Rising Ashes: Daichi’s Graduation


Kurome, Daichi

Date: October 16, 2015


Daichi, after a lot of waiting, finally gets to participate in the Graduation Exam. Will he pass or fail the notorious test?

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Rising Ashes: Daichi’s Graduation"

Konohagakure - Ninja Academy

Today was it. The day that many people awaited. Graduation Exams were held en masse nowadays, mostly because Kaido's schedule was extremely rigorous. He had very little spare time, so to a schedule, he must stick like glue. The Head Instructor, of course, has asked for people to assist in the graduation exam, and Uchiha Kurome is one of the people who took the Inuzuka up on that offer. Sadly for those that are graduating, the day is far from pleasant. It was a stormy day. Summer, yes, but stormy, making the rooms hot and humid. People daren't open a window, though, because having rain pour into the rooms would just not be ideal.
Kurome stood in the main entrance, helping the other teachers send their students off to the proper area. There were to be ten in each room, which meant this round's class would be split into three rooms. "Class 1-A, please go to room 130. 1-B, go to room 154. 1-C, you're going to the Practice Room," would be repeated over and over in an almost-bored tone. Everyone knew where the rooms were, at least, so it was just a matter of telling the students. Once the thirty were in their assigned rooms, their proctors would confer with each other one last time before making their way into their room.

Daichi would stare out the window at the stormy weather as he awaits the graduation exams. He would hear the orders be repeated again and again as every student was pushed onwards into their respective rooms. He happened to be in room 154 which for him was a bore. He figured the students from 1-C would be having the most fun right out the gate. He sat at a random desk, and just lies there with his face on it. The proctors seemed to be talking a little while before entering their respective rooms as they were not here yet. Then he hears the door open with the proctor walking in. He would look up at that moment as to not be mistaken for sleeping.

There were, in total, three main proctors and three side-proctors for each of those main three. Kaido and his nin-ken were with Class 1-C. Various others were clustered in the other two rooms. The main proctor for this particular room? Uchiha Kurome. She walked in behind three other teachers that Daichi would likely know as the three sensei for the year below him. Each one took a spot in the middle of a single wall while Kurome made her way to the main stage. "Welcome to the Academy's Graduation Exam. I am Uchiha Kurome, head of the Uchiha Clan. Tucked under each of your desks is a sealed envelope, three number two pencils, and an eraser. Please put these on your desk and arrange your writing utencils how you will. Do not open the letter."
Kurome awaits for her instructions to be followed, then she launches into the next 'speech' about twenty seconds after. "Please open the envelopes. Within each, you will find an answer sheet and a booklet of questions. Do not open the booklet until I say. If you are caught sheeting, you will not be able to graduate. There are one hundred questions within this packet. You are penalized one fourth of a point for every question you get wrong, you are granted one point for a question you get right. There is nothing gained or lost if leaving something blank." Once all the students have their envelopes opened and their supplies ready, the Uchiha says, "You have one hour. I will announce time at the thirty-, ten-, five-, and one-minute marks. BEGIN"
The moment she announced they should start, the room is filled with the sounds of rustling sheets. And a few of the students looked absolutely horrified at the questions asked. Some were simple. 'What is Uzusoshina-sensei's favorite color?' 'How many miles is it between Konohagakure and Kadomai?' 'What is not a clan of Konohagakure?' Others were absolutely impossible. 'If Ninja Bob and Ninja Tom fought over a bag of apples, how many apples did the bag hold?' Naturally, they were all multiple choice questions. But how were they supposed to reply to the questions like 'What is Daisuke's favorite desert when he is sick?' Certainly, that sort of question wasn't covered in class…

As Kurome starts speaking he seems calm. She wouldn't make it to hard right? He would put the pencils on the side of the desk before waiting for more instructions. He is told to open his envelope, and does just as asked. He was about to open the booklet when told not to. He quickly sets the booklet down, and stares at the answer page. one hundred questions and we have an hour. He makes a slight groaning sound as he stares at the answer sheet. So many problems, and I was never good at this kind of thing. He would open the booklet once she said begin, and instantly noticed a few of the questions that he has no clue how to answer. Luckily it is multiple choice, but even then… He would start going through the booklet randomly finding ones he could answer before going back to the others. Might as well get the easy ones out of the way first.

