Saki's Surgery: The First Step


Shuuren, Saki, Daoma

Date: September 8, 2016


Saki takes the first step to fixing her chakra network via Shuuren's healing techniques.

"Saki's Surgery: The First Step"

Daimyo's Office

Once Shuuren was feeling better, or at least once he didn't look an ounce tired, Saki would sort of stay after when she would normally take off to go shopping and stuff. It was the end of a typical workday, so Shuuren /shouldn't/ have any meetings… Meaning that he had time to talk to the assistant that was sort of hovering outside his door. Of course, she was juuuust a bit nervous because of multiple reasons. Like she didn't want to bother the Daimyo, and she wasn't sure if he was feeling ok even if he looked it, and so on and so forth. And this is even assuming he had time.

While Shuuren seemed to be feeling better for the most part, there is still a symptom from the earlier days. He's not really secluding himself fully like he had been, but he is still finding more time to spend alone for some reason. He's currently sitting alone in his office, sipping on a glass of tea as he sits on one of the couches. When he detects a presence at the door, however, he stands and walks over, opening it and looking to Saki with a smile. "You're always welcome, Saki. Come on in."

Saki would jump just a bit. Daimyo's senses are kinda scary… Then she blushes a bit out of embarrassment before she would mumble a small word of thanks and move into the office. "Umm…" she starts off, hesitant. "I… Umm… Was wondering about… Umm… B-because you offered… About my … chakra…" She would sort of trail off at the 'end', there, obviously not too inclined to speak on the topic. At least she got this far!

As she steps in, Shuuren would close the door behind her and then move back to grab another glass from the cabinet to pour her a glass of tea. He would hold it out for her to take before picking his own glass up again to sip from it. "Ah, so you're wanting to get started on that process," he says as he sets his glass down again. "Well, I'm well enough now that we can basically get started whenever you like. Just know that it's going to take some practice on your part. Like I said before, what we'll do is do the first surgery, and then you'll do some practice to sort of rehab your chakra network, and then we'll do another surgery, and you'll practice again until your chakra control has become basically normal."

Saki would take the glass of tea and sip from it while Shuuren spoke. "H-Hai…" she says, idly rubbing the edge of her cup while he speaks. She would nod slowly when he explains the process. "H… Hai. I… I think I can do that…" Saki chews a bit on her lip. "Umm… C… Could we do it … Soon..? Or .. N-Now..?" she asks, then, gaze shifting away from Shuuren slightly. Nervous…

Shuuren looks Saki's expression over as she speaks, trying to gauge how ready she is for this process. "Very well then," he says with a nodding, taking a final sip of his tea before he stands and moves the tray over to his desk and sets it and the glass down. He then withdraws a scroll from his coat and opens it, revealing a medical bed, though a comfortable looking one at least, and some equipment. "Lie down then and we'll begin," he says, gesturing to the bed as he moves to stand beside it and pulls something else from his coat, this time a syringe.

Saki probably looks nervous, but she always does. And who wouldn't be nervous before a surgery? >.> The girl also looks a bit determined to get this done. And apparently that would be enough to convince Shuuren to perform the surgery. Saki would blink a bit, sort of surprised that this would happen in his office. But she nods and goes to sit down, then lay down upon the medical bed, making herself comfortable since she figures this experience is potentially unpleasant. "Um… Ready…" she would offer. Of course, her prep just involved being mentally ready…

Shuuren waits patiently for Saki to get settled in. Once she signifies she is ready, he would uncap the needle on the syringe in his hand and stick it in her arm to push whatever's in it into her. Her world would basically immediately go black so she doesn't have to experience the sensation of her body being worked on. He brings his hands into a seal then places them over her as a cloud of chakra forms over his hands and then begins to flow into her body to begin working on her from the inside out without making any incisions on the outside.
This process would last hours. By the time Saki would wake up, her body has been fully healed and she would find herself laying in a much more comfortable position on the most comfortable couch in the office with an IV drip hooked up to her that is most likely the source of the giddy feeling over her that keeps the pain at bay. Shuuren himself sits nearby, flipping through a book as he waits for her to wake up.

From the other room entered a familiar presence. Daoma in a less formal outfit, slit up the sides to allow for movement and some pants under it. Daoma wore little armor foronce, mostly covered in silks that were comfortable and simple but elegant (no less for someone close to Shuuren) she moved in and set a glass down by the 'sleeping' Saki before bringing some tea over to Shuuren. She slid languidly into his lap, a cup of tea in each hand. Leaning lightly forward she touched her forehead to his and then lifted one cup to his lips, finally relinquishing the tea to his control. Finally she slid an arm around his neck and sipped her own tea, peering at what he held in his hand.

