trees, the little boy seeming rather intense for someone his age. He looks around to make sure Arika is okay out of a very good habit before looking back at the two newcomers. They took a mental hit, he had seen it out of the corner of his eye since he'd been watching them. For now, perhaps, he would trust them since they really seemed in for the long haul. The kid takes off after Kaidan, making sure the others aren't too far behind.

Hanpa took the shock from the scream induced brainwashing in silence. First, it did seem kind of boss, but most importantly, he analyzed every moment of it. It wasn't alien to him. He had been possessed before by two creatures far stronger than this lot. Of course, he was extremely weak right now and he was hindering himself simultaneously… but he could tell the difference in scale and scope. Had it been the being that enslaved Konoha or third spawn of the Sage of the Six Paths again… he would have been entirely destroyed out right. It seemed that they lulled their victoms mentally in to submission with their screams first and then if the rest was true, they replaced their chakra with something else which essentually utilized their bodies as mere hosts for spreading further. There were many questions remaining, but some were now answered.
Further, it did seem that their will could be suppressed with genjutsu, thus there was at least something similar to chakra working with their minds. They also were not particularly sturdy, so they are about amassing numbers and subduing with sheer quantity. "Hm." Hanpa considered as he'd move with the group. "I imagine they will hunt in packs like this, using numbers to try to overwhelm. They appear to try to weaken with their screams, which are a form of genjutsu, in order to convert the victims before … assumedly replacing their chakra. However their network remains the same, and thus genjutsu still has an effect. I cannot tell however if they are linked together… and thus stronger the more of them there are. It seems possible." Hanpa would share what he believes he learned.

Hanami runs a hand through her hair as she runs and hops up into the trees after the others. As she nods to Hanpa and his observations, her eyes are on the two young kids, curious. Seem quite strong and competent. That's good with what these creatures can do. "That makes sense, overwhelming with numbers. Weakening and then subduing. They want more and more and more. Can't give them the chance…"she strains her senses, hoping to catch any more activity on the wind as she follows the others.

As they run along, Arika's clone deals death to some of the zombie like creatures but there are lots of them. Even as they approach the village, Kaidan comes to a halt as he sees that the village has its defenders and they aren't completely lost like the ruins in the Land of Wind. It appears that people have held up at the center of the valley in this forest. The puppet man stares down at this scene and then points toward something that Hanami is easily able to spot as well. Once it is pointed out everyone can see that there is some kind of shining rip in the very fabric of the world through which red mist is pouring out. Standing before it is a hooded figure with glowing white eyes standing there and seeming to look at the defenses of the town while many more of the creatures gather for an assault, some of which appear to be former townsfolks.
Kaidan gestures, "I don't know what's happening but I imagine it doesn't matter much if we can't save these people."

Arika looks around a bit at the valley people, looking glad that some are okay. But they were still in danger. "We should warn them, right? I could use my shadow clone and we can warn them super fast. Or maybe we can just transport them in a different way?" She shrugs, uncertain of what else they might be able to do. The girl grumbles a bit, not liking this… "I dunno… what should we do, Kai-kun?" She pretends that she doesn't really know Hanpa. She's never met him before ever except in passing. Totally…

Jiro sometimes doesn't think things through, but part of that might have to do with the fact that he's nine. The boy lands on a branch and takes note of the village and, more importantly, the area where the mist seems to be coming from. His eyes narrow angrily at the creature that stands in front of rift and he reaches into his pouch to pull out a smaller cloth that looks like his larger one and ties it over his nose and mouth. He stands on the branch before leaning forward so he starts to fall off of it, then pushes off towards the hooded figure. Holding his breath he lashes out with the cloth before using it to try and trip up the figure and lashing out again as they hopefully fall.

"Survivors…" Hanpa said with a bit of relief in his voice as they came upon the precipice of what was about to come. Hopefully… they would remain survivors. "We have to get them to pay less attention to the remaining survivors. If we use this incline as terrain advantage… we may be able to have them come our way and use the wide area attacks to cull them all at once." Hanpa would suggest. Jiro would take the initiative and jump right in, aiming straight for the seeming leader of this invasion some what to Hanpa's surprise. However, after making sure Kaidan agrees, Hanpa steps out before everyone else to the edge of where they look down upon the village as he raised his fist in to the air, the gleam of the moonlight caught upon the metal that protects the back of his fist. "SUISEI!!!" he would call down to them, proclaiming that the "Strength of the River Current" was still unwavering. Hopefully, those who survived would find a bit more courage and moral from the single word and the presence of Hanpa himself in their time of need, but more importantly, he hoped that just this much would give who ever was leading this genocide to want to take on the interlopers first. It at least now seamed that there was perhaps a master of puppets.. and a source. That source however read very strangely to Hanpa's senses. He couldn't focus on it specifically… not now… but it was something he'd try to note if he got the opportunity to get closer while not trying to get a relative idea of where the scheeching horrors would come from and some concept of where his people were. His chakra senses were simply stretched too thin to focus on any one thing for the time being. If only all of this had happened a little later…
"Girl… you have shadow clones, don't you? If this works…what ever that portal is will be vulnerable, as well as whom ever is manifesting it. Perhaps you could use this distraction to your advantage?" Hanpa would suggest as he'd fling his arms back and then forward, shuriken flung out in threes as the twisted and curved around each other in near chaotic patterns controlled by Hanpa's slightest finger movements.

