Saisho Shows off Skills to Ishino!


Ishino, Saisho

Date: May 7, 2014


Saisho visits Ishino and shows off her new skills and asks for help on making improvements to puppets.

"Saisho Shows off Skills to Ishino!"

Ishino's outdoor work shop where he stores his HARPS puppet

Ishino was outside of the house within the work space that's been built for HARPS. He currently had one of the leg mechanisms open and was half in the machine, working with Time Keeper in his old man henge, on correcting some of the gadgetry within the machine. Forever tinkering, updating, modifying that unit, it did take a good portion of Ishino's time. It'd be about mid-afternoon, 2 hours after lunch, that saw him doing this. The rain was light, not that the wooden structure allowed any rain to fall on HARPS and Ishino.

Saisho had the day off from the academy… so this was a chance for her to visit home. After all, they don't work the kids 7 days a week, maybe 6 but even kids need a day off now and then. So she's coming to visit! But… she's also trying to be sneaky. So she's trying to stealth up on Ishino. Now she knows this is likely to fail but half the point here is to show off really. Because she's… stealthing upside down on the eaves of a nearby building approching by walking with her feet… on the eaves!! Yup, looks like she's figured out tree walking!! *sneak sneak sneak*

Ishino paused, both puppets shifting a little. Someone was approaching. It was.. quiet. Not exactly sneaky, but they weren't being obvious either. Maybe an attempt at being sneaky? Ishino reached out, handing off a wrench and getting a screwdriver. The old man would bow after handing over the tool and in that blur of ninja speed, vanished. Ishino continued to work as he waited. He'd let Saisho get closer, indeed, relaxing slightly as he did recognize it was Saisho.. TK was nearby, prepared to defend Ishino if it was a henge, but otherwise Saisho would get the 'drop' on Ishino.

No Henge in use… and Saisho get close enough that she's making the transition to the building that covers HARPS and standing upside-down hollars, "Yatta!" As she grins and waves while hanging from the ceiling! She seems rather proud of herself, even if she's pretty sure Ishino knew she was coming. Mostly she seems to be proud she's standing on the ceiling!! "Hi Oniichan!!"

Ishino finished up what he was doing, pushing back from the leg to look up at Saisho with a smile. "Sai-chan. I see you managed to master tree walking! Quite impressive indeed. I'm proud of you." He'd get to his feet, carefully dusting off the non-exsistant dirt on his suit and would look up at her again. "What else have you been learning Sai-chan? I'm looking forward to what abilities you might develop."

Saisho drops to the ground, doing a little flip as she does and landing, with only a small wobble then grins and stands up, "Well… um, you know that arm thing I was working on? Uh… I figured out a new trick. Wanna see?" She asks, clearly almost bursting in eagerness to show her big brother but also not wanting to be /too/ obvious about it. She starts to rummage around in her backpack to pull out the gauntlet of sorts. "See?" She says as she slips it on her right hand/arm, "Um, got anything I can… target?"

Musing for a moment, Ishino would motion and TK, still in the suit, would show up. He'd carefully set up that slightly damp straw dummy just outside of the pavillion they stood under. Tk then would step away as Ishino smiled and motioned. "Ask and receive. Please, show me what you got Sai-chan."

Saisho, nods and takes a deep breath. Clearly she's focusing some chakra, although probably with out the skill of more experienced shinobi. Then she closes her eyes, as if visualizing something… then raising her arm, eyes open now, she points the glove at the straw and…. An electric discharge shoots from the hand out towards the straw, setting it on fire and creating a bit of a loud ZAP sound in the process. The glove hums then slowly fades in sound. "See? See!" She says practically jumping up and down, "I figured how how to put in a wielding thing, right? I mean we talked about some of that but… I figured out how to take that and overload it and shoot lightning!!" She grins and waits for Ishino's reaction, even as the rain slowly puts out the lingering straw fire. The attack was kind of jagged, not very accurate but… pretty darn powerful from the looks of it.

Ishino raised both brows, watching the strike then would smile to Saisho with a nod. "Indeed! Very impressive Sai-chan. I think I may have to actually adapt that to my own puppet you know. What do you think? Would you be upset if I made HARPS able to mirror what you just did?" Ishino chuckles with a shake of his head. "I don't want to just claim your ability.. But it is something I would definitely enjoy having access to."

Saisho practically bounces, "Ooh! Can I show you how I did it? I'd like to help! Can I see inside your puppet to see how we can make it work?" She asks hopefully, "Here, you can see what I did!" She takes the glove off and offers it to Ishino, "You can open it here and here." She points to spots that need a small tool to open, and Ishino might recognize some of the design from his own work. Seems Saisho may have been watching his work more closely than he might have realized…

Ishino muses, glancing to HARPS, then gives a small nod. TK would just so happen to hand him the right tool as he'd step close to HARPS's arm and with the proper insertion in otherwise plain metal, he'd pop open an access port that would hiss a little as it'd slide back, revealing the mass of gears and machinery within the arm. "Let's see.." The tool would get flipped about and solemnly offered to Saisho, he wouldn't open her puppet but give her that credit for her work. "I see you got some replication of my work.. I'm glad I've been able to help you Saisho. You're turning into quite the potent little puppeteer."

