Risu Caught! But sorry.


Itami, Risu, Hiru

Date: November 13, 2010


Risu got caught picking someone's pocket out of habit and has a serious talk with Itami about it. Hiru shows up to get some paperwork done.

"Risu Caught! But sorry."

Sunagakure Administrative Dome

A boring afternoon. Paper work has been swaming Itami. While it has to be done it is definately no fun. The pains of being a
council person. Itami has the misfortune of being 'on duty' this afternoon meaning that any problems are brought to her, rather than
someone else. Usually this means minor matters, annoying little things that need minor decisions. At least it is fairly nice out, and Itami
even has a nice window near her desk.
Risu, on the other hand has had a bit of a bad day. Well, it had been going well, but suddenly has gone rather bad. She was walking
through the market and… well, someone accused her of picking their pocket. Guards came, and since Risu identified her as a student (to
be) she found herself being drug to the administrative dome to see what to do with her. She's not resisting, but is sulking a bit. See, the
thing is the guards actually found the guy's purse on her. So it isn't like she can really deny what she did.
One of the guards keeps an eye on Risu in the hall while another knocks and enters, to explain to Itami what was going on, down to
the guy who got his purse back and the charge and the fact that the 'criminal' is a supposed student at the academy. Only once Itami has
been briefed does the other guard basically drag Risu in. Risu blinks as she peers at the person in charge. Itami. Oh boy… No chance Yoko
isn't going to hear about this /now/.
Risu hangs her head, "Um, hi… Itami-san…" She offers meekly as she's backed by the two guards.

Itami hated paperwork! With a passion! She wanted to breeze through it, but couldn't, but it gave her something to do so she
supposes it's alright. Still, that doesn't mean she's all that happy about it. She did stop in between often to lounge around and ignore
it, then when she saw it wasn't going away she placed some effort into doing a little and then lounging again.
Every so often her eyes would look to the window that she wanted to escape from, but she kept herself from performing the act. She
had to remain dedicated…right. Luckily, she looked like she was doing work when a guard would burst in and bring her attention to him. He
began explaining something about Risu and pickpocketing. Oi. Well then…
"Go ahead and bring her in…" She remarks and upon seeing her and beinng greeted, she nodded towards her saying, "Hello, Risu-
san." She then gestured to the guards to leave her office. No need in having them hound her.

Risu seems unsure what to say or do. She stands there, hands in pockets, sort of swaying a bit nervously side to side. The guards
leave, leaving the pair alone. Once the guards are gone, Risu peeks back up at Itami, worriedly. She bites at her lower lip. No protest or
claim of innocence comes from her however, instead she just stands there… looking rather ashamed. Her shoulders are slumped, her whole
body language is like that of a scolded pup.
She glances back to make sure the door is closed after the guards leave and then looks back at Itami, and finally a spare glance
given towards the window. She gives a little sigh and then turns her full attention back to Itami. "Sorry." Is all she manages, sort of

Itami didn't say anything at the moment, instead she just looked at Risu for a while, as if to set in that she may be a little
disappointed. The apology is accepted, though. "Your apology is accepted." She states. "But…I must admit that I am disappointed." She
explains. "At this point, you should know better than to steal from people. Especially if you're already being provided for by Yoko-san."
She moves a document out of the way so she can rest her arms on the desk.
"Stealing is an offense, I'm sure you know, but I'm allowing it to pass for now. From now on, though, you may be called on these
offenses and made to pay for them in the form of community service. We can't charge you like a true criminal since you're still young, but
that can be made up for in regards to how long your community service sentence lasts." She didn't really want to press Risu like this, but
she had to have her understand so that she would try to refrain from stealing and subsequently being caught.

Risu is clearly upset, mostly because she realizes how much she's let Itami down, and Yoko… She is having a hard time with this,
emotionally. She stares at her feet a bit, then stammers, "I… I didn't even realize I had done it until… I mean… I just… I'm so
used to… if someone looks easy to…" She cuts herself off, the reaches one of her hands out of her pockets to rub at her eyes, trying
not to cry, "I'm real sorry, Itami-san. I'll try really hard not to do it again…. honest!"
With the word 'honest' she looks up at Itami, and she seems very sincere, the girl really does seem like she probably just did it
without thinking. Old habits die hard, it seems. Still… she gulps, "Will…. will you have to tell Yoko-san?"