Poor Daichi! … Not really. Kurome was watching the group for any signs of cheating. There were all sorts of people here. A few were of the Uchiha, some were of the Yamanaka, and there was an Aburame here and there. The ones that were smart would realize that the answer key is being held by each of the sensei in the room, and the even smarter ones would be able to figure these out using whatever ninja skills they were able to use. Which, admittedly, was not much. But this test was designed to help the students use their brain to figure out impossible-seeming situations. Should they give up to the impossible task? Should they do what they can? Should they, dare they even think it… CHEAT?! "Thirty Minutes" Kurome calls out suddenly, startling some of the ones that were not paying attention to the time.

Daichi would have by now finished all the ones that the answers are obvious… They were almost to easy compared to the rest. How can you have this answer followed by this one. He stopped for a moment to relax right when he hears Kurome say that only thirty minutes remain. He jumps slightly before looking back to the ceiling. Just relax and concentrate on the questions. He would then look back to the booklet. After probably another five minutes to just faceplants into the desk obviously being noticed by probably everyone in the class. Some would probably take that moment to cheat, but even Daichi wouldn't cheat no matter what. He looks up, and finally realizes that the teachers had an answer sheet in their hands. Could it be that is what they are supposed to notice. He would slowly try to answer the questions based on what the sensei's answer sheets said.

It's lucky for Daichi that the instructors are a bit careless with the answer sheets, no? The light seems to reflect in such a way that he's able to see through the paper! And as he's copying down various answers, others are too. "Five minutes!" Kurome calls out, then, eyes watching each of the students. A few of them were panicking. Some were making their way through the exam calmly. Others have, quite clearly, given up. Though whether that is because they finished or because they have no idea what to do remains to be seen.

Daichi would be slightly panicked, but he had been getting most of the answers down. Okay he hadn't got them all yet although he was quickly marking down any he had left. He hears Kurome call out that only five minutes remain, and the sweat is easily visible on Daichi's forehead. Why was he always so bad at written tests. Maybe he was sweating because he thought it was a trap that they were showing the answer sheets. He had to try though, so here he was struggling to get all the answers down before it ended.

"… One minute," Kurome would call out after a bit. "Three. Two. One… Time's up." In that moment, the whole class would find themselves unable to move due to a powerful genjutsu. Each of them would be bound to their seats and frozen in place while the papers were taken away by the proctors. When they're released, they might feel a bit disoriented. "Everyone, please follow me to the waiting room. You will be called one by one into the practice room. Once there, you will demonstrate the skills you have learnt at the Academy." Then she moves out, leading the class to the 'gym' area that provided the most space. The practice room was down the hall. Daichi would not be called first. Nor second. Nor third…

Daichi would stare as he was held in the genjutsu. Did he fail or something? No everyone was held like this. Once he was released he would stretch a bit as he followed the others out of the room. They were walked to the gym, and were to wait for their named to be called so they could show off their abilities they had to learn to graduate. Of course he wasn't called first…. Or second… or third… Dang how long would he have to wait. He was really panicking because what if he doesn't get called because he already failed the first part. He then just stares at the ground as he waits.

The proctor continued down along the list. The names would be read off individually. It seems that everyone was called, which means that… Did Daichi fail? Or was everyone being given the chance? Getting their hopes up might be cruel, though, but a few of the students, knowing Kaido, would not doubt that he wouldn't resort to such tactics. By the time they call Daichi's name, a good hour had passed yet again. Kurome was not in charge, though. Rather… It was an academy instructor that Daichi would recognize but not know well.
"Satonezu Daichi," the man would say once the boy entered the room after the seemingly endless hallway. "You must perform all the techniques a student must know. There will be no help. Know, too, that if you fail, you may be killed." The man would wait for a few moments to make sure Daichi was all settled. The room was lit by the sky outside, meaning it was pretty dark… And dreary. There was thunder and lightning going on, which occasionally illuminated the instructor's battle-scarred features. The room itself was empty but for a single chair that Daichi was supposed to be seated in while listening to the instructions.

