Saisho Mednin Training: Log 1


Akane, Saisho

Date: June 6, 2014


Saisho's first lesson in learning to heal, but it goes a bit sideways as Akane shows a part of her Saisho hasn't had to deal with before.

"Saisho Mednin Training: Log 1"

Beach Side Pool near Kirigakure

Akane had agreed to Saisho-chan's request to teach the girl some healing techniques.. and in secret. So she'd sent a note requesting Saisho's presence at this time and in this location, a good sized pool surrounded by rocks between the beach and the cliffs. it was secluded enough to keep thier work quiet and the pool was filled with little fish and other sea life she could start the girl on. She'd brought a scroll and two buckets which already had fish in. She dropped a few drops from a small vial into one of the buckets then tucked the vial away, sitting on the rock and waiting for Saisho's arrival.

Saisho was taking extra care to be sure she wasn't followed but is there at the appointed time, looking a bit like she's not seen this place before, just following the directions to get there. As she approaches she spies Akane and smiles and gives a wave, "Akane-sensei!" She says as she hurries her step up to get closer to Akane, grinning the whole way. "Thank you so much for saying yes." She adds as she glances around, noticing the buckets and the surroundings. "Um, so… uh, how do we start?" She asks as she unslings her back bag and pulls out TsuTsu to set him on the ground, standing there looking a tad more life like than normal as he clearly is 'active' at the moment.

Akane looked up as the girl arrived then peered at TsuTsu for a moment. It was the first time she'd seen it 'active'. But then she smiled and patted the stone beside her. "I need to see your chakra control. Medical ninjutsu is delicate and while I'm pretty sure you have plenty of control I would like to see it. So…" Then she'd run Saisho through a few exercises, gathering chakra in a localized are of the body, similar to tree-walking in that regard. And a few other simple tests. Once she was satisfied she nodded and pulled one of the buckets forward, putting the fish between them. "Ok, you did good there. Now reach out with your chakra, gently. Feel for the chakra in the fish. Once you have that then go further, get used to what Life feelslike in another being."

Saisho nods and looks into the bucket full of water and little fishies. She grins then tries to get more serious. "Okay…." She says softly as she puts her hand on the surface of the water, not into it, but like it was resting on the water, floating almost so the water touches her hand but doesn't cover it. She closes her eyes and seems to focus. She does this for a while, just trying to get a feel of the fish swimming around and moving, and what their chakra feels like. Small bits of chakra darting around and flicking through the water. Hard to focus on one as they move so much, but she is trying, her face slipping into a frown of concentration.

Akane watched Saisho concentrate, simply observing for the moment. She'd thought for quite a while on how best to teach the girl medical ninjutsu, and had come up with something a bit more hands on than what she'd been lead through in Konoha. For the moment she allowed Saisho to feel for the fish and the chakra that 'all living things have'. She closed her eyes for a long moment and disconnected mentally. For an extended moment she was locked in a confrontation mentally then finally she broke free of it. But when her eyes opened, her eyes were no longer like Jade, more like a leaf green. She waited still, watching Saisho closely. Then she pulled the other bucket over and in it was a single large fish that appeared to be sluggish. "Now do the same with this one but tell me what the differences are."

Saisho nods and places her hand on the water as she did before, and focuses. Immediately she frowns. Not in concentration but as she senses something is not right. She can't figure it out yet, she's never tried to feel things this way. She starts to say something but cuts herself off. Then after a moment says, "He's… the fish is… not right. It's like the chakra is leaking out some where?" She says, trying to best explain what she's feeling. "I don't know. I can tell something's different. Wrong… but not what or why." She admits. Then she looks up at Akane, "Is it a fresh water fish in salt water?" She guesses.

Akane listened to Saisho's explaination of what felt different and even in her more serious state she nodded. "Good. You're actually closer than you think. This is a salt water fish but it's in salt water. However, what you sensed as a leaking of chakra is the fish's life slipping away. It's been poisoned." She reached into a pouch and pulled out a vial with an eyedropper. She offered it to Saisho. "This is the antidote, go ahead. Just three drops int he water will solve the problem." She figured teh girl wouldn't want the fish to die just for her training, but then again this was Kiri, Saisho might still have a mean streak hidden somewhere…

Saisho takes the dropper in her left hand but then hesitates, "Um, the poison? It's not the touch kind, is it?" She asks as she looks at the damp palm of her right hand nervously. She's been around poison enough as a puppeteer to know there are all kinds of poisons. She looks at Akane worriedly and is careful not to touch anything else with her right hand as she takes her time to make sure she gets exactly three drops from the eye dropper in her left hand into the bucket with the sluggish fish.