Hanami takes in the situation, and is relieved to see there're survivors. But that tear in reality with the glowing eyed man is just…she doesn't know what to think about it. Then the boy Jiro jumps straight at him. She gasps a bit, what was the boy thinking? She might not know him, but can't help worry he got in over his head. Yet…the villagers needed the protection more. The one man steps out, seeming to call out to them though what he means by the word she doesn't know. She looks to Kaidan, "The boy, he could get himself killed but the villages need protection. Some of us at least should go to their aid before it's too late." Clearly she's intending to go down there, regardless.

Cussing under his breath as Jiro goes out, Hanpa is nodded to, "Do what you can." He growls and then points to Arika, "We need a lot of protectino for the villagers. That means killing as many of those things as possible in one go! Use those air bursts you love." He nods his head and then looks to Hanami, "Go!" He himself then rushes down after Jiro but he isn't likely to get there in time. The truth of it is Jiro was leaping into the heart of hell.
As Jiro rushes in to attack the hooded figure it looks up at him with absolute lack of emotion. Just those cold glowing eyes as it points at the boy. A situation he might be familiar with happens. The creature simply stares down the boy and takes the hits without moving. Not a single hit doing a thing to the seeming leader, if one can even be called that. It glares down the boy and then simply takes a step forward and attempts to grab him in a vicelike grip by the throat.
Hanpa's blades slice into other targets even as more screeches and screams go off. These aren't as glaring as the original screams. The creatures move with preternatural speed. They are rushing straight up the valley toward the group of shinobi. They leap and climb like animals with some kind of natural ability to do so though. The creatures rushing in and almost immediately as they arrive a trio of them unleash a breath of red mist at the group. Kaidan, however, is already moving, smashing his way through a small group of the creatures to try to get to the gung ho Jiro.

Arika doesn't really listen once Jiro hops into the thick of it. The girl simply goes after Jiro, not minding (or really not thinking) of the consequences it would bring. She makes a seal, and a shadow clone appears behind her to try and sneak up and enter the odd rift while Arika tries to get closer to Jiro by dashing over. Who cares about Kaidan's suggestion, anyway..? She even draws a bit on the Tailed Beast's chakra, though it only makes a faint purple aura around her and not a true tailed cloak. "Get away from Jiro-kun!" she huffs at the creature, sending a blast of wind right at the mysterious figure. There's no power behind it; it's insignificant. But maybe its attention could be shifted enough that it would release Jiro from its grip.

Jiro's attacks turn out to be fairly fruitless, much to his dismay. But that's never stopped the boy before. When the man reaches for him that cloth flares in front of him, hardening into steel for his hand to ram into. He's far outmatched here but he's also mad that this person or creature is doing all this horribleness! "Leave'n take yer bad stuff with ya!" He shouts through his mask before lashing out again. Maybe one will sneak through. Maybe he'll provide a distraction. Maybe some good will come of it! Not likely, but maybe works.

It seems that Hanpa was abandoned atop the hill as the others rushed forward in glorious heroism. Hanpa would smirk. The gloves could come off a little, at least for a moment. The Red Mistlings that came charging up towards the quickly dwindling group on the top side of the hill, Hanpa would attempt to cover their charge. The mask would fall away, displaying a stark smirk just prior to Hanpa's movements. He'd swirl around, his cloak trailing behind him as he practicaly lunged at the target closest to him. Using the billowing cloak, as well as the fact that he was masked to his advantage, he would simply disperse the msits as it came at him, it pluming away from his shroud as a back hand trailed along after, moving to slam in to the enemy that was covered by the cloak. Hanpa however didn't linger, hit or miss, as he'd nearly slide towards Hanami, using his shoulder to nudge her out of the way as he would quickly scan the trajectory and volume of the mists, rotating his form and flaring out his cloak once more to disperse it as his body moved and bended to avoid any further concentrations that would spill over his cloak, ebon locks of hair falling over his face as he'd say to Hanami, "Go." in his calm tone while slipping his mask back on.
Ah… a moment of freedom… back to the cage for now however. He'd face any that remained on this level of the battle field before seeming to rear his arms back in a gesture to "come at him"… just a split second before a few of the shuriken he had loosed earlier came reeling back violently to attempt to strike the targets from behind.

