Rooftop Jamboree


Yuuto, Shikoge, Itami

Date: November 27, 2013


A trio of Sunagakure residents have a happenstance meeting upon a rooftop.

"Rooftop Jamboree"

Sunagakure - Village Entrance

With the coming of evening, the traffic in Sunagakure is tending toward houses, restaurants, and other business places for those who wait until the evening to get their supplies. Atop one of the larger buildings in the village near the gate, Yuuto sits with a scroll open and a brush trailing over the page as he creates a scene of the village below. It would appear mostly normal, except there are creatures in the image that are not visible to the naked eye of others, being added in as the artistic former shinobi continues to create his masterpiece. One who knows his history might assume he's actually seeing these creatures presently rather than just having an overactive imagination.

Having finally finished his stay in the medical facility after his last, truly exhilirating and unbelievable mission, Shikoge was ready to get out and see the village once again. Though if anything, he was ready to go out on another mission or at least get back to some serious sword play. The latter was probably the more likely depending on the report Itami was going to send in on how well he did. A+…maybe S? "Hey Mister!" Shikoge called out to the individual that was atop one of the larger buildings, "What are you doing up there? Are you playing hide and seek? Room for one more?"

Itami needed a break after that last mission. It wasn't entirely exhausting, but it did wear her out a bit. Perhaps because she was rusty and hadn't been active in a while. It's almost shameful to admit, but thems the breaks when it comes to shinobihood. She'll have to get herself worked back into working again if she hopes to be able to be of any use to the village. Better use, that is. To start herself off, she decided to take to the rooftops and jump around. She was going to need to make leaps turn into bounds.

As he is called to from below, Yuuto would look down at Shikoge and blink a bit. A kid who he's probably only 4-5 years older than calling him mister? That's a bit odd. "There is plenty of room on the roof, but I'm afraid I'll have to fling you off if you try to sneak a look at what I'm working on," he calls back, his tone sounding serious enough that one can't really tell if he's joking or not. Maybe he hasn't decided yet. Whether he's noticed a certain dragonlady leaping between buildings is questionable, but he hasn't looked her way yet.

Placing his hands on his hips, Shikoge looked away from the man and about the area, curious as to how he'd actually go about getting up to the roof before he returned his focus to the man. "What are you working on, maps?" Asking only because Shikoge thinks the man a pirate. "I won't tell anyone about your secret treasure. I know the rules of the sea, and I can respect that." A hand would reach behind his for the handle of his blade, grasp it and twirl it around in front of him before stabbing it into the ground and using that as leverage to send him sailing into the air and on top of one of the smaller, adjacent buildings so he could eventually make his way up to the larger ones.

Itami, seeing the two on the roof not too far ahead of her, decided to go and join the both of them. She's been on missions with the both of them so far which is only a mild bit of irony, wherever it was…
"Gentlemen!" She chimed. "It's nice to see the both of you," she huffed and puffed lightly. "How are you two? I may have a general idea, but give me a run down anyway. I've been training thanks to the both of you. You guys have me up and moving again and to be truthful, I'm grateful. I was starting to get old and crotchety sitting in an office and doing paperwork all the time."

"Something like that," Yuuto replies was he goes back to sketching below. He eyes Shikoge as he moves once in a while, a light smirk of amusement touching his lips for some reason… one rather dark by the nature of that smirk. As Itami arrives, he would look up to her and give a nod. "I'm doing well. Just working on a piece of a set I've been working on for a while now." With that, he looks back to the piece, making more strokes of the brush to cover more of the page with inked shapes.

Shikoge nodded as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Well, if you ever need someone to help bury or guard your treasures, I'm your man. I can keep a secret, mostly because I forget them, but no one will get anything from me." Smiling widly with all his teeth exposed before turning around upon hearing another, "Watanabe Itami! You're safe. That's good. Oh, wait. Don't look!" Lifting his hands up to block the womans vision from seeing what Yuuto was working on, "Don't look, its secret stuff."

"You can just call me Itami, you know," Itami replied to Shikoge. "And yes, I am safe…and my feet too…" she looked down at them idly. She spent a while rubbing them since, to be honest, taking successive hits to the feet can cause a bit of irritation. "So—" She began only to have her eyes covered. "…" She sighed. "I'm glad you're both doing well," she chuckled with mild irritability. "There's probably some new missions that are in need of taking on and I may be recruiting you both for some later."

"I'll be sure to do that," Yuuto says as he looks back to Shikoge. A light grin would touch his lips as the boy actually starts to guard his artwork from Itami's eyes. Seems he's gained something of a bodyguard. "Oh? I might wind up having a higher ranked mission queue than most full-fledged shinobi as a villager," he comments with a tone of amusement before looking back to the scroll to try to finish the work.

