Rise of the Shadow Part 2


Naruko, Hiei

Date: January 12, 2015


Naruko continues to teach Hiei the Shadow Clone technique.

"Rise of the Shadow Part 2"

Raiun Falls-Land of Lightning

Hiei had recieved word from Naruko to meet him out at Raiun Falls. However, it was too cold to go diving, so he figured it could only be another lesson. He dressed casually today, a pair of black pants tucked into sturdy shoes. A dark blue hooded sweater that's zipped up halfway to his chest. Underneath the sweater is a long sleeved blue t-shirt with the Yotsuki clan crest on the chest.
Hiei was practicing by himself until Naruko showed up. He was following her instruction on gathering his chakra and forming the handseals, but stopping just before completing the jutsu. Having worked on it for several days, he was confident that he would make more progress this time around.

Naruko's instructions were pretty straight forward, though the mental aspect of using the jutsu may have been pretty confusing. She hoped that Hiei on the other hand would get it down, especially with him being the Raikage and all. As Hiei continued his training, Naruko returned back to the site, bundle of sticks tied to her back with fish dangling down the sides tied with twine. " Ahhh! It's good to be back" Naruko expels out a soft sigh as she waves over to Hiei with a grin. "How studying going, Kohai? Ready to take things to the next level?" Naruko asks him curiously, while waving off towards a shadowed area. "Naruko-chan! How about helping me out with a fire?!" Naruko asks to herself, which happened to be a shadow clone, moseying on over. Both of them carried a rather sheepish grin on their face.

Hiei turns towards Naruko when she speaks, or rather when she comes into the area. He could sense the fact that chakra was in use, so he suspected there was a clone before he actually saw two of her. He smirks a little before nodding. "It's going well. I believe that I have the principles that you taught me last time down now. I'm ready to move to the next level, sensei." It seems that Hiei is taking this training seriously. He shakes his head when one Naruko asks another one for a fire. "Heh. Showoff."

Naruko merely grins at Hiei as she begins to release her 'cargo' laying down flat next to what would be a campfire site. "I'll be back in just a second to help, so don't worry about working too hard," Naruko comments to Naruko while Naruko simply grins back and shakes her head. "Work too hard? What does that even mean?" Naruko then began to approach Hiei, tugging off her cloak which helped shield her from the cold, she herself was adorned in just a vibrant orange shirt and a pair of black pants, shivering slightly but was ready to work up a sweat. "A single hand seal… and molding a clones personality. Once the image is in your head making the clone comes easily. Once you have 'that' feeling it becomes easy to make Shadow clones." Naruko then appears to be going through the motions, but stops short of creating a clone herself.

"Show me what you have learned, but this time I want you to make a real clone. Try your hardest and focus. Do this too many times and we will have to start again another day.

Hiei nods. "I can do this. I've been meditating to work on my focus." He squares his shoulders and exhales slowly. He closes his eyes briefly to get the image in his head before he opens his eyes with a determined look. "Shadow Clone jutsu!" He forms the handseals and an exact copy of himself poofs into existence. Hiei looks at the clone and the clone looks right back at him and smirks. "Hiei." It says before Hiei himself smile and nods. "Hiei." Then both of them look towards Naruko. The original Hiei says, "Nice. I knew it work. I felt that it would work."

"Raikage-sama and Raikage-sama…." Naruko smirks lightly at that comment as she bows respectfully before the both of them. "Or should I say students…" Briefly she nibbles her lip as she politely rubs behind her head. "You know, I actually lied to you a little bit. There is a reason why you can make clones rather consistently. My fire clones are replaceable, but my Shadow clones can be also…" Naruko performs the same hand seal as before, while suddenly a 'pop' sound could be heard. The clone which fiddled around near the camp fire had suddenly disappeared. "When a shadow clone is dispelled, rather than losing what you put into it, you gain back the exact amount of chakra you didn't use. Go ahead and dispel him, it should be pretty easy. Just 'unbind' your chakra,"

Hiei blinks as he listens to Naruko. "Really? Huh..must be one of your teaching tactics." The clone bows back at Naruko and then looks over at Hiei. "See you later, handsome." Hiei laughs and then makes a seal and it poofs out of existence. He then blinks a little. "Yeah. I can feel the difference." He then looks over towards were Naruko's clone was and then back at Naruko herself. "So now that we know that I can make a clone. What do we do now?"