Hanami watches to group scatter, nothing needs to be said really they all know what has to be done. She wishes Kaidan and Arika luck in rescuing the boy Jiro from the trouble he ran into, and appreciates Hanpa's assistance as she darts her way quickly down to the villagers. Leaping into the fray she calls out, "Don't worry, we're going to help you. You've been doing great to hold out like this." Then she sucks in air, mixing with chakra and immediate releases it in a rush from her lips, forming a small tornado whipping out before her to hopefully take care of any of the red mist guys coming at them, at least clearing some space for her and the villagers. Chakram in one hand, drawn kunai in the other ready to go. She'll do whatever she has to to protect these people. Wont see another village get decimated. No, not again…

The heroes of the day, so to speak, are having a great time bringing down the Red Mist infected people. Various screeching and screaming demon like people are getting taken down left and right. Their corpses giving off the red mist as they die though with the work that Hanami is doing, none of it is reaching the villagers. The hooded one, larger than the others, stronger and tougher than any of the others is too distracted to see Arika's clone go through the portal behind it. The hooded creature almost seems smarter than the others and turns to go back through the portal.
For Arika it is unclear what that means or what is happening for as soon as the creature steps through the portal it is almost like a broken seal being reset. The portal seems to simply seal back up. Just as it seals though, Arika's clone is destroyed but by what? It isn't clear…that is until the memories of what happened over there reaches her mind.
Arika sees a village, a full fledged shinobi village. At least that is what it seemed like. In the sky above the village is red Mist floating like clouds, all coming from some kind of strange almost tornado like thing at the center of the village. Of course, her vision is cut very short as many of these hooded creatures are around her and all at once they all blast her clone with pure red mist fog. Her very being seems overwhelmed and for a moment, Arika knows all too well what it is to be turned by these creatures before the clone essentially winks out of existance.

Arika is oblivious to what the clone is feeling as it exists still in that void, her attention on what is going on where she is. By the looks of it, things are going well, and she gives a soft sigh of relief upon seeing that everything is okay. But then the clone disappears, and what it saw, Arika does as well. It exists in her memories, and it's something that drains a lot of her energy, even if it's not a direct effect of what had happened.
The clone was, thankfully, not herself. She doubts that she would have survived if it was, anyways. The girl waits for the memories to subside, and the cloak around her fades as much of her will disappears for a bit. Though she isn't injured, things struggle to heal that which is not. "hidoi…" she mumbles, looking at the gap that the other world had been seen in for the briefest of times. It wasn't there, but it certainly felt like it was… She looks around a bit before making her way over to Kaidan and scrambling onto his back, simply hanging there on her own strength and not speaking. She needed to digest what it was she just felt.

Jiro grumps as the hooded figure disappears into the rifts before he can really do much else to try and get him again. But the retreat is a good thing because the mist should stop now right? The boy turns, moving in to slice and dice any remaining creatures that are close to him and Arika. He notices she seems a bit off but since Kaidan is with her he won't worry about it too much right now. Instead he just kind of goes to town on the creatures, taking out his annoyance at the hooded figures escape on the creatures that remain as his cloth slices and whips here and there.

When the fighting is over, Hanpa did take note that Hanami was protecting the vilalge from the fumes of the destroyed enemies, but for now he would approach those who survived and speak with them. He would listen to them speak of the horrors that had happened to them and the fact that they truly thought they were done for. As Hanpa gathered chakra upon his gauntleted hands and began to heal the injured he would remind them all to thank those from Sunagakure and Kumogakure for lending their talents in keeping them safe and pushing back what ever this is and of course, he offered them shelter, food, and water within the still unbuilt walls of Suisei. Then, he would speak to the rest. "Thank you, for helping to protect the Land of Rivers from this incursion. If you need a place to rest, you have them." Hanpa would offer easily. Hanpa did wonder however… if this opening was something that could occur anywhere. If so… no place was truly safe from this sort of attack. He needed to know more… what it is, where it comes from, and how it is manifested. He shifted his masked face towards Arika and Kaidan. The only one who may know… it would just have to wait.

Hanami focuses on the task at hand, defending the villagers. Using her speed she dances through the zombies with her blades flashing and wind chakra slicing through them. At last it seems things are done. Dispatching the last couple she looks about to see the others seem to be doing alright. The little girl seems quieter but maybe no, she couldn't be sure. As Hanpa talks to the villagers she lends a hand though she doesn't have any healing skills she can tie some simple bandages and such. She smiles then to the man, tiredly, "Thank you, I appreciate the offer and wouldn't mind taking you up on it for a bit of rest of food. And it was good to work with you all, I'm just glad I could help protect these people. But that…opening bothers me. I probably should talk to my leaders back home, those more skilled than I should be alerted if it's something that could open up in other spots."

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