When he was finally called he relaxed. He would walk into the room, and sit down as quickly as he was able. Listening to the proctor caused him to slightly jump as right when the man spoke of possible death thunder and lightning went off outside. "Okay I can deal with that. Lets do this!" He would say, but obviously he isn't completely sure. He knows he can do the techniques, but this setting doesn't help his confidence. It just weakens his morale. Was the timing of this set up to mess with their minds. It must be planned that way.

Suddenly, Daichi would find himself being attacked. The instructor did not seem to move, but there was a shuriken flying at Daichi. The moment Daichi moved would be the moment he would find another being thrown. And then another. The Instructor could see Daichi's movements, predicting them, even, since Academy students tended to only know so much. That, and each instructor may or may not have been given a list of the students' strengths and weaknesses.

COMBAT: Daichi defends against SHARP(23) attack from Rockpath with a DODGE…25
COMBAT: Daichi defends against SHARP(19) attack from Rockpath with a REPLACEMENT-TECHNIQUE…25
COMBAT: Daichi defends against SHARP(12) attack from Rockpath with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…9
COMBAT: Daichi loses the roll and sustains 93 damage.

Daichi would react just in time to jump up out of the chair. He lands on the seat of the chair as the shuriken collides with the back. Next thing you would see is a poof of smoke as Daichi swapped places with the chair. He looks again watching another one come at him. He goes to make his clone, and does so popping the clone out quickly enough. The clone wasn't quick enough however. The clone comes out, and he was behind the clone although the shuriken simply went around the clone hitting Daichi across his arm. "Lift. My clone didn't stop it." He stands up straight while looking at the cut on his arm.

The instructor doesn't blink when Daichi does everything. Hit or miss, he would throw two more shuriken at the boy, offering no words of encouragement. And then Daichi might be distracted by Kaido's sudden shout of, "FAILURE! Get back to the classroom, worm. You're not graduating today, by the looks of it." And yet… There was no Kaido to be seen. It was an obvious piece of genjutsu, apparently.

COMBAT: Daichi defends against SHARP(17) attack from Rockpath with a REPLACEMENT-TECHNIQUE…17
COMBAT: Daichi defends against SHARP(14) attack from Rockpath with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…6
COMBAT: Daichi loses the roll and sustains 123 damage.
COMBAT: Daichi defends against AUDITORY-HALLUCINATIONS(12) attack from Rockpath with a GENJUTSU-PERCEPTION…13

Daichi would quickly switch places with the chair again barely avoiding the shuriken. He would then try his clone again, but as he does it he fails the clone this time. He gets hit, and stares at the clone that was sadly really obvious as a fake. He frowns before hearing Kaido scream out that he had failed. Kaido wasn't even here though. Must be genjutsu then. He would do the obvious to get rid of the genjutsu. As he came out of it he would speak. "What's next?"

The man continues to not reply, waiting for Daichi to relax. Whether or not the boy does so is another matter entirely, but he would take advantage of any openings to get the boy flat on his back and in ropes. Of course, that doesn't work so well if Daichi avoids the initial attack somehow, but the instructor hasn't seen all of the Academy skills demonstrated quite yet.

COMBAT: Daichi defends against LEG-SWEEP(12) attack from Rockpath with a DODGE…24

Daichi would jump over the leg sweep, and quickly land. He decides now would be the perfect time to show off his other skills. First he would Henge to the best of his ability into the proctor in front of him. Then when he feels he showed it off enough he would unhenge before doing a few clones. He would hope to use the clones to hide the real him hiding in the corner. He would hope that the darkness from the storm would allow him to stay in the shadows. Hopefully some lightning wouldn't strike right now.