Itami frowns softly, but it's one of concern. She can see that Risu is clearly upset over the matter. "It's…alright, Risu-san. I
understand that it's something that you're used to. It's something that's a bit difficult for you to abandon." She nods understandlingly at
this. "I'm sure you'll do better next time." She grins. "So, don't worry. I know you're wanting to change and it's a process, which is why
I allowed it to pass this time. I can't say that I can allow any passes next time, though." She leans back in her chair to relax a bit. "I
think I can keep this one between you and I for now. I imagine you've learned your lesson at this point?" She leans forward and lofts a
brow in anticipation of a reply.

Risu nods, at Itami's words, "Yes, I really will try! It… it is hard but I'll try to do better." She bites at her lip a moment
then says, "Maybe… um, maybe I could do stuff for you, to make up for it, like you said? Um, community stuff? I could…" She pauses,
thinking a moment then says, "I could try to find stuff out around the village and report back? Like… um, like an agent or something?
Maybe tell you if I see something wrong?" She offers, really trying to make up for things it seems. "If I'm doing other stuff, maybe…
maybe I won't do things like this again?"

Hiru swaggers in from the bright and sandy outside world, eerily free of sand despite a multitude of days of travel and general
lost-ness, as well as an hour or so of napping outside after arrival. He is too exhausted to sashay in his usual manner, but his mother
always said, "Make sure to greet the person in charge where ever you are, first thing, even if you're tired." He makes his way to the
secretary's desk, sits on the edge and tiredly makes an appointment with the leg-eyeing male secretary.

"I know it's hard and it seems like a lot to ask of you, but that's all I wish from you. Just to try." Itami nods and grins. "As
for the community stuff…" She hums. "Maybe you could help me out with a few things. I won't give you anything too hard to do. You can
probably be a scout, although…that might mean that I'd have to tell Yoko of what happened. I imagine she'd probably want some input into
this situation since sending you on scouting would be…well work." She folds her arms and looks into the air. "Well! I must ask that you
forgive me. I'll tell Yoko of what happened, but I'm sure she'll understand. She took you in and knows better than I do." She nods. "Is
that alright?"
As she finishes, Itami has someone come in and notify her about a visitor. Nodding at the messenger's words, she sends them off,
indicating that she'll be with the individual in a moment.

Risu takes a deep breath then nods, "Okay… yeah… you… you don't think Yoko-san will… want to get rid of me or anything,
right?" She asks, clearly a tad nervous about such possiblities. "I… I really don't want to… end up not there anymore." She's still
rather sensitive and worried about such things, but she's doing her best, "If… if you tell her it's okay, that I'm trying? If you tell
her that, it might make things better? Then… then I can maybe help with stuff and it'll all be okay." She says as if trying to convince
And then the news of someone else makes Risu glance back towards the door, "Ah, should… should I go?" She asks, "I… I can go if
you need me to?" She offers, still all over the place emotionally it appears. She hardly knows what to do with herself.

Hiru nods off where he sits on the desk, almost missing the receptionist coming and going. (BUWAHAHA), thinks Hiru shortly after
that previous thought, as he loves innuendo. The secretary lets the visitor know one of the council members will see him now. Hiru sighs
and slides off the desk, leaving the nosebleeding secretary to his own devices as he makes his way to his appointment.

"I can say with the greatest amount of confidence that she wouldn't." Itami grins. "I'm sure she'll understand very well what
you're going through." She nods. "I will tell her that you're trying and that you're sincere about your apology in regards to your actions.
I can't say that you won't be in a little trouble with her. That's for her to decide and…isn't within my power." She can't tell a parent
what not to do with their child, after all. That's just asking to be hurt or something. "Then maybe you can help with stuff." She grins.
"But she may decide something else for you to do, instead if I tell her. She has every right to do so."
Itami then rises from her seat and looks towards the door and then back to Risu. "You're free to stay if you want to. Otherwise I
think I can enjoy some company. I hate doing paperwork." She chuckles.

