Ryouji's Summon - Fighting for the Egg


Jiro, Ryouji, Yoichi

Date: June 6, 2015


Ryouji recovers a hawk egg from Jiro to return it to its hawk parents in

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Ryouji's Summon - Fighting for the Egg"


It's the marketplace and with it comes vendors from across the lands that have come to Kirigakure to sell their wears. Among the various vendors is an exotic animal shop that sells, what else, exotic animals. He's going about his business, selling all sorts of animals. Snow monkeys from the land of iron, Kumonoue giant messenger hawk eggs from the land of lightning (a sign on them says recently caught), red scorpions from the land of wind, even river otters from the land of rivers. The fat merchant is dealing with a father and son pair who want to buy a sabertooth kit from the land of moons, so he seems quite busy.

Ryouji is sitting farther along, watching the people come to go as he chews on a pencil. A small palm sized note book is in his hand as he grips the pencil in the other hand and begins scribbling something in the note pad, it looks like a badly drawn doodle of Michiko. You can tell because she's putting someone in the ground who looks to be holding the Kiba swords.

Such interesting little items the vendor has. It's caught the attention of one rather young Suna nin who has been nothing but a pain to Kiri folk since he arrived. He'd managed to keep his hands (mostly) to himself the entire trip but those fingers were itching. Using his mad ninja skillz, the boy waits until people aren't really looking before he walks by and /swipe/. One missing egg that no one seems to have caught as the boy just kind of wanders off into the group, looking all overly innocent.

The egg is pilfered and Jiro takes it with ease. You would think that the exotic animal vendor would have better security. Ryouji however, looks up at a good time and sees the boy slip over to the nest and take something large in his hands. The kumo-nin casually gets up and starts walking after the boy, he's not about to cause a stir. His strides are faster and is catching up quick enough that the boy won't get far. Ryouji slips the notepad into his hoodie pocket as he reaches Jiro and says to the boy, "Hey there. You took something, didn't you." He thumbs back, "Back at that vendor. What did you take?"

Jiro is walking away looking down at his hands and just makes it to an alley when he hears Ryouji. He spins quickly, hands behind his back as he opens his mouth to defend himself. When he sees that it's just another kid, however, he closes his mouth and grins toothily up at him, glancing around before motioning for Ryouji to follow him into the alleyway a little more. Once there he would show his prize like a proud parent. "Neat, 'uh?"

Ryouji does look like a young kid and can pull it off well. He pulls the hoodie hood up around his head and leans in a bit as he slips into the alley with Jiro. "Neat? Is that what I think it is? A messneger hawk egg?" He reaches out with a finger, touching it and noticing a small bit of writing on the egg but can't make it out. "Oh that is neat…" he says, he could probably attack Jiro and just take the egg, but then it might end with the egg being broken. He's got to do this smart and careful. "…tell ya what. How about a wager? We do a friendly little spar and if I win I get your egg." He reaches to his belt and undoes his blade attached to his hip belt, the kumogakure emblem engraved sword looks pricy enough to buy ten messenger hawk eggs. "Aaaand if you win, you get this. I call it, Lightning Cutter. What do you say?" He holds out the straight white and blue chokuto.

Jiro's grin fades slightly when the other kid seems to really want his egg. HIS egg. Hmm. It's not until the sword makes it's appearance that his eyes widen and his mouth forms into an 'o'. Yeah, he can do that. The boy quickly nods his agreement, grinning up at Ryouji. "Yea', 's a deal," he says, putting the egg carefully in his pouch to protect it. "Alrigh', le's go ta the arena."

Yoichi has arrived.

Ryouji nods and waits for Jiro to lead the way. He's not about to let this kid out of his sight. Once Jiro makes his way to the arena Ryouji walks in behind him and looks around, "Now, to find a proctor." He hurms, "We'll need someone to make this all legal. The egg and sword is on the line, so wouldn't want us to go back on the fight, right?" He smiles and looks around, waving towards the judges, "Hey, we need a proctor."

Ask and you shall receive… With a clumping together of mist, Yoichi appears in the center of the dammed arena with his arms folded over his chest. He nods to each contestant before calling out simply, "Begin." Looks like he'll be the Proctor here, his eyes watching with interest as he steps back to observe the battle.

Jiro does lead the way and removes his pouch when they arrive to set it aside so that it doesn't get damaged or anything. Then he goes back out into the middle of the arena, arms crossing over his chest and a big toothy grin on his face as he waits for Ryouji to find them a proctor. The youngin' does a little stretching, and a little yawning, while he waits.