RP: Daichi uses HENGE.
RP: Daichi stops using HENGE.
RPCOMBAT: Daichi defends against with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…13
RPCOMBAT: Rockpath defends against with a PERCEPTION…16
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against STEALTH(21) attack from Daichi with a PERCEPTION…19
COMBAT: Rockpath attacks target 1 with SHARP with a roll of: 11
RPCOMBAT: Rockpath defends against with a PERCEPTION-III…27

The instructor, upon a few moments of staring, would nod to the effort at Henge. It was very good, though not completely perfect. Regardless, that seemed to distract him from the number of fairly decent clones Daichi created to hide away in. Once they were all hit with a shuriken, the man knew that Daichi had slipped away! Good show. OF course, being a Chuunin-level, the man is quick to spot the Satonezu, so he makes a few handseals and pulls the slightly dirty trick of … Suddenly grabbing Daichi and tying him up with rope!

COMBAT: Daichi defends against WATER-CHAINS(35) attack from Rockpath with a DODGE…30
COMBAT: Daichi attempts to ESCAPE from Rockpath's stun and fails!
COMBAT: Daichi ESCAPES from Rockpath's stun!

Daichi would grin as he somehow succeeded at the hiding. Although he thought he was better then he actually was. He watched that hand quickly come at him with a rope in tow. He quickly tries to jump away, but he was cornered so that wasn't happening. He quickly was tied up, and Daichi at first would glare at the proctor. He looked downwards at the ropes to see if there was any strain in the ropes. It took him a moment, but he noticed a spot where it seemed to either be more loose or extra strained. He starts chewing at the rope, and it takes him a moment, but he is able to eventually get it off of him. "That was tougher then Tatsuo's chains…. Maybe I should have let Hige train me by tying me up…" He simply mumbles it to himself.

COMBAT: Rockpath attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 8

The man seems to draw back for a moment, and then suddenly he's lashing out at Daichi! Except… The man would have stopped moments before actually hitting the boy. "You may leave," he says. The only words the instructor was permitted to say this time around, really. Then he would stand down and make his way back to his original position.

Daichi simply took a small hop backwards as the proctor came at him. He didn't continue the swing though, and simply asked him to leave. So Daichi would do just that. He walked out of the room, and went to wherever he was meant to be next as he watches more kids come and go knowing not all would pass. This is a lot different being a part of it then wen waiting for it. A lot more intimidating to say the least.

Daichi had to wait another hour or so for everyone to finish with the second part of the exam. Who had succeeded? Who had failed? No one knew, but everyone was fairly unhappy with how it's been going thus far. They were once again gathered in the auditorium/biggest area in the school, though, and Kaido would step forward to address the class. "This is the oral presentation of the exam. You will be called one by one to the different rooms. We will be taking six at a time." With that being said, Kaido makes his way to one of the rooms. Kurome another, and four other instructors take their own respective rooms while the last takes position near the front. "Inuzuka Aruru, Nara Lina, Uchiha Retsu, Sarutobi Daiki, Aburame Ekele, Satonezu Daichi. You six are up first."
The instructor would send each prospective-genin to their own room, and Daichi would enter the darkness. It wasn't even 'not-lit', it was 'intentionally blackened'. Windows were drawn shut tight, there was a towel blocking the light that would come through the door… Daichi would only get to sit down in a single chair, and then he'd have to wait for a minute. A minute that would likely drag on and on due to the total darkness. He had been instructed not to move, though.

Daichi would wait patiently for the next part. He had been waiting for this day for a long time. Waiting a little longer was of no issue. Then the second part was finished. They moved to the third part right away, and it didn't take long this time. He was called as part of the first group. He would get up right when called, and make his way to the assigned room. He would open the door to get the slight feeling of being sucked into darkness. It was meant to be this way it seems. The darkness in the room was caused on purpose. He walked over to his chair quietly before sitting down. Uhhhh more waiting it seems.

A single light would shine down on Daichi, illuminating the area. "Satonezu Daichi." He might recognize Kurome's voice before the light was shown on her. "There is a seal on the chair that forces you to stay here and speak the truth until it is touched by my chakra. Know that lying serves you no purpose." With that said, the woman asks, "Why did you choose to join the Academy?"

