Ruff Roofing


Suzu, Daichi, Shinobu, Yasuo

Date: February 10, 2016


A simple D-Rank mission to repair the roof of a rotting mansion. For some reason the old lady who lives there can't get any help!

"Ruff Roofing"

Forest Mansion, Konohagakure

The mission today is a straightforward one. An old woman on the fringes of Konohagakure has a large house that she can't maintain herself. She needs some repairs and cleaning done on the outside, where her various domestic helpers can't easily get to. It's a pretty expansive roof, with many steeples and chimneys, and while someone could climb out of one of the windows in the upper floors to get out onto it, it's covered in moss and dead leaves and has broken tiles and so on and so forth. It's basically not really safe.

Those with Tree Walking are especially well-suited to this work as they can cling in precarious positions and reach otherwise inaccessible places with minimal risk to themselves. Supplies have been provided for the work, as well as any necessary tools. The old woman is indoors, resting, and staying out of the way.

The sky is gray, and it looks like a storm may be rolling in soon. All the more reason to get this done quickly… But to do it right the first time. They aren't going to want to come back out here because they busted a hole in the roof and now have to clean up a flooded attic or something in the aftermath of a rain storm.

Suzu is standing outside, looking up at the house, and counting the number of floors. "One… Two… Three… Four… And the attic makes five? Do attics count as floors? So we have to go above the attic and then work on the roof, and if we fall off we might break all our bones and/or die. Great! Let's get started!" The kunoichi hefts her bag of tools and supplies and starts walking up the side of the house.

Daichi was walking along and seemed to be glancing at Shinobu more often than the house. "I uhhh… I don't think I will break any bones.. Or any of us. Tree walking is easy to do really." He smiled a bit, and walked over to the house before grabbing a bag off the ground for himself. "So… Suzu where should we start?" He looked to Yasuo. "Or should I ask you since you are a chunnin?" He frowned obviously a bit confused by all of this. Or just distracted. One of the two.

"Keep some tools ready… maybe…" Shinobu suggests quietly, thinking that maybe a shuriken attached to wires/rope would be able to help prevent a completely broken body if any of them fell. That being said, she could probably damage the ground before she damaged herself… The girl would make sure to grab some of the tools that the village/old woman was offering so they could complete this mission successfully. Kame would run up the side of the building almost effortlessly, moving to scope out the roof a bit so the shinobi could start working as quickly as possible.

Getting sent to help repair and clean a house isn't the most exciting of missions, but it must be done. A Chuunin must happily complete all missions as a good example to the Genin, after all. Adorned in his Chuunin Vest today to show some professionalism, Hyuuga Yasuo looks up at the house with his Byakugan to examine it and be sure the repairs they're going to make are all that needs to be done. After all, if they repair the top layer to find out that it's rotted out underneath, the effort would have been useless. He simply nods to Suzu's words and starts to move up the side of the house. "Discard the parts that need replacing first."

The air is cold, and a light mist in the air leaves minute amounts of moisture on the ninja as they work. The whistling of cold wind is definitely starting to become audible. Suzu takes Yasuo's words to heart and picks up the pace! "Like the team leader said: The roof is the place to be! Any other cleaning can be done later on, but the roof should be handled before it gets drenched. Otherwise it will be even more of a hassle to get done!" She finally reaches the roof, looking down towards the Hyuuga with his Byakugan active as if checking that he isn't seeing any problems that would make stepping on the roof dangerous. Her Sharingan won't be much use here. It sees Chakra. It doesn't have the penetrating vision that the Byakugan does.

Thankfully, while Yasuo is able to identify several locations that need to be repaired and replaced, none of it looks as though walking on the roof in and of itself will result in anything bad happening. Not that dog cares. DOG HAS BIGGER CONCERNS.

By the time Suzu gets up onto the roof all the way, Kame has probably already started walking around and sniffing things. Or whatever dogs do on roofs.

…Who decided it was a good idea to send a dog on a roof repair mission again?

Daichi simply nods to everyone and follows along. He started walking up after Suzu and glanced over to Shinobu before quickly reaching the top. From there he would get to work pulling away the ruined scraps and getting ready to replace and renew the place as it needs to be. Also quickness was his specialty not that he wouldn't mind the rain… He was just sure the house itself would. Knowing it could get plenty of ruined from doing this. "We shouldn't expect anything bad huh? I am so used to simple missions becoming issues." He sighed.

Kame could hear Yasuo's orders pretty clearly, so when she got up on the roof, the pup would be looking for sections that seemed particularly damaged, moldy, and otherwise unusable. The pup yips and tries to direct Suzu's attention to this one spot that didn't seem very great. They should start here! Shinobu followed after Daichi, glad that this mission was in the village because she was getting a bit bored… Silly drama with her past keeping her locked up v.v The girl would look around curiously, going over to Kame when the pup starts yipping about a certain spot on the roof.

After looking over the areas that need repair, Yasuo points out the areas in need of repair. "Unless someone's coming to attack us or burn the house down, we should be fine, I think," the Hyuuga says, shrugging his shoulders. He then grabs tools from his belt and begins on repairs as well, starting to take out pieces that are not salvageable so they can be replaced with new ones.

Suzu notices Kame sniffing around and then start barking! "Oohhh! I see now! You detect the parts that are rotten with your nose! Dogs are good repair people after all!" She patpats Kame and then gets to work prying up the suspicious section, and putting the damaged roofing in her bucket. Likewise, Shinobu and Daichi should have little trouble finding and disposing of bad parts of the roof with Yasuo directing their efforts.