"Well I don't know. You just wanted to learn how to make clones right? Lesson over? Time to go home?" Naruko turns her back and smirks, lightly. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" A duo of Naruko's suddenly poof into existence along each side of her. "Time to figure out how to coordinate them. "Come on Narukos! Pyramid formation!" The Narukos blink for a moment until suddenly they had gotten an 'Aha' moment. Two of them drop down on their elbows and knees, while the real Naruko motions over, stepping on their back. Eventually the other Narukos rise to a stand while hoisting Naruko. One palm each for her feet, holding her up skyward. "You need to be able to coordinate with your clones… train your thoughts and practice your chakra control. Shadow clones are capable of everything your capable of…down to your special abilities. You can talk to your clones too, but it's not always the most effective way. Sometimes you just have to control them on your own, as you would any other kind of clone. These are able to act on their own though…or think as you…or something weird like that,"

Hiei smiles big. "I get it. So my clone is prone to doing things the exact way that I would do them. That's kind of awesome, Naruko." He forms a handseal and a clone poofs into existence. He looks at his clone and nods. "Delta Formation." Both Hiei's vanish in a gust of wind and appear on either side of a Naruko clone. Without a word, they move and high speed towards the clone, throwing their arms out at the same time. "Double Lariat!" They yell at the same time just before attempting to use the technique on the clone at the same time.

Naruko grins as she is lowered by her clones, watching over Hiei as he performed his stunt. "Exactly right. You should keep going though, use a bit of chakra. Shadow clones can be difficult to control if you are trying to do something… a bit unothodox. She scratches her cheek and points over towards a tree off in the distance. " How about you try and attacking that tree on your own, while using your ninjutsu with your clone? Hit the same target at exactly the same time.

Hiei and his clone end up back to back after the completion of their move. They turn to Naruko as she explains what she wants to do next. Hiei nods. "Ninjutsu at the same time." He looks a little uncertain but he's never shied away from anything in his life. "Alright. Here we go." His clone form handseals just as he does, both of them knowing the prefect move to use given the size of the tree and it's location. They pull their fist down beside their waist as it begins to crackle with lightning. They speak in unison. "Lightning Shotgun!" Taking a step forwards, they shoot their fists forwards, opening it up at the last moment palm side out as a blast of lightning strikes the trunk of the tree. And then the clone immediately pops out of existence. Hiei frowns. "This is harder than you make it look, Naruko."

"Believe it or not your form is pretty much perfect…" Naruko muses and thoughts fade off as she watches over him a bit more intently. "But you are right. Creating the clone is one thing. Actually manipulating it is another. Just remember that this clone is more than just an extension of yourself. It is yourself. If you think it, it /should/ do it. Depends on your personality, every clone has it's quirky moments but shouldn't in pressing situations," She smirks and then points towards the tree again. "Let's try and keep it going. How about making 2 clones this time? The more clones you have, the more chances you get at practicing your abilities,"

Hiei exhales softly again before he makes a handseal. This time two clones pop into existence. They spread out and form handseals in unison. Lightning flows down their arm to pool around the first two fingers of their right hand. Hiei's brow furrows in concentration. "Lightning Release: Lightning Strike!" All of the clones roar from the effort, their jutsu striking the tree and reducing it to cinders. One clone goes pop, but the other one stays stable. Hiei then looks over at Naruko for further instruction and to see if he's on the right track. "It's different with three than it is with two. I can feel the dip in my own chakra, but that's not what bothers me. Once the clone disappears, I get it's experience too. Is that supposed to happen?"

"Exactly so. When it comes back to you, you are able to known exactly what it knows along with any trials which come from it. It isn't wise to do that too often though, you will find yourself dead if you make too many clones and perform that kind of training." She then smiles and nods her head. " I think you've done enough…. how about you practice a bit more in terms of control and then we can see if you can react well in a combat situation. Think on your feet so to speak,"

Hiei looks over at his clone and then bumps fists with it. Then he dismisses it and it disappears with a *poof*. "I think I can get used to this, Naruko. I've already come up with several combat scenarios that I can use with this technique." He turns to Naruko and hugs her, lifting her off her feet easily. "Thank you for teaching it. I really appreciate it." He remembers that he's holding her suspended in midair before he places her gently back on the ground. He offers a half-smile. "Sorry, I got carried away." He forms a handseal and places his hand around his mouth, shooting a fireball into the camp that Naruko has and lights her campfire. "There you go, as a thank you."

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