Rushed Party


Rockpath (emitter), Hige, Kyuketsuki, Amarante, Jade, Zori

Date: March 1, 2015


The Daimyo's son is having a birthday party, but there's no one to help prepare! Some Konoha genin have been sent to take care of the party.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Rushed Party"

Daimyo's Mansion

Within the land of fire… There is a the fire Daimyo's palace. Clearly, it is a place that would be very very large… And a lot of the people that work there are sick and tired of doing things for such little pay. And so they set up a strike. Sigh… And the worst part is, the Fire Daimyo's son is having a birthday party! How are they going to get everything ready?? Well, isn't that what shinobi are for? A call to Konoha has been sent with a message of 'URGENT', and so they have answered. A team of genin was sent to the Daimyo's palace with the instructions of 'Do whatever they ask'. Hige was put in charge, as he's been genin the longest, but that was about it.

Hige grumbles at getting stuck with such an odd mission, but he does what he has to do, and for good reason. After waiting for the rest of the group Hige led them all to the Daimyo's palace, the Inuzuka boy and his ninken leading the way. When they arrived he goes in and searches for whoever they were actually supposed to meet up with, waving over his shoulder for the others to follow.

Kyu follows close behind Hige, he really doesn't look too bothered by the strangeness of the mission, and in fact is glad that this sounds so easy. He glances around at the other Genin, and realizes quickly that he recognises everyone in the group, but he hasn't really gotten to know the Aburame girl. He's fairly certain he hasn't gotten a name out of her either. Either that or he just doesn't remember it, Kyu looks over his shoulder at her and speaks up "Hey, I've seen you around but I don't believe I've caught your name. I'm Uchiha Kyuketsuki, I recall a name that wasn't familiar being said when they were briefing us about our team and the mission, Aburame Jade, correct?" Kyu gives a friendly smile to her, trying to make a new friend.

Ama follows the lead of everyone around her. she has conflicting emotions about wether to be excited or tarified for her first mission. alothough it looks easy enough, she feels like somthing is going to go wrong. but even worse, because of the "urgancy" of the situation, Ama did not get to finish styleing her hair. the thought drilling in her mind that on her first mission she looks horrible. but then again she is thankful that Kyu is here with her, and nomatter what happens he will stand by her. she moves close to Kyu and continues onward.

Jade looks at Kyu and nods to her "yeah Aburame Jade, your the one who was napping with Higes dog right?" She remembers that being a thing. "So a birthday party huh? Am I the only one hoping for assasins? because I do not bake…" Well unless you wanna kill someone. Or hide a hooker/ninja/assassin inside it. Or both.

A soft "Heh" could be heard from Zori while walking with the group. Zori peers at everyone and notices A Female he himself have never been introduced to before. Zori following closeby Kyu and Hige barges his way over to Amarante. Walking alonside Amarante for the moment "Hey never seen you before…My names Zori, What is yours?" extending his arm making a fist pointed at Amarante. Glancing at Amarante's terrible hairstyle he shutters a bit. He didnt care, all Zori wanted was a fist bump from Amarante. Zori gives off a faint smile to Amarante. Hoping to give off a sort of a nice impression to her. Zori remembers the last time he tried to get a fist bump from Atorei, things went very wrong afterwards.

The head of staff at the Daimyo's palace was old enough (and loyal enough) that he stuck around. The man looked relieved to see the shinobi come (and on such short notice, too!), and gives them all a grateful bow. "Thank you for coming… I'm sorry we didn't give you much warning, but…" He sighs and just shakes his head. "Anyway… we need two people to go around setting traps on the perimeter. If any bandits try to sneak in, it could… upset the young master. Especially with it being his special day. And then we need an extra hand in the kitchen, carrying things to and from the backyard for setup. The Lady would like a female to help her pick out the different decorations. And we need someone to play with the young master and keep him out of trouble. He's turning eight today, so I'd prefer someone who was good with kids…"

Hige returns the bow to the head of staff. "Of course, we're happy to help." He says, acting as formal as he can as much as it goes against how he naturally is. He can pull it off if he absolutely has to, he just isn't a fan of it all. As the Daimyo's head of staff lays out what is needed he nods slightly, then looks back at his group. "We can handle that." He turns fully back to the group and points to each person as he assigns them, "Amarante, I want you to help the Lady with the decoartions. Zori, you'll go play with the little Lord and keep him happy. Jade, you will assist with the kitchen staff. Kyu and I will set traps." And Konsho? Well, he gets to be the go-between pup, though one can imagine he'll get stuck with Zori at some point. Kids love puppies. He looks back to the staff head and nods again. "If you wouldn't mind having someone show my team to their respective places?"

