Rogue Reizei Revealed


Rockpath (emitter), Ryouji, Arashi

Date: October 12, 2016


KRD Agents are sent to take down a turncoat from a Reizei branch family.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Rogue Reizei Revealed"

Land of Iron - Outside the Border

Ryouji, as KRD Agent Hare, and Arashi, as KRD Initiate Dolphin, were assigned to a task that may or may not be a bit too much of a challenge. One of Ryouji's own clan, a man named Reizei Roshiru, had killed some of his comrades during the chaos of the Storm Brigade assault and then fled. It wasn't until recently that the intelligence division realized what exactly happened after the third victim, who was badly injured, spoke up.
It took even longer for people to find the target, but eventually, there were reports that Roshiru had been traveling west towards the Land of Iron. The Land of Iron was known primarily for the fact that it wanted nothing to do with shinobi business. If he was able to cross the border, then they'd be unable to take him down until he left that 'haven'. Which is why the two shinobi were sent out as quickly as possible. Right now, they're about 20 miles from the border. It would have taken a few days' worth of travel to make it this far, obviously, but Roshiru hadn't been in too much of a hurry while the Kumo-nin were hot on his tail… As of right now, there was a 6-mile gap between the hunters and their prey.

The Kamen Rai Da agent known as Hare, rides along on a white arabian horse he calls Echo. The pair moves along the boarder of the land of iron, following where the trackers from Kumo had picked up Reizei Roshiru and the direction they said he was traveling. This is a Reizei though, so speed is of the essence. Echo gallops along the path the pair are following, his muscles ripple as this speed and distance is easy for him. He's a good horse to run down any target, a good reason why Hare picked him when he needed a horse as a KRD agent. Hare glares under the mask, taking this mission more personal than most, considering the target. He wanted to take off the moment he was told, but tempered his eagerness knowing he might have a hard time taking the reizei down without help. He looks back towards Dolphin and nods, confirming Arashi can keep up with this speed.

Agent Dolphin likely had a horse by now. Probably one that wasn't nearly used for riding as mug as it could be, but he likely had one. Anyways he knew the Reizei would be a pain to keep up with if they were alerted so his goal would be trying to approach more secretly. "What is our plan of action? Probably best to try and catch him off guard. Take him out before he has the chance to flee. Does the file tell us how good his ability to perceive is?" Dolphin questioned.

Hare says, "It does, the file states he's developed his kekkei genkai fully. But he'll lack the sword skills since he was never trained in them. That does not mean he won't developed his own though. Even I did and I've got more than a few of the techniques of the clan. Main points, he'll be fast with that hammer and he'll hit hard. Watch out for his wind and lightning jutsu as well." He pats Echo and says, "We'll umount when we're about on top of him. But not before. Otherwise it might turn into a running match between him and I. I don't want him to pull us apart, right? Gather your chakra and get ready, let's see…" Hair makes a hand sign as he gathers his chakra and opens his senses outward for any odd chakra. It's weak, but at least he can get a vague idea about what's about him.

COMBAT: Ryouji focuses 6635 stamina to turn it into 9000 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Ryouji defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…27

Dolphin nods quickly before looking around the area a bit. "I can handle it. And I am sure the two of us together should be fine in fighting. Otherwise I doubt it would be us two here." He would gather Chakra for a bit before nodding. "I will have to hold back on my own perceptive abilities for this. I feel like they would be… more trouble than not."

COMBAT: Arashi focuses 6836 stamina to turn it into 9000 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Arashi defends against with a PERCEPTION…36
COMBAT: Roshiru focuses 5320 stamina to turn it into 7000 usable chakra!

Hare would notice that Roshiru was around. It was a bright beacon of chakra in an otherwise deserted area, after all… He was traveling at a nice walk, taking his time. He apparently wasn't in a rush, likely having yet to realize that he was being followed. One would think that he'd be able to see things easier, but … Nope. He was a heavy hitter and a tank. The man had his hammer on him, of course, and his frame was a bit bulkier than one would expect of a Reizei. But he was definitely of the clan. "I think just a few more days and I'll be there…" he says to himself.

Hare nods and says, "Yes, no doubt. We'll be fine. Just use the abilities that work best for you, Dolphin-san." He picks up the sensation of Roshiru's chakra, very strong and someplace near. "As for me, I need more practice with my sensory jutsu." he says, grumbling. "He's close by but I don't think he'll be expecting us. Otherwise his chakra might be stronger or he'd be moving faster." He spurs Echo on ahead towards the boarder, the most likely direction the Reizei would be.