Shikoge dropped his hands to his sides, having a sense that Itami won't be looking at the mans work now that he had warned her. "Well, let's get to them. No need to wait. I'm ready." Nodding as he turned to see if the man was availble as well. He didn't care who the guy was or what affiliation they had so long as they were up for an adventure. "Though if we find any treasure, you'll have to split it!" Placing his hands back on his hips, "I'm Shikoge by the way, genin."

"Yes, you might be able to acquire more than the average shinobi, but I doubt it, truly. I am just trying to get those involved who would like to be involved," Itami explained. "And if you're willing…" She began to raise her hands to remove Shikoge's from her eyes, but he did the work for her. He was pressing a bit hard on them, anyhow and it was taking her a bit to adjust to the light. She rubbed at her eyes lightly and tried to get used to seeing again. "We won't be leaving anywhere yet. For now, I'm just letting you know the situation," she mentioned to the boy. "But yes, on missions where there are a number of people, the spoils are typically split unless otherwise specified by the contractor."

"I was actually kind of joking," Yuuto says, blinking a few times at Itami before looking to Shikoge and giving a nod. "Yuuto… psych patient." With that, he looks back to the scroll, making a few strokes to finish the drawing and then letting it air for a few moments as he looks it over. From this high up, the amount of creatures he sees in the streets below is rather… incredible. "I'm ready whenever. Not like I'm doing much."

"Harumphs." Shikoge frowned as he crossed his arms over his now, shirtless chest that managed to happen some time between Yuuto glancing back to the scroll and Itami trying to adjust to the light. "Maybe you could just tell me what the mission entails and I'll get started…Hey!!!" Yelling down to the road below them, "Get away from my blade!" Catching sight of an individual moving a little to close to his sword for his comfort. Eyeing the individual before glancing away. "Anyways, if its not time for missions. Then trainings is what is in the need!"

Itami raised her hand and bashed Shikoge in the head. "Keep your shirt on at all times! No one wants to see your bare chest. You're not a Kaguya, you're a Miira!" She doesn't even know where the frick they disappear to. That's something beyond ninja ability and just plain in the realm of magic altogether. It's not on the roof or floating in the wind somewhere, tossed in an alley, nothing. "I don't want to have to deal with anymore psych patients. There are enough of them that tend to escape the asylum, sadly enough. We need to do something about the security there. As for missions, I'll need to seek some out. Training is something manageable. I was in the midst of it prior to stopping by to chat."

As Shikoge is suddenly quite distracted, Yuuto shakes his head a bit before looking back to Itami. "I suppose that's understandable," he says with snicker as he looks back to Itami. "If you hadn't heard, I'd asked to be allowed to be made a guard there. If you remember how I… observed our last patient that we had to chase, I'd like to do the same with some others to put what they can do to good use."

The bash to his head would send Shikoge falling forward, face meeting the roof. @.@ "Ouch, ouch, ouch." Grabbing the bump on his head as he rolled over only to hold his face with his other hand while trying to simultaneously rub the pain away in both spots, unsure how it got to this point. "Don't hit me like that. I saved you from a dragon!" Technically…Rubbing the wounds a bit more before clambering back to his feet and placing his hands on his hips, "Now what are we talking about? Too many treasure hunters wandering about? There's more than enough adventure to go around for everyone."

"Yes, yes, I understand. I'll see about getting you set up to work guard duty at the asylum," Itami offered to Yuuto. "And you, you didn't save me from a dragon. How many times do I have to make this clear? I /am/ the dragon." She would point out her feet, but that wouldn't help much. "We were talking about…Ah, nothing you need know about. Training is what's important, here. We are supposed to be training. Tell me, Shikoge… would you like to see that dragon again? Just in case it happens to come back for me?"

"Much appreciated," Yuuto says with a nod to Itami, a light smile gracing his lips. He then looks over his shoulder at someone invisible, that smile turning into a smirk. "I wonder if that grin is as big on your face in prison as I see it in my mind here, old man," he says in a hushed tone. "Don't worry… Soon enough I'm going to have the power to rip it off your face." With that, he would roll his scroll back up and tuck it into a pouch on his back. "See you two soon," he says in a more audible voice as he looks back to Itami and Shikoge before standing up and going to step off the building, leaping down to shorter buildings one by one toward where he stays.

Shikoge looked at Itami with a blank face before finally smiling widly, "No, after that encounter with the giant sand worm I think I should probably learn tree walking before I take on any more massive creatures. That way I can ride them without being thrown off." Giving a thumbs up in reply as if he plans to ride the dragon next time they meet, "Oh…" stroking his chin, "Gotta go hide your map or something, I'm sure. See you next time, Yuuto!"

"Is there an issue, Yuuto?" Itami asked. "If there's something the matter, I think it may bear speaking of so that I might correct it," she offered to him in regards to his mumbling. "Err," she began to approach him, but he began to disappear off somewhere. "Well…" She looked back to Shikoge. "So, you want to learn tree walking so you'll have an easier time riding large beasts and creatures. That's it? Nothing else you wish to learn it for? Scaling buildings without having to accidentally stab your sword into someone's foot?"

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