Saisho grins and takes the tool then pops open the access hatch and swings it open, a small little component actually, with a bit of chakra metal, and some odd little crystals and the sort, although most of it is stuff Ishino has seen before, there's a new 'bypass' circuit of sorts that allows the cutter/wielder to build up a much larger charge before discharging rather than releasing the energy at a slow steady rate. "See? I just added this bit here, and added this thing here to store up the chakra before it was released into these things here that made it electricity… so that instead of just a slow bit, it all goes through at once." She says with pride, "My first two tries kinda burnt out part of it, but now it seems to work okay."

Ishino nods as he'd look it over, he was giving as much respect to detail to Saisho's work as he did his own puppets. "Very impressive Sai-chan. You did a good job here.. You do need to be careful. if your puppet gets larger, those sort of burn outs can remove limbs if not careful.. I've told you about Alphasteel. My first puppet before Time Keeper.. Just try to keep that in mind, ok?" Ishino shrugs slightly as he'd lean in closer, pulling out a small magnifying glass from a vest pocket to pick up some of the finer detail. "You did quite well on this. You could make it a bit more efficent with some further work on it Sai-chan, but overall, it's a good job." He smiles and straightens up, pointing to HARPS' arm. "Take a look. I have a lot of solid items movement gearing in there. I haven't worked on chakra manipulation too much yet with it."

Saisho peeks inside the big beast, "I was gonna make a whole suit like the glove. What do you think? Would you help me? I don't know how I'm going to be able to store it and put it on very fast but it could be really handy… helping protect me and help me in a fight a lot?" She ventures, "I'd need a /lot/ more materials and… as I get bigger I'm gonna need to be able to make it bigger so I can't make it all one size so I can't add to it, cause I really hope I'm gonna get taller but…" She fades off her babble as she almost sticks her head inside, getting lost in following how HARPS stuff is interconnected, clearly focusing on that instead for the mmoment.

It was quite complicated inside HARPS. It actually didn't have Ishino's normal design at the core, a foriegn system that Ishino has built on. Ishino chuckles softly and kept silent while Saisho looked about, waiting for her musing to break off for a moment before responding. "It would be an honor and privilage to work with you Sai-chan, on a new outfit. I think.. we may use the full workshop that's below our home, instead of the one you currently work in.. It has a lot more at it's disposal, but it's also a lot more dangerous in there.. So as long as you're willing to follow rules, we can see about something getting done." Ishino muses, one arm crossing in front of his chest, the other's elbow held while he tapped his chin. "Get me a list of resources and we'll see what might be arranged. A good puppet requires good materials."

Saisho nods slowly and then backs away from the HARPS, "Um, what's that at the center there? I've never seen anything like that, not even in the scrolls at the academy." She points out. Her mind distracted by the tech of HARPS rather than the offer of the workshop access which normally would have her even more excited but clearly she is curiuous and distracted by how that thing must work, or… rather how she can't figure out how it must work.

Ishino chuckles. "Western tech. Some of the things I've dealt with on a mission was foriegn puppets. Time Keeper and I destroyed them.. and I salvaged the systems. I figured out how to put them together into this.. I've expanded on it. But it's a tech I'm not 100% sure of. So I'm careful about it." Ishino muses then shrugs. "There are more than one way to do puppets, Sai-chan.. realize this now.. There's even a forbidden path of human puppetry.. Make sure your work keeps to the inanimate, to the machine. Don't wander into that realm.. as it is something that will corrupt you."

Saisho sticks her tongue out and makes a 'ick' face, "Human puppets? That'd be /soooooo/ gross!!" She says with a sound of utter distain, "I'm never gonna do anything like /that/." She states firmly, "Um, Oniichan? If I made some diagrams? For my puppet suit? Would… would you look them over and help me make sure I'm not making any big mistakes before we try to put it together?" She asks softly, as she looks back at HARPS then to Ishino, "Cause… I need to do that before I can figure out what I need to make it. But with classes I'll only be able to work on it at night and days off… so it may be a bit." She admits, "But I'll work hard on it and get you the papers so you can look over them?"

Ishino nods in reply with an easy smile. "Absolutely Sai-chan. It would be a pleasure to help you design something. I'm sure together we can work out the specific details to get it done." Chuckling lightly, he'd give another nod. "That's part of why I am so meticulous about my timing, Sai-chan.. you should get a watch.. try marking out your day. You'll find that there's actually time in places you wouldn't expect, which could make you more effiecent about such things."

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