Rushing Shadow & Sleeping Still



Date: February 24, 2013


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"Rushing Shadow & Sleeping Still"

Unknown location

Collaboration Cutscene. Kanami and Datura.

What with Datura being shut up in the palace of the (ex-)Daimyou of the
Land of Grass, it was rather difficult to communicate with her. Still,
they had letters. Kanami wrote almost daily. Today she was going to try
something different. Sitting at a writing desk, she began to compose a

Rushing Shadow was a girl,
Gold of mane and eyes of sky-blue.
A path to greatness, tread before her,
Rushing Shadow sought to follow.

The sun lead her
On her long journey to recognition.
But the sun she followed, blinding bright,
Rushing Shadow tried to surpass.

Rushing Shadow threw an arrow,
Striking down the golden giant.
But when she arrived where the star had fallen,
The sun became the moon.

Rushing Shadow realized then,
it was not the sun that lead her way.
The moon was waiting for her, at her journey's end,
and it was Rushing Shadow that was the sun.

Sleeping Still was a girl,
snow of flesh and hair of deep black.
The road to salvation, tread before her,
Sleeping Still tried to find.

Once she found it,
she cried with joy.
The Night Mother's fall could be undone,
If she kept to the road.

In the Night Mother's heart,
full of darkness unrelenting,
Sleeping Still lost the path. She broke,
like glass upon mountain-face.

When Sleeping Still returned,
from path through darkness,
She was not untainted. She carried
the knowledge of her failure.

Rushing Shadow and Sleeping Still met,
At a cross-roads in time.
They shared their misery, like fine wine.
Together, they raised the Moon back up to lie…
In the Night Mother's embrace.

Greatness and salvation are theirs at last.

Kanami considered the poem she had written. She ordinarily put more
thought into such writings… But this one simply flowed from her. She
wrote some more 'normal' words on a second sheet of paper, wishing Datura
the best and hoping they would soon be together again. When it came time
to sign her name, she did not write 'Seishino Kanami', or a nickname, or
similar. Instead, she wrote the following.

"All my love,
Sleeping Still."

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