Round Three: The Odds Even Up


Uchiha Hinotori, Senju Daisuke

Date: March 4, 2010


Round Three Match-up Daisuke vs Hinotori. Daisuke was eager to just hang out with his friend after 2 weeks without training so they agreed to meet to spar-train. Daisuke had never won a spar up till now.

"Round Three: The Odds Even Up"

The River

Afternoon outside the village in the forests that surround the walls sees the young chuunin Hinotori and Daisuke out for another spar. Earlier Daisuke had commented to his friend that he seemed to be busy all the time and plans were made to get another friendly spar training session in. Daisuke was pumped as he made his way to one of their usual spots, the River area that was previously decided. Today was a nice day, the sun was shining through matted clouds, and the boy sits in a tree waiting for his friend.

Hinotori had been pretty busy, border patrols had increased as well as him also meeting up with a certain young lady quite a bit. Hinotori knew he was forgetting others and well he needed to rectify that. His friends and family had a place in his heart and he knew that they needed him too. So when he got the invite to come spar Hinotori made sure to not have anything planned. Walking through one of hte many paths that led to the river, Hinotori waited for Daisuke and when his best friend came, he waved, "Hey Daisuke-kun." he says as he walks over to the Senju Chuunin.

Daisuke cheers up and hops down from the tree as his friend arrives, giving Hino a grin. "Bout time!" he says to his friend, chuckling lightly. He makes his way a few yards from his friend, getting right down to business as if in a hurry to test himself against his friend again. Getting into a ready position, he looks back at his friend with his hands on his hips, tilting his head a bit. "Ready to go, lover boy?" he kids, teasing his friend.

Quirking his head ot the side Hinotori smirks, "Lover boy? Me?" he asks as he too gets into a basic fighting stance. "I've been doing a lot of training alone lately." he says as he looks to his friend. "Sorry if I hadn't contacted you in a while." he chuckles. Seeing as Daisuke was ready to get things rolling, Hinotori brushes his bangs from his face and gestures for him to come and get some.

"I figured you met some pretty face and were spending all your time impressing her." Daisuke says with a shrug, showing it was no big deal if he did. "My training I've been doing is top secret anyway, I would just have to hold back if you were there." he adds with a grin, attempting to make his friend at least curious enough to come train with him more. At the motion to begin Daisuke grabs his staff and prepares himself before charging forward, using the staff as a pole to vault himself towards Hinotori with a powerful kick before he lands and, with a swing of the staff, tries to strike out at his legs.

Grinning, maybe Daisuke could be right about him trying to impress a girl, but then agian whats to say he was. "Well you know in order for us to be the best we have to train, sometimes alone." he says. "But your right, training together is a must for us and our team." he states. As Daisuke unslings his bow and begins his first attack, Hinitori prepped. As the propelled kick comes in at him, Hinotori brings up both his arms in a cross block. Then spinning to the opposite side of the staff, he blocks with his knee. Hinotori chuckles, "You are getting better." he says then in a movement so fast Hinotori launches a knee towards Daisukes ribs, then spinning behind him he throws an elbow towards Daisukes back.

Daisuke smirks before he boasts, "Heh, I know I am! I'm moving right by you." Unable to move in time due to the relaxed nature of the boasting he was doing, the chuunin gets hit with Hinotori's knee to the side of his chest before his image flickers from view, something new he learned recently it seems. Landing a good ways away, he grins, saying "Lucky shot" as his hands move through motions, using his Rock Hammer technique on his staff before he swings it around like a baseball bat to try to strike at Hinotori. No matter the result, the boy is already into his second move of his 2-point combination ninjutsu, his staff spinning quickly in front of him like a fan before the fire from his mouth hits it and begins to twist and twirl around towards Hinotori.

Raising a brow as Daisuke uses the body flicker technique, "Something new?" he asks as he then goes silent. He wasn't using any of his normal attacks or defenses as of yet, and when Daisuke began going through seals his face is passive. Waiting for Daisuke to commit to the attack, Hinotori wait, then quickly responds by dashing past Daisuke. Spinning around to face Daisuke, he had to quickly backflip which barely saves him from getting hit full on by the fire whirl. His chest is nicely singed and he falters slightly with the attack. Landing on his feet, Hinotori doesn't pause but crouches slightly and dashes forward. Keeping low, then jumping in towards Daisuke, he does a double spin and as he lands he kicks out towards Daisukes chest. He follows up with a follow up palm strike towards Daisukes stomach hoping the combined strike would send his friend falling backwards.

This was not Hinotoris day, having missed twice, Hinotori wasn't liking this much but he couldn't help but smirk as Daisukes training has been paying off. Now as Daisuke was on the attack Hinotori watches his friend trying to anticipate him. The strike to his chest hits hard staggering Hinotori slightly, but as Hinotori tries to dodge the second attack, the Uchiha is hit hard on his ribs. Grunting slightly, Hinotori looks to his friend and nods his head, finally Daisuke was keeping up with him. Taking a slow steady breath, Hinotori calms and quiets his mind. Focusing on himself and his surrounding, allowing his mind to push away his pain. Upon opening his eyes, Hinotori dives towards Daisuke, closing the distance and as he does so Hinotori leaps in bringing himself in striking distance. As he does a elbow strike towards Daisukes chest, then quickly spinning and dropping low, Hinotori attempts a sweep to take Daisukes legs from under him.

"Seems whatever you've been doing has slowed you down a bit, Hino-kun." Daisuke says to his friend as both his staff strikes hit their targets. As his friend comes in for a counter attack, Daisuke is ready, first dodging out of the way of the initial strike before flickering from view. He stands there ready to take action again, performing his Earth and Fire combination attack against Hinotori with the intent on hitting Hinotori with his hammer this time, after all this was training sparring, not just a spar. "I'll get you this time!" he says as he swings his staff in a downward arcing blow with the earth attached already before using his staff to spread his flames again to make it harder to dodge.

Hinotori has slowed and he hated to hear that from his friend, but that isn't what bothered him. He hadn't been training a whole lot and now it was showing. Now that Daisuke was begining his attacks again, Hinotori watches and when his friend states what he was going to do, the Uchiha shook his head. "Stop telling me what your going to do and just do it. Practice remember." he tells his friend. As the Rock Hammer strike came in Hinotori rolls under the Rock Hammer strike, then as if on a strengthend spring, Hinotori vaults over Daisuke flipping in the air then landing a few feet behind his friend. "Well looks like one of us is doing good." he smiles.

Daisuke grins and nods his head, having defeated his friend in their spar-training sessions this time. "You know I like to showboat when I can." he says as he walks over, wrapping an arm around his friend. They walk off, discussing various things like his new move, training, girls, the usual stuff young teenage boys talk about.

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