Dolphin simply nods before getting his horse to try and match the other. At the very least try its best to keep up. "I'll follow your lead. You are the superior here. I figure it fits well since I can fight from afar pretty easily." He said with a frown from under his mask. "Should we cut around to cut him off? If he isn't moving quick we could set traps."

RPCOMBAT: Arashi defends against with a PERCEPTION…25
RPCOMBAT: Roshiru defends against with a PERCEPTION…45

Roshiru was just wandering along oh-so-casually when something tipped him off to Ryouji's and Arashi's presence. What was it exactly? The two chatting? They had been a while away, though… Maybe something clattered as their horses continued on? Or maybe the man had just a really good instinct. Regardless of the why, both KRD Agents would have to deal with a slice of wind flying at both of their heads. It wasn't very strong, nor was it very difficult to avoid. The issue was that it happened to be fairly large and cover a wide area. One would be able to tell such given that a few of the trees and rocks that got in the skill's way were cut through o.o;

COMBAT: Ryouji defends against WIND-SLICE(37) attack from Roshiru with a PRECISION-PARRY…32
COMBAT: Ryouji loses the roll and sustains 593 damage.

CRACK SLICE! The wind slice hits Ryouji square in the mask and head sending him tumbling back off of Ech who whinnies excitedly. He turns and makes a run for it as Ryouji slowly pulls himself up, the bits of the mask falling off and blood dripping from a wound across the cheek and running up between his eyes. If it were an inch either way he would have lost an eye. Ryouji rips the remainder of the mask off and says, "No sense hiding what's left now. Lucky hit. Roshiru, I am Reizei Ryouji, second boy of the Reizei clan and next in line as clan leader! You have dishonored our clan and yourself." He holds his hands up, crossed across his chest as both hands begin to glow. With a crackle several shuriken appear and he lets them fly with both hands towards the source of the attack. "And I will bring your head back to our clan. Your life has been forfeited the moment you attacked the village."

COMBAT: Arashi defends against WIND-SLICE(44) attack from Roshiru with a STORM-ORBS…75

Dolphin luckily was someone who paid attention to his surroundings. This meant he would see the slice of wind incoming and with a seal made he would easily block the wind with a wall of storm orbs. They would disperse it around him before he rushed onwards. Though seeing Ryouji on the ground now made him pause and hop off his horse. "Well isn't this interesting." He sighed a bit and took a mental note of that. Hard not to. "Ehh. I won't be playing around either." He formed hand seals and firstly needles of storm chakra shot out at the Reizei before quickly Dolphin would spit out a bunch of water that moved around until chains came from it and tried to latch onto Roshiru.

COMBAT: Roshiru defends against LIGHTNING-STARS(38) attack from Ryouji with a WIND-DASH…44
COMBAT: Roshiru defends against LIGHTNING-STARS(40) attack from Ryouji with a WIND-DASH…44
COMBAT: Roshiru defends against LIGHTNING-STARS(40) attack from Ryouji with a WIND-DASH…61
COMBAT: Roshiru defends against STRANGE-STINGING(54) attack from Arashi with a BLUR…50
COMBAT: Roshiru loses the roll and sustains 512 damage.
COMBAT: Roshiru defends against WATER-CHAINS(41) attack from Arashi with a BLUR…67
RP: Roshiru transforms into RAPID-MOVEMENT-MODE.

Roshiru raises a brow when Ryouji reveals his identity, a smirk appearing on his face. "So you're the one chasing me? Not much of a threat, huh…" he says, toying juts a bit with the Reizei. The man would seem to disappear, though he used wind chakra rather than the true blur that the Reizei were known for. It would keep him away from Ryouji's strikes, though it wasn't enough to dodge the initial storm needles. A frown, and he just blurs slightly and avoids the water. "Bah… Two of you.." The man reaches back to grab his hammer, which is about the size of a normal sword. The difference, obviously, is that the hammer is a blunt instrument. Despite being a bit unwieldy, Roshiru is able to use it well.
The man blurs slightly where he was, outline going fuzzy before he reappears right next to Ryouji and tries to smash in the Reizei's stomach, then he disappears again to show up by Arashi, the hamer already swinging around to come down and cave in the Hizumu's skull.

RP: Ryouji transforms into REIZEI-BLUR.
COMBAT: Ryouji counters against a BATTOUJUTSU(40) attack from Roshiru with a BATTOUJUTSU…30
COMBAT: Ryouji loses the roll and sustains 712 damage.

