Saisho Mednin Training Log 3


Saisho, Kiji

Date: June 29, 2014


In search of medical information for her mednin training, Saisho tracks down someone from the Shimizu clan to get blood to study the healing properties and in doing so asks a lot of questions about how it works as well.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Saisho Mednin Training Log 3"

Kirigakure - Wooded area just outside Arena

There was a small gathering of Genin were near the woods outside the arena area. They had been practicing various things including tree walking in particular. One had fallen and twisted his ankle and Kiji had splinted the ankle mainly because the genin was freaked out by the idea of having another person's blood in them. And such was the current discussion of the idea of that. Having Kiji's blood in their body! Meanwhile the genin in question was halfway up the tree still working on the tree walking thing on her own and ignoring the crowd.

With a note book in hand, Saisho approaches the gathering with a pensive look on her face. She seems to be looking for something or some one. So she's looking rather unsure of herself as she moves forward. She's obviously a student, the lack of a forehead protector and the outfit she wears being rather shinobi plus her age kind of gives that bit away. As she spots someone doing a splint and the discussion around that she turns in that direction, not saying anything yet as she moves a bit closer as if trying to hear what is being said.

"Did you hear? she wanted to bleed on you."
"No! she wanted to bleed IN him!"
"That's stupid! How do you bleed IN someone?"
The genin whispered back and forth in such a way and there was a THUD and a general look toward Kiji as she fell from the tree's trunk only to start up again when she stood and calmly started walking up the tree again. It seemed her enemy was gravity and she could maintain her control only so long before it pulled her down again. Bruises barely had time to show before they were healing already so by the time Saisho got close enough to see them, her arms and legs were covered in little yellow blotches.

At the words from the genin, Saisho looks over at the person trying to walk up the tree. She nods to herself as if she's picked out the right person, and walks over to the tree…. looks up at Kiji, or the person she thinks is Kiji and shrugs then starts walking up the tree trunk like it was nothing, "Are you Shimizu Kiji?" She asks as she walks to the side a bit incase Kiji falls. Seems the student knows tree walking? She seems to be doing it rather well at that!!

Kiji looked over at Saisho and blinked her blue eyes a few times before it was enough of a distraction for her to slip off the tree. Lucky for her she was only a few feet up this time. THUD Kiji didn't show any real pain at the impact just sighed softly and looked up at Saisho, taking in the details, no hitai-ate, that outfit, her age.. Unless she was a colored clone of Yuriko the girl had to be a student and yet she knew how to walk up a tree.. and Kiji did not. Sigh. "Yes. I am Shimizu Kiji." She sat up and brushed a few leaves off her arms. "And you are…? I saw you in that dress the other day. You were with the Doiharas." Kiji's eyes suddenly shifted from blue.. to purple right before Saisho's eyes! "Yes! you were in that wedding! With the panda bear!"

Saisho grins and blushes a bit as she does a flip and lands on her feet, "Ah, sorry, didn't mean to distract you. But yes, I'm Saisho, and Ishino is my older brother." She explains. "And the panda is TsuTsu. Um, but…" She shrugs, "Uh, yeah, I was there. I… um…" She rubs the back of her head, as this seems not to be going at all as she planned. "I was gonna ask you a few questions but uh… if you're busy or something it's okay. I can come back later or something…." She offers sheepishly, perhaps mostly because of the fact that someone recognized her, and from the time she was the most frilly dressed she could ever recall in her life, which seems to have embarrassed her.

Kiji tilted her head at Saisho's embarrassment then thought of the dress Yoichi was going to make her wear.. and she flushed and moved on, clearing her throat. "Oh, that makes sense. Doihara-sama's sister. Nice to meet you. Tsu-Tsu was cool." She looked up at the tree and shook her head. "No… I'm going to break something if I fall from up there again." She indicated a place about 30 feet up just below a branch where there was a small mark on the tree. She obviously could walk up the tree it was staying there that was the issue. "I should probably take a break anyway. What did you want to know?" She scooted and sat cross legged where she was, looking at Saisho with bright purple eyes.