Risu moves to the side, "I'll stay then?" She offers, as she tries to get out of the way, but is curious about who is going to be
visiting Itami, "And… I get it about Yoko-san. Just.. I hope um, you can say things so she won't be too mad." She suggests, hopefully, as
she tries to become a bit of a wall flower to one side, watching.

Making his way into Itami's office, Hiru knocks politely before stepping in. "Good day," greets Hiru, tiredly taking in the council
woman. "I'm here to register as a merchant and visitor." He gives as polite a bow he dares without passing out. He squints at the woman,
there's something strange and familiar about her. He stares a bit as he tries to figure it out.

Itami nodded at Risu once more. "Don't worry. I'll do my best to make her as not-mad as possible." She chuckles. While Risu moves
to the side of the room, the council woman then redirects her attention towards the visitor…"Er…" She states at first and then says,
"Oh, well I suppose we can get that taken care of. To file as a merchant, there's a certain area that takes care of that kind of business,
although since you're here, I might be able to pull up the papers…" She hums and rises from her seat. She then gets an idea. "Ah, Risu-
san. Since you're in here, I suppose I can give you something small to do as part of your previous committment. Would you mind retrieving a
few files for me?" She inquires. "They all should be in the file cabinet nearby the door." She points out. "Third drawer down. When you
open the drawer, the files should be labeled. Find the documents under the label of 'merchant', please?"
Long distance to Itami: Risu eeks, "Meanie! Risu can't read!"

Risu watches the new person with interest. She peers then, as she's asked to find a file, she blinks and goes a bit pale. "A….
a… file?" She stammers as she looks over to the file cabinet. She hesitates then scampers a bit, "Ah… I just remembered I kinda need to
go do some stuff…" She protests as she tries to head towards the door, looking suddenly more nervous than before, as if she's trying to
hide something as she tries to make a rather quick exit. Odd.

Hiru raises an eyebrow at the scampering child, he just noticed her as the council woman speaks to her. He becomes curious at her
obvious evasiveness, and his trouble-making instinct immediately wakes him up. "I'm sure whatever stuff you're doing can wait for a few
seconds, my dear," purrs Hiru. "The cabinet is right next to the door, you can grab the file and be on your way…" Hiru loves to tease
people trying to escape.

Itami wondered about the sudden switch Risu had when she asked her for the file. While she was running, the woman's mind was
ticking…ticking…Oh! Right…Hiru beat Itami in calling to Risu, but she continues saying, "It will only be a few moments yes, but I
think I should get it instead. The document is pretty official. I can imagine her nervousness about it." That wasn't really the point, but
she thought she could try to save face for the both of them. Rising from her seat, she goes to the file cabinet and retrieves the merchant
documents then hands them to Hiru saying, "You'll have to fill these out. These cover both visitor and merchant identification. However,
just to be thorough, I'll probably have you fill out another form for visiting and such. I don't have those forms on me at the moment, so
I'll send you to the proper department to fill them out later."
As for Risu, "Risu, I'll need you for something else. You see those stacks of paper on my desk? The ones on the right? Could you
place those away for me. All you'd have to do is place them in this drawer here." She walks back across the room and points out the bottom
drawer on the file cabinet closest to her desk. "No need to know what they are. Just where they go."

Risu frowns a tad, she had almost gotten free but… no, and the teasing from Hiru does not make her feel any better. She spares a
glance for the man, frowning a tad then moving back towards Itami's desk as she looks for the stacks of paper and all. She's doing her best
to stay composed. This has been a rough meeting for her so far. She goes to the stack of papers and gathers them up then tries to find the
right drawer as indicated by Itami and opens it to put the papers in it whiel Itami does the walking and handing of the other papers to

Hiru hides his pout behind his hand as his trouble-making was foiled. He nods as Itami gives him the papers and information, not at
all looking foward to the paperwork he'll have to fill in, but at least he'll be able to rest later without any worries. "Do you have
anything to write with? I'd like to get this done while I'm here, if you wouldn't mind?" Hiru asks, smoothing out his kimono idly.