Though the weather continues to worsen, they are making excellent progress over the following half hour or so. Now it's time to replace what's broken, and then to scoop moss and mulch off of the roof and out of the rain gutter. Those tasks may also be time consuming, but there don't appear to be any unexpected complications, and it kind of feels good to work with one's hands, and to make something old new again!

Still… The wind is getting stronger, and those clouds are rolling fast. It's probably only a matter of minutes before the rain starts falling on them. They might not finish in time before the storm hits, but as long as they can get the holes filled and the tiles replaced, then nothing should leak into the house. Then they can handle the rest, even in the rain if they must, and go inside to get warmed up. A place like this with an old lady living there has got to have a fireplace and blankets and cookies and stuff waiting for them, right!?

Daichi just continued on with the work. After a while he seemed bored. "Shinobu! I am bored. Later we should go get something to eat alright?" He asked her before clearing out some of this moss. He was quick and light on his feet. Made this work easy when combined with his excellent chakra control involving his feet. "Why does the lady have no one to help her? That is sad huh?" He frowned.

Kame would yip and snuggle into the pats briefly before sniffing around for more bad tiles. The pup would be helping Suzu for the most part since Yasuo was helping Daichi and Shinobu with his incredi-vision. Shionbu would pick a bit at some of the rotten and broken pieces, glancing over to Daichi every now and then to see how he was doing. And then she would patch what she discarded, being sure to set things down carefully and then seal them just as carefully. Don't need complaints against the Leaf! The girl would glance over when Daichi suggests food, and she nods cheerfully. Then she frowns a bit. "Umm… I'm… not sure…" she says quietly, squeaking and almost falling over as a particularly vicious gust of wind would try to make the young Inuzuka topple over. Thankfully, her grip via chakra/tree-walking prevents such!

Taking note of the weather, Yasuo frowns slightly and starts to work a bit faster. His own grip on the roof with his chakra is quite steady. He almost doesn't seem to notice the wind blowing against him so much as the threat to their progress. "Keep focus. If we get this part through before the rain hits, we'll be able to do the rest easily enough," he comments to the Genin while he continues to work, hoping to be done as expediently as possible.

Suzu doesn't know the answer to that. This run-down mansion on the edge of town… The Hidden Leaf Village has only existed for about 14 years now, but this house is already in such a state? It's a bit unusual that this level of deterioration would occur, though the house is out in the woods, so it could have existed before the Village itself. Still weird. And, yes, sad. Maybe she'll come by to spend time with their employer another day. Keep her company. If all of her family has moved out and so forth, she must be lonely!

Working together under Yasuo's steady guidance, the quartet (plus dog) continue to make steady, continuous progress. The damaged parts of the roof are finished, and most of the moss and gunk scraped out, at around the time that rain begins to patter on the roof, as well as, obviously, on their heads and backs. "Augh! We're going to have to deal with wet dog smell after we're done here, aren't we!?" Suzu protests without ceasing her work, and if anything, speeding it up.

Eventually, though they are probably quite wet by the time they're done, the job is complete. The ninja managed to complete a roof repair job that would have taken a crew of professionals several hours of hammering and scraping and so on. Now it's time to get off this roof and go inform their employer! "Ohhh! I can't wait for those cookies and towels and grandmotherly care!" Suzu says as she climbs down from the roof and leaps down when she gets about half-way to the ground.

Daichi blinked a few times at Suzu as they worked. Mainly at things like wet dog smell. He hadn't ever paid attention to if Kame smelled when wet or anything. Of course they quickly finished and just in time too, so he was getting ready to head down. "Oh? Cookies and towels? We are getting those?" He walked over to Shinobu and offers a hand to her to help her down the side of the building. You case she slipped or something, and not because he wanted to hold her hand. Totally the reason.

Shinobu would continue to work diligently until everything looked … Well, it wasn't professional, but it was decent. Shinobu wiped her hands off on the very bag that carried all her materials, and the girl would make her way to the edge of the roof to start climbing down. Kame would sort of take perch on Daichi's head or something similar, tree-walking skills keeping her in place while Shinobu lowered herself from the 4-story (5-story?) building. The girl would have accepted Daichi's offered hand, too, though perhaps with a bit of a blush… Once they were on the ground, she would peek over to make sure the Satonezu and Kame had gotten down safely before she looks to Yasuo questioningly. 'What next?' she asked wordlessly.

Despite his incredibly long hair getting wet, Yasuo doesn't seem bothered and simply continues at his work. Once the repairs are finally done, he gauges the progress of the others to be sure the work is complete before leaping off the rooftop as well and landing gracefully below. "We should go inside and tell her that part of the work is done so we can figure out what we need to do next to get the mess inside cleaned up and repaired as well."

They got up to the door, knock, wait for Miss Old Legs to open it as rain pours down on them, and the whole time Suzu is thinking about how she is going to have a new adoptive grandmother for sure after this! When the door is finally opened, the old woman stands there, squinting and smiling from her wrinkly face and says, "I suppose you're done for the day, with the weather and all. Come back to finish it when the storm clears."

Suzu raises a hand and starts to say, "Can we—?"

Then the door is slammed in her face.

"…Ah." So that's why this old lady doesn't have anyone to help her out. She's RUDE. Mystery solved.

Suzu is going to go home and be glad she at least has a mom willing to give her cookies and blankets. T_T

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