Akane chuckled softly but she shook her head. "This poison is not harmful to you. We would not wish to harm you. Though if you swallowed enough of it you might not eat for a day." Accepting the antidote back she set it back in a pouch. "I'm not going to start you off with cures as those can be tricky. But I will show you…." She put her hand over the sluggish fish and slowly something dark started forming just under her hand, the water rose, surrounded with a faint green glow and then in Akane's cupped hand was what looked to be dirty water. "You have to have a grasp of what belongs and what does not because if you withdrew blood rather than poison you might kill the patient." She wasn't trying to be mean, but she was firm. "This is a path that ends in pain and death. Are you sure you wish to continue?"

Saisho blinks, "Pain and death?" She glances around, "We… aren't going to kill anyone are we?" She says nervously, as if expecting to see a tied up student or something. Then she looks at the bucket, "Oh, do you mean the fish? Cause that's not a big deal. We eat fish all the time. And we can't eat them when they are alive." She points out, but still clearly is nervous about the idea of a student perhaps being hidden nearby. She did pay very close attention, as best as she could to what Akane did with the removal of the toxin from the fish though.

Akane shook her head a little at the misunderstanding. "No, a medic does not seek to kill…er.. usually. What we meant was there /will/ be people you cannot save. If you progress further you will find that though the medic has high ideals they are surrounded by the blood of others." She looked down at the fish, more lively now. "This one can go back in the pool. We will show you a simple jutsu." With that she started putting the fish back int he pool. Once that was completed Akane took off her own gloves and wristlests and held out her hand, palm up for Saisho to examine. "Now do what you did with the fish to us. Feel for our chakra. Here." She indicated her wrist.

Saisho shows a sign of relief at Akane's words. Good, no student to be sacraficed today! She nods, "I know, you can't save everyone. But… but if I know how to heal I can at least try to save some people, right? I dunno. I mean, if nothing else I can make sure if they are going to die, I'll be able to tell and make sure they die quick and painlessly?" She says, as if she's thought about this already quite a bit. "Cause I think people shouldn't suffer. Sometimes you have to kill. Sometimes you have to hurt people. But if you have to kill someone you really shouldn't let them hurt a lot first if you don't have to." She says firmly.
Having says her little bit, Saisho nods and reaches out carefully to gingerly touch Akane's wrist. "What am I trying to feel for?" She asks as she closes her eyes and concentrates as she did with the fish. But suddenly does a double take, "We?" She akss as she looks up at Akane's face, tilting her head slightly, "What /we/ meant?" She asks confused for a moment.

Akane raised an eyebrow at Saisho bt didn't answer her question about who 'we' was. She simply pressed her hand over Saisho's. "Get a feel for our chakra, child." Akane was firm again, slightly different than the smiling fiance of Ishinos that Saisho had first met. But there was something to be taught here and she wsn't going to let Saisho sidetrack them because of her grammar. "Focus. Feel for what is normal."
Akane's life chakra was not glaring but it was fully present. Saisho should have little trouble feeling it compared to the flicker that was the fish. She was strong, though slightly in flux, a sensor-nin would be able to be more specific, still, there is a tangible pattern to her energy.

Saisho closes her eyes again, and if Akane is watching she'll see TsuTsu kind of climb around as if to get a better look. Like he really is a panda bear who is curious. Saisho is focused though, and takes a few slow deep breaths, just trying to feel the chakra. Human chakra is far more complex than that of say a fish, so in some ways it is harder to get a grasp of feel wise, but at the same time it is stronger. So while Saisho can feel it, she can't really figure out much about what it feels /like/ other than it is there. She tries to focus on the details of the chakra but it's like going from a jigsaw puzzle with 10 pieces to one with 5,000 pieces. She just can't see the big picture no matter how hard she tries. She'll keep trying until Akane stops her though.

Akane furrowed a brow as Saisho seemed to have trouble. The girl was certainly determined, though. The medic allowed her to try for a good amount of time, hopefully the girl could get a general feel for her. It was harder to find a 'normal' with people than it was to feel that something was 'wrong'. But she's pushing Saisho purposefully harder than she was pushed, a sign of her faith that the girl could keep up. After a time she nodded. "Alright stop." Once Saisho was clear Akane took a small knife, brought along for this purpose so it was not poisoned (this time). She made a cut on the back of ehr wrist, haing no interest in laying open an artery. she held out her bleeding arm for Saisho again, not even wincing in pain. "Now feel for the wound. Do not do anything with it, just feel it. Then we will show you what it feels like to close it."