Saisho ahs, and tries to change the topic from weddings and dresses, "I was hoping to ask you a few questions and to maybe… uh, get a blood sample? If you were willing to give it?" She says straight out as she rummages in a pocket and pulls out several sealed test tubes. "I have a needle too if you need that, but… only if it's okay with you? I mean, I know it's your blood and all but I heard it had healing properties?"

Kiji blinked.. then blinked again, her head tilting slightly as Saisho asks her for a sample of her blood.. Wait… What? She blinked again, her eyes growing a deeper purple as she contemplated seriously the question but couldn't let go of her curiosity. "My blood does heal. But it needs to be swallowed or put on the wound…. It's full of chakra." She had raised her right fisted hand to her wrist and pressed only for Saisho to say she'd brought a needle and Kiji blinked again, her eyes deepening even more. "A…needle?" She glaced at her arm and pulled her fist away where the ring she was wearing had pierced her skin, letting some blood flow from the puncture. "I don't need a needle but.. I guess that might make a little more sense for… that.." She looked down at her arm as the wound closed right there before them and the blood that had dripped collected itself into a small marble, hardening in midair and darkening to a deep crimson almost black before Kiji let it fall into her hand and offered the hard marble to Saisho. "But as long as you don't tell Yoichi-sensei sure, you can." She held out her arm with a look that said she was probably more naive than Saisho .

Saisho accepts the small marble of blood then smiles, "I promise, mostly cause I don't know Yoichi-sensei myself. So probably a safe bet?" She points out. Then she puts the small marble in a carefully prepared vial and caps it, and tucks it away and gets ready to take a small blood sample with a needle, "This way I can make sure it's not contaminated by anything, goes from you into the mostly vacuumed vial, which was specially cleaned before. So…" She says as she bites her lower lip and starts to take aim carefully, "Can you make a fist?" She suggests as she looks for a good vein to tap. "I'll do my best to make it not hurt." She adds.

Kiji watched Saisho for a moment then when she was asked to make a fist she shook her head no. "That can contaminate your sample by breaking certain cells. so can a tourniquet." She did not know much about regular medical procedures but she knew about blood. "So put your finger here." She pointed to the junction of the inner arm inside the elbow. Assuming Saisho did so she would feel a vein throbbing practically pop out at her. "I'm doing that, bringing it to the surface for you. Go ahead. Don;t worry about hurting me. You cant with that little thing." She was utterly serious too. Compared to Kiyoshi's arm that needle was nothing. There had been rumors about a genin impaled, that had been her. The rumors said she'd never uttered a sound from pain.. It was an exaggeration but she had not screamed.

Saisho nods and with great care inserts the needle and with skill that indicates she may have practiced on animals or herself, she uses the needle and swaps vials in a rapid order to fill three small vials in a row. The removes the needle. All in all it should feel a bit like a small pin prick, and not much more. Most Shinobi have worse pain in any small spar or even practice session, but Saisho was being extra careful. "Thank you. I was hoping to ask you a few questions if you had time for them too?" She asks as she tucks the sealed vials away and pulls her notebook back out with an expectant look on her face and pen in hand.

Kiji's eyes shifted from purple back to blue as she lost interest in what Saisho was doing to her arm. She was well versed in the use of needles or at least being on the receiving end of them. To Saisho's suggestion that she had questions Kiji nodded and released the vein she'd been holding for the student. It was like she was being looked up to by someone rather than looked down on from above.. it was oddly nice. "Sure, ask away."

Saisho hesitates as she reads some notes she had then nods, "Um, okay, so your blood? It says in the notes your clan's blood can heal. How does it work? You said something about chakra. Is the chakra in the blood by itself all the time? Or do you add it to the blood when you want to use it? Is it like a second chakra network inside you where ever your blood goes? I guess is the question."

