Rumor ends: Kirigakure honor restored


Ishino, Tsiro

Date: January 12, 2013


Tsiro and Ishino were dispatched to deal with some harassing thugs, leading into a small skirmish with a rogue shinobi

"Rumor ends: Kirigakure honor restored"

Edge of Fuuma alley

It always started with rumors, didn't it? There was a rumor of a group based in Fuuma who was causing trouble for anyone associated with Kirigakure. First it was just bad mouthing the village, then it was actually harassing the merchants that lived within the Land of Water. It's gotten to a point that the merchants have started to hire guards just to keep this growing population of rough cut hooligans from effecting their sales. Unfortunately the arms race didn't end there. Skirmishes in the streets of Fuuma soon grew into shinobi, mercenaries or bandits, getting involved in taking out the guards and maybe even a merchant or two. It has gotten to the point that something has needed to be done. So, Tsiro and Ishino are sent to Fuuma to find the source of this problem and resolve it.

It's a cold and blurry day, the wind whipping a thin mist of water about, so it was not quite fog, but everything would get soaked quickly. Ishino was given the order to work under Tsiro's guidance on this mission, so they could find the problem and try to resolve it. Ishino was in his tux for this endevor, trying to use an umbrella to keep dry with only mixed results. He was generally quiet while on the mission, always polite, but this wasn't his show to lead, so he was there to help out the Kayuga he actually had a lot of respect for.

Despite how young Tsiro actually was, he had no issue accepting the lead for the mission. "Keep a sharp eye. There is no doubt that someone here will be waiting in ambush for us." he advises Ishino. The Kaguya was dressed in his normal attire. He also held no issue with being bait for an attack. "While this is not the case with all shinobi, there are really two types that will be hired for work in the neutral zone. There are those from the bigger villages which cost more and those from the lesser villages or ranks of rogues that cost next to nothing." It was a simple philosphy Tsiro had always gone by. Of all his times here, he had only fought shinobi from Konoha during an actual war.

Ishino would smile with a nod in response. "Indeed. I definitely see a high probability that we will be targeted, being a more direct representative of Kirigakure than the merchants. Of course there's also a raised chance of more firm tactics used against us for that very reason. I will do my best to support you, Kayuga-san." Ishino would continue to travel at Tsiro's pace, the abandon temple ahead of them on the road looking like it has heavy use to it, there was smoke trickling out from within that lazily scattered in the ever shifting wind. "I think, Kayuga-san, we may of found the location of their base of operations.."

The abandoned temple up ahead actually held many memories for Tsiro. The place had been used during the war to house cargo that both sides held an interest in. It was only a few years back that he had actually fought Naru there. Then there were the memories of Meruin that crossed through his head. Though the two were on the same side, whenever anyone was on a mission with Meruin, it was always necessary for them to watch their back. If they did not, he would end up hitting them with acid. It was almost like the guy tried to raise him to trust no one.
"There is only one way to find out. If we are attacked, stay with the merchant and make sure he is protected. If they recognize me, they would be smart to try and draw me away, then attack the merchant."

Ishino would nod in response, he'd fall back to be more in line with the merchant's group, as oppose to the lead with Tsiro. They did indeed pass the temple where the smoke suddenly cut off when they were closer to it's location. A few moments after that, there was a hail of kunai, although it fell well short of hitting anyone. a loud voice would call out then from the shadows.

"You are from that scumbag place Kirigakure! You're going to give up your merchandise now! You, you in the front, you're going to surrender that headband, or we're going to rip it from your body! No one from Kirigakure deserves respect and they're going to see it when we shatter that protector!" There was the rustle of maybe a dozen men within the surrounding wood on both sides of the road. The merchant looked nervous, however it seems the focus has centered on Tsiro, instead of the caravan this time.

The kunai caused Tsiro to stop where he was. Not that he feared them, but because he had their attention. With Ishino protecting the caravan, the boy could unwind a little. Soon bones began protruding from all over his skin. Luckily he had already figured out an attire where they did not shred everything. "Come. Show me just how much respect you deserve. The only respect you will gain is from those on the otherside when they find out I sent you." Tsiro states in a firm voice. His crimson eyes scan the area waiting for someone to attack him.

With a roared battle cry, Tsiro would indeed get what he was expecting. A good 10 men burst out from the surrounding forest. The caravan, under Ishino's call would back up, getting away from the sudden to be involved conflict. The men were good fighters, definitely a step up from random rabble, although they were no where near shinobi level. The only way that Tsiro might be in trouble in the swirling melee is just due to the sheer number of attacks coming at him.

As the men approached, Tsiro began to dance in the Shikot style. His body ducked under attacks while giving a few of his own to retaliate. These were minor slashes as the boy was still playing with them. After a few moments Tsiro backed up towards the caravan and held his hands outwards towards them. Small, bone like bullets then shot forward from his hand, taking down the first layer of rabble. "Come on, I have not even broke a sweat yet!" Tsiro calls out. He doubted their leader would actually take the field until he knew exactly what he was up against.