Kyu nods at Hige. "Got it." He may not know much about traps, but he's smart enough to figure it out. Besides, Hige gave him an order. He wasn't about to deny him and get on his bad side. All he needs to do is imagine how Zori ended up, that is not gonna happen to him. Kyu looks at the others, stepping away from the group slightly, standing beside Hige. He is ready to head out with Hige but waits to see if anyone has any objections to the plan.

Ama looks at the closed hand confusedly. hi?, im ama she looks at the head of staff as he gives his spiel, once he begins listing off chores one particular catches Amas ear, /a lady for decorations/ , the last thing Ama would want to do. if she looks this bad why should she make anything else look good. but as long as she is not assigned this she would be fine. when Hige calls Ama out for decor, she can't help but keep her discontent in. um, excuse me, could i take a different chore, or at least have time to do my hair? in Amas eyes this is a rather small favor to ask.

Jade considers punching Hige as he puts her on kitchen duty. She just grumbles as they lead her down to deal with that. Yes lets send the bug ninja to the high class kitchen, this plan will end well.

The head staff looks relieved when Hige seems to accept the challenge. There was a lot to do, and few hands to do it. And with such short notice, it would be easy for the shinobi to say 'nope, sorry!' The man beckons, removing a handkerchief to wipe his brow before tucking it back into his jacket. "Yes, yes. So good… I am deeply sorry for the short notice… We've four hours to get everything done, so … please do it as well as you can, as fast as you can." The man shuffles along, pointing out the kitchen for someone to be stationed there, and then the stairs that would lead up to the Lady's chambers. "Knock thrice and state your business. She'll open the door for you then."
Kyu, Hige, and Zori are shown to the back of the Daimyo's palace where a young boy can be seen playing with fake kunai and shuriken. Targets have been set up so he can practice throwing them (and so the staff don't have to worry about getting hit by a plastic kunai. They hurt, even when they're dulled!). "Hmm… The head of security is just around the corner. I'm going to go oversee the Daimyo's orders and make sure everything is prepared correctly. Thank you again."

Hige shakes his head at Ama before motioning for her to head up to the Lady's chambers. Not good to question things, especially in front of others, after all. "You'll be fine." He says simply, watching as Jade moves to the kitchen before following the head to where the birthday boy is. He glances at Zori and pats him on the back, then gives him a little push towards the boy. That done, he looks to Kyu and motions for the Uchiha to follow. "Come on, let's go. We'll set up some basic traps to alert us if anyone comes through somewhere they aren't supposed to." Thank god, it seems like that time with Kaido was somewhat useful!
Hige leads Kyu out of the main area to get a quick lay of the land and where people are supposed to be arriving. From there he'd start setting up some loose trip wire with bells, showing Kyu how.

Kyu nods at Hige, "Right. I uh, don't know much about traps. Just show me how to make one though and I'm sure I can do it. I'm a very visual learner." Kyu smiles at Hige. He seems confident in his ability to figure out anything he shows him and starts walking, don't want waste any time.

Ama begrudgingly walks up the stairs while pulling a brush out of her bag and beginning to fix her hair. she is intent on taking her time while trying not to jeopardize the mission. once she feels ready she knocks on the door 3 times quickly before (going from mumbling to speaking) unfortunately i was assigned to help with decor here.

Jade goes into the kitchen and looks around not sure what they expect her to do down here. She looks for whoevers in charge while looking over the spread. Once she finds whoevers in charge she reports for duty and hopes it doesnt involve actual cooking on her part. Cooking is not a ninja skill.