"Ah, yes, of course." Itami offers to Hiru and hands him a pen to write with. She then looks back at Risu and sees she's handling
the paperwork well enough. Just one more stack and she'd be out of here. "Where do you hail from, if I may ask?" She inquires while moving
around the desk to rest on the front of it. She ends up near Risu, but there's reasons for this as she leans against it and blocks the
girl's view to a large degree. Although, some things might filter in every so often. "You're almost done. Just this one stack and you can
run out of here…" Itami states lowly to Risu She seems to have some sense of seriousness behind that.

Risu does her best to put the papers away. She's not used to working with scrolls or paper really. She does her best, and gets
things kind of put away in the lower drawers. She seems unsure what Itami's doing, why she asked for help with the papers and all of that.
She frowns a tad and nods to Itami, her response probably hidden from Hiru as she nods, then continues to put papers away, trying to finish
up the last stack as requested. She stays silent otherwise.

Hiru writes his answers in their alotted spaces expertly as he answers, "Kumogakure." A mischevous person like him has sharp ears,
and their secracy makes his ears even sharper. But why are they whispering about something so obvious? Dammit, Hiru really wants to
meddle… Stupid diplomacy.

"Ah, I see. Welcome to Sunagakure, then." Itami grins. "So, might I ask what you'll be selling once you've settled in as a
merchant?" She wonders while looking back at Risu and seeing that she's just about done. "You're free to run along now. You've served me
well enough and your committment is admirable." She knows it was kinda forced on her, but…yeah. "So, I'll meet up with Yoko-san later."

Risu nods, "Thank you, Itami-san…" She offers softly then with a glance at the mean man, she hurries towards the door, almost
scurrying as she goes. She did finish before she tried to leave mind you, putting all the papers away as best as she could.

Hiru signs the last paper with a flourish, knowing all the regulations like the back of his hand, having done these licenses
before. He smiles and thanks Itami before answering, "Fashionable clothing and kimono. Like the one I'm wearing." He poses in such a way
that brings attention to all the unique details and reveals as much skin as it allows, his natural luminescence, sparkling.

"That's interesting. I'm not certain if many people have opened clothing stores. I'm sure there's a few, but it doesn't hurt to
have one more." Itami nods as she holds her hands out to take the papers. "I'll have these delivered and processed so you'll be able to run
your business without any problems…" Her voice trails off as she finally takes note of the pose and how revealing it is. Her eye
twitches. "Uh…what…the…" She starts. "Oh! The papers. I'll take them now."

"OH!" Hiru exclaims, finally figuring out why Itami seems so familiar. "Kitty!" He points at her eyes, smiling happily. Her eyes
remind him of a cat's eyes. Cats tend to give him that same look. Hiru is very grateful for the fast application. VERY grateful… Unbutton
blouse. No, I kid. I make joke.

"…Kitty?" Itami inquires with some confusion. It took her a while to process what Hiru meant until she remembered her eyes. Oh
right… "I think that's a first for me. No one has ever…called me kitty before or at least in reference to my eyes." She grins
sheepishly. She supposes she can take it as a compliment as she has no idea what else to take it for…"I think you're all done as far as
merchant goes. You'll have to fill out a few more forms in regards to visiting, but other than that, you're cleared."

Hiru purrs, "Thank you, I'll fill those out another day." He barely covers a yawn and decides to ask, "You wouldn't happen to know
where there's a good hotel, would you?" He stretches and his outfit… gets a little complicated. Let's just say it's a good thing there's
a desk between Itami and Hiru, as well, that Risu has left the room.

"A good hotel?" Itami hmms. "Well, the village center usually has a lot to offer, so perhaps you can try there." She offers. "Make
sure to fill them out soon." She adds in regards to the visitor papers. She should be glad that her eyes are not subjected to what is
beyond her desk, and she is. "I understand you need rest. I can have someone guide you back out and to the village center where you'll be
able to find someplace to rest. You did look tired when you came in here…"

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