Kiji thought a moment, trying to think out the technical question Saisho was asking, her eyes darkening blue to look like storm clouds. "Well, let me think here. I don't think we have a separate chakra network.. We'd need to ask Hyuuga-san about that. But it's there naturally. I don't add it." She reached down and cut a small cut on her wrist, watching as it bled very little and sealed itself visibly before Saisho's eyes within moments. "I didn't do anything. It does it itself. And I can still control what you took." The marble rattles around in Saisho's pack, vibrating the vial it was put in.

Saisho hrms, "So how long can you control it? And is there a range? I mean, if I went to Sunagakure, could you still control it? Can you sense anything around it? Does that control fade over time? Does it just end abruptly? Or does it go on forever? If you put your blood in someone to heal them, can you still control it? Could you use it to hurt someone you gave the blood to, to help them, like a week later? If they drink it, could you hide it in a drink then use that to control them in some way?" She blurts out a bunch of questions all at once, hardly taking a breath between any of that.

Kiji listened to the barrage of questions stoically then sat forward and held up a hand. "Take it easy.. I live here you can talk to me whenever you want. I'm not going to get killed easy. If having an ark shoved through me doesn't kill me I'll live to be a Jounin." She sat up. "I don't know how far my range is. It's pretty far considering my range of sensing chakra… But that's about it. I'm not superhuman. Well.. I'm not super-shinobi. I doubt I could control it out of the city but within my ability to sense chakra? probably." She thought a moment. "if I put my blood in someone yes i can still control it and as it mixes with thier blood I can control that too." She met Saisho's eyes head on, very serious, her eyes now closer to grey than blue. "perhaps I should show you something first."
She stood up and offered to help Saisho stand with a hand up as well then she moved the girl back out of the way. Next the Shimizu cut her own arm and drew out a smallish amount of blood. It formed a cloud before her which then turned to needles. The next thing, Kiji had pointed her finger at a tree and the needles impaled themselves on it. But she wasn't done.. she narrowed her eyes, orange rings appearing around the irises and it appeared as though the needles sunk in deeper. Truthfully she'd soaked the wood in the blood forcibly. Then she lifted her head and looked at Saisho again. The tree exploded with large crystalline shards of blood, taking out a sizable portion of the tree's trunk with it. The second attack had been delivered without looking at the tree, but at Saisho instead.

Saisho takes all of this in with great intensity, then… immediately starts scribbling notes, not saying a word or asking another question as her pen flies on the pad, trying to take down every detail and record all her thoughts about this situation. She's scribbling so fast she's now hardly paying attention to Kiji, although she does look up a few times at the tree and even approaches it to study the pattern of damage to the wood. All in all she looks a bit like a mini-scientist or something as she even pulls out a magnifying glass.

Kiji watched Saisho as she studied the blood and tree, aware of the tentatively leaning log of wood she was looking at so intently. Kiji stepped closer to be sure the tree didn't fall ont eh girl and instead tilted her head. "I can still control it. Fluid?" The blood transformed into it's usual appearance. "Plasma?" It separated into it's separate elements, cells and plasma. "Crystals." And then they mixed again and hardened into little ruby colored crystals. "I've set this jutsu off inside my own body." Her eyes grew even a deeper grey tone, accented by the ring of flaming orange around it. "I have placed a small amount of blood in another persona nd waited for it to reach thier heart. The crystals came out of their chests as they died."

Saisho slowly steps to the side, out of the way of the tree if it decided to fall, and nods as she continues to take notes, "You'd make an excellent assassin. Just get some of your blood in the food, have them consume it, turn the blood into crystals in their heart killing them, then letting it return to normal blood and away you go. Since you only have to be in the city they could die after a day or two with no more contact from you, and no one would ever know unless they did a VERY careful chakra autopsy I bet." She says softly, almost only half in thought not really thinking about what she's saying.

Kiji listened to Saisho's words with what appeared to be a stoic expression at first. Then her eyes grew darker and slowly her expression looked almost pained. She seemed to think over the question. Could she… Could she…? The girl took a breath. "In theory… I'm nto that good. But I would only ever do so under one condition." She looked down a bit as if embarrassed or ashamed. "Only on Meruin-dono's orders…."

