Saisho Mednin Training: Log 4


Ishino, Akane, Saisho

Date: July 18, 2014


Saisho ends up healing Ishino after a puppet construction accident, and gets some help from Akane as part of her training as a mednin

"Saisho Mednin Training: Log 4"

Ishino's Basement Workshop

Ishino has been working on a few different projects. The strengthening of Time Keeper, the increased power of the chakra amp, as well as other weaponized devices for the gremlins. He had just sent Akane out for some more parts, simpler things, but still needed, pipes to sheath the cords in for protection against wear when it happen.

Something went sproing.

Ishino didn't cry out in pain, although having a kunai flip out of the launcher that just destroyed itself with the snap of a metal band and slamming into your shoulder would certainly hurt. A small hiss of pain given as he'd step back from the table. Glancing around, Ishino went to work on starting to tend his shoulder. "Saisho-san.. mind getting some bandages? It seems that the stress level of that steel wasn't as high as credited.."

Saisho was working on her own little projects. They seem simple by comparison. She's been working on other things but down here she tends to work on little proto-type devices, small proof of concept mini-puppets to see what will and won't work. She's at the moment working on what can only be described as a six legged box of some kind, with the top open to carry things. It's maybe 1/10th scale though and fits easily on the work bench.

When she hears the sproing, Saisho quickly turns around, mostly out of curiousity as she's not used to hearing things make that particular sproing sound down here… sure there are sounds but not quite like that, with metal snapping and springs letting lose without warning. She blinks then seeing Ishino is hurt she hops up from her stool and rushes over to her backpack, pulling out some bandages. What they were doing in there is an open question as she then hurries towards Ishino, trying already to assess just how bad the wound is. If it's minor, no big deal but if it's big… well, if it's big she'll call out for Akane, hoping she's not gone too far as she tries to apply pressure to stop any bleeding, while figuring out what to do next as she examines the wound as best as she can.

It's a decent enough wound. Not exactly minor with the kunai embedded up to that hilt into his shoulder. Ishino watched Saisho come over with the bandages, curious, but his focus was elsewhere. A gremlin went after Akane, seeking to get her attention and get her to come back. Gritting his teeth lightly, Ishino chuckles briefly. "This is why I don't build with poisoned blades.." A sudden grip and jerk, Ishino pulls that kunai out, fresh blood darkening the suit as he'd toss it onto the table. A slow breath in, then out, he let Saisho tend to the wound as he dealt with the wave of pain. "It missed the nerve.. that's a plus.."

Saisho immediately goes to take charge mode, "Lay down, but keep your head elevated, need to keep the shoulder above the heart." She says as she pulls a kunai and without hesitation starts cutting the suit away from the wound, "Yes, I think it did miss the nerve, and the major artery there…" She points, "But still nasty, and I think it nicked a bone. You'll feel this for a while." She says sternly as she applies pressure and starts to use the bandages to wrap around it, "Quiet, just give me a…"

Saisho trails off as she tries to gather what chakra she can to start to mend the wound. Akane's taught her quite a bit but this is her first time trying to use this on a human with an actual injury that wasn't done just for display purposes. Her chakra effort is thready at first, but there's no way Ishino could miss that feeling of chakra trying to mend the wound as Saisho leans against it, trying to keep pressure in place as she tries to focus on knitting the wound back together as best as she can with her own chakra… her face a mask of concentration.

Akane wasn't far. Ishino's elder sister knew just what the list required and had it all packaged up quickly so she was on her way home when the gremline came hopping after her. She blinked and moved faster, following it as it seemed it wanted. She immediately assumed something was wrong and set a fast pace for the short gremlin to match. Once inside the house she looked around, the gremlin of course headed straight for the workshop. So she went that way, it was where she was suposed tobring the parts anyway so she brought it with, setting it down the moment she entered the room and her eyes, covered in those glasses, took stock of what was going on.

Blood on Ishino's suit at his shoulder made her tense and she moved over without even thinking about it. She could see Saisho was there and no one was upset — besides her — so she assumed correctly that there was noenemy and it must have been an accident. It took visible control to keep still as she watched Saisho. Her chakra surged a bit but her eyes were hidden behind those reflective lenses, her attention locked on Saisho's chakra control, her jaw tense.

