Rosemary Shakedown - Sake Bar Interlude


Abiku, Ryuk, Nobu

Date: November 22, 2010


Three ninjas chat over a drink, and developments arise in the mystery of the trap ninja.

"Rosemary Shakedown - Sake Bar Interlude"

Sake Bar [Konohagakure]

Sake Bar [Konohagakure]

A well-furnished, and well-presented place where adults can gather in one of the stalls covered with a type of privacy fence to enjoy nothing other than Sake. Other drinks and minor items of food are also available, people often tend to avoid eating here; To this reason the sight of drunk people is not uncommon. The floors are kept clean with red carpeting set in the pathways leading towards each stall. The stalls are medium sized cubes with a large brown table. People sit in their knees when at the table. Although looking glamorous, fights might often occur here due to the drunken state of others.


Abiku and Tohime lounge in one of the cubes on their own, the door remaining open. There appears to be a small plate of snack type food on the table and a small jug with two saucers.

The Sake bar itself is somewhat lively though, most of the cubes having a small group of townsfolk or ninja in them drinking and carrying on as the servers happily tend to their needs.

Ryuk walks by the sake bar with head bowed and hands resting together under his sleeves. An aroma of sweet cooking catches his nose and he gazes up, turning and reaching his hand to open the entry curtain. As he walks in he scans the room looking for a good place to sit, and finds an open spot, near a familiar pair of Inuzuka. He approaches Abiku and the pup, bowing, and taking a seat.

Not having a dog companion, Nobu has come to Sake Bar (which is apparently the name of Konoha's only sake bar) by himself, ready to have himself a few drinks and enjoy himself. It's a somewhat uncommon opportunity for him, so he intends to have the best time he can. When he walks by one of the cubicless and notices Abiku nearby, however, he remembers a promise that he made a couple of days ago. He knocks lightly on the wall and pokes his head inside. "Abiku-san," he greets, nodding to the other chuunin and his dog, "Tohime-san." Then, spotting Ryuk, he nods to him as well, "Ryuk-san." Then he shifts his attention back to Abiku. I think I said I'd buy you a drink back in Kusa. Are you interested in cashing in?" he offers.

Abiku nods to Ryuk as he enters, "Yo! Did you get that rosemary to your mom yet?" he inquires before his attention is drawn to Nobu, "Hah, sure why not. Have a seat and we can all take a load off." he says, motioning to the server to bring over two more saucers and another bottle of sake which is poured and placed on the table, "Anything interesting been happening lately?"

Ryuk sits mildly awaiting an opportunity to order some food and drink. He nods to Abiku, of course he had got the herbs to his mother. Then looking up towards Nobu he offers a nod in greeting. Taking a few quiet moments to rest and meditate, taking a load off as Abiku would say. Then watching the conversation between the two of them he raises his brow slightly, and in a light tone says "Sake?"

Waiting for Abiku's answer to him, Nobu listens to the conversation between him and Ryuk. He's a bit curious about this talk of rosemary, but it's none of his business, really. One Abiku responds to him, he steps into the cublicle and takes a seat at the table. "I guess the next round is on me then," he says. He pauses. "Although I'd prefer shouchuu over sake, if that's possible," he says, nodding to Ryuk a little. Apparently, Ryuk would prefer something else as well? He turns to Abiku again. "Interest? Well, I just got back from Kusa yesterday. I might go back there sometime. I've made the trip a few times now. It depends on whether I'm needed or not."

Abiku smirks a little and nods at Ryuk, "Just a taste is all. Don't tell my clan though…." he says still smirking with a canine visible before stretching back, "Yeah, I went and had an exhibition match in Kusa to kind of test my self. I did pretty good I think." he says, sliding a saucer over to Tohime as he tapes a small sip from his own before resting to saucer back on the table, "I've been spending more time in the village working with the students though. Even if it's a part time assignment and focuses on something of a specialty, I figure if it helps some of them as a genin and later on then it's all worth it."

Ryuk says to Nobu "shouchuu will do fine." He hadn't known that Nobu went back to Kusagakure "How are things there? I have not returned after I was defeated in the tournament." He looks back at Abiku and raises an eyebrow "I will not say anything." It was not his business to do so anyway. "It seems they have some good sushi here, and dumplings." The thought was so inticing in fact that his mouth starts to water and he licks his lips.

Nobu tilts his head to the side. "You don't want your clan to know that you've been drinking? Is that forbidden there or something?" He looks Abiku over for a second. "Or are you younger than I thought?" He glances over to Ryuk as he promises not to tell. Then Nobu follows suit, "Either way, I guess I can't tell anyone, considering I'm buying it for you. It's good that you've got a job at the academy though. I've been a temporary teacher there a few times. Not a bad job." He turns to Ryuk again. "There was some… ado about one of our genin attacking the other. I actually know more about it than that, but I probably shouldn't say much." Having said this, he looks down at his drink. "Maybe I'll go light on this then…" he thinks aloud, taking only a sip of it now.