Ryouji brings up his blade out as well, trying to match the Battoujutsu attack from Roshiru as his own Blur comes up, trying to match the attack. Ryouji is fast, but Roshiru is faster. The blade hits air, the intended target of Roshiru not there due to the follow through of the attack hitting Ryouji spraying blood across the ground. A line of red can be seen in Ryouji's armor as lines of the fluid drip down the front of the Reizei. Ryouji winces, but pulls out a kunai with an explosive tag. He throws it and as it explodes at Roshiru's feet, rushes forward, arm out ready to nail Roshiru. But there's something in the back of his head. An, uh oh flag, but he's got to ignore it right now. If he runs, if he falters. He'll probably die faster.

RP: Arashi transforms into STORMY-EDGE.
COMBAT: Arashi defends against BATTOUJUTSU(50) attack from Roshiru with a WATER-CLONE…63

Dolphin on the other hand wasn't relying on speed like the other two. He was relying on pure skill. As that hammer caved in his skull it was a graphic effect. The only weird thing was…. Water leaked out until it collapsed completely. A water clone. "Interesting. Reizei are quick indeed. But I don't think even you can handle a dozen of us." Suddenly water was being formed from within and Dolphin would make clones of himself. And him plus the clones continued to make more until their was a little more than a dozen water clones all staring down Roshiru. "Seems to me like you aren't fast enough to even touch me once. And here I was expecting you to at least put up a fight." His goal was to make them act recklessly by taunting them. Leave an opening to take advantage of. "Show me what you got." Suddenly every water clone was rushing at and attacking Roshiru in a variety of ways. Some were even using lesser water ninjutsu probably E-Rank in nature combined with the taijutsu of others. The sheer number was the threat here.

COMBAT: Roshiru defends against EXPLOSIVE-TAG(36) attack from Ryouji with a SPARK-SHIFT…30
COMBAT: Roshiru loses the roll and sustains 474 damage.
COMBAT: Roshiru defends against SWIFT-RELEASE-LARIAT(49) attack from Ryouji with a BLUR…59
COMBAT: Roshiru defends against MULTIPLE-WATER-CLONES(47) attack from Arashi with a BLUR…63

Roshiru didn't expect the explosive tags, and the lightning that sparks up around his feet only serves to hasten their triggering. A few burns appear on his body, and he looks like he was hit by the explosion. However, Ryouji would just go through an afterimage of the Reizei, as would Arashi's clones. "Who said I was even trying?" the man asks with a scowl, pushing himself a bit harder to make it seem as though he was striking everywhere and everything with that hammer of his. Despite the hammer not having that finesse of a sword, he was wielding it like it weighed nothing o.o;

RP: Ryouji transforms into REIZEI-BLUR-III.
COMBAT: Ryouji defends against SHIMMER-STRIKES(61) attack from Roshiru with a BLUR-STEP…61

Ryouji is looking down as Roshiru is moving to strike. Ryouji's clothes begin to ruffle as he pushes his body into a higher level of blur. His eyes alight in blue chakra flame as the blur around his body fades away, as if all the energy was pulled inward and condensed. Dirt and leaves blow around him as Ryouji moves with a speed he's hardly even needed to move before. The hammer strikes only graze air as Ryouji steps around Roshiru like he was in slow motion. "You're right, the time for fooling around is over." he says, drawing out his white hip mounted blade and whipping it back and forth in a series of lightning speed attacks in a circular pattern.

RP: Arashi transforms into STORMY-SHIELD.
COMBAT: Arashi defends against SHIMMER-STRIKES(60) attack from Roshiru with a STORM-ORBS…51
COMBAT: Arashi loses the roll and sustains 756 damage.

Arashi was now being overwhelmed by the attacks in front of him. His orbs even numerous were not able to move quick enough to block this. They left too many openings for a weapon to get into. Should've used Orbital Lasers it seems. When Ryouji went in though Arashi just grinned. "Better move quick." He called out before a few handseals was formed before Arashi seemingly formed a small condensed ball of lightning chakra. This chakra was launched like a cannonball right at Roshiru and when it was near it suddenly expanded in a giant discharge of lightning. Even if he was quick enough to avoid it would he expect that to happen? Arashi was breathing heavily though with those hits from earlier bruising him a bit. "Gosh I hope that is the end. I really don't want to spend a week resting after this." Though part of him didn't think it would be THAT easy.