He would see the light, and like assumed could tell it was Kurome before the light showed her. He was told that the chair would force him to stay down, and as if to test it he tries to stand up. Yep he is stuck. Guess he can test the truth part now. "My reason for joining the academy is simple. I wanted to become strong enough to…." Maybe it wasn't as simple as he though. He knows what he was gonna say, but there are two reasons. They are both correct though I suppose, so might as well say both. "to find my brother. That isn't the only reason though. I also wanted to help this village grow and prosper with that strength gained by becoming a shinobi."

"Why do you want to find your brother? What makes you wish to help this village grow?" Kurome presses, watching Daichi carefully. There was that faint pause, but the seals were obviously working their magic. Forcing the boy to think.

Daichi would frown before answering the first one. "Simply because I never got to have a proper goodbye really." The second one seems to take more thinking though, or just thinking because he doesn't know what he will say. He hasn't really thought about it often. Only that he has wanted to help it. "This is my home, and I will do anything to protect the people of this village. I just want to be able to help others as few have done for me."

"Would you die for the village, then? After all, we are just a bunch of others, and many of us have not helped you. There's little cause for you to becoming a shinobi of the Leaf to die for those who did not raise a finger," Kurome then says. She hasn't moved from her spot. Has yet to break her gaze from Daichi.

He looks directly at Kurome for the first time during this talk with a serious look on his face. "I would die for this village. The point of being a shinobi in my eyes is to help the people of the village who are unable to help themselves. Some of those villagers do not have the ability to help me as I can help them, but they help in others way. Some simply help feed the village while others build the homes we live in. We are a community. We may not help each other directly, but we are all a team, and my part of that team will be protecting the village from danger. If I lost my own life to do it then I would die knowing I did my job."

Kurome's expression didn't change, but she did not once to the boy's resolve. "The final question, then. Why do you deserve to be a Shinobi? You have already shown yourself to be reckless by going on a B rank mission as a student." dang it Hige. "The only good thing you showed then is that you listen to orders."

He frowns when she speaks of the B-Rank. It isn't like she tried to stop it. Of course acting like that now would not help so he resolves to just answer the question without any rude remarks. "I deserve to be a Shinobi because I have the ability to be one, and the will to be one. That B-Rank mission was a reckless thing to do, but I have learned from it. Everyone makes mistakes and that surely was one, but the mark of a wise person is to learn from the mistakes and grow from it. I will do just that, and will not be going on any more missions like that until I am ready. I am ready to do as told, and not push to rush ahead of where I am ready."

Technically Hige out-ranked her, anyway! Kurome nods slowly and says, "You may leave, then." With that, the lights would dim, and smaller lights would show the path to the door. Daichi would have to wait a bit longer for everyone to finish their own exams.

Daichi would stretch as he got up. With one last look to Kurome he would walk out the door. Wonder if he did alright. Hard to tell what answers they wanted to hear. Either way here he was now having to wait on everyone else getting the same treatment. You would think they could find some way to get through it quicker. Maybe that would screw up the results somehow. Yeah probably best to get as many people one on one as possible.

Part of the test was the waiting. Testing the patience of the students despite it being the most exciting day of their lives. Or the worse day. Eventually, they would be called for the final time. Kaido was on-stage with all of his nin-ken, and his summon, and he had a stack of hitai-ate with the Leaf symbol emblazoned in the middle. Name by name would be called, though there was no recognizable order. After about ten names, Daichi's name would be called, and Kaido would hand over the hitai-ate as well as say a few last words of personal advice.

Daichi would be as patient as he could be. He was one of the few that was excited. This was a day he has been waiting for, for a long time. Anyhow as they all were taken to the final location he could barely stay still. How could he when he expected to become a genin today. It took a few names, but he was called eventually and would walk up there. As he accepted the hitai-ate he grinned a little. Finally the day was here. Either way he had been proud of himself for how far he has already come.

Kurome watches as the rest of the class receive their hitai-ate. It seems that all but one was able to pass, and that was because she failed the Genjutsu perception /and/ stealth during the middle part of the exam. Her answers to the oral exam were fine, but it was decided that she needed an extra couple months. Kaido eventually stood. "Congratulations to those who graduated. You have a long road ahead of you, and I've done all I could to prepare you for it." With that, the yet aim would close on the graduation ceremony, and Konoha would have a flood of new genin.

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