Abiku waves his hand dismissively, "Something like that." he says as he takes another sip and picks up one of the small grilled snacks on a plate between him and Tohime, "I enjoy the teaching gig. I also still get to go out on missions to keep thing interesting." he says before leaning back on his hands to listen to Ryuk and Nobu.

Ryuk ponders the situation and what Nobu said. It was as if wrong had been done against konoha itself, whether it was the wrong of one person, or the village as a whole for not teaching their young the right way. "I am sorry to hear that…" He says with a shake of the head. Taking a look at Abiku, he was sure this one had the right mindset to teach the young ones, so if it was a fault of a teacher it was surely not him as he had been appointed recently, and it gave hope for the time to come. "Yes, quite interesting I suspect. Even in our own village, in the forest have we stumbled upon an unmarked trap field. I would be wary, Nobu, if the same person has set up more of these traps.." He notices Nobu take a look at his drink and he nods in response, he didn't normally drink a lot so he would go easy as well. Picking up the glass he says "Cheers!" In a soft yet bright enough tone, taking a small sip.

Nobu frowns a little at Abiku. "Well, you seem to be old enough," he says, "Probably only a couple of years younger than me. So I guess I'm not violating any village rules, at least. And your clan can't hold me accountable for their rules, so that works." He nods a little. "You and I ought to go on more missions, actually. I don't know about you, but I thought we did well together on that one patrol."

To Ryuk, he nods a little. "The situation has been dealt with, at least. I don't think we'll have to worry about it happening again." He raises an eyebrow. "A trap field?" he repeats, "You're sure it wasn't just someone experimenting with their traps and forgetting to take them down?"

Abiku nods once at Nobu, "Yeah, we did pretty well." he says before looking over to Ryuk, "Intentional or not, it'd still be a good idea to keep an eye out. Never know if it is someone setting them up with the intent of hurting people from the village." he says, leaning a little bit to the side against Tohime.

Ryuk watches the others present, passively reading and observing their expressions and mannerisms, white hyuga eyes scanning to a fro. He was glad for the waitress to come back around finally and orders a bowl of eel and rice, and some dumplings. All the food smelled so good, he wanted to try it all, but he despite his natural inclination he couldn't eat and drink too much or it would weigh his mind down heavily. "The traps were set there intentionally, they were too advanced for someone to have forgotten them. Because of the training dummies, I think it was a training grounds. Strange that it was unmarked, though."

"If it was a training ground though," Nobu says, "Isn't it possible that they just weren't expecting someone else to find it? Could it have been someone practicing traps on their own and just leaving it alone while they went off to do something else? I don't understand why they would use a training ground as a trap. Why not just put traps all through the forest?" He stops to think for a second, taking a sip of his drink, then shifts his gaze to Abiku. "Perhaps you could go there again and see if the person left a scent? If you can track them down, then you can find out what they were doing."

Abiku nods, "I plan on it. And it was set up at a random point in the forest in a small clearing." he states in response to Nobu before nodding at Ryuk, "Yes. The training dummies were pretty advanced and even had some power of their own in numbers." he says leaning back forward to take another drink from his sauces as Tohime does the same, "Either way, it wouldn't hurt to look into it to just be safe."

Ryuk considers this issue about the hidden traps and comes to a conclusion along with Nobu and Abiku. 'How could I not have thought of this before?' he feels defeated, yet very glad that it was brought to his attention "Thank you, I suppose I have overlooked this factor of the situation…In fact I had not looked at it enought, straight through to the end, that is. Anyhow I will accompany you Abiku, this is as much a task for me as we would not have been there if we were not searching for the rosemary bush, and we would not have found it if it was not for you and Tohime." He lets out a light breath, finally his food comes and he thanks the waitress, proceeding to break his chopsticks apart "Dig in!" He says in a somewhat cheerful tone, for him that is, now that his food has been served. He takes the time to eat, and when food comes to the table the conversation tends to die down, this time that was the case for Ryuk as most of his attention was focused on eating, washing down his bites with liquor.

Nobu nods. "Well, if you investigate it, I'm sure you'll be able to find something," he says, gulping down the last of his first sake cup. "And that round was on me," he adds, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a wallet. He counts out a few bills and puts them down on the table. Rather than join in on the eating, however, he simply sits back in his seat, waiting for more delicious booze.

Abiku smirks at Nobu and Ryuk as they both partake, "Yeah. I will probably head back out there some time tomorrow and snoop around. Should be easier to avoid any other traps now that I know what I'm looking for." he says, bringing up his sake saucer and finishing it as Tohime laps up what is left of hers.

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