Saisho nods, not even flinching or showing any discomfort at watching the cut. Apparently the girl has no issue with blood and seems to consider what Akane just did as something completely normal. Odd. In any case Saisho nods again then moving to touch the skin /around/ the cut but not the cut itself she tries to focus on the cut. How the cut disrupts the chakra flow in this small area of the body, how it damages the perception she has of it. This seems easier to her, as it's not trying to take in a huge thing, just a small cut, focused on the small detail rather than the big picture. After just a little bit she nods and opens her eyes again, pulling back a tad from the wound, no longer touching Akane, "It feels like something is blocking the flow, like it's pushing the flow around, or stopping the little flows across the surface? I… don't know. Maybe like a rock in a stream?" She tries to explain how it felt to her, "So that it kinda has to flow around it and disturbs everything near by?"

Akane nodded to Saisho's explaination. "Good. now hands over ours. Just observe the technique we use." Once Saisho's hands were over hers, Akane channeled a small amount of medical chakra into her hand, allowing it to enter the wound, stopping the bleeding and allowing the chakra to flow once more as the cut disappeared. She looked up at the girl. "Do you need to see it again?"

Saisho tries to observe as closely as she can, then as the wound disappears she frowns. "Um, it went away so fast. And it was hard to tell exactly what you were doing. Or… I could kind of feel what you were doing but not how?" She explains as she tilts her head this way and that, looking at the now smooth skin. "Ah, can we try it again, but with a cut on me?" She offers, as she pulls out one of her kunai, and hesitates, "If you're okay with that?" She says as she gets ready to cut the back of her arm, but waits for some kind of approval from Akane before actually cutting, "That way I can feel it both as how it changes my body myself and through your hands at the same time. Maybe that will help me figure out how it works?" She offers. Clearly willing to not flinch at doing what seems to be needed at this point to her.

Akane saw the issue with Saisho's perception as the girl explained it. Considering the cut had been small (Akane had not wanted to upset the girl after all) it was gone quickly. She was about to pick up the knife again when Saisho asked to do it with a cut on /her/. And Akane seemed to lock up for a moment, that disconnect happening visibly this time. After a moment she nodded, allowing the girl to do as she had said. Idly Kyoujin wondered how Ishino would take this scene…. Good thing he didnt know.

At the nod from Akane, Saisho takes the sharp kunai and slices across the back of her forearm. The cut is longer than the one Akane had performed, but not any deeper. Red blood instantly starts to ooze up as Saisho slips the kunai back into it's holder then holds out her arm. She did wince slightly from the pain but said nothing, made no other sound about it. "Here." She offers, "Let me put my hand on yours as you do this? I made it longer so it could take longer to heal so I could feel it more maybe." She explains as she gives Akane a hopeful eager look.

Akane watched the girl cut herself and her eyes darkened another shade, a small smirk on her lips. She offered an approving expression to the girl. As if to say 'well done'. Her eyes dimmed down a bit then as she allowed Saisho to place her hand on Akane's before she lit a single finger with medical chakra. It was a fraction of what she'd used to seal her own cut, so hopefully Saisho could grasp it better and it would extend the time needed to seal the girl's cut. Slowly, the skin knit back together, nervs reattaching and mending, tissue regenerating and dividing, blood flowing and cleansing the disturbed area.

Saisho does concentrate a great deal on the spot, so focused she misses some of the tiny changes in Akane's eyes or behavior at this point. She watches both with her eyes and her senses trying to feel it out, figure out what all is going on. As the last bit is done she gives a small sigh of exhaustion. "Sorry, focusing this hard on trying to sense what is going on is kinda hard." She admits, "But I think I got a better feel for it that time." She adds.

Akane shook her head. "You are doing quite well." She sat back a moment, considering. "This is not a simple skill to learn. That you could follow at all on a human tells us you have talent. The method we learned with is not suitable for Kirigakure. And you are stronger than you appear. It is a talent you should cultivate. Use your weak appearance to lure the unsuspecting enemy in for the kill." She shook her head and sat up straighter. "You must channel your chakra into the cells of the wound, Medical Ninjutsu is mostly just speeding up a body's recovery abilities. You speed along the dividing of cells and reproduction of tissue. Shall we show you a more powerful jutsu?"

