Saki's Surgery: The Third Step


Shuuren, Saki

Date: September 26, 2016


Shuuren performs the second, and hopefully final, surgery on Saki to fix her chakra network.

Saki's Surgery: The Third Step"

Daimyo's Office

After giving Saki some time to practice focusing chakra and such and get herself ready, Shuuren would have notified her that it was time for her second surgery. So, early in the morning after getting plenty of rest the night before, the Daimyo currently sits at his desk in his office sipping on a fresh glass of tea. There's already a surgical bed in the center of the room along with a hospital gown and such on top of it waiting for the girl's arrival. He glances over a scroll as he awaits her arrival, sipping on his tea gradually. Most people would not be awake enough for this at this hour, but apparently he is.

Saki had been working on her chakra … sorta. Focusing was still difficult for her, especially at first, if only because she never really had to do such since she dropped from the Land of Fire's academy. So it definitely took some time for her to eventually be able to even practice, but she had some good help thanks to her friends. And then, as if by magic, she suddenly got a note from Shuuren that said she should get the second surgery. Just when she was starting to get the hang of things …
Saki would show up, yawning a bit because it was early, and knock on the door. Once allowed in, she slips inside and sort of blinks at the set up. It was a bit scary if she put too much thought into it… "Umm… Ohayou, Shuuren-dono…"

Shuuren monitors things with his superb chakra sense, more than anyone really has any idea about because they don't know the extent of his abilities. This would let him monitor Saki's progress and condition to judge when she was ready. As she arrives, the Daimyo looks up and calls, "Come in." When she comes in, he smiles and takes another sip of his tea before setting it down and standing to walk over to her. "Good morning, Saki-san. Are you ready to take the next step?"

Saki takes a breath and then nods. "Umm … I think so… I hope," she says a bit weakly. She didn't remember much about the last surgery, thanks to being unconscious and getting pain pills shortly after. So at least she didn't have to worry so much on that… "Umm… So… I should change, then..?" she would ask, green eyes flickering over at the hospital gown that was hard for her to not notice.

"You can handle it, Saki," Shuuren assures her with a smile then nods and gestures to a door. "Hai. You can change in the bathroom. Once you've done so, come back and lay on the bed and we'll get started." With that he walks back over to the desk and picks up his tea to sip on while he waits for her to get ready for the coming task.

"H… Hai," she says, returning the smile with one of her own. Saki nods and takes the hospital gown, then she makes her way to the bathroom, changing quickly so that she could get this whole surgery over and done with. It was supposed to be the last one barring any complications! Saki comes out in the new clothes and chews on her bottom lip nervously as she goes to sit on the surgery bed.

Shuuren would finish his tea by the time Saki comes out. As she does, he looks her way and offers a reassuring smile as he walks over. Once she's settled down, he would insert an iv needle into her arm and get the saline drip going. That done, he pulls a syringe from his coat and uncaps it to inject it into the line. Within a few moments Saki would find herself going unconscious just like before.
As soon as he's certain she's under, Shuuren brings his hands into a seal, creating a wave of chakra particles that then flow into Saki's body as he places his hands over her. The surgery would last a few hours, and, by the time she wakes up, she'd find herself with a blanket over herself laying on a much more comfortable piece of furniture in the office, a couch large enough to be a bed and more comfortable than most beds, with a pillow under her head. Shuuren, of course, sits nearby on a chair, reading over a scroll with a fresh cup of tea in his hand as he waits for her to wake up. She'd feel the effects of a pain blocking drug already in her system, another bottle of them sitting nearby on the table for her.

Saki forces herself to relax while Shuuren preps her with the IV and then doses her with something to go unconscious. She doesn't get to feel a thing while the surgery is going on, which is probably for the best. When she wakes up, she's a bit disoriented, and t takes her a few moments to realize she's lying down with a blanket on her. Once she does, though, things start clicking into place mentally, and she shifts a bit to turn her attention to her surroundings and sorta let Shuuren know she was awake.

As Saki shifts, Shuuren looks up toward her and sets his tea and scroll down before standing and walking over to her. He places a hand on her shoulder to run a diagnostic jutsu then nods. "Just rest for now. I'll take care of all the paperwork for today. Your medicine is on the table." With that he walks back over to his desk and looks at a scroll again to get back to work.

Saki would nod slowly, briefly feeling a thrill of panic when Shuuren says that he's going to take care of the paperwork for today. She mostly just felt bad that she wouldn't be able to work, but that's what happens after one goes through a major surgery. Also, Saki is fairly tired after all that, so when the panic settles down, she ends up drifting back off to sleep.

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