GAME: Save complete.

Ryouji begins this fight, he's not even wanting a flashy entrance this time. He's fightning for something more than personal glory this time. "My pleasure…" he says and bows to Yoichi, then rushes forward, throwing out a few punches before doing a powerful roundhouse kick.

Jiro grins as the battle starts and Ryouji comes at him. Unfortunately he's not completely ready as he gets punched in the shoulder before he can get away. The boy grumps a bit, his grin fading to a more serious look. "Alrigh'…" he says, pulling at the cloth sash around his waist. It comes free smoothly and he holds it in his hands. "Lesse how ya like this!" Then he jumps at Ryouji, the cloth whipping out towards the other boy in quick slashes, the end hardening into a steel sharp tip just before it strikes.

COMBAT: Jiro focuses 3752 stamina to turn it into 4000 usable chakra!

Ryouji crouches as the first cloth snakes out and tries to strike him. He ducks down and rushes in, hand resting on lightning cutter. Ryouji pulls it free, slashing at Jiro before it slides back home. Ryouji snaps his sword out again, trying to block the cloth blades but gets slashed twice, first in the arm, the next in the shoulder. Ryouji flinches as he pulls out two kunai tied with explosive tags. He throws them at Jiro and as they explode, Ryouji explodes through the smoke, arm sticking out hoping to slam into Jiro.

Jiro doesn't expect the blade to be drawn quite so quickly and he can't avoid it in time. The cut across his arm causes him to wince as he hops away from the explosive tags, then puts the cloth between the arm and his body before hardening it again, stopping the blow. "Alrigh', 's'time ta stop playin' round." He mutters, eyes narrowing slightly before he lashes out with the cloth, trying to wrap it around an arm or leg, anything to give him time to follow up with a nice solid punch.

Ryouji hurms to himself, seeing the cloth technique. "That's an interesting technique. I don't think it can match my speed though." He flashes his sword out, blocking the cloth and pushing it away before it can trap him. He leaps backward, avoiding the punch before planting his feet in the ground and launching himself at Jiro, pushing swift chakra into his arm. He explodes with speed, leaving a bit of blown up dirt in his wake. He speeds by, not even waiting to see if he connects, he twists around, skidding to stop. Before he does though, he makes a hand sign and blows out a blast of air from his wind chakra.

Jiro isn't fast enough for sure! The boy tries to move away from the lariat but the speed is just a bit too much. He turns to follow Ryouji and reflexively throws the cloth in front of himself to try and block the wind, but it's not enough and the stuff slips through, knocking him back and causing him to hit the ground hard. The kid grunts as he pushes himself slowly back to his feet, looking quite grumpy now, and wipes a bit of blood from his chin that was coming from his mouth. He doesn't even say anything, instead launching himself forward swinging the cloth. It moves in random pattterns as he moves quickly towards the older boy, and only as he get close does it randomly lash out at Ryouji, the movements making it hard to tell where it might hit from.

Ryouji slashes two of his basic swords out from his back, spinning the blades in arcs as each cloth line skips off the blades. He frowns, saying, "Not going well? It's just an egg man, I don't really want to kill you. For this anyway." With one of the blades in his hand, he turns it so it reflects a bit of light at Jiro's eyes. Then makes a few hand signs sending lightning coursing through hands and shooting out at Jiro.

Jiro isn't quite sure what Ryouji has up his sleeve next but he prepares anyways. With a flick the cloth flares out in front of him before it slams into the ground at the tip to hold it in place. The lightning hits the cloth and simply difuses. Jiro moves in again, trying to once more wrap up the other boy before pulling out a kunai to slash at him. "You didn' tell me you were so goo'!" It's kind of like cheating. Kind of. It's really totally something Jiro would do himself actually. He half thought that he was.

Ryouji shakes his head, "You didn't ask. Though you are doing quite well." He pushes his chakra network into overdrive causing the lines around his body to blur. His speed increases but instead he flips through hand signs. He fires off a small blast of air, but opens his mouth wider, inscreasing the blast to hurricane speeds.

That cloth flares out again, the boy hiding behind it as the wind batters against it. Jiro isn't entirely sure but he could swear the older boy just moved faster now than he had been. Is that even possible?!?! Jiro lowers the cloth again once the wind stops and seems to consider his next move. Hmm. He'll try this one more time. Launching forward he tries to wrap up an arm with the cloth, then flicks the other end around to come and try and stab at Ryouji.

