Saisho Building the Puppet: Log 1


Sei, Saisho

Date: May 18, 2014


Saisho seeks out Sei to request some special spider silk as part of her plans to build a new special puppet.

"Saisho Building the Puppet: Log 1"

Kirigakure - Somewhere near the village but an undefined location

Sei would indeed hear about someone asking after him. That was.. surprising to say the least. So it was when Saisho showed up in the gardens, there was already threads and threads gathered above, stringing back and forth across the space above for spiders to skitter and dance across. A sort of music would come from them, the sound an eerie song of multiple small things being skimmed back and forth across the threads. Sei himself sat, cross-legged, off to the side from the fountain. He sat quietly in the grass, eyes closed as he'd interact with the brood. The rest of the swarm was around, some spiders dancing and playing on the water.. spiders rough-housing may be a unique thing to see. While others were simply around, the garden clear of any other insects than Sei's own brood.

Saisho hesitates as she sees the silk strewn area but since this was the very reason she was looking for Sei, she steels herself and trying to look as confident as a student can in the face of such a thing, marches forward, forcing herself to continue. She tries to smile as she glances around then approaches Sei respectfully, even pausing to bow as she approaches him and stopping at a decent distance, waiting for him to acknowledge her in some way before speaking.

Sei was aware of Saisho as soon as she got into the area. The spiders around would circle. None of them getting within 10 feet of her, those in the fountain continuing to play across the water. While those on the strings above would renew their work, the harp music picking up. Sei opened his eyes as Saisho got close, a small nod of his head was given. Swirling around them, within that music and yet apart, there was a thousand voices, thousands of thousands, all whispering, all in perfect unison, that sync making the whispers a normal tone. "We greet you, Doihara-student. We are Okumo Sei. We have heard you are seeking us. We are interested why a student would wish to speak to an Okumo?"

Saisho blinks at the method of communcaiton but mostly in surprise. Still she knew that Sei was mute so this explains how he gets around that. "Ah, greetings Okumo-Sama, I am in need of some services that only an Okumo could properly provide. I was hoping that I might gain your assistance?" She says hopefully, trying to keep her tone deferential. "If you are busy I would not seek to interrupt you. I have written down my ideas if you are interested in seeing them?" She offers, extending the scrolls that are tied with a ribbon forward towards Sei, as she bows her head slightly.

Sei tilts his head to the side, watching Saisho. A moment's contemplation and he'd shake his head with a click of his tongue. "We are not busy, Doihara-student. We came here and waited so we may meet you." Sei would stare at the scrolls for a long moment, before finally, he'd reach out to take them, Carefully, he'd unroll each one, studying what Saisho had on the page. He was contemplative as he'd read them over, finally rolling them up to hand them back to Saisho. "We find your ideas fasinating. We believe you are seeking our silk then? We have multiple qualities of silk we are able to produce. But it takes time to maintain a supply. We normally sell our silk that is in excess to tailors. So what may we set up as payment with you?"

Saisho hesitates as she takes back the scrolls, "Ah, yes, I was hoping for some of your strongest silk that you could make. Something really strong to help hold everything together and help stop blows. But… I don't know what I can offer? I'm just a student. I can't do missions yet to earn Ryo." She admits, "I guess if you need something done that I would be allowed to do, and could do? I could ask my Onii-chan for some money but I wanted to surprise him with this." She adds, as she looks hopefully to Sei, "Is there anything I could do to earn the silk?"

Sei tilts his head to the side, more akin to an animal tilt than human. Studying Saisho for a moment, finally he'd give a small ndo with a whistle. That genjutsu voice speaking again. "We will do as a favor. Something to be paid back at a later time period when you are stronger. We understand being a student. Youth has it's restrictions and we will not hold that against you. We will have the silk delivered to you in two weeks time. We wish to know, do you wish it in black, or white?"

Saisho smiles at the answer and eagerly nods but then is caught off guard by the question of color. "Oh, um, I didn't know it came in anything other than white or gray? You can do Black? I was thinking I might try to dye it, but… if you could make it black that'd be great!" She replies with a grin. Then she pauses, "Or… um, is one color stronger than the other? I don't know much about how spider silk works, other than it's really strong. But I want the strongest I can get so that it'll hold things together really well, so… is one stronger?"

Sei shook his slightly. Shrugging, he'd smile, if ever so briefly, to Saisho. "We have found a genetic derivement in our spiders that allow black silk. It is something we have cultivated and we have plenty of our brood that is able to do such." He shrugged again. "So we can make of strength, our strongest silk, of black. We will make it non-sticky and durable. It is still silk, it can be broken. You will have to maintain it. But we can do what we can."

Saisho nods, "I understand. I know it's not magic silk that won't ever break. But… the better stuff I start with the better the final thing will be." She points out, "And so I thought this would be the very best thing to start with. Maybe you can show me how to maintain it when it's ready? I want to make sure I don't treat it wrong. It's going to have stuff attached to it, so maybe you can show me how to do that without ruining the silk too? Is that okay?"

Sei nods in response. He'd contemplate Saisho for a moment, the spiders from above would part, some continuing to play that music, others would drop down on silken lines. "We need take measurements. Do not move. You will not be harmed." The spiders then would go to land on Saisho and as long as she didn't move, they'd skitter about, getting full measurements required. If she did move, the silk drop lines were used so they could jump away and get out of immediate reach. Sei simply watched her, studying carefully as he worked.

Saisho stands there with relative calm as the spiders do their work. More with a bit of intellectual interest than fear or disgust. She does turn her head a bit to watch this way and that but mostly lets them do their work as she grins slightly. "Thank you for your help with this. Sei-Sama, you're help is very much appreciated." She tries to be rather formal and respectful in deference to his agreement to help her.

"We consider you a non-priority target. While you have some tacticle use against Doihara Ishino, we have seen reports of what the swordmen does against those whom target the family. Thus we do not consider you worth being a priority target. We acknowledge you are part of Kirigakure shinobi, by being in the academy and therefore we can offer our assistance. It makes Kirigakure stronger." Sei shrugged slightly as he'd watch her. The spiders finished their work and would skitter back up the silk threads, pulling it up with them. "We have all the information we need. A week, black silk. We will show you how to maintain and thread so it does not ruin the silk. We believe it will make a good structure for you."

The talk of her being a 'non-priority target' makes Saisho frown a bit, as does the mention of her being the little sister of Ishino being part of the reason not to attack her. She apparently had not considered the possibility of Sei even thinking of attacking her. She doesn't do a good job of hiding that frown. "You… I… I didn't think you'd think about attacking me." She says softly, "I… I do want to help Kirigakure. And I want to work on this, it… it will be used in a very very special puppet idea." She points out, which he would have seen in the rough diagrams she showed before. "But thank you…" She seems less certain after the last exchange with Sei.

Sei would get to his feet. Shaking his head with a click of his tongue. "We do not wish you to misunderstand. We are Okumo. Everything is studied. Even you. We are glad you wish to grow stronger and we will help you get there. That is what we do." He'd bow to Saisho then and with some of the spiders coming down to hook onto him, they'd go taunt and pull him away, vanishing up into the trees. He was odd like that it seems.

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