Saisho smiles at the compliements but doens't gloat or anything. She takes them as they are. But she is clearly happy that she is told she is doing well. She listens then nods, "Um, as long as it's not on you or me. I mean, I don't want you stabbing yourself in the gut or anything. I mean, I bet you could heal it, and you'd be fine but it'd probably hurt a lot and I don't want you to hurt that much just to show a more powerful healing jutsu." She points out, "But sure! What are you going to show me?"

The girl's concern for Akane's pain was what made her slip. Her eyes deepened to emerald and that smirk was back. "Have you seen This One's scars, child?" Saisho probaly had seen some of her scars in the house as Akane did not keep her jacket on at all times. So the many scars on her back and other exposed skin would have been visible. Not to mention the scar over her left eye. The woman lifted a hand though and made a calming gesture. "Fer not for the medic, This One promises she will not feel it." The unpoisoned blade flashed and cut deeply into her own arm, laying open the wrist like a diagram in a medical text. Blood flowed, but the odd Akane had been precise enough to avoid the artery which pullsed visibly as the blood flowed through it. There was not even the slightest sign of pain from the woman. In the next moment her other hand hovered over the wound, waiting for Saisho to place her hand before she worked inside out, sealing veins, regenerating the tissue of the muscle she'd sliced, carefully and slowly she put the arm back together layer by layer in a way that Saisho could watch visually as well as feel with her senses. "This is something the medic learned to be of use to your brother."

Saisho eyes that work with a sharp frown, not expecting those words or that action. Still she doesn't let this opportunity to learn slip by her. She files away the situation for later thought as she quickly puts her hand on the back of Akane's and tries to feel the flow. It is a lot more complex than the other heals and she probably misses a lot of what is going on, but she focuses as best as she can. This is, after all, really advanced stuff for a student to try to figure out. It's waaaay beyond her, all she can do is get the general feel for what is going on, and take this chance to see what the inside of an arm looks like. Not something she expected to see. After the wound is closed up, and Saisho has a chance to sort of recover a bit she says, "I think… I think next time we need to bring an animal. Not a fish, but some other animal so we don't have to have you keep cutting yourself, or me myself. Would that be okay?" She suggests softly as she studies Akane rather intently.

Deep emerald eyes watched the student closely, knowing very well that she'd made an impression. Both because of the graphic nature of the cut and she suspected the girl was starting to figure out that the medic wasn't quite normal. But when Saisho suggested bringing an animal to practice on she chuckled. "this One don't have one of those on hand but that would be a good bridge between something like a fish and something like a human. The medic brought this for you, however." With tht she handed Saisho a scroll that appeared on the outside to be a history of Kirigakure, something any student would have access to and be required to read. Further inspection, however, would show that Akane had prepared a medical scroll for her, explaining the technical aspects of the healing processes and explaining the basic anatomy of the human body and of a heal. It had to have been prepared specificly for Saisho.

Saisho accepts the scroll and nods slowly, as she looks at it and realizes what it is. Then she looks back up at Akane, "We'll make sure there is an animal here for us next time. I can bring it. Maybe a dog or a cat or something." She says softly, "I think it'd be easier to get hold of one of those." She says thoughtfully, "As long as we fix it up like new when we're done it should be okay. Might upset it some…. but…" She trails off, "But I guess there has to be some pain to learn? I…" She frowns, then shakes her head, "Well, we'll figure that out for next time." She says more softly, then nods, "Thank you for the scroll. Uh, are you okay? You… are talking really funny and you don't seem like yourself." She says as she tilts her head and continues to study Akane.

A bit of a chuckle escaped the woman. "You're observant, child. Do not fear. This One is well aware of what would happen if she touched a hair on your head." Her hand reached out as if to stroke Saisho's hair but before the touch connected her expression flickered and her hand faltered. She frowned and withdrew her hand, resting her forehead on the palm for a moment. When she looked back up her eyes were brighter and she looked disturbed. Then relieved. "Forgive me, Perhaps we should end this here today, Saisho-chan. I .. would like you to study that scroll. When we do have an animal we will sedate it before working on it, do not fear." She looked at the fading mark on her arm where it had been sliced and she shook her head, but as her more dangerous half had promised the girl, Akane felt nothing.

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