From Dammed Arena - Stands,

Arika watches Jiro after slipping through some of the crowd, peeking over the railing and seeing him facing off against Ryouji. "Go, Jiro-kun!" she yells, somehow her voice cutting through the crowd and hopefully reaching Jiro. "Beat 'im up good!"

Ryouji brings out his lighting cutter sword, blocking each steel cloth attack, it even sparks from the hits. "Hey, they're cheering for you." he says, smiling. Ryouji grips the simple swords in each hand and lights them up with lighting chakra. He laps at Jiro, slashing with both of them. "So far so good…" he says.

Jiro blinks at the voice from above, half turning to look before focusing back on OH SHIT! Jiro reacts and vanishes briefly to escape the slashes, appearing a short distance away as he slides across the dirt. Whew, that would've hurt! He speeds towards Ryouji, lashing out again with the cloth before putting it behind a leg and yanking, trying to through the boy off balance before lashing out again.

From Dammed Arena - Stands,

"YAY! Good job, Jiro-kun!" Arika cheers, bouncing in her spot. This earns the grumbling of quite a few people who are standing near her. "HEY, kid! This isn't the park!" shouts one angry voice, a bit louder than the others. Not that Arika pays any attention. "Beat 'im up really good! You can avenge me and all that!" she shouts with a grin. "And DON'T get distracted!!"

Ryouji makes a hand sign and gets hit with the first and second cloth attacks, they snap and wrap around him. He poofs in a bit of smoke as he falls back. He still got hit with the last one though as there's a good strike on his forearm. He frowns, "Awww man, this was by nice hoodie." He pulls himself up and starts bouncing to his beat. "Little boy, playing with cloth toys. Sitting there snapping, hearing the crowd clapping. The rhythm of this fight is making my toes tapping! So let's really start this fight and end the nappin. But nah man, I can't do that, I gotta keep rappin! Fighting a thief who's about to go splat! Trading blows, tit for tat, about to push him into a mud flat! Reizei Ryouji is where its at! So now it's time to play with you fool, you teensy weensy baby fool!" As he's rapping, he begins powering up his swift chakra to the next level, sending electrical surges through his body as an aura begins forming around him of swift release chakra. His hands reach back, gripping even more swords before with a flick, they fly up into the air. Ryouji catches each one however, snapping them up in joints and hands and whever else he can grab them. His signature style, akurobattoujutsu! Ryouji beigns doing several cartwheels towards Jiro, then vaults into the air to come down slashing and hacking like a buzzsaw on crack.

Oh shell, the noise this older both is letting out. It's like he's just spewing painful nonsense! Jiro covers his ears to try and get rid of it, closing his eyes so he can't see the lips move. Probably a bad idea. By the time he remembers he's in a fight it's too late. He gets cut up by a variety of swords and bounces back on the ground, bleeding it up pretty well. "Ow…" he mutters, sitting up and putting a hand on his head. Not cool. He starts to get up again but he's starting to get a little shaky from blood loss here.

Ryouji laughs at that, noticing how much Jiro does not like his rapping. "Hey, it's cool man, you want to give up? Like I said, let's not kill someone over a sword and an egg. I got plans for that egg though, it should go back where it belongs, not to mention being taken care of." He slides his swords back home and waits for Jiro to make a decision, if he can. Or at least for the proctor to slip in and call the match.

Jiro narrows his eyes at Ryouji, face scrunching up a bit before he says, "Yea', fine, whatever. I'll let'cha go this time." Like he's doing the other boy some big favor by letting him live or something. Jiro ties the cloth back around his waist and looks around. "I think I shoul' find a 'ealer…" he mutters, then just kind of faceplants where he is. Nap time!

As the boy concedes, Yoichi appears between them, lifting a hand toward Ryouji. "The winner, Reizei Ryouji." He then reaches down and picks Jiro up by the back of his shirt to lift him up off the ground before vanishing into thin air to drop him off at the hospital so the next match can commence.

Ryouji smiles and nods, "That's probably for the best. But now…" he says, walking over where the hawk egg is kept. Ryouji looks a little nervous as he kneels down in front of the egg, but eventually he picks up the small bag holding the egg and cradles it in his hands. "…h..hey there little egg. I'm Ryouji." he says softly, sounding a little nervous, like carrying a baby for the first time, which it is. "I'll take you home, but for now, you just stay safe and warm next to me." he says giving a small chuckle. Ryouji's a dad to an egg? What is the word coming to?!

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