Well, the perimeter of the palace is huge… It's going to take a long time with two kids and a couple guards working on it. Tick tock tick tock. 3.75 hours to go! Hige and Kyu would be lead to the perimeter and would start circling the border with a guard to help them set up traps. Amarante would find The Lady of the house in a frenzy, colors upon colors in her room. Table cloths, napkins, plates, dishes, dresses… Her room is huge, which doesn't help matters. "Oh, thank goodness. I was wondering… Do these table cloths look good with those plates? Or maybe I should pick out those purples ones… Ohhhh, but my little angel doesn't like purple… I should pick royal blue, but /nothing/ I have seems to go with it!"
Jade would maybe see a bit more fortune in the kitchen… If she doesn't mind cooking. Some of the chefs are scrambling around while the head chef yells. "Get that pie out of the oven, you fools! Don't screw up the steaks!!! Oh my soiree, what the-" He turns to glare at Jade when she's in his way. "You… Oh, you're the help. Grab an apron and wash your hands. I need you to make the pudding." He leads her over to a table with a recipe for pudding with many many different fruits in it. She would have to locate each fruit in the kitchen, cut them up, and make some vanilla pudding from scratch. Fun.

Kyu follows Hige's instructions to the letter, creating basic traps. Kyu seems excited about learning something new, even if the traps are basic and not /extremely/ impressive. Learning is still learning, and thats what Kyu really wants to do. He tries to work at a high rate, specifically aiming to out-perform Hige. Kyu turns this into more of a contest than a task, but only to himself.

"red; blue; green; left; triangle; 42" decisions decisions. but Ama is up to the task, quickly giving opinions (though more like instructions) and a hand the time seems to pass rather quickly as they keep themselves busy in this hectic situation.

Jade holds up a hand and says slowly trying not to curse at him "I dont know how to make pudding. I know how to make poison. But not Pudding. Im a ninja not a Saut"

Hige and Kyu seem to… be racing? Well, Kyu is behind Hige due to the fact that he's not experienced with making traps, but assumedly, Hige is not really making this a contest. Kyu is, as such, able to beat out the Inuzuka in that race! Hahah! The guards are basically really tired working on the traps, but that was done. Ama's task was also finished quickly, the woman realizing that… Ama had no idea what she was saying … The Lady of the house quickly became more decisive, which meant more things got done. The tables were set and the dishes were laid out for everyone to use in the grand hall, the Lady making Ama help with that. If she can't figure out a color wheel and realize forty two is not a color, she could at least take simple instructions! … hopefully.
Jade's behavior makes the head chef pause and look at the Aburame. He looks as if he's about to explode, but instead he picks Jade up by the front of her shirt. "…" He shakes his head, knowing it's not worth it, and resigns to dragging Jade out by her arm, eventually bringing her to a small closet with cleaning supplies. "Clean the hall, then. Make yourself useful," he orders, stomping away angrily. A guard is assigned to watch over her and make sure she completes this duty.

With the trap making done, Hige had sent Konsho to check on everyone else. As they finish the ninken comes back to make his report and Hige puts a hand to his temple. "REALLY?" He asks. Good gala, he thought /he/ was the malcontent around here. "Alright Kyu, we have some more work to do. Go find Ama, see if you can help her with the Lady. If she doesn't want you there go help set up the hall for the party." He doesn't explain any further on what might have happened before he's running to the kitchen area. He stops near Jade as he arrives and shakes his head. "We are going to have a serious talk after this Jade. And by we I mean you and someone like Daisuke, cause my type of lesson isn't one you'd like for not listening." He doesn't wait around to hear any retort she might have as he leaves Konsho there and goes into the kitchen, bowing deeply to the head chef. "My apologies for my companion. I will be happy to assist, please tell me what to do." If Hige can do it then anyone can. Seriously. This is the boy who literally /shreds/ people that piss him off. Ask the kidnapper from the day before. Oh wait there's nothing left of him.

Kyu is happy about beating Hige in the race only he knew was going on, and when they are done he stands beside Hige smiling, when Hige becomes angry Kyu's smile melts away. He listens to Hige and nods. "On it." Kyu dashes off to the hall, wasting no time and not respecting any 'no running in the halls' rules. When he arrives Kyu gives a quick bow and announces himself. "I was sent to assist Amarante in setting up the hall. What do I have to do Miss?" Kyu stands at attention while waiting for his orders, looking between Ama and the lady.