It seems that Tsiro was astute in that observation, the next group of men didn't seem quite as eager to go out, however, they still went, the line much more ragged as the next 5 men came at Tsiro, along with the 5 remaining from the few that Tsiro left standing before. Ishino watched on in interest, quietly sending his puppet out and off to the side. It seems the attackers were thinning, which means the power behind the chaff was going to expose themselves soon. Hopefully, Ishino would be able to capitalize on that. The men attacking Tsiro had longer blades this time, definitely making it more difficult for Tsiro to just avoid the attacks, might be a regular work out for him, although none of them were on his level of taijutsu still.

As the blades came forward, Tsiro did not move. Each blade would hit him only to find it making a clinking noise off of bone armor, just beneath the boy's skin. Tsiro was drawing them in closer. He wanted the attention to remain on himself. So long as the eyes remained on him the caravan would likely be free from attack and Ishino would be able to do anything he desired to help the situation.
"Pathetic." Tsiro states as he moves his arms outwards slicing into his opponents with bones the forearms. "Please, someone send me a challenge." he goads. He wanted to see the leader. A real challenge hopefully.

As Tsiro went on the offense, he'd probably note that all the men around him suddenly.. slowed down. Ishino's effect was subtle, not enough to really give away what was happening to those who weren't within the range. That stun would leave them open for the final strikes by Tsiro, putting them all down. There was a swirling blur of wind, opening up to reveal a man with a set of sais. "Well, you took care of the rabble easily enough. Time to put you down like the true dog you are." The man would stand up, older, a lot of scars on him, a set of forehead protectors was strapped about his body, the symbols for different villages, marked out revealing he collected them from his victims it seems. "Prepare to die, Kiri nin. Let me show you just how pathetic your village is." He'd walk confidently towards Tsiro. That low note.. ticking, would raise about them. Time Keeper it seems was coming into play as Ishino charged up the puppet, although for now he still kept out of the way.

The slow down of his opponents was something Tsiro noticed. He also recognized the sound of clicking. Ishino was proving himself very useful. There were certain jutsu that seemed perfect for support roles. Time Keeper seemed to be prepared with those jutsu. Of course when Tsiro considered it, Time Keeper was a support tool for Ishino. It was almost creepy how much practice Ishino probably got in his normal training that made him so much more deadly in the support role.
Tsiro's crimson eyes finally fall on the old man. "Itis about time you come out of hiding. I was starting to get bored." Tsiro states as his body begins to spin. He's looking to tear into the old man. He assumed by his sai weapons that he was a close range combatant.

The boss tried to move away from Tsiro's dance, not quite fast enough, he'd get shredded by those attacks hitting him. As he dealt with the multiple gashes happening across his body, the world started to slow down on him. Of course, the pain that Tsiro was causing caused the slow down to studder the first time, not quite getting him in it's embrace. However, that second grip, the solemn moment effect coming into place about the man would have him go still. For him, the world had stopped, leaving him wide open for further assault. It wouldn't be for a good minute or two later that he'd catch up to what had been happening and react, it seems.

"For a shinobi with all those trophies, you sure do not seem to understand much." Then again Tsiro was sure his words were so spaced out to the man that he could not even here him. It would sound like a blah, blah, blah. Instead of wasting the time or letting him suffer, Tsiro spins around once more attempting to tear into the man's vital organs with bones extending from his elbows.

The world was indeed still for the boss. He'd stand dumbly while Tsiro shredded the man. That chakra hummed as Time Keeper lined up the shot, a small machine revealed at it's shoulder as the chakra gathered further. Timed perfectly so that Tsiro was not threaten, the shot was fired, a hollow kunai with a clear liquid within the resivor of it's center. That shot would slam into the man's shoulder, the poison immediately spreading into his body, even in that held state his body would react negatively to it, the poison coursing a wicked path through him as it saught out his heart. It wouldn't take long now for him to die. The genjutsu releasing as he'd relive those last few moments, stumbling after the fact from Tsiro's attacks, before dropping to his knees to futile cluch at the special kunai. Ishino would finally come out from where he hid, Time Keeper's ticking fading away. "I believe our business is done here, Kayuga-san. You are welcome to kill him cleanly. Otherwise he will die from the high poison. Your choice. I'll get the caravan in order so we can get them moving again, agreed?"

Tsiro nodded to Ishino. "Good work." Not that Tsiro needed help in the battle, but it was more of a proving for Ishino. Even with a simple task, he rose above the call. The now dying old man was only offered a simple grin as Tsiro moved back to the caravan. "This may or may not be the end of it. If it is not the end, it will be a major set back to their cause. Almost like taking a general off the battlefield. Good work." he states.

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