Ishino hesitated at the orders from Saisho, finally, a half shrug given and he would move. The other two gremlins quickly clearing one of the tables of other gizmos for Ishino to lay as directed, wounded shoulder up as he laid on his side. A small gritting of his teeth, the fresh flood of pain as Saisho pressed, he gave a small shiver with that feel of chakra coming from her to mend the wound. The other gremlin, delivering Akane, would proceed to go get a pillow for Ishino to rest his head on lightly, then the three gremlins got into a squabble about the kunai that had stabbed Ishino, each of them trying to eat it. "Glad you came back quickly Koi.. Although it seems that Sai-san has it relatively well in hand.."

Saisho has quite skill with chakra shaping, and so while this is clearly not something she has mastered yet, healing that is, her control of the chakra is impressive, it's just applying it in the right way. She's so focused though she misses Akane's entrance completely, as she bites her lower lip and continues to focus, as the bleeding slows and the wound continues to slowly mend. Well, slowly compared to someone who was an experienced mednin.

There is no mistaking the effort Saisho is putting into this nor is there no mistaking the feeling of chakra causing healing. No doubt Ishino has felt that enough times to recognize it. Saisho is blowing through her chakra though, because even though she's good at chakra control her effort to heal is clumsy in some ways and so she has to put more effort and chakra into it than she really should need. She also is rather nervous about how bad Ishino is hurt and her worry for him is making her over extend herself without thinking about it.

Akane was agitated and when the gremlins began fighting over the kunai she simply drew two more and threw them — without looking — to thunk one in each of the gremlin's arms (unless caught of course). She reached out and placed two fingers together. "Saisho, if you cannot control the pain you can do this." She reached back and found a pressure point along Ishino's neck and while initially it would hurt for her to press it as hard as she did, he would find the pain diminish in his shoulder. All feeling actually and he might have trouble controlling that hadn for a short time. She kept her eyes on Saisho once that was done, but her hands ran through Ishino's hair softly, soothingly. Her own shoulders were tense but her main attention was split between watching Saisho with her hidden eyes and trying to soothe Ishino with her hands.

She could see Saisho's clumsy overuse of chakra though and she reached out, lightning chakra in her hand to tap the girl in the shoulder, replenishing her energy before the girl would become too worn out. "You are using too much chakra, it's spilling over and not doing it's job. It should be like a scalpel. Very precise. Sharpen your control."

Ishino winced slightly at the jab at the point, one of the gremlins stumbling as the arm goes numb. Glancing over at them, they would all trip back into the shadows, taking the kunai with them. One thunked into a table leg before they all finally got hidden. Chuckling weakly, Ishino smiles up at Akane with a wink. "A minor flesh wound Koi.." He looks back to Saisho and smiles lightly. "You're doing ok Sai-san.. I feel it mending.. just listen to Koi and keep up the good work.."

Saisho manages to get her chakra under control under the guideance of Akane, and finally the bleeding stops completely and while not ideally mended, the wound has sealed itself and likely won't even leave a scar, but will be sore a while. She didn't get the nick of the bone quite taken care of, focusing on the muscle and tissue damage primarily. Not bad for one still in training, but she almost slumps as she leans back, and looks at the wound as she gingerly removes the bandage she had been applying pressure with to see if it is still bleeding or if it is closed as she /thinks/ it is. She gives a small releived sigh as she sees it has closed and looks up at Akane, almost whispering, "Thanks…." At the help she gave in instruction and numbing the pain for Ishino.