Saki would glance at the needle and force herself to stay still for a bit. … Also relaxed. And then she was out after the smallest poke of pain. If she dreamt or not, she probably wouldn't remember upon waking up. While Shuuren was working on her chakra network, he would likely find that the girl's chakra network was … Well, 'odd' was one way to put it. The chakra network as a whole was 'thinner' than it should be, which made it difficult to use a lot of it. And the other part was that sometimes there were random 'twists' in the network that made the flow just a trickle in certain places. Normally, those places wouldn't particularly matter, but combined with the other condition … It just made it that much more difficult for Saki to focus chakra, suffice to say.
Saki would wake up rather slowly at first. It was a bit weird, and nothing was really … solid at first. Then she started to be more aware of her surroundings. First is the sensation of laying down on something that was super comfortable. Like… sleeping on a cloud. And then there's the fact that her limbs were not quite like this last time she recalled. Saki would shift a bit, blinking her eyes a few times to focus and refocus them. Seeing Daoma so close to Shuuren immediately caused her to blush, and the two weren't even doing anything! "U-Umm…. K… Konnichiwa…" she would stammer out, unsure of the time.

As Daoma comes into the room and sits on his lap, Shuuren would look up to her and smile wearily as she presses her forehead to his. It's one of few times today he's let anyone see the weariness in his eyes, as he hasn't wanted to worry Ryuusei or Saki, but Daoma would know there is a darkness there that few people would ever see. He sips the offered tea and then would take a sip of his tea as he looks back to his book… briefly as Saki wakes up and speaks. "Oh, Saki, good to see your recovery time from the sedative was fairly quick." He takes another sip of his tea and then would slide Daoma gently off his lap before standing and walking over to place a hand on Saki's shoulder. "How do you feel?" he asks as he sends a pulse of chakra through her to diagnose her condition and see how well the surgery helped. Of course, there's still more work to do, but she needs to start practicing first.

Daome had seen that darkness in his eyes and answered it with an unyeilding support. As he slid her off his lap she passeda kiss to one cheek lightly before leaning back and watching the Daimyo adress the girl before him. She would seem to space out for a moment before she stoo as well, her tea set tothe side so she could bring Saki some of her own. Enough to wet her mouth and soothe her throat anyway. Daoma remained mostly quiet, however. She had little intention of involving the assistant in the affairs she was thinking of. Still she was there and she did offer Saki some tea with honey.

Saki would hesitate as she considers the question, doing a sort of mental assessment of her body. It was nothing like what Shuuren was doing, but it was her own way of knowing what was wrong. "Umm… Nothing hurts…" she would offer with a small smile in Shuuren's direction, and then Daoma offers her tea. Saki reaches out and accepts the cup with a small mumble of thanks and a quick sip that (thankfully) doesn't burn her tongue this time around. "Umm… It's nice to see you, Daoma-san…" she would say, even as her cheeks turn a bit pink because she noticed how close Shuuren and Daoma were just now. It didn't come as too much a surprise, of course, given that Daoma was the Captain of Palace Security and she probably knew Shuuren well, but it was enough to make her feel awkward…

"Good," Shuuren says, nodding to Saki, and then he would unhook the IV from her arm and free it at last. Reaching into his coat, he withdraws a bottle of pills, which he places in her hand. "These are for pain. Take one every four hours or so. We will begin your practice for chakra use tomorrow. Once you've made a little progress and have gotten your chakra flowing better again, we'll do the other surgery. Do you have any questions?"

Daoma moved in as Shuuren slid the IV from Saki's arm, deftly taping a small gauze patch over the spot. It would oly need to be there a few minutes but it was taken care f well enough. Then Daoma made a move that might hae ben considered strange considering her rank compared to Saki's. She brough the girl's shoes and knelt down. Carefully, like a mother or a big sister she slid the shoes on and patted Saki on the knee.

Saki would take the pills and peer at them for a few moments before giving Shuuren a small nod and pocketing them. "Umm… I … don't have any…" she would say with a small frown of thought, shifting a bit to move off the couch. Daoma's actions weren't missed, though Saki didn't quite address them yet. It was only when the woman put Saki's shoes on did she blink and look at her in surprise. "Uh… Umm….. A—… arigatou, Daoma-san…" she would say, shifting slightly and moving to stand up. It was a bit wobbly, but she got to her feet successfully and stood in place to make sure she wouldn't go toppling over herself before she would try to leave. Of course, before she did leave, she would turn towards Shuuren and give him a small bow of thanks. Then she tried to slip out, not as fast as she normally would, but pretty fast for someone who had just been knocked out the past few hours.

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