Ama looks at kyu, "oh, ok we could use the help" she looks around at the room, "yea we could definately use the help"

Jade quirks a brow and makes a note to have a conversation with Hige later. She goes off to clean since cleaning doesnt require special knowledge. "Oh yeah get someone who doesnt know how to cook to make the Daimyos heirs favorite. Great idea." She just mops and gets it over with.

The lady perks up a bit. "Oh, thank you. The table is very long. We're going to be having about one hundred and thirty nine guests for my little angel. We finished setting twenty places after getting all the tables ready. The dishes and silverware are scattered around the room for easy access. And look at the tables already set if you need an example." … Kyu just might need an example, too. There are 12 different silverware that he needs to set along with about five bowls/plates and a napkin. YIKES.
The chef is busy chopping the meat with a meat cleaver and looks about ready to use it on Hige's neck when- … He's so dang polite! … "Ahem, yes, well… We need the fruit pudding to be done. It's the young master's favorite, and shouldn't be too hard. Just follow the instructions, there. I'll taste it when you're done. The worst part is probably the pudding itself, so cut a lot of fruit first, and then work on the pudding," the head chef advises before shouting, "Kotainu! Stop eating the snake meat!! That's for the /guests/!!!!" And he's off.

It's a good thing he didn't try and use that meat clever on Hige or the they might be short one head chef at the Daimyo's palace. But all's well that ends well. The Inuzuka boy nods and goes to wash his hands quickly before going to the pudding station. He looks at the instructions and sighs softly to himself. How did he get roped into this again? From now on he was making a chuunin go with them on /any/ mission. He follows the instructions to the letter, hoping that they're right and no one likes to add any secret ingredients because that's just not going to happen. After the base is done he chops up the fruits quickly, though doesn't add them in yet. He gets the chefs attention to have him taste test first. No use in wasting the fruit if the pudding isn't good enough yet.

Kyu nods and gets right to work, taking a moment to look at the places that are already set to get a reference, then mimicing the set-up as closely as possible, he then uses his last set-up as a reference and making trips back and forth between gathering things, and setting them up, aiming to only one trip to the table, and one trip back to gathering. Kyu keeps up this pattern as best he can, and as quick as possible as well.

Jade mops as ordered.

The chef comes over and tastes the pudding that Hige made. "Huh, not bad, kid. You could make a good chef if you practice." He gives Hige a pat on the head, happier now that things are settling down. Everything is going smoothly~. Amarante, Kyu, and the Lady of the House are able to finish setting the tables, all forty of them, with the one hundred and thirty nine places…. Phew~~~~ And Jade… makes the floor all slippery. A fire jutsuist has been requested to 'cleanup on aisle one' before the guests start arriving, but everything looks good, otherwise!

It's a compliment Hige will take. He was far from any kind of cook but in a pinch he figures he could do just about anything with the right instructions. He finishes up by adding in the fruit, mixing well, and leaving it at that to go check on the rest. When he reaches the hall he nods as he sees Kyu and Ama finishing up the tables. Okay, good, good. And Jade has the floor is squeaky clean, also good. He goes in search of the head guy to see if there's anything else they needed the shinobi for at that point. Konsho is making rounds outside, the pup keeping an eye on the perimeter at Hige's request just to give the guards a hand for now.

Kyu happens to overhear a request for someone trained in Fire Manipulation and takes the challange, being presented an area made slippery by water, now that is a serious hazard, Kyu stares at it a moment then thinks of something. He flashes through some hand-seals. "Worth a shot" He exhales a steady stream of fire, attempting not to put too much energy into it and only use enough to dry the puddle. He will repeat this process as many time as neccessary to dry the floor.

Jade finishes cleaning and puts the stuff away before heading to the kitchen and watches the head chef while they set up "So was there anything else that needs doing?" She briefly regrets years of combat training.

And now that the preparations are all done, the whole team can relax! They're invited to help 'the young master' celebrate his birthday, and Jade is told 'No, just go and do your thing' by the head chef. Whether or not they decide to stay, they're thanked by everyone and given payment. The staff head leans down to whisper to Hige briefly, then shoos the Inuzuka off to do whatever. Mission success.

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