Saisho waves her hand as if that last bit is to be assumed, "Of course, that's how all missions are, but yes, I was just saying that on a mission you could do that… Not saying you'd do it for /fun/ or anything silly like that." She adds as if the thought of doing something without the village permission was just crazy, "So is is okay if I test your blood with some chemicals and lab stuff? It won't hurt you will it? If it is linked one way, is it linked the other? Could I end up harming you through the link you have with your blood? Like if someone used it to attack with chakra, would you get hurt? If there is an open chakra link that could be an issue, couldn't it?"

Kiji blinked at Saisho and tilted her head, the grey lightening up a bit to hint at purple again. She leaned over and pointed at the blood int eh tree, shoring up the tree with hardened blood crystals so they would not be caught off guard by it falling. The girl's questions made Kiji stop a moment. "Well.. I don't know. I've never thought about that. Hmm.." She put a hand to her chin in a thinker pose and was quiet for a long moment. "Go ahead and try it. That much blood won't kill me even if it does hurt me and it would be a good thing to know." Yes.. she was serious.

Saisho nods, "Well, I don't have anything ready to try that right now. But I'll let you know my results and the times of the tests I did and so you can reply with if they had any effect? I promise not to do anything at strange times. I don't want to wake you or anything if it does effect you." She adds, "But I'm not really going to be the kind of person who could do that. I /am/ just a student, so I bet nothing I can do would work against you from a distance. But some of the more powerful shinobi might be able to?" She points out. "Does your healing work on all your organs?" She asks, "How fast do you get new blood? Does it regrow faster than normal? I hope?"

Kiji thought again before answering. "My organs regenerate in a similar fashion as the Kaguya but not as fast I don't think. My stomach and liver and lung were damaged at once not to mention my diaphragm when Kiyoshi-kun stuck his arm through me and I was out of the hospital within a week…" She looked down again then up. "When I cut my hamstring it took a while to regenerate that but I'd severed it completely….Hmm…I cut my arm all the time and it's usually only open long enough for a spar… sometimes I have to cut myself again. My cousin can simply breathe out the blood in a mist form from his lungs… I choke every time I try." She looked sheepish.

Saisho nods, "I see, do you have to eat a lot of stuff with iron in it to keep the blood going? Or eat more than normal people? If not do you know where all the energy comes from to keep it going? Is it just your chakra? Or is there some other trick? Or is that a secret?" She asks as she keeps taking notes, "And is your healing of others slower than yourself?"

Kiji had been prepared to answer more questions as Saisho rambled on. But then the word SECRET hit her like a bowling ball. "Platelet. er.. I mean. um.. Secrets.. I'm not supposed to tell people about .. but you're a student and.. You're one of us.. so…" She slapped her forehead. "Yoichi-sensei's going to kill me."

Saisho takes a step back, then nods, "Ah, okay, what is secret that I need to keep out of my reports. Just tell me and I'll carefully remove anything that would cause you trouble, okay? I just… really need this to work on my studies but I can keep things secret. I can be trusted, honest, okay?

Kiji dropped her hand and looked at Saisho as the girl explained in a rush that she was studying and needed this for her research and then tried to offer to keep it secret. She managed a small smile, her eyes shifting closer to blue again. "No, relax. You just taught me I should be more on my guard…. Uhm.. Iron.. yea I eat a lot of iron. And I'm pretty sure I heal faster than I can heal others but I think that's related to my chakra control."

Saisho nods, and takes a few last notes, "Well, I think I've bugged you enough and you've been great. I should get these samples back to my little lab so I can preserve them right and run some tests. I really do appreciate your help. I may have a few other questions for you later if you're okay with that, if not that's okay too. But I do thank you for all your help here. It really should open new areas of how things work for my work on healing." She explains. "I mean, um…" She flushes a bit, "Secrets, you know? So don't tell." She puts her finger to her lips in a 'shhhs' motion'.

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