RP: Roshiru transforms into REIZEI-BLUR-III.
COMBAT: Roshiru defends against WHIRLWIND-OF-BLADES(76) attack from Ryouji with a BLUR-STEP…68
COMBAT: Roshiru loses the roll and sustains 497 damage.
COMBAT: Roshiru defends against THUNDER-CANNON(54) attack from Arashi with a TENSE…12
COMBAT: Roshiru loses the roll and sustains 1506 damage.
RP: Roshiru transforms into FINAL-BLUR.

What Ryouji does, Roshiru seems to match. The problem is that he simply isn't quick enough to avoid the number of blades that were pretty much trapping him in place. Wherever he tried to go, there was a sharp edge in the way. Scowling, Roshiru can only brace himself against the lightning that Arashi sends at him. Naturally, this makes him more than a little angry… "You two.. have messed with the wrong person…" he says, suddenly powering up to the final version of his clan's Kekkei Genkai. The file on him did not say that he had mastered it. He kept it a secret up until now, even. But his life was on the line, and he would rather not be taken away from his 'freedom'. It takes a swing of his hammer, and a huge burst of wind would be sent at the two to knock them back.

RP: Ryouji transforms into FINAL-BLUR.
COMBAT: Ryouji defends against IAI-GUST(82) attack from Roshiru with a BLUR-STEP…103

Ryouji looks at Roshiru with fear. Of what he's become. Or of what Ryouji can't do. He can't say. Ryouji says, "No…I can't…that's too fast…" It's then he hears his father echoes in his mind. "No, Ryouji, you can. Just let go. Let go or you'll die!" Ryouji clenches his fists as a bolt of clarity hits him and everything stops around him. Leaves hang in the air. Attacks flying at him just stop. Ryouji smiles and disappears, coming at Roshiru and pulling out all six blades on his back. He's even got enough to put each blade in it's proper place without catching them. He spins around, looking like a spinning tornado of white and blue slicing and cutting everywhere. He skids to a stop in a three point stance. Blade in his mouth, blade held in the waist, blade in the crook of his elbow. Blade in the armpit, blade balanced on the shoulder, and one in his free hand. "I feel it father, I'm ready." he says, glaring at Roshiru.

RP: Arashi transforms into THUNDER-GOD-NOTUS.
COMBAT: Arashi defends against IAI-GUST(65) attack from Roshiru with a STORM-ORBS…100

Arashi bore witness to two Reizei both fully awakening their kekkei genkai. It was a sight to behold honestly. But one that was not something he could watch for long as the ight continued. Arashi awakened the Thunder God form he had found a bit before and the power it gave him showed as a dozen orbs of storm chakra seemed to almost form from nothing to quickly disperse the wind before he slid to a stop. His goal now would have to simply be hitting this man and the best wait to hit someone who moved as quick as that is with beams of storm chakra which could be controlled in very fine ways. And so that is what Arashi did.

COMBAT: Roshiru defends against BEAT-BOX-BLITZ(64) attack from Ryouji with a BLUR…100
COMBAT: Roshiru defends against BEAT-BOX-BLITZ(82) attack from Ryouji with a BLUR…96
COMBAT: Roshiru defends against LASER-CIRCUS(80) attack from Arashi with a BLUR…86

Roshiru was fast. Obviously. The man was using the highest version of Blur available to the Reizei clan, and it gave him an edge in dodging the various attacks. He knew, however, that he wouldn't last long. It was a fight with two against one, and he was bad at fighting multiple enemies… As such he could only rely on a single skill. The man blurs in and out of existence, almost, as he rushes past the two Kumo-nin to try and strike them with his hammer. Strikes that would feel like they hurt a lot more thanks to the speed he passed them with.

COMBAT: Ryouji counters against a SHIMMER-STRIKES(62) attack from Roshiru with a BEAT-BOX-BLITZ…59
COMBAT: Ryouji loses the roll and sustains 1406 damage.

Ryouji gets hammered, big time. Ryouji readies himself to strike right before Roshiru's hammers get into range, but however it happened, the hammers smash through the blades and send him sprawling. Ryouji goes down, rolling backward until he ends up flat on his back. "Ow…" he groans before pulling himself up. "…ready, but didn't say I wouldn't get hit." He looks at a few of his swords, beaten and broken. He shakes his head, "Awww man…" then tosses them down, pulling out Lightning Cutter. "Guess I'll have to do this." he says, disappearing and appearing running with Roshiru, sending slice after slice in a spiraling pattern at him. "Dolphin, nail him!"