Akane didn't care if it was a scratch or an arrow to the gut, she did not like seeing Ishino hurt and she hated not fixing it. She knew Saisho could use the practice and this was probably a good chance for her to try her new healing skills, but that didn't help that Ishino was still hurt. Saisho's relief and words of thanks get a nod from the medic and her own chakra settled back a little, but she still sent a pulse of chakra through the puppet master to see how well the girl had done. "Not too bad for your first test, Saisho-chan, but you left a fragment of bone in there. Now that it is closed it will be harder to remove it. Fixing bones is harder than flesh and probably above your level right now so do not feel bad. I'll take care of it." She reached down and wiped away a bit of blood to show the line where the kunai had been. "Soon you will not leave scars behind from something like this." She looked at Ishino and stroked his cheek lightly. "Sorry about your arm, Koi. That was the only thing I knew to stop the pain wihtout taking over…"

Waiting for the two girls to finish fussing over him, Ishino smiles in response, getting himself back upright. Shaking his head slightly, he'd chuckle. "it's fine. Good practice and glad to be of service to Sai-san." Ishino rolled his shoulder a little, then shook his head, looking to Akane. "Mind undoing it.. so I can feel again? I know it hurt some.. but, well.. I've had worse. It was deep because of how close I was, fortunately Sai-san was right there to make sure it wasn't fatal."

Saisho manages a small smile, "Sorry about that, bone is harder to fix. I… was doing the best I could. I wasn't sure how far away you were, Akane." She says soflty, "But… if you could fix it up so he's all better, please? I stopped the bleeding and got most of the muscle together I think, but I know it's kinda a messy fix. I don't want Onii-chan having a bad arm cause I wasn't good enough to fix it right yet." She says as she glances at Ishino and gives a sheepish grin, "Ah, guess you know I've been studying medical stuff with Akane-san, now…." She says as she studies Ishino's reaction, because as far as she knew, he didn't know of her work in this area.

Akane raised an eyebrow at Ishino when he sat up and asked her to undo the nerve she'd numbed and it was clear on her face and body language that she was tempted to challenge him. She reached out and poked him in the arm as if that would help and smirked darkly.

Saisho's request for her to fix the fragment got a more serious expression from her and she leaned down, her hands glowing green. She frowned then took a deeeeeep breath… This could be tricky… she could sense the fragment… she sighed softly and, having left the shoulder numbed, she bit her lip, and focused. It was a new technique she was trying to learn, not harming the flesh but still performing the surgery required.. It was slightly off and she did make a mistake but the fragment was dusted so the body could take away the particles. Then Akane switched to a more practiced healing technique, working inside out to heal the new wound she'd created and finishing where Saisho left off with the scar tissue. A second later she used the two fingers to release the nerve and it would feel like he'd been sitting on his leg for too long only in the arm, all pins and needles for a short time, but he regained use of his arm.

Ishino smirked in response to Akane, shaking his head slightly as she didn't let his arm go. He'd keep still, patient as he'd wait for her own tending to the wound to complete. Smiling lightly to Saisho then, he'd wink. "I see your extra curricular activites have paid off. I'm quite proud of you Sai-san. You're coming along wonderfully.. and for an academy student that's down right amazing." With that push, freeing his arm, Ishino gritted his teeth a moment as he shifted a little, testing his arm to flex it back and forth slowly. Finally, a small nod is given. "There's only a very mild stiffness. This won't take long to work out at all. Thank you both, Koi, Sai-san."

Saisho takes a deep breath as she watches Akane's actions curiously, taking it as another lesson then nodding as it seems to be finished, "Well, was't going to tell you until I was better…" She admits to Ishino, "But… figured better to keep you from bleeding too much than keep secrets." She says with a nervous grin as she flushes slightly. "Thanks again, Akane…" She adds as she nods to the fixed shoulder, "Glad you were here, I guess I could have made it good enough to get him to the medic clinic but… better we do this here and not get them involved?" She asks, not wanting to have to explain her training to /them/ quite yet. Still, she looks rather pleased with herself over all.

Akane nodded to Saisho again and waved a hand. "For your skill level you did well." She stepped away from them, returning to the bag of items Ishino had ordered and set it on the appropriate table, silently watching Ishino as she did so. "Saisho-chan isn't it about time for your class today? You should go clean up so you aren't late. And no we do not have to get the medical clinic involved. It's been taken care of. If you need me to speak to a teacher to explain what you did here I'd be happy to."

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