COMBAT: Arashi defends against SHIMMER-STRIKES(78) attack from Roshiru with a STORM-ORBS…64
COMBAT: Arashi loses the roll and sustains 932 damage.

Roshiru was indeed very fast. Dolphin was trying not to use the skills that would easily overkill the attacks being thrown at him, but with the speed of this guy he was thinking he might have to. The man would have a fight on his hands though now. Dolphin figured two versus one meant he could use the higher ranked skills more easily and still be alright. Seemed Ryouji was setting up the guy for a big hit from Dolphin as well.. Team work was about to prove much stronger than any one man was alone as suddenly lightning was being gathered into a condensed ball before it was launched. "Might want to get away from the blast quickly." And then as it got near the man it discharged and lightning went outwards in a big area.

COMBAT: Roshiru counters against a WHIRLWIND-OF-BLADES(90) attack from Ryouji with a WIND-SLASH-II…71
COMBAT: Roshiru loses the roll and sustains 1529 damage.
COMBAT: Roshiru defends against THUNDER-CANNON(58) attack from Arashi with a TENSE…12
COMBAT: Roshiru loses the roll and sustains 1649 damage.

Roshiru was getting a bit overconfident when his last strikes succeeded, apparently. The man tries to counter Ryouji's multitude of strikes with one of his own, but he only used one or two swipes of his weapon before being caught up in the whirlwind created by Ryouji's sword. Then Arashi came in for the kill. Sorta. He was blasted backwards, bloodied and bruised and overall just not doing well. He still had some fight in him, though, so he decided to make it count. Charging up himself for one last strike, he tries to slam himself into Ryouji at extremely high speeds…

COMBAT: Ryouji defends against HUMAN-METEOR(99) attack from Roshiru with a BLUR-STEP…76
COMBAT: Ryouji loses the roll and sustains 668 damage.

Ryouji gets slammed by Roshiru, his body impacts Ryouji and he goes flying away, snapping trees and eventually hitting the ground sending dirt flying. Ryouji feels nothing as his body goes numb for a bit, the strike sending his body into a nice hole in the ground. A hit like that has a huge amount of force and can cause anyone to get stunned for a bit. Ryouji moves his head and moans slightly, so at least he's alive.

Dolphin looked over at the attack as Ryouji was knocked quite far into a hole in the ground. Dang… Well better him than Dolphin. "Hmmm… Something tells me you chose the wrong one to attack my friend." He said before stretching a bit. "Because speed can beat speed. But can it beat the overwhelming attack of Laser Circus?" He asked before forming handseals quickly. Then suddenly beams of energy formed outwards and fired off rather quick in a sorta flanking move. The beams would then all try to come in from different angles to give him no chance of escape. "This is the end of the line for you."

COMBAT: Roshiru counters against a LASER-CIRCUS(64) attack from Arashi with a WIND-SLASH-II…53
COMBAT: Roshiru loses the roll and sustains 1100 damage.
RPCOMBAT: Roshiru defends against with a BLUR…81

Roshiru was focused solely on Ryouji. On ending his existence for at least some form of twisted vengeance. However, the man forgot Arashi/Dolphin was there, and when the lasers came at him, he essentially went right through them as he was gathering the energy to attack. Well… He basically made it to Ryouji, but there was a lot of blood from his injuries, and he was obviously almost dead. "I … hope… you… Suffer…" he manages to spit out before he collapses, dead.

Ryouji wakes up in the ditch that Roshiru made using Ryouji as the plow. Just in time to see the Reizei get hit by multiple beams and drop. Ryouji nods, "He's…right…owww…" as he tries to move. But is caught by several large mounds of dirt and rocks, not to mention his injuries. "…unveil it." He calls out, "Hey, Dolphin-san. Could you do a man a solid…a little stuck here….and bleeding."

COMBAT: Ryouji defends against YANK(27) attack from Arashi with a TENSE…14

Dolphin walked over to Ryouji and just shook his head a bit before chuckling some. "Yeah. I can see that." He stated before lifting Ryouji outta the hole with the help of a bit of water making the dirt soften into mud pretty quick like. "Well either way your little secret there is safe with me. Though you might want to get yourself a new mask." He stated quickly before looking at Roshiru. "Hmm… We should take his body back. Shouldn't be hard to bring back if we are to ride our horses." He stated before setting out to do just that. Hopefully that would be the end of their day.

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